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Athens County Ohio Antique Family Photo's

John William Eckels family in Murray City 1900- above- showing Sarah Elizabeth who married George Milliron, Harriet Anna who married Chester Lee Mitchell, James Arthur who married Martha Collins, John William Eckels (the father), Maude who married Louis Wilson, and Mary Elizabeth Hashman-Eckels (the mother). John was the son of George and Sarah Coffield Eckels/Echols of Marshall county, WV. Mary was the daughter of Hezekiah Hashman and step daughter of Sarah Strickland Hicks of Loudon County, Va. Hezekiah was in the civil war, Co. K, 92nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. George Eckels was murdered by his neighbor in Wood county, WV in 1872. The families had relocated to Athens county, Murray City by 1885.

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Unknown Athens county persons

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Isaac and Fannie Palmer Family

Phillip W. Lampson and wife Mary Polly Tracy of Athens county, OH

Lois Campbell of Coolville, OH

John and Addie Jaynes Bateman Friel on their Wedding Day

James A. Lane Family Photo

The Elisha Byers and wife Dorcus Tabitha Shepard Family of Trimble Twp. Athens county, Ohio

The William Elmer Shrieves Family of Trimble Twp. Athens county, Ohio

The Frank Porter  and Althia Olive (Keirns) Dunlevy  Family of Jacksonville. Athens county, Ohio

Sarah Eleanor Wolfe and husband Augustus Keirns of Athens county, Ohio

The Ignatius Schenz family of York township, Athens county, Ohio

Reuben Winchell Family of Waterloo Township, Nelsonville and Jobs, Ohio

The Aaron Burnard and wife Mary McCullough Family of Trimble township, Athens county,  Ohio

The wedding photo of Paul Hanning and wife ? Horvath of Dover township around 1920s

The wedding photo of Daniel Nogrady and Margaret Spisak of Oregon Ridge Dover twp. around 1920

Ona L. Collins family of Buchtel, Ohio

Margaret Collins Holland of Buchtel, Ohio

Agnes Collins and Randal Russell of Buchtel, Ohio

Agnes Russell and husband William McDonald of Buchtel, Ohio

Andrew and Margaret Hughes Davis family, brother of Lewis and Mary Jane Collins Davis of Buchtel

Sophia Davis and daughter Audrey Davis Mitchell of Buchtel, Ohio

Albert Milligan and family including Jane Davis Hibbard wife of Peter Hibbard 1912 of Hebbardsville

Athens Civil War Veteran John Quinn family of New Marshfield reunion photo about 1900

William Quinn, wife Martha Byers and son Quinton of Murray City about 1894

Quinton Quinn and 2nd wife Navada Somers of Murray City

Navada Somers Nelsonville high school graduation photo of Nelsonville, Ohio

William W. Mitchell, wife Olive Davis and family of Nelsonville, Jobs and then Coalgate and Murray City 1900

Chester Lee Mitchell and wife Annie Eckels of Coalgate and Murray City about 1925

Charles Clayton "Ike" Mitchell and wife Audrey Davis in the Murray City Park about 1994

Charles Clayton "Ike" Mitchell and sister Hellen Mitchell in  Murray City  about 1924

Clifford "Snickel" Mitchell and wife Edna Schooley of Newtown and mother of Clifford- Annie Eckels Mitchell

Mary Elizabeth Hashman Eckels mother of Annie Eckels Mitchell.

William Stanley Robinson and wife Naomi Rhoda Campbell in Orbiston about 1940

William Henry Robinson and wife Emma Mains in Orbiston about 1950

Charlotte Munyon Coates and Coates family about 1900

Descendant of Arthur and Mary Ann Coates, Arthur was theoperator of the first Ferry in Athens county and owner of the farm where the Athens Hospital stands, now known as "The Ridges" of OU

Benjamin and Sarah Carr Stalder of Chauncey family photo about 1900

Lewis and Lilly Willey Evener family photo

Gertie and Trixie Finsterwald of Athens photo about 1888

Haning-Reeder Reunion

Wyatt - Brown Family of Amesville

Murray City family taken 1900 Now identified are the Cornelius Murphy family

Athens- Amy Rizer with Farrell, Betty and Bobbie 1880's? Athens?

Murray City-Thomas? reunion photo

Murray City- Alvie (Rat) Trimmer and Joe (Peck) Shuttleworth

Murray City, Salem Hollow- Ida Bell Wright family 1925 and 1950

Josephine Morrison Spurgeon Hickman and family 1937 Murray City

Zimrode Carter Foster

William B. Foster

Hull Foster

Fred Pete Foster

John Holt family -Murray City

Mary Alice Lee Campbell Palmer Holt and daughter Clara Campbell Buchanan -Murray City

Peter Lee- Carbon Hill

Josiah Lee Redtown

America McFoy Lee Naborgal, McClelland and Naomi Lee Campbell, Ralph and Grace Wade Campbell 1930's in Orbiston

See also: The Journal of John Holt Murray City Coal Miner

Launcelot Scott Jr. of Nelsonville

Marion Newton Conner and wife Theodora Ann Bridge of Millfield

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