Athens County Courthouse

Athens County Courthouse Postcard photo 1915

Vital Records

Located on the corner of South Court and Washington Street's
marriage records 1817 to present, birth and death records 1867-1907
1 South Court Street 2nd floor
Athens OH 45701-2836
(740)  592-3219 or 740-593-3251
Athens County Health Department
Birth and Death certificates 1907 to present
278 W. Union Street
Athens, Ohio  45701
phone 740-592-4431
fax: 740-594-2370
Athens Court House Offices

The Athens County Courthouse houses the Clerk of Courts, fourth district Court of Appeals, Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations, Juvenile Court, Probate Court, County Prosecuting Attorney, and the Special Services departments. Marriage records are found in the clerk of courts office 1817-today on the second floor; Deeds are found in the county recorders office on the second floor adjacent to the courthouse. Birth and Death records are generally one line and are available for the years 1867-1908, after 1908 the records are found at the Athens county health department on West Union Street.

History of the Building

Built in 1880 the two story red brick structure has tall windows capped off by an ornamental arch of limestone. On the south side of the building is a columned portico through which stone steps lead into the main corridor. In 1935 the building was remodeled and the old "town clock" was transferred to the courthouse steeple from the old city hall building where it had been marking time since 1875.

This is the third courthouse built on the same site on the southwest corner of Court and Washington Streets. The first one was built of logs in 1808 and was also used as the first school house; and the second was built in 1816 which was destroyed by a fire before 1880.

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A few Vital Records Information

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Issued by

at: 39 Woodland Place, Fort Thomas, Kentucky 1967 Daniel F. Cooley author (transcribed on the internet in 1997 by Dennis A. Young

Some Cooley records from Athens County Court House Records, Athens, Ohio
Marriage Book 1817 - names of persons licensed

John Calkrill to Lucy Cooley 8/23/1823
Gordon H. Cooley to Almira Miles 1/17/1829 - test: Adrion Miles
Gordon H. Cooley to Almira Miles 1/28/1829 (second entry)
Daniel Decker to Anna Cooley 6/6/1829

Marriage Record 1 & 2 1822-1856
Rufus Cooley m. Eliza Vats 11/20/1823
Gordon Cooley m. Almira Miles 3/1/1829
George W. Cooley m. Luzaney Stanley 6/16/1833
Alanson Cooley m. Miss Sarah Beverage 7/6/1834
Gideon Cooley m. Harriet Hull

Marriage Book 1817 (apparently licenses)
George W. Cooley to Luray Stanley 9/16/1833 - "license delivered to Mr. Cooley"
John Sullivan to Sally Cooley 3/29/1834 - "certificate from her father"
Alanson Cooley to Sarah Beveridge 7/5/1834 - apt. of D. Cooley
Andrew Bumgarner to Esther Cooley 6/6/1836

Marriage Book 2
Gideon Cooley m. Harriet Hull 7/2/1840

Marriage Book 3
Stoughton Cooley m. Miss Clarissa May 10/18/1842
Abner Cooley m. Miss Jane Tedrow 6/25/1846
George W. Cooley m. Mrs. Lucinda Brooks 4/15/1847
Leonard Cooley m. Miss Frances Ann Elliott 5/18/1847
Charles Henry Cooley m. Miss Esther Fuller 4/26/1847
Abner Cooley m. Floretta W. Baker 6/3/1852
James H. Bloor m. Miss Sarah Cooley 9/6/1842
James C. Blower m. Miss Lovicy Cooley 8/15/1855
George W. Lord m. Amanda Cooley 3/16/1843
Edward W. Tinney m. Miss Eliza Cooley 8/15/1847
Jonathan Witham m. Lucy Cooley 12/31/1842
F. W. Wedge m. Emily A. Cooley 11/9/1845


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