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Athens County Poorhouse Directors

The Athens county poorhouse was located in Chauncey, Dover township.  The below information was compiled by WPA workers in the 1930's who were hired to do an inventory of the county poorhouse.

Prepared by 
The Historical Records Survey
Division of Professional and Service Projects
Work Projects Administration
Columbus, Ohio
The Historical Records Survey
May 1939
3 1466 00270 4217

The Athens county poorhouse was established in 1857 by the county commissioners, acting under authority granted them by the legislative act of 1816 which gave them the power to purchase land and construct poorhouses in which to care for the county’s indigent.  By the same act the commissioners were authorized to appoint annually a board of seven directors which was authorized to make rules and regulations for the management of the institution and to appoint a superintendent.  Accordingly, in 1857, the county commissioners purchased a farm of one hundred and forty seven acres in Dover township near Chauncey.  The old farm buildings were remodeled and used for the purposes of the home until they were destroyed by fire in 1903.  Temporary quarters were constructed for use until the modern buildings, now in use, were completed.                             

Infirmary Directors* pages 240 & 241
George I. Gould                                      1858-1861
Ziba Lindley                                            1859-1862
                      Ezra Goodspeed                                1860-1869
Henry Brown                                     1861-1864
Elmer Armstrong                                     1862-1865
Norman Root                                         1863-1865
Elmer Rowell                                          1864-1867
Peter Hixson                                           1865-1874
W. S. Hyde                                            1867-1874
Charles R. Smith                                    1869-1875
B. C. Le Fever                                         1874-1877
Tobias Boudinot                                     1875-1878
Thomas J. Allison                                   1876-1888
Lewis H. Russell                                     1877-1880
Joshua Sands                                          1878-1881
F. S. Jurrod                                            1880-1886
Charles Henry                                        1881-1884
Charles W Goodspeed                           1884-1894
Clement Hooper                                     1886-1889
John Burson                                       1888-1889
Clement Hooper, Sr.                          1889-1892
Charles P. Clester                              1889-1899
John H. Mohler                                  1892-1901
S. F. Beverage                                   1894-1900
John McLaughlin                                1898-1907
William James                                    1900-1908
Leroy S. Woodworth                         1901-1911
R. S. Dent                                          1904-1907
W. H. Vorhes                                    1909-1911
Owen Beebe                                      1909-1911
J. W. Drake                                       1911-1912
C. P. Clester                                      1910-1912
Frank White                                       1911-1913


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