Buchtel, Ohio


John R. Buchtel

Founder of Buchtel College

in Akron, Ohio

And founder of Buchtel, Ohio

in Athens county

Born: Jan. 18, 1822.

Died: May 23, 1892.
Left photo by Sandra Quinn

"The Akron Beacon Journal: John R. Buchtel
Best known as: Founder of Buchtel College, which later became the
University of Akron.

Other accomplishments: He was the first president of the Buckeye
Reaper and Mower Co. and one of the largest contributors to
Akron's public library system and to several churches.

Education: To support his impoverished family, Buchtel went to
work at a young age and did not get an education.

Personal life: Born in Green Township, he married Elizabeth
Davidson in 1844. They didn't have any children. He died virtually

Remembered by: Buchtel Hall at the University of Akron, Buchtel
High School, and Buchtel, a town in Athens County, where he bought
1,400 acres for the Akron Iron Co., which he helped finance."

John R. Buchtel built the Akron Iron Works in Buchtel, Ohio in 1880.  The Works produced 40 tons of  foundry iron per day.  The foundry was fueled by the Buchtel Coal Mine which produced 492 coal loads of coal per week.  John also built a foundry in Nelsonville in which the items he needed for the Iron works were produced. (The Athens Messenger and the  History of the Hocking Valley) 

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History of Buchtel

 Dr Ivan M. Tribe. Was first published in Northwest Ohio Quarterly, Maumee, Ohio

Buchtel Coal Mine 1908

Postcard photo owned by the Athens Messenger

Scan of these coins found on Ebay.com

Eastern view of Buchtel with glimpse of Coal yard

Ohio University Library Archives Photo (Frank Buhla collection) 1909

Buchtel Ball Team

permission of Athens Messenger

 Buchtel Catholic Church

First Catholic Church beside the New Catholic Church and Home for Priest and Nuns

The first Catholic Church was used as the high school. Photo owned and submitted by Mary Klienhentz.

Buchtel Hungarian Road

Photo owned and submitted by Steve Brown

Buchtel downtown

Photo owned and submitted by Steve Brown

Buchtel Akron Avenue and Opera House

Permission to display from Athens Messenger

Buchtel Opera House 1933

Photo owned and submitted by Sharon McDonald Dunkle and Mary Kleinhentz

Buchtel Elementary Class 1922-1925


Buchtel Mahaffey's Saloon

2 sons of Lewis and Mary Jane Collins Davis of Buchtel in photo

WWII Soldier Thomas Davis

Photo owned and submitted by Audrey Davis Mitchell

Davis Family Reunion After Fifty Years

Copyright of the Athens Messenger 1998 reprinted with permission

Audrey is the niece of Ed and Andrew Davis pictured above article, daughter of Thomas and Sophia Spurgeon Davis and granddaughter of Lewis and Mary Jane Collins Davis of Buchtel who are buried in the Buchtel Catholic Cemetery.

Thomas and Sophia Spurgeon Davis

Thomas and Sophia (Spurgeon) Davis, Thomas was the son of Lewis and Mary Jane Collins Davis

Lewis "Possum" Davis was a saloonkeeper for Mahaffey's Saloon in Buchtel 1900-1920 and a coal miner in the Buchtel coal mine from 1880-1900. He was the son of Nathan and Lucretia Russell Davis of Middleport. Mary Jane Collins was the daughter of Civil War Soldier Thomas Collins and wife Maugerite Leonardt Collins of Ireland. Sophia Spurgeon was the daughter of Thomas and Josephine Morrison Spurgeon of New Straitsville, and granddaughter of Civil War Soldier Reuben Spurgeon and wife Emilia Allen Skinner Spurgeon of New Straitsville.

Ona L. Collins family of Buchtel, Ohio

photo owned and submitted by Tom Collins

Margaret Collins Holland of Buchtel, Ohio

 Photo owned and submitted by Perry Palumbo

Agnes Collins and Randal Russell of Buchtel, Ohio

Photo owned and submitted by Mary Kleinhentz

Agnes Russell and husband William McDonald of Buchtel, Ohio

Photo owned and submitted by Mary Kleinhentz

Andrew and Margaret Hughes Davis family, brother of Lewis and Mary Jane Collins Davis of Buchtel

Photo owned and submitted by Tanna Allman

 Ignatius Schentz Family, residents of Nelsonville and Buchtel 

submitted by Joan Robson Grube

Sowers Family Genealogy, residents of Buchtel, Jobs, and Orbiston

Sowers family genealogy compiled by Eldon Sowers

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Great-great grand daughter of Lewis and Mary Jane Collins Davis of Buchtel, Ohio

 graduate of Nelsonville-York High School in Buchtel, Ohio and the  Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences in Akron, Ohio at the University of Akron

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