Chester Lee Mitchell and wife Annie Eckels in Murray City, Ohio

He is the son of Murray City coal miner William W. Mitchell of Hanover, Licking county, Ohio and wife Olive Davis of Morgan county, Ohio; grandson of Squire Mitchell of Rhode Island and wife Maryette Fay of Onieda, New York and grandson of Thomas Davis of Morgan county, Ohio and wife Zipporiah Spurbeck of Broome county, New York.

She is the daughter of coal miner John William Eckels of Wood county, WV and wife Mary Elizabeth Hashman/Harshman of Monroe county, Ohio, grandaughter of George Washington Echols of Marshall county, WV and wife Elizabeth Coffield of Marshall county, WV, and grandaughter of Hezekiah Hashman/Harshman of Loudon county, Virginia and Sarah Elizabeth Hicks of Ohio.

These coal miner families came and settled in the area of Murray City before the year 1900 and for over one hundred years their descendants in this area are numerous.