Descendants of Amelia Allen -Skinner- Spurgeon, (AKA Emily, Emma, Millie, Milly) 


The Spurgeon group called her Emily

The Skinner group called her Amelia

Could you be her descendant?


Amelia Allen- Skinner- Spurgeon is the progenitor of a large population of descendants in Hocking, Perry and Athens  county. Chances are if you have Murray City, New Straitsville, or Gore, Ohio roots you descend from this lady Amelia Allen! She had two families with two husbands, her first husband Eli Skinner died young, before 1850.  Two sons  and one daughter of her first marriage moved out west and multiplied, her daughter Margaret Skinner,  plus the children of her second husband, Reuben Spurgeon,  stayed in the area and multiplied.  Consequently the two sets of families lost track of each other and the knowledge of whom was related to whom over the last 150 years. Tracking the family history can be very confusing at best since so many knew her by so many different nicknames, and her name is spelled in many different ways in official documents. (Emma, Emily, Amelia, Millie). These types of spelling errors were common in the 1800's. So many hundreds of her descendants live in the area today that we thought it important to show her genealogy. With the help of several cousins we present you with this genealogy to assist you in knowing just who your relatives are.  


See if anyone you know is listed below, you might be surprised to see who your relatives are! Includes surnames such as Skinner, Spurgeon, Lanning, Campbell, Decker, Spencer, Currens, Wolfe, Mitchell, Smith, Rose, McIntyre, Farley, Sorrells, Hashman, Burton, Shaw, Sapp, Devol, Huston, Person, Kieffer, Bernard, Buchanan, Hoffman, Bradbury, Koon, Powell, Wright, Kinnison, Johnson, Johnston, Wallace, Donley, Orndorf, Kilpatrick, Nagle, Geiger, Leamon, Davis, Tippett, and many more! 


I personally was surprised to find that I was related to the majority of my Murray City, Ohio elementary classmates. See photo at bottom of this page.  If you attended Murray City Schools you have a 1:2 chance of being related to your classmates through this lady.


Mrs. Emma Allen-Skinner-Spurgeon


(shown in official documents as Emily, Emilia, Amelia, and Millie)


Compiled By:   Sandra Mitchell-Quinn , Glenda Barnes, Sharon Leon,and Ethel Albin, Carol Weiser

copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved

{As with any large work of this kind there may be errors, we will be happy to look at any suggestions for improvement on this family tree. Feel free to use the email links above.}


Generation No. 1

Who is Amelia Allen?

Amelia/Emily/Emma is the daughter of Richard Allen and wife  Lucinda Corder who married in Frederick County, Virginia and came to Hocking county, Ohio to live and farm.  On the Perry county Harrison township tax rolls, Richard Allen, one house, worth 40 dollars, 1 cow. Most of the descendants were common people, farmers and coal miners.

More details on the Harrison township tax rolls shows Richard Allen having 156 acres, on range 15, T 16, lot 36 SE and that is just west of Mc Cluney.   

In the  1830 census for Richard Allen in Ohio county, Va
males 0-1-1-0-1-0-0-1                     females 0-1-2-1-1-0-1
1 male 50-60                                     1 female 40-50

1840 census of Perry county, Ohio census Saltlick twp.
Richard Allen 1 under 5 (grandson James jr.), 1 10-15 (son Richard Jr.) , 1 15-20 (son John), 1 20-30 son James Sr.) , 1 60-70 (Richard Sr.)
females 1 15-20 (Nancy daughter) , 2 20-30 (Elsie Allen daughter and Sally wife of James), 1 60-70 (Lucinda wife)

1850 census Saltlick twp.
Lucinda Allen age 67 is listed next door to son Richard Allen Jr. In 1850 Livng next door to son Richard Allen, and James Lanning, and Asa Lanning all who signed on Emily's pension application.

1850 Salt Lick township 
Richard Allen Jr. 26 farming born in Va
Maria 21 born in Pa
Lucinda age 4 born in OH
James 3 OH
Sally 1 OH

next door
Lucinda Allen age 67 born in Virginia

In the 1860 censusLucinda is  listed with daughter Elcie Allen married to James Lanning.  It says she was 76.

In 1870 Lucinda is living with her daughter Catharine Allen Lanning in Falls township. Said she was 88.  The post office listed was Gibisonville.

Also was next door to daughter Elsie Allen Lanning.

The children of Richard  and Lucinda / Lucy Corder Allen are:

Elsy/ Elsie Allen married to James Lanning, James Allen married to Sarah / Sally Funck, Amelia / Emily/ Emma/ Millie/ Milly, Emmaline Allen married to Eli Skinner, then to Reuben Spurgeon, Morgan Allen married to Hester Graffis, John married to Mary Zellinger, Nancy Allen married to David Rush, Richard Allen married to Mariah Lanning, Catherine Allen married to Asa Lanning.

These are some of the descendants of Amelia Allen Skinner Spurgeon also known as 

(Emily, Emmaline, Millie, Milly, and Emma) .

1. (Amelia, Emily, Emma, Milly, Millie, )3 ALLEN (RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born about the year 1818 in East Virginia to parents RICHARD and LUCINDA CORDER ALLEN, and died November 13, 1898.  Unfortunately we have been unable to locate her death record at the Hocking county courthouse.  

Amelia  married (1st) ELI  SKINNER November 02, 1837 in Hocking County , Ohio, son of JOHN SKINNER and CATHERINE STRAIT. He was born Abt. 1810 in Perry county, Ohio, and died March 1845 in Perry county, Ohio. 

Amelia married (2nd) RUEBEN A. SPURGEON November 09, 1849 in Gore, Ohio Hocking County, the marriage was performed by Abraham Dickens Esq., Reuben is thought to be the son of JAMES SPURGEON and ELIZABETH HALL. He was born September 18, 1829 in Perry County, Oh Roseville.  He fought in the civil war  Co. H 62nd Ohio Inf., and died November 01, 1884  according to his Hocking County Death Record.  We have not located Emma's death record but believe she died just November 13, 1898 according to her widow's civil war pension records.

Civil War Widows Pension Claim for Emily Spurgeon, wife of Reuben Spurgeon. 
Isaac Ambrose age 63 at 1890 says he was present at the death of Reuben Nov. 1, 1884, and that Emily and Reuben were living together as man and wife and she has not remarried since his death. Isaac further states he was there neighbor for sixteen years.
John W. Nixon, age 35 at 1890 same as above accept states he was their neighbor all his life at Gore.
Joseph R. Staley age 36 at 1890, lived near neighbor above and knows Emily has not remarried since the death of her husband.
Asa Lanning age 58 and Catharine Lanning  age 58 and Sam Lanning. That they were present and saw the above named claimant and Reuben Spurgeon married about the year 1850 and know of them living together from the time of their marriage as man and wife until the death of the said soldier Reuben Spurgeon- also know that said claimant is without support other than her own labor. New Straitsville, Ohio May 1886
Henry Slater age 60 a resident of Gore, That he knows that Emily Spurgeon to be the widow of Reuben Spurgeon that he was present at said marriage ceremony and saw them joined together as husband and wife. Gore, Hocking County May 1886

Children of AMELIA ALLEN and ELI SKINNER are:

2. i. SARAH CATHARINE MORIAH4 SKINNER, b. July 13, 1838, Perry, Ohio; d. June 02, 1938, Belfry, Carbon, Montana.

3. ii. MARGARET CATHARINE SKINNER, b. March 06, 1841, New Straitsville, Ohio; d. July 03, 1911, New Straitsville, Ohio.

4. iii. RICHARD A. SKINNER, b. December 13, 1841, Straitsville, Perry, Ohio; d. April 13, 1931, Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska.

5. iv. ELI MORRIS SKINNER, b. June 14, 1845, Straitsville, Perry, Ohio; d. October 02, 1925, Glenrock, Converse, Wyoming;.


Notes on Reuben from Civil War papers: Fair Complexion, gray eyes, sandy hair, farmer, lost
thumb and index finger of his right hand on 5 Nov 1862 by accident
discharge of his gun while on picket duty near Suffolk, Va. Reuben was
discharged on disability 12 Jan 1863 at Newborn, N.D.

6. v. NANCY4 SPURGEON, b. March 09, 1850, Hocking County, OH; d. February 21, 1923, Hocking County, OH Falls Gore.

7. vi. ALCINDA SPURGEON, b. February 1854, Hocking County, OH; d. July 06, 1934, Hocking County, Ohio Gore.

8. vii. EMILIA "MILLIE" SPURGEON, b. January 19, 1856, Hocking County, OH; d. September 18, 1914, New Straitsville, Ohio Old New Straitsville Cemetery.

9. viii. ALVARETTA "ALLIE" SPURGEON, b. December 29, 1858, Hocking County, OH Gore; d. June 17, 1929, Hollister, Ohio.

10. ix. JOHN THOMAS SPURGEON, b. 1860, Hocking  County, OH ; d. October 03, 1890, Killed by train, Orreville, Hocking county, Ohio B&O Railroad.


Generation No. 2


2. SARAH CATHARINE MORIAH4 SKINNER (AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born July 13, 1838 in Perry, Ohio, and died June 02, 1938 in Belfry, Carbon, Montana. She married JAMES M. MCINTYRE May 06, 1864 in New Lexington, Perry, Ohio. He was born 1830 in Wilmington, Delaware, and died March 1882 in Worth Co., Mo..



i. ELI5 MCINTYRE, b. Grant City, Mo.; d. November 1955; m. FLAURA ANNIE SKINNER, December 19, 1888, Douglas, Converse, Wyoming; b. February 21, 1868, McCuneville, Perry county, Ohio; d. September 11, 1951, Columbus, Stillwater, Montana.

ii. EUNICE EMMALINE MCINTYRE, b. May 19, 1865, Grant City, Worth Co., Mo.; d. 1968, Montana; m. WESLEY ROSSWELL WALTER, March 12, 1894, ,Worth, Montana; b. June 13, 1869, Otol Co. Nebraska; d. March 14, 1929, California.

iii. IDALEEN MARIE MCINTYRE, b. August 28, 1868, Grant City, Worth, Missouri; d. September 03, 1956, Blockton, Ringold, Iowa; m. ROSS GEORGE ROUDEBUSH, August 25, 1894, Worth, Missouri; b. March 22, 1867, Grant City, Carbon, Montana; d. June 28, 1947, Blockton, Ringold, Iowa.

iv. THOMAS MCINTYRE, b. February 1872, Grant City, Worth, Missouri; d. October 12, 1872, Worth, Missouri.

v. JAMES EDWARD MCINTYRE, b. August 29, 1874, Worth, Missouri; d. July 25, 1952, Tipton, Moniteau, Missouri; m. AUDREY ESTA ELLIOTT, February 28, 1925, Aberdeen, Brown, South Dakota; b. February 16, 1893, Martin, Indiana; d. August 05, 1961, Avenel, New Jersey.

vi. CHARLES PERCIVAL MCINTYRE, b. November 13, 1877, Grant City, Worth, Missouri; d. 1917, Warm Springs, Deer Lodge, Montana.


3. MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER (AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born March 06, 1841 in New Straitsville, Ohio, and died July 03, 1911 in New Straitsville, Ohio. She married JOSEPH LANNING April 17, 1858 in New Straitsville, Hocking county, Ohio, son of JAMES LANNING and MARY PHILLIPY. Brother Hyram Lanning is buried in the Downhour Dawley Cemetery.  James was born August 25, 1825 in Somerset, Pennsylvania, and died July 26, 1908 in Ward twp, Hocking county, Ohio.

Note from Sharon Leon:

Some things that I think I should mention about the Margaret (Skinner) 
Lanning death certificate, which I have in front of me, is that Millie 
Campbell was living in Murray City at the time she signed it. Margaret died 
of "Brights disease caused by age" with pneumonia as a contributing factor, 
according to the doctor. Millie listed "Millie Allen" as her grandmother, 
possibly confusing "Millie" and "Emaline," unless Millie was short for 
Emaline, rather than actually being Millie's middle name, and if Millie was 
another name sometimes applied to Emma. Anyway, what I think is of most 
interest here is that Millie Campbell has "Eli Skinner" (father of Margaret Skinner Lanning) born in "W. VA" and 
"Millie Allen"  (mother of Margaret Skinner Lanning) born in "East VA." I'm not sure what she meant by that, but 
it's interesting. There are parts of the PA and W VA area that has changed 
hands back and forth, I think, as well as the boundary of VA and W VA having 
moved after the civil war. 

Sharon Leon


11. i. SUSANNAH5 LANNING, b. April 30, 1859, Perry county, Ohio; d. 1955, Athens co., OH Millfield, Ohio.

1900 Hocking county census
Page 218A
George W. Hashman born in 1858 age 42 son of Hezekiah and Sarah Elizabeth Hashman
Susan born in 1857 age 42
Martha born in 1883 age 17
Hessie born in 1886 age 14
Charles W. born in 1887 age 13
George "Earl" born in 1888 age 12 listed as Earl in the census
James "Lewis" born in 1893 age 7 listed as Lewis in the census

Mother Sarah Hashman was living in 1900 census with daughter Mary Hashman Eckels and her husband John William Eckels, listed as mother in law.

12. ii. MARTHA JANE LANNING, b. December 29, 1860, Ohio; d. August 20, 1940, New Pittsburgh Hollow, Hocking County, Ohio.

Martha Jane Burton age 82, died Monday evening at her home in New Pittsburgh, Funeral services will be held at the New Pittsburg Holiness Church Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. Burial will be made at New Straitsville. Friends may call at any time.
She is survived by her husband George Burton and one son, Joseph of New Pittsburg, two daughter Mrs. Maggie Shaw of Logan and Mrs. Bessie Green of New Straitsville, and one brother David Lanning of Nelsonville, and six sisters, Mrs. Susan Hashman of Sugar Creek; Mrs. Miller "Nard" Crooks, Mrs. Kate Spencer, of Murray City; Mrs. Nancy Decker, Mrs. Maggie Campbell of New Pittsburgh and Mrs. Rosa Spencer of Coalgate


13. iii. RICHARD LANNING, b. January 17, 1861, Hocking County, Ohio; d. January 29, 1939, Ohio Greenlawn Cemetery.

14. iv. MILLIE EMALINE NELLIE LANNING, b. December 19, 1865, Hocking County, Ohio; d. December 13, 1942, Hocking County, Ohio.

Athens Messenger 12-14-1942

Mrs. Millie Crooks, age 77, wife of Nard Crooks, died this morning at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Daisy Currens in Murray City.
She leaves the husband, two daughters Mrs. Daisy Currens and Mrs. Cora Sapp of Murray City, and two sons Lewis Decker of Columbus, and Virgil Campbell of New Lexington; five sisters, one brother, 22 grandchildren, and 28 great grandchildren.

Funeral services for Mrs. Millie Crooks who died Monday at Murray City will be held in the Pilgrim Holiness Church at Murray City with burial at Greenlawn Nelsonville. 

15. v. KATHERINE ELLEN KATE LANNING, b. March 31, 1866, Ohio; d. 1955, Ohio.

James William Spencer aged 74 died last night at his home in Murray City. No funeral arrangements have been made. He is survived by his wife and 5 children, Mrs. Emma Steele, Marion, Mrs. Catherine Currens of Barberton, Mrs. Della Saunders, Mrs. Mary Spencer of Logan, Harvey of Murray City, 5 brothers and two sisters, 16 grandchildren, two sons and 1 daughter are dead.

16. vi. NANCY ALICE LANNING, b. March 13, 1868, Hocking county, Ohio; d. February 03, 1947, New Pittsburgh Hollow, Hocking County, Ohio.

Athens Messenger Feb. 3, 1947

Nancy Decker
Dies at 78, Rites Tuesday
Nelsonville News:
Mrs. Nancy Decker, 78, wife of Edward Decker, New Pittsburgh, died unexpectedly Saturday evening while attending a service at the Apolstolic Faith Church in Murray City. A heart attack was ascribed as the cause of death.
Besides her husband, Mrs. Decker leaves the following children; Mrs. Blanche Altman of Nelsonville; Mrs. Jessie O'Bryan, Mrs. Mable Wright, Clifford and Rolland Decker of Murray City; Edward and Neil Decker, and Mrs. Rena Powell of New Pittsburg; Mrs. Wretha Nagle of Columbus; also 30 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren; one brother and four sisters. Two daughters, and one son preceded her in death.
Funeral services will be conducted by the Rev. Mr. Smith at the Apostolic Faith Church, Murray City, Tuesday at 2 pm, with burial at Buchtel Cemetery.

17. vii. ROSA IDELLA LANNING, b. July 18, 1870, Hocking County, Ohio Ward township; d. May 28, 1951, Hocking County, Ohio Ward twp..

viii. ELI MORRIS LANNING, b. January 05, 1873.

18. ix. DAVID MARTIN LANNING, b. January 01, 1875, Lived in New Jersey in 1943; d. July 29, 1967, Nelsonville, Athens county, Ohio.

19. x. MAGGIE MARGARET MATILDA LANNING, b. January 08, 1877, Ohio.

xi. JOSEPH JR. LANNING, b. October 03, 1879, Ohio.

xii. TODD LANNING, b. 1880.


4. RICHARD A.4 SKINNER (AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born December 13, 1841 in Straitsville, Perry, Ohio, and died April 13, 1931 in Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska. He married AMY EMMA STITH POWELL August 02, 1868 in Perry Co., Ohio, daughter of MOSES POWELL and ELNORA BARNES. She was born April 03, 1847 in Perry, Ohio, and died July 02, 1928 in Redington, Banner, Nebraska.

Amy Stith Powell came with her husband from Perry Co., Ohio first to
Iowa, then Missouri and finally to Nebraska. They lived in a dugout for
a few years, then built a three room sod house. According to the book
about Banner County, it was very hard to keep the dugouts from caving in
or to keep wild cattle from running over them. Life was very difficult
for women in those years.
pg. 344 of "Banner Co. and Its People. Vol. II.



ii. JENNIE TEMPEST SKINNER, b. December 12, 1870, Straitsville, Perry, Ohio; d. March 30, 1955, Scottsbluff, Scottsbluff, Nebraska; m. SAMUEL MILLIKIN KELLY, 1893, ,Banner, Nebraska; b. October 20, 1862, Ottawa, LaSalle Co., Illinois; d. October 29, 1949, Gering, Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

20. iii. NORA SKINNER.





25. viii. ONA OCA SKINNER, b. Lived in Riverton, Wyoming.


x. EDWARD LOUIS SKINNER, b. September 20, 1874, Grant City, Worth, Missouri; d. June 04, 1938, Gering, Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

xi. LAURA BELLE SKINNER, b. December 09, 1876, Redding, Ringold, Iowa; d. April 1957, Bridgeport, Nebraska; m. ARTHUR FARNSWORTH BURNETT, December 07, 1904, Nebraska; b. June 08, 1881, Sechlerville, Wisconsin; d. October 29, 1953, Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska.

xii. MARGARET MATILDA SKINNER, b. August 12, 1880, Grant City, Worth, Missouri; d. March 03, 1973, Sidney, Cheyenne, Nebraska; m. CHARLES SPENCER HUTCHINSON, September 13, 1899, Sidney, Cheyenne, Nebraska; b. March 22, 1875, Wisconsin; d. May 17, 1937, Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska.

xiii. SARAH EUNICE SKINNER, b. August 07, 1883, Grant City, Worth, Missouri; d. October 06, 1965, Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska; m. BERN C HUTCHINSON, August 06, 1900, Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska; b. Ca Missouri.

xiv. OCA ONA SKINNER, b. March 08, 1888, Freeport, Banner, Nebraska; d. November 21, 1973, Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska; m. GEORGE HENRICH BARTLING, November 19, 1905, Sidney, Cheyenne, Nebraska; b. August 17, 1886, Lodgepole, Cheyenne, Nebraska; d. November 16, 1940, Bridgeport, Morrill, Nebraska.


5. ELI MORRIS4 SKINNER (AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born June 14, 1845 in Straitsville, Perry, Ohio, and died October 02, 1925 in Glenrock, Converse, Wyoming. He married MARY EVE BUCHMAN May 30, 1867 in ,Perry, Ohio, daughter of GEORGE BUCHMAN and MARGARET MARTZOLFF. She was born April 18, 1845 in Perry county, Ohio, and died October 02, 1925 in Glenrock, Montana.


Children of ELI SKINNER and MARY BUCHMAN are:

i. FLAURA ANNIE5 SKINNER, b. February 21, 1868, McCuneville, Perry county, Ohio; d. September 11, 1951, Columbus, Stillwater, Montana; m. ELI MCINTYRE, December 19, 1888, Douglas, Converse, Wyoming; b. Grant City, Mo.; d. November 1955.

ii. LAURA ETTA SKINNER, b. February 28, 1870, McCuneville, Perry, Ohio; d. August 21, 1950, Excelsior Spring, Clay, Missouri; m. WILLIAM RIDGE; b. Ohio.

iii. GEORGE MORRIS SKINNER, b. February 29, 1872, McCuneville, Perry, Ohio; d. February 07, 1961, Columbus, Stillwater, Montana.

iv. WILLIAM SHERMAN SKINNER, b. March 15, 1874, McCuneville, Perry, Ohio; d. December 22, 1940, Glenrock, Converse, Wyoming; m. ROSE MASTERSON; b. Ca Ohio; d. August 11, 1956.

v. CHARLES RICHARD SKINNER, b. April 11, 1876, McCuneville, Perry, Ohio; d. October 27, 1937, Glenrock, Converse, Wyoming; m. CORA HANNAH GOFF, December 19, 1898, Douglas, Converse, Wyoming; b. February 09, 1880, Almy, Territory of, Wyoming; d. June 07, 1953, Glenrock, Converse, Wyoming.

vi. EL FRANKLIN SKINNER, b. August 24, 1878.

vii. MARY ROSEANNA SKINNER, b. November 23, 1880, McCuneville, Perry, Ohio; d. December 13, 1976, Casper, Natrona, Wyoming; m. (1) JAMES W. MASTERSON, October 30, 1898, Douglas, Converse, Wyoming; b. 1877, Ca Ohio; d. 1945, Douglas, Converse, Wyoming; m. (2) WILLARD CLIFFORD GOFF, November 07, 1906, Douglas, Converse, Wyoming; b. December 03, 1885; d. January 30, 1958.

viii. OLIVE GRACE SKINNER, b. February 13, 1883, McCuneville, Perry, Ohio; d. May 01, 1907, Glenrock, Converse, Wyoming; m. JOHN MILLAR; b. Ca Ohio.

ix. LEWIS FREDERICK SKINNER, b. October 11, 1889, Redington, Morrill, Nebraska; d. January 21, 1975, Thermopolis, Hot Springs, Wyoming; m. ELIZABETH BENJAMIN, December 23, 1916, Sidney, Cheyenne, Nebraska; b. April 14, 1900, Almy, Uinta, Wyoming.


6. NANCY4 SPURGEON (AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born March 09, 1850 in Hocking County, OH, and died February 21, 1923 in Hocking County, OH Falls Gore. She married WILLIAM THOMAS JOHNSON February 06, 1868 in Hocking County, Ohio, son of HENRY JOHNSON and MARIA COLLISON. He was born October 10, 1845 in Hocking County, OH, and died May 09, 1917 in Hocking County, OH Falls Gore.



i. EMILY ROSA5 JOHNSON, b. 1869, Hocking Co., Ohio.

ii. DAVID H. JOHNSON, b. October 1870.

iii. ELIAS JOHNSON, b. December 1873.

iv. JOHN REUBEN JOHNSON, b. June 08, 1875.

v. ELIZABETH ELNORA JOHNSON, b. January 01, 1878.

vi. JESSIE E. JOHNSON, b. 1879.

26. vii. DORA ELLEN JOHNSON, b. April 18, 1880, Hocking County, OH; d. July 16, 1951, Perry county, Ohio.

viii. BENJAMIN JOHNSON, b. September 10, 1881; d. December 24, 1966.

ix. JESSIE S. JOHNSON, b. April 01, 1884.


7. ALCINDA4 SPURGEON (AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born February 1854 in Hocking County, OH, and died July 06, 1934 in Hocking County, Ohio Gore. She married MARTIN GEIGER September 17, 1872 in Hocking County, Ohio. He was born July 1842, and died Bet. 1910 - 1920 in Hocking County, OH.

Will of Alcinda Cin Spurgeon Geiger of 1934, lists grandchildren as Cynthia Kelly Green, Mrs. W.M. Green age 20 of Lancaster, Ohio, Susie Bell age 23 of Dayton Ohio, Sadie Keller Lane, Mrs. Chauncey Lane age 37, of Logan Ohio, Melissa Runyon age 31 of Springfield, Ohio; Bill Gee age 35 of Springfield, Ohio; Mrs. Edward (Glenn) Stephenson age 47 of Orreville, Ohio. Alcinda owned Lot no. 46 in Hamblin, Hocking Co. OH. These grandchildren, whichever child they belong to and the other heirs below sold this real estate to Julia Geiger Goble, another one of Alcinda's daughters.


27. i. JENNIE5 GEIGER, b. 1877, Hocking County, OH.

28. ii. MATILDA TILLIE GEIGER, b. 1878, Hocking county, Ohio.

iii. EMILY GEIGER, b. September 1881.

iv. MAGGIE GEIGER, b. November 1883.

v. SUZIE GEIGER, b. September 1886.

vi. JULIA GEIGER, b. May 1889; m. UNKNOWN GOBLE.

vii. MARTIN H. GEIGER, b. January 1893.



8. EMILIA "MILLIE"4 SPURGEON (AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born January 19, 1856 in Hocking County, OH, and died September 18, 1914 in New Straitsville, Ohio Old New Straitsville Cemetery. She married JOHN LEAMON March 20, 1873 in Hocking County, Ohio. He was born 1849 in Ohio, and died January 1923 in New Straitsville, Ohio.

     John Leamon

Children of EMILIA MILLIE SPURGEON and  her husband JOHN LEAMON are:

i. SARAH A.5 LEAMON, b. April 01, 1875; d. December 17, 1875, Hocking county, Ohio.

ii. JOHN THOMAS LEAMON, b. 1878, Hocking county, Ohio vol. 1 page 344; d. March 19, 1959; m. MYRTLE; b. Millersburg.

29. iii. RILLA ALMA LEAMON, b. April 12, 1880, Hocking county, Ohio Falls township; d. March 13, 1968, Hocking County, OH, Logan.

iv. GEORGE LEAMON, b. August 11, 1884, Hocking County, OH; d. April 02, 1886, Hocking County, OH.

v. REUBEN LEAMON, b. October 1885, Hocking County, OH; d. July 08, 1886, Hocking County, OH.

vi. CHARLES NEWTON LEAMON, b. January 08, 1887, Hocking County, OH; d. January 31, 1967, Hocking County, OH; m. MARGARET; b. Columbus, Ohio.

vii. BERTHA EMILY LEAMON, b. January 14, 1890, Hocking County, OH; d. May 18, 1981, Hocking County, OH.

viii. MARGARET LEAMON, b. May 13, 1892, Hocking County, OH; d. October 24, 1971, Fairfield county, OH Lancaster; m. (1) DAVID NELSON, Bef. 1932; b. Scotland; m. (2) JOHN O. MAY, October 11, 1932, Ashland, Kentucky; b. November 13, 1886; d. October 30, 1935; m. (3) COLONEL SHORTY STOVER, Aft. 1934; b. July 18, 1885; d. October 02, 1974.

30. ix. MARY ALVARETTA LEAMON, b. June 08, 1895, Hocking County, OH; d. August 17, 1978, Licking county, OH.

31. x. PEARL LOUIS LEAMON, b. July 06, 1897, Hocking County, OH Orreville.


9. ALVARETTA "ALLIE"4 SPURGEON (AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born December 29, 1858 in Hocking County, OH Gore, and died June 17, 1929 in Hollister, Ohio. She married Rev. GEORGE W. ORNDORF September 21, 1876 in Hocking County, Ohio. He was born 1851 in Indianna, and died December 18, 1925 in Hollister, Ohio.

Mrs. Alvaretta Orndorf Died Sunday at the home of her son and daughter in law Mr. and Mrs. George Emrich in Hollister. She had been in por health since December spending the greater part of the time during her illness at the home of Mrs. Emrich. Mrs. Orndorf, leaves five children, Mrs. George Emrich and Carl Orndorf of Hollister, Will Orndorf of Hollister, Pearl Orndorf of near Hollister, and Mrs. Mary Dodson of Springfield. Her husband George Orndorf died in 1925.
The body was taken to the home at Hollister Moday afternoon. Funeral services will be held at the church at Hollister Tuesday afternoon and burial was made at Maplewood Cemetery in Glouster.
Obituary from Athens Messenger June 17, 1929



i. MARY5 ORNDORF, b. Lived in Springfield, Ohio in 1929; m. UNKNOWN DODSON.

ii. LOUETTA ORNDORF, b. June 09, 1877, Hocking County, Ohio; d. August 08, 1877, Hocking County, Ohio.

iii. CHARLES M. ORNDORF, b. 1878; d. March 12, 1879, Hocking county, Ohio.

32. iv. IDA ORNDORF, b. 1880, Hocking County, Ohio Book 1 page 314; d. 1958.

33. v. CARL ORNDORF, b. 1882, Lived in Hollister; d. 1935, Hollister, Ohio.

34. vi. PEARL RAY ORNDORF, b. June 10, 1889, Ohio; d. May 28, 1954.

35. vii. WILLIAM E. ORNDORF, b. 1893, Hocking county, Ohio birth book 2 page 163.


10. JOHN THOMAS4 SPURGEON (AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1)was born 1860 in Hocking County, OH , and died October 03, 1890 when Killed by train, Orreville, Ohio B&O Railroad. He married JOSEPHINE JOSIE MORRISON December 22, 1880 in Hocking County, Ohio, daughter of JOSEPH MORRISON and MARY MATHILDA SKINNER. She was born July 13, 1861 in Vinton County, Ohio, daughter of Eiljah and Jane Criswell Skinner and Josephine died February 11, 1942 in Perry County, OH Mcluney. She remarried Knight Plummer Hickman and they are both buried in the McLuney Iliff Cemetery.

Hocking County Marriage License
Marriage License was this day granted to John Thomas Spurgeon and wife Josie Morrison December 22, 1880. State of Ohio Hocking County Personally came Reuben Spurgeon applying for License for John Thomas Spurgeon to be married to Josie Morrison, who being sworn, says that the said John Thomas Spurgeon is under the age of twenty-one years, is unmarried; that the said Josie Morrison is over the age of eighteen years and is unmarried; that she resides in Hocking County ;and that he knows of no legal impediment to said marriage; and also that they are not nearer of kin than second cousins. Signed by Reuben Spurgeon X his mark Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 22, day of December AD 1880 A. Steinman Probate Judge By consent of the Father. State of Ohio, Hocking County, I certify that I solemnized the marriage of John Thomas Spurgeon and wife Josie Morrison on the 22 day of December 1880. W. H. Hains J.P.

Athens Journal 10-16-1890 page 5 column 1
Hocking County: Thos. Spurgeon, of Oreville, was killed by a train on Oct. 3rd. 1890

THE HOCKING SENTINEL Newspaper October 9 1890

Horribly Mangled by the Cars-
On Friday evening Oct. 3rd, 1890 Thomas Spurgeon, a well known resident of Oreville, was run over by the cars near Gore and ground to powder. His mangled body was found next morning lying scattered along the railroad tract for some distance. His head and face were so terribly crushed that nothing was left to aid identification. His right leg was cut off near the ankle joint and again at the hip. His foot was found about one hundred yards from the remains of the rest of his mangled body and the other portion of his leg could not be found. He was identified by Perly Hood by means of the scattered fragments of clothes lying near and certain pool checks which he had in his pockets. It is supposed that Spurgeon was in a bad state of intoxication and laid down on the tract and became insensible or unable to get off the track before being struck by the approaching train. The Coroners inquest consisted of gathering together the scattered remains and determining without much deliberation that his death was caused by the rushing train.


36. i. CHARLES5 SPURGEON, b. 1882, Perry County, lived in Morgan County; d. January 02, 1946, Athens County, Ohio.

37. ii. SOPHIA IONA SPURGEON, b. March 18, 1884, New Straitsville, Ohio; d. October 20, 1952, Buchtel, Ohio.

iii. LILLIE J. SPURGEON, b. September 23, 1887, Coal Twp., Perry Co. Ohio.

iv. JEANETTE SPURGEON, b. 1890, Hocking County, Ohio book 2-115; d. Committed suicide in Hocking County, Ohio.


Generation No. 3


11. SUSANNAH5 LANNING (MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born April 30, 1859 in Perry county, Ohio, and died 1955 in Athens co., OH Millfield, Ohio. She married GEORGE W. HASHMAN December 06, 1880 in Ohio, son of HEZEKIAH HASHMAN and SARAH STRICKLAND. He was born August 13, 1858 in Monroe, WV, and died February 11, 1922 in Athens County, Ohio Millfield.


i. GERTRUDE6 HASHMAN, b. 1882; d. 1961, Athens county, Ohio; m. JOHN T. SMITH; b. 1875; d. 1955, Athens county, Ohio.

ii. MARTHA HASHMAN, b. 1883; m. UNKNOWN BURTON, Abt. 1905.

iii. RAY HESSIE HASHMAN, b. 1886, Murray City, Ohio; d. 1980, Athens County, Ohio Greenlawn cemetery; m. MARY, 1908; b. 1892; d. Athens County, Ohio Greenlawn cemetery.

iv. CHARLES W. HASHMAN, b. 1887; d. 1962; m. MAUDE; b. 1882; d. 1952.

v. GEORGE EARL HASHMAN, b. 1888; d. 1977, Nelsonville, Greenlawn Cemetery; m. LUCY M..

vi. JAMES LEWIS HASHMAN, b. 1890; d. 1980.


12. MARTHA JANE5 LANNING (MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born December 29, 1860 in Ohio, and died August 20, 1940 in New Pittsburgh Hollow, Hocking County, Ohio. She married GEORGE BURTON. He was born 1861 in Ohio, and died December 21, 1949 in New Pittsburgh Hollow, Hocking County, Ohio.



ii. BESSIE BURTON, b. Living in New Straitsville in 1949; m. UNKNOWN GREEN.


iv. MAGGIE MAE BURTON, b. 1876, Lived in Logan in 1949; d. Greenlawn Cem.; m. (1) UNKNOWN SHAW; m. (2) HARRY CAMPBELL; m. (3) UNKNOWN SHELTON.

v. JAMES BURTON, b. 1881; d. 1952.

vi. GEORGE BURTON, b. June 21, 1886; d. May 25, 1962.


13. RICHARD5 LANNING (MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born January 17, 1861 in Hocking County, Ohio, and died January 29, 1939 in Ohio Greenlawn Cemetery. He married MARY CATHERINE SPENCER July 02, 1889, daughter of UNKNOWN SPENCER. She was born 1872 in Hocking County, Ohio, and died July 20, 1949 in Hocking County, Ohio.


i. HARVEY6 LANNING, b. January 19, 1892, New Pittsburgh, Ohio; d. November 14, 1965, Wickliffe, Lake county, Ohio; m. (1) BEATRICE E. ANDERSON; b. August 06, 1891, Jobs, Ohio; d. 1916, Jobs, Ohio; m. (2) FREDA DIXON, Abt. 1913, Murray City, Ohio; b. July 12, 1903, Muray City, Ohio; d. March 29, 1973, Madison, Ohio.

ii. JAMES W. LANNING, b. February 02, 1895, Blatchford, Ohio; d. March 15, 1970, Murray City, Ohio; m. OPAL SNYDER; b. September 09, 1897, Murray City, Ohio; d. May 21, 1979.


14. MILLIE EMALINE NELLIE5 LANNING (MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born December 19, 1865 in Hocking County, Ohio, and died December 13, 1942 in Hocking County, Ohio. She married (1) UNKNOWN HUTCHINSON. She married (2) LEWIS DECKER Abt. 1883 in Hocking county, Ohio. She married (3) JOHN ADAM CAMPBELL December 26, 1901 in Logan, Hocking county, Ohio, son of THOMAS CAMPBELL and MARIAH ADAMS. He was born August 08, 1850 in Butler county, PA, and died May 13, 1919 in Murray City, Ohio. She married (4) MILLER BERNARDIN NARD CROOKS Abt. 1934, son of SIMON CROOKS and MARY. He was born 1866 in Murray City, Ohio, and was the ticket agent at the Murray City train station.



ii. MAUDE DECKER, m.  Unknown McManaway, 2nd UNKNOWN BRUCE.

iii. GRACE DECKER, b. 1889; d. 1918; m. MATTHEW KILPATRICK; d. August 01, 1946.

iv. DAISY DECKER, b. 1884; d. 1961, Greenlawn Cem.; m. WILLIAM CURRENS, Abt. 1905; b. 1884; d. 1952, Greenlawn Cem..

v. CORA A. DECKER, b. 1891, Murray City, Ohio; d. 1986, Murray City, Ohio; m. ELZA SAPP, 1908; b. 1889, worked as loader in the coal mine; d. 1945, Murray City, Ohio.


vi. VIRGIL ADAM6 CAMPBELL, b. February 04, 1903, Murray City, Ohio; d. February 22, 1987, Mansfield, Ohio Richland county; m. ETHEL GERTRUDE CUNNINGHAM, May 06, 1925; b. February 15, 1907; d. February 27, 1993, Loudonville, Ohio Ashland county.

15. KATHERINE ELLEN KATE5 LANNING (MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born March 31, 1866 in Ohio, and died 1955 in Ohio. She married JAMES WILLIAM SPENCER. He was born 1866 in Lived in Newtown at time of son Walter's death, and died September 27, 1940 in Ohio.


i. EMMA6 SPENCER, b. Lived in Marion Ohio in 1940's; m. UNKNOWN STEEL.

ii. CATHERINE SPENCER, b. Lived in Barberton Ohio in the 1940's; m. UNKNOWN CURRENS.

iii. DELLA SPENCER, b. 1905, Lived in Wallbridge, Ohio in 1940's; m. UNKNOWN SAUNDERS.

iv. MARY SPENCER, b. Lived in Logan, Ohio in 1940's.




viii. WALTER R. SPENCER, b. 1898, Salem Hollow; d. March 15, 1940, Logan, Ohio Hocking county hospital of appendicitis operation; m. LILLIAN M. BURNARD, Abt. 1920, Hocking County, Ohio; b. 1901, Hocking county, Ohio; d. 1972.

ix. HARVEY SPENCER, b. 1902, Murray City, Ohio; d. 1988, Buried in Salem Hollow Cemetery; m. DULCIA DELCIE KEIFFER; b. 1906; d. November 09, 1926, died of typhoid fever, in Salem cemetery.


16. NANCY ALICE5 LANNING (MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born March 13, 1868 in Hocking county, Ohio, and died February 03, 1947 in New Pittsburgh Hollow, Hocking County, Ohio. She married (1) MOSES POWELL. She married (2) EDWARD E. DECKER. He was born 1872 in Ohio.


i. JESSIE6 POWELL, b. 1895, Lived in Murray City in 1947; d. July 15, 1984; m. (1) WILBUR O'BRYAN; d. 1972; m. (2) JOHN JACK.


ii. BLANCHE6 DECKER, b. Lived in Nelsonville in 1947; m. (1) UNKNOWN ALTMAN; m. (2) JESSE BRYAN.

iii. MABLE DECKER, b. Lived in Murray City in 1947; m. UNKNOWN WRIGHT.

iv. CLIFFORD DECKER, b. 1901, Hocking County, OH Murray City; d. December 02, 1974, Nelsonville , Ohio Mt. St. Mary's; m. LILLIAN WRIGHT; b. 1906, Living in New Pittsburgh in 1942.

v. RENA DECKER, b. 1903, Lived in New Pittsburgh in 1947; m. UNKNOWN POWELL.

vi. EDWARD DECKER, b. 1905, Lived in New Pittsburgh in 1947.

vii. CORNEILIUS NEIL DECKER, b. June 30, 1906, Pittsburgh Hollow, Jobs, Ohio; d. May 24, 1997, Nelsonville, Ohio Pine Hills Nursing home; m. MARY EVA WRIGHT; b. 1910, Living in Pittsburgh in 1942; d. April 08, 1978.

viii. RETHA DECKER, b. 1909, Lived in Columbus in 1947; m. UNKNOWN NAGLE.

ix. ROLAND DECKER, b. 1914.


17. ROSA IDELLA5 LANNING (MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born July 18, 1870 in Hocking County, Ohio Ward township, and died May 28, 1951 in Hocking County, Ohio Ward twp.. She married MONROE ALEXANDER SPENCER Abt. 1889, son of SAMUEL SPENCER and MARTHA JOHNSON. He was born February 25, 1863 in New Straitsville, Ohio, and died November 06, 1928 in Hocking County, Ohio Ward township.


i. THOMAS ELLSWORTH6 SPENCER, b. May 10, 1890; d. October 1975; m. FANNIE EDGELL, October 16, 1915.

ii. JASPER NEWTON SPENCER, b. September 12, 1894, Blatchford; d. October 10, 1967, Shawnee, Ohio Perry county; m. MARGARET LENORE COOPER, April 15, 1915.

iii. JOHN WESLEY SPENCER, b. November 04, 1898; d. August 19, 1965; m. ALBERTA CHAPPLEAR; b. August 03, 1918.

iv. LULA FAYE SPENCER, b. December 06, 1905, Murray City, Ohio; m. CLIFFORD BAILEY, 3-28-1936 or 1937 in Franklin county.


18. DAVID MARTIN5 LANNING (MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born January 01, 1875 in Lived in New Jersey in 1943, and died July 29, 1967 in Nelsonville, Athens county, Ohio. He married (1) EFFIE MARGARET STALLING Abt. 1893 in Hocking county possibly, daughter of JOSEPH STALLING and MARY MCMULLEN. She was born October 01, 1878 in Doanville?, and died 1939. He married (2) ANNA LOUISA BUCHMAN Abt. 1941. She was born 1880 in Perry county, Ohio, and died Abt. 1965 in Shawnee cemetery.


i. PEARL6 LANNING, b. October 03, 1894; m. UNKNOWN FULLER.

ii. RICHARD LANNING, b. January 1898; m. CASSIE INMAN.

 	   iii. SUSANNAH ANNIE LANNING, b. February 02, 1900, Hocking County, OH Murray City;
d. November 14, 1974, Athens co., OH; m.
ROBERT W. MITCHELL; b. January 23, 1891, Athens county, OH;
d. February 11, 1970, Athens county, Ohio.
5.Lawrence Leroy Mitchell married Kathleen Lanning
6---Bruce Lee Mitchell married Ann Lynn
5.---James Mitchell married Annabelle Wilden
5.---Robert Mitchell
5.---Pearl Mitchell married Carol Richneck
5.---Wendell Mitchell married Sandra Wilden sister of Annabelle Wilden
5.---Richard Mitchell married Caroline Inman
5.---Kenneth Mitchell married Vicki Thomas
5.---Ioda Mitchell married Larry Bissinger
5.---Agnes Mitchell married Elgie Reyzek
5.---Joe Mitchell married Sandra
5.---David Mitchell
5.---Linda Mitchell
5.---Mary Lou Mitchell
5.---Myrtle E. Mitchell
5.---Walter Mitchell that married Charlotte Sue Spencer and had eight children:
 Mike, Dennis, Jan, Marsha, Steve, Rick, Jeff, Doug.
5.---Wanda Mitchell died in 1943

iv. WILLIAM FERRELL LANNING, b. May 15, 1902; d. November 04, 1964, Columbus, Ohio buried in Glen Rest Memorial Estates in Reynoldsburg, Licking co.; m. EDNA MAE HORN; b. May 05, 1905, Carbon Hill, Ohio. . Robert, William Herbert, Virginia Wolfe Hall.

v. ELI LANNING, b. May 17, 1903, Lived in WV.

vi. AGNES LANNING, b. July 02, 1904, Lived in Haydenville; d. December 1991; m. LAWRENCE HUTCHINSON.

vii. ESTHER F. LANNING, b. September 14, 1905, Lived at Nelsonville; m. CHRIS H. WOLFE; b. February 08, 1904; d. February 1981.

viii. MARTHA LANNING, b. September 14, 1907; d. November 1969; m. FRANCIS HORNER; b. April 12, 1899; d. March 1965

ix. OLIVER PAT LANNING, b. July 19, 1909, New Pittsburgh Hollow, Hocking County, Ohio; d. May 14, 1972, Lancaster, Ohio; m. DORIS MATHENY; b. May 13, 1913, Jobs, Ohio; d. June 13, 1997, Pontiac, Michigan Waterford Burial in the Dew Cemetery. Children Grace O'nail and Leona Wilson.

x. MARY LANNING, b. March 1911, lives in Malta; m. RALPH FARLEY, October 13, 1928, Logan, Ohio; b. May 20, 1908, Meigs County, Ohio Silver Run lived his life in Murray City then Malta, Ohio; d. families all living near each other in the 1930 census of New Pittsburgh. Children David, Allen Lee, Roy, Ollie Farley married Floyd Sorrells, and raised Donald Swyers.

xi. ROSA LANNING, b. July 01, 1915, Sand Run, Hocking County, Ohio; d. Murray City, Ohio; m. DAVID A. KOON. Son Bob Koon and daughter Keeta. Bob Koon's wife Sharon is currently mayor of Murray City, Ohio.

xii. ROY N. LANNING, b. September 12, 1916, Lived in Lancaster; d. January 31, 1988, Hocking county, Frog Hollow Road, Ohio; m. SARAH RICHARDSON. Children Annabel Sharp and Roy E.

xiii. CLARA BELLE LANNING, b. October 26, 1917, Hocking County, Ohio Sand Run; d. August 22, 1998, Murray City, Ohio; m. LEE BUCHANAN, Abt. 1937, Murray City, Ohio?; b. 1914, Hocking county, Ohio; d. 1963.

xiv. EVELYN LANNING, b. February 16, 1920, lived in California in 1974, lives in New Mexico; m. WILLIAM HORN.

19. MAGGIE MARGARET MATILDA5 LANNING (MARGARET CATHARINE4 SKINNER, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born January 08, 1877 in Ohio. She married (1) WILLIAM THOMAS CAMPBELL. He died Bef. 1930. She married (2) CAMPBELL. He was born in Ca Ohio. She married (3) CAMPBELL. He was born in Ohio.


i. DAVID6 CAMPBELL, b. lived in Eastlake in 1974.

ii. ETHEL CAMPBELL, d. Bef. 1974; m. UNK WEBSTER.

iii. GERTRUDE CAMPBELL, b. lived in Eastlake in 1974; m. UNK WERTHENBERGER.

iv. HARVEY CAMPBELL, d. lived in Murray City in 1974.

v. JAMES RAT CAMPBELL, b. 1904, Murray City, Ohio; d. June 07, 1974, Nelsonville , Ohio Mt. St. Mary's; m. IVA CHRISTIAN, May 26, 1924.

vi. MARGARET CAMPBELL, b. lived in Eastlake in 1974; m. UNK MITCHELL.

vii. MARY CAMPBELL, b. lived in Murray City in 1974; m. UNK HAYES.

viii. WILLIAM CAMPBELL, d. lived in East Fultonham in 1974.

ix. MARTHA M. CAMPBELL, b. November 13, 1901, New Pittsburgh Hollow, Hocking County, Ohio; d. February 27, 1995; m. GILBERT MITCHELL, Abt. 1940; b. 1917, Murray City, Ohio; d. June 14, 1990.

x. MILTON MILLARD CAMPBELL, b. November 15, 1913, Jobs, Ohio; d. July 14, 1995, Nelsonville, Ohio Pine Hills Continuing Care center; m. LENA WILSON; b. December 02, 1917.

xi. MINNIE CAMPBELL, b. 1916, lived in Kirtland in 1974; m. UNK DAVIES.

xii. ANNA MAE CAMPBELL, b. 1918, lived at Eastlake in 1974; m. UNK JONES.

xiii. LAWRENCE CAMPBELL, b. 1920; d. Bef. 1974.

xiv. CHARLES CAMPBELL, b. 1922, lived in Eastlake in 1974.
















25. ONA OCA5 SKINNER (RICHARD A.4, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born in Lived in Riverton, Wyoming. She married HARRY BARTLING.



26. DORA ELLEN5 JOHNSON (NANCY4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born April 18, 1880 in Hocking County, OH, and died July 16, 1951 in Perry county, Ohio. She married (1) FRANK DONLEY April 18, 1898 in Hocking county, Ohio, son of CHARLES DONLEY and SUSAN REED. He was born August 04, 1875 in Hocking County, OH, and died October 12, 1910 in Fairfield county, Ohio. She married (2) CHARLES WEBB Bet. 1911 - 1914. He was born in Wolverhampton, Eng., and died July 12, 1963.


Children of DORA JOHNSON and FRANK DONLEY are:

 		i. MYRTLE MARIE6 DONLEY, b. September 03, 1899, Perry County, OH; 
d. November 26, 1986, Logan, Ohio Hocking county; m. JAMES OWEN WALLACE,
 January 19, 1915, Perry county, OH; b. December 13, 1896; d. September 1977,
 Hocking County, OH New Straitsville. Children are:
5.---Ralph Thomas WALLACE,
5.---Evelyn Elizabeth WALLACE,
5.---Frank James WALLACE married Margaret Arnett,
5.---Wanda Marie WALLACE married Kenneth Leroy Martin,
5.--- Myrtle May WALLACE

ii. LEWIS OSCAR DONLEY, b. January 20, 1901.

iii. BEATRICE MAE DONLEY, b. February 16, 1903.

iv. MARY MILDRED DONLEY, b. February 16, 1905.

v. CHARLES WILLIAM DONLEY, b. January 19, 1907.

vi. DORA ELLEN DONLEY, b. June 09, 1909.



vii. RUTH LUCILLE6 WEBB, b. September 04, 1915; d. January 10, 1989; m.     WILLIAM BELL, May 16, 1937, Murray City, Ohio.


27. JENNIE5 GEIGER (ALCINDA4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born 1877 in Hocking County, OH. She married JOHN HOOD 1894 in Hocking County, Ohio. He was born June 1865.

 Children of JENNIE GEIGER and JOHN HOOD are:

i. DOLLY6 HOOD, b. December 1898.

ii. VERDA HOOD, b. July 1895.

iii. ELSA HOOD, b. October 1896.


28. MATILDA TILLIE5 GEIGER (ALCINDA4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born 1878 in Hocking county, Ohio. She married JACK RUSHING. He was born in of Junction City, Ohio.


i. BESSIE C.6 RUSHING, b. January 1900.

29. RILLA ALMA5 LEAMON (EMILIA "MILLIE"4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born April 12, 1880 in Hocking county, Ohio Falls township, and died March 13, 1968 in Hocking County, OH, Logan. She married (1) GEORGE ARTHURS April 28, 1903. He was born January 31, 1872 in Jackson county, Ohio, and died January 03, 1911 in Franklin county, OH Columbus State Hospital. She married (2) TOM WEBB Abt. 1911. He was born July 12, 1879 in Mercer county, Pennsylvania, and died November 19, 1943.


i. HAZEL MARIE6 ARTHURS, b. August 18, 1901; d. October 18, 1901.

ii. MYRTLE MAY ARTHURS, b. January 23, 1905; d. December 03, 1957, Athens county, OH Nelsonville; m. EDWARD CRAIG, June 27, 1923.

iii. NELLIE ARTHURS, b. February 12, 1907; d. May 01, 1990, Wayne county, Michigan Dearborn; m. (1) DWIGHT CHARLES MARTZOLFF, February 14, 1924; b. December 29, 1902, Perry county, Ohio; d. July 02, 1976, Oakland county, Michigan; m. (2) CLARENCE SCHELLER, May 14, 1949, Glen Ebon, Livonia, Michigan.

Children of RILLA LEAMON and TOM WEBB are:

iv. ELIZABETH6 WEBB, b. March 17, 1912.

v. HARRY WEBB, b. May 29, 1914; d. 1920.

vi. HELEN WEBB, b. July 16, 1916; d. February 11, 1983; m. RAYMOND O'NEIL.

vii. WILLIAM R. WEBB, b. May 06, 1921, Hocking County, OH; d. December 05, 1984, Hocking County, OH; m. LUCY GLENAMAN.

30. MARY ALVARETTA5 LEAMON (EMILIA "MILLIE"4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born June 08, 1895 in Hocking County, OH, and died August 17, 1978 in Licking county, OH. She married (1) THOMAS GRAHAM. He died Bef. 1920. She married (2) BENJAMIN HARRISON DECKER July 24, 1920. He was born March 09, 1890 in Reddington, Nebraska, and died December 15, 1975 in Licking county, OH Newark.

 Children of MARY LEAMON and THOMAS GRAHAM are:

i. FREDA MARIE6 GRAHAM, b. January 14, 1914, Greens Run, OH; d. September 15, 1953, Miami Beach, Florida; m. WALTER RED BECKHOLT.

ii. FRANK GRAHAM, b. February 17, 1917; d. April 30, 1978, Licking county, OH.

iii. WALTER GRAHAM, b. 1920.


iv. EVELYN MAE6 DECKER, b. July 04, 1921.

v. ROSE DECKER, b. 1922; d. 1922.

vi. HAZEL MARIE DECKER, b. 1923; d. 1923.

vii. MARY MARGARET DECKER, b. September 10, 1924; d. March 09, 1981, Licking county, OH.

viii. JUNIOR DECKER, b. 1925.

ix. ERNEST DECKER, b. February 28, 1926; d. February 21, 1986, Licking county, OH.

x. GENE DECKER, b. June 29, 1929; d. October 25, 1993, Licking county, OH.

xi. BILLY DECKER, b. November 17, 1930.

xii. ROBERT DECKER, b. November 17, 1930.

xiii. JUDITH KAY DECKER, b. August 10, 1940; d. May 07, 2001, Licking county, OH.


31. PEARL LOUIS5 LEAMON (EMILIA "MILLIE"4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born July 06, 1897 in Hocking County, OH Orreville. He married NELLIE MCCULLOUGH. She was born February 13, 1908.





32. IDA5 ORNDORF (ALVARETTA "ALLIE"4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born 1880 in Hocking County, Ohio Book 1 page 314, and died 1958. She married GEORGE EMERICH 1899 in Waverly, Ohio, son of REVEREND JACOB EMRICH. George and Ida met at church as both fathers were pastors, and George Emerich died in 1939.


i. PEARL CURTIS6 EMERICH, b. 1909; d. 1964.

ii. WILDA EMERICH, b. 1914; d. 2002, Millfield, Ohio Athens county; m. UNKNOWN WEEKLY.

iii. THELMA EMERICH, b. lived at the Plains, Ohio in 1987; m. BENJAMIN RALEY, 1929, Lebanon, Kentucky.





33. CARL5 ORNDORF (ALVARETTA "ALLIE"4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born 1882 in Lived in Hollister, and died 1935 in Hollister, Ohio. He married LENA H. 1905. She was born 1881 in Germany, and died 1960 in Hollister, Ohio.

 Children of CARL ORNDORF and LENA H. are:

i. MARIE6 ORNDORF, b. 1906, Hollister, Ohio; d. July 08, 1922, Hollister, Ohio.

ii. ANNA ORNDORF, b. 1907.

iii. PAUL L. ORNDORF, b. 1910; d. 1964.

iv. LENARD ORNDORF, b. 1911.

v. REXFORD ORNDORF, b. 1913.

vi. GEORGE F. ORNDORF, b. 1914; d. 1987; m. EDNA.

vii. RAYMOND M. ORNDORF, b. 1920.


34. PEARL RAY5 ORNDORF (ALVARETTA "ALLIE"4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born June 10, 1889 in Ohio, and died May 28, 1954. She married MARY J. 1920. She was born 1900 in Ohio, and died April 05, 1926 in Hollister, Ohio.

 Children of PEARL ORNDORF and MARY J. are:


ii. BENJAMIN ORNDORF, b. 1922, Athens County, Ohio; d. October 30, 1933, Athens county, Ohio Hollister, Ohio.


35. WILLIAM E.5 ORNDORF (ALVARETTA "ALLIE"4 SPURGEON, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born 1893 in Hocking county, Ohio birth book 2 page 163. He married UNKNOWN BANFIELD, daughter of LOUISA BANFIELD. She was born 1893, and died April 29, 1925 in Hollister, Ohio.


i. EDMOND6 ORNDORF, b. 1913.

ii. WILLIAM JR. ORNDORF, b. 1916.

iii. CHARLES ORNDORF, b. 1918.

iv. INFANT ORNDORF, b. 1923; d. March 07, 1923.

36. CHARLES5 SPURGEON (JOHN THOMAS4, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1) was born 1882 in Perry County, lived in Morgan County, and died January 02, 1946 in Athens County, Ohio. He married (1) MARY MATTIE SULLIVAN September 27, 1904 in Athens County, Ohio. She was born 1886 in WVA.

Following an illness of five months, Charles Spurgeon, 64, died at his home, Athens route 3 Monday afternoon. Mr. Spurgeon was born in New Straitsville and had lived in Athens county most of his life. He was a retired coal miner and was a member of the First Babtist church at Buchtel. Surviving are his wife Sila; five daughters Mrs. Maxine Bennett of Lancaster, Mrs. Virginia Green and Miss Mary Spurgeon both of Xenia; Mrs. Ruth Miller, Tucson, Arizona and Mrs. Flossie Pento, of Cleveland; three sons, Thomas and Edward of Xenia, and Raymond, of Akron; and two sisters, Mrs. Thomas Davis, Buchtel and Mrs. Mabel Moore of New Lexington. His first wife Mattie, died in 1928. Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at the home, in charge of the Rev. Gilbert Courtney. Burial will be in the West Union Street Cemetery. Friends may call at the home at any time. 


i. VIRGINIA6 SPURGEON, d. lived in Lancaster in 1947; m. UNKNOWN GREEN.

ii. MARY SPURGEON, d. lived in Lancaster in 1947.

iii. MAXINE SPURGEON, d. lived in Lancaster in 1947.

iv. RUTH SPURGEON, b. June 03, 1906, McLuney, Harrison Twp., Perry County, Ohio; d. lived in Tuscon, Arizona in 1946; m. UNKNOWN MILLER.

v. RAY SPURGEON, b. 1909, Buchtel, Ohio; d. December 14, 1971, Tuscon, Arizona where had lived since 1940's.

vi. EDWARD SPURGEON, b. 1911; d. lived in Xenia in 1947.

vii. THOMAS SPURGEON, b. 1912; d. 1988, Xenia, Ohio; m. DORA HIPSHIRE.

viii. DOROTHY "FLOSSIE" SPURGEON, b. 1915; d. lived in Cleveland, Ohio in 1947; m. GEORGE PIENTA/PENTO.

ix. FLOYD SPURGEON, b. 1916, Athens County, Ohio; d. October 20, 1924, Athens County, Ohio.

x. SYLVIA SPURGEON, b. July 15, 1919, Buchtel, Athens County, Ohio Whitmore Cemetery; d. August 04, 1919, Buchtel, Athens County, Ohio of Premature birth.


37. SOPHIA IONA5 SPURGEON (JOHN THOMAS4, AMELIA EMILY EMMA3 ALLEN, RICHARD2, CHARLES1)was born March 18, 1884 in New Straitsville, Ohio, and died October 20, 1952 in Buchtel, Ohio. She met (1) BELFORD GEORGE BURGESS JR. Abt. 1900 in New Straitsville Ohio and had a child Belford Burgess with him.  The parents felt she was too young to marry as she was only 16, her son was raised by her mother Josie and step father Knight Plummer Hickman until she married Thomas Davis. She married (2) D. A. SICKELS 1902 in Athens County, Ohio. She married (3) THOMAS JOSEPH DAVIS October 11, 1906 in Athens county, Ohio Buchtel, Ohio Vol. 14 page 548, son of LEWIS DAVIS and MARY JANE COLLINS. He was born October 12, 1874 in Clifton, Mason County, West Virginia, and died May 06, 1961 in Buchtel, Athens county, Ohio.  Thomas and Sophia are buried in the Nelsonville Greenlawn Cemetery.

 Child of SOPHIA SPURGEON and BELFORD George Burgess JR. is:

i. BELFORD6 BURGESS, b. 1901; d. August 06, 1950, Nelsonville, Ohio; m. JEANETTE MCMANAWAY; b. 1910; d. December 01, 1932, Athens county, Ohio.

Children of SOPHIA SPURGEON and THOMAS DAVIS (Thomas Davis family was Irish Catholic members of the Buchtel Catholic Church) Children are:

ii. THELMA LOUISE6 DAVIS, b. 1909, raised Catholic; d. Bef. 1995; m. (1) H.H. ROGERS; m. (2) WILLIAM SMITH, 1926, Hocking County, Ohio; b. Was a laborer at the Logan tile plant;. Children: Dean, Jim, John, June Wine, Kenny, Mary Ritgers, Nancy Williams, Ray, William (Bill), Betty Lou Stevens, Wilma , Joan Saunders.

iii. RUTH GOLDIE MILDRED DAVIS, b. February 26, 1910, Buchtel, Ohio; d. Bef. 1995, Logan, Ohio; m. HARRY LESLIE ROSE, 1926, Probably Hocking County, Ohio; b. 1905, Ohio; d. Logan, Ohio. Children: Michelle Mickey Rose Whittekind, Thomas L. Rose, Patricia Rose Nelson, William Dale Rose, David Eugene Rose.

iv. REGINA MAGDALENE DAVIS, b. November 14, 1912, Buchtel, Ohio; d. April 12, 2000, Nelsonville, Ohio; m. EDWARD B. EVANS; b. 1911; d. 1968, Athens County, Ohio Greenlawn Cemetery. Children Sharon Evans Stover, William Thomas Evans, Edwina Jean Evans McCoy.

v. JOSEPHINE DAVIS, b. June 18, 1915, Athen County , Ohio Buchtel; d. September 18, 1995, Athens County, Ohio Nelsonville Greenlawn Cem.; m. DONALD TIPPETT. Children Richard Davis, Loretta Davis; Gerry Tippett, Keith Tippett, Ruth Tippett Sinnot, Dale Tippett, Thomas Tippett, Don Tippett.

vi. THOMAS JACOB DAVIS, JR., b. November 04, 1919, Athens County, Ohio; d. August 04, 1944, WWII, murdered by the Huns; m. JUANITA TAYLOR, Abt. 1940, Athens County , Ohio; b. New Straitsville, Ohio. Children Tom Davis the 3rd and Fred. Davis

Athens Messenger February 19, 1945
Buchtel Airman Is Slain By Huns After Bailing Out
Murdered Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Davis of Buchtel reported killed in action last Aug. 4, it is now revealed was murdered by Germans in the North Sea area. The Red Cross reports that Davis and fellow fliers were slain by the Huns after they had bailed out of a B-17 after their bomber had developed engine trouble.

Thomas Davis and Fellow Fliers Killed Last Summer
Nelsonville- Mrs. Juanita Davis, 39 1/2 E. Franklin St. Nelsonville, has been informed by the National Red Cross that her husband, Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Davis son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davis of Buchtel was murdered after capture by the Germans along the North Sea.
Sergeant Davis, tail gunner on a B-17 was reported killed in action over Continental Europe on Aug. 4, in a war Department telegram received by his family last December. He previously had been reported missing in action.
The Red Cross communication to Mrs. Davis states that he was slain after capture by the Germans along with seven fellow crewmen after they had bailed out somewhere on the North Sea shore when their bomber developed engine trouble. The family had suspected that perhaps the men had been lost at sea.
However the Red Cross reports that all eight of the crew were shot and killed and their bodies were later found by the allied forces. Many direct hits were scored by bombs from Sergeant Davis' plane the Red Cross stated.
Mrs. Davis said Sunday that she had not as yet directly received the Red Cross communication which she understood had been sent to the home of her parents at Newark, where she formerly lived. She expected the letter today.
Sergeant Davis was inducted into the Armed Forces from Athens County Selective Service Board No. 2, on Oct. 26, 1942. He was a graduate of Buchtel High School Class of 1936. Besides his wife and parents he leaves two young sons, Thomas Jr., three years old and Fred Hughes, four and one half months old; also five sisters, Mrs. Regina Evans, Nelsonville, Mrs. Donald Tippett (Josephine), Buchtel; Mrs. Louise Smith, Mrs. Ruth Rose, Mrs. Audrey Mitchell, Logan; and a half brother, Belford Burgess, Akron. 

vii. AUDREY IRENE DAVIS, b. December 17, 1921, Athens County, Ohio Buchtel Davis Hill; m. CHARLES CLAYTON MITCHELL, July 27, 1938, Athens County, Ohio; b. July 25, 1920, Coalgate, Sycamore Hollow, Between New Straitsville- Murray City, Hocking County, Ohio; d. July 11, 1995, hospital in Franklin Co., Ohio after a long battle with heart disease. Children: Charlotte Mitchell Kelly Fearns Buchanan, Larry Mitchell, Judy Mitchell Vasko, Carolyn Mitchell Crothers, Thomas Mitchell, Sheryl Mitchell Dupler, Rita Mitchell Roe, Michael Mitchell, Vicki Mitchell Farley Duncan.

This is just one grade class listing a few relatives, their were children in all grades who were descendants of Amelia, Emily, Emma, Emaline, Milly Allen- Skinner- Spurgeon

Back row descendant- Laurie Campbell, Middle row descendants Lisa Snyder, Rick Decker, Front row descendants Roger Farley, Sandy Mitchell

Sandy descends from Amelia Allen in this way:

Ameliaa Allen and 2nd husband Reuben Spurgeon to

son John Thomas Spurgeon and wife Josephine Morrison to

daughter Sophia Spurgeon married to Thomas Davis to

daughter Audrey Davis and husband Charles Mitchell to

son Larry Mitchell and wife Marlene to daughter Sandy Mitchell.

Sandy is a proven lineage member of Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War through her ancestor Reuben Spurgeon husband of Emma.

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