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Genealogy and History of 

Gideon D. Mitchell

early Pioneer of Athens County, Ohio occupation shoemaker

born on Block Island, New Shoreham, Newport County, Rhode Island in 1802 resided there until 1835

resident of Waterloo township Athens County, Ohio from 1835-1849 and 1874-1880

and resided in Licking county, Ohio from 1849-1874

 (descendants still living in Athens and surrounding counties.)

Compiled and written and revised by descendant Sandra Mitchell-Quinn c. 2000-2005

This is the story of Athens county pioneer Gideon D. Mitchell  born  MAR 8, 1802 on Block Island, New Shoreham, Newport County, Rhode Island. His birth record can be found in the New Shoreham Town Records, Block Island, Rhode Island. He was the son of Jonathan and Mary Dickens Mitchell. He lived on Block Island, Rhode Island from 1802-1835; and in Athens county, Ohio from  1835-1849 and from 1874-1880;  in Licking county  from 1849-1874 and in Perry county from 1880 to unknown . His death record has not been found, the last time seen in records was in the 1880 census for Perry county, Ohio and he was listed as being in the Perry county infirmary having been discharged in 1880, and as having been a resident of Coal township, near Murray City, Ohio. The 1880 census shows his daughter Cynthia Mitchell Fay was living in Coal township, in downtown New Straitsville with her husband  William Fay in 1880 and Gideon may have been living with her and her family.

Gideon descends a few generations down from Captain Thomas Mitchell of Block Island and it is thought that Captain Thomas is the grandson mentioned in the will of Francis Cooke who came over on the Mayflower. Captain Thomas would be the son of Experience Mitchell who was married to Jane Cooke, daughter of  Francis Cooke. It is also thought that Gideon descends from many kings and queens, including, Judith princess of France, Albert (The Great) King of England and Charlemagne Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

The following facts are certain, Gideon Mitchell is listed in the New Shoreham town records as a son of Jonathan and Mary Dickens Mitchell, and is listed in the Block Island, Rhode Island census as a male child in his father Jonathan Mitchell's household in 1810 and 1820.  Gideon  married Sarah M. Honeywell, (also born on Block Island ) and the marriage took place in 1822 in the Town of New Shoreham on Block Island, Rhode Island (New Shoreham Town Records). Sarah Honeywell was the daughter of Abijah Honeywell and Sarah Mott. Abijah Honeywell erected one of the earliest windmill's on the island known as Honeywell's mill.  (In the early records of Block Island the  Honeywell surname is spelled Honowell, Honewell, Hunewell and Honeywell. ) Also Gideon Mitchell 's ancestor grandfather John Rathbone was the first to purchase land on Block Island and is listed on Settler's Rock there and Block Island deeds show his ancestor grandfather Captain Thomas Mitchell in the  late1600's owned 1/16th of the island.

Gideon and Sarah's Block Island Rhode Island Marriage Record

"I do hereby certify that Gideon D. Mitchell, son of Jonathan Mitchell; and Sarah Honewell, daughter of Abijah Honewell, of New Shoreham in the county of NewPort, are respectfully joined together in marriage on the eleventh day of July 1822 by the the subscriber ." (This is found in the NewPort county, Rhode Island, New Shoreham Town Records and was provided to me by Block Island Historian, Jeff Howe.)

Gideon and Sarah are then found together as a family in the 1830 Block Island, Rhode Island New Shoreham census.

Listed in the 1830 Block Island, Rhode Island Census
**Gideon Mitchell** Family listed as: 2 male children under age 5, (one would be son Squire other son unknown), 1 male child age 5/10 (unknown), and 1 male 20/30(Gideon himself) then there's 1 female age 5/10, (that would be daughter Cynthia) and1 female age  20/30 ( wife Sarah) .  In this census Gideon was living next door to his aged father Jonathan Mitchell.  Also living nearby is Sarah's parents Abijah and Sarah Honeywell.

*Click on photo's above for a virtual visit to Block Island, Rhode Island. Postcards provided by historian Jeff Howe.*

Gideon and Sarah Honewell Mitchell purchased land in Athens county, Ohio in August of 1838, and the deed stated they were already residing in Athens County. So sometime between the birth of son Gideon, Jr. born in 1831 on Block Island, Rhode Island and the birth of son William born in Ohio in 1838 and the Athens county, Ohio deed of 1838,  Gideon and Sarah and family had migrated to Athens county, Ohio. Other Block Island surnames to migrate were Rathbone, Sheffield, Dickens, Mott, and Ball.

In 1838 the deed  in the courthouse  of Athens county, Ohio, show them selling  land to Elijah Carr August 2, 1838, Volume 10 page 134-135. Both Gideon and Sarah signed on this deed sale. I could not find the deed of purchase for this property. They then purchased land August 15, 1838, Volume 9 page 258, from Thomas and Abigail S. Dickens in Waterloo township. Thomas and Abigail Dickens were also previous Block Island, Rhode Island residents. Thomas Dickens purchased the land in 1837 from the county auditor, Volume 8 page 54-55. This land was in Waterloo township section 18  and contained 140 acres.  It was south of Nelsonville and just east of Carbondale. 

We can only speculate from the census records on what brought Gideon and Sarah Honeywell Mitchell to Athens county, Ohio.  It could have been letters from the Block Island Sheffield family that had relocated to Athens county in the early 1820's Possibly  letters to Block Island relatives sharing information about the great farm land in Athens county enticed islanders to the area. Gideon's family had been raising farm animals such as sheep and cows and producing wearing apparel from the wool and leather while living on Block Island.  In early records of Block Island Thomas Mitchell  was listed as a hatter. According to a census dring the Revolutionary War Gideon's father Jonathan Mitchell's sheep were taken off Block Island to feed the  soldiers.   In the 1830 Block Island census Gideon and his father Jonathan's occupation was listed as agriculture and in the 1840 census in Athens county, Ohio Gideon's listed occupation  was farm/ agricultural manufacturing.  In the 1850 census of Licking county, Ohio Gideon and his sons are listed as shoemakers,  and so finally their manufactured item was shown.  

 Athens county, Ohio encompassed prime farm land back in the early 1800's.  The number of sheep in 1850 was listed in the census as 35,950 and in 1860 there were 22,000 sheep in Waterloo township alone. In 1840 when Gideon lived in  Waterloo township there were only 741 residents, showing a scarce human population in comparison to the farm animals. That would be approximately 30 animals to each resident living in Gideon's township. By 1850 the total human population of the county was 18,000 and the animal population was approximately 70,000.  The animal census  included horses, milk cows, working oxen,  other cows, sheep and swine.  Early postcards show the vast, treeless, hilly farmlands, not the forests we see surrounding Athens today.

Athens county, Ohio 1840 census for Waterloo township:

**Gideon Mitchell** Waterloo township page 359. (Gideon  and his family were living just west of Carbondale and just south of Floodwood on their 140 acre farm. They were living within two miles of the Sheffield farm and coal mine of Floodwood.)
Gideon Mitchell,  2 sons under 5 (?and William), 2 sons age 5-10 (Gideon. and ?), 1 son age 10-15 (Squire), 1 male age 30-40 (Gideon) and one male age 70-80 (This is most likely his widowed father Jonathan Mitchell as "Block Island History" by Reverend Livermore says Jonathan Mitchell went west and Ohio was West of Block Island.). 1 daughter age 15-20 (Cynthia) and 1 female age 40-50 wife (Sarah). His occupation was Agriculture/Manufactures and Trade, he had no slaves and no Rev. Pensioners living there.  Gideon was a shoemaker.

One of Gideon D. Mitchell's  Athens County Deed Records

The next records we find of the Mitchell family were in the Athens county marriage records.   Daughter Cynthia Mitchell married March 5, 1845 to William Fay born in New York, (son of Clement Fay) of Athens county and their marriage is recorded there. Son Squire Mitchell, on the other hand, married Maryette Fay (born in New York sister of William Fay and a daughter of Clement Fay, a New York family that relocated in Nelsonville Ohio in the early 1800's. Clement Fay was listed as one of the first to start Coal mines in Athens county in the History of the Hocking Valley ) in Pickaway county in 1847, record provided by Mary Boggs.  I believe the families were on route on the river Canal from Athens county, Ohio to their new home in Licking county, Ohio when Squire and Maryette married in Pickaway county.

Marriage Record of Gideon Mitchell 's son Squire and bride Maryette Fay Mitchell

Next we see the families living in Licking county, Ohio, William and Cynthia Mitchell Fay living in Granville, and Gideon Mitchell and sons in Newark.

Licking county, Ohio 1850 census for Newark township, Newark pages 44a and 44b:Living in the dwelling of a Mr. Dickey (Dickens?) a merchant with real estate totaling 17,000 dollars-

Gideon D. Mitchell age 48 shoemaker born in Rhode Island; 

Sarah (Honeywell) Mitchell age 50 born in Rhode Island; 

daughter Cynthia age 22 (who must have been visiting with her parents on the day of the census, she is also seen in the 1850 census with her husband William Fay  in Granville township) born in Rhode Island; 

son Squire age 21 shoemaker born in Rhode Island; husband of Maryette Fay

son Gideon age 19 shoemaker born in Rhode Island; 

son William age 12 born in Ohio; 

 daughter in law Mary (Maryette Fay wife of Squire Mitchell) age 20 born in New York 

  grand daughter Ann (Annettie) age 1 born in Ohio (daughter of Maryette Fay and Squire Mitchell).

In review, Gideon and Sarah Honeywell Mitchell had several children shown on the census records, 1. Cynthia Mitchell born in 1828, 2. Squire H. Mitchell born in 1829, 3.Gideon Mitchell born in 1831, and 4. William Mitchell born in 1838, and they are all listed in the 1850 Licking county, Ohio census above. The unknown children of earlier census records are still unknown by this author.

The 1850's were quite eventful for the Mitchell family. The family had experienced weddings, and a major relocation from Athens county to Licking county, Ohio.  In 1853 Gideon and Sarah Honeywell Mitchell can be found purchasing  land in Licking county, Ohio according to the deed records there. Book 66 page 68, Alexander Adair to Gideon D. Mitchell, lot no. 1 of Main Street in the town of Fleming in the township of Hanover, Nov. 18, 1853. A second piece of property was purchased by Gideon D. Mitchell from William Verrible of same town and township in March 18, 1856. This shows the family  lived in Hanover township, in the town of Fleming (now Hanover) where Gideon was the postmaster and owner of the general store. 

  April-13-1856 William Fay and wife Cynthia Mitchell  Fay purchased land from Joseph Hollister in the town of Fleming in Hanover township. William and Cynthia relocated from Grandville to Hanover to be near to her parents.  William and Cynthia were owners of the Union House hotel which they purchased from Barrick.

According to the "History of Hanover" at the Ohio historical society, not only was Gideon D. Mitchell postmaster and owner of the general store but his daughter Cynthia and son in law William Fay were owners of the Fay "Union House" hotel. We also find  Mary Fay Mitchell wife of Gideon's son Squire living in Fleming in the township of Hanover in the 1860 census but Squire, Sr. is not listed. In the 1870 Licking county census Mary is listed as a widow. It is thought that Squire died between the years of 1857 and 1860 after his last child Squire Jr. was born since he is missing from the following census years. Squire and Mary Mitchell's children's death records showing place of birth as Licking county, place their father Squire in Licking county between the years of 1849 and 1857.  Mary is listed in records as Mariette, Maryette, and Mary.

Click on photo above to view larger image of Hanover.  

1860 Licking county Ohio Hanover township census

Household number 10: William Fay age 40 male Hotel and Tavern Keeper estate 600 born New York; Cynthia Fay age 33 female born in Rhode Island, Olive Fay age 9 born in Ohio, Cynthia Fay age 6 born in Ohio, Anna F. Mitchel age 11 female born in Ohio (daughter of Squire and Maryette Fay Mitchell who may have been there the day of the census to help Cynthia with her children), Robert Michason age 60 New York laborer; Samuel Thomas age 25 bridge builder born in Ohio.

Household number 14: Gideon D. Mitchel age 58 male, Grocer estate 200 born in Rhode Island; Sarah Mitchel age 62 female born in Rhode Island.

Household number 15: William E. Mitchel age 22 male, town shoemaker, personal property 100 born in Ohio; Maria Mitchel age 19 female born in Ohio, Sylva Mitchell female age 4, and Gideon Mitchell age 6/12.

Household number 26: Mary Mitchell age 33 female born in NY; William age 7 born in Oh; Amos age 5 born in OH; Squire age 3 born in OH. (Squire Sr. missing from this census)

 It is interesting to note that Squire and Mary Fay Mitchell's daughter Anna (also seen as Annettie, Nettie and Ann in  census and marriage records) is listed with William and Cynthia Mitchell Fay the day of the census. Perhaps Anna was helping with the children as William and Cynthia minded their Union House hotel.  You also see that Mary is now without her husband Squire Senior.  Another interesting note is that Gideon Jr. is not listed in the town of Hanover at this time.  There is a marriage of a Gideon Mitchell marrying Hester French November 7, 1853 in nearby Muskingum county and it is thought this is probably Gideon Jr.

In review the eldest son of Gideon and Sarah Honeywell Mitchell, Squire and his wife Maryette (Mary) Fay Mitchell had these children according to census and information taken from death records: 

1.) Annettie Mitchell born DEC 12, 1849 in Licking county, Ohio She died APR 20, 1921 in Franklin county, Ohio Columbus, and is buried in the Union Cemetery there. Death certificate father listed as Gideon Mitchell, mother as Mary Fay.

2.) Jonathan Mitchell born in 1850 in Licking county, Ohio, and died unknown last seen in the Hocking county Jobs, Ohio 1900 census .  

3.) William W. Mitchell born SEP 7, 1852 in Licking county, Ohio and died DEC 18, 1914 in Hocking county, Ohio He is buried in the Murray City, Cemetery in Murray City, Hocking county, Ohio. Death certificate father listed as Unknown and mother as unknown Fay.

4.) Amos Mitchell born in 1855 in Licking county, Ohio and died MAR 29, 1906 in Franklin county, Ohio Columbus buried in Nelsonville, Ohio in the Greenlawn cemetery. Death certificate father listed as Squire Mitchell, mother as Mary Fay.

5.) Squire Mitchell, Jr. born in 1857 in Licking county, Ohio last seen in the 1870 census. 


Then  in 1870 the families are all still living in Hanover township, in Licking county. They are all still very active in the life of the city of Fleming which changed its name to Hanover.

1870 Hanover township, Licking county census page 119B

Household 49 William Mitchell, 32, shoemaker, born in Ohio parents born in Rhode Island; wife Elizabeth (possibly Elizabeth Wright showing first wife Maria had died) age 26 keeps house, son Gideon age 9, son John age 1.  

Household 50 Gideon Mitchell age 68 born in Rhode Island, saloon keeper; wife Sarah age 71 keeps house born in Rhode Island

Household 54 William Fay age 56 born in NY, Hotel Keeper; wife Cynthia age 44 born in Rhode Island and keeps house; daughter Cynthia age 16; daughter Olive age 13; daughter Sarah age 9, also listed two boarders from Ireland.

Household 55 Mary Mitchel age 42 born in NY, keeps house; daughter Netti (Annettie) age 21 born in Ohio, father in RI and mother in NY; son Jonathan age 20 born in Ohio, father born in RI, mother born in NY; William W. age 16 farm laborer born in Ohio, father born in RI, mother born in NY; Amos age 14 born in Ohio, father in RI, mother in NY

Something happened within the early to  mid 1870's at which time the families of Gideon and Gideon himself sold their lands and all the family accept for son William Mitchell migrated back to Nelsonville, Athens county, Ohio. The deed records of Licking county show Gideon D. Mitchell  selling his land without his wife Sarah's signatures, showing that she probably had died around 1875 seeing that law said the living wife be questioned alone to sign off on a deed and was always to be listed on a deed of sale and she was not listed on this deed of sale just. Warranty Deed for Licking county Gideon D. Mitchell to Francis G. Yancy lot and house in Hanover September 27, 1875; son William C. or E. Mitchell is a witness on the deeds of sale with Gideon. At this time William and Cynthia Mitchell Fay also sell their property in Hanover and they purchase land in Athens county, Ohio in Nelsonville according to deed records there. Licking County, Nov. 5, 1874 Wm. Fay and wife to Leonard Stump signed by William Fay and Cynthia Fay.  Then they purchase land in Athens county March 1, 1875,  Warranty Deed: Charles Stuart to William Fay  Lot no. 605 in Watkins addition in the Village of Nelsonville, daughter Sarah Fay witnessed the deed.  William and Cynthia Mitchell Fay's  daughter Cynthia Fay married George Fierce Dec. 5, 1875 in Athens county,  by 1880 the Fierce's  are divorced.


 Gideon D. Mitchell came back to Athens county in about 1876 according to the Athens County infirmary listing , he had a legal residence in Nelsonville at the time of his admittance in 1878. "Gideon D. Mitchell was admitted into the Infirmary September 21, 1878 by order of the Trustees of York Township. Age 76 years, having a legal settlement in said township. The birthplace of said person is the State of Rhode Island. Length of residence is 18 months".  This shows that Gideon had came back to Athens county, to the area of Nelsonville in 1876 shortly after selling his land in  Licking County.  I could not find a deed of sale for the 140 acres of land that Gideon had purchased in Waterloo township, perhaps he returned to this property.

Gideon's grandsons William and John Mitchell  the sons of Maryette Fay Mitchell are also seen purchasing land  as other Fay's are purchasing land and settling the estate of her brother Franklin Fay,  in the deed records of Athens county, Ohio, Nelsonville.  Warranty Deed: Newton L. Filley to William W. Mitchell. Lot no. 793 in J. S. Scott's addition March 22, 1877.   Quit claim deed of George W. Devore to J. W. Mitchell Lot 792 in J. S. Scott's addition in the village of Nelsonville Sept. 14, 1881.

More evidence of the families all relocating to Athens county are all the marriage records between 1874-1881. Gideon Mitchell's 's grandchildren, the children of Squire, begin marrying in Nelsonville, Athens county, and Nelsonville, Hocking county since it is divided between the two counties. Annettie Mitchell married Thomas S. Nutter May 2, 1878 in Nelsonville. John W. Mitchell married Margaret Winchell 2-17-1874 in Nelsonville. William W. Mitchell married Olive Davis in Hocking county July 3, 1881 Nelsonville and Thomas S. Nutter husband of Annettie signed on this marriage record for Annettie's brother William. It was customary for the father to sign the marriage record stating that the son  was of legal age, since William's father Squire was deceased, brother in law Thomas Sansome Nutter signed in his place. Amos Mitchell married Ellen Scott March 16, 1879 in Nelsonville. These all can be found in the Athens and Hocking county court houses. Also the daughter of Cynthia Mitchell Fay who was also named after her, Cynthia Fay, married George Fierce in Athens county in 1875.

In the 1880 Athens county, Ohio census of Nelsonville, Gideon's daughter in law - Maryette Fay Mitchell a widow is found living with her son William W. Mitchell. (The middle initial W. is very important in identifying William as the son of Squire and Maryette Fay Mitchell in future documents and census records) Next door is son John and his wife Maggie C. Winchell Mitchell. Next door to them is found her son Amos Mitchell and his wife Ellen Scott Mitchell. It says that Maryette was a widow, that she was born in New York in 1822/1823 and her parents were born in New York. William, John and Amos list that they were all born in Ohio and that their father (Squire) was born in Rhode Island and that their mother Marriette Fay Mitchell (Maryette) was born in New York.

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 John MITCHEL   Self   M   Male   W   30   OH   Laborer   RI   NY 
 Margaret MITCHEL   Wife   M   Female   W   27   OH   Keeping House   ---   OH 
 Edward MITCHEL   Son   S   Male   W   6   OH      OH   OH 
 Rose MITCHEL   Dau   S   Female   W   3   OH      OH   OH 
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Mariette MITCHEL   Self   W   Female   W   58   NY   Keeps House   ---   --- 
 William W. MITCHEL   Son   S   Male   W   24   OH   Laborer   RI   NY 
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Amos MITCHEL   Self   M   Male   W   22   OH   Laborer       "  " 
 Ellen MITCHEL   Wife   M   Female   W   22   OH   Keeping House   ---   --- 
  MITCHEL   Other   S   Female   W   1M   OH      OH   OH 

Source Information:

  Census Place Nelsonville, Athens, Ohio
  Family History Library Film   1254993
  NA Film Number   T9-0993
  Page Number   302A

Also in the 1880 census this time for Coal Township Perry county, New Straitsville page 277D, is found Gideon's daughter Cynthia Mitchell Fay with her husband and their children and grandchildren. William Fay age 65 born in NY, laborer, mother born in England; Scyntha (sic.) age 48 born in Rhode Island, parents born in Rhode Island, keeping house; Cyntha daughter age 24, born in Ohio, father in NY, mother in RI; Clarinda Fierce granddaughter age 8 born in Ohio, parents in Ohio; and Sarah M. Fierce daughter age 19, milliner, born in Ohio, father in NY, mother in RI.

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 William FAY   Self   M   Male   W   65   NY   Laborer   ---   ENG 
 Scyntha FAY   Wife   M   Female   W   48   RI   Keeping House   RI   RI 
 Cyntha FAY   Dau   D   Female   W   24   OH      NY   RI 
 Clarinda FIERCE   GDau   S   Female   W   8   OH      OH   OH 
 Sarah M FIERCE1   Dau   S   Female   W   19   OH   Milliner   NY   RI 
Source Information:
  Census Place New Straightsville, Perry, Ohio
  Family History Library Film   1255057
  NA Film Number   T9-1057
  Page Number   277D

 Cynthia Fay was married to George Fierce in Athens county and they divorced.   She must have taken back her maiden name and Clarinda is her daughter.  I believe Sarah Fierce to be Sarah Fay and the census taker made an error.

Gideon D. Mitchell  is in the Perry County Infirmary in Pike township in the 1880 census:

 Gidean D. MITCHAL   Other   W   Male   W   76   NY   Pauper   NY   NY 
Source Information:
  Census Place Pike township, Perry County, Ohio
  Family History Library Film   1255057
  NA Film Number   T9-1057
  Page Number   159B

His name was mispelled and his place of birth was listed incorrectly.  The actual  infirmary record states that Gideon was living in Coal Township, Perry County, (probably with his daughter Cynthia Mitchell Fay) at admittance in the infirmary here.  We don't currently know what happened to Gideon after his release from the infirmary, but like all good pioneers he was probably laid to rest lovingly by his family at the end of his life's journey.  His descendants carry on his story.

Between 1880 and 1900 the grandchildren of Gideon and Sarah Honeywell Mitchell, the children of Squire and Maryette Fay Mitchell are seen in the birth records as having children of their own. It also shows that they were moving around probably for work. In 1884 William W. Mitchell and brother John W. Mitchell are seen in courthouse birth records, having children while living in Buchtel, Athens county, Ohio, and later in Jobs, Hocking county, Ohio.  According to a postcard in the Nutter family, William and John were working as coal miners.

Annettie Mitchell married Thomas S. Nutter May 2, 1878 in Athens county, Ohio, her place of residence listed as Nelsonville. Their children are Mary Nutter born April 17, 1879, Jesse E. Nutter born September 20, 1880, Garfield Blane Nutter born in 1882, Macy Platt Nutter born in 1890, and Harrison Nutter. From the Nutter Heritage: by Ida Janice Nutter- 

  In 1880 census they are listed in the Hocking county, city of Logan, business district.

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 T. S. NUTTER   Self   M   Male   W   41   WV   Photographer   WV   WV 
 Anna NUTTER   Wife   M   Female   W   26   OH   Keeping House   RI   NY 
 Mary NUTTER   Dau   S   Female   W   1   OH      WV   OH 
 Eli BAILEY   Other   M   Male   B   60   VA   Servant Cook Hotel   VA   VA 

Source Information:
  Census Place Logan, Hocking, Ohio
  Family History Library Film   1255034
  NA Film Number   T9-1034
  Page Number   209A

"Thomas Sanson Nutter, (Second Marriage) Married Annette Mitchell in 5/1878 in Athens County, Ohio. Annette Mitchell was born 12/12/1849 and died 4/20/1921 in Columbus, Ohio. Children: Mary Nutter, born 4/17/1879 in Athens County, Ohio and died (unknown) 2. Jesse E. Nutter, born 9/22/1880 in Columbus, Ohio an died (unknown). 3. Garfield Blaine Nutter, born 7/22/1882 in Columbus, Ohio and died 5/1963 in Columbus, Ohio. 4. Macy Platt Nutter, born 10/26/1890 in Columbus, Ohio and died 1/10/1939 in Columbus, Ohio."

From the Harris History by C. Harris published by the Athens Messenger: in 1957 article page 272-274 "Nutters Were Leading People In Pioneer Days of Hocking County":

Talking about Thomas S. Nutter: "He returned to Hocking County and became widely known as a local politician and newspaper writer. He was editor of the Hocking Valley Gazette for a time. He was twice married. He and his second wife, Annetta Mitchell, of Nelsonville, became the parents of four children. For some years Mr. Nutter was commander of the James Rochester Post of the Grand Republic in Logan. In 1883 he became the proprietor of the Nelsonville Dew House, and he opened a photo and art gallery in Logan." 

John Mitchell married Margaret C. Winchell Feb. 17, 1874 in Athens county, Ohio, his place of residence Nelsonville. Their children are Edward Mitchell born August 23, 1874 born in Nelsonville who married Cassie Loper, Rosa Lee Mitchell born October 6, 1877 who married John W. Davis, and Golden May Mitchell born October 18, 1884 in Buchtel. In the 1900 census for Jobs, Ohio Jonathan (John) W. Mitchell is living alone with his three children as a widow. In 1910 I think it is John that is listed in the Athens county infirmary. After that I am unable to find him in records.

Postcard to Mrs. Annettie Nutter from her brother John W. Mitchell , March 6, 1888: "Well brother and sister, I will inform you of my bad luck. I got my hand mashed December 1 and never worked until March 1. And on the first day of February my wife had a stroke of paralysis in her right side and she lays here yet helpless and can't talk. I tell you I playced in a bad fix but didn't know where to direct until Mr. Nutter's brother came to work on Jobs New Hopper and gave me the number. Bill and me work together at Job's mine. Bill's folks is all well. I guess Amos lives in Nelsonville. So goodbye and write soon. Yours respectfully John W. Mitchell, Brashears, Ohio Hocking county." (Postcard in possession of Nutter descendant 2001)

Click here to see the postcard.

William (Bill) Washington Mitchell married Olive Davis July 3, 1881 in Hocking county, Ohio her place of residence was Green township, she was the daughter of Thomas and Zipporiah Spurbeck Davis (buried in Nelsonville Greenlawn cemetery), and his residence was Nelsonville. Thomas S. Nutter, brother in law husband of Annettie, signed as a witness to the marriage further proof of William's father Squire being deceased. In those days you had to have a family member come forth to sign that you were of marrying age. William worked as a farmer and a coal miner in Nelsonville, Buchtel, Jobs, Coalgate and Murray City, Ohio. Olive was a teacher.

Marriage record of William W. Mitchell with brother in law Thomas S. Nutter's signature.  In 1881 we find deed records of William and Olive selling their property in Nelsonville and they move for work and according to birth records of their children they lived in Buchtel, Coalgate and Murray City.

In the 1900 Hocking county, Ohio census of Ward township:

William Mitchell Head white male Sept. 1854 47 married 19 years Ohio Ohio New York Coal miner
Olive wife white female Feb. 1857 43 married 19 yrs. 10 children 7 living OH OH NY
Charles S. son white male Feb 1874 26 single OH OH OH Coal miner
William W. son white male Nov. 1881 18 single OH OH OH Coal miner
Chester L. son white male May 1883 17 single OH OH OH Coal miner (ancestor of the author)
Ferd son white male Aug. 1885 14 single OH OH OH at school
Clyde son white male Mar. 1892 10 single OH OH OH at school
Gracie daughter white female March 1893 7 single OH OH OH at school
Ila daughter white female Aug. 1896 3 single OH OH OH at home

In the 1910 Hocking county, Ohio census of Ward township:

1910 Hocking county census Coalgate Ward township district lived on the County road
William W. Mitchell Head male white 51 m1 30 years Oh Oh NY
Olive A. (Davis) wife female white 54 m2 30 years 10 kids, 6 living Oh Oh NY
Clyde son male white 18 single Oh Oh Oh
Grace E. daughter female white 17 single Oh Oh Oh
Ila M. daughter female white 14 single school Oh Oh Oh
Lester C. grandson male white 7 Oh Oh Oh

next door son
Ferd Mitchell 21 male white m1 4 years Oh Oh Oh
Grace Shannon 22 female white m1 4 years 

1910 Hocking county Ward township census District Coalgate Census on private land
Household 27
Chester Mitchell m w age 25 married 6 years married once O O O motorman in coal mine renting house
Ann f w age 22 wife married 6 years, once, 3 children, 3 living O O O
Cleo f w daughter age 5
Clifford m w son age 3
Carl m w son age 4/12

So from the census records above we can follow the growth of Gideon's son Squire H. Mitchell through his grandchildren beginning with  grandson William (Bill) W. and Olive Ann Davis Mitchell  we see Williams children are:

  1.) William Washington Mitchell Jr. born November 14, 1882 who married Sylvia Giffen; 

children were:

i. CHESTER A.12 MITCHELL, b. September 30, 1903, Hocking county, Ohio; d. December 19, 1993, Hocking county, Ohio.

ii. LEONARD MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1905; d. Bef. 1906.

iii. CAMELLIUS E. "MILLIE" MITCHELL, b. July 04, 1907, Athens Co., Ohio; d. August 11, 1992, Athens Co., Ohio Greenlawn Cem. in Nelsonville; m. SAMANTHA L. JOHNSON, 1933, Murray City, Ohio; b. February 14, 1913, Murray City, Ohio; d. December 02, 1996, Murray City, Ohio.

iv. HAROLD W. MITCHELL, b. 1911, Athens county, Ohio; m. NELLIE BURTON, Hocking County, Ohio Pittsburgh Hollow.

v. JENNIE MITCHELL, b. 1921; d. never married buried in Conn cemetery in between Shawnee and Corning.

2.) Chester Lee Mitchell born May 23, 1883 in Buchtel who married Harriett Anne Eckels (ancestors of this author); 

Marriage license application no. 14731 Hocking County
In the matter of Chester L. Mitchell and Anna Eckels 

To the honorable judge of the Probate Court of said county
The undersigned respectfully makes application for a marriage license for said parties and upon oath states, that said Chester L. Mitchell is 20 years of age on the 23 day of May 1903, his residence is Coalgate Ohio, his place of birth is Happy Hollow, Buchtel Ohio, his occupation is laborer, his father's name is W. W. Mitchell, his mother's maiden name was Olive A. Davis, that he was not previously married, and that he has no wife living,
that said Anna Eckels is 17 years of age on the 15th day of January 1904, her residence is New Town, Hocking County, Ohio, her place of birth is Monday Ohio, her occupation is Housekeeping, her father's name is J. W. Eckels, her mother's maiden name was Mary E. Hashman, that she was not previously married and is not a widow or divorced woman, that she has no husband living. Said parties are not nearer of kin that second cousins, and there is no legal impediment to their marriage. Consent of Parents give, signed by her father J. W. Eckels, It is expected that the Rev. A. E. McCullough is to solemnize the marriage of said parties.
Sworn before me and signed in my presence this 26th day of Feb. 1904.

Probate court Entry
Feb. 26, 1904 a Marriage license was this day granted to Chester L. Mitchell and Anna Eckels.

Marriage Certificate No. 14731 State of Hocking county:
I do herby certify that on the 28th day of February 1904, I solemnized the marriage of Mr. Chester L. Mitchell with Miss Anna Eckels.
Signed by Wm. H. Hudson Mayor of Murray City, Ohio
Filed and Recorded March 1, 1904

          (Children of Chester Lee and Anna Mitchell of Coalgate near Murray City  were:

                    Children of CHESTER MITCHELL and HARRIETT ECKLES are:

i. CLEO M.12 MITCHELL, b. 1904, Four stop, Murray City, Hocking County, Ohio; d. March 30, 2001, Summit County , Ohio; m. CHARLIE CALVIN HARRIS; b. Abt. 1900, Murray City, Ohio.

ii. CLIFFORD MITCHELL, b. November 26, 1906, Coalgate, Hocking County, Ohio; d. May 28, 1970, New Town, Hocking County, Ohio; m. EDNA N. SCHOOLEY, 1927, Athens County, Ohio; b. 1912, Grafton, WV; d. 1992, Newark, Licking County, Ohio Greenlawn Cem. Nelsonville.

iii. CARL MITCHELL, b. 1910, Hocking County, Ohio; d. Bef. 1933, Hocking County, Ohio.

iv. LOURINA (RENEE) ESTHER MITCHELL, b. February 02, 1912, Hocking County, Ohio; d. 1989, Summit County, Barberton, Ohio; m. RALPH COLEMAN; b. Hocking County, Ohio.

v. CHARLES CLAYTON MITCHELL, b. July 25, 1920, Coalgate, Sycamore Hollow, Between New Straitsville- Murray City, Hocking County, Ohio; d. July 11, 1995, Franklin Co., Ohio; m. AUDREY IRENE DAVIS, July 27, 1938, Athens County, Ohio; b. December 17, 1921, Athens County, Ohio Buchtel on Davis Hill above the watering trough.

vi. HELEN MARGARET MITCHELL, b. April 26, 1922, Hocking County, Ohio; d. January 10, 2001, Summit County; m. ROLAND RICHARD REEVES SWEAZY, 1940, Athens County; b. 1918, Hocking County, Ohio; d. Summit County.

vii. BETTY LOIS MITCHELL, b. January 06, 1925, Athens County; d. March 03, 1988, Summit County, Barberton, Ohio; m. DONALD DARBY, July 11, 1942, Athens County; b. October 02, 1924, Athens County; d. October 16, 1997, Uniontown, Ohio.

3.) Roy Ferd Mitchell born Aug. 1885 who married first Grace Shannon and then Lethia Sanborn;

Roy Mitchell

Roy Mitchell in his  coal mining hat.

Photo contributed by grandson Carlos Mitchell.

children were:

                          Children of ROY MITCHELL and LETHIA SANBORN are:

v. PEARL WILLIAM12 MITCHELL, b. November 08, 1924, Jobs; d. July 15, 1964, Buried in Salem Hollow Cemetery; m. MYRTLE A. COOK SPENCER; b. 1924; d. 1964, Buried in Salem Hollow Cemetery.


vii. LAWRENCE L. MITCHELL, b. August 04, 1927, Hocking County; d. December 09, 1949, Elyria, Ohio.

viii. HOMER RALPH SR. MITCHELL, b. January 03, 1930, Jobs, Ohio; d. October 30, 1999, Venice, Utah; m. BETTY PIATT, living.

ix. LEONARD MITCHELL, b. July 08, 1933, Murray City, Ohio; d. January 23, 2000, Vero Beach, Florida ; m. KATHY.

 4.) Freddie Mitchell born 1888 died before 1900, 

5.) & 6.) Twin girls Mitchell born March 1890 and died at birth, Hocking county birth records volume1/2..

7.) Clyde Mitchell born September 12, 1891 who married Maud VanHorn; 

                                 their children were

i. JAYNE12 MITCHELL, b. 1915.

ii. MARGERIE RUTH MITCHELL, b. 1916, lived in Heath, Ohio; m. UNKNOWN FAIRBURN.

iii. GILBERT MITCHELL, b. 1917, Murray City, Ohio; d. June 14, 1990; m. MARTHA M. CAMPBELL, Abt. 1940; b. November 13, 1901, New Pittsburgh Hollow, Hocking County, Ohio; d. February 27, 1995.

iv. HELEN MITCHELL, b. 1920.

v. EVERETT L. MITCHELL, b. 1921.

vi. AUDREY MITCHELL, b. Abt. 1924.

                                        vii. DAUGHTER MITCHELL, b. 1928; d. 1928

8.) Grace Mitchell born March 6, 1893 in Coalgate who married George Stephenson;

                            their children were:

i. LESTER RICHARD12 STEPHENSON, b. 1914; d. 1999.

ii. JOHN JACK STEPHENSON, b. 1912; d. June 06, 1984, Athens co., OH; m. DELORES DEEM; b. June 29, 1922; d. 1998, Athens co., OH.

9.) Ila Mae Mitchell born August 6, 1896 in Coalgate who married Walter "Fiddle" Matheny

                              their children were:

i. PHILMORE M.12 MATHENY, b. March 07, 1919, Hocking County, Ohio; d. February 1981, Hocking County, Ohio Logan Health Care Center; m. MARGARET MARGE VIVIAN MCPHANE-MCFANN, November 1938; b. April 17, 1921, Perry county, Coal township; d. December 21, 1999, Hocking County, Ohio Logan Health Care Center.

ii. DELBERT FARLEY MATHENY, b. January 28, 1920; d. August 25, 1990, Athens county, Buchtel, Ohio; m. ESSIE MCPHANE, July 15, 1938; b. February 24, 1924, lived in Buchtel, Ohio Athens County; d. July 15, 2002, Lancaster, Ohio.

Olive had a son Charles who was seven years old when William W. Mitchell and Olive Davis married. William adopted the boy and in records he goes by both Charles Davis and Charles Mitchell.  Charles died in a coal mine accident in 1907 and his son Lester Mitchell was raised by step-grandfather WilliamW. Mitchell and later by aunt Ila Mitchell Matheny.

Daughter in law Emily Davis, grandson Lester G. Davis, Olive Davis-Mitchell, William W. Mitchell, daughter Grace Mitchell, daughter Ila Mitchell about 1907, in Coalgate, Ohio. ( photo owned by the Mitchell descendants), c. 2000. William and Olive both died in the year 1914 within six months of each other. He was in the Hocking County infirmary in 1913, returned home and died at the home of his son Chester.  They are buried in the Murray City cemetery beneath a huge walnut tree without a marker. William's granddaughter Cleo Mitchell Harris recognized the photo of her grandfather William Billy Mitchell immediately upon seeing the photo in 1994.  Cleo was born in 1903 and knew her grandparents well.

Squire and Maryette Fay Mitchell's son Amos Mitchell married Ellen Scott March 16, 1879 in Athens county, Ohio his place of residence was Nelsonville. Their children are Andrew Mitchell and Jackson Mitchell. Amos's Death certificate states: Amos was living in Columbus at 82 Spruce St. when he died. He died of internal injuries from a RR accident. He was looking for work and was electrocuted in a railroad yard. He is buried in Nelsonville, Ohio. His Ohio death certificate says parents are Squire Mitchell born US, and mother Mary F. Fay born in NY. His occupation is Brickmoulder and the informant was Mrs. Amos Mitchell. Undertaker was George Jackordinger. His age was 50 years, 7 months and 10 days. His death certificate can be seen at the Franklin County Genealogical Society. There are also articles about his death in the Columbus Dispatch.  Of all the children of Squire and Maryette Fay Mitchell, only Amos's is complete with the parents both listed accurately.

      So by the beginning of the new century we see that the grandchildren of Gideon D. Mitchell were moving around trying to find work.  Only grandson William W. Mitchell  locates in Coalgate within one mile of Murray City and within three miles of New Straitsville, Ohio and raises his family there with descendants living there for 100 years. 

William W. Mitchell died December 19,  1914 and his death certificate found in Columbus, Ohio State Vital Statistics:  Hocking county death certificate: William W. Mitchell born Sept. 7, 1852, was born in Ohio, occupation was coal miner and he died in Murray City, Hocking County of nephritis. Father unknown and mother was Unknown Fay.  The informant was son Chester Lee Mitchell of Murray City. Burial place, Murray City Cemetery.  There were two death certificates filled out, one for the county and one for the state of Ohio.  The one for the county lists parents as unknown, unknown.  That is why the one for the state of Ohio is important in proving the parentage of William W. Mitchell as it says mother is unknown Fay.  

 William was buried in Murray City in the cemetery located above the coal mine.  Olive died within 6 months and was buried beside her husband.  The death certificates of William's children list Licking county as the birthplace of their father.  It is this information along with census records in Licking county and the 1880 Nelsonville census showing William with his mother Mariette Fay Mitchell showing his father was born in Rhode Island and mother in New York, and his marriage record signed by Thomas S. Nutter, the post card from his brother mentioning him, and the death certificates of his brother Amos Mitchell  and sister Annettie Mitchell Nutter  showing the parents as Squire Mitchell and Maryette Fay which all offer proof William W. Mtichell of Murray City is the grandson of Gideon and the son of Squire and Maryette Fay Mitchell.

     Hocking county death certificate Ward township: Grace Mitchell Stephenson, born March 6, 1893 aged   27, a housekeeper died of flue and complications of pnuemonia 10-31-1918, born in Coalgate Ohio, father was Will Mitchell born in Licking county, Ohio, mother was Olive Davis born in Morgan county, Ohio. Informant was George Stephenson, she was buried in Murray City, Ohio.  This is the only death certificate of the children of William to show his birth place is Licking county.  I think it was the most correct as she died shortly after William and Olive and the information was still fresh in the minds of the children.  

Gideon's grandson Amos had moved to Columbus, Ohio with his children to look for work, where he died in a freak accident a short time after at a railroad yard March 29, 1906. His obituary was in the Columbus Dispatch and his death certificate listed his parents as Squire Mitchell and Mariette Fay and said that Amos was born in Licking county. 

Gideon's granddaughter Annettie Mitchell and her husband Thomas S. Nutter have children in Hocking county and Franklin county when they move to Columbus and raise their family. Annettie Nutter died April 20, 1921 in Columbus, Ohio and her death certificate says she was born in Licking county  that her father was Gideon Mitchell and her mother was Mary Fay. 

John Mitchell is last seen in the 1900 Jobs, Hocking county Ohio census within a mile of Murray City.  It is the hope of this author that his death certificate can be found. 

  I think that because the father Squire Mitchell had died while the children were so young, that it was difficult for the descendants  to remember his name for the above death certificates.  Amos had the most accurate death certificate with having died first in 1906.  It listed  Squire Mitchell as his father and Mary Fay as his mother.  When matched with census records one can clearly see the story of the descendants of Gideon D. Mitchell through his son  Squire.  Gideon obviously believed in the strength of the family unit as they always migrated as a group and lived very close to each other throughout their lives and this tradition is still going strong today as the hundreds of descendants live very close to the original farm place of Gideon in Athens county and to each other within a 20 mile radius.

Maryette Fay the widow of Gideon's son Squire H. Mitchell Sr. was born DEC 23,1826 in New York and she died between 1880 and 1900 where she was last seen in the Athens county census for Nelsonville, Ohio living with her son William W. Mitchell. It is thought by the Nutter family that Maryette is buried in the Nelsonville Fort Street Cemetery near to her mother  the wife of Clement Fay.

Gideon D. Mitchell of Rhode Island's  life ended after 1882 as that is the last time we see him listed in records as a resident of Coal township  in Perry county, New Straitsville being released from the Perry County Infirmary. 

In review the descendants of Gideon and Sarah Honeywell Mitchell through their son

1.) Squire, numbering in the hundreds, are living in Southeast Ohio in Murray City (Hocking county), New Straitsville (Perry county), Buchtel and Nelsonville (Athens county), Glouster (Athens county) Logan (Hocking county), Newark (Licking county), and surrounding communities to this present day; and in Northeast Ohio in Barberton, Norton, Canal Fulton, Wadsworth, Hinckley, Lodi, and West Salem.  The paper trail evidence of the life of Gideon D. Mitchell is easily followed from Block Island, Rhode Island to Athens county, Ohio where he was one of the first Pioneers of the county.

2.) Gideon's daughter Cynthia Mitchell married William Fay in 1847 in Athens county, Ohio and moved with her husband to Licking county, Grandville where they are found in the census there in 1850 and are subsequently seen in the census of Hanover in 1860 and 1870. In the 1860 Hanover census: William Fay 44 NY; Cynthia (Mitchell) 33 RI; Olive 3 OH; Cynthia age 6 OH; Anna  Mitchell 11 OH. Robert Michason 60 NY; Samuel Thomas 25 OH. The children of William and Cynthia Mitchell Fay from the census records of 1850, 1860 and 1870 are listed as Clarinda born in 1847, William born in 1850, Cynthia born in 1854, Olive born in 1857, and Sarah born in 1861.  All children are listed as having been born in Ohio. During the 1870's they purchased land in Nelsonville, and are last seen in the census of Perry county, Coal township, New Straitsville in 1880.

3.)Gideon's son William Mitchell born in 1838 married Maria, possibly Maria Disbennett, and is found living next to Gideon and Sarah in the 1860 Licking county, Ohio census: William C. or E. MITCHELL, age 22 b. OH born in 1838. --Maria, age 19 b. OH-- with Sylva age 4 b. OH--Gideon age 2/12 b. OH. Later he married Elizabeth Wright. It is thought by researchers of William that  he, William C. or E.  Mitchell died March 31, 1877 in Butler, Harvey county, Kansas. His children are  Gideon D. Mitchell (b. 1861 married Olive, had son William W. Mitchell born 1894 married to Effie and had a grandson son John W. Mitchell born in 1915 in Butler County Kansas); John O. Mitchell,( b. April 10, 1869, Ohio; d. March 11, 1946, Licking Co Ohio; married  Jennie Shaw and had a son Wilbur Mitchell);  Elkana Mitchell, (b. February 05, 1872; d. August 26, 1893.  Elkana Mitchell is buried in  Cedar Hill Cemetery, Newark Ohio); Mary Frances Mitchell,( b. February 06, 1874 she married George Washington Dwiggans about 1901 and is listed in the Lima census for 1910); and Viola Mitchell, (b. January 17, 1876, Lic Co Oh; d. 1966, Viola married Harvey Chester Barcus and died in Long Beach California). The info about William C. or E. Mitchell dying in Kansas was provided by Nola Rogers, webmaster of Licking county on OHGenWeb. William's son Gideon D. Mitchell is found in the Kansas census records, also with the same naming patterns showing this is more than likely one and the same Gideon.  This shows Gideon D. Mitchell, who names his son William W. Mitchell and this William W. Mitchell names his son John W. Mitchell.

1880 Walton, Harvey Kansas page 479 C
Gideon Mitchell born 1861 19 born in Ohio works on Farm of Henry Blakesley father born Va mother born Va
1920 Richland township Harvey Kansas page 3A
Gideon D. Mitchell age 59 born Ohio, parents born Ohio
Olive  wife age 55 born in Missouri, father in Va and mother in Illinois
next door son
William W. Mitchell age 26 born in Kansas father Ohio mother in Missouri
Effie wife age 25 born in Arkansas father in Ark, mother in Tennessee
John W. Mitchell age 5 son born in Arkansas father in Kansas mother in Arkansas
1930 census
Butler Kansas Page 1 A Chelsea township
William W Mitchell age 37, 21 when married born in Kansas, father in Ohio, mother in Missouri General farmer
Effie L. wife
Johnny W. age 15 son
next door:
Gideon D. Mitchell age 68 28 when married born Ohio, parents in Ohio
wife Olive age 64 24 when married born in Missouri, father in Va mother in Illinois

4.) Gideon's  son Gideon Mitchell is thought to be the Gideon Mitchell listed in the marriage records of Muskingum county as marrying Hester French in 1853.  More research needs to be done to trace him.

I would love to hear from others researching the descendant's or ancestry of Gideon D. Mitchell. A portion of Gideon's ancestry may also be found on Familysearch.org.


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