Millfield Ohio

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photo's submitted by Susan Leffler and Sandy Quinn

Millfield Coal Mine # 6 Tipple Remains in the 1970's

Millfield was one of those coal mine towns that sprung up in early 1900 in Dover township.

  It had a postoffice, and company store and a general store.  It was also the place of the 

largest coal mine disaster in Athens county which occurred in October of 1930.  


Millfield Coal Wash House

Millfield Power Plant

To me it was a fun place to visit my grandmother, help her with gardening and play 

with cousins and neighbors. The trains were a constant back then and we could lie with our ear 

to the ground and really hear it rumble towards us.  It went right through grandma's yard. 

 It rattled the windows as it went by.  The trains never

seemed to bother grandma too much though.  She really loved that house in Millfield.


"The Mitchell Girls" at

Raymond and Naomi Campbell-Robinson-Sanborn's Farmhouse in Millfield

next to the Memorial Park and Railroad tracks 1969.

Millfield Coal Mine Disaster

Millfield Coal Mine In It's Earlier Days

Millfield Soldiers, the Miller Brothers WWII

Millfield Methodist Church

Millfield Post Office 1966

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