The Murray City Train Depot, established between 1890-1900, was for many years the only way in or out of coal mine camp town Murray City, once stated as having the "LARGEST COAL MINE IN THE WORLD". Goods and people were shipped to Murray City aboard the Hocking Valley Railway. Coal was shipped in and out of the Murray City Sunday Creek Coal mines #25, #5,the New Pittsburgh #7, and the Greendale #29. The train line was extremely important because of a lack of any other transportation or roads in or out of the city. Murray City Depot was called the end of the line depot because the railroad track ended here due to hilly terrain and the train had to leave in reverse. The Murray City Depot is one of only three original historic train depots left in the state of Ohio.

A caring group of individuals dedicated to preserving the history of the depot formed the Murray City Improvement Committee and with limited resources, began the restoration process. With help of the Murray City Alumni, families and friends, funds were raised which allowed the restoration; a purchase of a caboose; track installation; donation of an engine; funds for movement of the engine and caboose over railroad lines to the MC home; a shelter house built with concrete floors dedicated in memory of long time Sunday Creek land lease manager Phil Ong; a memorial created to the Murray City Coal Miners / Military Veterans; and all work was completed under supervisor Larry Mitchell. A man and his friends vision of the future has been completed over a period of seven years time and the beautiful Murray City Depot Park will allow visitors to glimpse into the lives of the Murray City Coal Miners for many generations to come.

The MCIC produces the books"Remembering Murray City" with the proceeds going to the upkeep and repairs to the one hundred year old depot. The books are full of antique photos of families and landscapes Of Murray City covering the last one hundred years. These are great for genealogists and are filled with genealogical surnames and photos of area residents and pictures of the coal mines and miners. These books are available for purchase. They are collectors editions and sell out quickly. Reserve yours today! Email webmaker Sandra_Quinn(at)alltel(dot)net or book editor Marlene Mitchell lmm169(at)frognet(dot)net {written in this way to fool spammers and email harvest robots}.

  • Remembering Murray City in photo's, Home of the Murray City Miners Book 1 & 2 (sold out); volumes 3-8 available
  • Also available small Wooden Replicas of the Murray City Depot, Murray City High School, and Murray City Opera House
  • Centennial Milestone Murray City 1907-2007- reprint of the 1907 original business journal with additional photos and high school alumni listing. Help celebrate one hundred years of history by purchasing this historic book!

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