The story that's shocking the nation and healing a small town.

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I personally met Mr. Winebrenner, his book tells of the secret passed down through the generations, a must read for area coal miner descendants! ~ Sandra Mitchell-~Quinn



As we looked out over 
what used to be a 
beautiful valley. 

My Grandfather made 
the remark, "Just look
at them clouds of smoke 
hanging in the valley. 
It's as if the whole 
valley is crying." 

"The 'Valley of Smoke', 
that's all it will ever 
be til the end of time. 

Thank God I can still 
remember how beautiful
it really was."

Miners came from all over the country to the small  mining towns
in the Hocking 
Valley. Little did these men  know that they had started  two legends - 

The Great Mine Fires and The  Moonshine Capital  of the World.

They came with dreams  of riches and a better life.  They survived hardship  and poverty to establish  these mining towns.  They left behind a valley  full of smoke and a story  only whispered about -
until now.


The family and names  are fictitious, but the  story was told to me  by Lucille Peacock  Wilson who grew  up in these times in  Murray City
and New Straitsville. 

Her Grandfather and  Father were blacksmiths in most of the mines.

"I want to tell you how much
 I enjoyed your books - especially Smoke In The Valley."

"I can identify with every part of it as I was born and raised in Glouster and my daddy was an old coal miner from way back. "

Laura Jane (Skinner) Patton

William Yno took the time to write a tale of which most families in the area today know but would like to keep hidden. It is a tale of something unspeakable from our ancestors past.  A must read for the coal mining town descendants! Film rights have been purchased on this story for a future upcoming Hollywood movie.

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