The Mitchell Girls
Mitchell Girls at Grandma's Millfield Farmhouse

Laurie, Karen and Sandy in 1969

(A Wayback Moment)

During our childhood, "The Mitchell Girls" sang and performed at many churches in Athens and Hocking counties, for Nelsonville Telethons, and for Civic Groups throughout the area,  The Murray City Methodist Calvary Church was our home church. Later in our teen years we sang at area church songfests with our cousins Terri and Connie Robson.

Here is a sample of our early music. Our mother, Marlene Robinson Mitchell, found an old tape recording from 1969. Our step grandfather Ray Sanborn had recorded us singing at our home in Coalgate Hollow, just outside Murray City. We had sang on a Telethon in Nelsonville the night before.

My technically amazing son Anthony Quinn (and musician in his own right) was recently able to repair and re-record this nearly 40 year old cassette tape. Ray is speaking at the beginning of the song introducing us.  You can also hear our grandmother Naomi Campbell Robinson Sanborn.  Our mother was our coach and song leader and our best fan.  

We had a lot of fun days growing up in the middle of the Wayne National Forest out in Coalgate Hollow.  Mom kept us busy singing, and cheerleading; Dad kept us busy working in one of the best gardens around; and we had plenty of time to hike, raise small domestic animals, and enjoy the fruits of the forest.

Our nearest neighbors in Coalgate, in 1969, were the Kinnisons, Warrens, Wrights, Matheneys, and Campbell's.

The best vacations were times we spent at our grandparents (Charles "Ike" and Audrey "Mabel" Mitchell; and Raymond "Chase" and Naomi "Tude" Sanborn) cottages on the Muskingum River, enjoying time with relatives, boating, fishing, and picking paw paw's from the paw paw trees.

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