Morgan County, Ohio

Cemeteries and Churches

The following is a list of cemeteries and churches which either were or are in Morgan County. I've placed the churches here since some of the cemeteries were at the same location as the churches. Some of the items are just names of cemeteries as nothing else is presently known. Townships will be listed if they are known. Also note that some of the cemeteries had different physical locations. (Thanks goes to Cris Reed for helping with some of this information.)

If there is an on-line listing for the cemetery, it will be hot-linked to the name. If you want to submit material for cemeteries, it is always welcome! Email me, Sandra Quinn with the information.

Feature Name Township Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Albright Cemetery & Church (historical) - 39443N 081572W Rokeby Lock
Anderson Cemetery Bloom 394315N 0815332W Rokeby Lock
Andrews Cemetery Center 393544N 0814130W Beverly
Antioch Church Penn 393306N 0815419W Ringgold
Arrington Bristol - - -
Bailey Church Penn 393537N 0814916W Stockport
Bain Cemetery Penn 393509N 0815141W Stockport
Bald Eagle Windsor - - -
Baptist York - - -
Barr Bristol - - -
Berry Homer - - -
Bethel Church (historical) Marion 393841N 0813943W Reinersville
Bethel Ridge &Bethel Methodist Church (historical) - 392712N 0815121W Chesterhill
Big Bottom Windsor - - -
Big Bottom Park Windsor - - -
Bishopville Church of Christ Homer 393047N 0820250W Corning
Black Oak Cemetery York 394541N 0820217W Crooksville
Blackemar Cemetery Windsor 393158N 0814507W Stockport
Boyd Cemetery - 393627N 0813643W Lowell
Brick Church Cemetery& Church (historical) Windsor 39340N 081465W Stockport
Briggs (aka Fair Grace) Bloom - - -
Bristol Church Bristol 394348N 0814437W Reinersville
Boyd Center - - --
Burrows (aka Tick Ridge, Harr) Center - - -
Calvary Homer - - -
Carmel Church - 393806N 0814502W McConnelsville
Cary Cemetery(Cary-Lewis aka Ferndale) Homer 392828N 0820114W Jacksonville
Centerville Cemetery Center 393845N 0813738W Reinersville
Centerville Community Church Center 393844N 0813740W Reinersville
Chapel Church - 394117N 0815106W McConnelsville
Chappelear (aka Gladden) Union - - -
Chesterhill Church of the Nazarene Marion 392912N 0815203W Chesterhill
Chesterhill United Methodist Church Marion 392915N 0815150W Chesterhill
Cheneyville Malta - - -
Church of Christ York - - -
Church of the Nazarene - 393904N 0815132W McConnelsville
Clark Cemetery - 393614N 0813651W Lowell
Confederate Bloom - - -
Corner (aka Little Wolf Creek) Union - - -
Crossroads Cemetery & Church Center 393958N 081413W Reinersville
Dawson's Farm Union - - -
Deen Cemetery Center UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Reinersville
Deavertown Methodist York - -- -
Deerfield Cemetery & Church Deerfield 393951N 081572W Rokeby Lock
Devil's Half Acre Union - -- -
Dutch Hill Cemetery - 394408N 0815621W Rokeby Lock
Eagleport Methodist Church (historical) - 394407N 0815454W Rokeby Lock
East Branch Church Union 393445N 0820034W Corning
Ebenezer Cemetery & Church Meigsville 393734N 0814632W McConnelsville
Ebenezer Mennonite Church - 394407N 0815454W Rokeby Lock
Edington Deerfield - - -
Ellis (aka Mout Ebal) Windsor - - -
Ellis Marion - - -
Ellis Cemetery - 393123N 0814736W Stockport
Emery Church Meigsville 393942N 0814344W Reinersville
Endicott (aka Clark, Steven Center - - -
Eppley York - - -
Evans Windsor - - -
Fairview Church Windsor 393443N 0814453W Beverly
Fairview Mission Union 393256N 0820103W Corning
Ferndale Church - 392821N 0820136W Jacksonville
Fletcher Meigsville - - -
Foreaker York - - -
Fouts (aka Old German) York -- - -
Fouts #2 Bristol - - -
Free Grace Cemetery - 394523N 0815201W Ruraldale
Friends One Penn one Malta Penn (in the confines of Embree park)
Friends Burial Ground - 393444N 0815139W Stockport
German Cemetery - 394530N 0815845W Philo
Gillespie Malta - - -
Goose Hill (aka Mosher) Windsor -- - -
Goshen Run Marion - - -
Grace Methodist Church - 393852N 0815059W McConnelsville
Harr Cemetery - 393514N 0813542W Lowell
Hopewell Cemetery & Church (historical) - 39372N 0814720W Stockport
Hopewell One Meigsville, one Malta - - -
Hopewell Church - 393639N 0815226W Stockport
Howard Homer - - -
Hughes Center - - -
Infirmary Morgan - - -
Iliff Church Cemetery Morgan
Jacklot Cemetery Bloom 394354N 0815123W McConnelsville
Janes Penn, Marion - - -
Jerusalem Cemetery & Church York 39451N 082005W Crooksville
Jordan Cemetery Center 393838N 0813518W Caldwell South
Joy Christian Church Homer 392809N 0815621W Amesville
Joy Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) & Cemetery Homer 39283N 081563W Amesville
King Marion - - -
Kuntz Cemetery Manchester 394448N 0813955W Reinersville
Lebanon Church Bristol 394203N 0814316W Reinersville
Lehew Bloom - - -
Lemon Hill United Brethren Church (historical) & Cemetery Deerfield 39425N 0815530W Rokeby Lock
Liberty Hill Church Homer 392924N 0820038W Jacksonville
Lightner Cemetery Windsor 393150N 0814917W Stockport
Little Rosseau Union - - -
Locust Grove Methodist Church (historical) & Cemetery Deerfield 39383N 0815909W Rokeby Lock
Lovel Cemetery Marion 392809N 0815554W Amesville
Ludlow Center - - -
Ludlow Hill Center - - -
Main Street Christian Church - 393856N 0815121W McConnelsville
Malta Cemetery Malta 393832N 0815142W McConnelsville
Malta Methodist Church (historical) Malta 393854N 0815140W McConnelsville
McConnelsville Morgan - - -
McKendree Cemetery & Church Meigsville 39393N 081483W McConnelsville
McLuney Bloom - - -
McVey Marion - - -
Meigs Church Bristol 394138N 0814612W McConnelsville
Meigsville Church of Christ (historical) Meigsville 393611N 0814358W Beverly
Morris Cemetery Center 393930N 0813620W Caldwell South
Mount Carmel Cemetery & Church Bristol 394415N 081475W McConnelsville
Mount Carmel Cemetery Meigsville 393806N 0814459W Reinersville
Mount Olive Cemetery & Church Center 39365N 081373W Beverly
Mount Olive Church - 393426N 0815501W Ringgold
Mt. Olive (aka Baptist) Penn - - -
Mount Olivet Church Windsor 393413N 0814429W Beverly
Mount Zion Cemetery - 394300N 0814842W McConnelsville
Mount Zion Cemetery - 393610N 0815458W Ringgold
Mt. Zion One in Bristol, One in Penn, One in Marion - - -
Mount Zion Cemetery & Church - 39290N 081552W Amesville
Mountville Methodist Church (historical) Homer UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Ringgold
Neelysville Baptist Church (historical) - UNKNOWN UNKNOWN McConnelsville
Newman Malta - - -
Newton Windsor - - -
Nott Windsor - - -
Oak Grove Bristol - - -
Oakland Church Windsor 393032N 0814404W Beverly
Old German Protestant York - - -
Olney Cemetery Windsor 393522N 0814223W Beverly
Osborn - - - -
Payne Cemetery Center 393821N 0813602W Caldwell South
Pennsville Church of Christ Penn 393429N 0815119W Stockport
Pennsville Cemetery It is approximately 1/4 mile east of the
Methodist church. It serves both congregations.
Pennsville United Methodist Church Penn 393431N 0815115W Stockport
Phillis Cemetery Center 393912N 0813634W Caldwell South
Piper Malta - - -
Pisgah Church - 394244N 0815212W McConnelsville
Pisgah Church - 393314N 0815939W Ringgold
Pisgah one in Union, one in Bloom - - -
Pleasant Grove Cemetery & Church Meigsville 39370N 0814452W Beverly
Pleasant Hill Cemetery & Church Marion 39311N 081561W Ringgold
Pleasant Valley Church (historical)aka Wilson's Farm Malta 393800N 0815542W Rokeby Lock
Porter - - - -
Presbyterian Congregation
of Windsor
Windsor - - -
Quaker Marion - - -
Queen of Heaven Cemetery - 392933N 0820459W Jacksonville
Rehobeth Cemetery Manchester 394146N 0813936W Reinersville
Reinersville Cemetery Manchester 394119N 0813943W Reinersville
Reinersville Methodist Church Manchester 394116N 0813942W Reinersville
Ringgold Cemetery Union 393541N 0815831W Ringgold
Ringgold Free Methodist Church - 393525N 0815845W Ringgold
Robinson Cemetery Bristol 394102N 0814357W Reinersville
Rollison Windsor - - -
Rose Farm Church of Christ - 394409N 0820438W Deavertown
Rosseau Union - - -
St. Barnabas Catholic York - - -
Saint James Roman Catholic Church - 393848N 0815101W McConnelsville
Saint Margaret Cemetery Center 393801N 0814041W Reinersville
St. Margaret's Church Center - - -
Salem Cemetery Meigsville 393918N 0814459W Reinersville
Sevall Bloom - - -
Seventh Street Church of Christ - 393852N 0815107W McConnelsville
Sherwood Church (historical) - 393623N 0814845W Stockport
Smiths Chapel & Cemetery Center 393722N 081394W Beverly
Solomon Evangelical Lutheran Church (aka Dutch Hill) York 394440N 0815725W Rokeby Lock
Stockport Windsor - - -
Swickard Cemetery Center 393942N 0813638W Caldwell South
Tabor Church Windsor 392952N 0814907W Chesterhill
Taylor Malta - - -
Thorniley Windsor - - -
Todds Methodist Church - 393132N 0815046W Stockport
Triadelphia Church of Christ - 394152N 0815754W Rokeby Lock
Triadelphia Methodist Church - 394159N 0815800W Rokeby Lock
Trinity Methodist Church - 393857N 0815055W McConnelsville
Union One in Homer, One in Union - - -
Union Cemetery - 393128N 0820121W Corning
Union Hill York - - -
Unionville Cemetery Meigsville 393746N 0814312W Reinersville
Unionville Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) - UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Reinersville
United Brethren Church - 394541N 0820218W Crooksville
Unnamed #1 Homer - - -
Unnamed #2 Homer - - -
Watson Cemetery Bristol - - --
Watson Cemetery Center - - -
Wells Cemetery Homer 393614N 0814302W Beverly
Wesley Chapel Church (historical) Morgan UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Reinersville
Westland Cemetery Marion 393236N 0815430W Ringgold
Whitacre Marion - - -
White Cemetery Deerfield - - -
Windy Hill Cemetery Manchester 394357N 0814056W Reinersville
Wiseman Cemetery Malta 393846N 0815356W Rokeby Lock
Withey Union - - -
Wolf Creek Cemetery & Church Union 393637N 081554W Ringgold
Woodgrove Methodist Church (historical) - UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Reinersville
Wrightsville Bible Christian Church - 392840N 0815822W Amesville
Wrightstown Cemetery Homer 392815N 0815818W Amesville
Zion Church (historical) - 394300N 0814842W McConnelsville

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