Morgan County, Ohio

Newspaper Abstracts


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Judy's NOTE about these transcriptions: (I have left spellings and punctuation as I found it, except in those cases where something was obviously misspelled or where punctuation would make the meaning clearer. In many cases the names were unfamiliar to me and so no attempt has been made to correct the spelling of names. At the time these papers were copied, they were in poor condition and no obvious attempt was being made to preserve them. Some years and months were missing. These were found in the basement of the Morgan County Court House and were transcribed in the summer of 1966).

Beginning with some Reminiscences of Eck Humpries and Vic Walters about the early History of Center Township.
The Olive Green Creek was named for Robert Oliver and Griffin Green directors of the Ohio Company purchase who explored the area and county through which this body of water runs. In April 1823 these pioneers first appeared making various transactions: Isaac, Richard and Israel Ross, Sam Clogston, Isaac Jordan, Dan Chichester, John and Lewis Carter, Nathaniel Chapman, Joseph McKinley, John Phillis, James and Alex Conn, John Kapple.

June 19, 1855
Strawberries are selling at 25 cents a gallon. S.W. Humphrey has a new dwelling enclosed.
Mr. P. Bolinger has one side of the barn finished and is waiting for moon to point down before doing the other. What if it is cloudy?
Democracy of Center feels grateful for striplings they snowed less than 2 years ago on the Republican ticket. Let others do as well as Center and plow the "Foraker Lot" right under.

Morgan County Sentinel. 1855
Post Office at Moscow Mills was in Centre Township and J Blackburn was the postmaster.
Justices of Peace were elected for 3-year terms. In Center Twp. there were two. Alexander Higgins and James R. Ball both elected Nov 7, 1855.
The estate of Patrick Sherlock was settled Feb 22, 1859.

Morgan County Herald. June 6, 1856
The estate of John Phillis is being settled. James R. Ball and Wm Keever are the administrators.
Taxes in Morgan County in 1856: State levy for common school fund 1 ½ mills for each dollar valuation.
For state debt 1/10 of mil, state current expenses: 1 mill. Center Township trustees: ½ mill. Meigsville: 1 ¾ mill. Windsor: 1 ½
Total votes in Centre Township in 1856 were 217. Fremont got 87; Buchanan 157; Fillmore 2. Fremont won the county by 452-vote majority. There were three parties. Republicans, Locofocos, and Filmorites.
Bible Society annual meeting, Dec 29, 1872 President Rev. A.R. Chapman the exec committee had Rev. George Smith and three others.

The Democrat January 3, 1873.
Honora L. wife of John O Neill born in Baltimore, died Jan 4, 1873 in Center Twp. She came to Morgan in 1821.

August 15, 1873
More Historical Reminisces
County Commissioners struck off Center Township on July 6, 1819.
Election of two Justices of the peace July 24, 1819. Philander Andrews; Aden Waterman and John Laughtery were the Judges. Phineas Coburn and Enoch S. McIntosh were clerks. There were 26 votes. Lot Guard got 25 votes. Only one Justice of Peace was elected.
From future townships contests it is assumed that this election was held null and void.
Pioneer Electors: George Nett, Forest Belknap, James McManes, Cyrus Andrews, Job West, John Tope, David Stevens, Peter Lupardis, Enoch M'Intosh, Jason Andrews, John Coay [sic?], Lot Guard, Nicholas Hoyt, Patrick Sherlock, George Bentley, Dan Scott, William L. Ireland, John Laughery, Philander Andrews. Aden Waterman, Samuel M'Mara, David Fulton, Samuel Sailor, Elisha Griswold.
April 1821 there was a legal election of one justice. Enoch S. McIntosh was the JP. October 1822 they elected two JP's. James Anderson, Nathan Newton, Joseph C Linn were the judges.
P. Coburn and Sam Waterman were clerks. There were 40 votes.
James Anderson got 29 votes. Lot Guard got 25. Joseph Linn had 15, P. Coburn 3, John Anderson 1, David Scott 1. S, A. Barker was the clerk of court "Election was contested and set aside because James Anderson a candidate was also a judge and a foreigner.
November 3, 1822 election: John Brown, David Scott and Aden Waterman were judges. P. Coburn and Hiram J. L. brown were clerks.
There were 27 votes. Lot Guard got 14 votes, Joe Linn 17, Nathan Newton 4, Wm Oliphant 18. This was contested because polls closed before 4 O Clock. Contesters were Henry Taylor, Zephaniah Tyson, Henry Nickels, Robert Welch the second Justice of Peace.
Then another election was held with great interest.
Adin Waterman, Jonathan Penny, Hiram JL Brown were judges. P Coburn, B Guard were clerks. Lot Guard got 23 votes, N Newton 6, Wm Oliphant 27 and Joseph Linn got 30.
Thus endeth the election strife over who would be the Justice of the Peace!
In 1822 these were new voters who perhaps were not new, but didn't bother to vote in 1819.
Peter Keith, Joseph Keith, Tom Taylor, Alva Hoyt, Abe, Dan and John Penney, Wm Burrows, Jno. Brown, Wm Bailey, Nate Newton, Wm Laughery, Ambrose Elliot, Richard Kay, Edward Petty, Abijah Seeley, Joseph Shirley, Jason Payne, J.C. Linn, Abe Smith ("Wolf" OR "Essence") and John P. Anderson.

1876 Roll Book and Tally Sheet of the Presidential Election in Center. Filed Nov 8, 1876 James F. Peddicord and John P. Sherlock were clerks. John Davis, T. W. Phillis and James Blackburn were judges. McKinley 87. Bryan 191; Van Voorhes 87. Tannehill 191 Lyne 87 and Kennedy 187.

June 30, 1882
Mr. James Sherlock died June 17, 1882. Funeral was at the Catholic Church in Hackney and burial by Father Mattingly.

July 11, 1884
NC Chapman is among those farmers who own and recommend the Champion Mowing Machine.
The Democrat Convention elected E. R.Gordon of Deerfield as a delegate to the Congressional Convention.
John P Sherlock was on the Central Committee from Center.

July 25, 1884
Abel F Newton who belonged to the Stockport IOOF died this week.

Sept 27, 1884
Tri-County Fair at Beverly will be Oct 1,2,3.
Petit Jurors from Center were G.L. Matthews and others.

October 3, 1884
Speakers at the Township Conventions are E. M. Kennedy, C.V. Harris and J.A. Ivers.

November 28, 1884

The annual commissioners' report shows that $20 was spent for bridges in Center Twp.
Windsor spent $1026.90

The Morgan County Democrat. Number 1. July 11, 1884.

Many farmers recommend the Champion Mowing Machine, among them N C Chapman.

July 25 1884
Democrat Convention E.R. Gordon of Deerfield is a delegate to the congressional convention.
John P. Sherlock is the Central Committeeman from Center.
Full services are scheduled at Cross Roads Presbyterian Church July 27 at 11 A M and 4:30 PM.
Abel S. Newton who belonged to Stockport Lodge died.

Sept 26, 1884.

Tri-County Fair is to be held at Beverly Oct 1,2,3 . Petit Juror from Center is G. Matthews.

October 3, 1884

Democratic Township Meetings at Hackney October 10, speakers were E.M. Kennedy and C.V. Harris. The Centerville meetings were held on October 11.

The Morgan County Democrat Feb 13, 1885
Among those who are 90 and over is Robert A. Pinkerton.
Rev E. W. Fisher is the pastor of the Bristol Presbyterian Church.

March 6, 1885

List of Post Offices and salaries of postmasters:
Center Bend $44.90
Hackney $33.30
Moscow Mills $28.71

March 27, 1885

The number enrolled at Bethel M E Church is 64.
Mr. J.C. Peregoy closed Centerville School Thurs. March 26. Excellent drill, exercises and order. Excellent teacher.
Mr. W.E. Dye of Centerville has bought an unusual assortment of spring goods among them a fine lot of ladies and misses hats in various styles and prices.
B.F. Welch moved to Wm Keever farm.
J.W. Hawke is the champion corn grower of Center.
W. Slater, W.L. Peregoy and Phil Trimble were appointed road supervisors for the township.
Mr. R.F. Sears of Center Twp closed a successful school term in district number 7 on the 19th of March.

April 10, 1885
Mrs. John Jordan died March 11, 1885 at age 63. (Mary Groves was John's second wife) She was the mother of 7 of his 19 children. Mr. John Jordan then died on March 19, 1885. He was born in Greene County PA and his parents Jacob Jordan and Mary Ann Shriver were born in Loudon County VA. They were early pioneers and had lived in this county for 64 years. He voted first for Jackson and other democrats all the way. He had a limited education but was honest. John Jordan married first Mary Shriver in Morgan County in 1824. He married Mary Groves in 1848.

The Morgan County Democrat. April 24, 1885

Grant Green is building a new house on father's farm. J.P. Parcell has gone, as boss canvass man to join the same show company with which he traveled last season.
Rev. Fisher will preach every third Sabbath during spring and summer at Presbyterian Church near Centerville.
"Where was Winstanley when the polls were counted out? Where were his pets-what were they about? Democrats 2; beaten tell they're blue. Where were they all when the polls were counted out?"
Out in Center the whole democratic ticket was elected. A very light vote, usually true in a democrat strong hold at the spring elections.
Sunday Schools in Morgan County. The number enrolled at Bethel M E Church was 64.
Mr. J.C. Peregoy closed Centerville School Thurs. March 26. There was an excellent drill, exercises and order. Excellent teacher.
Mr. W.E. Dye of Centerville has bought an unusual assortment of spring goods among them a fine lot of ladies and misses hats in various styles and prices.
B.F. Welch moved to Wm Keever farm.
J.W. Hawke is the champion corn grower of Center.
W. Slater, W.L. Peregoy and Phil Trimble were appointed road supervisors for the township.
The funeral of Mrs. Hannah Conn was held at Centerville Presbyterian Church March 17, 10:30 AM. The regular services are at 7 p.m.

May 8, 1885

Center Twp board of education met April 20 with 3 teachers whose weight could bend that inflexible body!
B.F. Welch is engaged to teach at Early's fall and winter terms six months salary being $200.
New Center Trustees having trouble appointing road supervisors in consequence of relationship. Relationship is bad in official life.
No wonder Manchester Twp still wants to import us a good Democrat fro Hackney Postmaster. How about it Mr. M? If so, suppose you take one of Center's good Democrat Road supervisors and call it an even swap?
A heavy mail left Centerville last Saturday. So heavy an extra hand was needed to carry it.
J.W. Hawke is still husking while others are getting ready to plant. E.R. Hughes planted a fine patch of strawberries last week. J.C. Peregoy to teach at Centerville fall and winter: Seven months. Salary: $215. This means he was good instructor last fall and winter. Mr. John B. Conn does lots of grinding on his new wind mill-if he had a bolt he could grind as good as any but don't ask him questions be content with Graham!

June 12, 1885
Number of animals in the vicinity: Center has 391 horses, 963 cattle, 5 mules, 8822 sheep, and 544 hogs.

July 3, 1885
J.C. Phillis bought an organ. The following are taking lessons: his daughter, W.E. Dye, M. Smith, and Mrs. Phebe Hughes.

July 12, 1885
There was a fine children's day at Mt Olive about 2 miles south of Centerville…a big crowd. Writing School by E.L. Magers of Reinersville is very interesting.
Debate at schoolhouse #12 was as follows: Affirmative: Emmett Newton, L Cunningham, J.C. Peregoy.
Negative: S.W. Humphrey, W.B. Moore, and George Kappel. The question was decided in favor of the negative side.
Resolved Works of nature are sufficient evidence of a supreme being without aid of divine revelation.
Protracted meets at Bethel ended recently. A few accessions were made to the church. Mt. Olive protracted meeting is now underway now at Mt Olive.
Blackburn commenced an 8-week term of normal and training school at Hackney on the thirteenth instant for benefit of teachers and advanced scholars who expect to engage in the work of teaching.
Parcell Brothers and Grandstaff have threshed wheat with their new machine. It is very satisfactory.
A brief History of Smith's Chapel: Rev. Wm. Sears was the first pastor. 1872. They met in Center School House. Ten members and James Gilliland was the leader. In 1891 they erected the new building.
Rev. E.A.E. Smith, minister of the first church in the new building. There were 30 members.
1902 There were 100 Sunday School members: William Burns, S.A. Wilson, J.W. Ludman, Abbie McKelvey, R.T. Molyneux, Daniel Hepler, J.H. Ludman,
In 1902 they had 54 Sunday School members with C.R. Donaldson as the superintendent.
In 1891 J.L. Green was the Superintendent with 30 members.
Meanwhile at Center Bend MP Church the present membership is 40. Wesley Fleming is the superintendent

May 17, 1885. Only two townships show an increase of taxable personal property. Center's is $6000 and Penn's is $900
The funeral of Mrs. Hannah Conn was held at Centerville Presbyterian Church May 17, 10:30 AM. The regular services are at 7 p.m.

May 29, 1885
Sarah J. Wilson wife of Jos W. Wilson dau of John and Nancy Thornburg died of consumption April 10, 1885.
Now that the accessor's work is ore the dog barketh where he listeth and his owner denieth him not.
Two men of unique dress said they were from Soudan went through Hackney and stopped at houses and asked for aid.
Citizens of the locality mending their ways under the direction of supervisor W. Slater.
Some dogs raided the flock of Geo S. Corp killed two sheep and injured others and the canine mortality is one the increase.
Bed bug slaughter by house cleaners. Bed Bugs watch out! Gulliver

June 5, 1885
Mrs. Joseph Phillis went to Cincinnati to Dr. Williams an ear specialist.
Supervisor H.P. Phillis has trouble with stock running at large.
We noticed smiling face of state prosecutor in our midst recently.

Jun 23, 1885
N.C. Chapman of Mill Grove had his wagon shed completely demolished by a severe storm; his fine spring wagon and other valuable farm implements stored in the shed January 17, 1885.

The Democrat. July 24, 1885
On last Monday the Welch Brothers commenced their normal school at Unionville with an attendance of about 25 pupils.
Signed Gulliver.

July 31. 1885
On July 22, the George K. Phillis barn burned between George and John's farms.
The Beverly Reunion was not too successful either day.
James Taylor Estate was settled the property was sold but not enough money was obtained to pay off debts. The property is located on the NW quarter of section 17, township 6, and range 10, north of the Marietta Road.
E.A.E. Smith to S.T. Reed "Dear Sir, It's a girl." S.T. Reed's reply to E.A.E. Smith:
"Yours Truly, ours is a boy".
A sad accident happened to Mr. R. Birch recently.
Best-set threshed wheat was on the farm of Isaac Newton. There were 176 bushels of the best wheat.
While Mr. A. Bolinger engaged in conversation at the Centerville Store, his dog brought him a message to buy sugar.

The Morgan County Democrat. August 21, 1885

A service of gospel hymns at the Centerville Presbyterian Church at 6:30 PM promptly. August 23.
The Lord's Supper will be celebrated at the Cross Roads Presbyterian Church on Sunday August 30 at 10:30 Preparatory on Saturday 28th at 2 PM. A cordial invitation extended to all.

August 28,1885

Regular services at Centerville Presbyterian Church Sunday August 30, 4 PM.

Sept 4, 1885
Sunday School of Crossroads will have a picnic at church grove on Sat. Sept. 12.

Sept 18, 1885
The sad accident, which befell the Blake Brothers on September 10, should serve as a warning to others.
Last Friday as Mr. Wilkins and Mr. Trimble wives and families were returning home they had an accident on the Centerville Hill near Centerville School. Back seat of buggy gave way, letting wives and babies on their laps fall crashing to ground.
W.E. Dye is engaged in the phosphate business this week at Caldwell. Law is flourishing business here but crops are so small that they can be harvest without attorneys. A Center Twp. belle recently went to Hog Hollow to teach some degenerates how to roast stolen fowl. Disreputable story as told by Mugwump.

October 13, 1885.

Hadley had the most votes in Morgan County for governor... Amos had the majority of votes for Senate. The director of the infirmary was Hook and the Coroner was Robb. For Sheriff it was Taylor, 2091-2265 was the number of votes for the Republicans and the Democrats in the county.
They voted to change elections to November from October, 3953 to107 against.

November13, 1885

George Blackburn an old offender in thee parts was convicted of robbery in Lancaster and sent to the pen,

January 1, 1886
Deaths in Center: Mrs. John Watson died of dropsy. Mrs. James Stokes died of consumption.
Phillip Stewart died of Bright's Disease. E.R. Hughes's son age 3 years died of brain fever.

McConnelsville Herald January 8, 1886
Protracted meetings have started at Bethel Church on January 4.
Morning Service at Crossroads Presbyterian Church on Jan. 24.

April 2, 1886
Democrat Convention Center Twp Sat Mar 20, 1886. John Thomas elected chairman and George Kappel secretary shop it nominated. Trustees E R Hughes, W.S. Williams, T.E. Molyneux, Treasurer, John Davis, Clerk. George Kappel, Assessor, J.C. Peregoy are constables. W.L. Peregoy and D.L.Morris for convenience of people…candidate for clerk will withdraw and one candidate for constable.
Thomas Garrett successor of W.E. Dye took over Centerville Store March 25. Merida Harper of Reinersville and Dye invoiced good.
W.E. and C.H. Dye bought Alderman boot store in McConnelsville.

The Democrat. August 27, 1886

There will be church at Cross Roads on Sunday August 29, 1886 at 4 o'clock. Pastor will also preach at Bristol in the morning.

Dec 17, 1886.
D.C. Pierce a fashionable photographer is having a shooting match.
F.W. Garrett is the popular merchant.
Mr. B.F. Welch started 6th term.
Literary organized at Centerville Pres. R.F. Sears is President. Question: The Organization called Knights of Labor is and will be a benefit to U.S.
Mr. Abe Bolinger blacksmith is boss horse shoer of center.
There will be a Christmas tree at Mt. Olive on Christmas Eve.
Parcell Brothers home for winter after traveling with Robinsons's Circus.
Public sale of John J. Watson, deceased, was a success.
Signed Trebor

The Democrat. January 14, 1887.
Miss Kate Smith teacher at Rural Dale spent Sunday with father Professor Smith of Beverly.
Regular service at Center Bend next Sunday Jan 16, with Rev. Grafton.
The Center Bend Literary Society is well attended as usual a source of both pleasure and profit.
A grand hop was enjoyed at Emmett Newton's on Thursday last.
Married at residence of bride's parents Jan 6, Mr. Chas. Brown and Miss Lillie Combs. The ceremony was at 11 A.M. by Geo Kepple, Justice of Peace. Conn Reed has twins, which means two more democrat voters!
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Phelps were guests of her parents this week end…Mr. and Mrs. Peregoy.
Protracted meeting under Rev. Danford, at Bethel closed the fourth instant with fair success.
Literary Society needs more cooperation from patrons of Centerville School.
The Hackney Progressive ought to succeed with Johnny Conn in chair and Robert Burch to superintend.
Will Blackburn is getting along nicely in Clay Hill School this year. He is a nice gent.

July 17,1896
William Parcell sold a colt for $25. a low price.
Congratulations to institute managers for getting Mr.. T.C. M. as one of the lecturers.

August 21, 1896
Many new teachers employed without certificates. Unless they pass tests schools will be without teachers as last fall.
Saturday September 5, there will be a meeting to organize a Bryan and Sewall free silver club. There will be a debate at Center Twp House Wm Blackburn will take the side of the single standard. George Keppel will defend the double standard.
William Wilson 18 years old, is working for Varner Brothers in their sawmill on Joseph C Phillis farm, broke the lock on a trunk and took $20 worth of goods. He may be young in work but old in business.
J.C. Peregoy is building an addition to his stable. Wesley Clark and son are architects.

September 4, 1896
Mr. Whitney our genial merchant is doing a brisk business. The Republicans of Center met at the township house and organized a McKinley Club.
Rev. Murphy preached farewell sermon at Smith's Chapel last Sunday. Lon Brill, village Blacksmith getting more work than he can do.

September 13, 1896
Ice cream festival and picnic at Cross Roads on fifth instant was successful.
School began at Hackney on Monday the ninth with Miss Jessie Wells as teacher.
Mr. Benjamin Welch ill with typhoid at the residence of his father in law Absalom Bolinger.
Rev. H. M. Stewart preached his farewell at Bethel before going to conference at Uhrichsville and finishing his course at Scio to.
Free Silver Club meeting October 3 at Center Township House. Dr. J B Naylor and Judge E M Kennedy.

Nov 6, 1896
Votes in Center were under the direction of Rev James Danford.
W. E. Dye has sold his property and store to Mr. Thomas Garrett of Bristol Twp. as of April 1.
Parcell Brothers family motored to

The Democrat. December 4, 1896

School opened here with Miss Nellie Parmiter of Bristol and 25 students. She will also conduct writing school on Tuesday Evenings this winter.
Mr. J.B. Conn had engine repaired and is ready to do public grinding and sawing.
Last Sabbath Mrs. Wm. Lewis died leaving a husband and 6 kids near Moscow Mills.

Morgan County Herald. December 28, 1896
Rev. Donaldson will hold a series of meetings at Center Bend starting January 3.
Ladies Aid Society will meet at Mr. John Donaldson's on New Years Day.

Jan 22, 1897
Fevers rage…not sparing Gulliver, his better half nor smaller fractions of family.
Three accessions up to the 18th at Smiths Chapel, protracted meeting.
Grammar School and Literary are successes. Rev. Young will preach at Centerville Presbyterian Church two weeks from Sunday. Matt Smith came near death when his horse took off before he had fully mounted. For catching and stopping the run away horse, he is much indebted to the young lady.
Clark, Parcel and Grandstaff will move their mill to the Wilson farm and saw logs for Joe Atkinson.
Centerville Farmers' meeting next Saturday afternoon. Are they anticipating the good times of McKinley?
Rev. Wilson conducting a series of meetings at Bethel. Mr. Lewis Dearth a wealthy farmer of this vicinity took in a Harry Jackson and gave him 3 weeks work sounded dinner bell but hasn't seen him since.

Feb 12, 1897

Protracted meetings at Bethel, Smiths Chapel and Mt. Olive. The grange was organized at Hackney one week ago; prominent citizens embarked as charter members.
Some rascals in church don't believe in secret orders---Gulliver says let farmers unite!

Feb 19, 1897
Meetings closed at Bethel and Mt. Olive.
There was a box social at Joe Phillis's last Saturday Eve. Ladies not in a boxing mood---not enough boxes to go around.
Literary at Centerville was a great success.
The literary has US History and Arithmetic and Grammar alternately.

Morgan County Herald. Feb. 17, 1897
Miss Minnie Wickersham teaches at Bald Knob and also conducts an evening arithmetic school.
The protracted meeting continues at Bethel and Center Bend, with no accessions yet.

Mar.3, 1897

Five accessions at Center Bend have been reported.

May 10, 1897

Constable William Parcell arrested Walter Winestock for disorderly conduct and took him to McConnelsville, Monday leaving him in the care of Sheriff Hutchins.
The Ladies Aid Society of Smith's Chapel will meet with Mrs. John Donaldson on the 29th instant.
Brinton Parcell had a stroke and is paralyzed on one side.

July 8, 1897

Rev. William Hastings preached at Smith's Chapel at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM with a large crowd in attendance. A basket dinner was enjoyed at noon.

July 14, 1897
School at Grandview was taught by Judson Patterson. It will close the 9th instant.
Center School with Edgar Atkinson closed the second.
The Ladies Aid Society tried to raise money to buy an organ but was unsuccessful.

July 11, 1911
Mrs. Polly Bollinger of Great Bend Nebraska died leaving one sister Mrs. Sally Stevens and one brother T. W. Phillis Of Sharon and five children: Abraham and William Bollinger, Mary Slutz??[sp]
Ella McDonald and Mrs. B.F. Welch.

August 25, 1911
Board of Education hired the following teachers for Center Twp: School#1-Goldie Essex. # 2-- Annie Parcell. #3-- Zella Brothers #4-- Bernard Wilson #9-- Clinton Taylor #10-- Mattie Scott.
Schools#11 and 8 not hired. #12-- Edna Smith

September 1, 1911
Superintendent and Mrs. J.S. Taylor and family have been spending their vacation on their farm in Center Twp. He is superintendent of Malta Schools.
Harvey Campbell the Centerville merchant is preparing a place to saw lumber. "Schley" [this was the pen name used by the Center Correspondent at that time].
There were three stagecoach companies that served the Hackney-Reinersville area during that period:
Neil Moore, Hildebrand and Bradshaw Stage Lines.

Nov 17, 1911
Two schools in Center still are lacking teachers: Dick Elliott's and Fairview.

Feb 23. 1912
The sham lawsuit at Fairview School house last Thursday evening was a good success.

March 8, 1912
Call's Show will again visit our village for a week commencing on Wednesday evening March 6. "Schley"

March 22, 1912
Grandview School has no teacher, Mr. Clogill having to resign on account of poor health.
J.O. Roberts and N. C. Chapman were visitors in Zanesville last week.
The sham lawsuit at Grandview School was acted out and well attended Saturday Night. "Bowser"

April 22, 1921
Center schools close this Friday with an entertainment at night. Miss Mildred Allen has taught a good primary school.
Hamer Parcell has quit horse shoeing and is working on Beverly-Marietta Road. Will soon be moving back to the farm.

April 29, 1921 Beverly Rt. 2. Meetin' held at Hackney H.S. to promote pupils of Center Township.
Cooley Silvus expects to move to the Ludman house soon.
Center Progressive Club met with Mrs. J.W. Ludman for farewell dinner.
Social was well attended at Centerville School. Prizes gives for married women who would dress in the oddest fashion and one for the best hobo. Guy Hupp was the winner.

The Weekly Herald. May 15, 1924.
People who settled along Marietta-Zanesville Road before 1820.
Nicholas Hoyt and his son-in-law George Nott, Alva Hoit, Ambrose Elliot, Jason Payne [who voted prior to 1824) He was a Civil War Vet and lived between Little and Big Olive Green.
Abraham Smith (Called 'Wolf' or Essence) killed wolves and bears until they became scarce, then made and pedaled perfume from house to house.
James and Alex Conn father of R. H. Conn.
Edward Petty.
Rev Adrial Mussey or Muzzy (A preacher of the New Light Faith) described as a flamboyant fly-by-nighter.)
Along Meigs Creek and the River were: Richard Kay (an Englishman)
Phineas Coburn (Among 47 pioneers who landed in Marietta April 7, 1788)
Hiram Brown, Philander Andrews (related to Cyrus and Jason) and a man named Alden.
Kepples, Phillises, Jason Payne and Christopher Prangle lived between the Little and Big Olive Green.
First flouring mill in Centre put up by Amos Brady on Olive Green. About 2 miles above its junction with the Muskingum.
Most serious offense was the murder of Thomas Murray by William A Johnson. A stranger, in 1823, in Bristol Twp. for driving hogs for Adams and Shugert off Meigs Creek, to the flats of Grave Creek.
An altercation occurred on public highway near the home of Nicholas Hoit. Johnson stabbed Murray with a dirk knife. Almost instant death followed. Johnson escaped but was arrested the next day in Washington County. He got a life sentence. After a few years he was pardoned out of Ohio State Penn. Murray is buried in the Watson-Stevens Cemetery.

Morgan County Democrat January 7, 1926
Ice on the Olive Green makes for fine skating this week.
The creek has been lined with people every night.
Fine program by the Epworth League of Mount Olive-vocal and instrumental music was enjoyed.

January 7, 1926
Grover Townsend has installed a radio. He expects to get all the news now.
Ewell McKelvey made a business trip to McConnelsville last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamer Parcell moved to Beverly where he expects to engage in the blacksmith business with Wm Devitt.
We understand that the change in school laws recently. In order to buy something teachers will now be required to go through a purchasing agent. By that time school is out. One more scheme to create another job and give another man a salary then sit back and howl about the high taxes. Wayne Allen Jr. First take in 1926.
Center Progressive Club met with H. Conn for December meeting. There was a fine program. Hostess and sister Anna Lashley and Nell served a dainty two-course dinner at noon. They will meet with Laura Hastings January 14. Program will be miscellaneous each member to contribute something and bring a thimble or be fined 2 cents.

January 14, 1926
Sunday School at Centerville at 10 A.M.
Rev Gale and Rev. Clark will hold protracted meeting at Smiths Chapel.
Winter is here in its usual form.
William Parcell and wife motored to Beverly Monday in a sled. Bill that is a slow way to go to town, but sure.
William Ryerson, enroute to Keiths lost control of his machine on Stevens Hill, as the braked wouldn't hold. The car left the road and landed in a ditch against a fence. Charley had a lump on his head and Maggie a black eye and scratched face. No bones were broken. The machine was righted and they went on rejoicing that they got off so fortunate. Center Grange installed officers with C. Sealock as the installing officer. Going to revive Juvenile Grange. Miss Helen Clark as Matron and Cora Dunlap is the assistant. Art Matthews fell from the haymow last week hurting his back badly. Mrs. Settie Bassel won $300 in gold at Beverly last week. Orville Morris drew the second ticket winning $200.
Riley Bollinger is suffering from Appendicitis.
E.R. Haines is building another chicken house. He has 250 Plymouth Rocks and expects to get 1000 day old chicks February from Ed Olney.

January 28, 1926
Rev. Gale closed a revival at Smith's Chapel Sunday night with 12 accessions to the book. The Center Progressive Club met with Laura Hastings, they passed the time sewing rags and with social chat.

Feb 4, 1926
Charlie Wagner has a new daughter Betty Jean born on the 27th. Quinn Wiley also has a new daughter.
Centerville Grade School gave a party Tuesday evening. Refreshments were popcorn balls and candy. There were also games and sleigh riding.
William Parcell Jr. spent Tuesday night at Ivan Phillis.
A social at Mount Olive Saturday eve was well attended. . Nell, daughter of Hamer Parcell, is suffering from enlarged glands in her neck.
Miss Lura Morris visited Friday night with Ida Bell Devitt.

Feb 11 1926
Sunday School at Smiths Chapel at 1:30 pm while roads are bad.
Christian Endeavor Society was organized to meet on Saturday Evenings. The officers are: President H. Combs, VP Lee Stiers, Secretary is Nellie Conn, Asst Secretary is Lola Combs, Treasurer is Minne Ryerson. Program committee is Glenna Watson, Nellie Stiers and Lulu Hastings. Mid week prayer service is on Wednesday Eves.
H.H. Welch had a birthday surprise with music games, chewing gum, candy and apples. Preaching at Centerville at 7:30 Sunday Eve come and hear Rev Saylor of Woodsfield.

Feb 18, 1926
Mr. John Morris died in Zanesville. He was brought back to be buried at Tiltonville.
Mrs. Ed Stiers the teacher of Sunday School Class number 2 at Mt. Olive entertained them with a four-course dinner. Cleo Wilson teacher of Centerville High School had old-fashioned taffy pulling-all students and former students. Social entertainment and boxing matches. Mina and Nellie Mincks, Winnie Phillis, Margaret Fischer, Edra Clark, Lura Morris, Helen Clark, Ida Bell Devit, Lulu Hastings, Guy Dean, Clarence Huff, Leo Dearth, Roy Harr, Willis Wilson, Sammie Glines, Dean Welch, Ivan Morris, Don McKelvey, Herman Hilton, Earl and Dannie Slater, Dana and Marion Clark, Harry Silvus, Denver Harper, Clifford Groves, Dale Dunlap, Harvey Heffner, D. and D.Allen. Mrs Clara Morris, Mrs Ima Phillis, Mrs Jessie Clark and Miss Mildred Allen assisted Miss Wilson in making it a success.

Feb 25, 1926
Farmer's Institute Friday and Saturday at Centerville.
Social at Hackney School House Saturday Eve.
Hayward Telephone Line members held a meeting at Bald Knobs Schoolhouse and elected officers. Pres. Paul Gannon, Secy. John Sherlock, Treas. M.S. Moore, Switch Trustee H.O. McFerren, Linemen are W.F. Burdine and J.T. Murphy.
Frank Roberts was hauling wood and one of his horses was badly hurt and has required much care and attention ever since.

March 11, 1926
Institute well attended. Mr. Charles D. Dixon was the principal speaker. He handled the subject well.
Herman Welch spoke on poultry and Mr. Shiver gave talk on farm and home improvements.

March 18, 1926
Parents' Day was observed with a basket dinner at Hackney School. Easter Program 2:30, April 4 at Smith's Chapel.
McKelvey sale was well attended and things sold well.
Rev. Saylor preaches at the Community church next Sunday eve and every two weeks for some time.

March 25, 1926
Center Township-William Parcell our road overseer will stone G.R. Phillis hill this week. Farmers get ready for more donations and hauling more gravel. The mile graveled last year was good all winter. That shows creek gravel is worth hauling if there is enough to put on.

April 1, 1926
Center Progressive Club met with Faye Haines. Elaborate dinner was served. Decorations were in honor of St. Patrick's Day.
Sunday School at Smith's Chapel reorganized. Val Combs, Superintendent. Nellie Stiers, his assistant. Maggie Thomas is Secretary; Lola Combs and Nellie Conn are Assistant Secretarys. EVA combs is treasurer. Teacher of Primary Class: Mary Muskgrove,
Intermediate: Cora Burns, Intermediate: Alpha Burns; Senior is Lee Stiers; adult Ella Ryerson.

April 8, 1926
Party at Quinn Wiley's.

April 29, 1926 Centerville high and grade school all day gathering program in eve. 300 people attended. High School had a play, "That Rascal Pat". Mrs. Ima Phillis assisted playing heroine's part. Grade School had hobo contest and old -fashioned flappers. Miss Carrie Dunlap won the silver dollar for most peculiar out fit. Clarence won a prize for the hobo contest.

May 6, 1926
Center Progressive Club presents a play "The Old Maid's Club" at Hackney Saturday Evening May 19.
Ice cream social at Christian Endeavor at Smith's Chapel led by Mrs. Alpha Burns is the leader.
Rev. Staley preached splendid sermon at Mt. Olive to a large crowd. Rev. Sanford preached Ira Bolinger's funeral. A cantata at Smiths Chapel "The Awakening" was held on June 20 with the offering coming to $15.45.

July 8, 1926
There will be special sermons every two weeks by Rev. Staley. Mrs. Earl Richardson of Beverly will be the singer and musician. There will be a Sunday School Convention at Smith's Chapel July 25.

May 13, 1926
Center Progressive Club to present a play at Hackney H.S.
A large crowd was at the Community Church last Sunday Eve. There were 20 Klansmen present in their robes and hoods. Several were from Caldwell were present.

May 26, 1926
William Parcell was busy grading the roads in his district. Main topic on the telephone has been, "How are the chicks doing?"

June 24, 1926.
Center Township:
A hearing will be held on improvement of Marietta-Zanesville Road through the township. Let it come. More state roads are needed. We have more money now and the trustees will have to get us all out of the mud.

July 8, 1926
Beverly Route #2 Hackney Old maids are meeting at the Muttonburg Grange Hall next Saturday.

July 22, 1926
Beverly Route #2
Careful Gleaners Class at Smith's Chapel went to Perry glens [unclear. looks like Dens] and had a picnic.

August 12, 1926. William Parcell is to commence putting gravel on road from Centerville to the town house. People who have teams or shovels get busy now if you to travel the Hackney Ridge Road.

August 19, 1926
Bright Eyes Clothing Club had last meeting August 11. Picnic in woods and games were very enjoyable.

Sept. 2, 1926
Banner Class entertained by a picnic at Mrs. Burns last Saturday.

The Weekly Herald Sept 9, 1926
The Bald Knob School resumed September 6, with Harry Gannon as teacher.

Sept 16, 1926
School in Hackney has resumed with Herman Welch as the primary teacher. Harold Wilson is secondary. At Newtonville, Clint Taylor holds forth; Mildred Allen teaches at Moscow.

Sept 30, 1926
Reverend Walter Clark had a public sale and is moving to the Reinersville Parsonage.

October 21, 1926
Mr. Dow Haines had misfortune to accidentally discharge his rifle while out hunting, the bullet piercing the end of his nose.

November 11, 1926
Warren Barnhart was driving across the Beverly Bridge and young Roberts went to pass him when another car came in the opposite direction. Roberts had to dodge back behind Barnhart. His brakes were not good he hit the surrey and broke one
Rear wheel throwing Warren over the dashboard between horses. They took fright and ran away and were caught near the Beverly Bank. Warren sustained bruised leg and arm and an ugly cut on the head.
BF Welch is near death.

Dec 23, 1926
Earl Grandstaff and mother were coming home from Beverly last week and got stuck in a mud hole near Moscow Mills. His mother got out of the machine and went behind it to push and Earl said he would back out but she didn't hear him. The first thing he saw was his mother lying in front of the machine. She had been knocked down and the rear wheel had passed over the lower part of her body and the front wheel over her breast. She was picked up unconscious. No bones were broken. She was taken to the home of H.H. Welch home. Only thing that saved her was that her body sank into mud had they had a load of feed 500 lbs in the machine.

Jan, 20 1927
Mrs. Eva Morris is at Marietta for treatment of cancer. Grover Townsend and family motored to rich Valley on sled Saturday and returned on Sunday.
Mrs. Maude Devitt and daughter Ida Belle spent Sunday with J.E. Williams.
Mrs. J.E. Williams is nursing a fracture in her side caused by the kick of a cow.
Good old time dance last Saturday Eve at Harley Pierce's.
C.J. Stiers neighborhood butcher has been busy lately.

Jan 27, 1927
Center Progressive Club met with Maggie Wilson the thirteenth… Mostly quilting. The next one is at Glenna Watson's. The program will be answer by one of Washington's sayings. Scripture by Lillie McFeren; declamation Cora Morris; a story of Washington's life by Alice Hook; a song by Hazel Conn and Surprise by Laura Hastings and Saddie McMannis. Jokes by Laura McMannis and then a closing song. Edwin Silvus Hackney merchant was a McConnelsville business visitor last week. Vernon Haines and family have moved from Cleveland to his farm near Reinersville.
Georgia McMannis and Nell Conn are attending school at Waterford.

Feb 3, 1927
Wilbur McFerren wife and two sons spent Sunday with Val combs and family. Frank Roberts and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Simeral who is poorly.
Alice Hook, Hazel Conn and two children spent Wednesday with Mrs. Martha Stokes and Sarah Morrison.
Mrs. Frank Watson and Marjorie and Bernice McMannis spent a week in Zanesville where Mrs. J.W. Ludman is taking treatment this winter and is better.
Georgia spent the week-end with parents Mr. And Mrs. Elvin Mc Mannis.
Mrsrs. Herman Foster and Cooley Silvus caught the record-breaking coon of the season on last Saturday a 50 inches long.
Mrs. Ima Phillis is better.

Feb 10, 1927
H.W. Kuntz lawyer had his picture and obituary in the paper.
Misses Rea and Glenna Foster of Olive Green spent the weekend with Herman Foster and attended Hackney debate. The question was: "Resolved, that the human race is declining in knowledge". The affirmative side was taken by Nell Conn and Harold Wilson. Harold Combs and Wayne Allen took the negative. Question was decided in favor of the negatives. Born to Vernon Haines a son named Fred Ulric. He is a grandson of Mr. And Mrs. G.K. Phillis of Beverly and Mr. And Mrs. James Haines of Reinersville.
Mr. B. Ogle and Miss Winifred Humphrey were married recently. They had dinner with both parents. He has bought a restaurant at Dexter City.
Illnesses: Ina Phillis is able to sit up. Thomas Campbell is low. He has had a relapse of flu. Dicey Dye is confined to bed with heart trouble.
James Haddox had a radio installed Friday. Virgil Rowland, the mailman, reports only one mud hole in the route he travels. It extends the whole length of his route! Roads are the worst they been in years.
Mrs. Josie Mincks and son returned to Athens after spending winter with her parents.

Feb 17, 1927
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Pearson of Beverly attended Thomas Campbell's funeral. Mrs. Val Combs has asthma. Will Ryerson and family and Mrs. T. E. Wilson attended grange at Centerville Saturday. Little Helen Pennock whose feet were burned so badly is able to walk some now.
Harry Pennock had an appendix operation at Smith Hospital in Marietta.
Mrs. Ann Groves died Thursday of last week. She was 94 years old. Mrs. Grover Townsend went to the funeral of her Uncle Frank Smith at Rich Valley. Ima Phillis has had another relapse. Mrs. Elizabeth Pilkington has hardening of the arteries.

Feb 24, 1927 Weekly Herald
The literary and debate at Hackney have been postponed due to bad weather.
Harry Wainwright's new daughter (Feb 18) is named Ollie Alice. Harry and Cooley Silvus hauled store goods for the Hackney merchants and report that the roads are nearly impassable.

March 3,1927
Center Progressive club met with Glenna Watson. They will meet next with Eva and Lola Combs. Sadie McManus had the scripture. The roll call was about "What club could do the help community. Glenna W. and Lillie McFerren sang a duet; Laura Hastings and Hazel Conn offered a reading by Martha Read and also by Nellie Morris; riddles and jokes. There was then a discussion led by Maggie Wilson on whether the styles are better now than they were 15 years ago. Faye Haines led a discussion about which is most ideal city or country life? The group enjoyed a contest by Alice Hook and Cora Morris.
Roscoe McMannis returned to Pittsburgh where he is employed. Mr. William Conn is staying with his daughter Mrs. M. Morris, as he is not well. Minor and Perry Morris went to Beverly to see their mothers Mrs. Eva Morris who was in route to take treatment at Columbus.

March 3, 1927
Cyrus Allen of near Sharon is visiting his niece Mrs. John Murphy.
W.F. Burdine is out again after a ten-day siege of the grippe. C.E. Drake of Zanesville spent a few days with his family.
There will be a program at the Center Grange on March 12 at 1:30 o'clock.
Grand March; reading by William Ryerson, Discussion "Can a farmer read just his farming to price changes? E. Humphrey will tell the exact cost of raising a bushel of corn. Ed Stiers will talk on the Granges of 20 years ago. There will be music at intervals by the grand orchestra.

March 10, 1927
The eleven-month old baby of Luther Rucker passed away after a few hours illness with pneumonia. Rev. Clark will have the services.
A debate was held at Hackney School Friday evening. It was well attended. Discussion: "Resolved that the world is growing better" Affirmative: Maggie Wilson and Mildred Allen. Negative: Cleo Wilson and Minnie Ryerson.
Mrs. William Hoddy came down from Columbus last week and moved part of the apples to the river. Also took a load to Columbus. Mr. C.K. Combs shipped a carload of cattle last week. Mrs. Ella Simeral has heart trouble.
Virgil Rowland reports the roads are better. He makes the full route now.

March 17, 1927
The ladies of Smiths Chapel will meet to clean and repair it on April 2. to prepare for the Easter entertainment.
Lillie Bell spent Friday night with Mrs. C.E. Stokes aunt and attended a play at Center Bend School. De Etta Stewart returned Friday from Beverly where she visited her grandparents, the Phil Buceys.

March 24, 1927
Mrs. G. K. Phillis spent the week-end with daughter Mrs. Vernon Haines. Mrs. Lola Combs is taking treatment for goiter and is better. Misses Lavilla Moore and Beulah Morris spent Saturday evening and Sunday with Sciesta and Levada Haines and attended a party at Everett Combs Saturday night in honor of Miss Josephine Gorrell's birthday.
Miss Effie was a weekend visitor of Val Combs.
Mesdames Charles Bell, Benton Cordray, Walter Burdine and Wood Ashton of Bald Knob spent Thursday with Mrs. Dolph Hook, quilting.
No hope of using autos until roads dry up. Earl Grandstaff a good repairman of Fords is giving Howard Lewis the complete job.
E.R. Haines is getting chicks at Mar Hatchery.
Mrs. J.E. Williams and grandson Robert spent Saturday eve at William Parcell's listening to the radio. J.E. and Robert were going down the creek road where high water was heard splashing and captured a 12-pound fish! Centerville School is progressing nicely with H.H. Welch at the helm. L.W. Stiers and little daughter were Monday callers of R.E. Stiers.

March 31, 1927
Twenty-eight friends and neighbors met at William Hastings before they left their old home. Basket dinner was enjoyed on March 27.
Don't forget the social and all day meeting at Smith's Chapel Saturday April 2.
Mrs. H.O. McFerren entertained Bald Knob ladies: Alice Hook, Mattie Bell, Rena Ashton, Martha Cordray, Sylvia Mc Ferren, Oma Sherlock and Minnie Burdine. There was sewing and chicken for dinner.

April 14, 1927
W.S. Dunlap one of Center's orchestra members attended the fiddler's contest at Williamstown, W.Va. April 7 and won first prize. His award was a $10 gold piece. This is pretty good for a clod hoppin' blacksmith!
The Hackney High School play next Friday at the Center Grange Hall is titled, "Return of Kitty".

April 21, 1927
The party at William Hastings was well attended and all had a good time.
Hackney schools will close April 22, with a basket dinner.
Center Progressive club met with Mrs. D.B. Conn

April 28, 1927
Next center program will meet with Mrs. Laura Hastings. Hugh Haines fell and broke his collarbone. Hackney High School play was good. A sewing club organized at Hackney Nigh. Miss Nell Conn is the president.
Sunday dinner with J.N. Wickersham: Mr and Mrs. J.W. Wickersham and daughter Mary; Mr. And Mrs. Frank Foster and family, Mrs. Alice Murray and Daughters. Dorothy and Linnie of Emory, Mr and Mrs. Paul Gannon and family, Mr. And Mrs.J.R. Wickersham of Harrisburg, Va.

May 5, 1927
Little Myrna Combs who makes her home with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Val Combs spent week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Everett Combs

May 12, 1927
The eighth grade commencements will be held at Hackney May 17, at 8 P.M. Graduates are: Walter Stewart, Leland Wilson, Paul Fowler, Goldie Francis, James Harper, Marion Wiley, Robert Sherlock, Levada Haines, Edna McClure, Avanelle Haines, Walter Hutchins, Marie Morris, Fred Fischer.
Spring pigs are not plentiful all picked up at $12 a pair.

May 19, 1927
Wilson and Shilling sawing timber from Jane Smith farm they bought. Helpers were Deb Hutchins, Jack Barnhart and Roscoe McMannis. W.S. Dunlap and Wm Parcell will help furnish music at Hackney Commencement Tuesday Evening.

May 26, 1927
Dana Phillis got a fracture above his eye when he fell from his horse.
Gerald Burdine made a flying trip to Zanesville and returned in a new coupe.

June 2, 1927
Mr. John (Jack) Slater is representing the Rawling Remedies and Extracts in this country.

June 9, 1927
Earl Grandstaff was going east on the road running from township house to Centerville about 100 yards east of J. E.Williams residence. A nut came off the bolt that holds the radius rod to the axle. The machine took a short turn to left thru wire fence and landed on its side in Charlie Sherlock's field breaking right rear wheel and windshield and other minors. Luckily Earl was uninjured.
Mrs. G.K. Townsend and family spent week-end with her folks at Rich Valley.
Herman Foster is doing neighborhood sheep shearing. William Parcell will gravel roads as soon as it clears up. Clem Morris of east side is champion crow and hawk hunter. He presented trustees 23 crow heads and 10 hawks.

Weekly Herald September 1, 1927
Reunion of 101 friends and neighbors at William Parcell's forenoon: handshaking and talk. Afternoon was musical with music by the host, Henry Emerson and Mrs. Groves of Keiths on the violins. Mr. Denver Davis played the horn and drum; Vernon Davis the bass viol, Otho Beebe the guitar and Mrs. Stacy at the organ all the latter of Waterford. After the music a big treat of ice cream was given by the host.
There was a fiddler's reunion and fifty men turned out and cleaned the old ivy sod off the cemetery headed by Cooley Silvus and D.B. Conn.
State Road 76 marker is now upon the old Zanesville and Marietta Road.
Bill Parcell, road overseer, having road from the town house to Centerville graveled---hauling by Denver Morris. Donation work being done by all who are ready to get out of the mud.

Sept 8, 1927
Mrs. Rudy Walters of Zanesville spent this past week with parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Wickersham who are in poor health.

Sept 15, 1927
Mrs. William Conn, 76 years old, passed away at her daughter's home, Mrs. M. Morris.
Miss Bertha Oliphant returned from California and is teaching in Jackson School.

September 22, 1927
Officers visited the dance at the Hupp farm and fined three intoxicated people and another was a concealed revolver.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Combs had a son September 13. E.R. Haines is building a large barn.
J.R., Dicey Dye and daughter visited her sister Mrs. Effie Combs.
Centerville School Progressive with Miss Dorothy Binyon at the Hackney School and HH Welch is the Primary teacher.

October 6, 1927
Earl Grandstaff is doing repair work on John Slater's auto.

November 3, 1927
Peanut social was well attended and a good time was had by all.

November 10, 1927
Trustees C.H. Clark, Sam McFerren and E.R. Haines. Clerk J.D. Wilson and P.P E.W. Humphrey. Floyd Haines was killed by a bull in North Dakota. His parents are Frank and Eliza Stevens Haines.

November 24, 1927
Smiths Chapel Sunday School had a play called "Mr. and Mrs. Tightwad". Proceeds were $13.

December 22, 1927
Mrs. Julia Taylor had pain in arm. Doctor found part of a needle in it.
The Christmas program at Hackney with Miss Alice Gorrell of the grade school and Mr. Franklin Dye of the High School room was very successful.

Jan 6, 1929. Weekly Herald
Center Progressive Club met with Mrs. Martha Reed. Lecture, program and lunch were enjoyed. The next meeting will be with Maggie Wilson.
D.B. Conn spent a holiday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Conn.
Mrs. W. H. Pilkington celebrated her birthday. Mrs. William Dye, Mrs. Hazel Conn, Ruth and Hugh were there for the day.
Vince Sherlock of Cleveland spent Christmas with his mother Mrs. Mollie Sherlock. Wm West lost a mule Monday.
Roads are rough some go in autos and some in sleds. Cooley Silvus and family went by sled to visit R.E. Morris and family.
The entertainment at Centerville was well-attended considering muddy roads. The school gave a good entertainment-music by Centerville Orchestra. H.H. Welch the teacher gave each scholar 1 ½ lb of candy and a box of stationery.
J. E. Williams and family received two large boxes of fruit and other presents from their children in Los Angeles Calif.
The Dearth boys are all through running restaurants in Belvidere, Ill. The Dearth family spent New Year's together except Lee who had to stay home and feed. Mrs. Lotta McKelvey and family and her father W H dearth went.
Miss Lulu Hastings spent New Year's Day with the Howard Lewis Family. Ida Bell Devitt accompanied her home and attended New Year's party at T.E Wilson's

The Morgan County Democrat. Jan 23, 1930.
Rev. Dwight James is the preacher at Smith's Chapel Church.

June 5, 1930
Centerville Board of Education : Clint Taylor was hired to teach at Centerville. Grace Hall was the teacher at Moscow; Josephine Gorrell at Early's; Curtis Clark at Hackney; Nell Conn at Newtonville.
Rev. Firestone was the pastor at Mt. Olive.

Oct. 30, 1930
Nell Conn is teaching at Newtonville. Her parents attended a miscellaneous social there. Charles Wagner and Lola Combs were married this week. Masquerade dance was help at the Hupp Hall on Saturday eve.

Nov. 13, 1930
Susan Frances Williams was born Feb 6, 1840 and died Nov. 3, 1930.
She was the daughter of Harvey and Margaret Sealock. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Emma Ferguson of Otho and two brothers: Caleb of Belle Valley and Douglas of Wood Grove. She married Wheeler S. Williams March 2, 1897. he died January 31, 1899. She lived the last 11 years with her son J.E. She was a member of the Bethel M.E. Church and Center Grange.

Dec. 18, 1930
E.R. Stiers son of Jacob A. (a Civil War Vet.) and Clarisa Burris died at the age of 59 years. His only son is Lee Stiers. E.R. married Bell McHenry and was a member of Mt. Olive M.E. Church. His funeral and burial at Smith's Chapel.

Dec 25, 1930
A box social at Smith's Chapel last Friday Evening was fairly attended. The auctioneer was Harry Wainwright. Wm Parcell, W.S. Dunlap and William Parcell, Jr., furnished the music. Mrs. Hazel Conn was at the organ. C. K. Combs is wrecking the old Keever housewhich is 80 years old. The Morgan County

Democrat Nov. 1932.
Miss Genevieve Wilson is visiting R.E. Morrises and attending the Centerville Democrat Rally.

C.B. Ray’s list of Pastors at the Bristol Presbyterian Church.Beginning in November 1835 Rev. James Moore, Rev. Wm. Wallace, John McArthur, James S. Sharon, Benjamin J. Lowe, Thos. Smith, John P. Caldwell, [Caldwell pastored when the new church was built in the 1850s.] Wm. Grimes, Rev. Duncan, C.W. Courtright, H. C. Helfresh, W. M. Grimes, C.B. Taylor, J.A. Baldridge, E. W. Fisher, R.M. Stevenson, C.B. Taylor, Quillen L. Young, W.J. Mills, W.W. Carhart, Rev. Simpson, R.F. McCracken, C. A. Beacham, Wm M. McKay, George Van Artsdalen, and in 1932 T.E. Leonard.

Rev. Nickerson's Reminiscences Sept 1, 1932.
[Reminiscing about the first murder case in Morgan County, the one described above] with Murray and the Hog drover, Johnston.]Hogs brought $1.50 to $2.00 per hundred. At that day woods offered abundance of beech oak and hickory most upon which pigs could be cheaply fattened; farmers fed them allowance of corn for short time and this made them suitable for marketing. A & S collected pigs and took them to Marietta. Crossed the Ohio went to Clarksburg, Winchester VA. and Washington DC. This process took 50 days on the road. Hands were paid 50 cents a day and two meals.
Abstracts of votes in Morgan County for President in 1828. Center Jackson 43; Adams 37. Total in Morgan: Jackson 841 and Adams (JQ) got 691 votes. In the next 35 years Center Twp went more Democratic.
Nickerson's Mill History printed in the Weekly Herald on Sept 7, 1933.
Mr. Berkley's Mill.
1836 Absie Craig built a dam at Moscow and built a tunnel through the ridge. Mills continued profitably for over 80 years. There is a lack of timber today. Roller presses introduced for flour making.
In 1845 Mr. Farley floated flour down stream to the river and then to Pittsburgh. Because of riffles they could only use boats at flood stage.
In 1892 the mill burned and was rebuilt the next year by Sam Silvus.
Tunnel Mill 1 ½ miles further up creek operated but closed 30 years before the Moscow one. Sharper hill meant that it was not so big.

James Haines died October 9, 1933.
Two hundred fifty people attended the Early's Reunion. Robert T. Secrist was the speaker. Frank Smith of Berne also spoke with many others. Permanent officers were chosen [but not named].
A paper called the Whig Standard in February 1841 in which Whigs were asked to come to the aid of their party. Prominent Whigs were Absolom Craig a Virginian, and William Glines as well as Charles Thorpe.
Orders to close these schools: Newtonville, Center, Moscow. One teacher will be at Hackney not two, this is to take affect in 1937.

April 9, 1934
Road meeting at Center Grange Hall move to get state road over the old Coal Run and Cumberland state road that extended from Coal Run by way of Centerville, Cumberland and Claysville to Cambridge. It was surveyed and laid out by state sometimes in the 1850s. Jacob Stiers was one of the claim carriers.

July 25, 1935
Center Township's annual Sunday School Convention will be held July 28, 1935 with good speaking, music, basket dinner.

August 24, 1935
At Hackney the second annual Early's Reunion was held at the Hackney School House. Program: Poem "Forty Years Ago" by C.W. Phillis. Declamations: Esther Parrish, Don Bamfield, Cora Rex. Robert and Richard Brown; letters read from J.E. Saunders of Knoxville Tenn. Joe Smith of Texas and C. F. Stebbins of Beverly. Music was furnished by Will Parcell, Wade Dunlap, Delbert Hutchins, and Esther Parrish. Bountiful dinner cafeteria style. Officers were reelected with the exception of president Don Bamfield replacing E Peck who is in Calif. Next year the reunion is to be held at Early's on the fourth Sunday of August if roads are improved by then.

Weekly Herald 1935
Bald Knob school razed and moved to Reinersville by Carlos Figley of Olive Green. Eck Humphries writes historical tid bits and says schools had been established in center about 1814.
They had puncheon seats and puncheon boards on the floors.
Muskingum Improvement in 1836 took 6 years until 1842. This was the new improved road along the Muskingum from McConnelsville to Beverly.
Muskingum River floods at 14-year intervals and there has been one exception.
Ethan Hall adjourns Hackney School April 24, 1935.
Early's Reunion reported by Vernon Haines. August 24, 1935. Mrs. Nellie Morris was Sec. The reunion had to be held at Hackney High School because of road conditions. Speaker was educator Don Bamfield and other alumni.
Teachers at Center: 1935-36 Hackney: Ethan Hall; Early's: Curtis Clark; Centerville: Hugh Mahoney. Library at Hackney School was established in 1935.

The Weekly Herald August 1939
Sunday School Convention at Smith's Chapel (It includes Cross Roads and Mt. Olive Churches.) Dinner and programs for the full day.
Farms Bureau advisory council for the area was just organized.
Hackney Farmers' Institute (Nov 3-4) Early's School to have part in program as well as Hackney. Harry Pennock, President.

February 15, 1940
Vannie Allen is dead. He was the son of John and Mary Conger Allen. Two sisters survive: Mrs. Orilla May Burkheimer and Mrs. Elizabeth Phillis. Siblings preceding him in death were:
Mrs. Pluma Henery, Jane Lawrence, Benoni, Steven, Henry Isaac, Dennis, Zachariah, George, John, Lawrence, Orin, and Emmanuel Allen.
Mrs. Hettie Woodward was Eck Humphries' fiancée at the time of death. Son Warren lives in Chicago. She was sick from 1936 to April 23, 1940.
In 1940 the following teachers were hired: H.H. Welch for Centerville; Dale Gilliland at Early's; Hugh Mahoney at Hackney.
The census records for 1930 were 725 people lived in Center Twp. In 1940 there were 652. York and Bristol Townships also lost population between 1930 and 1940.

Here's some more

More Miscellaneous clippings from old Morgan County Papers.
1826- Real Estate Duplicate:
Benjamin Dean had 158 acres and in 1834 transferred them to James Dean.
William Burroughs had 161 acres in township 10, range 6 and section 6.
Personal Property:
In Center Twp. William Burris had a house and cattle worth $88. and the same in 1830 and 1832.
In Manchester Twp. Enoch, Eli and Enos Dean had stands of various sizes.
Treasurer's Duplicate 1833
Enoch Dean owns 78 aces in w of SE Quarter Section 33 Manchester Twp.
James Dean had 158 acres.
Alva, Amasa and Nicholas Hoit owned land in Center Twp in 1833. William Hoit owned land in Manchester.
Phineas Coburn, Peter Bolinger and William L. Ireland were trustees of Center Twp in 1841.
Treasurers Duplicate 1846..
Farley and Young had 60 acres in section 27 and a saw and gristmill worth $444.
John Stevens had 12 acres worth $37.
Sally Williams had 50 acres worth $128.
1846 Real Estate:
Lewis Deen had 39 acres inn South Easter Quarter of Township 10, Range 7 and section 34.
William Burris had 36 ½ acres in the South West Quarter of Section 33.

April 2, 1886
Mr. S.C. Mitchell has rented his farm to Rufus Silvus and will have a public auction April 3. He is going to take some position in a " show company" there will be a new Justice of the Peace to elect.
Schools are closing only two or three more to go.
W.A. Bamfield family had lung fever.
Mrs. Wesley Clark and Mrs. Florida Glines have lung fever.

January 1887
E. Fisher is the new pastor of Cross Roads and Bristol Presbyterian churches.

February 4, 1887
Center Bend items: Wesley Mason is attending Beverly College and was home last weekend. Mr. A. L. Green who teaches at Cow Run School and is reviving the custom of spelling schools. This is very successful.
Rev. Grafton was unable to come to preach so Rev Harrison Sealock of Woodgrove came instead to the Center Bend Chapel.
Center: Mr. Simon Townsend, aged citizen of these parts is ill with stomach trouble.
Mr. Rufus Silvus who resided on Simon Mitchell farm for past several years is moving to Beverly to help W. T. Mitchell with his nursery.
Mt. Olive has protracted meeting with Rev. J. W. Danford and has had several accessions.
Mr. George Kappel is very busy on Saturdays dispensing law and justice to throngs who enter his court.
Newtonville Literary Society is a good success.
President: J.E. Phelps, V.P: J.N. Blackford, Sec: F.J. Simmons, Treas: H.M. Burrows.
This correspondent wishes the Democrats long life and success.
There will be a debate on labor question between Champions of Center and Shamrocks of Bristol Feb 11, 1887.
Question: the churches should tolerate that dancing.
J.R. Wickersham and R.F. Sears were affirmative.
B.F. Welch and J.E. Phelps took the negative.

Feb. 11, 1887
A literary society has been organized at Hackney. The question discussed is whether the township should be redistricted.
Center Bend Society is discussing prohibition. There is talk of organizing a temperance society.

The Morgan County Democrat April 1, 1887
The show of Wallace and Company will open in Peru Indiana on April 16 with J.T. and G.C. Parcell joining as head of canvass department.
Mr. T.K. Hoyt of near Hackney recommends arsenic for pig worms.
Those present everyday at school #12 were: Olive Phillis, Sadie Phillis, Kate, L.B. Phelps and Marilla Phelps were absent one day each. The teacher is N.C. Thornton.
Miss Kate Smith teaches school #6 and it closed the 25th. She is rehired for the spring term.
Protracted meetings began March 27 at Center Bend Chapel.

April 15, 1887
Mr. T. Phillis, Vet. says that wheat looks poor.
Protracted meetings being held at Center Bend.
Election on 4th at Center resulted in Republican trustee; with four more votes they could have elected a Republican clerk.
Our liberality should no longer by questioned by GOP--he who borrows should also be willing to lend.
#5 School District: Mr. B. F. Welch has been hired to teach third year in row.

April 29, 1887
Mr. Joe Stein and Miss Phebe Jordan married at the John Steven home.
Mr. H. P. Phillis sold 45 acres to Shubel Hutchins for $900
John R. Phillis sold 53 acres to his sister Jane Clymer for $1800

.May 13, 1887
Mr. S.W. Coffey and wife poisoned themselves on kidney medicine recently but averted a fatal result thanks to a friendly physician.
Mr. George W. Slater sold 6 acres on the Little Olive Green recently to Dave L. Morris for $750.
Matt Smith's team ran away with wagon and broke an axle.
J.C. Peregoy hired to teach 7 months in District #12.
Mr. John Wickersham the teacher was exposed to the measles…also his lady friend.

May 20, 1887
Married by Squire Kappel: Mr. William Darrah of Crooked Tree and Miss Evarella Slater.
Professors Smith and Ryan are contributing to dispatch on matters of importance to teachers.

May 27, 1887
The tax assessor for Center Twp is Mr. J.M. Gilliland he is to do it within the next 30 days. The assessment will be from 10 to 46 mills.

June 3, 1887
Several were baptized in the Little Olive Green on May 31 near the house of John M. Danford. It was performed by an elder in the M.E. Church. Trustees of Center brought a suit against R.H. Conn for felling a tree on a public road. This was heard by Judge Kappel on June 3 at 1 P.M. the sum fined was $200.
Mrs. Elizabeth Archibald returned from Athens sane and normal.
Shubel Hutchins was hurt while raising a barn for Wm. McKelvey

.July 1, 1887
Center has been well represented in court and we are willing to quit work to testify pro and con when necessary.
Laura daughter of S.S. Silvus has been receiving instruction in the asylum for the blind visited her parents recently.
T.W. Garrett took load of wool to Caldwell and brought back a load of lumber to build house for storing Bowker Phosphate. Wesley Clark will build it.

July 8, 1887
D.S.Welch returned with family from Kansas…he has been employed to teach a select school at Danford's school house in Noble County.

Reminisces of Eck Humphries January 14, 1932, Weekly Herald
Elijah Stevens had the Ludlow Stage Station for years coming to Ludlow about 1826; by 1830 the stagecoaches did not go through Ludlow. They followed the McConnelsville-Zanesville Rd. Elijah Stevens bought New Bedford (a little town planned near the Otho Hill.) from Hollenbeck for $25. Stevens built warehouse, store and dwelling north of McConnelsville-Marietta Road and West of Barnesville. Lots of New Bedford across road were vacated and it disappeared. It had a prosperous shoe, blacksmith and cooper shops and a tobacco warehouse at one time. Some rough sports, hospitality and business activity was carried on. The circus lot at New Bedford just west of the site of the old store at the junction of Highways 76 and 78 had circus tents pitched on the site now occupied by a barn and house owned by John Simms. A circus here at the Lige Stevens stand and drew people from miles around, at one time.
New Bedford the Lige Stevens stand at Bristol was platted by Lott Wortman. In 1824 the plats for town were laid out. Wortmans
Tried to compete with Dave Stevens. He had a stand at Dye's Fork on Meigs Creek just below Otho. David Stevens bought lots 23, 8 and 12. Wortman sold the whole thing to Casper Hollenbeck in 1825.
In 1847 Bill Cool entered partnership with Stevens and later he owned it all. He was there 30 years.
DAR is looking for Revolutionary Soldiers whose graves have not been found in Morgan County Ohio.

February 18, 1932.
Michael Ault in Manchester.
Phineas Coburn in Center Twp
Benjamin Dean or Deen in Manchester.
Nicholas S. Hoit/ Hoyt in Center.
They located William Murray's grave near Reinersville. [This is in the Stevens Cemetery in Bristol Twp. jmb]

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