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Jan-June 2001 (Part 1)


I am trying to locate info about John Steen (born in Ireland on June 11, 1803), who came to Morgan County before 1839. He married Sarah Jane Shriver on Sept. 8, 1842 in Morgan County. They later moved to Noble County. I am trying to find out who his first wife was. They were married before 1839 as that is when their daughter Rachel was born. The first wife may have died in the county between 1839 to 1842. If any of this sounds familiar please get in touch.

Date of query: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 23:31:58 EDT
Contact: Captaincrazy1745(at)


Searching for relatives of Andrew Jackson Longerbeam and Azilpha Ann Bradley, married in Morgan County on Jan 15, 1854. Anyone related and/or willing to share information about these relatives of mine?

Date of query: Wed Jun 27 16:51:14 2001
Contact: Steve Schmidt - SJSchmidtKY(at)Hotmail.Com


I am searcing for information on David SPENCER [of Morgan Co] (b 1829) who fathered Arthur SPENCER who fathered Melvin SPENCER (b 1887 in Zanesville).

Date of query: Mon Jun 25 20:50:13 2001
Contact: Alison Zepp - gazepp(at)


Looking for George TAYLOR, gggrandfather born around 1840 (+/- 10 yrs), lived around McConneslville Area, Morgan Co., OH wife possibly Ellen, they had 11 children, youngest was my ggrandfather Thomas McClellen TAYLOR. Please help-I'm stuck here!

Date of query: Mon Jun 18 21:42:54 2001
Contact: KENDRA HELMS - skhelms(at)


Any information pertaining to William Ellison born in 1819 in Morgan county Ohio. Married henrietta gardner in 1845 in amesville Ohio; moved to DuQuion Illinois and to Pratt County Ks in 1880's died Near Preston in Pratt County Ks in 1902. I know nothing of his sbilings and I would like to connect him to a family of Ellisons. he was a cabinet maker and stated his parents were both born in Pennsylvania. Thank You for any help.

Date of query: Mon Jun 18 18:18:51 2001
Contact: Janet L Van Buskirk - towan1lb(at)


Searching for any info on DONEGAN or DOONIGAN family in Morgan Cty. My ancestor, John DONEGAN (DOONIGAN)is said to have been born in the county on 2 Mar 1808; married Margery ROBERTS (same county?) in 1831. Moved to Iowa in 1836. Two children born in Ohio, Patrick, birthplace unknown, and Miriam 27 Aug 1835 in Monroe Cty. Miriam might have been wrong about county of birth - could have been born in Morgan Cty. Any information will be appreciated.

Date of query: Mon Jun 18 09:48:51 2001
Contact: jackie pechette - jaypech(at)


Searching for information on Jesse GRANDSTAFF family. Jesse and his wife Samantha had 2 daughters Fannie b. 1880-1973, married Harry GORRELL in Bristol Twp. Morgan Co.Oh.and is said to be buried there also. Jesse and Samantha are said to be buried in McConnelsville Cem. Morgan Co. Oh. Would appreciate any help on this family.

Date of query: Sun Jun 17 22:49:01 2001
Contact: Barb - r9800767(at)


NEEDHAM, Jesse listed in the book entitled "Historical Reminices of Morgan County" or ' Oak Grove A Pinoeer Community" pages 116, 117,118. Can you suggest someone who would copy these pages and send them to me.? Also would like to know if a bibliography tells where the family Bible is located. I shall be happy to pay for the copies of these pages, mailing charges and the time to find them. Thanks

Date of query: Tue Jun 12 20:14:38 2001
Contact: Helen Underwood - helen(at)


Eli Walls SR came to Morgan,Guernseyand Muskegum Co'sin Ohio 1821 from Delaware to visit family.Im wondering if any of their decendents are still there Thomas Walls,Jnathan Walls and wife Patients,William Atkins and wife Selia I have copy of Dairy of Eli Walls Sr and his 2 month journey to Ohio and back to Delaware.

Date of query: Wed Jun 6 08:57:53 2001
Contact: WANDA YOUNG - wandayoung(at)


Looking for information on John Willis and his wife Jane McCormick Fowler. Moved to Morgan County from Belmont County around 1830. Believed they lived in Malta or Penn township and are buried in Mt. Zion Cem. Had two children Mary and John. Appreciate any information.

Date of query: Fri Jun 1 20:00:49 2001
Contact: James Fowler - j_fowler(at)

I am looking for a photograph of the Early Ridge School that was near Hackney, Ohio in Center Township, Morgan County. It was a one room school and I know that it was in use in the 1920's and 1930's.

Date of query: Fri Jun 1 17:31:43 2001
Contact: Wayne Smith - smith_w(at)


Does anyone know when(after 1850) or where(possibly Morgan Co.,OH.)that Lucy Constance BOWIE married Denis John O'LOUGHLIN? Her parents were:William Bowie & Meriah Windham. They lived in Olive Twp.,Morgan Co.,OH. for several decades before moving the younger children & themselves to Union Co.,OH. after the 1850 census. Many thanks! Pam Drake padrake2000(at)

Date of query: Tue May 29 15:38:44 2001
Contact: Pam Drake - padrake2000(at)


Looking for any info. on Look, Sly and Tuttle families in Morgan Co.Thank you ~Sue

Date of query: Tue May 29 06:26:51 2001
Contact: ~Sue - rarmentrout(at)


seeking any information on McDowells from Morgan Co. Most seem to be from the Bristol and Meigs Twnship area and are burried in the Emery Cemt. here in Morgan Co.

Date of query: Sun May 27 22:27:00 2001
Contact: tracy mcdowell - rr0963(at)


I am looking for info for John Long Daugherty who lived in Morgan county, Ohio mid to late 1880. I believe he died in Morgan County. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks

Date of query: Sun May 27 06:54:37 2001
Contact: Jim Daugherty - jjim2nana(at)


I'm looking for my grandmothers family. I know her sister sarah eppine HOGUE married a BEARD from morgan county. Grandma's name was Armina Ethel Hogue. Parent's names were FRANKLIN AND RHODA ROSELLA (TRYON) HOGUE. Grandma was born in 1896 so Sarah was a few yeas older than she. My HOGUE family was from ATHENS CTY. I have names of Sarah and grandma's siblings but nothing any further back than her parents. Grandma was very special to me and I would love to find our family. Thank you in advance for your help. Claudia

Date of query: Sun May 27 04:59:09 2001
Contact: claudia - cdent(at)


Seeking marriage record and maiden name of Martha Unknown, who married Jeriah/Geriah Chaney/Cheney, ca. 1858. 23 year old Jeriah, son of Elemuel and Nancy Chaney, appears in the 1860 Census of Perry County, with Martha and 1 year old son, Gilbert. No record of this marrige in Perry County, so they may have married in adjoining Morgan County. Any information on Jeriah and/or Martha Chaney would be greatly appreciated.

Date of query: Fri May 25 21:02:53 2001
Contact: Donnie Nazelrod - donnie(at)


I have come across many old letters dating back to the 1830s - correspondence between the Lukens and Brown(e) families and others. I have not read all of them yet. The addresses have Morgan County in them. They are fascinating and I am hoping to tie them in to my family names.If anyone has any connection or information to pass along, I'd be most appreciative. I believe Cyrus Brown was born in 1802 (or 1812) in Vermont. There is correspondence from Susan Lukens to Cyrus Brown and from Elizabeth Lukens to Susan Brown (at a later date - perhaps after marriage?)Elizabeth lived in Marlboro and Susan lived in Deaverton in 1848. Susan

Date of query: Tue May 22 15:27:40 2001
Contact: Susan Clark - sausis710(at)


Would like any info on John M. McCollum, b. 1758 in Argylshire, Scotland and d. 1823 Windsor Township, Morgan County, Oh. and also on his wife Lucy (maiden name - FORDICE) also died 1823 same place. Would like grave transcription if possible. Thank you.

Date of query: Tue May 15 05:54:55 2001
Contact: Doug - djm1951(at)


Looking for the birthplace and parents of John Clemens,he died 22 Nov. 1845 in Morgan Co., buried at Wiseman Cemetery, Malta, Morgan Co. Co. history states that he was "A Virginian." Need to find place of birth in Virginia. He married Nancy Story at EAgleport, Muskingum Co, Ohio 25 December 1817. Was a millwright in Morgan Co., ran Clemens mill. Am descended through his son William Clemens, born ca. 1825 in MOrgan Co.

Date of query: Fri May 11 21:34:32 2001
Contact: Karen Paulsen - paulsenjk(at)


I am looking for information about Melvin Pugh, who I beleive was born in McConnelsville. He died in about 1983 in McConnelsville. He has 2 children who do not remember him. Any information about him from classmates or friends, or enemies who can attest to the kind of person he was, any old stories, or any information about his controversial death, please contact me. His children would like to know about him.

Date of query: Fri May 11 17:02:34 2001
Contact: Pam Yontz - tiggertrix(at)


I am looking for some information on some relatives of mine for a school project. They were my great-great uncles born around the turn of the century. Last name Bowman. There were 3-5 brothers. One was named Harrold. Some time during 1910-1920 they became famous for robbing banks in the Morgan County area. Specifically Chesterhill, Morgan County. I believe they lived in Chesterhill For some time probably born there. They travelled all over the state and the county before being incarcerated in the mid 1930s. I think all of the brothers are dead now except for one. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Date of query: Thu May 10 16:51:52 2001
Contact: Jessica Lewis - jessica_lewis(at)


Hi, I am wondering if anyone might know who the Contact person is for the McConnessville Cementary in Morgan County. I need to find who would have the actual Cem. records for burials there. I know some of the books list people, but I do not think a stone is there so I need to find someone at the cementary who might have acess to the records. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your help. Stephen Fox

Date of query: Mon May 7 23:07:18 2001
Contact: Stephen Fox - sfox1582(at)


I'm looking for WILSONs in Morgan County after 1856 or 1857. Josiah Wilson and Phebe Durnal Wilson lived near Portersville in Bearfield Township, Perry county. Phebe died about 1857 and their children were bound out to "families in the area". I believe some of the children may have ended up in Morgan county because of the proximity of Porterville to the county line. The children I am seeking are Shannon WILSON b. abt 1839, Rebecca WILSON b. abt 1844, Ann WILSON b. abt 1846, Delila WILSON b. abt 1849, and Miley WILSON, b. abt 1852. I have information on the ancestors of these children which I would be happy to share. Cindy Courtier ccourtier(at)

Date of query: Mon May 7 13:17:32 2001
Contact: Cindy Courtier - ccourtier(at)


Searching for information on Hastings GOULDSBERRY family (or variant in spelling), buried in Reinersville, Ohio (Morgan County). Have death date as 9th Apr 1896. Would like to know more about this Gouldsberry family. Wife is Sarah HANEY, buried also in Reinersville, OHIO. Children: Charlotte, Allison, Robert, Hastings B. (married a KNOX,HASTINGS), Elizabeth (married a BAKER), Catherine (married a SEALOCK), and Joseph H. (married Evaline -Eva- BAKER).

Date of query: Sun May 6 09:39:49 2001
Contact: Leona - suzq1948(at)


Is there anyone who could do a birth record lookup in Morgan Co., OH.? The name is Elizabeth Ogg b. 2-13-1815 in Morgan Co., OH. I am interested in the names of her parents. Thanks in advance. Mary R-G [Mary has been informed that birth records don't go that early, but she is interested in contacting anyone with info about this family.-SM]

Date of query: Fri May 4 16:11:23 2001
Contact: Mary Ready-Gatewood - maryjane(at)


Looking for information on John MELLOR and Temperance HENRY, married 24 Feb. 1843, in Morgan Co., Ohio, parents of Eathel Henry Mellor, born 10/21/1854, in Malta, Morgan Co., Ohio. Also looking for information on Ephriam P.(Palmer?) DUNSMOOR and Sarah FOUTS, parents of Alice Mabel DUNSMORE born 4/9/1854, in Malta, Morgan Co., Ohio. Eathel and Alice Mellor, with their youngest son (John Dunsmore Mellor, my grandfather) moved from Malta to homestead in Williston, ND, in 1902, with a William A. and Lilly Palmer, also of Malta. I think they are cousins, but have no proof of a connection. I would like to correspond with anyone interested in these families.

Date of query: Sun Apr 29 19:55:59 2001
Contact: Char Myhre - char_myhre(at)


I am looking for information on Samuel H. MORGAN and his family. Samuel was born ca. 1821 in VA. He was shown in the 1850 and 1860 census residing in Center Twp.,Morgan Co., with his family. His wife name was Mary E. GILLILAND, b ca, 1824 and they were married in Belmont Co. in 1844. They had the following children: Margaret (1847); William (1849); John M (1851); and James S. (1859) Any help with this family will be appreciated. Willing to share what information I have.

Date of query: Tue Apr 24 07:06:59 2001
Contact: Linda Kent - lindak(at)


I am looking for info. on Samuel Lee ansd Lousia Smith. They were married in Morgan Co. In McConnelsville, Ohio on July 4, 1850. lousia was born in Bloom township in Morgan Co. Her family were Quackers. Her parent's were Nathan Smith and Susannah Howard Smith.

Date of query: Sat Apr 7 16:44:00 2001
Contact: R. Lee - relee1(at)


I'm looking for information on the William Bowie Clan. William married Meriah Windham on 30 June 1820 in Belmont Co.,OH. then lived in Morgan Co.,OH.for several decades.They appear in the 1850 Morgan Co.,OH. census.Their children were:Saccracessa,James William(my line),Benson C.,Reason H.,Hannah Susan,Ann M.,Lucy,Opiniah & Desdermonica. I haven't found husbands yet for the last 3 ladies. William & Meriah are my 3x great- grandparents.After the 1850 census William & Meriah Bowie moved to Union Co.,OH.William was a carpenter. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks! Sincerely, Pam Drake Tell City,IN. padrake2000(at)

Date of query: Fri Apr 6 17:59:55 2001
Contact: Pam Drake - padrake2000(at)


Neelysville/McConnelsville area, Morgan County. Looking for Melisse/Mellisse/Melissa/(Lissie) NEELY. B. 15 Apr, 1853 in McConnelsville. Married 15 Apr. 1876. Died 12 Feb., 1907. I am looking for her parents and siblings.

Date of query: Thu Apr 5 17:35:43 2001
Contact: Jean Heinz - jeanheinz(at)


Seeking information on three BOWIE sisters; Lucy BOWIE b 1828,Opheniah BOWIE b 1830 & Desdermonica BOWIE b 1835 Olive Twp, Morgan Co. Ohio. They should have married in Morgan Co. Ohio after 1850. Their parents William & Maria (WINDHAM) BOWIE moved on to Union Co. OH & died there 1853 & 1854 Other BOWIE children were Sacaressa b 1821,James W b 1822, Benson C b 1826,Reason H. b 1833 & Ann M. b 1839 in Morgan Co. Oh.Seeking orgin & parents of William BOWIE b 1791 VA md 1820 Belmont Co Resided in Morgan Co. 1830-40-50

Date of query: Sat Apr 14 05:54:56 2001
Contact: Ann Newell - Lnewella(at)


Looking for information on DEAN HARDING born in MConnellsville 1883-1884 He married HELEN DEUTSCH 1907- 1909 had a daughter BEATRICE K HARDING on Aug 19 1909 Helen and Dean were divorced. All I was told he had a brother named AUDBREY. this would have been my grandfather on my mothers side

Date of query: Thu Apr 19 18:11:10 2001
Contact: - kccd2000(at)


Morgan Co., Ohio marriage 23 Aug 1846 of William B. WALKER to Margaret Ann BURR. By about 1850 they had moved to Coles/Cumberland Co., IL. Who were their parents and siblings?

Date of query: Sun Apr 15 10:05:11 2001
Contact: Dale R. Lutz - drlutz(at)


I am looking for any info on Linus GHEEN. I believe he was born in Morgan County Windsor Twp. Ohio in the late 1840's or early 1850's. He came to MO in the 1860's. Would like info on his parents and siblings. Census records indicate his parents were born in VA. Would greatly appreciate any help.

Date of query: Mon Apr 2 07:01:59 2001
Contact: Sally Gheens Guilford - slguilford(at)


Any information on John LINN m Nancy KINNEY first and then Elizabeth HALE 6 Apr 1870 in Morgan Co. They lived in Marion Twp, Morgan Co from approx 1850 to 1910. Children were Margaret b. 1825, John Jr b. 1829, Charles, Cynthia b. 1835, Thomas Miller b. 1847, & Sarah b. 1834 from first marriage & Andrew J b. 1865, Maria, Seymour b. 1869, Marth b. 1869a & Hannah b. 1872 from second marriage. John Sr d. 1882 and we would like to know where he is buried and where he was born. John Jr (my ancestor) married Keturah ADRIAN Arpil 6, 1854 and they had 16 children including Jacob R (my ancestor) who married Anna Rebecca McGREW 1899 at the U.B. church in nearby Bartlett. I would like to correspond with anyone interested in exchanging information on this family.

Date of query: Sat Mar 31 04:34:22 2001
Contact: Gary LINN - glinn(at)


Seeking information on Enoch ATWOOD. Believed to have come from Muskingum Co. abt 1850 to Morgan Co. Married to Nancy DAVIS abt 1840. Had a brother named Thomas ATWOOD. Known children Mary b. abt 1843, Eliza b. abt 1846, Lewis b. abt 1852. Interested in any information.

Date of query: Sat Mar 31 00:02:47 2001
Contact: Barb Pearson - bowwow(at)


Researching Andrew GOBEL (Andreas GABEL) family that originally settled in York Twp / Morgan Co, OH ca. 1833 and descendants that later moved to Zanesville / Muskingum Co, OH and Bloom Twp / Wood Co, OH. See website for genealogy.

Date of query: Wed Mar 28 19:04:08 2001
Contact: Gary L. Franks - engineer9(at)


I am looking for any ancestors of John Gillespie, Samuel Martin Gillespie Orie Gillespie/ Samuel Martin Gillespie was born?.Charles T. Gillespie b. in Malta, Ohio Morgan County Ohio 12-9-1853 and d. 12-13-1922. He was a school teacher at the old Haver Hill School in Musking Co. He marries Harriet Swingle. John Thomas Gillespie b. 12-16-1827 Hartford Co. MD. Married Eliza J. Risen 11-12-1846 Morgan Co Oh.died 1-3 or 5 1913.

Date of query: Mon Mar 26 18:47:03 2001
Contact: Mike Ashford - Bulldog116(at)


Looking for Martin Keith b. 1839, died 1869 at the age of 30 in OH. Olive Township, which is now Noble County. Martin had a son Wesley Elmer Keith, of South Olive, Ohio. Wesley Elmer had several sons and a daughter, one of his sons was my Grandfather Glenn Clifford Keith. I need Martin G. Keith's parents name.

Date of query: Sun Mar 25 10:11:21 2001
Contact: GREG URBAN - gregurban(at)


Looking in Morgan Co. for the William KLIER family who may have lived here in the late 1840's-early 1850's. If you have information, please email: erwin1(at)

Date of query: Tue Mar 20 11:02:30 2001
Contact: Dianne Erwin - erwin1(at)


MARTIN, Obed m.Elizabeth SHUCKLES COLVIN 22 Dec 1822 in Morgan County OHIO. Obed might be child of Daniel and Elizabeth SEARLES MARTIN, who came from Steuben County New York. Obed had children: Silas, Hannah, Christopher Cl, Mary Ann, and Obediah. Obediah born abt 1828, probably in Morgan Co OH, is my ancestor. Obed was widowed about 1828-29, and moved to Putnam Co OH in 1832, where he remarried and died before 1850. As yet, we have not connected Obed to any of the other MARTIN men in Morgan County Ohio. To date I have not been able to connect Elizabeth Shuckles Colvin to parents or any other relatives in Morgan Co Oh. Anyone else out there looking for these MARTIN families? Thanks for your interest, Jean Lee

Date of query: Sun Mar 18 14:02:40 2001
Contact: Jean Lee - jeanlee(at)


Seeking pedigrees on GASTON family of Morgan Co. Dr. Alexander GASTON m. Rachel PERRY.Thanks, Russ Perry

Date of query: Sat Mar 17 03:52:24 2001
Contact: Russ Perry - russperry(at)


I am searching for info on Elijah W. Coleman, apparently born in the 1830s in Morgan County. He served in the 30th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. Anything about him or anyone serving in the 30th OVI would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave Hayes

Date of query: Fri Mar 16 21:29:43 2001
Contact: David Hayes - davkathayes(at)


Looking for any information on the ACKLES Family. Some are buried in the Janes Cemetery which is located in Morgan Co. I am interested in the family of George and Louisa(WALKER)ACKLES, children George, Sarah Ellen, Margaret, and James F.

Date of query: Thu Mar 15 09:04:37 2001
Contact: Shirley wheet - d.dwheet(at)


WHITAKER, REES Looking for information on Isaac Whitaker, born 1789 MD, died 1869, buried Deerfield Cemetery, OH married Hannah Rees, born 1795 Louden, VA, died 1885. buried Deerfield Cemetery, OH. Both lived in Morgan Co, OH, settled near Triadelphia. Had 11 children. Isaac Whitaker came to Zanesvile 1803. Moved to Morgan Co prior to 1820. Any information on them would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

Date of query: Wed Mar 14 09:36:27 2001
Contact: Jane McCallister - jmccall(at)


James BROWN b ca. 1806 in PA, married Priscilla ROBINETT in Morgan Co. 22 April 1831. By 1850 they were in Meigs Twp., Muskingum Co., Ohio, just across the county line from Morgan Co. Would appreciate anything on this family.

Date of query: Wed Mar 14 07:08:26 2001
Contact: Diane J. Nichols - dianejnichols(at)


Looking for Thomas MARTIN b 1845 in Morgan County, Ohio. He was married to Dorcas WALLACE b 1847. They were married 31 Oct 1867. Thomas MARTIN is buried in Meigs Cemetery. His parents were Thomas MARTIN b 1801 and Jersula WHITNEY b 1809.

Date of query: Fri Mar 9 20:38:02 2001
Contact: Mary Fischer - gmafisch(at)


PINKERTON, Alexander - I am looking for the parents of Alexander R Pinkerton of Allegheny County Pennsylvania (1783-1837). His wife was Nancy Adams of Fayette County Pennsylvania (1776-1845). The Pinkerton move and settled in McConnelsville, Morgan County 1820. They had the following children: Robert Adams, Eliza, David Clendennin and Henry R. I would like to correspond with anyone interested in exchanging information on this family.

Date of query: Thu Mar 8 11:53:54 2001
Contact: Jose L Ricoy - jl.ricoy(at)bbs.chemeketa .edu


Searching for information on NIMROD WILLIAMS who was in Morgan County from 1820 to late 1840's. Wife was REBAKAH KING. Had son LEVI who married ELIZABETH WAGNER, daughter of PETER WAGNER in Motgan County. Linda Williams Treat

Date of query: Tue Mar 6 09:39:19 2001
Contact: Linda Williams Treat - tltreat37(at)


Looking for any info. on gg- grandfather George C. Sly b.1829,Ohio. Married Julia A. Look 1848 in Morgan Co.,Olive,Ohio. Now Olive Twp. Noble Co. Ohio. Any info. on any Sly. Thank you, ~Sue

Date of query: Thu Mar 1 11:24:56 2001
Contact: ~Sue - rarmentrout(at)


I am searching for Daniel MOREHOUSE born circa 1854 to Jesse MOREHOUSE in "Winsor" Ohio. Both Daniel's mother and father were also born in Winsor Ohio according to Daniel's death certificate. Daniel died in 1907 in Cambridge, Mass. I have found 2 Windsor Ohios, but no Winsors, so I am assuming it must be one of the Windsors. Can anyone help me determine if Windsor in Morgan County is the place where the MOREHOUSEs resided in the mid 1800s. Thank you.

Date of query: Wed Feb 28 10:55:09 2001
Contact: Debbie Morehouse - debbiemorehouse(at)


Looking for parents of William Reed Piper he was born 1842 in Morgan county, Ohio. The family moved to Virequa, WI for one summer when William was 14 then to Davis county, Iowa. Father may be Joseph A. or Benjamin F Piper.

Date of query: Mon Feb 26 09:26:46 2001
Contact: Molly Piper - rpcs(at)


Looking for any information on the CARPENTER or GRIMES family of Chesterhill/Morgan County Ohio. The CARPENTER family has been in Morgan County area since the late 1700's. Any information at all wpould be appreciated.

Date of query: Wed Feb 21 17:56:48 2001
Contact: Kenneth L Carpenter - weepa_kc(at)yahoo .com


Seek information about Joshua SANDS born 1832 probably Morgan County Ohio married to Lucy E. JOHNSON born Sept 1838. Lucy and Joshua were married 18 September 1859 in Morgan County, Ohio. I believe that Joshua was the son of Richard SANDS and Rebecca HARRISON. Joshua was born Ohio, both his parents were born in Maryland. Joshua and Lucy moved to Richland, Vinton County, Ohio. I think Joshua died between 1900 and 1910. Lucy is shown in 1910 census living alone. their children lived in Athens and Vinton Ohio, may have been born in Morgan County, Ohio. George H. Sands born March 1864( married Belle), Elizabeth Sands (married Elmer BIDDISON) Lilly( married HORTON or SANDERS), Joshua R. SANDS ( married Jeanette FULLER) Cora Bell Sands born September 1877 (married Ray O. ZIEGLER)

Date of query: Mon Feb 19 12:36:54 2001
Contact: Carole Ziegler - carolezig(at)


Looking for any information on the HAWK family of Morgan County. My Tacy Jane Hawk married James McVeigh in Morgain County in 1848. They are burried in Mount Olivet cemetery in Windsor Twp. There are other Hawks burried there, but have no other information. Thank You, Nelson.

Date of query: Mon Feb 19 09:12:17 2001
Contact: Nelson Yost - riverflo77(at)


Looking to find out where in Morgan Co the town of Filo, York Twp (Not Philo in Musk Co) was located where my GGG GF Franz WEINER lived in the early 1840's and also where Muttonburg (possibly in Union Twp) was located where my GG GF ATKINSON lived in the early 1850's. Would appreciate any info. Thanks.

Date of query: Sun Feb 18 18:47:52 2001
Contact: Dick Weiner - Poppadk(at)


Seeking info on James T. and Jacob FOWLER. I know that James T. (b.1790) lived in Morgan Co. Ohio in the 1830, 1840 and then moved to Schuyler Co. Illinois around 1850. Jacob (b. 1804) lived next door to James T. in the 1840 census, so is probably a brother. Jacob's 1st wife was possibly Mary Ann Smith, and his 2nd wife was Henrietta Vammeter (m. Feb. 2,1842 in Morgan Co. Ohio). Jacob and family were possibly in Schuyler Co, Ill. in 1830 and in McDonough Co. Ill. in 1860 according to Ill. census. Hope there is someone that might have info on one or both of these men and there families, both ancestors & decendents. Thanks, Charlotte Luster

Date of query: Sat Feb 17 19:16:59 2001
Contact: Charlotte Luster - LMCALUST(at)


Searching for ancestors of Rebecca Phillips. Married George Pierce on April 2, 1818 in Muskingum County, Ohio (Now Morgan County). She was born 1800 in Virginia. Showed up in 1840 Census Union Twp. Morgan County. Had 10 or 12 children.

Date of query: Fri Feb 16 21:29:14 2001
Contact: Dale Pierce - plumwood(at)

Balderston or Balderson

I am looking for any informaiton that connects George Balderson to Jacob Balderston. Head of Household Jacob Balderston Date of Birth: 12 May 1785 in Horsham, Montgomery, PA Died: 22 May 1856 in Pennsville, Ohio Wife: Ester Worral Born: 22 Oct 1782 in Pennsyvlania Died 22 May Mar 1864 in Pennsville, Ohio Children: 1. George Balderson Born 2 Sept 1819 in Zanesville, Ohio Died 15 Jan 1899 in Gage County Nebraska Wife: Sarah E. Davis 2. Joseph Balderston Born 8 Oct 1810 Chester, Pennsylvania Died: 15 Feb 1888 Iowa 3. John Hollett Balderston Born: 7 Mar 1814 Windsor Twp, Morgan County, Ohio Died 12 Jan 1852 Windsor Twp, Morgan County, Ohio 4. Jonathan Balderson Born: 6 May 1823 Pennsville, Morgan County, OH Died: 14 Jun 1856 5 Elizabeth Balderson Born: 6 Nov. 1825 in Morgan County, Ohio Died: 7 Jan 1893

Date of query: Fri Feb 16 07:06:28 2001
Contact: Joseph J. Ripley - ripley(at)


Hiram Ward, b. 1818 in Pa. lived almost 60 years in Morgan Co. until about 1882 when he moved to Ks with a son. He married Elda Ann Arvin,( b.1820in MD)in Morgan Co. in 1838. James H. Hall b.1828 married Mary Mingus b.1830 on 1852 Morgan Co. The Wards had sons:Hanson, Erastus, Gaston, Hiram Jr., and a daughter, Mary Francis. The Hall children were John Harvey, Mary Dane, twins died in infancy,Elizabeth Ann, Helen Hortense, Hannah Alice, Curtis E., Charles V., Joseph Warren, William Sherman. Am searching for information on the parents of Hiram Ward, Elda Arvin, James H. Hall, and Mary Jane Mingus. Thanks for any help!

Date of query: Thu Feb 15 15:59:28 2001
Contact: Julia Warner - jwarner(at)


Seeking info on LONGLEY and SAVAGE connections in Morgan County. 1850 census lists a Wildman LONGLEY married to Lavina SAVAGE. They had two sons James and Thomas who were later in Co F, 77th Ohio Infantry. Also is Julia C LONGLEY b. 1844 in Morgan County to William and Sarah LONGLEY. William and family moved after 1853 to Noble Co., Indiana, but Julia C Longley returned in 1868 to marry David H SAVAGE (who also served in Co F, 77th Infantry). It is my belief that William and Wildman LONGLEY were brothers and that David SAVAGE was related to Lavina somehow. I would love to share information with interested parties.

Date of query: Wed Feb 14 06:56:24 2001
Contact: Ky Longley - kylongley(at)


I am interested in imformation on Julius Kincaid. He was tried for murder, escaped and hid out in Chesterhill eventually escaping and going west. Any info on facts of case or avasilibility of court records would be appreciated. The time period was late 1860's. The murder was (I think) in the Roxbury area. Kincaid and another man robbed an isolated farmhouse, murdered the owner and attempted to cover it up by setting a fire.

Date of query: Mon Feb 12 06:05:39 2001
Contact: Jeff Morris - Jeff_Morris(at)


I'm looking for info. on gg- grandparents GEORGE SLY and JULIA A. LOOK. Married Jan.6,1848 in Morgan Co. now Olive Twp. Noble Co. Ohio. Anything on SLY/LOOK from these areas. Thank you, ~Sue

Date of query: Sun Feb 11 06:48:50 2001
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If there is anyone who can do a look-up at the Morgan Co courthouse for a death record of Juliann Shepard Moore wife of Jabez Moore who died between 1863 and 1880 in Morgan County I would GREATLY appreciate it.She was born bout 1815 (possibly in Belmont Co), but lived in Morgan County since the 1840's.

Date of query: Sat Feb 10 21:55:25 2001
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Am interested in finding any information on Franklin FALL married to Hannah Ann CHANCY married 3 Dec 1856 in Morgan Co. OH they had 3 childred born to this marriage Alonzo E. FALL, Mary FALL, William Albert FALL. Franklin relocated to WV and remarried here to a Permelia GREATHOUSE, in the year of 1873 . Would like to find birth records for the children and death records for Hannah. Thank You

Date of query: Fri Feb 9 07:19:43 2001
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I am attempting to locate information on my gr-gr-grandparents who were the parents of Hannah Elizabeth (KOONS) SHOOP, as well as my gr-gr-gr- grandparents, the parents of Susannah (KING) ONG. Susannah KING, b. 21 Jan 1817, m. Reason (Rezin) ONG 18 Feb 1836. They lived in Unionville, Pattens Mill, Mill Grove, back in Unionville, and Hooksburg, all in MORGAN CO., before moving c. 1873 to Beverly in Washington Co., OH, where they are buried. She died 8 May 1897. Their children, born 1836 to 1863, were Mary, Sarah H., Oliver C., Julian, Maria Louisa, Nathan K., Addison P., Richard B., Edgar M., Susan Emma, and John F. Susannah's father was Solomon KING, and that is all I know about her parents. Would like to know more. My great-grandmother, Hannah Elizabeth KOONS, is my brick wall, as I cannot locate her parents or siblings. She was born in July 1847, possibly in Holmes Co., OH, and was living on a farm near McConnelsville, MORGAN CO., during the Civil War, at which time the farm was a target of Morgan's Raiders. On 18 July 1865, she married James B. SHOOP of MORGAN CO. who had served in Co.B, 62nd OVI in the war. They moved to Amesville, Athens Co., OH, where they had seven children: Fred, Hugh, Nellie, James P., Edyth, Jessie, and William Edgar. They moved to Beverly, Washington Co., probably in the 1890s. Hannah Elizabeth ("Lizzie") died 14 Oct., 1920 and is buried in Beverly. I don't know why the KOONS family is so impossible to locate but will be eternally grateful if someone can identify her parents. Thank you!

Date of query: Sun Feb 4 19:15:02 2001
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Seeking info on a William McCULLOUCH listed in 1850 census in Union Twp. Morgan Co., age 15 a laborer living with the family of Richard WILLIAMS. William McCULLOUCH was born ca. 1835, maybe in Belmont Co., Ohio. Could be a s/o Peter McCullough & Isabella (Parr) who lived in Belmont Co., Ohio until about 1836 then to Harrison Co., Ohio by 1840. Any info. greatly appreciated. William's surname maybe actually McCOLLOUGH or McCULLOUGH. Believed to had a brother James McCULLOUGH who md. Mary Jane RUSK on 12 Oct 1848 at Malta, Morgan Co. James & Mary Jane later found in DeWitt Co., Illinois. Will answer all e- mail. Thanks for you help.

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Looking for Eva TODD. Her parents, Shannon TODD & Rachel FAWCETT were married in Morgan Co, Ohio in 1857. Their firstborn was Eva, born before 1860. They were in Iowa in the 1870 census, without Eva. Was Eva in the Morgan County census in 1860 and/or 1870? If she was, with what family? I will gladly exchange information.

Date of query: Tue Jan 30 17:25:36 2001
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I am also looking for a William Hughes, his wifes name was INLY or Iuly. They sold land in Allen County,Ohio to Jeremiah Hughes in 1844.The entry said William Hughes of Morgan County,OH. I will share all I have of this Hughes family.

Date of query: Thu Jan 25 18:52:48 2001
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Does anyone know if the Peter Kidd in the 1850 Morgan Co. Meigsville township ever married a woman named Sarah that may have been married to a Tucker, and by 1860 are living in Wright, Hillsdale Co. Mich? Any info greatly appreciated.

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Am looking for all of the above names who were mostly of McConnellsville (Roberts, Bird, Lindamore, Jenkins) and Deavertown (Baumgartner, May, Short, Piccone, Sprouse). They were in Morgan county beginning at least in the 1850s and some of the relatives Are (may) be still in the county. I am looking for any/all info or leads. Two further names I am researching in the county are Harper and Swiver. THANK YOU

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I am looking for information about William Bennett who was living in Morgan County, OH in 1852. He was named in the will written in 1852 by his brother, John Bennett, in Greenfield Township, Blair County, PA. Greenfield Township was part of Bedford County, PA until 1846 when Blair County was formed. I believe William Bennett was born about 1791 possibly in PA, but I am not sure. Trying to find the parents of William Bennett. Thank you!

Date of query: Sun Jan 21 04:29:35 2001
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i'm looking for maternal family ancestors from MORGAN cty. May also be from ATHENS cty.

Date of query: Sun Jan 21 02:07:59 2001
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Searching info on William McCULLOCH, age 15 b. OHIO, laborer living in 1850 Morgan Co., OH census Union Twp. with family of Richard Williams family. William may have spelled surname as McCULLOUGH or McCOLLOUGH. Any help appreciated.

Date of query: Fri Jan 19 14:25:25 2001
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My grandmother was Hazel Monroe who married SS Gill and died in 1926, her dad was Thomas monroe and nancy hivender If any one has info or photos please let me know Hazel had a sister Effie Jenkins. Thanks and God bless.

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Searching for family of Jamima MCNABB who married Isaac ROBINSON December 18, 1837 in Morgan County. Isaac was b. 1815 in Brooke Co. WV and migrated with several brothers to Muskingum and Morgan Counties, then on to Illinois where Isaac died in 1840. Believe Jamima was probably descended from the Brooke Co. McNabb's who migrated to Coshocton Co. in 1815, but have not found her parents.

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I found the following in : Family Archive #354 Passenger and Immigration Index, 2000 Edition Robert CAMPBELL. Place: New York. Year:1801. Age:14? Accompanying family members: Child John; Child Robert. Source publication code:5819 Source publication page number:8 Source name:MORGAN COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, OHIO, compiler. Genealogical Extracts from Naturalization Records, Morgan County, Ohio. McConnelsville, Ohio: the society, 1982. 50p. Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index. Quesion 1: Can someone verify that this Morgan County record exists? We have a Robert CAMPBELL and a wife, Jane - we think her maiden name was also CAMPBELL. Their son, Robert F. was 1791 and John born 1795. Robert and his family are in Guernsey County before 1809. Question 2: Is there anything in Morgan County records to support or disprove our hope that this is the Robert CAMPBELL of 1809 Gurnesey County. Michael Helms and Haybron Adams have been very helpful and I appreciate it. Regards to the list Hal

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looking for john harris.he moved with his parents john and mary harris and 2 sisters ellen and ada to ohio in 1833.born at phila. 7-25-1825.they were in the 1860 census of morgan co. he moved to noble where he married celesta goodgich 7-20-1867.i would like to correspond to anyone interested in exchanging info on this family

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