Submitted by:  Anne Roberts

Court Proceedings.


Funkenstein  Moore v  E B Coolidge et al, judgment for plff $127,-82.


John S. Snider v Levi Bowman et al, judgment for plff $364,68.


James A Nixon v George McCaffry, motion to strike out certain portions of Petition sustained.


Thomas N Black v Selby Mining company, judgment for plff $1488,-53.


Nelson Rodgers v Edward D Cain et al, judgment for plff $192,-I2 and sale of lot No 110 in Ferrara ordered.


Robt Hammond v Daniel Harbaugh et al, judgment for plff $165.


Charles Lynch v Straitsville Coal and Iron company, rule for security for costs by first day of next term.


Wm Welch v   Wm C Maholm, judgment for plff $4397,87.


John H Wyland v Henry Hammond et al, cause dismissed without prejudice.


Thomas B Teeters v James R. Boyles et al, judgment for plff against Boyles for $74.72.


George W Lear v O W Shipman, verdict by consent for plff for $1000.


Wm G Bucknor v Selby Mining company, judgment for plff $650,70.


Gabriel Cummins et al, v Waldo Taylor et al, suggestion of the death of David Cummins one of the parties plff. Appointment of next friend for infants.


George W Lear v Rebecca J Lear, decree for divorce.


Isaiah Davis v Wm C  Maholm et al, judgment for plff $5509,70, exceptions to ruling on service.


George W Foster et al v Mariah Foster et al, confirmation of appointment &c.


John Dike v Winnifred Jones, confirmation of sale.


Jacob Hammond v F Mortrier et al, sale set aside.


James Wolf and others v George Wolf and others, appraisement set aside and premises ordered to be sold at a sum not less than $3,000.


John O’Rheuick  v George Price, judgment for plff $137,07.


George Price v John O’Rheuick, plff found to have no cause of action, cause dismissed at plffs cost.


Biddle Hardware co v P A Edington and Calvin Wright, finding in favor of Wright and against plff, judgment against Edington $425,43.


Griffith and Wedge v Selby Mining company, judgment for plff $1411.


Thornton Rinehart v James Taylor, judgment for plff $481,15.


James Higgins v Eleanor Higgins et al, confirmation of appraisement.


F M Vanden & Bro v Lawrence Bryan et al, confirmation of sale.


Wm McGarry v James McGarry, demurrer sustained and deft ordered to go hence and plff to pay costs.


Josephine Ryan v Wm Ryan, decree restraining deft from interference with property of plff.


D C Fowler  v James Taylor, sale confirmed.


Thomas J Pumfrey v Mary Pumfrey, decree for divorce when costs are paid.


Cyrus Spencer v Rebecca Spencer, motion to strike depositions from file sustained.


D C Fowler adm’r v S Feigley et al, report of referee confirmed, finding favor plff $800.


David Kokensparger v George Wolf et al, judgment for plff, $420,-27, with 8 per cent interest.


John Carroll v Thomas Welch et al, judgment for Carroll $149,50, for W W Talbot  $156,86.


Hiram Ketcham V Thomas Dew, verification of petition quashed.


Henry D Cochran v A Y Moore, case settled at cost of deft.


Whipps Hadden & Co v  J P Brush, reappraisment of real estate ordered.


Genevra Harrison v George Diller, sale to Marsh set aside and resale ordered.


New Straitsville B & L  Association v S H. Rosencrans, appraisement set aside and new one ordered.


Wm Dugan v  Wm C Maholm, judgment for plff $2580,52 and sale of mortgaged premises ordered.


James Oliver  v Thos Watkins, judgment for plff $159.75.


John Hall v Marcellus Hart et al, decree for deft and judgment against Hill for costs.   (typesetter’s mistake?  )


Bridget Kelly et al v John Sheeran et al, demurrers overruled and leave to defts to answer in 40 days.


John Sheeran adm’r  v Hugh Sheeran et al, continued for further order respecting referee’s report.


Geo W Foster et al  v Maria Foster et al, in partition, cause dismissed.  Leavitt  & Co v O’Keefe, judgment for plff  $ 353,02.


Judgment for Johnson in same case against O’Keefes  $453,36, judgment for John Moore against O’Keefes $1100.  Sale of  mortgaged premises ordered in ten days.


John Bringardner & Co  v George Wolf, reappraisement  of unsold lots ordered.


Jacob Row v Stocklein Bros et al, judgment for J W and E Mackin and J W Weiland   $319,83.


Emma  O McMahon et al   v Sara O Shirley et al, former sale set aside and new one ordered, also reappraisement.


Wm Spencer v Lydia Jacobs, cause continued with leave to plff to file petition in 40 days.


N S B & L Association   v  W K Witham et al, judgment for plff  $276,21 and sale of premises ordered.


Thos Smith  v  S O C and I Co of N Y, demurrer of defts overruled, demurrer to answer sustained, judgment for plff  $4152,25 on note due Aug 1874, and $4264,35  on note due Aug 1875, and decree for sale of mortgaged real estate; defts  except to ruling of court on demurrers.


Ashbrook & Co v  Geo B Trout, confirmation of sale, costs to be retaxed.


Jacob J Johnson  v   Susan H. Stinchcomb et al, appraisement confirmed and sale ordered.


John W  Ball  v  Daniel Harbaugh, judgment for plff  $553,33 and 8 per cent interest.




J C Elder et al  v  H B McLaughlin adm’r of A. Edington, trust fund adjudged to be no part of assets of estate.


A Edington as Justice of the Peace had collected a certain amount of money for certain parties and deposited in bank in his own name, where it remained until his death,  when it was sought by the adm’r  to regard it a part of the estate.  Whereupon the bondsmen of Edington filed a petition in injunction restraining the adm’r from interfering with the fund.  Duffy   & Burgess for plff, Butler  & Huffman contra.