MAY 11, 1876, page 3:

Submitted by Anne Roberts

Two separate items  of interest:

The Egg Business

  Eggs are exported largely from Perry county.   J. D. Webster, of New Lexington, is the heaviest shipper.  The egg trade, to some persons, may appear insignificant- but begin to count them by the barrel, and you make the discovery that they run into money very fast.  Aside from the towns of the county, which now  consume no insignificant share, the eggs of this country are principally shipped to New York, and poultry, dittoe.  The annual production of eggs in Perry county is not decreasing but, increasing, rather.--- There is money in the trade--- yes, millions—but not to any one producer or shipper.  Still there is money in it, and the producer is on the safest ground.

Milton Binckley, Esq.,

Born and brought up at Somerset, Perry county, Ohio, is another of the boys that has been nearly lost sight of.  He was a son of John and Charlotte Binckley, and began life, we believe, as a painter, in which profession he required a considerable reputation.  We have been informed that he did a part of the work on the celebrated Bullard’s Panorama of New York City.

   But, after a while, Milton drifted to Washington City, and became a clerk in one of the Departments, and married the daughter of a subordinate government officer from the State of Virginia.  Mr. B. was in office under Buchanan, remained under Lincoln, and, under Johnson, had worked his way high up in the Attorney General’s office;  so that, at one time, during the protracted absence of the Attorney General, a number of State papers were at one time issued, signed, “Milton Binckley, acting Attorney General of the United States.”--  He remained in office at Washington, until the incoming of Grant.

     Since his retirement from Government service, he has spent the greater part of the time in Chicago, as a writer on one of the leading city papers.  Recently he has gone to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to take charge of a newspaper.

    Milton Binckley is a brother of P. H. Binckley, of Somerset, Ohio, and of Allen Binckley, who died recently, in the State of Iowa.

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