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Andrews Harriett W--w/o Samuel Andrews--died 30 Dec 1865--aged 34y 4m 11d

Bacon Martin--s/o John & Sarah Bacon--b 25 Jan 1803--d 17 March 1885--aged
82y 1m 20d
Bacon Mary m--w/o Martin Bacon--died 20 Sept 1866--aged 57y 7m 1d
Bacon Maranda--d/o Martin & Mary M Bacon--died 11 Jan 1863--aged 21y 3m 22d

Baker Phebe--w/o Major Seth Baker--died 17 Aug 1828--aged 36y

Baldwin Mary--infant--d/o I & B Baldwin--b 7 July 1860--d 30 Sept 1861

Beckett William--b 13 March 1807--d  3 Dec 1884--
Beckett Clarinda--w/o William Beckett--b 11 Dec 1810--d 21 Jan 1885

Beckett Henrietta--w/o William Beckett--died 8 Sept 1836--aged 27y 7m 2d

Beckett Rowena--d/o William & C Beckett--died 3 June 1831--aged 4y 10m 25d

Beckett John--died 7 April 1876--aged 70y 10m 23d
Beckett Mary (Watson)--b 11 Nov 1808--d 4 Feb 1895
Beckett George s--b 1 Nov 1834--d 15 March 1903

Beckett Jacob--s/o John & Mary Beckett--died 12 Aug 1839--aged 6y

Beckett J P--b 26 July 1833--d 18 July 1903
Beckett Ann S--w/o J P Beckett--b 4 Aug 1830--d 28 Dec 1902

Beckett Myrtle--d/o ???? Beckett--died 20 Dec 1868

Bolen Sarah C--w/o Daniel  Bolen--d/o Martin & Mary M Bacon--died 1 June
1859--aged 24y 7m 26d

Chadwick Simon--b 1832--d 1869
Chadwick Lucinda (Rowland)--b 1837--d 1903
Chadwick Daniel--b 1859--d 1870

Clark M James--died 10 March 1826--aged 69y

Coburn Nicholas--died 18 Aug 1867--aged 63y 4m 24d
Coburn Elizabeth--w/o Nicholas Coburn-- died 30 Oct 1877--aged 69y 7m 7d

Coburn Nicholas--died 18 April 1848--aged 77y
Coburn Rosamond--w/o NIcholas Coburn--died 25 Nov 1828--aged 54y

Coburn Louisa--d/o Nicholas & Rosamond Coburn--died 31 July 1828--aged 19y
Coburn Nicholas--s/o Barzilla & Anny Coburn--died 6 Oct 1821

Coburn Mary--d/o Barzilla & Anny Coburn--died 22 Sept 1827-- aged 7y 9m

Coburn Horatio--s/o N & E Coburn--died 27 June 1843--aged 19d

Cory Thomas--Native of Rhode Island--died 13 Sept 1822--aged 59y Rev War
Cory Nancy--w/o Thomas Cory--died 17 Feb 1849--aged 80y 1m 17d

Cory Charlotte--died 16 Oct 1817--aged 26y
Cory Julia V--died July 1817--aged 3y
Cory Vesta --no dates
Cory Martha W--died 21 May 1854--aged 37y 13d
Cory Asa --died 24 Aug 1884--aged 60y 8m 23d
Cory William--died 10 Sept 1828

Cory Charles S--died 17 June 1869--aged 27y 6m 20d
Cory Anna--w/o Charles S Cory--died 16 Jan 1879--aged 86y 3m 25d

Cory Maria W--died 17 Sept 1882--aged 68y 7m 10d
Cory Bethsheba---died 9 Feb 1859--aged 54y 3m 24d

Curry Hannah--w/o Thomas Curry--died 14 July 1868--aged 64y

Davis Nancy J--d/o Cryus & Mary C Davis--died 2 March 1839

Emerson Enoch--s/o Asa Emerson & Wife--died 15 July 1818
Emerson John--s/o Asa & Wife Emerson--died 1 Sept 1813--aged 4y

Elliott Ann A--d/o D A & P E Elliott--died 7 March 1838--aged 2y 11m 23d

Godfrey Louisa B--died Jan 1835--aged 21 y
Godfrey Esther--d/o S & H Godfrey--died 30 March 1844-- 3y 6m
Godfrey Margaret I--d/o S & H Godfrey--died 27 Feb 1849--aged 2y 4m

Harward Henry--b 1733--d 1818
Harward Mary--w/o Henry Harward--died 8 Aug 1848--aged 73y
Harward Catharine-- died 16 March 1841--aged 66y
Harward Mary--d/o George & Elinor Harward--died 15 Sept 1826--aged 4y

Lapham S S--b 30 Aug 1817--d 31 Jan 1908
Lapham Mary C (Jett)--w/o S S Lapham--b 2 May 823--d 14 May 1897
Lapham Mary E--d/o S S & Mary C Lapham--b 27 Aug 1856--d 8 April 1913

Lawrence Dan G--died 3 April 1870--aged 70y 6m 18d
Lawrence Martha--w/o Dan G Lawrence--died 25 Nov 1849--aged 47y 5m 5d
Lawrence Washington M--s/o L & B A Lawrence--died 6 April 1852--aged 1y 11m
Lawrence Isabella--w/o William D Lawrence--died 21 Nov 1879--aged 30y 8m

Lyon Jewlala--w/o John Lyon--died 4Feb 1856--aged 64y 3m 22d
Lyon Randolph--drown 27 May 1840 aged 25y 11m 6d

Morris Bethany L--w/o Jeremiah Morris--b 21 Aug 1811--d 26 March 1901

Murry Edgar L--infant/son of J S & A Murry--d Sept 1876

McClure John--died 6 Aug 1826--aged 67y
McClure Elizabeth-- 20 March 1810
McClure David--died 20 Feb 1825-- aged 22y

McCollum James--died 4 April 1815--aged 17y
McCullum Lucy--w/o John McCollum--died 4 Sept 1812--aged 43y

Olney Lucinda--d/o Asa & Emerson ??? b 1725 or 1825--d 1828
Olney Lucinda--d/o Mr Sylvanus Olney--died 2 Nov 1828--aged 3y
Olney Lucena--died 18 March 1805--aged 8y

Oliver James --died 6 April 1855--aged 29y 3m 24d

Pomeroy Moses--died 30 July 1854--aged 11 y 2m 5d
Pomeroy Francis M--died 24  June 1860--aged 3y 2m 25d
Pomeroy Mary W--died 1 Dec 1840--aged 18d
Pomeroy George--died 8 Aug 1851--aged 4y 11m 4d
Pomeroy Sybyl--died 4 July 1854--aged 15y 11m 23d

Ramsey Lawrence A--b 12 March 1883--d 16 July 1894
Ramsey Clarence L--b 1 Sept 1888--d 17 July 1894

Ross Isaac --died 8 Aug 1877-- aged 53y
Ross Rhoda--d/o Isaac & Elizabeth Ross--died 26 Oct 1860--aged 1y 1m 11d
Ross Jesse--s/o I & E Ross--died 15 Nov 1865--aged 4y

Swift Lyman--died 16 Feb 1864--aged 48y 2m 3d

Vincent Rachel--w/o John Vincent--d.o Asa & Edey Olney--died 11 Dec
1828--aged 36y
Vincent Rachel--w/o George Vincent--died 16 Dec 1855--aged 45y
Vincent Infant--d/o G & R Vincent--died 25 April 1847
Vincent Narcissa L--died 19 July 1854--aged 20y
Vincent James L G R-- died 21 Oct 1862--aged 3y 9m 11d
Vincent Asa O--died 28 Sept 1868--aged 11y 1m 11d

Vincent Thirza E--d/o John & Mary Vincent--died 13 March 1858--aged 5y 7m

Vaughn Robert--died 21 April 1862--aged 57y 6d
Vaughn Eliza H--w/o Robert Vaughn--died 8 Oct 1868--aged 56y 8m 24d
Vaughn Mary E--d/o R & E H Vaughn--died 31 Aug 1864--aged 23y 5m 19d

Webster Adelphi--died 3 March 1842--aged 53y 9m 8d

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