BORN Heirs

This is a list of heirs to a Born family estate. The numbered are seven brothers and sisters with the last name of Born. Their wives/husbands and their children are also listed. The Born brothers and sisters were born from Abt. 1850 - 1875.

1.Carrie Born m George Trautner
Son Edwin Trautner m. Laura Gerhard - one son, one daughter
Dau Lilly m. Robert Schneider - one son, one daughter
Son Herman m unknown - one son
2. Katherine Born b 1 Jan 1871 m William Becker
Son Elmer m Minnie Miller - one daughter
Son Walter
Son Herman m Matilda Wilking - two daughters
Dau Alfreda m Herbert Brum - two sons
Nora m Walter Sarver - two sons
Clarence - died young
3. Jacob Born m Margaret Pfaff
Son Albert
Son Charles
Son Gilbert m Edna Grosglos - two dau, one son
Dau Elizabetha m Albert Schneider - two sons
4. Phoebe Born m David Barth
Son Charles m Mathilda Ineis (this name is blurred) - no children
Son Adam/Edward m Unknown - three daughters, four sons
5. Adam m Catherine Pfaff
Son Elmer m Laverna Marsch - no children
Dau Alfreda m Raymond Zimmer - one daughter
6. Fred Born m Unknown Decker
Dau Lizzie m Henry Wentzel - four or five children
Dau Freda m Norman Tice - three children
Son Alva Born m Nora Knoch - two daughters, one son, deceased
Dau Laura m Leo Wetz - one daughter, three sons
7. Margaret Born b 19 Sept 1855 in Wheeling WV m John Dauber
Dau Sarah , L. E. Whiteneck - no children

Contributed by Susy Wetz

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