located Watertown Township

Philips Micajah--b 1736--d 1861
Philips Binah--w/o Micajah
Philips  Anne--w/o Micajah

Micajah Philips, better known as "Cajo" was a black slave born in Virginia.
He was the salve of Harman Blennerhassett, and it was his duty to ferry the
members of the Blennerhassett family and there many guest back and forth
from their island mansion in the Ohio River near Parkersburg W Va. around
1806 Cajo escaped to the Waterford area where, over the years he helped
other black slaves to freedom.  it is said he knew George Washington
personally, and that he had seven wife's and he lived to be 125 years old.

The tombstone-now totally illegible except for the letters" LIPS "and the
number "125" is located in and open hayfield on the Johnson farm not far from the Johnson Cemetery  The Original Tombstone read---

"Here lies the remains of Micajah Philips who died Dec 8 1861; supposed
aged 125 years.  Born a slave he is now gone to rest free from a master.
Also his two wives Binah and Anne, quietly sleep by his side. in this humble

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