Born 1763, died 1864. Came to America from North Ireland with some brothers and sisters about 1800; these dates are approximate. Settled at Big Bend, Washington County, Ohio. Claimed to be direct descendant of the Duke of Argyle. Involved in fighting against the Catholics in Ireland where he had the title of fife major. In an attempt to kill him aboard ship enroute to America, his sister was cut with a knife. Versatile in accomplishments, a weaver by trade, but could take court proceedings in shorthand. Not a large man but was noted for his strength and skill with the shillelah. Would not ride a horse, but would walk across the hills to Marietta, Ohio, and return in a day, a round trip of fifty miles. While serving on the school board, when meeting an applicant for teacher, would write the examples in the dust of the road for his examination. When he was close to a hundred years of age and my father (Urias Campbell) was ten, he beat my father in a race down a hill.

Ralph E. Campbell (1888-1971), Belpre OH

Contributed by: Louis Ruf

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