1865 Civil War Diary: WILLIAM COMBS

William Combs, s/o James & Mary Ann Finley Combs, b 21 Sep 1843, Washington Co, OH; d 19 Feb 1884, Stanleyville, Washington Co, OH; m 27 Aug 1865, Marietta, Washington Co, OH, Eliza Ann WOODWARD, b 09 Apr 1842, Lancaster, Fairfield Co, OH; d 07 Oct 1907, Chester, Hancock Co, WV.

Sunday 9 April 1865 - Inspection at 9 A.M.. George Olefrits returns to the company; got one letter today and heard from home. drawed rations to day. Orders to move in the morning.

Monday 10 April - Left Goldsboro 8 A.M. went out the Raleigh road; skirmishing in front; Passed some nice farms and saw some reb breastworks; most of the road sandy. Some swamps. rained on us all day. went into camp at dark. wet and tired. 9 miles

Tuesday 11 April - got up at half passed 3. got breakfast dried tents. packed knapsacks marched at half passed 5. raining; marched at steady pace. lots of swamps - got to Smithfield 2 P.M. and went into camp. the boys just go for things; prospect fair.

Wednesday 12 April - left Smithfield at daylight, skirmishing in front, road full of swamps. got to Clayton half past one; went into camp for the night; a train from rebeldom comes in to our lines; heard of Lees surrender Thursday 13 April up at 3 A.M. marched at daylight got to Raleigh 2 oclock in the afternoon that is 15 miles from Clayton: went up passed the state house went through the town and camped close to the lunatic asylum; the place had been nice, but now shows the effects of the rebellion.

Friday 14 April - got up and got breakfast at daylight orders to move at 8. marched at 9. started out on the Greensboro road went one mile and got dinner. marched 4 miles on the greensboro road and turned to the left. went into camp at 10 Oclock. to bed.

Saturday 15 April - marched at daylight, rained in torents; maid half leg dash(?). got to Hollyspring at 3 oclock. went into camp for the night. Hollyspring is about as large as the famous Toad Town. but twice as nice.

Sunday 16 April - up at daylight; marched at 7; went one mile, corduoyed the road, marched five miles to the cross roads and went into camp for the afternoon and night. part of the regiment is on picket; the foragers come loaded at noon and have gone out again this afternoon.

Monday 17 April - Still in camp this very pleasant morning; Orders to wash and clean up things; rumor says that Sherman has gone out to see joe johnson; had inspection at sundown - went to church at 7 oclock back to camp and to bed.

Tuesday 18 April - Very pleasant this morning; any a mount of news but some reliable; on picket in the afternoon; rained a perfect hurican at night and made it bad picketing.

Wednesday 19 April - up and out on the line at 6 A.M.; a very fine morning after such a stormy night; was relieved from picket at 3 oclock; come back to camp. orders to fix up camp inspection at sundown; to bed at 8.

Thursday 20 April - laid in bed till sunrise. got breakfast at 8. got word from the war department that peace was about to be made; and that the Soldiers would soon return to their homes; I suppose its all so.

Friday 21 April - up at daylight, had roll call got breakfast, writing letters in the forenoon; pitched griosts(?) and to a walk in the afternoon; quite a rainstorm towards night; orders to move tomorrow.

Saturday 22 April - up at 5 A.M. breakfast at 6; marched out to our new camping ground and went to work; a beautiful place it is; camp is laid out, so I go to dinner; moved at one oclock; was put under arest for coming over a head of the Regt.

Sunday 23 April - up at Sunrise: had a big row with the officers; corporals Dye and Rea are sent to the guardhouse; myself very near the same place. was released at 10 A.M. and set to doing duty; all right at noon; washed in the afternoon; inspection at sundown.

Monday 24 April - up at daylight; got breakfast at sunrise. on duty till noon. our camp is beautiful. everything seems pleasant; had Roll Call and a walk in the evening; to bed at 8.

Tuesday 25 April - up at daylight. breakfast at 7. fixed up my tent in the forenoon, had corn cakes and molasas for dinner; read a novel in the afternoon; had a dance in the evening; orders to march tomorrow. to bed at 8.

Wednesday 26 April - up at daylight. orders to move contremanded. breakfast a 6. The weather is so very pleasant that I talk a walk; have roll call at tattoo; go to bed at eight.

Thursday 27 April - Samuel Evilsizer returns to the company; he was taken prisoner at chickamauga; one recruit comes for the company today; dress parade at sundown.

Friday 28 April - waked up at 3 oclock A.M. byt the booming of cannon and the rattle of musketry; out in line and on the road to meet the foe; marched 6 miles. found that the fireing was rejoicing; come back to camp and started for home.

Saturday 29 April - up at 4 A.M. got breakfast at 5. dried tents packed knapsacks and moved at 6. marched to the railroad and went into camp for the afternoon and night; drawed rations. Orders to move at daylight. raining

Sunday 30 April - up at half past 3 A.M. got breakfast and done up our things and marched at daylight; marched 18 miles in the forenoon. went into camp at half past 12. mustered for pay in the afternoon.

Monday 1 May - up at 3 A.M. marched at daylight; marched 27 miles and went into camp at sundown being very tired; passed two little villages where the Stars and Stripes were floating to the breeze.

Tuesday 2 May - up at 3 A.M. moved at daylight; passed through Oxford at 9 A.M. and went through Williamsboro in the afternoon; went into camp at sundown near a little village called Townsen.

Wednesday 3 May - up at daylight; got breakfast and marched at 7 A.M.; marched to the Roanoak River and got dinner. crossed the River and marched to Boydton and went into camp one mile from town.

Thursday 4 May - up at daylight; marched at 7 A.M. marched 12 miles and got dinner; marched 10 miles in the afternoon and went into camp for the night; passed no towns today.

Friday 5 May - Slept till daylight. got up and got breakfast; raining; moved 6 A.M. marched 14 miles and got dinner; marched 18 miles in the afternoon and camped very tired. passed Otaway court house.

Saturday 6 May - up at 3 A.M. got breakfast marched at daylight. marched 16 miles and got dinner; marched 15 miles in the afternoon and went into camp at sundown. Crossed the Apomattox River today.

Sunday 7 May - up at daylight marched at 7 am. marched to within 9 miles of Richmond and got dinner; marched to within 3 miles of Richmond in went into camp in a thicket and swamp.

Monday 8 May - laid in bed till sunrise got up and got breakfast. fixed up things in camp in the forenoon and washed up my cloths in the afternoon; drawed rations and had inspection at sundown.

Tuesday 9 May - up at daylight. got breakfast had a shower of rain; donw a little patching and fixing of my cloths; tried to rest all I could. Orders to pass through town tomorrow

Wednesday 10 May - orders to march; order to march contremanded; Sherman arives in town; I made a finger ring out of a tube of a shell; all quiet in camp; orders to march.

Thursday 11 May - Revelie at 4 A.M. and marched at 6. passed through manchester and down to the river; passed over into Richmond. passed castle Thurid and Libby Prison; marched to Hanover court house and camped.

Friday 12 May - the weather rather Squally; marched at 9 A.M. crossed the Pamunky River and got dinner; marched 15 miles and go into camp for the night. Sherman is with us.

Saturday 13 May - up at 3 A.M. marched at daylight; marched 11 miles in the forenoon and got dinner; marched 10 miles in the afternoon and went into camp for the night. all quiet in camp.

Sunday 14 May - Revellie at 4 A.M. marched at 6. marched 13 miles and got dinner; marched 8 miles in the afternoon and camped for the night. good roads; no news.

Monday 15 May - Revellie at 4 A.M. marched at 6. marched 13 miles and got dinner at the Rapidan River. waded the river and marched 7 miles and went into camp.

Tuesday 16 May - up at half past 3 a.m. and moved at half past 5 a.m.; marched to the Apamattox River and got dinner; waded the river and rested till 5 P.M., marched 4 miles and went into camp.

Wednesday 17 May - Revellie at 3 a.m. and marched at 5 a.m. marched 9 miles and got dinner; waded cedar creek and marched 9 miles and went into camp for the night; all quiet

Thursday 18 May - Revellie at 3 a.m. marched at 5 a.m.; marched 8 miles. waded Ball Creek: marched 3 miles and got dinner; rested; marched 4 miles past Fairfax court house and went into camp.

Friday 19 May - up at daylight. got breakfast raining a little. moved at 9 a.m. marched to within 3 miles of Alexandria and went into regular camp till after the Review.

Saturday 20 May - drawed rations. Staid in camp and done nothing but rest myself and be ready for the review of the 24. went to bed at eight oclock.

Sunday 21 May - up at 6 a.m. got breakfast, read newspapers till noon. took a walk in the afternoon on the hill and had a nice view of the Capital;

Monday 22 May - up at daylight and got breakfast at 6 a.m. On guard today; the regiment drawed clothing. on duty at night;

Tuesday 23 May - up at 6 a.m. drawed clothing for the company; washed up and our clothing and cleaned our guns and acoutrements; had inspection at sundown

Wednesday 24 May - up at daylight; got breakfast; left for the city at 9 a.m. crossed the Potomac at the long Bridge; passed on review in the afternoon, thousands were there to see the men that never was whiped. the place was bedecked with flowers, flags and......

Thursday 25 May - left our old camp at 8 oclock. crossed the potomac river and marched through the city of washington and went four miles from town and went into camp at F.T. bunker hill

Friday 26 May - did not rise very early this morning. the weather being wet and cold; got some onions of a citizen. bought some light bread at the fort. went to bed early;

Saturday 27 May - up at 6 a.m. rained all night last night. rained till noon today and cleared up and the sun bright and warm.

Sunday 28 May - up at daylight got breakfast; cooked beef for dinner; Israel Squires and Homer Simons come to see me and took dinner with me; had a walk with Israel.

Monday 29 May - up at daylight got breakfast and laid in camp till noon and went to the 6 Va cavelry in the afternonn and took Supper with Israel.

Tuesday 30 May - up at Sunrise got breakfast; washed up all my clothing this forenoon. got dinner and went over to batery C 1st O at sundown

Wednesday 31 May - up at daylight got breakfast done nothing today but draw rations and take care of them got orders to night to turn over my gun;

Thursday 1 June - up at daylight got breakfast went to the City. took a look at the grand old capital and the fish pond with the gold fish in it.

Friday 2 June - Still in camp the weather very warm. General Thomas in town - the boys go down and serenade him.

Saturday 3 June - up at daylight - got breakfast - cooked dried apples for dinner was reviewed by general Thomas in the afternoon the boys cheer for him as long as he was in sight. he don't look old.

Sunday 4 June - up at Sunrise got breakfast. made a finger ring out of Laurel from Arlington heights. the weather is very warm and sultry. all quiet;

Monday 5 June - laid in camp today. the officers are working on the muster out Rolls. Pleasant weather today

Tuesday 6 June - up at daylight got breakfast. very warm today drawed ratioins all quiet in camp. the boys are all in good cheer.

Wednesday 7 June - done nothing today but cook and eat. the weather is still very warm. my mess mates are E. Mineard ..Robinson, J. Singer and Daniel Olin

Thursday 8 June - up early. got breakfast; expected to be mustered out today, but were not. but I think we will soon

Friday 9 June - Still in camp waiting to be mustered out but was disapointed; Still warm; all quiet

Saturday 10 June - Mustered out at last; mustered out of the united states Servis; So we will start for home tomorrow; the boys are wild with excitement;

Sunday 11 June - Revelie at 3 A.M. moved at 5 a.m. took the eight oclock train for Benwood; passed through that great city Harpers Ferry at midnight.

Monday 12 June - Still on the train passed over the Alegania mountains. passed through indedpendence; through Grafton crossed the Ohio at benwood; took the train at 11 P.M. for Columbus Ohio - run all night.

Tuesday 13 June - Still on the cars driving on towards home as fast as steam can take. passed a nice country today.

Wednesday 14 June - passed through zanesville and Franklin. got to Columbus 2 P.M. got dinner; had a grand receptioni supper and a speech from Gov Brough(?) and others; marched out to camp chase.

Thursday 15 June - in camp yet. drawed rations turned over our guns and accoutrements, knapsacks haversacks, canteens tents and all goverment property.

Friday 16 June - Still in camp read novels today rained a little but still it is warm, all quiet

Saturday 17 June - up at daylight got breadfast. read novels today. went to the Ciota River and to a wash today.

(End of Diary).

Transcribed and contributed by: Les Combs, who adds: William Combs joined Co F, 92nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI) that formed at Marietta, (Washington County, OH) and Camp Chase, Ohio. This diary starts April 1865 (after the unit wintered at Savannah), describes the march through the Carolinas, Virginia, the Grand Review, mustering out and train trip home.

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