Alanson Devereux appraisement

Inventory of the personal property of Alanson Devereux, late of Waterford, deceased, as appraised by us this 24th day of January 1828:

Five chairs at 87 1/2 cts each 4.37 1/2
One other vest .25
One quat chair 1.50
One Do .19
Six Silver Teaspoons 5.00
One pair Tow Trousers .20
One Copper Tea Kettle 1.25
One pair Do .44
One spade .37
One woolen vest .87
One saw 1.00
One pair woolen pantaloon 1.00
One box .25
One blue coat 4.50
One arithmetick .31
One Tow shirt .20
One pair of shoes .37
One candlestick .25
One book, Gibson's surveying 1.00
One brown coat 1.75
One Box of Surveyors instruments 2.50
total 31.24

One pair of Tow trousers .50
One pair Brown Pantaloons .75
One pair Do .50
One pair Do .75
One woolen shirt .62
One pair Green spectacles .30
One Do .87
One pair of White Do .25
One cotton vest .37
One Linnen shirt .22
One pair cotton pantaloons .37
total 1.95

total 33.19

We hereby do certify that the foregoing is a correct list of the personal property of Alanson Devereux amounting to thirty three dollars and nineteen cents as appraised by us.

Rotheus Hayward Edward T. Hayward appraisers

State of Ohio

Personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace Washington County} within and for said county Rotheus Hayward and Edward T. Hayward and each made solemn oath to appraise the personal Property of Alanson Devereux according to Law and the best of their abilities. Given under my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of January A.D. Eighteen hundred and twenty eight.

William W. Dunkano, Justice of the Peace

The within schedule of property is correct so far as the same has come to my knowledge except seeds worth perhaps 3 1/2 cents each, an ox ring and sassle worth but little say 50 cents.

Joseph Devereux

List of Debts

Inventory of the Debts due the Estate of Alanson Devereux so far as the same have come to the hands of the administrator or to his knowledge.

  • A note on Forrest Belknap for 100 Dollars on which there is an endorsement of 25 dollars: 75.00
  • Another of 74 dollars against Joseph Devereux: 74.00
  • Another of 12 dollars vs. Cooks Murray, John W. Knox, & Caleb Fouts: 12.00
  • Another on Jesse Scott for 35 dollars on which there is something still due but how much is unknown: 35.00
  • Due from said Scott 26 juices of something value not known.
  • An order given by Jesse Springer of $7.98 supposed to be due to the Estate of said Devereux: 7.98

  • The above schedule is a correct account of the demands due the estate so far as they have come to my knowledge.

    Joseph Devereux

    The State of Ohio
    In Court of Common Please April Tenth A.D. 1828
    Washington County

    This Inventory and appraisement of the personal property belonging to the estate of Alanson Devereux, late of Waterford in this county, deceased, having been returned was ordered to be Recorded.

    Attest Geo. Dunlevy, Clerk

    Contributed by: Christopher Devereaux

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