Lawrence Township, Washington County, Ohio

Located on Route 26, about 7 miles northeast from Marietta, on the right (east) side of the road.  This is a complete set of transcriptions of all gravestones in the cemetery in August 1993:

C—, H.M. – near Hannah S. Casady’s gravestone, a footstone: H.M.C. [possibly Hannah M. Chambers, below, possibly another Casady/Cassady].

CASADY, Hannah S., Wife of Geo. Casady, Born Sept. 14, 1818, Aged 26 Yrs. 10 Mos. 9 dys.; Sleep on dear wife/And take thy rest/God called thee home/He thought it best.

CASSADY, Tiffany, Born Sept. 26, 1824, Died Jan. 18, 1851.

CAYWOOD: Elizabeth R., Wife of Joseph Caywood, Born Aug. 26, 1808, Died July 16, 1895.

CAYWOOD, Joseph, Born Oct. 2, 1799, Died Jan. 4, 1839, Aged 39 Y. 2 M. 2 Ds.

CHAMBERS, C.W. – Name is inscribed across top edge of stone; no other inscription; front and back either left plain or eroded over time to smoothness.

CHAMBERS: Hannah M., Wife of Elias A. Chambers & dau. of T. Dye, Died Apr. 17, 1851 [1861?], Aged 32 Y, 6 M, 26 D.; My wife the fond companion of my . . . / Lies here entombed with. . . /Thence from me all. . .are. . . / Since she is numbered with the silent dead.

CHAMBERS: Lizzie D., Dau. of Elias & Hannah Chambers, Died Oct. 26, 1873, Aged 27 years; Hold her O Father in thine arms/ And let her henceforth be/ A new & lasting tie between/ Our human hearts and thee.

DYE, Andrew Jackson, Nov. 23, 1816, Aug. 4, 1905; MARIA PETTY, His Wife, Sept. 12, 1818, Feb. 5, 1895.

DYE, Andrew O., Son of I.H. & J.A. Dye, Died Sept. 9, 1855, Aged 1 year 2 mo. 22 ds.  Footstone: A.O.D.

DYE: Rev. Arius Newton, Son of Samuel & Lucinda Dye, Died Dec. 29, 1870, Aged 34 years 11 mo. 3 ds.

DYE, Daniel H., Son of Samuel & Lucinda Dye [the rest broken].

DYE, Dinnie, Born Apr. 23, 1861, Died July 13, 1887.

DYE, Eliza J., Dau. of J.H. & L.J. Dye, Died Sept. 18, 1838, Aged 3 yrs. & 10 mos.

DYE, Elizabeth Caywood – see notes at end.

DYE: [Elizabeth H., Wife of] Thomas Dye, Died Dec. 23, 1851, Aged 57 years 9 mo. 8 days; Footstone: Elizabeth.  [The lines in brackets were broken off by Aug. 1993, but the Documentation File of John Dye Sr., DAR Library, Washington D.C., includes an earlier photograph of this stone, clearly showing the full inscription.]

DYE, Emma M., Dau. of T.C. & J.M. Dye, Died Dec. 1, 1877.

DYE, Hannah (Hoff) – see notes at end.

DYE: Infant Son of L.P. & L.V. Dye, Died Dec. 18, 1872.

DYE, John [Jr.] – see notes at end.

DYE, John [Sr.] – see notes at end.

DYE: Lucinda, Wife of Samuel Dye, Died February 1, 1870, Aged 55 years 2 mos, 19 days; Farewell sweet Mother thy form so dear/We lay beneath the Earth’s green sod/But lo, thy spirit sleeps not here/It lives in heaven with Thy God.  [This stone placed here when Lucinda died; a later stone for her husband also includes inscription for Lucinda.  See Samuel Dye, below.]

DYE, Lucretia M. (Bull) – see Morgan I. Dye, next.

DYE, Morgan I., Dec. 7, 1832-Apr. 13, 1906; LUCRETIA M. BULL, His Wife, June 3, 1836-Sept. 16, 1916.

DYE, Samuel, Born Sept. 24, 1806, Died June 2, 1884; LUCINDA, Wife of Samuel Dye, Born Nov. 13, 1814, Died Feb. 1, 1870.  Heading: Dye/Our Father & Mother.

DYE, Simeon H., Son of A.J. & M. Dye, Died Aug. 3, 1880, Aged 26 Y 10 Mo 20 D.

DYE, Stephen A., 1855-1905.

DYE, Thomas, Died July 26, 1843, Aged 47 years & 11 Months.  [Beside Elizabeth H. Dye, above; this is Thomas, son of John and Hannah.]

DYE, Thomas M., Died July 20, 1876, Aged 30 years, 9 months, 10 days; Dearest brother thou has left us/Here thy loss we deeply feel/But tis God who hath bereft us/He can all our sorrows heal.  [This is Thomas, son of Samuel and Lucinda.]

DYE: Wm. Chase, son of Saml & Lucinda Dye, Died Jan. 24, 1863, Aged 3 years 10 months 24 days; Where is our little Chase!/ Earth claimeth him no more,/ That bright-eyed angel face/ Now shines on Eden’s shore.

HILL, Margaret, Born Oct 22, 1800, Died June 27, 1889; Servant of God, Well Done.

HOFF, James, Born April 11, 1788, Died April 18, 1861.

HOFF, Margaret J., Wife of Kingsbury Hoff, Died Apr. 9, 1867, In the 27 Year of her age; There remaineth a rest to the people of God.

McGEE, James D., Died 11 [Jno?] 1877, 26 y, 3 m, 26 d.

PETTY, Maria – see Andrew Jackson Dye.

RINEHART, Charlotte M., Wife of Rev. L.L. Rinehart, and daughter of Samuel & Lucinda Dye, Died Nov. 8, 1868, Aged 29 years 4 Mo. 29 ds.  She lived a meek and blameless life/A faithful mother, friend and wife,/The Christian name adorning/ On Jesus’ breast she fell asleep/Who will her mouldering ashes keep/Till the resurrection morning.  Footstone: C.M.R.

SMITH, Aunt Katie, Erected by A.V. Pixley.


My transcription from 1993 of the remaining fragment of John’s gravestone:                    
. . .E
a. . .ew Jer. . .
. . . ly 23,
. . .51
year of his age

Footstone:  J.D.
Footstone:  H.D.

Probable original inscription:

a native of New Jersey
Died July 23, 1823
in the 51
year of his age

    This stone was badly broken, hard to photograph, too fragile to chalk or make a rubbing, but there is ample evidence that it is the gravestone of the John Dye who married Hannah Hoff, son of the elder John Dye and his 1st wife, Miss Mount. The younger John was born in New Jersey and died in Washington Co OH in July-November 1823 (see John Dye Will, Washington Co Probate Records 2:439, dated 19 Jul 1823, proved Nov 1823).  It is virtually certain he was buried in this cemetery, since the land on which the cemetery is located was his.  Beyond that, the Documentation File for John Dye (NJ-VA-OH, born ca. 1733 NJ, died 1822 OH) at the DAR Library in Washington DC includes several tombstone photographs from the Dye Cemetery in Washington County, including one for an ancestor the applicant called “John Dye Jr.” This photo is too old and faded to read, basically a silhouette, but the stone in the photo had the same shape as the one from which I took the transcription, above.  The applicant who submitted the photos, also submitted written notes of dates taken from the tombstones, including: “John Dye Jr., d. 23 July 1823,” thus giving us a full date that fits the remaining fragment of this stone.

    The footstone H.D., beside John’s J.D., very likely indicates that Hannah (Hoff) Dye was buried beside him, though no stone for Hannah existed in 1993.  That conclusion is confirmed by earlier transcriptions from this cemetery published in Monroe County, Ohio, Genealogical Records, Vol. III, p. 96: “DYE, Hannah, wife of John – rest broken off.”

    Importantly, the 51 in the fourth line of the tombstone transcribed above is very clear, almost certainly his age at death, providing the only evidence I’ve found that John was born in 1771-1772, depending on whether his birthday was before or after July 23.


    The DAR Documentation File for John Dye (NJ-VA-OH, born ca. 1733 New Jersey,
died 1822 Ohio) includes tombstone photos from the Dye Cemetery, Washington County, Ohio, submitted by an applicant in support of her lineage from John Dye and Elizabeth Caywood.  Most of these photos are too old and faded to read, but the applicant also submitted written notes of death dates taken from the tombstones, among them, these two:

DEC. 27, 1822

Wife of
Died 1823

Submitted by Marilyn Sharp

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