Brenans and Richardses, a mid-nineteenth-century Marietta family

Hugh Brenan and his son Joseph James Brenan operated a dry goods store or stores in Marietta about the time of the Civil War. Hugh was born in Castleblayney, County Monaghan, Ireland in 1796 and died on June 28, 1868; his wife, Celia, was born in County Cavan in 1806 and died on June 7, 1846. Their son, Joseph James Brenan, was born in Trinidad, in the West Indies, on the way to the United States, on October 27, 1829; he died on July 6, 1900. Joseph married Eliza J. Richards in Marietta on July 11,1868. Eliza was the daughter of John and Maria E. Richards, who may both have come from Bristol, England (or may just have set sail from there). John was born in 1802 and died on June 6, 1884. Maria was born in 1807 and died in 1855. Eliza was born Jan. 21, 1844 and died March 13, 1902. They probably all died (i.e., Hugh, Celia, John, Maria, Joseph, and Eliza) in Marietta. The children of Joseph and Eliza (all born in Marietta, as far as I know) were:

1. Joseph Charles Brenan (b. Jan. 29, 1870-d. Feb. 22,1939). He married Stella Harper on June 8, 1898. Their children were Frences and Hugh Harper Brenan.
2. Alice Matilda Brenan (b. Feb. 15, 1873-d. May 28, 1876)
3. Edward Henton Brenan (b. May 5, 1874-d. May 1962). He married Helen A. Sawyer on July 18, 1905. Their children were Henton and Valerie Brenan.
4. Frederick Frank Brenan (b. June 23, 1876-d. ?). He married Ruth Beagle on Sept. 18, 1899 (?). Their children were Ruth, Martha, Fred, and Lyle Brenan.
5. Carl Lyle Brenan (b. Feb. 19, 1879-d. ?). He married Alice Laird Yeo on Sept. 18, 1899 (?). Their children were Rebecca and Carl Brenan Jr.
6. Bayard Richards Brenan (b. Jan. 5, 1881-d. Oct. 10, 1941). He married Edith Grace Hewitt in Commercial Point, OH on May 15, 1902. Their children were Eliza Isabel, Bayard Richards Jr., Addison Hewitt, and Helen Louise Brenan.
7. Laura Eliza Brenan (b. Oct. 29, 1883-d. Feb. 7, 1961). She married Maurice M. Sellers on Oct. 5, 1909. Their son was Brenan Richards Sellers.

Contributed by: Doris Brenan Braendel

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