List of Families at Farmers Castle, Belpre Garrison, in 1792
[Obtained form a very old copy of Andrews' History of Washington County]

Col Ebnezer Battelle, wife and four children. Cornelius, Ebenezer, Thomas and Louisa

Capt William James, wife and 10 children, Susan Anna, Esther, Hannah, Abigail, Polly, William, John, Thomas, and Simeon

Isaac Baker, wife and eight children, Michael, Isaac, Joseph, William, Timothy, Anna, Rhoda, and Nancy

Daniel Cogswell, wife and five children, John , Abigail, Peleg, Job, and Daniel

Capt Jonathan Stone, wife and three children Benjamin Franklin and Samuel, and Rufus Putman

Colonial Nathaniel Cushing, wife and six children, Nathaniel, Henry, Varnum, Thomas, Sally, and Elizabeth

Capt Jonathan Devol, wife and six children, Henry, Charles, Barker, Francis, Sally and Nancy: with them also lived a nephew Christopher Devol

Isaac Pierce, wife and three children, Samuel ,Joseph, and Phoebe

Joseph Baker, wife and child

Nathaniel Little, wife and child

Major Nathan Goodale, wife and seven children, Betsey, Cynthia, Sally, Susan,Henrietta, Timothy and Lincoln

A W Putnam, wife and child

William Pitt

D Loring, wife and seven children, Israel, Rice, Jesse, Luba, Bathsheba, Charlotte, and Polly

Major Olive Rice

Capt Benjamin Miles, wife and five children, Benjamin, Buckminister, Hubbard, William, Tappen, and Polly

Griffin Greene Esq, wife and four children, Richard, Philip, Griffin, and Susan

John Rouse, wife and eight children, Michael, Barhsheba, Cynthia, Betsey, Ruth, Stephen, Robert, and Barker

Major Robert Bradford, wife and three or four children

Capt. John Levins, wife and six children, Joseph, Nancy, Esther, Matilda, John and Fanny

Capt William Dana, wife and 10 Children, Luther, William, Edmond, Stephen, John, Charles, Augustus, Betsey, Mary, and Fanny

Mrs Dunham and one or two daughters

Capt Israel Stone, wife and ten Children, Sardine, Israel, Jasper, Augustus, Columbus, Betsey, Matilda, Lydia, Polly, and Harriet

Benjamin Patterson, wife and six children with him lived John Shephard, George Kerr and Mathew Kerr

Benoni Hurlburt, wife and four children

Col Alexander Oliver, wife and nine children, Launcelot, Alexander, John, David, Lucretia, Sally, Mehala,and Mary

Col Daniel Bent. wife and four children, three are Daniel, Dorcas and a daughter

Joshua Fleehart , wife and four children

Unmarried men:

Daniel Mayo, Jonathan Baldwin, Joel Oaks, James Caldwell, Stephen Gurthie, Truman Guthrie, Ezra Philips, Stephen Smith, Howell Buell, William and John Smith, Samuel Barnes, Jonathan Waldo, Corneluis Delano, Wanton Casey, Captain Ingersoll, Ezra Philips, Samuel Cushing, Jonas Davis, Kitt Putnam (salve boy of Colonel Israel Putnam)

[NB: List incomplete: some names could not be read of the single men; last names of Waldo, Cushing, Delano, and four more could not read.]

Contributed by: Linda Hall

[NB: In review of the names, I noticed Capt. William James listed as head of household. I believe head of household was Capt.John James. This family does appear to be that of John James and wife Esther Denison. I believe William James who died in the Big Bottom Massacre January 2, 1791, was son of Capt. John James. -- John Allison]

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