List of Families at Fort Frye Garrison in 1791
[Obtained form a very old copy of Andrews' History of Washington County]

Capt William Gray (Commander of the garrison), wife and two children

Maj Phinehas Coburn, wife and three sons

Judge Gilbert Devol , wife and two sons and one daughter

Wanton Devol , wife and Child

Allen Devol, wife and three or four children

Andrew Storer, wife and five children

Widow of B Converse and eight children

George Wilson, wife and two Children

Jermiah Wilson, two sons and two daughters

Benjamin Shaw, wife and three children

Nathan Kinney, and wife

Joshua Sprague, wife and two children

Maj John White and wife

William Sprague, wife and two children

Noah Fearing, wife and several children

Andrew Webster and son

Harry Maxon and wife

Daniel Davis, wife and two sons William and Daniel

Davis Wilson, wife and one child

Benjamin Beadle and wife

Unmarried men:

William MCCulloch, Andrew McClure, William Newel, William Lunt, Jabez Barlow, Thomas Farley, Dr Nathan McIntosh

[NB: List incomplete: three names could not read.]

Contributed by: Linda Hall

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