David Wesley Freemyer Sr.

David Wesley Freemyer Sr was a Revolutionary War Soldier from Albany County New York. His pension application says that he moved to Washington County Ohio in 1810. He was living in Montgomery County New York at that time.  When Monroe County was formed, he found himself in Monroe County, he later moved back over the line.
He filed is application in 1835, and was too feeble to go to the courthouse.
David Wesley Freemyer Sr was born 28 Feb 1761 Albany County NY. (Son of Johannes Freemyer and Anna Mattice).  He married Catherine_______.  Their children were:

1. Gertrude Freemyer born 16 May 1793

2. George A. Freemyer born 1796 Albany County NY, married Martha Shreeves

3. Hannah Freemyer born 1796 Albany Co New York, died 31 July 1871 Lawrence County Ohio. She married Sameul Bayard 31 July 1817     Washington Co OHio.

4. Margaret Freemyer married John Johnson, maybe  he born 1791-1894  died Johnson, Watertown, Township.

5. David Wesley Freemyer Jr. born 1809 New York, married Dorothy Sill in Monroe County, Ohio.
Son George A. Freemyer removed to Worth County, Missouri.

Son David Wesley Freemyer Jr. removed to Knox County, Missouri, died a Confederate in the Civil War.
Catherine, wife of David Sr. was last living in the house of David George Freemyer and his wife Maria Brown on the 1850 Census of Washington County Ohio pages 495 and 496.
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