In the year of 1857, Fredrick and Mary Glasow with their three young children, Elizabeth, five years old, Wilhelmina, two years old and newborn Edmund, started their journey. From their home of Mecklenburg-Schwerin in Germany, they traveled to France where we believe Mary's father Henry Schette joined them. They boarded the "Hammonia" with accommodations in steerage. Sailing from Marseilles they stated their purpose "staying in America" (Family Archive #335 Germans to America, 1850-1874).

They arrived in America in May 1857. Fredrick was a tailor and he opened his shop in the river town of New Matamoras, Ohio. (The History of Washington County, Williams)

Six more children were born to Fredrick and Mary; Hulda in July, 1859, William in 1860, Charles in October 1862, Martha in 1868, Otto E in March 1869, and Alice A in December 1872.

On July 20, 1863 Fredrick Rudolph Glasow received naturalization papers and became a United States citizen.

Fredrick passed away on April 17, 1881 at the age of only 58. He is buried in the Old New Matamoras Cemetery. After Frederick's death Mary moved to Bellaire in Belmont County to live with her grown children. She passed away on March 12, 1893 and is also buried with her husband. One marker marks the grave of Fredrick, Mary and Mary's father, Henry Schette.

Elizabeth (or Lizzie) Glasow married Harry R. Hays of Newport, Ohio. Edmund (or Edward) married Clara D. Case of St. Marys, WV. Hulda (or Hallie) married Will Satterfield of Bellaire, Ohio. William married Mary ?? of Bellaire, Ohio. Charles married Emma Clifton of Bellaire, Ohio. Martha married the widower, James Kinney Jr. of Bellaire, Ohio. Wilhelmina (or Mena), Otto and Alice never married.

William's two sons, Grant and John G. Glasow, second generation emigrant Germans, serve in World War I. Later Glasows moved to other areas of the United States; California, Cleveland, Ohio and New York and still in Bellaire, Ohio

Contributed by Susy Wetz

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