This cemetery, started about 1843-1845,  is located on Taylor Road,
Independence Township, Road 710.   On the 1875 plat map of Independence
Township, the Goodman family tract of land is only one property east of
the William Chapman property, and is directly south of the Joseph
Chapman tract, so would assume the Goodman-Chapman Cemetery is adjacent
to these properties.  (The Tallow Light, Volume 11, #4)
Additional information provided by Terri Rick.
This cemetery is now located on the property of Bernard and Margaret Reynolds
(these are my Grandparents).  They inherited the property from Margaret's
Grandmother, Margaret Lucinda (Bliss) Hendricks, who purchased the property
from the Chapman's.

Also, it is to be noted that Patty obtained a cemetery listing from the
Historical Society which has conflicting dates.  The dates I have provided
came directly off of the Stones.  I have been maintaining a list of the
Cemetery for 21 years now.


Last Name   Maiden  First Name  Middle  Born         Died         Relationship    Notes on
Wade                Janila      Faye    23 Sep 1948  19 Sep 1996
Chapman             Joseph              1823         1906                         Age 83 Y 3M 22 D
Chapman             Margaret            1824         1887         Wife of Joseph  63 Years
Chapman             John        F       4 Mar 1859   9 Feb 1903
Chapman             Steaven     A       15 Feb 1862  7 May 1906
Slonaker            Maggie              8 Aug 1898   12 Jun 1899
Barnhart            Rosiela             10 Aug 1863  12 Jun 1899  Wife of G.W.    Wife of G.W.
Barnhart            G           W       1 Oct 1825   7 Jul 1897                   Soldier in the late
Chapman             Baby
Chapman             Baby
Chapman             Baby
Chapman             George      W       18 Nov 1883  31 Jan 1948
Sisler              John                             20 Mar 1869                  Died Age 75 Years
Chapman             William                          24 Mar 1865                  Age 50 yrs 9 mo 29
Goodman             William     R
Goodman             John        H       1844         1837                         Co D 3S OVI
Pitman              Hanna       J       1844         1924         Wife            His Wife
Goodman             Frank               1877         1909
Goodman             Elizabeth   J       1878         1935                         Registered Nurse
Goodman             Robert      T
Pitman              Timothy
Pitman              Thomas
Pitman              Sarah
Pitman              Anna
Pitman              William     J       1868         1902                         Spanish American War
Pitman              Ruth                                          Wife
Reynolds            Helen       J       25 Mar 1916  31 May 1986
Winiarczyk          Brittany    Anna                 3 Apr 1989                   Daughter of Greg &
Lori Goodman
Goodman             J           L                                                 Future Site

Contributed by: Terri Rick and Patty Pulasky

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