1. Adams Township - Bordered on the north by Noble County and on the West by Waterford Twp., south by Watertown Twp. and east by Salem Twp.
  2. Alden - Former post office in Muskingum Twp., previously Devols Dam.
  3. Archer's Fork - Former post office in Independence Twp. 1874-1949.
  4. Armenia - Former post office in Belpre Twp. (26 Jan 1887-30 Jun 1915.)
  5. Aurelius Township - Bordered on the west, north, and northeast by Noble County, Southeast by Salem Twp and a fraction of a mile on the South by Adams Twp.
  6. Aurelius - Former post office of Aurelius Twp. (1851-1860).

  1. Barber - Former post office in Warren Twp. (8 Jul 1852-11 Oct 1859)
  2. Barlow - Old post office in Barlow Twp. Changed to Wesley when Wesley Twp was formed 8 Sep 1829. Not the same as the present Barlow.
  3. Barlow - Town in Barlow Twp. Post Office 45712; founded 11 Sep 1837.
  4. Barlow Township - Bordered on the north by Watertown Twp. and the East by Warren Twp., northwest by Palmer Twp., West by Fairfield Twp., and South by Dunham Twp.
  5. Bartlett - Post office in Wesley Twp. (45713). Founded 17 Mar 1834. Smith Cemetery is located on County Road 206, northeast of Bartlett. There is a reading of the cemetery on file at the Washington County Libary.
  6. Bate - Former post office in Warren Twp. (12 Apr 1882), became Gravel Bank on 23 Apr 1891.
  7. Beckett - Former post office in Waterford Twp (16 Oct 1893-22 May 1936), previously Beckett Station.
  8. Beckett Station - Former post office in Waterford Twp. (23 Jan 1888-16 Oct 1893). Became Beckett.
  9. Belmont - Cow Run (a place) was located here. Also located here are Dart, Dale, Fay, Gracey and Clark's Landing. Cemeteries include Chambers Cemetery, Chapel Cemetery, Dennis Cemetery, and Dye Cemetery and Hearn Cemetery. Valleys here include Coon Hollow and Dark Hollow. Streams: Cow Run, Eightmile Creek, Fifteen Mile Creek, Goss Fork, Bulls Run, Bolivian Run, Bakers Run, Bear Run. Fox Point is a summit that is located here.
  10. Belpre City - (ZIP 45714) Founded 1 Jul 1806, old bridge (toll) and new bridge over Ohio River to Parkersburg, WV.
  11. Belpre Township - Established about 1800. 12 Miles from Marietta. Bounded on the north by Dunham Twp., West by Decatur Twp and Athens County, and southeast by Ohio River (State of West Virginia).
  12. Ben's Run
  13. Bent's - Former posts office in Belpre Twp. (27 Feb 1830), renamed Centre Belpre and Center Belpre, closed 31 Mar 1959.
  14. Bevan -Community; former post office in Newport Twp (22 Jun 1897-8 Sep 1832). Beverly - Historical sites of Beverly include the Beverly Academy and Beverly College, and public school, also Corey school and Fort Frye. Cemeteries include Cedar Hill, Greenman and DeLong. Streams include Boseman Run, Duck Creek, Elk Run and Flint Run, Hayward Run. Located in Waterford Twp, (ZIP 45715), Founded 24 Mar 1838.
  15. Big Bottom - Former post office in Palmer Twp (12 Jul 1834), moved 26 Jan 1838 to Morgan County and renamed Stockport (43787).
  16. Big Run - Former post office in Decatur Twp. founded 22 Jul 1856. In 1865 it moved into Athens County.
  17. Blennerhassett Twp. - Technical name for Belpre Twp. but used only in legal context.
  18. Bloomfield - Another name for Flint's Mills.
  19. Blue Bird- Another name for Hohman.
  20. Bonn - Former post office; 9 Jan 1844-29 Jun 1901.
  21. Briggs Station- Former post office in Dunham Twp; 1876 to 1902.
  22. Brokaw - Community in Morgan County just across Muskingum River from Luke's Chute.
  23. Brown's Mills - Former post office in Palmer Twp (6 Mar 1819-30 Jun 1903).
  24. Buell Carroll - Former post office in Adams Twp. (1830-1837); became Lowell 7 Feb 1837.

  1. Carter - former post office in Ludlow Twp. (25 Feb 1899 - 15 Oct 1904).
  2. Cat's Creek Mills - former post office in Adams Twp. (1813 - 1817)
  3. Caywood - Community - former post office in Fearing Twp (1817 - 1922)
  4. Cedarville - former community in Belpre Twp.
  5. Chesterhill - Streams: Coal Run, Aldridge Run, Bull Run. Places here are Bartlett and Dale. Henry Bridge is located here. Cemeteries: Bartlett, Burt, Cody and Friends Cemeteries.
  6. Churchtown - Community - former post office in Watertown Twp (1888 - 1907)
  7. Clifton - shown on DeLorme map in Adams Twp, unknown locally.
  8. Coal Run - Town in Waterford Twp., founded 13 Sep 1837.
  9. Constitution - Town in Warren Twp on Ohio River ; founded 24 Jan 1824.
  10. Corner - former post office in Belpre Twp (1890 - 1902)
  11. Cornerville - Community - former post office in Marietta Twp (1890 - 1891); Previously called Rood.
  12. Cow Run - Town; former post office in Lawrence Twp (1869 - 1916).
  13. Cutler - Decaturville located here. Streams include Ellis Run, Falls Creek, Gilbert Run, Burnet Run and Dark Cave Run. Cemeteries are Harris cemetery, Barrows, Boyles, Burnet and Hatch cemetery. Valley: Bogie Hollow. Dam: Badger Lake. Founded as Olds in 1855.

  1. Dale - Former post office in Wesley Twp (1897 - 1903)
  2. Dunham Township
  3. Decatur Township
  4. Dave's Landing
  5. Dalzell - Streams: Coon Run, Deans Fork. Places located here: Fifteen, Gasville, Heslop and Germanville. Former post office in Liberty Twp (1872 - 1919).
  6. Dart - Town in Lawrence Twp., founded Oct 1905.
  7. Dawes - Former post office in Grandview Twp. (1882 - 1911).
  8. Decatur Twp. - Bounded on the North by Wesley and Fairfield Twps, East by Dunham and Belpre Twps, and Southwest by Athens County.
  9. Decaturville - Former post office in Decatur Twp. (1851 - 1904).
  10. Deucher - Former post office in Independence Twp (1885 - 1950).
  11. Dell - Former post office in Newport Twp. (1884 - 1919)
  12. Devola - Town; Suburb of Marietta
  13. Devol's Dam - Former post office in Muskingum Twp (1881 - 1890)
  14. Dunbar - Former post office in Fairfield Twp. (1857 - 1917).
  15. Dunham - Former post office in Dunham Twp. (1857 - 1902); previously called Layman.
  16. Dunham Twp. - Bounded on the South by Belpre, East by the Ohio River, West by Decatur Twp., Northwest by Fairfield Twp., North by Barlow Twp, and Northeast by Warren Twp.
  17. Dye - Former post office in Lawrence Twp (1883 - 1902).

  1. Ellenboro - Briggs (a place) was located here.
  2. Elba - Town in Aurelius Twp., Founded 1871
  3. Equity - Former post office in Adams Twp. (1888 - 1902)

  1. Fay - Former post office in Lawrence Twp (1887 - 1936)
  2. Fearing - Former post office (founded 7 Jan 1828). Became Stanleyville in 1878.
  3. Fearing Twp.
  4. Fifteen - Former post office in Lawrence Twp (1872 - 1879)
  5. Fifteen - Former post office in Liberty Twp. (1894 - 1918) in a locality nicknamed Slabtown.
  6. Fillmore - Former post office in Decatur Twp (1851 - 1906).
  7. Flint's Mills - Former post office in Ludlow Twp, 1833 - 1914.
  8. Fairfield Township
  9. Fleming - cemeteries: Deming cemetery, Henry cemetery, Barbham, Christopher. Places in Fleming inlcude Alden and Goodfellows Park/Lake. Streams: Halfway Run; Town in Barlow Twp. Founded 23 June 1866
  10. Fox Settlement - Another name for Hohman.

  1. Grand View Township
  2. Girard - Post village of Trumbull County in Liberty Twp. Established 1842.
  3. Gallipolis - Post office (45631) now in Gallia County but in Washington County from 1794 - 1803 when Gallia County was formed.
  4. Gasville - Former post office in Liberty Twp (1888 - 1908).
  5. Germantown - Community in Liberty Twp [not to be confused with Germantown, Montgomery County].
  6. Glass - Former post office in Grandview Twp (1891 - 1918).
  7. Glencoe - Another name for Porterfield.
  8. Gracey - Former post office in Lawrence Twp (1882 - 1916).
  9. Grand View - Former post office in Grandview Twp (1831 - 1964).
  10. Grandview Twp. - Bounded on the North by Monroe County, SE by the Ohio River and West by Independence and Ludlow Twps.
  11. Gravel Bank - Former post office in Warren Twp (1871 - 1914), previously Bate
  12. Gray - Former post office in Liberty Twp (1873 - 1889).
  13. Grubs Mill - Community in Aurelius Twp.

  1. Harmar- A post village of Washington County on the Ohio River at the mouth of the Muskigum. 1/4 mile from Marietta. Previously Point Harma annexed to Marietta by election in 1890 and discontinued 12 Sep 1890.
  2. Heslop - Former post office in Lawrence Twp (1880-1923)
  3. Hill's - Former post office in Newport Twp (1869-1897)
  4. Hohman - Former post office in Ludlow Twp (1880-1913) also known as Blue Bird or Fox Settlement.
  5. Hope - Former post office in Decatur Twp. (1894-1900)

  1. Independence Township - Bounded on the West by Lawrence Twp and a tiny bit of Liberty Twp, North by Ludlow Twp., East by Grandview Twp., SE by Ohio River (state of West Virginia), and South by Newport Twp.

  1. Lawrence Township
  2. Ludlow Township
  3. Liberty Township
  4. Lowell - Includes the Township of Adams and Clifton, Coal Run and Equity. Streams: Big Run, Cat Creek, Congress Run. The Island of Dana is also here. cemeteries: Devol cemetery, Dodge cemetery, Greenlawn cemetery. Historical: E. Salem School
  5. Layman
  6. Little Hocking - Includes the townships of Fairfield, Fillmore, Goodnaugh's Landing, Dunbar, Dunham. Grass Run Stream flows through here. Ridges: Barnett Ridge. Valley: Cold Spring Hollow. Church: Barnet Ridge Church. Streams: Davis Creek, Buffalo Run & Big Run. cemeteries: Corner cemetery,
  7. Lower Salem - cemeteries: Flanders, Hill Grove. Includes the townships of Aurelius, and Elba. Streams: Bear Creek. Historical: Buells. Includes Dixon Ridge.

  1. Marietta: County Seat of Washington County. First permanent settlement. Prominent post town. The first Governor was Arthur St. Clair. Historical places here include: Bradfield Landing and Dam 1. Streams: Brush Run, Buck's Run, Burch's Run, Devol Run, Dodge Run, Duck Creek, Goose Creek. Museums: Campus Martius Museum.. Places here include Caywood, Cornerville, Devola, E. Norwood, Eisner's Landing, Emerson, Fairview Heights, Township of Fearing, and Harmar. cemeteries: Harmar cemetery.
  2. Macksburg-Cemeteries: Atkinson Cemetery - McAvan: "McAvan" from Owen P. Hawley, National Archives. "What was then (1875) called McAvan is on both the old railroad and the present Alternate Route 50, between Tunnel and Fleming. Tunnel is in Warren Twp. and Fleming is in Barlow Twp. and McAvan was on the edge, just inside Warren Twp.
  3. Muskingum Township

  1. Newport Township
  2. New Matamoras - Streams: Collins Run, Grandview Run. Graham Ridge is located here. Cemeteries include Grandview.

  1. Palmer Township
  2. Parkersburg - Constitution (a place) was located here in Parkersburg. Historical sites include Bell's Landing. There is a cliff named Cedarsville Bluff and a stream named Crooked Creek. Cemeteries include Cedarsville.
  3. Pleasanton

  1. Raven Rock- Streams: Elephant Run, Elk Run, Davis Run, Cady Run,Coal Run, Archers Fork, Bevan, Ferguson Run. cemeteries: Chapman cemetery, German cemetery, Bell cemetery and Bowersock cemetery. Places here were Deucher and the historical Ferguson's Landing. Other historical sites include Bell Church. The Hi Carpenter Memorial Bridge is located here. Valleys are Barnes Hollow, Bell Ridge.
  2. Rinard Mills-Ridges: Graham Ridge, Armstrong Ridge, Cullen Ridge. Places: Bloomfield, Carter (Historical), Glass. Streams: Boston Run, Haught Run. Dodd Hill is a summit located here. Other summits here are Edward's Hill and English Hill. cemeteries include Hall cemetery.

  1. Salem Township

  1. Valley Mills - cemeteries: East Lawn Memorial

  1. Waterford Township
  2. Wesley Township
  3. Warren Township
  4. Watertown Township - Places in this township: Barlow, Brown's Mill; Bridges: Bell Bridge, Harra Bridge
  5. Waverly North - cemeteries include Carson cemetery.
  6. Willow Island - Steams: Burns Run, Allen Run, Buckeye Run. Places include Barkers Landing.

[NB: Some info provided by Ernest Thode.]

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