Lawrence Township, Washington County, Ohio

Located on Route 26, about 9 miles northeast from Marietta.  Look for the white frame Moss Run Church on a hill on the right (east) side of the road; a steep road up from the church leads to the cemetery at the top of the hill.  This is a partial set of transcriptions of the gravestones in the cemetery in August 1993:

BABB: Achsiah C., wife of R.S. Babb, b. 12 Mar 1838, d. 4 Jan 1875

DYE: Anna M. Dye, b. 15 Jan 1838, d. 1 Aug 1870, aged 32y, 6m, 14d.

DYE: Augustus T., son of E. & E. Dye, d. 17 Sep 1876. aged 26 years.

DYE: Catherine Hendershot Dye, b. 25 Jan 1816, d. 25 Jul 1893, aged 77y, 6m.

DYE: Diarca Amos Dye, Died July 6, 1876, Aged 76 y., 4 m, 9 d.
[Buried beside his wife Sophia, below.]

DYE, Eliza (Obleness) [see John H. Dye, below].

DYE: Elizabeth, Wife of Ezekiel Dye, Died Feb. 2, 1882, Aged 75 Yrs 2 Ms & 21 D’s.

DYE: Ezekiel Dye, Died Mar. 10, 1862, Aged 60 Yrs.

DYE: Fannie, dau. of E. & E. Dye, d. 2 Dec [?], age 25 years.

DYE: Freddie H., son of LF. & L.A. Dye, b. 24 Jan 1874, d. 29 Oct 1875.

DYE: George D. Dye, son of Samuel Dye Esq., d. 26 Sep 1816 in the 25 year of his age.

DYE: George F, son of E. & E. Dye, d. [?] 1869, aged 19 years.

DYE: Hannah C., dau. of L.or J. H. & E. Dye, d. 21 Dec 1815 [?], age 16 years.

DYE, Isabella [see John W. Dye, below].

DYE: J.T. Dye, Died Feb 18, 1879, Aged 41 Yrs. 1 Mo. & 2 Ds.

DYE: John H. and Eliza (Obleness) Dye, obelisk inscribed on two sides:
John H. Dye, Born Dec. 27, 1799, Died Dec. 3, 1881, Aged 81Y 11M 6D.
Eliza Obleness, Wife of John H. Dye, Born July 22, 1803, Died May 4, 1902, Aged 98 Y, 9 M, 12 D.

DYE: John W. and Isabella (Dye) Dye, obelisk inscribed on three sides:
Dye, Our Father & Mother
John W. Dye, Born Feb. 24, 1810, Died Dec. 14, 1888.  For I know that my Redeemer liveth.
Isabella, His Wife, Born Sept. 19, 1814, Died Jan. 28, 1898.

DYE: L.L. Fay Dye, 1844-1909.
Lydia Dye, His Wife, 1848-1909.

DYE: Samuel Dye Esq. [marked with a flag and plaque for his service in the War of 1812; buried beside his wife Susannah, below].

Samuel Dye Esq.
A native of
Prince William Co. Va.
Imigrated to Ohio in 1805,
Settled in Lawrence Tp 1806
Where he died
September 25, 1860,
In the 81st Year of his age.

DYE: Susan Dye, wife of [broken], d. 18 Apr 1867, aged 38 y, 6 m.

DYE: Susan Dye, wife of Elijah Weakley, d. 30 Apr 1849, aged 24y, [9?]9 m, 25 d.  Blessed are the dead which are in the Lord.

DYE: Susannah Dye, Wife of Samuel Dye Esq, Died Dec. 13, 1847.
[Buried beside Samuel, above.]

DYE: Sophia Dye, Wife of Amos Dye, Died Oct. 17, 1868, Aged 64 years.
[Buried beside husband, Diarca Amos Dye, above.]

DYE: Willie C. Dye, d. 22 Aug 1850 [possibly 1830].

McGEE, William, d. 17 Aug 1878, aged [71?] y, 30 mo, 23 d.
McGEE, Anna H, wife of William McGee, d. 19 Apr 1878, aged 67 y, 15 d.

Submitted by Marilyn Sharp

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