Located on St Rt 145, Salem Township

Alden Harry T--s/o P & H Alden--died 16 Nov 1869
Alden Hattie--d/o P & H Alden--died 23 June 1866

Alden Jonthan Sr-- died 1 Sept 1867--aged 82y 4m 8d
Alden Orpha--w/o Jonathan Alden Sr--died 4 March 1865--aged 66y 7d
Alden Mary E (Gould) w/o Philander Alden--b 27 April 1832--d 6 Nov 1887
Alden Clara L-- d/o J & Lucy Alden--died 25 Oct 1863--aged 15y 10m 1d

Anderson Alonzo--s/o G & S Anderson--died 23 July 1861--aged 9m 15d
Anderson Lemuel R--s/o Martha Anderson--died 7 May 1868--aged 15y

Alban James--b 4 June 1842--d 3 Dec 1906
Alban Elizabeth (Gray)--w/o James Alban b 24 April 1840--d 29 June 1917
Alban Rees Allen--s/o James & Elizabrth Alban--b 14 Oct 1872--d 24 Feb 1909
Alban Ella Leah--d/o James A & Elizabeth Alban--died 20 Nov 1887--aged 5y

Bates Daniel--Co B 23rd Ohio Inf--no dates

Blackledge Hannah--w/o Dr T C Blackledge--died 28 Oct 1853--aged 42y 4m 27d

Brady Rev J I --died 21 April 1865--of disease contracted while serving his
county as 1st Lieut Co B 87th Reg O V I--aged 33y 5m 11d
Brady John Alfred--s/o Rev J I & M M Brady--died 12 May 1863--aged 25d
Brady William Claude--s/o Rev J I & M M Brady--died 1 Oct 1859--aged
24d--buried The Methodist Cemetery , Brownsville Monroe Co Ohio
Brady Lewis Irwin--s/o Rev J I & M M Brady-- died 27 Jan 1864--aged 2y 1m

Ball Irvin--Ohio Pvt 43 U S Vol Inf --21 Feb 1912
Ball Willard--Ohio Pvt 43 U S Vol Inf-- 17 June 1911

Baker Andrew--b 1812--d 1899
Baker Nancy--b 1818--d 1899
Baker Eliza Jane--d/o Andrew & Nancy Baker--b 1865--d 1890

Broome Victoria R--b 22 Aug 1841--d 22 July 1909

Clark Samuel C--died 15 March 1867--aged 57y
Clark George A--s/o T W & M R Clark--died 3 Feb 1861--aged 14d
Clark Elizabeth A--d/o T W & M R Clark--died 22 Sept 1864--aged 5y 11m 6d

Cross(Gross) Adam-- b 28 March 1834--d 3 July 1903
Cross(Gross) Sarah (Sutton) w/o Adam Cross(Gross) b 6 May 1830--d 2 Dec
1888--aged 58y 6m 24d

Delong Elvina Jane-- d/o J & M Delong--died 18 Nov 1855

Doane Richard--b 1765--d 1823

Doan Capt Orgillous--b 1785--d 1823

Dunlap Joseph--died 13 Sept 1838--aged 40y 1m 20d
Dunlap Wrolen--s/o Joseph & Margaret Dunlap--died 30 Sept 1858--aged 7y 6m

Farley Carrie May--d/o L W & E Farley--b 10 Feb 1892--d 17 Dec 1894

Feldner William H--b 1 Sept 1861--d 7 March 1897

Gould Daniel--died 10 Aug 1851--aged 43y 9m 15d
Gould Anna L--w/o Daniel Gould--b 15 Oct 1812--d 20 Oct 18148
Gould Edwin C--s/o D & A  L Gould--b 20 Oct 1838--d 7 Oct 1843
Gould Willis--s/o D & A Gould--b 10 June 1840--d 11 Oct 1843

Gould D W--died 22 Jan 1870--aged 30y 11m 5d
Gould Sarah M--w/o D W Gould--died 27 Dec 1874--aged 30y 8d
Gould Mary Lois--d/o D W & S M Gould--died 7 Sept 1869--aged 11m

Gould Helen Lois--d/o J P & M J Gould--died 5 Feb 1864--aged 2y 8m

Gould Ephraim--born in Mass 2 Dec 1805--d 8 April 1882--aged 76y 4m 6d
Gould Lois--w/o Ephraim Gould--b 23 Oct 1859-- aged 52y 9m 19d

Gould Joseph D--s/o E & L Gould --died 16 March 1847--aged 16y 1m 21d
Gould Lydia--died 15 Feb 1829--aged 60y
Gould Herbert--s/o S G & J A Gould--died 30 Sept 1865
Gould Herman--s/o S G & J A Gould--died 30 Sept 1865

Gray Susannah--w/o Joseph Gray--died 9 Aug 1850--aged 52y 3m 5d
Gray Hannah M--b 1853--d 1855

Gildou John H--b 13 Dec 1836--d 21 March 1878-- aged 41y 3m 8d
Gildou Mary J--d/o J H & M Gildou--died 5 March 1868--aged 2y 5d

Gildow Charles W--b 1859--d 1911
Gildow Ella l--b 1865--d 1938

Grayam Hiram M--s/o H & J Grayam--died 5 Oct 1866--aged 9y 7m 20d

Graham Sarah E--b 1851--d 1866

Hall Charles L--b 13 June 1902--d 8 Jan 1937

Hallett Clyde A--b 1871--d 1873
Hallett May--b 1884--d 1884
Hallett Corwin--b 1888--d 1888
Hallett Chester R--b 1890--d 1891

Hallett Asa D--b 1843--d 1919
Hallett Mary --w/o Asa D Hallett--b 1852--d 1907

Hallett Zenas--b 1820--d 1891
Hallett Maria--w/o Zenas--b 1819--d 1890Hallett Anna--w/o Isaiah
Hallett--died 1 Jan 1853--aged 66y 10m 12d
Hallett Corwin--s/o O & L L Hallett--b 20 April 1840--d 28 Dec 1843
Hallett Orrellane--born Waterville Kennebec Co Maine--8 Sept 1807--d 26 Aug
Hallett Lucy L--w/o O Hallett--b 19 Jan 1814--d 6 Mar 1895
Hallett Howard--b 13 Aug 1842--Co I 25th OV I--wounded in the Battle of
McDowell W Va-- 8 May 1862--died 15 April 1885

Harper Grace--died 9 Feb 1884--aged 63y 8d

Hill Edwin C--b April 1828--d 8 Aug 1829--aged 16m 9d

Hill Edwin C--s/o Dan & Mary Hill--b 1 April 1828--d 8 Aug 1829

Hill Dan--s/o Ira & Esther Hill--b 31 Jan 1803--d 2 Feb 1872
Hill Mary (Merriam) --w/o Dan Hill--b 15 Dec 1805--d 1843

Hill Ira Esq--born in Litchfield Co Conn. 17 July 1775--d 13 Oct 1841
Hill Esther (Post) w/o Ira Hill Esq--b 1759--d 1854

Hill Guy--s/o Ira & Esther Hill --d 30 Oct 1831--aged 54y
Hill Sally--s/o I & E Hill--died 17 Jan 1856--aged 63y 9m
Hill Louisa Mary--d/o Harry & Jerusha Hill--died 22 Sept 1833--aged 5m 21d

Holdren Maggie M--d/o Jacob & Emeline Holdren--b 30 May 1878--d 7 Nov 1902

Hovey Harvey C--b in New York--1 Nov 1797--d 26 July 1883--aged 85y 7m 25d
Hovey Clarissa Stanley--w/o Harvey C Hovey--b 6 March 1803--d 24 May
90y 2m 16d
Hovey Esther C--d/o H C & C Hovey--died 22 Sept 1865--aged 22y 3m 22d

Hovey Esther Ann--w/o S P Hovey--d/o E A Chapman--died 7 Dec 1862--aged 27y

Hovey Charles E--s/o H C & C Hovey--died 2 April 1860--aged 13 y 3m 3d
Hovey Ancelina--d/o H C & C Hovey--died 7 Sept 1851--aged 19y 4m
Hovey William T--s/o H C & C Hovey--died 9 Feb 1850--aged 26y 6m 5d
Hovey Edmund D--s.o H C & C Hovey--died 12 July 1850-- aged 21y 9m 5d

Hovey William --died 20 Oct 1834--aged 86y
Hovey Lucinda--w/o William Hovey--died 20 Jan 1853--aged 92y

Hovey George S--b 23 Aug 1830--d 23 Feb 1910
Hovey Mary A--w/o George S Hovey--b 11 Feb 1832--d 27 Aug 1905

Hovey Adaline(Barnes)--b 21 June 1854--d 24 May 1918

Hupp Zachariah--b 1837--d 1915
Hupp Mariah--b 1837--d no date

Jacobs Ruth--w/o Charles Jacobs--died 10 April 1870-- aged 48y 3m 6d

Kilmer Harvey--b 23 Aug 1821--d 16 Nov 1890--aged 69y 2m 24d
Kilmer Elizabeth Paul--w/o Harvey Kilmer--b 19 Jan 1825--d 29 Dec
54y 11m 10d

Kilmer Willie P--b 20 Feb 1856--d 7 July 1868--aged 12y 4m 17d

Kiles John-- rest gone flag
Kiles Bertha--d/o F & M E Kiles--died 5 Aug 1878--aged 1y 28d

Lindamood Rev James--b 9 Jan 1827--d 24 May 1887 flag
Lindamood Catherine--w/o Rev James Lindamood--b 3 July 1863--d 2 July
1887--aged 23y 11m 29d

Linton Martha--d/o John F & Mary Linton--died 18 Aug 1864--aged 7d

Marsh William-- died 11 Nov 1851--aged 82y
Marsh Thomas--died 19 Aug 1850--aged 20y 1m 20d
Marsh William --b 12 Oct 1827--d 13 March 1863--flag
Marsh Martha--died 5 Oct 1881--aged 29y 8m

Morrison Henry C--s/o M & L Morrison--b 11 April 185??--aged 19y 8m 13d

Okey William C--s/o Mrs L J Okey--died 13 Oct 1861--aged 7y

Price Rosanna (Rhodes)--b 1831--d 1855

Payne Aaron--born in Virginia, Louden County--1807--died 25 Feb 1876
Payne Elizabeth A--d/o Daniel C & Mary Payne--died 28 Jan 1876

Payne James Mason--1831--d 1833

Rhodes Henry--b 1825--d 1914
Rhodes Susan --w/o Henry--b 1835--d 1925

Rhodes Morris H--b 1856--d 1930
Rhodes Esther C--w/o Morris H Rhodes--b 1864--d 1954

Rhodes Lucy Cleo--b 1900--d 1911
Rhodes Elizabeth--b 1841--d 1848

Robinson Charles A--b 27 July 1860--d 28 Nov 1897
Robinson C Vint--b 1885--d 1918

Robinson William--b 1818--d 1907
Robinson Jane--b 1828--d 1907

Robinson Margaret--d/o William & Jane Robinson--died 26 Aug 1858--aged 1y

Robinson Caleb--died 21 July 1871--aged 82y 5m 9d

Robinson Catharine--w/o Calab Robinson--died 21 Sept 1876--aged 80y 1m 6d

Rapp Charley--died 6 Aug 1894--aged 25y 8m 23d

Reed Clark--s/o J & J Reed--died 26 Aug 1862--aged 24y 2m 23d

Spencer Edward H--s/o F A & C Spencer--died 18 March 1867--aged 25y 7m 19d
Spencer Henry W--rest gone
Spencer Dortha--b 24 Feb 1833--d 10 April 1903

Stephens Ruffus P--b 24 Oct 1860--d 15 Dec 1902
Stephens Hester A--w/o Ruffus O Stephens--b 20 April 1864---d 21 Jan 1903

Stephens Jane (Morris)--w.o William E Stephens--died 15 March 1883
aged 26y 6m 10d

Stephens Harvey A--s/o W E & Jane Stephens--died 26 Jan 1882--aged 3y 4m

Stephens Grover C--s/o R P & H A Stephens--died 18 Nov 1893--aged 6y 2m 19d
Stephens Raymond B--s/o Henry T& Iona Stephens--b 18 Oct 1800--d 5 Nov 1900

Simmons Catharine--w/o Alexander Simmons--b 11 Oct 1831--d 15 Oct 1875

Stewart Thomas--b 9 Feb 1795--d 21 March 1862-- aged 67y 1m 15d
Stewart Martha--w/o Thomas Stewart--b 11 Aug 1801--d 20 Aug 1848

Stewart Fanny--d/o T & M Stewart--b 24 July 1824--d 9 Aug 1844

Stewart Ira A--b 7 March 1842--d 22 Feb 1862--aged 19y 11m 15d

Stewart John H--b 13 July 1831--d 19 March 1862--aged 30y 8m 6d

Slack Renna Jane--d/o John & Margaret Jane Slack-- died 23 Sept 1861--aged
5m 11d

Smith Samuel A--died 17 Dec 1856--aged 89y

True Ephraim--died 24 Aug 1835--aged 80y
True Elizabeth --w/o Ephraim True--died 18 Dec 1843--aged 60y
True Freeman--died 24 March 1836--aged 17y
True Moses-- b 19 Nov 1810--d 20 March 1885
True Mahetable--b 4 Dec 1816--d 29 June 1897
True Lucy B--d/o Moses & Mahetable True--b 19 Oct 1858--d 22 Sept 1878

True Hiram--b 26 Nov 1844--d 7 Sept 1906
True Maggie (Grimes)--w/o Hiram True--b 16 June 1845--d 2 April 1897

True Clark Elworth--s/o M G & M F True--b 25 May 1825--d 27 May 1876
True Anna G--d/o M G & M F True--died 14 June 1874

Ullman Raymond Hobart--s/o L & B Bertha Spence Ullman--no dates
Ullman Mary Naomi-- d/o L & B Bertha Spence Ullman--no dates

White Samuel T--s/o J H & M A White--died in 6th Musler Street Hospital
Phila. Pa 18 Aug 1862--aged 20y 10m 21d Civil War

Warren Viola--w/o T L Warren--died 21 Jan 1875

Whetstone Daniel--b 16 June 1781--d 19 Sept 1858--aged 77y 8m 3d
Whetstone Mary M--w/o Daniel Whetstone--died 5 July 1849--aged 63y

Whetstone Daniel--died 24 April 1901--aged 79y 13d
Whetstone Evoline (Fowler)--w/o Daniel Whetstone--died 29 July 1891--aged
5m 10d
Whetstone Millie LuLu--d/o T & E T Whetstone--b 11 Nov 1880--aged 7m
Whetstone Daniel E--s/o ??? Whetstone--died 9 Jan 1877--aged 3m
Whetstone Davis --s/o Daniel Whetstone--d 12 Aug 1848--aged 18y 5m 4d
Whetstone Charles W--s/o J & E S Whetstone--died 11 Nov 1852--aged 3d

Woods Henry --died 10 May 1859--aged 52y

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