Located 1/2 mile of off ST RT 50 in a field across the road from the
Fleming Store about 1/2 mile back of Old Fleming Cemetery

Fleming David F--died 23 Jan 1898--aged 86y 4m 3d
Fleming Sophia (Bell)--w/o David F Fleming--died 17 July 1890--aged 74y 10d

Fleming Katie--d/o James & Catherine Fleming-- died  7 Sept 1869--aged 1m
Fleming Catherine--w/o James Fleming-- died 17 June 1877--aged 29y

Greenless John Fullerton--b 28 May 1847--d 19 May 1912
Greenless Hannah (Fleming)--w/o John Fullerton Greenless--b 1 July 1849--d
July 1921

Harvey Andrew--died 16 March 1880--d aged 33y 2m 23d
Harvey Katie (Wolcott)--w/o Andrew Harvey--b 14 Jan 1855--d 19 Nov 1919

Harvey Samuel W--b 1840--d 1927--Civil War
Harvey Amanda W-- w/o Samuel W--b 1839--d 1903

Harvey William-- b 1877--d 1878
Harvey Reynolds--b 1870--d 1870

Milligan James--born Perthshire Scotland--12 Nov 1830--d 28 Oct 1911
Milligan Elizabeth--w/o James Milligan--b 7 Feb 1830--d 2 July 1897

Tullius George F--b 2 Dec 1927--d 5 April 1953
Tullius Willie A--b 2 April 1924--d 3 Dec 1928

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