Battelle Monument picture-courtesy of Susy Wetz

Located on CR 25, Newport Township

Reading in 1857

not in alphabetical order

Byard Martin--died 9 June 1817--aged 67y

West Catharine--w/o Lucius West--died 20 May 1848--aged 40y 5m 9d
West Edwin--s/o Edwin & Mary Gardener West--died 16 Oct 1832--aged 10m
West Child--rest gone

Bymer William B-- died 17 Jan 1852--aged 65y
Bymer Jane --w/o William B Byner--died 25 Feb 1847--aged 59y
Bymer Thomas W--s/o William & Jane Bymer--died 19 Aug 1853--aged 3y 9m 24d
Bymer Infant--s/o William & Jane Bymer--died 27 March 1853--aged 4d
Bymer Margaret-- d/o William & Jane Bymer--died 9 May 1840--aged 2y
Bymer Ellen--d/o William & Jane Bymer--died 10 Aug 1839--aged 26y

Bymer Nancy--w/o Jesse Bymer--died 2 June 1847--aged 35y
Bymer Luther E-- s/o Jesse & Nancy-- died 6 Aug 1847--aged 13m
Byner George M--s/o Jesse & Nancy Bymer--died 19 July 1850--aged 5m 9d

Brown Hugh--died 4 July 1852--aged 73y
Brown Mary-- w/o Hugh Brown--died 9 March 1856--aged 72y

Little Sarah S--w/o James Little--died 27 Oct 1841--aged 30y 8m

Hays Elizabeth--w/o William Hays--died 14 March 1840--aged 73y

McKinley I Henry--s/o C P & J McKinley--died 17 June 1845--aged 1y 4m 16d

Barkwell Welsley O--s/o B & C P Barkwell--died 4 July 1832--aged 1y 9m

Adkins Amos--died 23 Aug 1851--aged 71y
Adkins Mary--w/o Amos Adkins--died 22 Sept 1847--aged 64y

Adkins Pamela--died single--21 March 1841--adopted d/o Amos & Mary Adkins

Needham Laura Ann--d/o M H & Amelia Needham--died 3 Nov 1842
Needham Susan--d/o M H & Amelia Needham--died 10 Oct 1848--aged 1y 26d

Humphreys Rufus--died 3 Oct 1823--aged 25y

Prescot Dana--s/o Stephen A & Jane Prescot--died 30 June 1846--aged 9m 4d

Dana Nancy-- d/o Peregrine F & Sarah E Dana--died--30 June 1852--aged 6m
Dana Mary E--d/o Peregrine F & Sarah E Dana--died 10 June 1852--aged 14y

Dale Harvey Ewart--s/o Rev Harvey S Dale--b 9 Oct 1848--d 28 Oct 1849--aged
1y 19d

Churchill Watson Dana--s/o James M & C P Churchill--b 20 Nov 1853--d 16 Oct 1855

Greene John--born in R I --died 15 Feb 1855--aged 75y
Greene Mary (Hill)--born Springfield Pa---w/oJohn Greene --died 23 Oct
1853--aged 65y 9m 29d

Greene Philip--s/o Caleb & Catharine Greene--died 11 Feb 1842--aged 25y

Greene Rebecca--w/o Richard Greene--died 7 Jan 1831--aged 39y
Greene Susan--d/o Richard & Rebecca Greene--died Sep 1823--aged 9y
Greene James C-- s/o Richard & Rebecca Greene--died Sept 1823--aged 4y 6m

Greene Harriet-- d/o Richard & Harriet Greene--died 13 June 1837--aged 9m
Greene Infant--s/o Richard & Harriet Greene--no dates

Little Nathaniel-- died 20 Nov 1810--aged 49y
Little Pamela--w/o Nathaniel Little--died 30 Oct 1823--aged 59y

Bixby Horace--s/o G E & A Bixby--died 12 Nov 1844--aged 4y 5m 13d

Holdren Joseph--s/o Thomas Coleman Holdren--died 13 Dec 1856--aged 40y

Bowman Catharine E--d/o J A & S A Bowman--died 18 Nov 1851

Wood Mary--w/o James Wood--died 30 Jan 1854--aged 61y 4m 27d

Crandall Joseph T--from Norwich Ct. died 4 Nov 1854--aged 38y 8m 13d
Crandall Rebecca (Powell)--w/o Joseph T Crandall--no date(2nd husband
Cockern) sic Cochran
Crandall Lester T--s/o Joseph & Rebecca Crandall--died 4 Oct 1851--aged 11m 15d
Crandall William T--s/o Joseph & Rebecca Crandall--died 4 Aug 1854--aged 23d

Children of John & Margaret Seeves Reynolds
Reynolds Elizabeth--died 15 July 1844--aged 22y 2m 10d
Reynolds William--b 15 Nov 1817--d 9 July 1825
Reynolds Rebecca--b 19 May 1824--d 27 July 1825

Reynolds Lucinda-- w/p Samuel Reynolds--d/o Rhodes & Lydia Bates
Gardner--died 5 Feb 1844--aged 45y 5m 14d

Newport Reece C--born Fayette Co Pa--9 Sept 1794--d 3 Aug 1854
Newport Mary Ann (Cole)--born Belmont Co Ohio 24 March 1812--d 25 Jan 1853

Greene John Esq--born R I died 27 May 1813--aged 70y
Greene Mary--died 24 Sept 1823--aged 75y
Greene Sarah--d/o John & Mary Greene--died 29 Dec 1810--aged 25y

Kerr Margaret-- w/o Samuel Kerr--died 31 Jan 1828--aged 19y
Kerr Andrew Coleman--s/o Samuel & Margaret Kerr--died 1 Sept 1828--aged 7m 10d
Kerr Hannah H--w/o Samuel Kerr--died 9 Feb 1853--aged 31y 3m
Kerr Hamilton B--s/o Samuel & Hannah--died 17 July 1845--aged 2y 5m
Kerr Charles--died 10 July 1845--aged 73y

Benson James--died 14 July 1851--aged 69y 5m

Pickens Jennett C--w/o Samuel W Pickens--died 30 June 1850--aged 45y 19d

Larue Isaac--died 4 Aug 1850--aged 77y 2m 17d
Larue Elizabeth--w/o Isaac Larue--b 11 Oct 1759--d 20 July 1837
Larue Anna--d/o Isaac & Elizabeth Larue--b 6 April 1807--d 20 May 1837

Flagg Susan--d/o William C & Valeria Hays Flagg--b 18 Sept 1836--d 3 Feb 1837
Flagg Infant --s/o William C & Valeria Hays Flagg--died 30 Sept 1939

Humphrey--unknown--died 31 July 1827--aged 31y
Humphrey Lydia --w/o unknown Humphrey--died 1 June 1849--aged 46y--2nd
husband Carlton Palmer
Humphrey Susan--died 23 March 1828--aged 6y

Greenwood George--b Kent Co Md. 13 Jan 1763--d 21 Oct 1841--aged 79y

Amlin Martha Adaline--d/o Samuel Amlin--died 2 Sept 1842--aged 15y
Amlin Adaline E (Carrol)--w/o Samuel Amlin--died 11 Feb 1845--aged 30y 10m
Amlin William B--s/o Samuel & Adaline Amlin--died 28 April 1845--aged 3m
Amlin Roswell--died 29 June 1842--aged 33y
Amlin Jonathan--born NJ--died June 1846--aged 70y

Reed John--died 5 Feb 1852--aged 31y 1m 16d

Coen Thomas--died 29 April 1854--aged 61y

Sloan Margaret Ann--w/o Mathias Sloan--died 2 March 1854--aged 30y 5m 21d

Porter Mary Ann--d/o M & M Porter--died 8 Aug 1847--aged 15y 8m 20d
Porter Daniel W--died 1 Oct 1853--aged 25y
Porter Josephine--d/o Daniel & J P Porter--died 1 Sept 1852--aged 2y 4m
Porter Daniel--s/o Daniel W & J P Porter--died 2 Feb 1854--aged 5m

Children of David & Eliza A McKibben
McKibben Ellen H--died 25 Aug 1850--aged 16m
McKibben Joseph W--died 14 Nov 1854--aged 1y 3m 22d

McKibben Hannah P--w/o David McKibben--died 13 July 1839--aged 31y

Cree Joseph W--s/o James & Nancy Cree--died 3 Oct 1851--aged 1y 3m 13d

Children of Hamilton & Prudence Cree
Cree Charles E--b 18 Aug 1844--d 22 Feb 1852
Cree Nancy J--b 30 Oct 1837--d 23 Aug 1854

Moore Emma M--d/o Sarah J & John S Moore--died 6 Aug 1852-- aged 6y 6m

Smith George S--s/o Jared & Cynthis Smith--died 20 Oct 1855--aged 2y 1d

Palmer Ebner Crane--drowned 4 July 1842--aged 13y--s.o Lydia & Carlton Palmer

Messerve Isabella--d/o E & M A Messerve--died 13 Sept 1852-- aged 3y 4m 10d from Va

Ingersol Caroline Amelia--born in Cambride Mass 21 Sept 1851--died 22 Feb 1852

Jenkins Ellot Wood--s/o James C Wood--died 21 Jan 1853-- aged 2y 4m 12d

Cartwright James Edward--d/o Isaac & Nancy Carwright--died 28 Oct
1852--aged 1y 5m 6d
Cartwright Mariah--d/o Isaac & Nancy Cartwright--died 9 Oct 1852--aged 18y 6m

Listing of the Dye Family in Newport Cemetery

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