Located 1/4 Mile North of ST RT 50 , a short distance across the field from
The Fleming Store, Barlow Township

Deming Julia E--d/o David Y & Catherine Deming--died 17 March 1861--aged 3y
3m 25d

Dunlop John--a Native of Argyleshire Scotland--died 20 Nov 1860--aged 77y
Dunlop Mary-- w/o John Dunlop--died 12 April 1845--aged 67y

Fleming John--Native of Argyleshire Scotland--died 5 Feb 1854--aged 86y
Fleming Jane--w/o John Fleming--died 1 Nov 1852--aged 81y

Fleming James--died 24 May 1851--aged 59y 5m 12d

Fleming Robert--died 26 Dec 1860--aged 67y 4m 16d
Fleming Mary--w/o Robert--died 30 June 1880-- aged 82y 9m 14d
Fleming Archibald--s/o Robert & Mary Fleming--died 11 Dec 1843--aged 24y
Fleming David F--s/o Robert & Mary Fleming--died 21 Feb 1839-- aged 44y 3m

Fleming John--died 7 Oct 1860--aged 64y 10m 10d
Fleming William--died 28 July 1855--aged 46y 19d

Fleming Jane C--d/o D F & S Fleming--died 25 Feb 1852--aged 17y 10m 11d
Fleming Infant--c/o David F & Sophia Fleming--no dates

Frame Robert --s/o R & C Frame
Frame John--died 7 May 1804??--d 1853

Gordon John--died 14 May 1872-- aged 87y
Gordon Mary(Ralston)--a Native of Argyleshire Scotland--w/o John
30 Aug 1861--aged 79y

Gordon Jane Helen--d/o John Gordon--emigrated from Scotland 1838--died 12
Sept 1838--aged 13y

Green Olive --d/o D & H Green--died 2 Nov 1847--aged 7m 18d
Green Olive--d/o D & H Green--died 19 June 1851
Green George--s/o D & H Green--died 3 Oct 1852--aged 8y 1m 7d

Greenlees John --born in Scotland--4 June 1818--died 13 May 1847
Greenless Elizabeth--w/o John Greenless--born in Scotland--b 10 March
11818--d 1 Sept 1896

Greenless Hugh--died 9 March 1863--aged 67y

Haddow Robert--Native of Lanarkshire Scotland--1799--d 16 Feb 1885
Haddow Janet(Ormiston)--w/o Robert Haddow--born Lanarkshire
29 Nov 1866--aged 69y 11m 3d

Haddow unknown--s/o J & J C Haddow--died 25 July 1851--aged 6y 7m

Harvey Mary--died 14 Nov 1882--aged 78y 8m 19d
Harvey James--died 21 Sept 1856--aged 53y 10, 16d
Harvey David--s/o James & Mary Harvey-- Co D 77th Reg O V I --died 24 April
1863--aged 23y 5m

Harvey Jane--d/o James & Mary Harvey--died 20 Jan 1831--aged 2y 9m
Harvey John--Native of Argyleshire Scotland came to America 1817--died 15
June 1843--aged 71y
Harvey Ann--w/o John Harvey--died 22 Aug 1822--rest gone
Harvey John--died 12 June 1850--aged 45y 5m 15d
Harvey Samuel--w/o Isabella Harvey--died 14 April 1841--aged 29y

Lamb David--a Native of Scotland--b 4 March 1802--d 25 Sept 1862
Lamb Christiana--w/o David Lamb--died 20 Nov 1856--aged 35y 10m 12d
Lamb James--Native of Lanarkshire Scotland--died 25 July 1853--aged 95y 11m

McCuice Daniel--Native of Argyleshire Scotland--died 22 April 1847--aged

McCuig Catharine Harvey--Native of Argyleshire Scotland--w/o John
MCCuig---died 13 Dec 1844--aged 44y 1m 9d

McCuig John--Native of Argleshire Scotland--died 23 Aug 1882--aged 85y 3m

McCuig Daniel--s/o J & C McCuig--died 9 Nov 1861--aged 24y

McCuig John H--s/o J & C McCuig--died 22Jan 1852--aged 22y

McKay John--b 15 Jan 1795--d 31 March 1855
McKay Margaret F--b 20 Oct 1795--d 29 March 1876

Miller Isaac-- Co H 1st Ohio LA (Light Artillery) Civil War

Milligan John--died 8 June 1855--aged 57y
Milligan Jane A--w/o John Milligan--died 11 Jan 1891--aged 88y

Milligan Jennie A--d/o John & Maria Milligan--died 12 Jan 1870--aged 23y 7m

Milligan Infant--d/o J & M Milligan--died 24 Sept 1855

Ormiston James--Native Lanarkshire Scotland--died 24 July 1849--aged 81y 9d

Ormiston Christian--w/o James Ormiston--died 27 June 1852--aged 82 y 8m

Ormiston Christian Ormiston--Native Lenershire Scotland--died 16 Sept
1870--aged 63y

Ormiston Jane--d/o James Ormiston--rest gone
Ormiston Mary J--d/o J & I Ormiston--died 17 July 1849
Ormiston Twin sons of I A & A Ormiston--b 12 Nov 1865
Ormiston Janet--d/o J & I Ormiston--died 14 Jan 1849--age 4m 14d
Ormiston Jane--Native of Scotland--w/o David Ormiston--died 6 Aug 1840

Reid Jane--w/o Joseph Reid--died 3 May 1846--aged 25y

Robinson Joseph--Commissary in Co F 63rd Reg O I--died 5 July 1862--aged
Robinson Harvey--s/o J & R A Robinson--died 22 Oct 1852--aged 7y 6m 15d

Smith James--b 1825--d 1901
Smith Agnes--w/o James Smith--b 1828--d 1853

Skipton G H--died 15 June 1862--aged 35y 2m 27d
Skipton Polly Ann--died 10 April 1881--aged 55y 8m 7d

Skipton Florence E--d/o G H & P A Skipton--died 11 March 1850--aged 11m 18d

Turner David--Native of Argyleshire Scotland--died 21 April 1857--aged 62y
Turner Rose--Native Argyleshire Scotland--died 2 Oct 1829--aged 77y
Turner David--Native of Scotland--died 30 Dec 1869--aged 47y Civil War
Turner David--s/o D & M Turner--b 26 April ????--d 27 Sept 1862

Waterson John--Native of Scotland--died15 Dec 1853--aged 32y
Waterson Janet--w.o John Waterson--Native of Scotland--died 12 July
1904--aged 80y

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