The burials in the first cemetery, located on the bank of the Ohio River above the Fort Nye, are:

1. BLISS, ____ [?]
2. BROWN, Mrs. ____ and child killed by the Indians on March 15, 1792.
3. DUNHAM, Persis, daughter of Daniel and Bathsheba Dunham, age 14 died 15 March 1792.
Killed by the Indians. Her gravestone once stated the manner of her death, now illegible.
4. GUTHRIE, Hannah (Mrs) 3rd wife of Joseph Guthrie, died August 1797, 62 years. Mrs. Hannah Guthrie
was Mrs. Hannah Woodard, Coggeshall, Guthrie.
5. GUTHRIE, a stillborn child of Truman and Elizabeth Stone Guthrie.
6. LEAVENS, John, Captain died July 1799, 65 years of age born in Killingly, CT and came to Ohio in
1788. Grave marked by DAR
7. SPRACHT, Anthony died in 1803. Took part in the Battle of Point Pleasant.
8. SPRACHT, Catherine, wife of Anthony died 1789.
9. STRATTON, ____. He was the father of Betsey (Elizabeth) Stratton who was the first wife of Joseph
Leavens buried in (New) Newbury Cemetery

[NB: Daniel Dunham, father of Persis Dunham was buried in the Cedarville Cemetery in 1791.]

Contributed by: Barb Sprik

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