Sadie Olliver married Dec 21st 1887
Births: Sadie Olliver born March 15th 1867
Lyda Olliver born Feb 17th 1869
Lettie Olliver born August 31st 1870
Mamie Olliver born Oct 14th 1872 (originally written 1873)
Ella Olliver born July 21st 1876 (looks like originally 1878)
Daisy Olliver born May 17th 1882
Agnes Olliver born Sep 14th 1887
Janet Olliver born Sep 16th 1888 (day changed from 13th)
Laura Olliver born Mar 25th (year erased)


Dr. P. H. Glancy died Feb 15-(19)37 (different handwriting)
Peter McCualsky
Agness Born Sep 14th died Sep 14th 1887 (original handwriting)
Mamie O. Clarke born Oct 14th died Oct 31, 1909 (2nd handwriting)
Lyda O. Davidson born Feb 17th died March 6, 1915
Mary Oliver born Apr 17- age 74, died June 24-(19)22
J. Raymond Glancy born July 7 died June 24-(19)32
David Oliver born Nov 11, age 87, died Sept- (19)31 Memoranda:
Eliza Cooll born May 29 1825 died March 18 1887 (original handwriting)
Fred Cooll (2nd handwriting)

The front title page is missing from this Bible but the New Testament page shows it was printed in Philadelphia: Samuel D. Burlock & Co. There is no date of publication found.

Some of the birth dates of the Oliver sister were changed or erased in later years as indicated above. This Bible is now in my possession.

Contributed by Louis Ruf

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