Transcribed by Ellen Knowles Bisson
  and contributed to Sandra Mitchell Quinn's Washington County, OHGenWeb project
copyright February 2008

The Marietta Register frequently included a column entitled, “Old Marietta Papers,” which featured news and announcements extracted from some of the area’s earliest newspapers. Microfilm Reel # 39487, covering years 1862-1867, provided the following information about the area’s earliest residents from those columns 1808-1843. Although every effort has been made to note each personal item in a particular issue, some may have been missed. Please consult the microfilm reel if you feel an error has occurred. 

May 29 1863 

            14 Mar 1808: Died, at Springfield, Mrs. Catherine Buckingham, wife of Ebenezer Buckingham, and daughter of Gen. Rufus Putnam, in her 29th year.

Jun 12 1863

            Hon. John Brough - We make some notes on the life of Mr. Brough on the occasion of his visit this week to the city of his nativity. Mr. Brough was born in 1811, in Marietta, in the old Court House and Jail, the dwelling house part of which was then occupied by his father, John Brough, Esq., who was at the time sheriff of the county. The father was a native of England and died in 1823 on the farm now known as the “Cleona Farm,” just above the mouth of Duck Creek. After the death of his father in 1823, young Brough went to learn the printing business with the late Royal Prentiss in the office of “The American Friend” [an early Washington County newspaper]. In January, 1831, he began the publication of “The Western Republican,” over the Post Office, at the corner of Front and Putnam streets. It was a Jackson paper and edited with ability. In April 1833, he removed the paper to Parkersburg and sold it the next fall, when he removed to Lancaster, this State, and published and edited the “Lancaster Eagle,” the Democratic paper of Fairfield county, today a violent copperhead paper. He was elected Auditor of State by the Legislature the next winter. He held that office six years, until 1845. In 1841, he purchased the Phoenix, of Moses Dawson, and started the Cincinnati Inquirer, in company with his brother, the late Judge Charles H. Brough, the latter being the resident partner. In 1845, Mr. Brough removed to Cincinnati where he remained three years in law practice, editing the Enquirer part of the time. In 1848, he removed to Madison, Ind., on becoming President of the Madison and Indianapolis Railroad. He has been in railroad life ever since, now being in charge of the Bellefontaine and Indianapolis road - his charge, we believe, extending from Indianapolis to Crestline. His family resides at Cleveland. Mr. Brough is a man of distinguished ability. His College was the Printing Office. He was always a Democrat - since the War, an unconditional Union man.

Jun 19 1863

            Died: Elder William Holley, “for some years a teacher of the Baptist order,” died in Marietta, July 7, 1808, in his 60th year; and Israel Stone died at Rainbow, July 13th age 60.

            Died: Sept. 18, 1808, Mrs. Jane R. Woodbridge, daughter of Benj. I. Gilman and wife of Dudley Woodbridge, Jr.

Aug 21 1863

            Married: Nov 12, 1811, by Rev. Stephen Lindsley, Mr. Charles Shipman, of this town, to Miss Frances W. Dana, of Belpre.

            Married: Nov. 21, 1811, by Rev. Stephen Lindsley, Wm. Corner, of Marietta, to Miss Sarah Maxon, of Fearing.

            Married: Jan. 28, 1812, by Rev. Stephen Lindsley, Mr. Samson Cole to Miss Polly Duncan.

            Married: March 1, 1812, by Rev. Stephen Lindsley, Mr. James M. Booth to Miss Sally Alcock, both of this place.

            Died: Feb. 2, 1812, Mrs. Huldah Tupper, widow of Gen. Benj. Tupper.

            Died: In April, Capt. Gilbert Devol, Jr., aged 46.

            Died: May 13, Mrs. Sabra Porter, wife of Amos Porter, of Salem, who died about two years ago, the last of the first party who landed at Marietta, April 7, 1788.

            Died: June 13, 1812, Maj. Gen. Joseph Buel, aged 49, who was one of the first settlers of Marietta. He had been in the Ohio Senate and Associate Judge.

            Died: Wm. Gray, Esq., one of the first settlers of Waterford, died July 24, 1812, in his 52d year.

            Married: July 1812, in this town, by Rev. Stephen Lindsley, Mr. George Dunlevy to the amiable Miss Harriet Devol.

Oct 30 1863

            Died: Dec 21, 1813 - David Everett [Editor of the “American Friend” newspaper which was first issued on April 24, 1813; printed by T.G. Ransom for D. Everett, T. Buell and D.H. BUELL]: David Everett was a native of New Hampshire. He read law at Amherst in that state and went to Boston and there attained no little reputation as an editor. He had devoted himself to literary pursuits from his early years and was a very fine writer, independent and vigorous. Mr. Everett’s health had failed somewhat and he left Boston for a milder climate, in January 1813, and arrived in Marietta, in the following March. He began is editorial labors here in April, but finished his earthly career within eight months. He died in this place Tuesday, Dec. 21, 1813, of consumption, aged 44. He was buried with Masonic honors. Mrs. Everett died in New Ipswich, N.H., in January 1859, having survived her husband over 45 years.

Nov 6 1863

            Married: April 18, 1813, D.H. Buell to Miss Phebe Ward, of Belpre.

            Married: May 1, 1813, Thos. Alcock to Miss Sally Wells, of Virginia.

            Died: In Newport, May 27, 1813, John Greene, Esq., aged 69 years and 6 months, formerly of Warwick, R.I.

            Married: June 13, 1813, Jasher Taylor and Elizabeth Hill, both of Newport.

Nov 13 1863

            Died: Feb. 15, 1814, Lieut. Jos. M. Wilcox, of the regular U.S. Army, was killed by Indians, on the Alabama River, in his 24th year. He was a son of Gen. Jos. Wilcox, of Marietta, and entered West Point Military Academy in 1807. He was sent down the Alabama River on a perilous expedition, in command of three picked men, in a canoe. After being out two days, they landed to escape 10 Indians in a canoe, but the Indians landed. They beat off the Indians, killing two of them. They wandered about in the woods, to escape, went through swamps, and finally returned to the river, and began building a raft, one of their men having deserted them. Just as their raft was done, the three men were attacked by eight Indians. They made a desperate resistance and after Lieut. Wilcox was shot through the body, and mortally wounded, he rushed on an Indian, knocked him down with his rifle and threw him into the river. Corporal Simpson was wounded in the knee. The other man crept into a cane brake. The Indians split the skulls of Lieut. Wilcox and the Corporal, having first scalped them, and just then a detachment came in sight, but too late to save the lives of the gallant Lieutenant and Corporal. They rescued the man in the cane brake.

            Died: May 7, 1814, Mathew Hungerford died, having been mortally injured a day or two before by a limb of a tree falling on his head, while chopping in the woods near Marietta.

            Died: May 17, 1814, John Glidden was instantly killed in Fearing by a stick of timber falling on h im at the raising of a house.

            Died: March 30, 1815, Samuel McClintick, a respectable citizen of this town, was drowned a short distance below Harmar, leaving a numerous family.


            Dec 30 1813    Richard Alcock and Wealthy Buell, both of Marietta.

            Jan 2 1814       Rufus P. Stone, of Belpre, and Eliza Barker of Union.

            Feb 13 1814     Nathaniel Smith and Jemima Brown, both of Marietta.

            Apr 7 1814      Abraham Payne and Philomelia Pixely, both of Marietta.

            Oct 29 1814     by John Brough, Esq., (father of Governor Brough), N. Bishop and Elizabeth Giles, both of Marietta.

            Oct 30 1814     Reuben Cartwright and Catherine Protsman, both of Marietta.

            Nov 3 1814      Capt. Jason R. Curtis and Polly Clark (parents of Wm. F. Curtis), both of Marietta.

            Dec 1 1814     Frances R. Stanley, of Fearing, and Nancy Payne, of Union.

            Dec 15 1814   Ezra Chapman and Mary Conner, both of Marietta.

            Dec 22 1814   Robert Wells and Hannah Case, both of Marietta.

            Mar 12 1815   Capt. Nathaniel Olney, of Union, and Mary Smith, of Adams.

            Apr 6 1815     Col. Robert C. Barton and Rachel B. VanDuyn, both of Marietta.

            May 25 1815  Francis Thierry and Fanny Blake, both of Marietta.

            Sep 6 1815      In Wooster (Watertown), Peter Taylor and Margaret Ashcroft.

            Oct 12 1815    Eli Iams and Catharine Crawford (parents of R.P. Iams), both of Marietta.

            Deaths in 1814:

            Mar 29            Didier Gevres, a native of France, aged 52.

            Apr 7              Mrs. Polly Cole, wife of Samson Cole, “an amiable woman.”

            May 4             In Belpre, Mrs. Eunice Curtis, wife of Capt. Eleazer Curtis, aged 48.

            May 9             Abigail Hoyt, wife of Benajah Hoyt, aged ___.

            May 24           In Fearing, John Amlin, a native of Germany, aged 77.

            May 29           Roswell Buell, eldest son of Capt. Timothy Buell, aged 19.

            Jun 26             Jona. Delong, of Salem, aged 55.

            Aug 14            In Belpre, Col. Nathaniel Cushing, aged 56, and on the 26th, his wife Elizabeth, aged 61, both of fever; moved from Massachusetts in 1788.

            Jan 29             In Harmar, Isaac Mixer, tavern keeper, aged 78.

            Mar 12            In Newport, Mrs. Elizabeth Miner, wife of Capt. Matthew Miner, aged 45.

            Apr 16            Chas. Wells, Esq., of Tyler Co., Va., who had lived on the frontiers 10 years, aged 70.

            Deaths in 1815:

            May 2             In Adams, Mrs. Sabra Sprague, wife of Jona. Sprague, aged 48.

            Jul 16              Artemas Sawyer, Esq., died in Marietta, a lawyer and a native of Sterling, Mass.

            Aug 7              Gordius G. Pierce, son of Stephen Pierce, in his 23d year.

            Oct 31             In Washington, Ky., Joseph Bates, of Marietta, aged 36.


Nov 20 1863

            Marriages in 1816:

            Jan 21             Michael Gard and Clarissa Baker, both of Union.

            Apr 7              Soloman Lewis and Miss Sarah White, both of Wooster (Watertown).

            May 1             Joseph L. Reckard to Miss Delila Jennings, both of Marietta.

            Aug 15            John P. Mayberry, Attorney at Law, of Parkersburg, and Miss Lucy Welles Fearing, of Harmar.

            Aug 21            Henry Clark and Patty Herrington,, both of Marietta

            Aug 27            John Corp and Elizabeth Dodd, both of Marietta.

            Sep 22             In Belpre, Geo. Dana and Deborah Fisher.

            Nov 21            Zebulon Jenings and Betsey Maxon.

            Nov 26            E.S. McIntosh, of Marietta, and Elizabeth Seeley, of Waterford.

            Deaths in 1816:

            Early in 1816  Gen. Jos. M. Wilcox, “date not given.”

            May 10           H.W. Noble, Esq., formerly of Portsmouth, N.H., a highly esteemed merchant.

            Oct 1               In Adams, Joshua Sprague, Sr., in his 89th year.

            Oct 4               In Union, Mrs. Cynthia Olney, granddaughter of Joshua Sprague.

Nov 27 1863

            Deaths in 1817:

            Jan 18             Gen. Joseph Wilcox, in his 61st year. (The publication of his death last week was erroneous.)

            Apr 1              In Harmar, Paul Fearing, Jr., in his 17th year.

            Apr 20            Capt. Nathaniel Smith, aged 25.

            June 1             Noah Needham, formerly of the State of Delaware.

            Jul 7                In Waterford, Eli G. Cogswell, buried with Masonic honors. 

            Aug 26            Oliver Dodge, aged 53, buried with Masonic honors, in Adams.

            Sep 6               In Harmar, James Nichols.

            Oct 3               Mrs. Sarah, wife of Jona. Guitteau, aged 31.

            Oct 5               At Louisville, James C. McFarland, Esq., of Marietta.

            Oct 6               In Chillicothe, Mrs. Lucy, wife of Dudley Woodbridge, Sr.

            Oct 21             In Fearing, Simeon Tuttle.

            Oct 29             In Belpre, Dea. Benj. Miles.

            Nov 16            In Zanesville, Elijah B. Merwin, Atty at Law.

            Dec 4              Phillip Worthington, aged 67.

            Marriages in 1818:

            Jan 4               Wm. H. Buell and Lavinia Rogers.

            Feb 12             Judah M. Chamberlain and Rhode McIntosh.

            May 23           Thompson Gates and Sarah Gold.

            Jun 4               Dr. Burr Bradley, of Salem, Ind., and Esther W. Plumer, of Marietta.

            June 28           John Gates, Jr., and Clarissa Crane.

            Jul 2                In Salem, Milton Pixley and Anna Perkins.

            Aug 13            In Salem, James Hill and Phebe Hussey.

            Aug 13            Norman Payne and Lydia Hussey.

            Aug 18            Wm. McNeil and Susanna Corwin.

            Oct 6               In Union, Thomas Jenkins and Mary Dyar.

            Oct 25             Dr. Erastus Webb, of Circleville, and Eliza Cook, of Belpre.

            Nov 22            In Salem, Wm. Porter and Mary Sutton.

            Deaths in 1818:

            May 20           Mrs. Mary Hartshorn, aged 28.

            Jun 14             Mrs. Sarah Thorniley, at Philadelphia, aged 54 (daughter of Col. Israel Putnam and sister of the late David Putnam.)

            Jul 20              Mrs. Lucy Putnam, widow of Maj. Ezra Putnam, aged 89.

            Jul 31              In Harmar, James Sharp, Esq., aged 51.

            Aug 7              In Roxbury, Catharine, Wife of Luke Emerson, aged 27.

            Oct 14             Mrs. Sarah, wife of Commodore Abraham Whipple, aged 79.

Jan 8 1864

            Marriages in 1824:

            Jan 11             Nathan Wheeler and Elizabeth Hart; Eli Green and Elizabeth N. Stewart, both of Barlow.

            Mar 31            Capt. Nat. Dodge, of Marietta, and Mrs. Lucy Adams, of Warren.

            Apr 4              Anthony Hill and Sally Lewis, both of Union.

            Apr 25            John Smith, of Newport, and Eliza Williams, of Marietta; Caleb Thorniley and Tabitha Erwin.

            May 9             Wm. Case and Fanny Bryan.

            May 25           Powell Hoff and Martha Brewster

            May 30           Col. John Mills and Deborah S. Wilson.

            Jun 3               Cortland Shepard and Hannah Lake; Maj. Henry Hill and Mrs. Jerusha Doan, both of Salem.

            Jun 6               Barker Rouse, of Belpre, and Mary Philips, of Marietta.

            Jun 8               John Stacy and Lucoba Rice, both of Union. 

            Jul 13              John Stephenson and Louisa Gray.

            Aug 26            Chauncey T. Judd and Clarissa Hartshorn.

            Sep 21             Henry Armstrong and Sarah Stephenson

            Sep 30             In Barlow, James Lawton, Jr., and Eliza W. Paskell.

            Oct 7               In Waterford, Michael Devin and Harriet Chambers.

            Nov 28            Nathaniel Dodge, Jr., and Elizabeth Burlingame.

            Dec 16            Geo. Payne, of Sallem, and Julinda Hill, of Fearing.

Deaths in 1824:

            Feb 9               Jona. Samson.

            Feb 15             Dr. John L. Shaw, 54.

            Feb 18             John Clogston, 58.

            Mar 7              In Fearing, Sally W., wife of Maj. Wm. Hart, 45.

            Mar 9              In Union (new Muskingum), Israel Putnam, a grandson of Gen. Israel, 58.

            Mar 20            Peter Radcliff Putnam, third son of David Putnam, Esq., 20.

            Apr 13            Stephen Hodgmman.

            Apr 26            In Columbus, Julia, wife of D.L. Rathbone (sister of Wm. Pitt. Putnam, of Belpre).

            May 1             Gen. Rufus Putnam (who was at the head of the first settlement here), 86.

            May 11           In Wood Co., Va., Dr. Jos. Spencer, 74.

            Aug 19            In Newport, James Mullen, 27

            Aug 29            Isabella, wife of John Rowland, 66.

            Sep 15             In Meigs Co., Col. Robt. C. Barton, formerly of Marietta. [Check date, difficult to read.]

Jan 15 1864

            Deaths in 1822:

            Feb 21             John McIntosh, aged 70

            Mar 23            Lewis, son of Wm. Skinner.

            Apr 2              Susan, infant dau. of Capt. L. Edgerton.

            Apr 4              Josiah Buck

            Apr 19            Bridget, wife of John Brough, Esq., four weeks and one day after marriage.

            Apr 20            Mrs. Algeo.

            Jun 27             Chas. F., son of Ephraim Ranger. [Note: Surname might be Ringer]

            Jul 10              Humphrey Hook, in Wood Co., VA, 56.

            Aug 1              Mary, wife of Elder John Gates, 52

            Aug 1              Abram Seevers, in Fearing, 74.

            Aug 21            Hon. Paul Fearing, in Harmar, 60.

            Aug 21            Cynthia, wife of Paul Fearing, within 6 hours of [husband], 45.

            Aug 26            John Cornell.

            Aug 26            Edmund Moulton, 76

            Aug 27            The wife of Capt. Nathan Bowen.

            Aug 30            Mrs. Catharine McClintick, 47.

            Sep 9               Janna R. Bowers.

            Sep 9               Mrs. Merriam, in Adams.

            Sep 10             Reuben Merriam.

            Sep 10             Maj. Robert Bradford, in Belpre.

            Sep 14             Mrs. Nancy Bliss.

            Sep 15             Aaron Smith, 48,

            Sep 16             Mrs. Persis Howe.

            Sep 16             Mrs. Sollinger, in Union.

            Sep 19             Charlotte, wife of A.W. Putnam, 49.

            Sep 19             Christiana Ulmer.

            Sep 20             John Miller.

            Sep 20             Ann Eliza, dau. of Levi Cole.

            Sep 21             A.W. Putnam, 55, in Belpre.

            Sep 21             Justus Morse.

            Sep 21             Silas Barter.

            Sep 24             Jacob Schachtelin.

            Sep 25             Elder John Gates, 55.

            Sep 25             Mrs. Gates.

            Sep 25             John Drown, on the Island, 19.

            Sep 26             Capt. Obadiah Lincoln, 52.

            Sep 26             John Clark, 61.

            Sep 26             Sarah, [wife of John Clark], 50.

            Sep 27             Mrs. Deborah Erwin, 81.

            Sep 27             Hugh Dixon, 40.

            Sep 27             Titany Adams, in Warren.

            Sep 28             Angelina Lincoln, 17.

            Sep 28             Harriet, dau. of Wyllys Hall.

            Sep 28             Caroline, dau. of James Bliss, 7.

            Sep 28             Mary Ann, dau. of Jasher Taylor.

            Sep 28             Lucy, a woman of color.

            Sep 30             Clarissa, wife of Capt. Timothy Buell.

            Oct 1               Jefferson Lincoln, 12.

            Oct 1               Wealthy A., dau. of Rich’d Alcock, 6.

            Oct 1               Infant son of John Kelly.

            Oct 1               Mary, dau. of S.D.W. Drown, on Island.

            Oct 2               Titus Buck, 48

            Oct 2               James Knight, 31

            Oct 2               Manassah, son of E. Cutler, 12, Warren.

            Oct 4               Col. Jacob Ulmer.

            Oct 5               Mark Anderson.

            Oct 6               Henry Winum, 46

            Oct 7               Mrs. Mees.

            Oct 8               Philip Cunningham, 23.

            Oct 8               William Judson, 37.

            Oct 9               Mrs. Lyon.

            Oct 9               Eliza Anderson, 13.

            Oct 10             Abraham Sharp.

            Oct 10             Mrs. Schachtelin.

            Oct 10             Mrs. Lucretia Hempstead, 52.

            Oct 12             Jonas Livermore, 56.

            Oct 14             Charles Lincoln, 4.

            Oct 16             John Brough, Esq., 75

            Oct 18             Dudley Dodge.

            Oct 21             Henry Murphy, 9.

            Nov 4              Lydia, wife of Wm. White, 29, Fearing.

            Nov 27            John Dye, Sr., 88.

            Dec 14            Mary, wife of Benjamin P. Putnam.

            And the following are listed with no month or day: Amos Morris, Benj. Nott and Obadiah Morris, all of Adams; Rich’d Talbot, of Grandview; Jotham Wright, of Newport; John Stewart, of Warren; Benedict E. Rathbone, of Belpre; and Elisha Woodward, Richard Waterman, Jos. Babcock and Jona. Guitteau, of Marietta.

            Deaths in 1823:

            Jan 20             Casper Smith, 46

            Feb 23             Mrs. Sally Cain, 48, in Fearing.

            Apr 7              Sam’l Brooks, 70, in Union.

            Apr 25            Mrs. Abigail Dye, 60, in Lawrence.

            May 6             Capt. Phineas Dunsmoor, 50, in Wesley.

            May 12           Joel Oaks, in Belpre.

            Jun 10             Robert McCabe, 43.

            Jul 12              Capt. Benj. Blake, 40, in Fearing.

            Sep 8               Jona. Dunham, 70, in Warren.

            Sep 15             Wm. Ford, Jr., in Watertown.

            Oct 3               Rufus Humphreys, 25, in Newport.

            Oct 31             John Chambers, in Lawrence.

            Nov 1              Hon. John Sharp, in Lawrence.

            Nov 6              Davidson Murray.

            Nov 12            Adoniram J. Guitteau, 30, in Fearing.

            Dec 30            Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Nat. Clark, 28.

            The following is a list of burials in “Mound Cemetery,” during July, August, September and October, 1823, the figures denoting the day [of the month]:

            Jul 5                George Howe                         Jul 23              Child of Mr. Bacon

            Jul 8                Jacob Drake                            Jul 24              Harriet Hartshorn

            Jul 11              Son of S. Briggs                     Jul 24              Harriet Hearn

            Jul 13              Mrs. Dempsey                        Jul 24              Mrs. Miner

            Jul 14              Joseph Bartlett                        Jul 25              Mrs. Miller

            Jul 14              T.J.H. Sanford                        Jul 25              Mrs. Thorniley

            Jul 14              Mrs. Hill                                 Jul 26              Pamela Rood

            Jul 18              Mary A. Cunningham             Jul 26              Son of A. Daniels

            Jul 18              Wm. Taylor                            Jul 28              Rachel Howe

            Jul 19              Mrs. Brown                            Jul 28              Mrs. Hoff

            Jul 21              John Locker                            Jul 28              Levi Benjamin

            Jul 22              Dau of Geo. Corner                Jul 29              Leonard Foster

            Jul 22              Mrs. Livermore                      Jul 29              Wm. Fulton

            Jul 23              Caleb Thornily                       Jul 29              Anna Rogers

            Jul 23              Mathew Miner                        Jul 30              Jona. Carnes

            Jul 23              Son of Sam. Stone


            Aug 1              Mr. Brown                              Aug 16            Mrs. Pratt

            Aug 2              Mr. Follett                              Aug 17            Mrs. Morse

            Aug 3              Son of Jacob Brown               Aug 17            Child of T. Buell

            Aug 5              Eliza Stanley                          Aug 18            Child of R. McCabe

            Aug5               Dau. of Broadhurst                 Aug 18            Child of Mr. Wheeler

            Aug 5              James Lincoln                        Aug 18            Mrs. Goodwin

            Aug 6              Child of W. Holyoke              Aug 18          Mrs. Keating

            Aug 6              Mrs. Merrill                            Aug 19            Child of Cherry

            Aug 6              Mrs. Rood [sp?]                      Aug 19            Mr. Goodwin

            Aug 6              D. Woodbridge, Sr.                Aug 20            John Phelps

            Aug 6              Child of D. Protsman              Aug 23            Child of J. Brown

            Aug 8              Child of Pratt                          Aug 23            Child of J. Clark

            Aug 9              Pearce Morse                          Aug 24            Child of Mr. Talbot

            Aug 9              Wm. McAllister                     Aug 26            Mrs. Guitteau

            Aug 11            Child of A. Daniels                Aug 27            Ruth Johnson

            Aug 12            Child of D. Murray                 Aug 28            Mrs. Browning

            Aug 13            Jos. Harris                               Aug 28            Mary Stone

            Aug 13            Harriet Goodwin                     Aug 29            Eliza ____ [Balmer?]

            Aug 14            Sally Druse                             Aug 29            Son of Jed. Chase

            Aug 14            Child of C. Thorniley             Aug 30            Mrs. Steph. Hildreth

            Aug 14            Mrs. ___ Deming                   Aug 30            Emily Hoff

            Aug 15            Mrs. Dr. Jett                           Aug 30            Andrew Webster

            Aug 16            Mrs. Duncan                           Aug 30            Child of G. Gilbert

            Sep 1               Judson Guitteau                      Sep 19             Child of __ Crandall

            Sep 1               Mrs. Spencer                          Sep 20             Ephraim Hill

            Sep 1               Mr. Rood                                Sep 20             Child of J. Graham

            Sep 2               Son of Jed. Chase                   Sep 20             Child of J.J. Preston

            Sep 2               Mrs. Pearce Morse                 Sep 22             Child of __ Crandall

            Sep 3               Rev. S.P. Robbins                   Sep 22             Robt. G. Duncan

            Sep 3               Mrs. Garnet                            Sep 22             Woman from Fearing

            Sep 5               Dr. N. McIntosh                     Sep 22             Child of S. Lee

            Sep 5               Dr. Jabez True                        Sep 22             Child of R. Mills

            Sep 5               Mary Stone, Sr.                      Sep 24             Rev. Jos. Willard

            Sep 11             N. Needham                           Sep 24             Caleb Barstow

            Sep 11             Child of Mercer                      Sep 24             Allen McNe_l

            Sep 12             John Gibson                            Sep 24             Child of Wm. Alcock

            Sep 12             Mr. Shoemaker                       Sep 25             Mrs. Deem

            Sep 12             A. Shay                                   Sep 26             Child of Mr. Locker

            Sep 12             Mrs. Tucker                            Sep 27             James Gilbert

            Sep 13             Child of Mr. Brown                Sep 28             Henry Gibson

            Sep 14             Luther Edgerton, Sr.               Sep 28             Child of Mr. Rich

            Sep 15             Ephraim Foster                       Sep 28             Child of Jed. Chase

            Sep 16             Child of Mrs. Harley              Sep 29             Julia A. Geren

            Sep 17             Child of J. Graham                 Sep 30             Child of D. Gilbert

            Sep 18             Child of Jed. Chase                Sep 30             Mrs. McCabe

            Sep 19             Elizabeth T. Willard


            Oct 1               Mrs. Evans                             Oct 17             Child of Wyllys Hall

            Oct 1               Child of C.D. Bonney             Oct 18             Mrs. Crandall

            Oct 3               Hopkins Greene                      Oct 20             Child of Jed. Chase

            Oct 3               Joshua Shipman                      Oct 21             Mrs. Bodwell

            Oct 3               Mrs. Wm. M. Case                 Oct 21             Mrs. Ryan

            Oct 6               Child of Wm. Alcock             Oct 22             Child of Mr. Bacon

            Oct 12             Lorenzo Protsman                  Oct 23             Mrs. McCune [check date]

            Oct 14             Child of E. Ryan                     Oct 28             Mrs. Nat. Dodge

            Oct 15             Child of T. Buell                    Oct 29             Edward Guitteau

            Of the above, 72 belonged to the corporation of Marietta; 55 to the township outside the corporation; 14 to other townships. Children, 51, five being those of Jed. Chase. Among the more prominent men were Dudley Woodbridge, Sr., Rev. Samuel P. Robbins, Dr. Jabez True, Dr. Nathan McIntosh, Luther Edgerton, Sr.

Jan 22 1864

            Events of 1825:

            Marietta, in January, 1825, lost two of its “rising young men.” One - Henry P. Willcox - left suddenly and somewhat mysteriously for “parts unknown”; the other - Benjamin P. Putnam - was cut off by that “fell destroyer,” consumption. The exact date of the disappearance of Mr. Willcox we do not know, but it was about New Year’s. He was the son of Gen. Joseph Willcox, who died just eight years before [see Deaths in 1816 from issue of 20 Nov 1863] and who lived in the house since known as that of the Ward family. He built the house in which Col. Mills has lived for the last quarter of a century; also the store building corner of Front and Putnam sts., now occupied by J.L. Stephens. The Friend [newspaper] makes no mention of his departure, but he was Postmaster, and on the 7th of January the name of David Morris, Postmaster pro tem is published. Jan. 24th, notice was published by Dr. S.P. Hildreth and A.V.D. Joline that they had been appointed by Mr. Willcox as his agents to settle his business. Why he left, we have heard attributed to some purloining of money from letters in connection with the Post Office, the precise nature of which was, we believe, never fully developed to the public. He went to Canada, but subsequently came into Cattarangus Co., N.Y., where he practiced medicine and it is said that he went to Albany where he had some prominence, being at one time Secretary to the Governor. He started out in Marietta with dashing prospects, married a daughter of Rev. Joseph Willard, lived in style, but his career ended here as above related. He once came here, but kept out of public view. David Morris was appointed to succeed him as Postmaster.

            Benjamin P. Putnam was the oldest brother of our fellow citizens Douglas and David Putnam. He died on Sunday evening, Jan. 2, 1825 in his 25th year - young, yet he had accomplished “the work of a lifetime.” No man at his age has ever done so much in Marietta. He was twice married, first to a sister of the late J.W. Dana, of Waterford, afterwards to a sister of the late Nahum Ward. We copy from The Friend [newspaper] as follows: “Benjamin P. Putnam was endowed with a strong and active mind, which was early put in train for much usefulness and having received an education at the age of 17, fitting for active life, he went into the Land Office of the late worthy patriot Gen. Rufus Putnam where he continued, strictly and satisfactorily engaged, for two years at the close of which a very extensive Land Agency was placed in his hands and at a subsequent period the office of Cashier of the Bank of Marietta was given him. Business was rapidly multiplying upon his hands, for he gave satisfaction to all who had negotiations with him - when suddenly in the bloom of life, he was called by his God, in whom he had full faith and confidence, to leave this world of sorrows and be at rest. His friends and society at large sincerely mourn the loss of so worthy, generous, humane, hospitable, and philanthropic a character as that which he sustained. He has left a void in our society of no ordinary magnitude.

            Died: Jan. 3, 1825, Joel Sherman, son of Josiah Sherman, of Waterford, died at the age of 21 - shot four days before at a Wolf Hunt in Windsor township, Morgan Co., by careless persons who fired at a deer.

            May 23, 1825, Gen. Lafayette passed up the Ohio on the steamer Herald, landed in Marietta amid the firing of cannon, and spent about an hour at the house of Nahum Ward, with whom he had become acquainted at Paris, the people generally calling upon him at Ward’s.

            Oct 14, 1825, John Bryan was killed near the mouth of Duck Creek by the fall of a stick of timber upon him, while engaged in turning over a newly built flat boat.

            Marriages in 1825 [many illegible]:

            Jan 20             James M. Amlin, of Fearing (now Ironton), and Eliza Shary, of Lawrence.

            Jan 21             Whipple S. Clark and Keziah McLane.

            Feb 3               Salmon Parke, of Union, and Sophronia Mason, of Adams.

            Feb 13             Jabez Davis and Laura Learned.

            Feb 17             Henry P. ___ and Experience Fuller.

            Feb 17             Stephen Otis and Sally Dyer, of Union.

            Feb 24             Silas Fearing and Mary B. Babcock.

            Feb 24             Wm. T___ and Nancy Miller

            Mar 2              Simeon Deming, Jr., and Mary A. Ford, both of Watertown.

            Mar 10            John Hoagland and Mary R. Proctor, both of Barlow.

            Mar 16            Robt. Crawford and Lucy Russell.

            Mar 16            John Alexander and Polly Sinclair, both of Adams. 

            Apr 13            Jos. T. Millard and Lavina Warren.

            Apr 15            John Clark, of Belpre, and Matilda F. Chappel, of Warren.

            Apr 28            Matthew Henry, of Watertown, and Mary Parke, of Union.

            May 12           Robt. Riley and Mary Hoskins, both of Newport.

            May 12           Stephen Gould and Polly Proctor, both of Barlow.

            Jun 9               Smith Bartlett and Mary Willis, of Union. 

            Jun 13             Samuel Whipple and Mrs. Margaret Lincoln.

            Jun 23             Warren Wilcox and Emily Morse.

            Jun 23             Richard F. Morris and Martha Lake.

            Jul 12              Dr. Ephraim Quimby and Mrs. Sarah Guitteau, both of Fearing.

            Jul 31              Jesse Loring, of Belpre, and Adaline Durfee, of Union.

            Aug 10            Maj. Wm. Hart, of Fearing, and Mrs. Mary McNeal, of Marietta.

            Aug 11            In Fearing, Gilbert G. Down and Eliza Perkins.

            Aug 11            John Merrill, of Marieta, and Ann Barber, of Clermont Co.

            Sep 22             James Ferguson and Elvira Morse.

            Oct 6               In Fearing, Dr. A. Hicks and Eliza Rump.

            Oct 6               S. Whittock and Mixindia Stanley.

            Oct 16             Asa Davis, of Madison Co., and Jane Lake, of Union.

            Oct 17             Ezra O’Neal, of Belpre, and Matilda Ferguson, of Newport.

            Nov 3              Demin I. Rathbone, of Columbus, and Catharine Putnam, of Belpre.

            Nov 24            Enos Chapman and Anna Doan, both of Fearing.

            Dec 6              Dr. Perley B. Johnson, of McConnelsville, and Mary M. Dodge, of Adams.

            Dec 10            Jas. P. Boswick, of Watertown, and _____ Thorniley, of Marietta.

            Dec 12            Asahel Doan to Sarah W. Stanley, both of Fearing.

            Dec 22            In Lawrence, Amos Dye, of Morgan Co., and Mrs. Sophia Dye.


            Deaths in 1825:

            May 21           Polly, wife of Henry Cogswell, 28

            Jun 6               Sally, wife of Billy Todd, 36

            Jul 3                In Fearing, John Amlin, 52

            Jul 8                Mrs. Mary, widow of Israel Stone, 61

            Jul 30              In Watertown, Samuel Mellor, 76

            Aug 10            In Watertown, Moses, youngest son of C. Malster, 19

            Aug 28            In Watertown, Andres Powers

            Sep 4               Sylvander Root, 28

            Oct 17             Theodore S. Foster, of Belpre, 30

            Dec 21            Caleb R. Barstow, in Newport, 19

            Dec 27            Luther Otis Dana, 13.

Jan 29 1864

            Marriages in 1826

            Jan 1               Wm. Glines and Eliza Truesdell

            Jan 8               John Cameron and Martha Atkinson, both of Barlow.

            Mar 16            Thomas Ridgway and Esther Ann Dyer, both of Union.

            Mar 23            Peter B. Lake, of Wesley, and Caroline Wilson, of Adams.

            Apr 3              In Belpre, Capt. Hopson Beebe, of Athens, and Mrs. Rebecca Warre.

            Apr 12            Chas. Haskell, of Marietta, and Elizabeth Dana, of Newport.

            Apr 13            Wm. Shields and Catharine Nulton, both of Watertown.

            Apr 20            Maj. Jesse Hildebrand and Mrs. Senith Fowler, of Fearing.

            Jun 3               Benj. M. Brown and Maria Lord, both of Wesley.

            [Rest of information not legible]

            Deaths in 1826 [partial list]:

            Apr 26            In Detroit, Wm. W. Petit, formerly of Marietta.

            May 6             In Kaskaskia, Ill., Valentine Duncan, of Marietta, 24.

            May 11           In Louisville, Isaac Barstow, of Newport.

            May 17           Mrs. Eunice Hall, 70.

            May 19           John L. Mackey.

            May 26           In Aurelius, Esther, wife of Benj. Corp, 69.

            May 29           Calvin Reckard, 66.

            Jul 26              In Gallipolis, Gen. Nathaniel S. Cushing.

            Aug 2              In Belpre, Adaline, wife of Jesse Loring, Esq.

            Aug 6              Dudley Tyler, 34.

            Aug 27            George Washington Lafayette, child of Nahum Ward.

            Sep 3               In Fearing, James White.

            Sep 26             Pamelia, daughter of Wm. Dana, Esq., 15.

            Sep 29             In Watertown, Eliza B., daughter of Elias Wolcott, aged 19.

            Nov 20            In Parkersburg, Nathaniel Dodge, Jr., formerly of Marietta.

            Dec 15            In Lancaster, Nathaniel C. Gilman, formerly of Marietta.

            Marriages in 1827:

            Jan 1               John V. Fletcher, of Adams, and Dorcas Emmons, of Marietta.

            Jan 1               Clark Pratt and Cynthia Mees.

            Jan 28             David C. Skinner and Eliza P. McFarland.

            Feb 20             Edwin West and Mary Gardner.

            Feb 25             Thos. Hall and Mary Carver.

            Feb 25             Richard ______, of Belpre, and Mrs. Mary McCullough, of Marietta.

            Mar 11            Thos. Robbins and Mrs. Mary Smith.

            Mar 30            Dan Hill and Mary Merriam, both of Salem.

            Apr 1              Emery Bailey and Sophronia Maxon, both of Fearing.

            Apr 5              Thos. M. Burns, of Athens, and Tabitha Bailey, of Fearing.

            Apr 10            Col. Francis A. Barker, of Morgan Co., and Catharine Barker, of this county.

            Apr 19            Marvin Swan, of Belpre, and Margaret Calder, of Warren.

            Apr 22            Jesse Loring, Esq., and Maria Fisher, both of Belpre.

            Apr 26            Jona. Sprague, of Adams, and Melissa Smith, of Union.

            May 24           Hugh Allison and Drusilla Davis. all of Adams.

            May 24           Willard Davis and Caroline Shepard, all of Adams.

            Jul 1                Benaiah Howe and Mrs. Abigail Tyler.

            Jul 15              Harry Cog___, of Marietta, and Elizabeth Carlisle, of Union.

            Sep 4               Perley Howe, of Belpre, and Sarah Emerson, of Marietta.

            Sep 8               Jonas Livermore and Sally Wills.

            Sep 9               Andrew Livermore and Betsey Fuller

            Sep 29             Clark Middle___ and Cynthia Barstow, both of Newport.

            Oct 11             Wm. Lamb, of Waterford, and Christiana Fraser, of Warren.

            Oct 11             Jona. Hoff, of Marietta, and Louisa Greene, of Warren.

            Deaths in 1827:

            Apr 15            The wife of John Miller.

            Apr 17            In Fearing. John H. White.

            May 21           Mrs. Stephen Davis.

            May 23           Mrs. Frances S., wife of Nath. Holden.

            May 27           Maria, daughter of Geo. Crawford, aged 21

            Aug __            Geo. Hildebrand.

            Oct 14             Nancy, wife of Enoch Hoff, 41

            Nov 29            Thos. Mixer, 26.

Feb 5 1864

            Marriages in 1828:

            Mar 4              John Lewis and Miss Frances Gates.

            Mar 25            Silas Slocomb and Deborah P. Cone.

            Apr 10            John Stacy, of Union, and Louisiana W. Frost, of Adams.

            June 29           Samuel Collis, of Wesley, and Betsey Elvira Howe, of Marietta. 

            Aug 7              Jos. O’Neal, of Belpre, and Eunice Cole, of Warren.

            Sep 1               Capt. Billy Todd and Helen Joline.

            Nov 10            Elijah Mason and Maria Pratt, both of Adams.

            Nov 28            Anselm T. Nye and Rebecca Cram.

            Nov 30            Benj. Carlisle, of Union, and Clarissa Chapman, of Fearing.

            Dec 7              In Fearing, Asa Fuller and Eliza Toothaker

            Dec 14            Benj. Racer, Jr., and Sidnah Posey.

            Deaths in 1828:

            June 3             Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Col. Augustus Stone.

            Jun 13             Mrs. Fanny, wife of O.R. Loring, 32.

            Jun 16             Mrs. Sybil, widow of Joshua Shipman, 59

            Sep 29             In Belpre, Chas. Medberry, 37

            Nov 15            In Waterford, Capt. Jeremiah Greenman, 71. 

Feb 12 1864

            Marriages in 1829:

            Jan 1               John L. Gage, Esq., of McConnelsville, and Miss Frances D. Barker, of Union, now so widely known as “Aunt Fanny.”.

            Jan 1               In Fearing, John Sawtell and Matilda Rood.

            Jan 20             Henry Dawes, of Morgan Co., and Sarah Cutler, of Warren.

            Jan 21             Nathaniel Holden and Julia Shipmen.

            Feb 10             Enoch Hoff and Mrs. Elizabeth Murray.

            Mar 12            Josiah M. Larkin and Sarah Sweet, both of Newport.

            Apr 3              Sam’l L. Howe, of Licking Co., and Catharine Perrin, of Adams.

            Apr 12            In Adams, Hiram Paget and Jane Simons.

            Apr 19            Tunis Middleswart and Abigail A. Barstow, both of Newport.

            Jul 1                Harris Springer and Philinda Starling, both of Watertown.

            Jul 2                Col. Augustus Stone, of Harmar, and Miss Charlotte Putnam, of Belpre.

            Jul 15              Hiram Beach and Almonia Mixer.

            Aug 25            Eliphalet Dow and Catharine Ryan.

            Aug 27            Walter Davis and Caroline M. Otis, both of Union.

            Sep 17             S.R. Leonard, of Muskingum Co., and Jane Rowland, of Newport.

            Nov 8              Wm. J. Thorniley and Esther Smith.

            Nov 29            Johnson Young, of Pa., and Susannah Middleswart, of Newport.

            Dec 9              Wm. Devol and Helen Putnam, both of Union.

            Dec 21            D.H. Buell, Esq., and Miss Theodosia Hall.

            Deaths in 1829:

            Jan 21             Mrs. Phebe, wife of D.H. Buell, Esq.

            Apr 8              In Wheeling, Wm. H. Shipman, formerly of Marietta.

            Jun 2               Miss Hannah G. Clogston, 25.

            Jul 6                Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Aaron Lyon, 31

            Jul 22              In Waterford, Thos. Seeley, 61.

            Aug 13            In Union, suddenly, John Russell, 65.

            Aug 14            In Wheeling, Joshua Shipman, formerly of Marietta, 31.

            Aug 17            Miss Catharine H., daughter of David Putnam, Sr., 17.

            Aug 28            In Cincinnati, George Stanley, formerly of Marietta, 21.

            Sep 8               In Fearing, Mrs. Clarissa, wife of Benj. F. Carlisle, 33.

            Nov 30            Samuel D. McIntosh, 27.

            17th [sic]         Elizabeth, wife of Enoch Hoff. [Note: Could be Nov 17 or Dec 17.]

            Dec 23            In Newport, Mrs. Melissa, wife of Joseph Barker, Jr.

Feb 19 1864

            Marriages in 1830:

            Jan 14             In Newport, Presley Tuell and Mary Bell.

            Jan 21             Geo. Compton and Mary P. Dana.

            Feb 10             Adolphus Mason, of Union, and Betsey B. Devol, of Waterford.

            Feb 11             Seneca Cowee, of Union, and Harriet McAtee, of Waterford.

            Feb 11             Reuben R. Waterman, of Morgan Co., and Mary Ann McAttee.

            Mar 18            Frederick Shipman and Maria Bailey.

            Mar 25            Wm. C. Flake and Valeria Hays.

            Mar 26            Wm. Murray and Eleanor Hayden.

            Mar 28            Philip V. Thorniley and Nancy Martin.

            Apr 8              Jesse Beach and Elizabeth Beswick, both of Watertown.

            Apr 15            Rowland Perry and Mary Kelly.

            Apr 15            Ebenezer Corey and Jerusha Fenn.

            Apr 22            Charles Samuel Swartwort Baron, of Belmont Co., and Miss Mary Wilhemine Fustine Caroline Louise Fredericke Zeigler, of Marietta - 4 names married to 7!

            Apr 27            Rev. Addison Kingsburg, of Belpre, and Emma Little, sister of Rev. Jacob Little, of Granville.

            Apr 29            Joseph Anders and Adaline Smith.

            Apr 29            James S. Stowe, of Union, and Anna Merriam, of Adams.

            May 9             Enoch Hoff and Mrs. Jemima Smith.

            May 27           James McClellan and Esther C. Stone, both of Belpre.

            May 27           Abner D. Westgate and Calrina Waterman.

            May 30           Jona. Middleswart, of Newport, and Mary Racer, of Marietta.

            Jun 3               James B. Mathews and Miss Mary, daughter of Capt. Daniel Greene.

            Jun 17             Thos. Rogers and Mrs. Eleanor Hutchinson, of Barlow.

            Jun 17             In Watertown, L.C. McClenathan and Julia Ford.

            Jul 4                Geo. W. Longfellow and Catharine Judd, both of Adams.

            Jul 23              Jas. Layhugh, of Athens Co., and Ruth Dye, of Marietta.

            Aug 2              Wm. P. Olney and Anna Bartlett.

            Aug 4              Isaac N. Bishop and Lucetta Seeley, of Waterford.

            Aug 8              Henry Barrett and Sarah Lincoln.

            Aug 8              Isaac Humphreys, Esq., and Mary S. McKenny.

            Aug 12            Jos. Phillips and Margaret Terry.

            Aug 15            Lewis Barnes and Parmela Sloan, both of Belpre.

            Sep 2               In Adams, Abner Devol and Clarinda Mason.

            Sep 5               In Union, Lyman Stacy and Elizabeth Perrin.

            Sep 23             David McKibben, of Lawrence, and Hannah Kerr, of Newport.

            Sep 23             In Fearing, Abram Hill and Sarah Britton.

            Sep 23             Rev. Wm. Herr and Sarah Whitney.

            Sep 28 [?]       Jos. Skinner and Julia A. Kaylor.

            Oct 28             Homer L. Wedge and Mary S. Whiting, both of Belpre.

            Oct 28             James L. Baldwin and Cynthia Wells, both of Adams.

            Nov 11            Abram H. Scevers [sp?], of Fearing, and Lucinda Kinzor, of Newport.

            Nov 28            Hugh H. Wheatley and Deborah Clogston.

            Dec 3              Daniel H. Goodno, of Belpre, and Mary C. Prentiss, of Wood Co., Va.

            Dec 5              Thos. Porter and Mary Still, of Salem.

            Dec 15            Luther Edgerton and Elizabeth Morgan, of Washington, Pa.

            Dec 19            Isaac Maxon and Rebecca Hildreth.

            Dec 20            Calvin Hildreth and Susan E. Maxon.

            Deaths in 1830:

            Mar 17            Capt. John Phillips, aged 66. 

            Apr 10            In McConnelsville, Augustus Hanson, formerly of Marietta.

            Apr 17            In Aurelius, Nancy Emily Chamberlain.

            Apr 26            Capt. Joseph Bosworth, 73.

            May 8             In Wood Co., Va., Christian Schultz, Esq.

            Jul 11              In Gallipolis, Dr. Nathan H. McIntosh, 30. 

            Jul 28              Wm. Mixer.

            Aug 12            In Fearing, Horace Toothaker, 23.

            Aug 22            In Adams, Wm. Davis, Jr.

            Oct 10             In Portsmouth, Susan Phillips, formerly of Marietta, 19.

            Nov 8              Miss Betsey Putnam.


Mar 4 1864

            Marriages in 1831:

            Jan 7               Wm. Greene and Mary Ann Bartlett

            Jan 23             J.F. Stroble and Elizabeth Snyder

            Jan 27             John Parke, of Union, and Sabina Carl, of Waterford.

            Feb 15             In Warren, Richard Pattin and Mary Smith.

            Feb 16             Douglas Putnam and Mary Ann Hildreth.

            Mar 3              In Adams, John Mason and Rosanna Cook.

            Mar 31            John M. Plumer and Jane H. Fulton.

            Apr 11            Alfred Dana, of Newport, and Anna T. Pratt, of Adams.

            May 3             Geo. W. Barker and Emeline Devol.

            Jun 28             Jos. Barker, Jr., of Newport, and Mrs. Mary Ann Shipman.

            Jul 5                Stephen Hart and Eliza Buck.

            Oct 10             Josiah M. Hart and Clarissa Gray, both of Waterford.

            Nov 15            Richard Greene, of Newport, and Harriet Brown, of Barlow.

            Deaths in 1831:

            Feb 1831         A little daughter of Notley Drown, in Harmar, about eight years old, was so badly burned by her clothes taking fire that she died soon after.

            Apr 19            The steamboat Tri-Color, Capt. Notley Drown, of Harmar, exploded at Wheeling killing Capt. Drown, Henry Cherry and Joseph Worstell of this place, and O.B. Nowland, who had formerly lived here. Eight persons were killed and eight severely injured. Capt. Drown was the father of the present Capt. H.H. Drown, of the Bostona No. 2.

            Jul 23 1831     Charles Haskell, of Newport, was drowned while swimming to try to secure his wood-flat which had broken loose from the bank of the Ohio in high wind. He was a highly respectable citizen.


            January           At Vicksburg, Chester Howe, of Marietta, aged 27.

            January           At Utica, N.Y., Mrs. Mary Ann Ward, wife of Col. H.M. Ward and daughter of the late Gen. Jos. Buell, of Marietta, aged 26

            Jan 25             In Warren, Philip Cole, 50.

            Jan 30             Benj. Guitteau.

            Feb 12             In Watertown, the wife of Wm. Woodford.

            Mar 23            In Fearing, Maj. Benj. F. Carlisle.

            Apr 14            Mrs. Mary, wife of James B. Mathews, and daughter of Capt. Daniel Greene.

            Apr 19            In Harmar, Joel Olney.

            Apr 20            John M. Luce, 35.

            Apr 29            Mrs. Siba, widow of Gen. Joseph Buell, 62.

            May 8             In Warren, Mrs. Sabra, wife of Wm. Smith.

            Jun 15             Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Abram B. Perry, 56.

            Jun 28             The wife of Col. Levi Barber.

            Jul 4                Mrs. Eunice Edgerton, 81

            Jul 30              The wife of Otis Wheeler and on the same day, their son, aged 2 and ½ years.

            Nov 7              Eliza, eldest daughter of Jos. Holden, 20.

            Dec 19            Mrs. Hannah, wife of Junia Jennings.

            Dec 26            In Belpre, Mrs. Mary Dana, 80.

Mar 11 1864

            Marriages in 1832:

            Mar 15            In Union, L.J.F. Putnam and Eliza Kidwell.

            Aug 28            Mansfield French, of Marietta, and Miss A.M. Winchell, of Granville.

            Sep 16             Prof. John Kendrick (then of Kenyon College) and Miss Julia Guitteau, of Marietta.

            Sep 20             Joseph Wood, of Pa., and Lavina A. Cook, of Newport.

            Oct 17             Benj. Hartwell and Elmina Woodward, both of Newport.

            Oct 21             R.D. Hollister, of Warren, and Miss Sophia B., daughter of Edmund B. Dana, of Union.

            Oct 21             Geo. Hutchinson, of Barlow, and Margaret Rogers, of Watertown.

            Oct 25             John Test, of Marietta, and Huldah Smith, of Warren.

            Oct 25             Parkerson Reed, of Va., and Frances E. Crane, of Newport.

            Nov 1              Colbert O’Neal, of Belpre, and Seraph D. Dana, daughter of Stephen Dana, of Newport.

            Nov 13            At Athens, by Rev. R.G. Wilson, John Brough, Editor of the Western Republican, Marietta, to Miss Achaah P. Pruden, daughter of Silas Pruden, Esq., of Athens.

            Nov 15            Thos. J. Westgate and Miss Abigail Wheeler.

            Nov 15            Dudley D. Green and Nancy Ogle.

            Nov 18            Wm. Mathews, of Wesley, and Mary Ann Springer, of Watertown.

            Nov 23            Horace Wright, of Union, and Phelista Danielson, of Watertown.

            Dec 19            Avery Chappell, of Belpre, and Laura Ann Putnam, of Union.

            Dec. 27           Augustus S. Guthrie and Cynthia Ann Knowles, both of Belpre.

            Dec. 30           Samuel Griggs (now of Minnesota) and Asenath Wheeler.


            Deaths in 1832:

            Apr 10            In Fearing, Asahel Chapman, 30.

            Jun 8               Julia Ann, eldest daughter of D.H. Buell, Esq., 15.

            Jun 13             James Bliss, 50.

            Jun 17             Ruth, wife of James Whitney, Esq.

            Jul 9                In Harmar, Wm. Greathouse.

            Jul 27              In Wood Co., Va., Samuel Spencer, 55.

            Aug 2              In Gallia Co., Francis Thierry, who came from France and settled in Marietta, in 1790, long a resident of this place and at one time owner of a part of the “College Square.” He was 67 years of age at his death.

            Sep 9               Dr. Thomas Jett, a native of Stafford Co., Va., aged 83.

            Oct 21             Anna Maria, daughter of Sampson Cole.

            Nov 17            In Chester, Meigs Co., Theodorus Nye, 80.

            Nov 26            In St. Augustine, Florida, Col. John Lawrence Lewis, formerly of Marietta, 54.

            Dec 16            Lovett Bishop, 25.

            Dec 31            In Belpre, Persis Howe.

Apr 1 1864

            “A few marriages in the early part of 1833":

            Jan 13             Chad A. Phillips and Sarah M. Morse.

            Jan 22             Samuel Shipman and Lucina Bingham, of Cornwall, Vt.

            Feb 7               John Riley and Mrs. Tabitha Thorniley.

            Feb 28             John M. Gates, of Waterford, and Eleanor Walker, of Roxbury.

            Apr 2              Junia Jennings and Eliza Reckard.

            Apr 10            Martin Sinclair and Naomi J. Baldwin, of Zanesville.

            Apr 14            Lewis Anderson, Jr., and Louisa Hildreth.

            Apr 25            Otis Wheeler and Nancy F. Foster.

            Apr 25            In Fearing, Jona. Gaywood and Eliza Henton.

            Apr 25            Luther Leonard, of Waterford,, and Caroline Adams, of Watertown.

Apr 22 1864

            Marriages in 1834:

            Mar 4              James Bowen, of Waterford, and Catharine Ann Wheeler, of Watertown.

            Mar 6              Wm. Thorniley and Eliza Jane Rowland, of Newport.

            Mar 6              Armstrong Wilson and Louisa Travis, both of Roxbury.

            May 15           Andonis Carver and Anna Phillips, both of Newport.

            Jun 5               Geo. Lee and Susan Bartlett, both of Marietta.

            Jun 26             Jacob Rardin and Samantha Travis, both of Roxbury.

            Jul 17              Daniel G. Wilson and Margaret A. Palmer, both of Waterford.

            Aug 3              John McAllister and Olive F. Owen, both of Marietta.

            Aug 21            Benj. Rutter and Mary Leget, both of Watertown.

            Aug 27            Dr. E.H. Allen and Irena Benedict, of Belpre.

            Aug 30            Allen Devol, Jr., of Waterford, and Edith LaGrange, of Adams.

            Nov 13            Benj. Racer and Mrs. Abigail Churchill.

            Nov 20            Joseph E. Hall and Miss Susannah E. Roe.

            Nov 14            Argalus Pixley, Jr., and Sally Watkins [check date]

            Nov 14            Wm. Mervin and Nancy Kennedy [check date]

            Nov 14            Amos Knowles and Jane Miller, Belpre.

            Dec 18            Erastus W. Stacy and Amy Gates, both of Union.

            Dec 21            George W. Tyler, Printer, and Mary Allen, both of Marietta.


            Deaths in 1834:

            Sep 29             In Adams, Mrs. Parthenia Judd, in her 55th year.

            Oct 12             In Cincinnati, Alfred Proctor, of Watertown, in his 26th year.

            Nov 7              Mrs. Sophia, wife of L.G. Converse, in her 64th year.


Apr 29 1864

            Marriages in 1834:

            Dec 25            B.F. Pixley, of Marietta, and Lydia B. Corner, of Belpre.

            Dec 25            Charles Foster and Mary Ann Cherry, both of Fearing.

            Marriages in 1835:

            Jan 11             Theodore Si___ner and Maria Tuttle, both of Fearing.

            Jan 18             A.H. Durfee, of Belpre, and Frances Carlisle, of Marietta.

            Feb 8               Samuel S. Brown, of Waterford, and Harriet N. Lagrange,, of Adams.

            Mar 24            John Hemphill and Marian Gage, both of Waterford.

            Mar 26            George Greenwood and Elizabeth Edgerton, both of Newport.

            Mar 26            Ezekiel Hoskinson and Susan Riley, both of Marietta.

            Mar 19            Josiah Morgan and Mary Ann Chapman. [Ck date, might be Mar 29.]

            Apr 10            Chas. G. Culver, of Watertown, and Harriet Brown, of Waterford.

            Apr 19            Dr. John Allen, of Cincinnati, and Charlotte Dana, of Waterford.

            May 14           James H. Guthrie, of Gallia Co., and Charlotte Oaks, of this county.

            May 21           Christopher C. Smith and Orilla Davis, both of Union.

            Jun 24             John Gidley and Elizabeth Athey.

            Jul 2                Samuel Rightmire and Harriet Nixon.

            Jul 23              Thomas Sinnamon and Orilla Alcock.

            Jul 23              In Aurelius, Dr. Benj. Brown and Content A. Rayley.

            Jul 28              In Salem, Madison R. Morse and Mary Porter.

            Aug 6              Spencer T. Bukey and Eliza Hill.

            Aug 6              Isaac Shook, of Ala., and Maria Shipman.

            Aug 27            Thomas H. Sanford and Mary Ann Harris.

            Sep 24             Dr. F. Regnier and Elizabeth Barber.

            Oct 14             Thomas Hays, of Newport, and Abigail Jones, of Marietta.

            Oct 21             Arthur Kelley, of Marietta, and Harriet Neal, of Parkersburg.

            Oct 29             Jesse Whiston, of Marietta, and Esther Richardson, of Newport.

            Oct 29             John Williams and Royana J. Lewis.

            Nov 4              James M. Palmer (of Palmer), and Sophia Gard.

            Nov 17            John Johnson and Nancy Fulchier, both of Warren.

            Nov 25            John M. Proctor and Rowena Green.

            Nov 26            Alpha Brown and Lavina M. Atee, both of Waterford.

            Dec 9              In Warren, James Pratt and Catharine VanPelt.

            Deaths in 1835:

            Jan 3               Eben Spears, aged 60, in Salem.

            Feb 2               Mrs. Maria, wife of Henry Sutton, 28.

            Mar 2              Hannah, daughter of Roger Toothaker, in her 21st year.

            Mar 17            In Union, Solomon Dickey, Esq.

            Mar 27            Mrs. Betsey, wife of Thomas Vinton.

            Jun 5               Theodosia, wife of Oliver Dodge, 35.

            Aug 16            Chauncey Reed, 25.

            Nov 10            In Union, Mrs. Rosanna Devol, 34.

            Dec 9              Sarah O., wife of D.P. Bosworth.

May 13 1864

            Marriages in 1837:

            Jan 1               Charles W. Green, of Watertown, and Susan Parke, of Union.

            Jan 24             John Wilson and Hannah H. Hallet, both of Salem.

            Feb 13             Dr. George Bowen, of Waterford, and Miss Joanna Wheeler, of Bridgeport, Conn.

            Mar 3              Lewis Shepard and Julia Ann Kidwell, of Union.

            Mar 8              Wm. Brophy and Maria Peters of Salem.

            Apr 5              John M. Slocomb and Julia White, from Wardsboro, Vt.

            Apr 13            James Campbell and Nancy Culver, of Adams.

            Apr 20            James Stanley, of Salem, and Grace Racer, of Marietta.

            May 4             John Greiner, of Marietta, and Lucinda Bennett, of Athens.

            Jul 4                Homan [spelling ?] Fuller and Zipporah Miller.

            Aug 24            Hiram Pugh, of Marietta, and Miss J. Uhl, of Virginia.

            Aug 31            Thos. Maxon and Hannah J. Caywood.

            Aug 31            Wm. Caywood and Ann Henton.

            Sep 7               Dr. John C. Stone, of Marietta, and Mary E. Spinning, of Springfield.

            Sep 28             Mighill Dustin, of Barlow, and Mary B. Dana, of Newport.

            Oct 8               Dr. J.S. Dodge, of Cincinnati, and Emily W. Dana, of Belpre.

            Oct 11             In Adams, Chester Judd and Mary Burch.

            Dec 28            Francis G. Guitteau and Sara F. Fulton.

            Deaths in 1837:

            Feb 6               Capt. Timothy Buell, a native of Killingworth Conn., aged 69. He had resided here over forty years, was Sheriff several terms, and Representative.

            Feb 18             In Beardstown, Ill., Mrs. Nancy, wife of Dudley D. Greene, 25.

            Feb 19             Miss Mary Dunleavy, 52.

            April               In Marion, O., James B. Gardiner, who published “The Commentator” in Marietta in 1808-9; he afterwards published papers at other points, Columbus among them. [Date not given.]

            Jun 30             Mrs. Mary, wife of Sereno Hollister, 37.

            Aug 21            In New York, Mrs. Hannah, widow of Benj. Ives Gilman, formerly of Marietta, 71.

May 27 1864

            Marriages in 1838:

            Oct 18             John Fletcher and Nancy Olive Stanton.

            Oct 29             David Scoville and Rebecca Shears, all of Warren.

            Nov 4              Sereno Hollister and Cynthia Ann Brooks.

            Nov 18            Wm. H. Stewart and Cynthia A. Morton, both of Harmar.

            Deaths in 1838:

            Nov 21            In Fearing, deeply regretted by all his neighbors, Augustus Caesar Tuttle, in his 37th year. [Memorial poem follows.]

June 10 1864

            Marriages in 1838 [continued from May 27, 1864]:

            Feb 22             Robert T. Miller and Marietta Fuller.

            Feb 27             Wm. H. Leonard and Julia Ann Nott.

            May 6             Lovell P. Wheeler and Angelina Gill.

            Jun 28             In Marietta Township, Mrs. Mary Chaddock, aged 57 to William McClintick, aged 22.

            Oct 17             Nathan Bell of Barlow and Charlotte Bell of Newport.

            Oct 18             Alvin Reckard,, of Marietta, and Hester Q. Brown, of Fearing.


            Marriages in 1839:

            Mar 24             Rev. Wm. Perry and Mary Ann Reckard, of Marietta.

            Sep 1               Parley Brown and Miss C.H. Shaw, both of Water ford.

            Sep 1               Jos. Bell, of Newport, and Deborah Williamson, of Marietta.

June 17 1864

            Marriages in 1839:

            Aug 8              Israel W. Andrews, Professor in Marietta College (now President), and Miss Sarah H. Clark, of Danbury, Conn.

            Aug 12            Col. Ichabod Nye, of Marietta, and Mrs. Rebecca Beebe, of Belpre.

            Sep 22             Benj. W. Clark and Marietta Broadhurst.

            Sep 25             Rev. J.R. Barnes, of Evansville, Ind., and Caroline M. Webster.

            Oct 2               Riley Bruce and Mary D. Cockshott, both of Belpre.

            Oct 6               Richard Beebe and Vilate Wolcott, both of Watertown.

            Oct 6               In Marietta, Flavel C. Cole and Mary Dye.

            Oct 10             Samuel Weston and Eliza Ann Reckard.

            Oct 11             In Warren, Jacob Reppert, of Madison, Ind., and Ann M. Reppert.

            Oct 17             Sala Bosworth and Joanna F. Shipman.

            Oct 17             Wm. J. Smith, of Marietta, and Elmina Clarke, of Athens.

            Nov 17            In Harmar, Alfred Finch and Jane Williams.

            Nov 20            Wm. Foster, of Springfield, Mass., and Matilda W. Foster, of Marietta.

            Dec 3              James Withrow and Betsey Locker.

            Dec 5              Wm. Grand and Mary Ann Willard.

            Deaths in 1839:

            Aug 11            Miss S. Maria Brigsen [sp?], formerly of Princeton, Mass.

            Aug 11            Anna Maria Ward, in her 19th year.

            Aug 22             Frederick Shipman, aged 44.

            Sep 8               In Belpre, Rev. Wm. H. Jolly, a Universalist clergyman, 43.

            Sep 10             In New Orleans, of Yellow Fever, Royal G. Hart, of Harmar, 29.

            Sep 11             In Marietta, Rowena, wife of Dennis Racer, 30.

            Oct 22             Caroline Augusta, daughter of F.A. and Harriet Wheeler, 11 months.

            Oct 29             Sela, wife of Wm. Slocomb, 54.

            Nov 11            In Salem, Mary, wife of Rufus Payne, 45.

            Nov 30            Mary Ann, daughter of John Collins, of Fearing, 14.

June 24 1864

            Marriages in 1840:

            Feb 13             Stephen Smith, of Marietta, and Sarah J. Marshall, of Harmar.

            Mar 8              Geo. W. Lane, of Aurora, Ind., and Sally Maria Buell [spelling?], of Marietta.

            Mar 9              Matthew Beawick and Lydia Smith, both of Harmar. 

            Mar 17            Conrad Clive, of Virginia, and Mary Ann Crawford, of this county.

            Mar 18            John Thorniley and Jane Temple.

            Mar 19            Wm. Whittock and Nancy Patton, both of Fearing.

            Apr 19            Ethan Allen, of Marietta, and Patience Dy__ of Lawrence.

            Apr 21            In Newport, Bartlett Jackson and Amanda M. Bell.

            Apr 29            Wm. Wallace Dodge and Harriet H. Holden.

            May 5             Wm Alcock and Polly White.

            May 10           Wm. Slocomb and Siba H Buell.

            May 20           Noah L. Wilson and Kezia R. Waters, of Columbus.

            May 21           Leonard Scott and Rebecca Briggs, of Westchester Co., N.Y.

            May 30           Jacob Moats and Elizabeth Young, of Salem.

            Jun 11             David McKibben and Eliza Ann Crea.

            Jun 25             In Newport, Ira Hill, 3d, and Desdemona Lackey.

            Jul 1                Nathan Udell and Eliza Payne, of Salem.

            Jul 1                In Belpre, Asa D. Newell and Eleanor Shettlesworth.

            Jul 23              Wyllys Hall, Jr., and Emma Sullivan.

            Aug 12            Peter Wilkins, of Harmar, and Anna Otten, of Fearing.

            Aug 18            Joshua Ripley and Cynthia F. Rouse, both of Belpre.

            Sep 1               In Fearling, Thomas Lankford and Hannah Hill.

            Sep 16             George Putnam and Susan A. Westcott.

            Sep 23             Milton Ellenwood and Sophronia S. Needham, both of Warren.

            Sep 24             Soloman Athey and Lucinda N. Hill., both of Fearing.

            ____                Rufus Payne, of Salem,, and Mrs. Elizabeth Gay, of Guernsey Co.

            Sep 30             John Floyd, of Woodsfield, and Nancy Harper, of Marietta.

            Oct 1               Francis Vinton and Harriet W. Fox, both of Waterford.

            Oct 18             Jacob Wood, of Marietta, and Marinda Longfellow, of Aurelius.

            Oct 21             Z.B. Ballard, of Decatur, and Mary Ann Cole, of Warren.

            Oct 23             Hiram Martin, of Watertown, and Caroline Woodruff, of Barlow.

            Nov 8              Joseph Caywood, 2d, and Elizabeth Reed, both of Lawrence.

            Nov 24            Wm. P. Cole, of Warren, and Louisa Shields, of Watertown.

            Dec 17            Henry Coomes [ck spelling] and Polly A Vaughn.

            Dec 17            Joseph Morris and Elizabeth Herrington, both of Harmar.

            Deaths in 1840: [Beginning of the year is illegible]

            Mar 19            Clarinda, daughter of Nathaniel Bishop, 22.

            Apr 22            In Marietta, Samuel Weston, in his 25th year.

            May 9             In Union, Eliza Dickey, in her 26th year.

            May 10           In Harmar, Mrs. Susannah, wife of Christopher Burlingame and daughter of Gen. Rufus Putnam, 75.

            May 11           Mrs. Eliza, wife of Charles Sullivan, in her 39th year. [Verify age: may be 89th year.]

            May 12           In Lawrence, Mrs. Hannah, wife of Joseph Caywood, and daughter of Samuel Dye, Esq.

            May 21           Harriet, wife of Silas Tharp, of Harmar, 29.

            May 26           In Michigan, Mrs. Josephine Rice, daughter of J. Gabaudan, of Marietta.

            June 28           Mrs. Sally, wife of James Booth, Esq., in her __ year [might be 31st].

            Jul 5                In Harmar, Elizabeth Spencer, wife of Augustus I. Stone, 24.

            ____                In Waterford, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Mc____, 56.

            Jul 26              In Clermont Co., Daniel D. Morris, formerly of Marietta.

            Aug 16            In Roxbury, Elias Pewther, Esq., 37 [might be 87].

            Sep 11             In Choctaw Nation, Edward H., Son of Rev. Cyrus Byington, in his 12th year.

            Nov 12            In Waterford, David White, 74.

            Nov 27            Co. Ichabod Nye, in his 78th year - a native of Tolland, Conn; his family with that of Gen. Benj. Tupper, who was his father-in-law, and those of Col. Cushing, Maj. Goodale and Maj. Coburn, landed at Marietta, Aug. 19, 1788, the first families that lived here.

            Dec 6              Lucius S. Palmer, 22.

            Dec 14            Wm. Skinner, Esq., 71.

            Dec 17            Mrs. Sarah H., wife of I.W. Andrews.

Jul 8 1864

            Marriages in 1841:

            Jan 10             Silas Kaler and Lucinda Longfellow, both of Marietta.

            Jan 14             Hannibal A.W. Williamson and Temperance Hubbard, both of Grandview.

            Jan 21             Philander Soule and Mary Athey, both of Fearing.

            Feb 4               Anthony Reed and Harriet Sophia Caywood, both of Lawrence.

            Feb 16             Wm. Morlord and Margaret Josepha, both of Newport.

            Mar 25            Wm. J. Morris, Fearing, and Cynthia E. Smith, Union.

            Apr 6              John Matthews and Mary Ann Cadwell.

            Apr 8              Chas. Disbrow, of Fearing, and Mary Fuller, Marietta.

            Apr 13            In Beverly, Wm. McIntosh and Eliza M. Fearing.

            Apr 13            John McAdin and Elizabeth Gage.

            Apr 13            Abraham McMahan and Susan Edwards.

            Apr 19            Thomas Thorniley, of Marietta, and Mary C. Rolston, of Va.

            Apr 26            Isaac Bell and Drusilla Kidd, both of Fearing.

            Apr 28            E. Buttelle, Jr., and Julia P. Barker, daughter of Jos. Barker, Jr., both of Newport.

            Apr 28            Wm. P. Dana and Susan E. Shipman.

            Apr 29            John B. Moreland and Lydia Nash.

            Jul 7                John Sharp and Mary Jane Coburn, both of Fearing.

            Jul 14              Dr. Geo. A. Ward, of Marietta, and Susan U. Bailey, of Warren.

            Jul 25              Samuel Fleck and Olive Davis.

            Aug 26            Bennett Cook, of Parkersburg, and Julia Devol, of Union.

            Oct 5               Stephen Dana and Jane Little, both of Newport.

            Oct 7               In Marietta, James H. Greene and Eunice C. McFarland.

            Oct 20             Beman Gates and Betsey S. Shipman.

            Oct 21             Geo. H. Craft, of Rising Sun, Ind., and Bathsheba B. Loring, of Belpre.

            Oct 25             Joseph Perkins of Trubull Co. and Martha E. Steele, of Marietta.

            Nov 4              Nathaniel Shaw, of Marietta, and Nancy E. Cassidy, of Lawrence.

            Nov 4              In Harmar, Admiral N. Bostwick and Mary Jane Moon.

            Nov 11            Hiram W. Olney and Amanda Ballou, both of Marietta.

            Nov 14            Nelson S. Alcock, of Marietta, and Mary Dickey, of Union.

            Nov 24            M.H. Needham and Amelia Crandall, of Newport.

            Nov 18            Francis D. Gill and Mary Boston, both of Harmar. [Check date]

            Dec 5              Darius Towsley and Mary E. Clogston.

            Dec 8              Chas. L. Parker, of Beverly, and Eliza Jane Devol.

            Dec 8              David H. Tompkins, of Barlow, and Betsey Winsor, of Watertown.

            Dec 19            Soloman Quimby, Jr., and Lucinda Starlin, both of Union.

            Dec 23            A.Z. Morris and Sally Morris, both of Adams.

            Deaths in 1841:

            Jan 15             Samuel Brown, who settled in this county in 1797, aged 82.

            Feb 5               Lucy Ann Monckton, of Watertown, 23.

            Feb 9               Maj. Alexander Hill, of Marietta, 64.

            Mar 10            In Salem, John True, in his 60th year.

            May 27           In Harmar, of consumption, Dr. John C. Stone,, in his 27th year.

            May 31           Mrs. Elizabeth Brigham, formerly of Princeton, Mass., 73.

            Jun 11             In Natchez, Bathsheba Henderson, a sister of Wm. Pitt Putnam, of Belpre.

            _____              In Iowa, Epharim Palmer, Esq., of Wesley, 41.

            Jul 12              In Harmar, Christopher Burlingame, 87.

            Jul 28              Geo. Thorniley, 19.

            Aug 8              In Wisconsin, Joseph Glines, formerly of Marietta, 63.

            Aug 18            Mrs. Martha R., wife of Rev. Sam’l. P. Robbins, 28.

            Sep 1               In Aurelius, Joseph Dutton, 66.

            Sep 9               In Harmar, Charity Humphreys, daughter of Isaac Humphreys, Esq.

            Sep 15             In St. Louis, Mrs. Phebe G., wife of Rev. Wesley Browning, and daughter of E. Battelle, of Newport, 32.

            Sep 19             Martha Ann, daughter of Thos. Alcock, 13.

            Sep 26             In Memphis, of yellow fever, Capt. Chas. Bosworth, of Harmar, 44.

            Oct 13             Ira Hill, of Salem, 87.

            Oct 27             In Columbus, Wm. P. Brough, 22.

            Nov 7              Mrs. Deborah F. Wells, 51.

            Nov 10            In Quincy, Ill., Benj. I. Whitney, formerly of Marietta, 25th year.

            Nov 28            In Union, Charles Russell, 33.

            Dec. 9             Andrew Bishop, son of N. Bishop, 22.

Jul 15 1864

            Marriages in 1842:

            Jan 11             Daniel Evans and Catharine Bell, both of Adams.

            Jan 13             Aaron M. Fox and Mary Baldwin, both of Waterford.

            Jan 20             John B. Mobley, of Waterford, and Lucy A. Pratt, of Adams.

            Feb 2               John T. Deming and Mary Ann Richards, both of Watertown.

            Feb 3               Joseph W. Danley, of Roxbury, and Elizabeth E. Fairchild, of Decatur.

            Feb 3               Washington Powell, of Waterford, and Hannah M. Fairchild, of Decatur.

            Feb 7               In Harmar, Zenas C. Berry and Mrs. Sarah Fearing.

            Feb 24             Wm. F. Cox and Charlotte R. McIntosh, both of Aurelius.

            Feb 24             Seth P. Pratt and Sally H. Chapman, both of Adams.

            Mar 8              Austin S. Clark and Sarah D. Ross; and Alva Prentice and Julia V. Ross, all of Waterford.

            Mar 14            Thos. Farson and Esther Fairbrother, both of Aurelius.

            Mar 17            Samuel Stone, of Belpre, and Harriet M. Hollister, of Warren.

            Mar 22            Wm. Morrison and Margaret McKibben, both of Marietta.

            Mar 24            Lory F. Adams, of Watertown, and Julia A. Dickey, of Union.

            Mar 27            Abram Ward and Elizabeth A. Drennen, both of Marietta.

            Mar 29            Levi B. Schoonover and Deborah C. Ellenwood, both of Belpre.

            Mar 29            Simeon Evans, Jr., of Roxbury, and Mary Ann Bell, of Barlow.

            Mar 31            Samuel Kerr and Hannah Brown, both of Newport.

            Apr 5              John A. West and Cynthia B. Racer, both of Marietta township.

            Apr 5              In New York, Arthur W. Gabaudan and Janet C. Hoffman.

            Apr 7              Levi Rosecrans and Elizabeth Nelson, both of Belpre.

            Apr 10            Silas R. Hill and Julia Ann Geren, both of Watertown.

            Apr 19            Charles L. Bowen, of Waterford, and Mary W. Deming, of Watertown.

            Apr 24            Gardner Hall and Maria Locker, both of Harmar.

            Apr 26            A.W.H. Millard and Achsah Barstow.

            May 3             Col. F.B. Loomis, of East Lyme, Conn. (now of New London), and Angenora Beckwith, of Newport.

            May 18           Rotheus Hayward, Jr., of Harmar, and Caroline Wood, of Marietta.

            May 25           John Blair and Mary E. Evans, both of Belpre.

            May 26           Rufus P. Iams and Mary W. Burch.

            May 26           Hezekiah Athey, of Fearing, and Mary Ann Tidd, of Marietta.

            May 26           At Sharon, Fairfax Co., Va., Henry Dana Ward, of New York (formerly of Marietta) and Charlotte Galbraith, of Dublin, Ireland.

            [continued on Jul 22, 1864]

            Deaths in 1842:

            Jan 13             Eliza, wife of Henry Fearing, of Harmar, 39.

            Jan 15             In Lowell, David Evans, 10.

            Jan 16             In Union, Elizabeth, widow of the late Israel Putnam, 59.

            Jan 24             Rowena, wife of Arius Nye, 45.

            Jan 24             Eliza H., wife of Professor Samuel Maxwell, 35.

            Feb 14             In Union, Jeremiah J. Selby, 30.

            Feb 14             Cogswell Olney.

            Mar 6              Deborah Selden, wife of Col. John Mills, 41.

            Mar 23            Nancy, wife of James Amlin, of Fearing, 75.

            Apr 11            Hiram Howe, 27.

            Apr 17            In Harmar, Chas. W. Humphreys, 33.

            Apr 27            in Burlington, Iowa, Mrs. Mary C. Higgins, daughter of Joseph T. Millard, of Union, 24.

            May 22           In Waterford, Rotheus Hayward, 62.

            [continued on Jul 22, 1864.]


Jul 22 1864

            Marriages in 1842 [continued}

            Jun 14             Wm. Vinton, of Beverly, and Jane Hendrie, of Watertown.

            Jun 23             Theodore Devol and Jane F. Clarke.

            Jun 23             Daniel C. Dougherty, of Morgan Co., and Mary Ann Abbot, of Washington Co.

            Jun 30             Hiram A. Hill and Emeline W. Edson.

            Jul 20              John Snyder and Sebra Porter.

            Jul 21              Israel Koontz and Martha Snyder.

            Aug 4              Hiram B. Bridge and Chloe Ann Stewart, both of Waterford.

            Aug 16            Alfred Arnold and Harriet J. Dunham, both of Watertown.

            Aug 17            Levi Shields and Margaret Thornberry, both of Watertown.

            Aug 21            Charles Stewart and Mrs. Mary Morrison, both of Marietta.

            Aug 21            Franklin Hammondtree and Eliza J. McDonald, both of Waterford.

            Aug 24            In Danbury, Conn., Prof. I.W. Andrews, of Marietta College (now President) and Marianne S. Clark. [See above for marriage on Aug 8, 1839 of Professor Andrews and Sarah Clark, his first wife and on Dec 17, 1840, death of Sarah Clark Andrews.]

            Aug 31            In West Union, Rev. Dyer Burgess, of Warren, and Mrs. Elizabeth Voris, of Adams Co.

            Sep 6               Lorenzo D. Winchester and Mary Ann Allison, both of Waterford.

            Sep 9               Elijah Stone and Abigail Marsh, both of Belpre.

            Sep 12             Harvey S. Dale, of Granville, and Amanda S. Newell, of Newport.

            Sep 13             Edward L. Johnson and Margaret Fish, both of Watertown.

            Sep 15             John M. Woodbridge and Harriet Oakes, of New Haven, Conn.

            Oct 26             James M. Booth, Esq., and Mary L. Beebe.

            Oct 30             Nelson Adams, of Watertown, and Harriet Broadhurst, of Marietta.

            Nov 1              Wm. H. Barkley, of Belpre, and Eugenia Winchester, of Warren.

            Nov 14            Granville R. Stewart and Mary Ward, both of Warren.

            Nov 16            David G. Lawrence and Martha H. Stansbury.

            Nov 24            Dr. Henry F. Johnson, of Worcester, Mass., and Eunice S. Fay, of Marietta.

            Dec 8              Jacob Hill, of Marietta, and Cynthia Wilson, of Salem.

            Dec 28            Giles H. Ford, of Watertown, and Anna Amlin, of Fearing.

            Dec 28            Wm. Gill, of Marietta, and Phebe Caywood, of Fearing.

            Deaths in 1842 [continued]:

            Jun 7               Susan, daughter of Joseph Kelly, 14.

            Jun 23             Mrs. Henrietta T., wife of Geo. Benedict, in her 26th year.

            _____              In Fearing, Mary Ann, wife of J.W. L. Brown, in her 30th year.

            Jul 19              Judy Henry Jolly, formerly an Associate Judge and Representative of this county, in his 85th year.

            Jul 26              In Portsmouth, Miss Harriet Hempstead, late of Marietta, 40.

            Aug 12            In Columbus, Wm. W. Backus.

            Sep 6               In Marietta, Alfred L. Lovell, 23.

            Sep 8               In Warren, Almira Newton, 17.

            Sep 27             Bathsheba, widow of Richard Greene, 72.

            Oct 24             Mary Ann, wife of Doughas Putnam and daughter of Dr. S.P. Hildreth, 34.

            Nov 14            Mrs. Eunice, wife of James H. Greene and daughter of Moses McFarland, in her 22nd year.

            Nov 20            Harriet Day, only daughter of Douglas Putnam, 2 years and 2 months.

            Nov 22            In Union, John Hill, age ___.

            Dec 7              Wm. H. Taylor, 24.

            Dec 9              In Athens, Elizabeth,, wife of Leonidas Jewett.

Jul 29 1864

            Died: June 9, 1843, a little son of Jas. Roberts, of Marietta, aged three years, was drowned by falling into a cistern at his father’s door.

            Died: June 19th, a son of Rev. John Miller, of the German M.E. church of Marietta, fell into his father’s cistern and was drowned, aged four years.

            Marriages in 1843:

            Jan 4               Jacob Otten, of Fearing, and Ann Shrader, of Harmar.

            Jan 6               Thos. Bakehouse and Mary Otten, both of Fearing.

            Jan 15             Albert Logan, of Parkersburg, Va., and Julia Holdren, of Newport.

            Feb 4               Walter Turnbull and Jane Kenedy, both of Marietta.

            Feb 5               Anrelins [sp?] R. Regnier, of Marietta, and Charlotte P. Stedman, of Belpre.

            Feb 5               John W.L. Brown and Betsey Toothaker, both of Fearing.

            Mar 14            Orange P. Wedge and Eliza Null, both of Belpre.

            Mar 19            Morton Cassady and Margaret Cline, both of Lawrence.

            Mar 21            Alpha Gage, of Waterford, and Nancy Gilmore, of Watertown.

            Apr 2              Chas. Campbell and Patience M. Root, both of Harmar.

            Apr 6              James S. Stowe and Eliza Perrin, both of Union.

            Apr 11            Francis T. Leedham and Julia L. Chapman, both of Fearing.

            Apr 13            John Arnold and Esther Lang, both of Waterford.

            Apr 17            James Holden, of Marietta, and Harriet Rogers, of New London, Conn.

            May 3             James McKinley, of Belmont Co., and Clarissa P. Reynolds, of Newport.

            May 8             Darwin E. Gardner and Elizabeth P. Putnam, of Harmar.

            May 11           Simon Lapham and Mary C. Jett.

            [continued on Aug 5]

            Deaths in 1843:

            Jan 7               In Salem, Hiram E. True, 30.

            Feb 11             At Lane Seminary, Samuel Kidder, a native of Wardsboro, Vt., and a graduate of Marietta College, Class of 1840, aged 26.

            Feb 18             In Adams, Capt. Wm. Davis, aged 70, a native of Connecticut who landed at Marietta Nov 16, 1788.

            Feb 20             Rev. Hiram Gear, pastor of the Baptist Church in Marietta, a native of Connecticut, and for over six years a resident of Marietta, 39.

            Mar 8              In Boston, Mass., Dr. Charles Hildreth, formerly of Belpre, 45.

            Mar 22            Sophia, wife of Milton Foster, 59.

            Apr 26            Robert Williams, 81.

Aug 5 1864

            Marriages in 1843 [continued]:

            Jul 4                Rev. Joseph Barringer and Elizabeth Cook, of Belpre.

            Jul 10              Rev. Isaiah Ford, of Jackson (formerly of Watertown) and Emily Fisher, of Vermont.

            Aug 21            Professor Samuel Maxwell and Eliza Ann Sellon, of Amherst, Mass.

            Sep 10             James H. Toothaker and Deborah Ann Brown, of Fearing.

            Sep 14             Louis Pfaff and Elizabeth Lauer, both of Salem.

            Sep 19             Levi Lammott and Olive M. Corp.

            Sep 20             Harrison Druse and Agnes M. Cockshot, both of Belpre.

            Sep 28             Jacob Beasom, of Decatur, and Ivy Dunbar, of Wesley.

            Oct 1               Washington B. Alcock, of Marietta, and Mary Elston, of Union.

            Oct 22             A.G. Davis and Sarah L. Talbot, both of Marietta.

            Oct 26             Charles R. Ames, of Belpre, and Mary Jane Fisher, of Waterford.

            Oct 29             Ephraim Meserve, of Watertown, and Mary Ann Coffman, of Union.

            Oct 30             Wm. F. Curtis and Aurelia A. Buell.

            Nov 8              Wm. W. Northrop, of Cincinnati, and Melissa B. Stone, daughter of Col. John Stone, of Belpre.

            Nov 8              Salmon Reckard, of Lawrence county, and Frances Proctor, of Belpre.

            Nov 9              James P. Price, of Cincinnati, and Frances, daughter of Geo. Dana, of Belpre.

            Nov 23            Wm. Fearing and Maria Briggs, both of Union.

            Nov 23            Joseph Hunter and Harriet Alcock.

            Nov 24            Jesse W. Hill and Drusilla Rolls, of Fearing.

            Nov 28             Dr. Spicer Patrick, of Charleston, Va., and Mrs. Ellen J. Steele, of Marietta.

            Dec 14            Geo. H. Robinson, of Fearing, and Catharine Porter, of Marietta.

            Dec 25            Charles S. Fuller of Marietta, and Emily M. Hill, of Newport.

            Dec 25            Geo. C. Tuttle and Eunice Palmer, both of Fearing.

            Deaths in 1843 [continued]:

            Jul 6                James Hamilton Greene, son of Capt. Daniel Greene, 28.

            Jul 17              In Putnam, Ohio, Judge Edwin Putnam, for whom that place was named, a son of Gen. Rufus Putnam, 66.

            Jul 20              In Salem, Wm. Crawford, Esq., who was born in this county and never out of the State and but two or three times a day or two out of the county, 43.

            Aug 30            In Chillicothe, Daniel G. Stanley, of this county, 22nd year.

            Sep 26             At Memphis, Jane, wife of Silas Buck, formerly of Marietta.

            Oct 11             At Louisville, on her way from Memphis, Betsey, wife of Titus Buck, formerly of Marietta.

            Oct 11             In Belpre, Adaline, wife of L. Louis, 34.

            Oct 12             Daniel H. Buell, Esq., a native of Marietta, and one of its most prominent citizens, in his 53rd year.

            Nov 2              Jesse Loring, of Belpre, in his 51st year.

            Nov 8              In Memphis, Miss Emily Buck, 22.

            Nov 18            Harriet E., wife of John M. Woodbridge, in her 20th year.

            Nov 28            Rev. Levi Lankton, for about 40 years a preacher in New Hampshire and eight years a resident of Marietta, 89.

            Dec 16            In Belpre, Deborah, wife of George Dana, 57.

            Dec 20            Martha Labetta, youngest child of Asahel and Sophia Woodruff, 6.

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