Ohio Historical Society, Newspaper Microfilm Reel # 38487:

MARIETTA REGISTER - 18 July 1862 through 28 March 1867

Transcribed by Ellen Knowles Bisson for

Sandra Mitchell Quinn's Washington county, OHGenWeb

For the most part, the following personal information has been transcribed as written, but early newspaper microfilms are often difficult to read. I have tried to provide the information as accurately as possible, but errors can still occur. Punctuation has been changed occasionally for clarity; where dates or other details seem to be in error, are missing or just not legible, that has been noted. Although every effort has been made to note each personal item in a particular issue, some may have been missed. Please consult the microfilm reel if you feel an error has occurred. 

Friday, Aug 1, 1862

Born: In Watertown, July 22, a son to E. and M.M. Bingham. And also: Died in Watertown, July 24, an infant son of E. and M.M. Bingham.

Married: At the residence of the bride’s mother, July 30, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Ed. W. Eaton, Esq., to Miss Fannie R.N. Clogston, all of this city.

Married: By Henry P. Mason, Esq., Manly W. Mason and Lucy L. Dyar, of Waterford.


Died: In Fearing, July 23, of consumption, Elizur B. Judd, aged 33, formerly of Southington, Conn.

Died: In this city, July 21st, Elmer G., only son of R.E. and M.R. Phillips, aged three months and two weeks.

Friday, Aug 8, 1862

Married: Last evening, Aug. 7th, by Rev. Geo. M. Maxwell, of Cincinnati, Col. Isaac C. Elston, Jr., of Crawfordsville, Ind., aide to Maj. Gen. Lew. Wallace, and Miss Sarah S. Mills, daughter of Col. John Mills of this city.

Died: In Camp Pine Grove, near Corinth, Miss., July 18th, of typhoid fever, Sergeant Joseph M. Corey of Co. “G,” 63d Reg., aged 18 years, 6 months and 19 days. Joseph was a young man of lively, amiable disposition, a dutiful son, a faithful friend, and with a heart ever alive to the call of patriotism. He was one of the first to shoulder his musket at the commencement of the war, and continued in the army until his death. After his return from the three month’s campaign in Western Virginia, he obtained a Lieutenant’s commission, and labored faithfully in the recruiting service, until he took his final leave of Marietta with his regiment. He was a general favorite throughout the camp, and during his illness of four weeks, received every attention from his sympathizing comrades. It is a consolation to his bereaved friends at home to know that his end was such as he desired - he died in the cause of his country. [Memorial poem follows.] Signed: M.W.

Friday, Aug 15 1862

Died: On Friday afternoon last, [Aug] 8th, a terrible accident occurred in Macksburg, in this county, which resulted in the death of Miss Jane Atkinson, daughter of Isaac Atkinson, formerly of Newport township. The young lady very incautiously undertook to kindle a fire in the cooking stove by pouring carbon oil from a tin can on the embers. A flash and an explosion instantly followed and the shrieking girl was enveloped in a terrible mass of flame. Aid was immediate, but so shockingly was the unfortunate creature burned that death came to her relief the same evening. She was about 17 years of age.

Friday, Sep 5 1862

Married: Aug. 28, by Wm. Johnson, J.P., Abram Price and Harriet Wilson, both of Warren.

Married: Aug. 18, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, David S. Hoffman and Miss Rosaltha Wolcott, of Watertown.

Married: Aug. 24th, by Rev. L.G. Leonard, Timothy L. Buell and Laura Thorniley, of Marietta township.

Died: The following notice of the death of John Mills Amlin, son of James M. Amlin, formerly a well known citizen of Washington county, is copied from the Ironton Register of Aug. 28th. Let us add our testimony from an eight years’ intimate acquaintance, that the subject of the notice was one of the most worthy and truly excellent young men that we have ever known. Departed this life, in Ironton, on the 25th, J. Mills Amlin, aged 22 years and 6 months. The above was a young man well known by everybody in this community, and, therefore, needs no eulogy, as all are ready to speak of his modesty, amiability and goodness He came to this place with his parents in 1854 and with them united with the Presbyterian church by letter. He made a profession of religion at the early age of 13 years and has been an active and consistent Christian until the hour of his death. On the night before he died, he was told that he could not live. He took the news, as not wholly unexpected. After a few minutes consideration of the approaching event, he replied, “I am prepared to die, for I know in whom I have believed.” He then expressed a desire to see as many of his friends as could be collected, whom he exhorted to do as he had done, “to trust in that Saviour who had done so much for him.” Taking them by the hand he spoke of Jesus as being “very precious to his soul,” as being “with him in the dark valley of death,” and exhorting them “to prepare to die by believing in Jesus Christ, who was able to keep that he had committed until that day and thus to meet him in heaven.” He repeatedly spoke of heaven “as his home” and that he desired all to “meet him there.” He then sent messages to other friends not present and to his Sabbath School class, urging all to “give their hearts to the Saviour in the days of their youth.” He then desired prayer to be offered by his father and others. Then h e requested all to sing - selecting himself such hymns as these, “God is love,” “There is sweet rest in heaven,” “Salvation is free,” &c. During some hours, his whole demeanor was that of the most perfect self-possession and calmness. There were times when his mind wandered slightly, but during those period he said nothing on the subject of religion. When his relations and others were overcome with their emotions, he remained altogether above and beyond such earthly sympathy and seemed to hold sweet communion with his Savior and the heavenly world. Observing how his mother wept, he said, “Mother, weep not for me; my mind is all peace and joy at the near prospect of being permitted to enter heaven.” Thus has passed away from among us an amiable Christian man. May his death be a beacon light to all his friends and associates, thus stimulating them to imitate his example and be prepared, as he was, to leave this world, though unexpectedly called, and enter that of the redeemed in heaven.

Friday, Sep 12

Married: On the 6th, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, John W. Caywood, of the 7th Ohio Cavalry, and Miss Mary A. Needham, both of Marietta.

Married: On Thursday evening, Sept. 4, by J.C. Preston, Esq., of Beverly, Daniel Stump and Ellen Mitchell.

Married: Sept. 6, by J.C. Preston, Esq., John Kinsey, of Capt. Higgins’ Co., 92d Reg. O.V.I., and Miss Harriett E. Parsons.

Died: In Harmar, on the 9th, of a disease of the heart, Mrs. Elisa W. Putnam, wife of Douglas Putnam, and eldest daughter of the late Levi Whipple, Esq., in the 54th year of her age. Mrs. Putnam was a woman of great energy, of ardent feelings, and of the most decided Christian character. Zealously and fearlessly sympathizing in the advancement of human rights, in all works of moral reforms, in the cause of the poor and friendless and in her country’s struggles, she freely used, in their aid and advancement, the liberal means with which a kind Providence had blessed her. The Sabbath School, the church and female prayer meeting will all testify to her constancy and devotedness. She was endowed with a character in which vigor and decision were traits peculiarly marked, yet her nature was so affectionate, sympathetic and tender, that those who knew her most intimately loved her best. During a sickness of six weeks, she was a great and almost constant sufferer, but no word of murmuring escaped her lips. Her spiritual affections seemed to grow and ripen under the best of discipline and trial. [This particular section of the newspaper page is mostly illegible.]

Friday, Sep 19 1862

Married: the 11th, by John Test, J.P., Josiah Wright, of Capt. Ellis’ cavalry, and Miss Adeline H. Wilson, of Adams township.

Died: In East Plymouth, Washington Co., the 7th, Harriet J. W. McArthur, only daughter of Dr. D. and Margaret McArthur, aged 18 years and 20 days.

Died: In Harrison Co., Va., Mrs. Mary Maddox, wife of Rev. Matthew Maddox, and daughter of the late Caleb Emerson, Esq., of this city, aged 51 years. [Illegible]. At the age of fourteen, she became a subject of renewing grace and united herself with the Baptist Church, in this place. She was one of its consistent members and from that time till her death, she honored her profession and illustrated the grace of God by a holy life. The field of her husband’s ministerial labor has been for the most part in western Va., and she was a valuable helper and a cheerful partaker of all the hard labors and self-denials incident to the work of his holy calling in such a field. She loved the gospel and believed in its teachings, its priceless value, and for the ___ was willing in the spirit of Christian ___ to deny herself and bear her Cross. She was in all her relations unobtrusive, gentle, kind and faithful. [Last sentence of this obituary is illegible.]

Friday, Sep 26 1862

Married: On the 19th, by John Test, J.P., Dennis Edwards and Drusa Tucker, both of Marietta.

Married: On the 22d, by John Test, J.P., Bryson Hight and Amelia A. Hardin, both of Woods County, Va.

Married: In the M.E. Church at Plymouth, on Sunday, Sept. 21, by Rev. S. Ryland, Mr. G.R. Goddard and Miss M.L. Tullis, all of Washington.

Died: In U.S. hospital, in Mississippi, June 11, 1862, of the 63d Ohio, after an illness of six weeks, Charles W. Brown, only son of Parley and Charlotte Brown, of Beverly, Washington Co., Ohio, in his 22d year. About a year ago, on the day he was 21, he volunteered and faithfully served his country until his death. He was with his regiment when it left Marietta for the South, and at Island No. 10, New Madrid, and other places, he labored, fought, suffered and triumphed by night and by day for his country. He, like hundreds of other ones, would have preferred to have fallen with the slain on the battle field, but kind Providence ordered otherwise. Had he lived a few days longer, I am informed by the best of authority, he would have been promoted to a Lieutenancy, a position he was well competent to fill, which had not escaped the notice of the Colonel. His Chaplain says, “He was a model in morals, in gentlemanly bearing, and as a soldier, and won the esteem and love of all noble hearts who knew him.” The same has always been true of him everywhere. He was a model son and brother. He has left an untarnished reputation, an amiable Christian and gentlemanly character, and many friends and relatives who feel the loss of such a noble spirit. He fell, but the double honor of the Christian and soldier, rested upon him and endears his memory. May a kind Heaven sustain the afflicted father and mother and only sister. Signed E. Ellison.

Friday, Oct 3 1862

Born: At Groton Centre, Mass. on Sunday, Sept. 21, a son to Rev. T.J. Mumford, recently pastor of the Unitarian Church, Marietta.

Married: By Rev. L.G. Leonard, Sept. 20, Mr. Oscar Mathews and Miss Eliza J. James.

Married: By Rev. L.G. Leonard, Sept. 28, Mr. Philip Lorin Cole, of Warren, and Miss Addie Posey, of Marietta township.

Married: Sept. 24, 1862, by Henry P. Mason, J.P., Mr. James S. Corn, of Noble Co., and Miss Matilda McLain, of Adams Tp., Washington Co., Ohio.

Married: Sept. 27, by Henry P. Mason, J.P., Wm. Hiltebiddle and Mary J. Rose, of Adams township.

Married: On the 2d day of October, 1862, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Wm. Luckey, of Monroe county, to Miss Frances Stewart, of Newport, on this county.

Married: September 28, by L.F. Adams, J.P., Alexander Hart to Miss Samantha Craig, all of Warren.

Died: At Alton, Ill., Sept. 11, of fever, Stephen Price, Co. F, 77th Ohio, of Windsor Tp, Morgan Co.

Died: Sept. 12, at Alton, Ill., Asa B. Rogers, Co. F, 77th Ohio, of Windsor tp, Morgan Co.

Died: In this city, Tuesday evening, Sept. 9, 1862, Rufus I. Huff, aged 14 years, 11 months and 14 days. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Oct 10 1862

Married: On the 5th, by Rev. Mr. Wickes, Mr. B.V.A. Miraben and Miss Ellen M. Wylin, both of this city.

Married: On the 9th, by John Test, J.P. John Mindling, of Union township, and Mary A. Henry, of Watertown.

Died: In this city, Sept. 20th, after a protracted illness, Mrs. Rebecca L. McAfee, aged 28 63years. She united with the Baptist Church some years ago. She bore all her sufferings of her long sickness with Christian fortitude and died rejoicing that she was “going to Jesus.” [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Oct 17 1862

Married: On the 12th day of October, 1862, by John Test, J.P., Eli C. Smith, of Lawrence township, and Rebecca McGee, of Muskingum township.

Died: In Cincinnati, [Oct] 10th, the wife of Wm. L. Gray, late of Marietta. The funeral was in this city, last Sunday.

Died: Near Ironton, [Oct] 5th, Judge John Newton, aged about 70, a brother of the late Oren Newton, of Warren, this county.

Died: At a meeting of Buell’s Pierpoint Battery, held Sept. 11, 1862, it was unanimously Resolved that in the death of Captain Frank Buell this battery has lost a father, brother and friend - the country a soldier and patriot - his brother and sister a kind and affectionate brother - his acquaintances and fellow officers a genial companion and the Artillery arm of the Union service an officer whose place cannot be readily or efficiently filled. Resolve that a copy of these resolution be furnished to the Wheeling, Wellsburg, Parkersburg and Marietta papers for publication and also to the family of our deceased and much regretted Captain. Signed: The Officers.

[Note: For information about Buell’s Pierpoint Battery, please see http://www.rootsweb.com/~ohwashin/history-lowell-adamstwp.html ]

Friday, Oct 24 1862

Married: At Greenwich, Ct., on Monday, [Oct] 13th, by Rev. Joel H. Linsley, D.D., Wm. C. Huntington, of Cincinnati, and Mary H. Linsley, daughter of the officiating clergyman.

Died: On the 19th [of Oct], in Newport, of diphtheria, Weston Thomas Warren, son of Elbridge G. Warren, aged 9 years.

Died: Elza and Elwood Morris, twin brothers, were born in Watertown, Washington county, Ohio, Sept. 29, 1840. With an elder brother they volunteered in the 77th Regiment, O.V.I., in November 1861, in Co. B, Capt. Mason. At Camp Dennison, from exposure, Elwood was taken with bleeding at the lungs, but he recovered somewhat and went on with his regiment. They both fought at Shiloh and were unhurt. Moving toward Corinth, Elwood was unable to proceed and was left behind. For a long time none of his friends could learn his whereabouts. In July, his friends received a letter from him at Evansville, Ind., stating that he had been sick with fever and small pox. His physician soon sent him home, saying that he was in consumption. He began to get better. Elza endured the long and fatiguing march (and counter-marching) to Memphis, thence went to Alton, Ill. There he was cut down with fever, dying Sept. 16, 1862. In view of his speedy death, he requested his elder brother to take his body home, and he died a praying penitent. His brother started home with the body. On the arrival, the diphtheria was in the family, and one of its members was then lying a corpse, on the evening of Sept. 19, when the wagon stopped before the house. The shock was almost too much for Elwood in his feeble condition. Three days after the funeral, Elwood was taken with diphtheria. He soon was able to speak only in a whisper. He suffered much, but endured it with patience. He knew his end was nigh and shuddered, and said he was afraid to pass the dark valley alone. He was directed to his Saviour; he requested his brother to pray for him, after which he became more reconciled. “Meet me in heaven,” he said and died at 12 o’clock noon, Oct. 15, 1862. Thus in the morning of life they have passed away. We deeply sympathize with their bereaved parents who have given their sons to die for their country. [Contributor’s name illegible.]

Friday, Oct 31 1862

Married: On the evening of the 28th [of Oct], by Rev. Mr. Boyd, R.M. Stimson, editor of this paper, to Miss Julia I. Sheppard, all of this city.

Married: On the 21st [of Oct], by Rev. H.K. Foster, Lerdy S. Brown, of Fearing, and Miss Ziporah Tracy, of Marietta.

Friday, Nov 7 1862

Married: On the 6th [of Nov], by Rev. W.W. Wakefield, John B. Sutliff, of Lawrence City, Kansas, and Miss Augusta A. Hollister, daughter of R.D. Hollister, Esq., of Warren.

Married: Oct 9, 1862, at the residence of the bride’s father, in Belpre, by Rev. F.S. Thurston, Mr. Calvin Leseur and Miss Rebecca Rouse, both of Washington county, O.

Married: On [Nov] 4th, by Rev. Ira Corwin, Mr. William A. Hubbard, of Matamoras, and Miss Angeline Goldsmith, of this place.

Died: In Ironton, [Oct] 22d, Alice Darley Jackson, infant daughter of George W. and Louisa Jackson, aged one year and eight mos.

Died: In Harmar, [Oct] 28th, of consumption, Mary Elizabeth Steen, youngest daughter of Finlay and Jane Steen, aged 25. Her life was one of purity, having Christ for her guide. She was the loved of one and all. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In Fearing, [Oct] 31st, of diphtheria, James A. McCall, son of James and Nancy A. McCall, aged 4 years and 6 months. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Nov 14 1862

Married: In Lowell, Oct. 23, by Rev. Dennis Gibbs, Mr. Adam Drum and Miss Catharine Waggoner, all of Adams tp.

Married: Nov. 1st, by John Test, J.P., Daniel Solar and Miss Mary Ann Lowe, all of Marietta.

Married: On Tuesday evening, Nov. 11, by Rev. H.K. Foster, Rev. Joseph H. Steward and Miss Eliza Ann Goldsmith, both of this city.

Died: On the 3d [of Nov], at Rush River, Wisconsin, of diphtheria, Laura Maria Guitteau, only daughter of J.A. and L.F. Guitteau, formerly of this township, aged 8 years.

Friday, Nov 21 1862

Married: On the 13th [of Nov], by Rev. Dennis Gibbs, Mr. George W. Lucas to Miss Patience M. Davis, all of Adams township

Died: In this township, on Sunday, Nov. 16, after a brief but exceedingly painful illness, Mr. Benjamin Racer, in the 55th year of his age. Mr. Racer was on Wednesday attending to his daily vocation as usual, and on Sunday, at 2 A.M., was a corpse. Thus has passed away from among us one of our best and most useful citizens, who leaves a large family of relatives and friends to mourn his loss. Mr. Racer died as he had lived, fully in the belief of God’s universal goodness over all his works. Few men have passed through the world without making more enemies. A kind, affectionate, and indulgent husband and father, he was by them considered almost faultless and nearly idolized. Not only was he always prompt to administer to their early moral and social wants, but was at all times ready and willing to discharge his every duty as a neighbor, friend, and citizen. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In Bloomfield, this county, the 9th [of Nov], of diphtheria, Francis [sic] Emily Harvey, daughter of G.W. and Mary E. Harvey, aged 6 years, 9 months and 20 days.

Died: In Lawrence township, [Nov] 3d, of diphtheria, Edward Johnson Guiton, son of S.L. and M.V. Guiton, aged 7 years. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Nov 28 1862

Married: Nov. 24th, by Henry P. Mason, J.P., Wm. A. Howell, of Philadelphia, and Lucena S. Sprague, of Waterford.

Died: Nov. 7, 1862, in Belpre, of consumption, Mrs. Esther Catherine O’Neal, wife of J.L. O’Neal, aged 26 years, 1 mo. and 21 days.

Died: In Parkersburg, [Nov] 18th, James J. Neal, Clerk of the Court at that place, aged 41 years.

Died: In Palmer, [Nov] 19th, of diphtheria, Sarah E. Danley, only daughter of Robert A. and Mary Danley, in her 20th year. The deceased was a kind and affectionate daughter and beloved by all her acquaintances and friends of whom she had a large circle. She lived and died without an enemy. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Dec 5 1862

Married: Nov. 27, by Rev. Mr. Fry, Wm. H. Cole to Miss Annie M. Guitteau, both of Marietta township.

Married: Nov. 13, by Wm. Johnson, J.P., Thomas Wiggins, of Harmar, to Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander, of Watertown.

Married: Nov. 28, by John Test, J.P., Aaron Walker and Samantha Bony, both of Lawrence township.

Died: Nov 22d, in this city, Olive M. Lammott, wife of L.A. Lammott, aged 38. [Age might be 28, very difficult to read.]

Friday, Dec 12 1862

Married: On the 4th [of Dec], by Rev. H.K. Foster, at the house of Rev. B.N. Spahr, Harmar, Mr. Robert Miller to Miss Jane Swessey, both of this county.

Married: Dec 4, by Rev. H.K. Foster, Lieut. John Henricle to Miss Maggie Wiley, both of Marietta.

Married: On the 6th [of Dec], by John Test, J.P., Lieut M. R. Cain, of the 3d Virginia Cavalry, and Martha Jane Skinner, of Harmar.

Married: On Dec. 4, by E.T. Parsons, J.P., Mr. Silas Agin and Miss Euphemia Connelly, all of Barlow.

Died: In this city, [Dec] 5th, suddenly, Mrs. Jane N. Newton, wife of John Newton, aged 43 years. Mrs. Newton was much beloved by all who knew her. Her illness was brief, many of her friends in town not knowing it was serious until they were shocked by hearing of her death. She was a kind neighbor, a faithful friend, an affectionate wife and mother, a true hearted woman. She had been from early life a member of the Presbyterian church, and for many years her mansion was that of great hospitality, at Hanging Rock, where this writer first knew her, and afterwards at Ironton. She had been in Marietta but a comparatively short time - a little over four years - but she had endeared many to her. Her funeral was on Monday afternoon of this week, attended by a large concourse of friends, the services being conducted by President Andrews, of Marietta College.

Died: In Palmer, Dec. 3 of diphtheria, John E. Danley, only living son of Robert I. and Mary Danley, in his 14th year. The deceased was one of the Palmer Military Band and was extensively known as the little drummer, and during the recruiting in the fall he labored zealously in beating up for recruits for his country’s service. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Dec 19 1862

Married: In Harmar, December 15, 1862, by Rev. I.F. King, Mr. Samuel Flowers, of Little Hocking, to Miss Ruth Smith, of Harmar.

Died: In Adams township, [Dec] 11th, of consumption, Mrs. Sophronia Sprague, wife of A.W. Sprague.

Died: In Salem, [Dec] 7th, Mrs. Esther Ann Hovey, wife of S.P. Hovey, and daughter of Enos Chapman, aged 27 years. She was a constant member of the Presbyterian Church in Salem and exhibited an humble, persevering and decided Christian character. She was truly a tender and loving wife, a kind and affectionate mother. Her sickness was protracted and severe, yet she endured it with Christian fortitude, for her trust was in Christ who was her stay in life and support in death.

Died: In Palmer, of diphtheria, Dec. 13, 1862, John Breckenridge, Jr., aged 36 years, 6 mos., 13 days. Mr. Breckenridge was a man of sterling character, kind and considerate in his family circle, and possessing unbounded influence in the society in which he moved. His loss is felt by all who knew him. His remains were followed to the grave by several hundred friends and neighbors.

Died: In Dunham, Dec. 3, Mrs. Lucy Angeline Ellinwood, wife of S.D. Ellinwood, Esq., aged 45 years. Mrs. Ellinwood’s disease has cast a gloom over this community never before experienced here. In the prime of life and one of the most prominent members of this community, always cheerful, hers was a happy home. She took a deep interest in the welfare of her neighbors. When sickness made its appearance anywhere in her large circle of acquaintances, she was always ready to assist, and many there are in this community who will long recollect her kindness and sympathy in the hour of their affliction. But she has gone to that better land and we but express the feelings of all when we tender to the bereaved husband and family our warmest sympathy in the hour of their deep affliction. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, January 2 1863

Married: On the 2d [of Dec], by Rev. Francis Barlett, Thos. Plumley, of Plymouth, to Mrs. Catharine Cole, of Troy tp., Athens County.

Died: On the 14th [of Dec], in Belpre, Dannie Goodno, only child of James T. and Elizabeth M. Goodno, aged 4 years.

Died: In Gallipolis, [Dec] 17th, Franklin Carel, Jr., in his 35th year. [Note: Difficult to read, might be 85th year.]

Died: In Lincoln Co., Missouri, [Dec] 8th, Joseph Lewis Blennerhasset, youngest son of Harman and Margaret Agnew Blennerhassett, of “Blennerhasset’s Island,” aged 51 years.

Died: In Barlow township, Washington Co., O., Dec. 22d, Mr. Cyrus Eddy, in the 88th year of his age. Father Eddy was a native of Providence, Rhode Island. In 1806, he emigrated to Ohio, with his family, and settled in the vicinity of Marietta. In 1810, in consequence of feeble health, he returned to his native State, but again in 1820 he came again to this State, where he has resided in the counties of Washington and Morgan up to the time of his death. Although a member of no particular church, he was a strict observer of the “Golden Rule,” and lived truly an exemplary and Christian life. He leaves a large circle of children, and numerous friends (for who that knew him were not his friends?) to mourn his loss. He lived and enjoyed life, to ripe old age, and his society will be much missed and lamented in the sphere in which he moved. Signed: H.E.V., dated Dec. 27, 1862, Vincent.

Friday, Jan 9 1863

Married: In Matamoras, on Monday, Dec. 29, by Rev. Thomas Tannehill, Lt. M.N. Burris, of the 77th Ohio Volunteers, and Miss Mary E. Ruggles.

Married: On Dec. 23, 1862, at the Parsonage in Plymouth, by Rev. S. Ryland, Mr. L.H. Holloway and Miss Rebecca A. Holloway, both of Belmont Co., Ohio.

Married: Jan. 1, 1863, at the M.E. Church in Barlow, by Rev. S. Ryland, Mr. Jas. Ritchey, of Tupper’s Plains, Meigs Co., and Miss Eliza A. Goold, of Barlow.

Married: Jan. 1, 1863, by L.F. Adams, J.P., in Union Township, Mr. Joseph Kirk, of McConnelsville, to Mrs. Sarah Oliver, of Washington Co.

Married: Dec. 25, 1862, in Ironton, by Rev. T.S. Reeve, Henry M. Amlin, of Cincinnati, and Miss Jennie Nixon, of the former place.

Married: On Sunday, January 4th, by Rev. F. Juergens, Mr. Bernhard Rodick, clerk of steamer Fannie McBurnie, to Mary C. Smith, of Lowell, O.

Died: In this city, [Dec] 31st, Cornelia Frentrone McCormick, daughter of J.Z. and R.M. McCormick, aged 8 years and 7 days.

Friday, Jan 16 1863

Married: On the 15th [of Jan], by Rev. E.W. Kirkham (of Whitney Chapel), Mr. P.E. Morse to Miss Anna Daniels, both of this city.

Married: On the 7th [of Jan], at the residence of L.M. Parker, Marietta, by Rev. H.K. Foster, Orin Vincent Payne and Martha A. Grimes, both of Salem.

Married: On the 11th [of Jan], by Rev. S. Ryland, Dr. S.C. Vanlaw, one of the editors of the Athens Messenger, to Miss Lucy Swayn, of Plymouth.

Died: In New Matamoras, on the 7th [of Jan], Stillman Harvey, Esq., in his 64th year, a resident of Washington county over thirty years and a Justice of the Peace over twenty-five years.

Died: In Palmer tp, [Jan] 8th, of diphtheria, Alvin W. Danley, in his 20th year.

Died: In hospital near Falmouth, Va., Jan. 3d, Francis D. Fearing, only son of Mr. Silas Fearing, of Harmar, in his 22d year. The deceased was a soldier in Capt. Huntington’s Battery. He joined the service last August. He had been sick of typhoid fever for several weeks, but was recovering until near a week before his death when he took a relapse. His father, hearing that he was very sick, at once left that he might assist in taking care of him, but did not reach Falmouth until he had been dead and buried. His remains were taken up and brought home for final interment. An affectionate son and brother, entering the service from patriotic motives, he became a faithful soldier, and though he was not called to fall on the battle field, he was none the less a martyr in his country’s cause. During his sickness he was most kindly cared for by his fellow soldiers in the Battery. A young man of much promise and blameless moral character, he was much esteemed by a large circle of friends, who attended his funeral on Wednesday, the 14th [of January.]

Died: In Wood county, West Virginia, on the 5th [of Dec], of typhoid pneumonia, George W. Henderson, Jr., in his 21st year. He was a member of Marietta College from which place he was compelled to retire to his home by the disease, which after lingering but severe suffering of more than three weeks, terminated his life. While we mourn our loss in the untimely death of our young friend, it is the privilege of one acquainted with him from his childhood, to bear testimony to his many virtues and also to commend them for imitation by all with whom he was associated.

Died: In Union township, of diphtheria, Miss Josephine Quinby [age illegible, might be 38 years]. Josephine the orphan is gone, gone to that beautiful country where sickness and sorrow are not known, gone to mingle her sweet voice with the voices of bright angels that are singing their everlasting anthems of praise to Him that ruleth eternal and to the lamb forever. Oh, what a beautiful thought to know that she had “fallen asleep” in the bosom of her God, trusting in a smiling Saviour, that though this earthly tabernacle... [balance of obituary illegible].

Friday, January 23 1863

Married: On the 18th, by Rev. H.K. Foster, Rev. Jno. H. Connor, of Marietta, to Mrs. Adaline S. Hall, of Liberty Hill, Washington Co., O.

Married: On the 1st, E.D. Nugent to Miss Amelia Arbour, of Williamstown, Va.

Died: In Cincinnati, [Jan] 14th, Mrs. Mary H. Huntington, wife of Wm. C. Huntington, and daughter of Joel H. Linsley, D.D., formerly President of Marietta College.

Died: In t his city, [Jan] 20th, of consumption, Mrs. Lucy Fuller Henton, wife of Thomas Henton.

Died: Dec. 7, 1862, at the Military Hospital, Centreville, Va., son of Nathaniel Holden, of this city, Charles Asa Holden, of pneumonia, in the 22d year of his age.

Died: In Waterford, Dec. 26th, Sammie Abbey, son of Samuel and Emerilba Abbey, aged four years, nine months and 28 days. [Memorial poem follows]

Friday, Jan 30 1863

Married: On Tuesday morning, Jan. 27, 1863, at the house of Mr. Justice Morse, by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, Mr. Joseph E. Reckard to Miss Mary E. Morse, both of this city.

Died: At Union Landing, Lawrence Co., [Jan] 20th, Mrs. Isabella Means, wife of Capt. A.B. Means, of the 14th Kentucky Regiment, and daughter of Thomas W. Means, of Union Landing.

Died: In Palmer township, Washington Co., O., Jan. 9, 1863. of diphtheria, Alvin W. Danley, in the 20th year of his age. Alvin was engaged in teaching school in Palmer, previous to his last illness, and his scholars will regret his loss as that of an indulgent friend and faithful teacher. He possessed a kind, cheerful spirit and an amiable disposition which endeared him to a large circle of friends. During his brief sickness, he bore his sufferings with fortitude and retained his mental faculties to the last moment. A short time before his death he sang in a clear voice the first stanza of a favorite song. [Stanza is quoted.]

Friday, Feb 13 1863

Married: On the 12th [of Feb], by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Wm. L. Rankin, of Muskingum Co., to Miss Carrie E. Brigham, daughter of Lucius Brigham, of this city.

Married: Jan. 31, 1863, by Wm. Johnson, J.P., Daniel Quimby to Miss Marry E. Childers, all of Warren tp.

Died: In Lower Lawrence, Jan. 24, 1863, of diphtheria, Wm. Chase Dye, son of Samuel and Lucinda Dye, aged four years.

Friday, Feb 20, 1863

Married: On Jan. 27, 1863, Charles H. Wood, Conductor on the M&C Railroad, to Miss Carrie Fay, of South Framingham, Mass.

Married: In Hebron, N.Y., Dec. 25, 1862, at the residence of E.D. Gilbert, Esq., by Rev. Mr. Tooms, Wm. B. Porter to Miss Mary P. Gilbert, of Centre Belpre, Ohio.

Married: Feb. 5th, by L.F. Adams, J.P., Wm. M. Shuster and Miss Mariann Wars, all of Union tp.

Married: In the German Evangelical Church, corner Fifth and Scammel streets, [Feb] 12th, by Rev. G. Shulz, Mr. William Rogers to Miss Elizabeth Laub, both of this city.

Died: In the Hospital at Galllipolis, of typhoid fever, Jan. 28, 1863, Horatio Nelson Adams, of Company F, 92nd Regiment O.V.I., aged 23 years. His remains were buried in Marietta.

Died: In Palmer township, Feb. 5, 1863, of diphtheria, Alice Thornburg, in her 17th year. Possessed of a friendly and cheerful disposition, she was beloved by all who knew her. After a short and severe illness, as her end was approaching, she called her friends, bade them farewell, saying, “Meet me in Heaven.” [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Feb 27, 1863

Born: On the 25th [of Feb] a daughter to Joseph F. Stanley, of Fearing.

Married: On Feb. 12, 1862, by Joseph Palmer, J.P., Mr. Isaac Richey and Miss Alice O. Hall, of Fearing township.

Died: On the 4th [of Feb], Mrs. Mary S. Jackson, widow of the late Judge John G. Jackson, of Clarksburg, Va., and daughter of the late Governor Meigs, of Marietta, in her 73d year.

Died: In Newport, on the 15th, Mrs. Ellen Baldwin, wife of John Baldwin, aged 72. She was a member of the M.E. Church for thirty years and was always found to be faithful.

Died: In Marietta, Feb. 23d, 1863, Capt. Joseph C. Corniby, in his 73d year, a native of Norfolk, Eng.

Died: In Noble Co., [Feb] 7th, Mis Louisa Willey, formerly of Marietta, aged 32 years.

Died: At Belpre, in this county, Feb. 19th, Mrs. Sarah E. Howe, aged 80 years. The deceased, whose maiden name was Sarah Emerson, was born January 5, 1783, at Ashby, Massachusetts. She early made a profession of religion, and united with the Congregational Church. For some time she was a teacher at Boston. She emigrated to Marietta about 45 years ago and was, for many years, an acceptable and beloved teacher there. Some of the most esteemed citizens of Washington County have been her pupils. Mere influence for good in society was wider than the sphere of her calling. In 1827, she married Deacon Perley Howe, of Belpre, where she continued to reside till the time of her death, striving to imitate the example of her Saviour, and progressing in the divine life through trial and suffering. She possessed a clear and well cultivated mind, and warm and kindly sympathies. She felt deeply for the oppressed, and was enthusiastic in her attachment to the cause of Right. She rendered herself highly useful in the education and guardianship of youth. In her last sickness, she expressed the same reliance on the Redeemer and the same trust in Divine Providence which had been the governing principle of her life. The excellent discourse at the funeral by Rev. Mr. Curtis was founded on the words of the Psalmist, “Thou wilt guide me by they counsel and afterwards receive me to glory.” [Memorial poem follows]

Friday, Mar 3, 1863

Born: Thursday, Feb. 26, 1863, a daughter to E.O. L. Jett, of Marietta.

Married: In this city, Feb, 28, by Rev. P. Cook, Lieut. David F. Jones, 77th O.V.I., and Miss Lizzie J. Parker, daughter of J.J. Parker.

Married: On Feb. 26, by Rev. Mr. Kirkham, Simeon W. Glines and Sarah P. Morse, all of this city.

Married: On Feb. 27, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Frederick Mellage, a member of Gen. Cox’s bodyguard, and Miss Mary Johan, of Cincinnati.

Married: In Chesterfield, Feb. 22d, by Rev. S. Ryland, James Lee and Mrs. Anne M. Caen, both of Morgan Co.

Died: On board the steamboat, Victor No. 2, at Nashville, Tenn., on Sabbath morning, Feb. 7th, at one o’clock, of congestion of the lungs, John Murchy, son of William Murchy, of Barlow township, Washington county, Ohio, aged 19. This noble young man was a member, greatly loved, of Company G, Capt. Loring, 93d O.V.I. Though he fell not in battle, he died a patriot. Deeply do we sympathize with the broken home circle. It is God’s doing, murmur not at His will. “God is love.” He cannot err. Not a sparrow, without his permission, falleth to the ground. May the consolations of the glorious Gospel of Christ sustain the friends of the deceased. Brother, farewell! Thou art far from the reach and above the ravages of time and war and change and death! His remains were sent home on the same boat in charge of Lieut. Day, of Watertown. Reader, “Be ye also ready, for in such an hour as yet think not the Son of Man cometh.” Signed: W.M. G___, Chaplain 93d O.V.I.

Died: In Alton, Ill., Jan. 10, 1863, of smallpox, James McCall, 77th O.V.I, of Fearing township, aged 35. Mr. McCall was a true and brave man, and much esteemed by all the members of his Company H. His death is much mourned by his comrades in arms, but we trust he has gone to Heaven to meet his final reward. Signed: Serg’t H.H. ____.

Friday, Mar 13, 1863

Born: On the 10th, a son to Professor E.F. Fish of this city.

Married: On the 26th [of Feb], by Wm. Johnson, J.P., John Fisher, of Barlow tp. to Miss Emaline Corns, of Watertown tp.

Married: In Rainbow, March 9th, by Rev. G.V. Fry, Mr. L.R. Janney, of Portsmouth, and Miss Fannie Wood, of Rainbow.

Married: In this city, March 5, by Rev. G. Schulz, Mr. Hugh Theil and Mrs. Catharina Shaw, both of Newport tp., Ohio.

Died: In Belpre, March 5th, Leander R. Forbes, of the 7th Ohio Cavalry, in his 22d year.

Friday, Mar 20, 1863

Married: On the evening of Feb. 15th, in the Presbyterian Church of Cumberland, Ohio, by Rev. C.C.B. Duncan, assisted by Rev. W.M. Furguson and M.R. Miller, Rev. L.R. Duncan, Pastor of the above church, and Miss Fannie Chapman, formerly of Marietta.

Married: March 11, 1863,, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by Rev. B.N. Spahr, Rev. George Murray, of Barlow Circuit, M.E. Church, and Miss Esther Frances Smith, daughter of Lanson Smith, Esq., of Jackson co., Ohio.

Married: On the 5th, by Richard Trotter, J.P., David Remely and Miss Mary Ann Morris, both of Fairfield township.

Married: On the 18th, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Ezekiel Roberts and Miss Rosanna Pedicord, both of this county.

Died: At Junior Furnace, Scioto Co., on [Mar] 13th, of consumption, Jefferson W. Glidden, of Portsmouth, a well known iron manufacturer of Scioto county.

Died: At Benrock, Noble Co., [Mar] 4th, of diphtheria, Lizzie Ann Paxton, daughter of S.J. and R.A. Paxton, aged 4 years, 1 month and 4 days.

Friday, Mar 27, 1863

Born: On the 14th, a daughter to Lewis Gable of this city.

Married: At the Harmar House, Harmar, O., March 19, 1863, by Rev. I.F. King, Mr. George Clem, of Belpre to Miss Esther Kinney.

Married: On the 23d, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Mr. Thomas H. Wallace of Belmont Co., Ohio, to Miss Mary E. Roseberry, of this city.

Died: In Center Belpre, of consumption, March 23d, Miss Georgiana Anders, in the 19th year of her age. In all her somewhat protracted sickness, she complained but little and was remarkably patient. She was a good girl, considerate, gentle and kind. For one young, she possessed unusual faith in h er divine Redeemer, and love for her Heavenly Father and awaited with anxious longing for the time to arrive when God should send his Angel to deliver her from the bondage of this body, and bid her come home to her heavenly rest. Her remains were brought to Harmar, to the residence of H.W. Smith, where, before burial, religious services were held and consolatory remarks made to relatives and friends by the writer. Signed: M.

Friday, April 13. 1863

Died: In Salem, March 24, 1863, Lieut. John M. Palmer, of the 36th O.V.I. The battle of life with him is over. He has lain aside his armor and gone to that land where the confused sounds of war are heard no more and where “the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest.” He had been in the service of his country ever since August 1861. He was in the memorable battles of Lewisburg and Antietam and at every post he showed himself to be a patriot, a good soldier, a man of nerve who was willing to do and dare and suffer anything, all things for the salvation of his country. As a citizen, he was respected for hiss integrity and gentlemanly bearing, as a Christian he was loved and honored by the members of his church, as an Odd Fellow he stood high in the estimation of his brethren. And being a Christian in truth, he honored and blessed every relationship of son and brother, husband and parent, with a sweet and gentle spirit and a life of fidelity and good works. Surely such a life must be an acceptable service on the altar of liberty - on the altar of our country. His funeral was attended by a very large number of people at the Universalist Church in Salem, March 27th, where a sermon was preached by this writer, [Signed] J.W. McMaster.

Friday, Apr 10, 1863

Married: At Carthage, Athens county, March 8, 1863, by Rev. Francis Bartlett, Francis S. Monahan and Elizabeth Caldwell.

Married: At Belpre, March 8, 1863, by Rev. F. Bartlett, Mr. Robert F. Alexander and Mrs. Sarah D. Plumley.

Married: On the 10th day of March, by Joseph Palmer, J.P., Mr. Daniel Garber, of Fearing, and Miss Caroline Ersehnoe, of Liberty.

Married: On the 9th, by John Test, J.P., Solomon Vanvaley and Rebecca Ann Robinson, both of Barlow tp.

Died: March 20th, 1863, in hospital at Carthage, Tenn., of pneumonia, Corpl. Joel M. Danley, Company G, 92d Regiment, O.V.I.

Friday, Apr 17, 1863

Married: In London, Eng., George H. Wells, Esq., of this city, to Miss Mary Elizabeth Helen Mar, of Scotland.

Married: On the 15th, by Rev. H.K. Foster, Mr. Isaac Parker, of the 77th O.V.I., to Miss Julia A. Protsman, both of this city.

Married: At the residence of the bride’s father, by A.J. Wilmarth, Mr. John Haddow, of Belpre, to Miss Christianna Ormiston, of Barlow.

Died: In this city, [Apr] 15th, Mrs. Deborah P. Slocomb, wife of Silas Slocomb, and daughter of Timothy Cone, of Warren, aged 55. Funeral at 2 P.M. today.

Died: In Harmar, [Apr] 4th, John Poole Marshall, only child of Charles A. and Harriet Marshall, aged 6 months. “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Died: In this city, April 11th, Mrs. M.A. Leonard, wife of Rev. L.G. Leonard, D.D., Pastor of the Baptist Church in Marietta, aged 50. Mrs. Leonard was a native of Cambridge, Mass. Her death occurred about 18 months after the melancholy death by drowning of her only son, Kincaid, a promising young man, a dreadful affliction to her, but borne with Christian submissiveness. She was a most devoted wife and mother, beloved by all who knew her. For several months she had been a great sufferer, confined to her bed by a partial paralysis. The constant kindness of friends, the deep affection of her family, and the support of religion enabled her to bear patiently her painful and protracted illness. Her funeral was attended on Monday, the 18th, by a large number of friends, Rev. M. Riley officiating.

Died: April 5, 1863, of pulmonary consumption, at the residence of her husband in Belpre township, Mrs. Lydia Curtiss, wife of Horace Curtiss, aged 67 years. The deceased will be fondly remembered by a large circle of friends and relatives as a lady possessing largely those social qualities fitted to confer happiness upon all her acquaintances. During her protracted sickness, she manifested cheeriness and resignation. She gave evidence of the possession of that faith which robs death of its sting and the grave of its victory. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Apr 24, 1863

Married: In Lowell, by Rev. Dennis Gibbs, Mr. William Tilton, Jr., of Noble county, to Miss Melinda A. Sprague, of Lowell.

Died: In the hospital at Carthage, Tenn, March 20, 1863, of pneumonia, Corporal J. M. Danley, Co. G, 92d O.V.I., in his 26th year. Corporal Danley was one of those noble young men who rallied at their country’s call to go forth in defense of that liberty which his forefathers fought to achieve. He was one of those who left his home at a sacrifice of all his interests, leaving his farm, and all his business affairs, his wife and children, his aged mother, and all associates, to do his duty as a man and a patriot. How well he performed it, let the following from his Captain tell: “Though he died of disease and but little exposed to the dangers of the battle field, he was none the less a true patriot. He did his whole duty, while a soldier, faithfully and without complaining, and was the idol of his company.” He died calmly, only expressing a wish that his family might be with him in the last scene and that his friends at home might know that he “died at post, a faithful soldier of the Union.”

Friday, May 1, 1863

Born: In Warren, on the 25th of April, 1863, a daughter to John Flowers, aged 70, and Nancy Ann Flowers, aged 55 years.

Married: In this city, April 25, 1863, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, J.W. Dent, late of the “Richmond House,” Parkersburg, Va., to Miss Emma B. Jackson, daughter of Gen. J.J. Jackson, of that place.

Friday, May 8, 1863

Married: On the evening of May 5, 1863, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, at the residence of M.P. Wells, Esq., Henry Bartlett Shipman and Mrs. Jennie E. Crawford, all of this city.

Married: In Beverly, on the 30th day of April, 1863, by Rev. J.D. Leonard, Mr. Calvin A. Hutchinson to Miss Anna McCadden, daughter of the proprietor of the American House, in that place.

Married: On the 2d [of May], by Rev. P. Cook, Mr. John Anders and Miss Ellen McGill, both of Union township.

Married: April 27, by Henry P. Mason, Esq., James Hunter and Melissa Wilson, both of Adams tp.

Died: At Holly Grove, near Lake Providence, La., on the 5th of April, Mrs. Alice M. Deeson.

Died: In Newport, May 2, 1863, at the residences of her uncle, Abba I. Britton, daughter of Isaiah and Ruth Britton, in her 14th year after an illness of only a few hours.

Died: April 27, 1863, in Marietta township, of consumption, Mrs. Mary D. Thorniley, wife of Caleb S. Thorniley, aged 34.

Died: In St. Louis, April 29, 1863, Mrs. Mattie E. Corey, wife of Wm. W. Corey, formerly of this city, in her 24th year.

Friday, May 15, 1863

Died: In a hospital, Carthage, Tenn., April 29, 1863, Corporal Wallace W. Griggs, of Company F. 92d O.V.I., aged 23 years, a young man of much promise and highly esteemed by officers and men.

Died: In Columbus, [May] 6th, Miss Julia Greenwood, daughter of George Greenwood, of Warren, aged about 27 years. [Memorial poem follows.] Signed: E.S.E.B., Warren, May 9, 1863.

Died: At the general hospital, Carthage, Tenn., Horace O. Sprague, son of Elijah Sprague, of Coal Run, April 16, 1863, of typhoid fever, in the 21st year of his age, after an illness of five weeks. The deceased volunteered, August 8, 1862, as a private in Co. H, 92d Regiment, by Capt. Higgins, Beverly, O. Since was promoted to Sergeant. He was highly esteemed by his fellow soldiers as an honorable and upright man. When asked by the Chaplain, Rev. W.M. Grimes, what message he wished to send home, he replied, “Tell them I not only die as a soldier of my country, but a soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ,” then passed away with a smile. Surely “blessed are the dead that died in the Lord.” He leaves a large circle of friends and relations to mourn his loss. May God comfort them and bring them to join the loved ones in His everlasting kingdom.

Friday, Jun 5, 1863

Born: In this city, [Jun] 3d, a daughter to Lewis Anderson.

Married: In Ironton, Mr. Daniel Crumlish and Mrs. Abby D. McLain, daughter of the late Stephen Daniels, of this city, both of that place.

Married: In Harmar, [Jun] 3d, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Davit T. Broughton and Miss Mary M. Logan, both of Parkersburg, West Va.

Died: In Palmer, Mass., May 18, 1863, Nehemiah Cram, Esq., of Portland, Maine, formerly for a few years a resident of this city, aged 79.

Died: In Alton, Ill., on May 5th, 1863, Wallace W. Hill, of Company B, 77th O.V.I., of Newport, aged 18.

Died: At the residence of her son, B.F. Dyar, in Muskingum township, May 17, 1863, Mrs. Sarah Dyar, wife of the late John Dyar, in her 87th year. She was a consistent member of the church for many years and adorned her profession with a holy and consecrated life and through the grace of God, she fell asleep in Jesus, her stay in life and her hope in death.

Died: At the residence of his mother, in Barlow township, April 24, 1863, David Harvey, aged 23 years and 5 months. The deceased, feeling that he was needed as one to share the strife of the present rebellion, left all the comforts of a happy home and the association of a wide circle of friends and enlisted in Co. “D,” 77th O.V.I., at its organization. He went through the memorable battle of Shiloh unharmed, while friends fell fat around him, among the number their Orderly. After the battle, he was promoted to the vacancy, which he filled with credit to himself, his officers and the company. Had he been able to remain in the Regiment a few months longer, he would have received a commission, but during the summer the strong hand of disease laid hold of him. He was ambitious and wished to see this struggle brought to a successful issue, and not until he found that he could no longer be of any service to his country did he apply for a discharge, which was granted to him. He arrived at home unable to walk and lingered for twelve weeks, during which he was kindly nursed by a good mother and sisters, besides being under the best of medical aid, but they could not stay the hand of death. It was the will of God that he should die. It is as sad for us, who are far away, as it is heart rending to those at home, to have one taken away having such bright prospects, one who was honest, kind, cheerful and appeared as a brother, and to...[remaining lines illegible].

Friday, Jun 12, 1863

Married: At the residence of Rev. B.N. Spahr, Harmar, O., by Rev. I.F. King, Mr. B. F. Sprague and Miss Margaret Cline, both of Warren. [Date not given]

Married: June 4, 1863, by Wm. P. Gamble, J.P., Jeremiah Hall, of Belpre, to Miss Maria Johnston, of Decatur township.

Married: At the residence o the bride’s father, May 29, 1863, by Rev. J.D. Leonard, B.F. Jackson to Miss Sarah E. Wood, all of this county.

Died: In Aurelius township, May 23, 1863, Wm. Rayley, a native of Yorkshire, Eng., but for the last 47 years a resident of this county, aged 82 years. He once lived in Marietta, back of the Mound Cemetery. He was an excellent man.

Died: At the house of Wm. Spencer, Wood Co., West Va., on the 27th [of May] Miss Hannah Dye, aged about 90.

Died: At Rainbow, May 17, 1863, Mrs. Sarah Abagail Ridgway, wife of Thomas Ridgway, in the 57th year of her age.

Died: In Beverly, [May] 30th, of diphtheria, Mary A. Staley, only daughter of H.A. and E. Staley, aged 17 years and 11 days. Seldom have we been called to notice the death of one that cast so much gloom on all around. The family circle has been broken. The Baptist church has parted with a worthy member, the Sabbath School with a faithful teacher and society with one of its brightest ornaments. But we sorry not without hope. She left the cheering evidence that our loss was her infinite gain. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: May 18, 1863, at the residence of his brother, in Lake Co., Illinois, James L. Gage, Esq., aged 63 years. Mr. Gage was a lawyer of fair attainments and of good capacity. His professional life was mainly spent in McConnelsville, Morgan Co., Ohio, where he resided some fifteen or twenty years, visiting the Courts in the surrounding counties. When he had accumulated in his calling some means above providing an eligible and comfortable residence, he withdrew from the bar and engaged in the iron foundry business which he prosecuted with good success for several years at McConnelsville, and afterwards at St. Louis. But during one of those business revulsions that pas over the country and especially cities of rapid growth in the West, he became seriously embarrassed and finally failed in business. He remained in St. Louis some years and then removed to Columbus, Ohio, where he spent the last few years of his life in the Capital of the State to which he was so...[illegible].

Friday, Jun 19, 1863

Married: In Alton, Ill., June 3d, Maj. W.E. Stevens, 77th O.V.I., to Miss Mary Sidway, of that city.

Married: At the residence of Rev. B.N. Spahr, Harmar, O., June 17th, A.D. 1863, by Rev. I.F. King, Mr. Jocob [sic] Cayson and Miss Melvina Pickens of Marietta.

Married: On Wednesday, the 17th [of June], at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. John Boyd, Mr. Henry Langly to Miss Hattie Everleigh, both of this place.

Friday, June 26, 1863

Married: In Troy, Ohio, June 26, 1863, by Rev. W.M. Cheever, Martin L. Temple, of Cincinnati (late of Marietta), and Miss Clara J. Parsons, daughter of Judge Parsons of Troy.

Married: June 16, at East Walnut Hills, Rev. Luman A. Aldrich, of the Sixth Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, a graduate of Marietta College, in 1860, to Miss Hester A. Drake, of the former place.

Married: On the 19th at the Mansion House by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, Mr. B. Dils to Miss Ann Williams, both of Parkersburg.

Died: On board steamer Emma Floyd, Percival P. Hart, son of C. and N.P. Hart, of Harmar, in his 27th year.

Died: In Beverly, June 16, 1863, of diphtheria, Mrs. Calista Plumly, wife of James S. Plumly, in the 24th year of her age.

Died: In Aurelius, [Jun] 15th, of consumption, William O. Rayley, son of Wm. L. and Sarah Raley, in his 18th year.

Died: At Louisville, Ky., [Jun] 20th, Chas. Murray, of Company H, 92d O.V.I.

Died: In Harmar, Sabbath morning, June 14, Mrs. Mary W. Hart, wife of Dr. Seth Hart, aged 65. Though much esteemed in the community where she had long lived, yet it is in the circle of her own immediate family and kindred that Mrs. Hart will be most mourned and missed. In feeble health for many years, she was only infrequently away from her home. To her children and friends, she was devotedly attached and for their welfare, temporal and spiritual, her efforts and prayers were unceasingly directed. Her sickness was long and painful, yet she bore all with entire submission. Of a large family of eight children, six were present with her during her illness, the other two being absent in the Army. She was a daughter of the late David Wilson, of Waterford, one of the earliest settlers of the State. Her Christian life dates back many years, she having united when quite young with the Presbyterian Church in Waterford. For the last 23 years, she was a member of the Congregational church in H., being one of the original founders. She has left to her friends the legacy of a consistent Christian character, and Heaven may take to itself new charms from the assurance that, if faithful like her, they shall then be reunited forever.

Friday, Jul 3, 1863

Born: June 20, 1863, a son to Geo. Jenvey, of this city.

Married: June 9, 1863, by Rev. H.K. Foster, Mr. Wm. F. Dawson and Miss Barbara A. McFarland, both of Cutler, Fairfield tp.

Died: At his residence in Harmar, June 25, 1863, Wm. Tipp, who was born in Monroe county, Ohio, Jan. 28, 1828. Since this war has been in progress, he has been engaged in constructing [the] military telegraph. Just before the Battle of Stone River, at Lavergne, Tenn., he lost his right arm by a shell aimed at the enemy. He braved this loss manfully and recovered. He returned soon again to the field where he was taken sick. He returned to his home in feeble health, on the 24th [of Jun] and the next day he died very suddenly. His death has sent a wave of sorrow over the entire community, for he was prized by all for his patriotic and Christian zeal and virtues. “He has passed glory’s morning gate and walks in Paradise.” Let us sympathize with his companion and little daughter who are left to week and to “tarry but a night.” Signed: I.F. King.

Died: In Barlow, June 14, 1863, of scarlet fever and diphtheria, George Alonzo Hartson, only son of Augustus B. and Editha F. Hartson, aged 5 years, 4 months. [Age is not clearly legible.]

Friday, Jul 10. 1863

Married: At the residence of Dr. Tenney, near this city, on the 6th [of Jul], by Rev. Prof. E. Adkins, Hiram L. Gear, of this city, to Miss Cornelia VanClief, oldest daughter of Hon. P. VanClief, of Downieville, California. The “happy couple” left on Tuesday morning for California.

Married: On the 2d [of Jul], by John Test, J.P., George C. Peckens, late of the U.S. Army, to Miss Matilda J. Thrasher, both of Marietta.

Friday, Jul 17, 1863

Died: In Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, June 9, 1863, Dr. Elisha B. Perkins, formerly of this city, aged about 70.

Friday, Jul 24, 1863

Married: On the 16th [of Jul], by John Test, J.P., Mr. Joseph Larkins and Miss Margaret Johnson.

Married: By Rev. B.N. Spahr, at the residence of Mr. Ed. Hill, on Thursday evening, July 16th, Dr. R.M. Harsha and Miss Amanda M. Garen,, both of Cutler Station.

Friday, Jul 31, 1863

Born: In this city, July 27, 1863, a son to Col. Isaac C. Elston, Jr., late of the staff of Maj. Gen. Lew. Wallace.

Died: In this city, [Jul] 27th, Sammy Wiley, infant son of Geo. W. Wiley, aged 3 and one half months.

Died: In this city, Sunday morning, July 26th, 1863, Mrs. Elizabeth Laura Nye, wife of Dudley S. Nye, Esq., and daughter of George Neal of Parkersburg, West Va., in her 37th year.

Died: On the 23d [of Jul], Hugh H. Wheatley, in his 54th year, a well known citizen of Marietta, leaving a wife and seven children to mourn his loss.

Died: “Death of Doctor Hildreth” - [Note: This is a very long obituary, only part of which is transcribed here.] Dr. Samuel Prescott Hildreth, so widely known as one of the leading and most esteemed citizens of Marietta, died last Friday night, about 11 o’clock - July 24, 1863 - in his 80th year. He had been in usual good health, a well-preserved and happy old gentleman, until Sunday, the 5th [of Jul]. On that morning he went to church, of which he was a regular attendant, but at the evening service he was too unwell to attend. He gradually sank away, his mind but little clouded, if any, until he was gathered to his fathers in the fullness of his years, only about two months less than four score. His funeral was on Sunday, [Jul] 26th, the services being in the Congregational church, of which he was a member, conducted by Rev. Mr. Wakefield, of Harmar, and President Andrews, of Marietta College. Dr. Hildreth was born in Methuen, Mass., Sept. 30, 1783, about a mile north of the present manufacturing city of Lawrence, on the Merrimac River. His family was one of some note in Massachusetts. He was descended, in the sixth generation, from Richard Hildreth, who emigrated from England over two centuries ago. Abel F. Hildreth, distinguished for many years as Principal of “Pinkerton Academy” at Derry, N.H., was his kinsman, and Richard Hildreth, the Historian, is his distant relative. His boyhood was passed in active work on his father’s farm where he acquired the habit of industry and toughened his physical powers for a long, vigorous and useful life. From a “Social Library” in the town, he formed the taste for reading and continued a great reader until his last illness. After the common school, he prepared for College at “Phillips Andover Academy,” one of the best in New England. Without completing a collegiate course, he studied medicine with Dr. Thos. Kittredge, at Andover’s “North Parish.” In May 1805, when less than 22 years of age, Dr. Hildreth began the practice of medicine in Hampstead, Rockingham Co., N.H., a small inland town. He there boarded with John True, Esq., whose brother, Dr. Jabez True, was then living in Marietta, having located here early in the summer of 1788, the first season of the settlement. From him, he learned of a “good opening for a young man” in Marietta. After sixteen months of practice in New Hampshire, he started, on horseback. Sept. 9, 1806 - being 23 years old that month - and arrived at Marietta Oct. 4th following. This place then contained about 600 inhabitants. He remained here about nine weeks, when on invitation of the leading citizens of Belpre, twelve miles below, to become their physician, he went to that place, Dec. 10, 1806. That night, never more to return to it, Blennerhasset left his “fairy island.” While in Belpre, August 1807, he married Miss Rhoda Cook. She was a native of New Bedford, Mass., and came to Ohio in 1804, her mother having purchased a farm in Belpre, nearly opposite the mouth of the Little Kanawha. For fifty-six years, they trod the path of life together, even-tempered years to them and reaping the reward of industry and prudence, a competence, the love of all, a family of children grown up to usefulness in life, a happy old age. Mrs. Hildreth survives, well-nigh unto four-score, “young for her years.” In March 1808, after a practice of fifteen months in Belpre, Dr. Hildreth returned to Marietta and ever after resided here. [This obituary continues for numerous paragraphs about Dr. Hildreth’s professional distinctions, his writings about the history and geology of Washington County, etc. Please consult microfilm reel, #39487, the issue of July 31, 1863.]

Friday, Aug 7, 1863

Died: At his residence above Harmar, on Sunday, Aug. 2, 1863, Isaac N. Bishop, aged 63 years, a well known and highly esteemed citizen.

Died: “Death of Jacob Cram” - Our community was surprised last Saturday morning by the intelligence that our townsman, Jacob Cram, was dead. When the call was made for the militia of this district to assemble at t his place, to repel the Morgan invasion, Mr. Cram felt it his duty to respond. Although the condition of his health was such as to render it hazardous for him to leave home, he went, on the morning of July 16th, with a company of scouts organized the day before, at the head of which he was placed. On the 17th, they reached Buffington Island and on the 18th they were fully deployed as scouts and obtained important information of the advance of Morgan. During Saturday night, the force at the ford were ordered to fall back to Ravenswood, by Gen. Scammon, which was done, but Mr. Cram refused to leave with the rest of his command and consequently fell into the hands of Morgan’s forces on Sunday morning. They took his horse and revolver, then paroled him. Where he was during the battle is not known. On Monday he was in the vicinity of Portland, at the head of Buffington, where he was arrested by a Sergeant and two men of the 8th Michigan cavalry under the pretense of being one of Morgan’s men. Although informed by persons who knew him that he was a Union an, they persisted in attempting to take him to the headquarters of the regiment. He probably tried to make his escape, and in doing so he is understood to have inflicted some injury upon the Sergeant, who immediately drew his revolver and shot him, and left him on the ground. After taking his boots, his money, and part of his clothes, he was buried near the spot where he fell, by whom is not known. Nothing was known here of his fate until Thursday of last week when his brother, J.A. Cram, and B.T. Nye went in search of him. His remains were brought to this place on Sunday and interred in the Mound Cemetery. The deep sympathy of this community was manifested by a large attendance at his funeral. Mr. Cram was born in Marietta, in August, 1820, and was consequently about 43 years of age. He was well known in the Muskingum Valley, where he had many friends. He leaves a widow and three children. Of the 20,000 men called together at this place to repel the Morgan invasion, he is the only one who did not return again to his own home, and he has fallen at the hands of a man calling himself a Union soldier. [The Ohio Archaeological Council’s website has an interesting explanation of the Battle of Buffington Island, viz. http://www.ohioarchaeology.org/joomla/index.php, which can be accessed using their site search function.]

Friday, Aug 14, 1863

Married: In Belpre, [Aug] 6th, by Rev. Francis Bartlett, Dr. T.J. Dewey, of Wood Co., Va., and Miss Julia H. Beard, of Belpre.

Died: In this city, Aug. 2, 1863, Mr. William Snyder, in his 64th year. In peace with God.

Friday, Aug 21, 1863

Married: On the ___, by Rev. P. Cook, George Brown, of Parkersburg, West Va., and Miss Martha Stewart, of Warren tp., Ohio. [Note: Date may be the 17th, but it is illegible.]

Died: In this city, August 15th, Annie S.S. Payne, infant daughter of A.D. and Rebecca M. Payne, aged two months. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In Harmar, Aug. 14, 1863, after a long and painful illness, Chauncey T. Judd, in his 62d year. Mr. Judd was a widely known citizen of Harmar. He was a native of Homer, N.Y., and came to this county forty-three years ago, in the year 1820. He had been a member of the M.E. Church for thirty-four years.

Died: In Fearing township, on Tuesday, Aug. 18, of typhoid fever, Sarah Ann Alcock, daughter of Benjamin and Sophia S. Alcock, aged 17 years, one month and nine days.

Friday, Aug 28, 1863

Married: By Lory F. Adams, J.P., Aug. 19, 1863, at the mansion of the bride’s father, Mr. John W. Frye and Miss Malinda Mason, youngest daughter of Wm. Mason, Esq., both of Adams township.

Married: Aug. 7, 1863, at the Smith House, Marietta, by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, Mr. David Platt to Miss Rachel Winn, both of Monroe Co., Ohio.

Married: Aug. 24, 1863, at the house of Mr. Hall in Harmar, by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, Mr. Edwin R. Kirk to Miss Sarah H. Locker.

Died: In Watertown, Aug. 10, 1863, Capt. William Henry, in his 62d year, one of the most prominent and highly esteemed citizens of that vicinity.

Died: At her residence in Belpre, [Aug] 11th, Mrs. Sally Goodno, wife of the late Daniel Goodno, aged 81 years. Mrs. Goodno was born in Newton, Mass., and was a daughter of Col. Nathaniel Cushing, one of the first settlers of Belpre. Her father’s family lived in “Farmer’s Castle,” in 1792, in the time of the Indian War. She had been a member of the Congregational Church in Belpre, from its first organization, it is believed. She ver maintained a consistent Christian character.

Died: In this city, [Aug] 26th, the wife of Cornelius Tinkham. [Note, the date is very hard to read.]

Friday, Sep 4, 1863

Married: Aug. 22d, by Rev. G.V. Fry, Augustus W. Sprague and Mrs. Elizabeth Shepard, both of Adams township.

Died: In Lexington, Ky., Aug. 18, 1863, Mamie Wiley, infant daughter of Arthur and Sarah L. Wiley, of this city, aged 18 months.

Friday, Sep 11, 1863

Married: In Rainbow, [Sep] 5th, by Rev. G.V. Fry, Mr. Sardine S. Stowe to Miss Cyriantha E. Smith.

Married: At Fort Scott Kansas, Aug. 18, 1863, Capt. Henry P. Ledger, 6th Kansas Volunteers, to Miss Sarah E. Jewell, only daughter of the late Lieut. Col. D.R. Jewell, formerly of Harmar.

Married: On the 3d [of Sep], by Lory F. Adams, J.P., Daniel Waterman, of Watertown, and Mrs. Martha E. Sheid, of Warren.

Died: In Harmar, Sept. 5, 1863, Peter R. Putnam, Esq., and great grandson of Maj. Gen. Israel Putnam, in his 20th year. For the first time in a period of nearly thirty years, death has visited this branch of the family and taken from it one whose chances of life seemed far better than that of many others. How strange to us are the movings of Providence, and how are we again reminded, “Be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh.” Mr. Putnam, a member of the Marietta Battery, worn out by the excitement and exposure incident to the Buffington Expedition, during the late Morgan raid, gradually sank in a fever which baffling the skill of physicians and the tender nursings of home has added another victim to the slain by this unholy rebellion. A dutiful son, a kind brother, and affectionate husband and father taken from us in the prime of life and in the vigor of manhood. How can we still our throbbing hearts, but by that grace which will enable us to sincerely say, “Not our will, but thine be done.” [Note: The Ohio Archaeological Council’s website has an interesting explanation of the Battle of Buffington Island, viz. http://www.ohioarchaeology.org/joomla/index.php, which can be accessed using their site search option.]

Died: In Greene Co., Ohio, August 26th, Capt. Geo. W. Cox, aged 40 years, formerly a resident of Washington county. Capt. Cox was for many years engaged in steam boating on the Ohio and Muskingum rivers and was well and favorably known, especially in the Muskingum Valley. His remains were brought to Marietta for interment and the funeral services were performed by the Rev. Mr. Windsor at the Unitarian Church. Capt. Cox bore an estimable character in this community, not only as a citizen, but as a business man, being strictly honest and correct in all his dealings. His aged parents and three brothers reside in this county and together with his own bereaved family and a large number of our citizens followed him to his last resting place in the Mound Cemetery. He was a believer in that faith which declares that God is Father of all His children and that all will finally rest in His presence forever.

Died: In Delaware, Sept. 2d, Mrs. Delia McElroy, wife of Lieut. Col. J.N. McElroy, of the staff of Gen. Cox, in her 28th year. Her little boy, three months old, died two weeks before. She was an estimable lady who spent part of last winter in Marietta.

Died: In Charlestown, Indiana, on the 11th [of Aug], Mrs. Jane D. Wilson, of Bolivar Co., Mississippi, formerly Miss Jane Dana of Marietta.

Died: In Olive township, Noble Co., [Sep] 5th, Robert McKee, Esq., aged 74, a well known and prominent citizen of that county.

Friday, Sep 18, 1863

Born: In this city, [Sep] 13th, a daughter to Joseph A. Sniffen.

Married: In this city, Sunday evening, Sept. 6, at St. Mary’s Church, by Rev. Mr. Ryan, Mr. F.H. Wesselman, of Cincinnati, to Miss Alice E. Brenan, daughter of Hugh Brenan.

Married: In Zanesville, [Sep] 8th, Lieut. Tecumseh Steece, U.S.N., formerly of Ironton, and Miss Mary A. Davis, of Zanesville.

Married: In Decatur, Aug. 20, 1863, by Rev. Z.C. Rush, Mr. J. Mann and Miss Mary Gerhart.

Married: On the 13th day of Sept., by Rev. Francis Bartlett of Cooleville, Mr. Wm. R. Cole and Miss Lucy M. Botkin, both of Belpre.

Married: Sept. 11, 1863, in Washington Co., Pa., Mr. Isaac Anderson to Miss Leonora H. Moore, both of Marietta.

Died: In this city, [Sep] 16th, Henrietta Miller, infant daughter of Sergeant Henry J. Miller, of the 7th O.V.I., aged seven months.

Died: In Mason county, Ky., Sept. 2, of diphtheria, after a week’s illness, at the age of nine years and eighteen days, Mary Maria Slack, the only daughter of Mrs. Wm. H. Slack.

Died: In this city, Sunday morning, Sept. 18th, Miss Alice Wylie, daughter of M. and M.L. Wylie, aged 17 years, 8 months and 7 days. The funeral sermon will be preached at the Centenary M.E. Church next Sabbath morning. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In Watertown, [Sep] 10th, of brain fever, Alphonse W. Beebe, only son of Rev. Richard Beebe, aged 6 years, 6 months and 2 days. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Sep 25, 1863

Married: In this city, [Sep] 5th, by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, Mr. Underhill T. Daniels, of Marietta, to Maria Druse, of Belpre.

Married: At the residence of the bride’s mother, on Sunday morning, Sept. 20, by Rev. B.N. Spahr, Capt. Alexander Moore, Company D, 14th Va. Volunteer Infantry, and Miss Adelia I. Morris, of Marietta.

Died: In Warren, [Sep] 18th, Joseph Hutchinson, Jr., aged about 80.

Died: In this city, [Sep] 18th, after a brief illness, Mary Isabella Battelle, in her 15th year, in the faith and love of her Redeemer. “In Memoriam” - The following thoughts suggested by the death of Mary I Battelle were unanimously adopted by the scholars of the Green Street Grammar School, Sept. 21, 1863: As we look around our school room today and see a vacant seat, sad thoughts fill our minds and we scarce can check the rising tear. We lament a departed loved one. Yes, death has entered our school and chosen one of the fairest members. Our golden chain of friendship is perfect no longer. A bright link has been detached and transferred to the Maker above. May it attract each of us to that happy place, and though we all shall meet on earth no more, may we assemble a united school in heaven. We, her school mates, join together in ___ her sacred memory and in testifying that while with us, Mary was a friend ever true and faithful. We all esteemed her for her affection and kindness, and respected her for her amiable qualities of heart and mind. The recollection of her ladylike deportment and untiring industry is not lost to us and we shall ever strive to imitate the noble example she has left us. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Oct 2, 1863

Married: In this city, Thursday, Oct. 1, 1868, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Daniel S. Mugridge, of Chicago, to Miss Mary Frank Cram, of Marietta.

Married: Sept. 27, 1863, by John Test, J.P., William Kennedy and Miss Lucretia Close, both of Marietta.

Died: In Fearing, Sept. 24, 1863, David Chapman, aged within a few days of 89. He was a native of Connecticut and had been a resident of this county over fifty years.

Died: At Cornersville, in Marietta township, Sept. 25, 1863, Stephen Alcock, aged 69. He was a native of England, but had been a long resident of this county.

Died: In Portsmouth, Sept. 17, 1863, Albert McFarland Hall, son of Henry and Caroline Hall, aged 2 years, 9 months and 19 days.

Died: In Salem, Sept. 29, 1863, Mrs. Mary Morse, wife of Madison Morse, aged about 50.

Died: Sept. 12, at Rappahannock Station, Va., of chronic dysentery, Joseph T. Hutchinson, of Buell’s Pierpoint Battery, 30 years and six months. Worn out by two years of arduous service, though most cheerfully rendered, nature finally gave way, and the brave and devoted soldier is at rest, his name added to the mighty host of illustrious dead who have laid down their lives in defense of the Government of their fathers. His remains were buried from his father’s, Joseph Hutchinson, Sen., of Warren township, Friday, September 18th. Ever sacred be his memory and the place of his repose to his friends and countrymen. [Note: Information about Buell’s Pierpoint Battery can be found at http://www.rootsweb.com/~ohwashin/history-lowell-adamstwp.html ]

Friday, Oct 16, 1863

Married: On Tuesday evening, [Oct] 13th, by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, Mr. Alfred F. Moore to Miss Belle J. Storrs, both of Marietta.

Married: At the residence of the bride’s father, Oct. 13, 1863, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Mr. Henry Stevenson, of Marietta Tp., to Miss Rebecca Sheets, of Newport Tp.

Married: In Athens, Oct. 6, 1863, by Rev. J.H. Pratt, Col. Wm. E. Gilmore, of Chillicothe, Miss Ellen Brown, of Athens.

Married: In Cincinnati, [Oct] 5th, Wm. I. Gray, formerly of this city, to Miss Jennie Cunningham.

Died: Sept. 29th, 1863, at the residence of her daughter, in Barlow, of consumption, Mrs. Mary S. Ward, wife of the late Dr. Walter Ward, aged 77 years. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Oct 23, 1863

Married: In Harmar, Oct. 15th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Samuel Clem to Mary A. Cram, both of Belpre.

Married: On the 19th [of Oct], by John Test, J.P., Franklin J. Bates and Mary Ann Clacy, both of Marietta.

Married: In McConnelsville, [Oct] 11th, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Dr. Wm. R. Kelly and Miss Sarah A. Johnson, of that place.

Married: In Rainbow, Oct. 20, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. G.V. Fry, Mr. Reese N. Cole, of Gallipolis, to Miss Amelia E. Dyar, of Rainbow.

Died: In this city, [Oct] 19th, Mary S. Otis, wife of B. Otis, aged 50 years.

Died: In this city, [Oct] 22d, Miss Roanna Jett, aged about 38. The funeral will be on Saturday, at ten o’clock A.M., on Fourth street above Montgomery.

Died: In t his city, Oct. 16, 1863, Albert Darley Sprague, infant son of J.S. and Abbie D. Sprague, aged 11 months and 21 days. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In Marietta, Oct. 9, 1863, Thomas Vinton, aged 82 years. Mr. Vinton was a native of Braintree, Mass., where he was born Sept. 5, 1781. He was descended from one of the earliest Massachusetts families, John Vinton having settled in that colony, it is believed, previous to 1643. He was a dealer in foreign dry goods in Boston, from 1803 to 1817. In the latter year, he removed his business to Philadelphia, in company with his brother Abel, who formerly lived at Waterford in this county, and T. & A. Vinton continued in business in that city in 1831. In that year, Thomas Vinton removed to Marietta, where he resided until his death, a period of 32 years. His wife died in Marietta, March 25, 1835, and he remained a widower more than twenty years, and finally married the widow of the late Dr. Jonas Moore, who survives him. The late Hon. Samuel F. Vinton of Gallipolis was a relative, likewise Rev. Francis Vinton, D.D., Rector of Trinity Church, New York. A few years ago he wrote in a letter: “It has ever been my desire to get through the world with as little observation as possible and when I decease, the only fame I covet is that of an honest man.”

Friday, Oct 30, 1863

Married: In Newport, October 27, 1863, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Capt. Reese M. Newport, A.Q.M., now stationed at Baltimore, to Miss Eliza T. Edgerton, daughter of Luther Edgerton, both of Newport.

Married: Oct. 22, 1863, Dr. Seth Hart, of the Exchange Hotel, Harmar, and Miss Emma L. Hiett, daughter of James Hiett, of Briscoe Run, West Va.

Married: Oct. 26, 1863, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Mr. Henry Wright Plumly and Miss Ellen F. Waterman, all of this county.

Married: In Muskingum tp, at the residence of Judge Wm. Devol, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Vachel H. Harris and Miss Augusta P. Chappelle, Oct. 13th.

Married: Oct. 28, 1863, by Rev. G.V. Fry, Edward M. Jones and Sarah N. Pixley, both of Marietta.

Married: On the 22d of Oct. 1863, by J.D. James, J.P., John J. Snider to Barbara Reichenbach, both of Aurelius.

Married: On the 22d of Oct. 1863, by J.D. James, J.P., J.P. Samuel Bess and Catharine Hanson, both of Aurelius.

Married. In Marietta, Oct. 8, 1863, by Rev. G. Schulz, Mr. Jacob Gross, of Salem, and Miss Christine Erb, of Elk township, Noble county.

Died: At Pennsylvania Furnace, Greenup Co., Oct. 16, 1863, of scarlet fever, Arthur Gabaudan Maddox, younger son of A.R. and E.M. Maddox, aged 3 years and 1 month. “And the Lord took the child.” [Note: Age of child is difficult to read.]

Friday, Nov 6, 1863

Died: In Woodstock, Champaign Co., Oct. 13, 1863, Mrs. Augusta S. Creighbaum, wife of Geo. W. Creighbaum and daughter of the late Judge Bial Stedman, of Belpre, in the 35th year of her age.

Friday, Nov 13, 1863

Born: In this city, Nov. 7, 1863, a son to A.B. Regnier, Esq.

Died: Andrew Hoover, 77th O.V.I., son of Aaron Hoover, of Adams township, died recently at Little Rock, Ark.

Friday, Nov 20, 1863

Married: At Athalls, Lawrence Co., Nov. 11, 1863, Ansel Wood, of Marietta, to Miss Hattie Trowbridge, of the former place.

Married: In St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 9, 1863, Mr. N.C. Treat to Miss Rose S. Trevor, daughter of Dr. H. Trevor, formerly of this city.

Married: On the 4th [of Nov], in Newport, by Rev. J.D. Riley, William Jarvis and Miss Sarah L. Cooke, daughter of Emblen Cooke of West Virginia.

Married: On the 13th [of Nov], in Adams township, by Chas. A. Boyd, J.P., Martin Penwell to Miss Hannah Clay, both of Adams.

Died: At his residence in Belpre, Nov. 11, 1863, Deacon Francis Stone, a well known and highly esteemed citizen of Washington County, aged 55 years. Obituary on Nov 27, 1863 - Died of paralysis, Nov. 11, 1863, at his residence in Belpre, Ohio, Deacon Francis Stone, aged 55 years. In the sudden and unexpected departure of this well known citizen, our church and community have sustained a serious loss. He was stricken down on Monday evening, at dusk, while engaged in the active duties of life and in apparently good health, and lingered until near eleven o’clock Wednesday night, when the released spirit went from the labors and cares of earth to the rest and rewards of heaven. The departed possessed many worthy traits of character. He was a sympathizer with human suffering in all its forms. He was deeply impressed with the injustice of that system of oppression which has culminated in our present sanguinary struggle, and was a zealous advocate for the freedom of the slave, freely contributing his time and money for this purpose. He deemed it his duty to vote the anti-slavery ticket when such views were far less popular than at present. His faith in the final triumph of truth and right was unwavering and for him to decide in favor of the justice of a principle was to become an advocate of it, whatever it might cost. Mr. Stone possessed a mind of more than ordinary activity and was a diligent inquirer after truth, but his most prominent mental characteristic was his power to decide promptly and the tenacity with which to...[last lines illegible].

Died: On the 9th [of Nov], in Newport township, of diphtheria, Charlie H. Dornon, son of Albert M. (lately deceased) and Mary H. Dornan, aged two years, six months and twenty-six days.

Died: In the General Hospital, Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 22d, Sergt. Abraham Green, in his 37th year. The deceased was a citizen of Marietta for seven years, but a native of Kentucky. He volunteered in the77th O.V.I., Company H, Dec. 19, 1861. He leaves a wife and four children to mourn his loss. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Nov 27, 1863

Born: In this city, Nov. 22, 1863, a daughter to A.T. Nye, Jr.

Married: In this city, Nov. 26, 1863, by Rev. Mr. Windsor, James W. Nye to Miss M. Catharine Franks, daughter of Owen Franks, all of Marietta.

Married: In this city, [Nov] 19th, by Rev. T. Wickes, John Dakin, of Harmar, and Alma Ann Edgerton, of Marietta.

Married: Nov. 12, 1863, Floyd B. Simpson, of Belpre, and Miss Martha Porterfield, of Coolville, Athens Co.

Married: In Adams, Nov. 9, 1863, by H.P. Mason, J.P., Sergt. W.S. Roach, 63d O.V.I., and Miss Ann E. Wright.

Married: In Rainbow, Nov. 18, 1863, by Rev. G.V. Fry, Franklin W. Rayley, of Aurelius, and Miss Caroline M. Smith, of the former place.

Died: In this city, Tuesday morning, [Nov] of diphtheria, after an illness of four days, Kitty W. Hungtington, daughter of Capt. James F. and Ellen Huntington, within nine days of 14 years. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: On the 9th [of Nov], in Marietta township, of diphtheria, Charlie H. Dorman, son of Albert M. (lately deceased), and Mary H. Dorman, aged two years, six months and twenty-six days.

Friday, Dec 4, 1863

Died: Marietta is now mourning the death of two of her most promising young men, Capt. Wm. Beale Whittlesey and Lieut. George B. Turner, 92d O.V.I., who fell at the Battle of Mission Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863 - young men raised here, educated here, and who were ever known as “good boys” - young men in whom centered the high hopes of their parents, who are all living, of friends and associates, and of the people. Thanksgiving morning, a dispatch came that our forces at Chattanooga had won a signal victory over Bragg’s rebel army and the people rejoiced, yet how did the hearts of those who had friends there beat rapidly between hope and fear! Alas! The sorrow came very shortly, in a dispatch from Dr. Cotton, that Capt. Wittlesey was killed, Lieut. Turner severely wounded [see 22 Jan 1864 for George Turner’s obituary], and Lieut. Col. Douglas Putnam, Jr., wounded in the foot Saturday evening. The dispatch was that Lieut. Turner was “comfortable”; Tuesday morning, “worse” and that evening, “dead.” Capt, Whittlesey was the son of Hon Wm. A. Whittlesey and was born in Marietta, Oct. 2, 1841, consequently he had just passed the age of 22. He graduated at Marietta College, in the Class of 1861. In the summer of 1862, he joined the 92d Regiment, then not 21 years of age and as 2d Lieutenant, with very much activity and energy, raised a large portion of Company F, [under] Capt. Wm. Thorniley. George B. Turner, son of S.R. Turner, was born Nov. 13, 1840, and at his death was eighteen days over 23 years of age. He, too, graduated at Marietta College, with the highest honors, in the Class of 1862. Soon after graduating, he joined the same company with Whittlesey as Orderly Sergeant. They left Marietta with their regiment, Oct. 7, 1862, never more to return. Both became excellent soldiers, both won the esteem of their companions in arms, of their superior officers and both were deservedly promoted - Whittlesey, on the resignation of Capt. Thorniley to the command of the company and Turner to Lieutenant and Adjutant to the Regiment. In these capacities, they fought, won distinction, and were safe through the Battles of Chicamauga. The official report of Lt. Col. Putnam, who took command after Colonel Fearing was wounded, commended Capt. Whittlesey as “especially deserving of notice for bravery and coolness and for the manner in which his company was managed” and further: “I feel under obligations to Adjutant Geo. B. Turner, whose assistance was invaluable to me, and whose coolness and forethought were manifested on every occasion. He is deserving of especial notice and commendation.” Both gave up their lives in our and their triumph at Mission Ridge. Their bodies will be brought home for burial.

Married: Nov. 24, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Mr. George W. Rowland, of Newport, to Miss Selina A. Corner, of Marietta.

Married: Nov. 19, by J.D. James, J.P., John Elliott, of Aurelius, and Sarah Holbrook, of Salem.

Died: In this city, Nov. 25, 1863, Miss Catharine Stone, aged 79.

Died: In Watertown, Nov. 20, 1863, W.F. Lasure, aged 39 years.

Died: In Marietta, Nov. 17, 1863, Fianna C. Koontz, in her 24th year. She bore her suffering with Christian fortitude and died rejoicing in the Lord. [Memorial poem follows]

Friday, Dec 11, 1863

Born: In Rome, Lawrence Co., Nov ___ , a daughter to Capt. D.F. Sayre, and granddaughter to Lewis Anderson of this city.

Married: Nov. 22, 1863, by Rev. R.T. Blake, Mr. Geo. W. Riley (of the 4th West Va. Cavalry), from Watertown, Ohio, to Miss Mollie P. Winters, of Clarksburg, West Va.

Married: Nov. 12, 1863, by Rev. F.S. Thurston, Mr. Charles C. Curtis, of Amesville, and Miss Ruth Parke, of East Watertown.

Married: Nov. 12, 1863, by Rev. F.S. Thursday, Irwin G. Leggett, of Palmer, to Miss Lucy McClanathan, of East Watertown.

Married: Dec. 4, 1863, by Rev. F.S. Thurston, Daniel B. Horton and Susan E. Stone, both of Belpre.

Married: Oct. 5, 1863, by Rev. F.S. Thurston, James W. Phelps, of Parkersburg, West Va., and Miss Louisa A. Taylor, of Vincent. [The date of this marriage is transcribed as printed. It is out of sequence for the issue, however, and may be Dec. 5, 1863 instead of Oct 5. Please check local records.]

Died: In this city, [Dec] 8th, of consumption, Miss Mary Virginia Magruder, daughter of G. Magruder, aged 22.

Marriage License: Dec 2 to Washington Wilson and Eliza Hass, both of Welsey.

Marriage License: Dec. 5 to Wm. Henderson, of Dunham, and Flore McKay of Belpre.

Marriage License: Dec. 7 to John Henry Mc___, of Independence and Martha J. Landy, of Grandview.

Marriage License: Dec. 9 to Lewis Gettle and Sarah Druse, of Belpre.

Marriage License: Dec. 9 to Christopher S. Johnson, of Noble Co., and Rebecca Smith, of Lawrence.

Friday, Dec 18, 1863

Married: Dec. 6, 1863, by Rev. D. Ricketts, Washington Wilson and Miss Eliza Hass, both of Wesley.

Married: Dec. 2, 1863, by Rev. C. Allison, D.F. Curtis, of Cumberland, Guernsey Co., and Miss Ellen E. Brown, of Waterford.

Marriage License: Dec 5 to J.W. Starlin and Mary Porter, both of Watertown.

Marriage License: Dec 9 to Nathan Newton, of Morgan County, and Charlotte Brown, of Waterford.

Marriage License: Dec 10 to Jacob Stoudger and Almira Heddleston, both of Grandview.

Marriage License: Dec 12 to Annias Widger and Edith Williamson, both of Independence.

Marriage License: Dec 14 to John Powell, of Independence, and Barbara E. Richey, of Ludlow.

Tribute of Respect: Delta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity signed two resolutions, one for Capt. William B. Whittlesey and one for Adjt. George B. Turner, of the 92d O.V.I., both graduates of Marietta College, “the former of the Class of 1861 and the latter of the Class of 1862, both original members of this chapter.”

Friday, Dec. 25, 1863

Marriage License: Dec 17 to Seth Ford and Margaret A. Ross, both of Watertown.

Marriage License: Dec 18 to Aminadab [sp?] Moore and Aley White, both of Barlow.

Marriage License: Dec 19 to Amos Wright, of Adams, and Augusta Severance, of Marietta.

Marriage License: Dec 21 to Sedgewick James and Eunice Hall, both of Salem.

Marriage License: Dec 21 to Wm K. Allison and Sarah C. Hutchinson, both of Adams.

Marriage License: Dec 22 to Noah Matheny and Annabella R. Scott, both of Warren.

Marriage License: Dec 22 to Nathan Davis and Margaret Vandine, both of Newport.

Marriage License: Dec 26 to Benj. F. Sheets, of Morgan Co., and Laura Bucey, of Palmer.

Marriage License: Dec 28 to Andrew Jackson, of Warren, and Susan E. Bundy, of Marietta.

Marriage License: Dec 28 to Wilmore Male and Jane Butler, both of Barlow.

Married: Dec. 19, 1863, by John Test, J.P., Amos Wright, of the 2d Va. Cavalry, and Miss August Severance, of Marietta.

Married: In Belpre, by Rev. C.D. Curtis, Mr. Lewis Gettle and Miss Sarah Druse. [Date not given.]

Married: Dec 8, 1863, in Belpre, by Rev. C.D. Curtis, Mr. Wm. H. Henderson and Miss Flora McKay.

Married: Nov. 29, 1863, by W.P. ____, J.P., Alexander Johnson, of Decatur township, and Mrs. Hannah Tibbles, of Athens Co.

Died: At Swan Creek, Gallia Co., ____ [date not legible], D.O. Guthrie, formerly of Little Hocking, this county, aged about 50.

Friday, Jan 1, 1864

Married: In Zanesville, Dec. 23, 1863, by Rev. John M. L____, George Hodkinson, of Marietta, and Miss ____ Beatty, daughter of John A. Beatty, Esq., of Washington, D.C.

Married: Dec. 29, 1863, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Wm. K. Allison and Sarah B. Hutchinson, all of Adams.

Married: Dec. 24, 1863, by Wm. Johnson, J.P., Wm. McKim to Miss Julia Bailey, all of Warren.

Married: Dec. 23, 1863, by J.D. James, J.P., Sedgwick [sic] James and Eunice Hall, both of Salem.

Married: Dec. 23, 1863, by Rev. T.S. Silvers, Noah Metheny and Annabella R. Scott, both of Scott’s Landing.

Married: Dec. 23 [might be Dec 22], by Rev. J. Chambers, Mr. J.C. Devol, of Beverly, and Mis Kate Lansley, of McConnelsville. [Note: Bride’s name is difficult to read.]

Married: In Allegheny Co., Pa., at the residence of B.A. Gates, James Nugent, of Franklin, Venango Co., Pa., to Miss L. Eliza Pixley, of Marietta.

Died: In Cincinnati, Dec. 25, 1863, Abner W. Reckard, son of J.L. Reckard of this city, and for several years well known as the proprietor of the “National House,” aged about 37.

Died: At his residence near Amesville, Athens Co., Oct 6, 1863, Moses Curtis, in his 52d year.

Died: In Dunham, Dec. 20, 1863, of typhoid fever, Samuel Louis Ellinwood, son of S.D. Ellinwood. Deceased was a promising youth, energetic and kind, and bid fair to be an ornament to society, one that could be pointed to by his friends with pleasure and pride. But amidst all these bright prospects, death came and he has gone. Such is the wisdom of Him who “doeth all things well.” [Memorial poem signed J.N.]

Friday, Jan 8, 1864

Born: In this city, New Year’s evening, a daughter to Thomas Hodkinson.

Born: In Harmar, Dec 23, 1863, a daughter to Wm. H. Crawford.

Died: In Cincinnati, Nov. 29, 1863, Sarah A. Molster, wife of Cornelius Molster, formerly of Marietta, aged 38.

Died: Dec. 2d, B.F. Butler, her infant son, aged 19 days. And: Jan. 4, 1864, Clara Elizabeth, twin sister of the latter.

Marriage License: Dec 23 to Andrew Jackson and Susan E. Buddy, of Marietta.

Marriage License: Dec 21 to John McDougal and Roxabella Bebout, both of Waterford.

Marriage License: Dec 25 to Nicholas Langley and Rebecca Hall.

Marriage License: Dec 28 to Miles Dye and Nancy Green, both of Lawrence. [Date is difficult to read.]

Marriage License: Dec 29 to Jacob Fossett and V.A. Burchett, both of Watertown.

Marriage License: Dec 29 to David Varner and Caroline M. McLaughlin, both of Fairfield.

Marriage License: Dec 30 to Jas. C. Coffield, of Tyler Co., West Va., and Margaret E. So_aub, of Aurelius.

Marriage License: Dec ___ to Wm. E. Smithson and Louise H. Clark, both of Aurelius.

Marriage License: Jan 6 to Wm. M. Dailey and Elizabeth Parcel, both of Harmar.

Friday, Jan 15, 1864

Married: In Harmar, Jan. 12, 1864 [check date], by Rev. Wm. Wakefield, Lieut. Col. Douglas Putnam, Jr., 92 O.V.I., and Miss Vallonia E. Reppert, daughter of L.W. Reppert, all of Harmar.

Married: In Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois, Dec. 23, 1863, by Elder J.W. Errett, Mr. Felix Regnier, formerly of Harmar, to Miss S.M. Sickman, all of Monmouth.

Married: At the residence of Columbus Miller, Jan. 6th, by Rev. B.N. Spahr, Wm. H. Dailey and Miss Elizabeth Parcell [sic], all of Harmar.

Married: In Adams, on the 13th, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Mr. Oliver Armsy and Miss Catharine Ann Weller, all of Adams.

Died: In East Barlow, Jan. 6, 1864, of pneumonia, Darius Hartson, in his 82d year. He was a native of Vermont, and emigrated to Marietta in 1815; his loss is deeply felt by his circle of friends.

Died: In Cincinnati, Appahoose Co., Iowa, of consumption, Dec. 14, 1863, James Ridgeway, of the 36th Iowa Infantry, and a son of Thomas Ridgeway, of Rainbow, in this county, aged about 34.

Died: In Harmar, Friday night, Jan. 5, 1864, Mrs. ____ McConnel. [Christian name not given.]

Friday, Jan 22 1864

Born: In this city, [Jan] 17th, a son to J.F. Gaitree.

Married: In Marietta, Monday morning, Jan. 18, 1864, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Lieut. Col. R.R. Dawes of the 6th Wisconsin Veterans,, and Miss Mary B. Gates, daughter of Beman Gates.

Married: In t his city, Dec. 21, 1863, by Rev. T. Wickes, Warwick B. Spencer, of Belleville, West Va., and Miss Virginia Mitchell of Parkersburg.

Married: In Beverly, Jan. 12, by J.C. Preston, Esq., Mr. Joseph W. Starlin and Miss Mary Porter, both of Watertown.

Died: In Warren, Jan. 11, 1864, of diphtheria, Annie Elizabeth Cutler, eldest daughter of Hon. Wm. P. and Elizabeth W. Cutler, aged 10 years and 6 months.

Died: In Beverly, Jan. 12, 1864, John N. Glines, son of Wm. Glines, Esq., of this city, aged 25 years.

Died: In Macedon, Wayne Co., N.Y., Dec. 27, 1863, of pleurisy pneumonia, Mrs. Clarissa Hathaway, wife of the late Luther Hathaway, of this city.

Died: In Zanesville, [Jan] 13th, of consumption, Loyd Green, son of Lewis H. Green, aged about 17.

Died: In this city, Jan. 14, 1864, at her residence, Tamma Payne, aged 80 years, 1 month and 27 days. Miss Payne was a native of Litchfield, Conn., and emigrated to this county, with her parents, in 1812. In the two years following she taught school in Marietta and here she embraced religion, and united with the Congregational Church in which she remained until her death - possessing a meek and Christian spirit, always contented and happy, especially in the last year or two of her life in which she endeavored to make a full consecration of herself to God. She died without a struggle, triumphant in the Lord. Many will remember the acts of kindness received from her. She leaves many friends to mourn her loss.

Died: At Chattanooga, Dec. 1st, of a wound received at the Battle of Mission Ridge, Adjutant Geo. B. Turner, 92d Regiment O.V.I., aged 28 years. The deceased was the eldest son of S.R. Turner, Esq., of Marietta, and a member of the Baptist Church in that city. Eight years ago this winter, when ninety-nine were baptized into the fellowship of the church in that place, he was the first of that number and from that time to his death his life has been the life of a Christian, always exemplary, steadfast, reliable and ready to work in the Master’s cause. In June 1862, he graduated at Marietta College with the first honors of his class and immediately enlisted as Orderly Sergeant in the 92d Regiment which was at that time forming at Camp Marietta. He entered upon his work, as the writer has reason to know, simply from a high sense of duty to God and his country. His excellent qualities soon made him a favorite with both officers and men. On the first opportunity for promotion in his regiment, he was made Adjutant, which position he filled with marked fidelity and ability, both as an office adjutant and also in the field. In this capacity, indeed, it was often ____ for him that he had not his superior in the Army. The books of the regiment as kept by him were wont to be referred to as models. On the field his coolness, bravery and officer-like conduct called forth the special commendation of his superior in his report of the part taken by the regiment in the bloody battle of Chickamauga. He had so won the confidence and admiration of General Torchin as to receive from him a proffer of a place on his staff. It was at that most memorable, perhaps of the battles of our war, Mission Ridge, that our brother fell, at the head of the regiment rallying his men, when, for an instant, they seemed to waver under the deadly fire, yet at the moment of final victory. The acting colonel had already fallen seriously wounded and there was not an officer left to the struggling band above the grade of captain. Just about the same time another Marietta youth, also a graduate of the same College in 1861, Capt. W.B. Whittlesey fell, shot through or near the heart, and instantly expired. Their bodies having been conveyed to their friends at Marietta were both buried the same day, Dec. __ [may be 29 Dec], with appropriate funeral services. At the special request of the stricken parents, the late pastor, Rev. L.G. Leonard, preached the funeral sermon of Bro. Turner, Text 1 Cor. XV:54, last clause. It was a solemn scene and a day much to be remembered by the citizens of Marietta. The great national victory was costly to them. Three from among their most promising young men - all graduates of their College- fell on that field. One of them, however, acting as Colonel, though severely wounded, is now doing well and will recover. Our young brother Turner possessed one of the most excellent and symmetrical characters. High conscientiousness, industry, faithfulness to every trust great or small, the habit of doing every thing in the best manner, firmness without obstinacy, a practical judgment, quick in its conclusions and seldom at fault, and above all and more than all, Christian faith and a Christian life adorned by consistency, meekness and good works. Such lives cut short we lament - the country mourns. But such lives laid upon the altars of our country are not lost. We sorrow with weeping friends, but out of this deep gloom we already behold the rising of the Star Promise, destined, we doubt not, to usher in a brighter and better day. Our land is being redeemed by the blood of her sons. And when the redemption is complete, let us hope that as a people we shall better understand the value of our Government and its institutions, and above all that we shall more reverently and practically acknowledge that “Righteousness exalteth a nation and sin is a reproach to any people.” Signed: L.G.L.

Friday, Jan 29, 1864

Married: In this city, Jan __, 1864, by Rev. John M. Windsor, John D. Holden and Miss Sallie A. Booth, daughter of Horatio Booth, all of Marietta.

Died: In Amesville, Athens Co., [Jan] 14th, of small pox, Absalom B. Glazier, in his...a young man of more than ordinary worth.

Died: In Belpre, [Jan] 15th, the wife of Thomas McFarland.

Friday, Feb 5, 1864

Married: In Harmar, Feb. 4, 1864, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Lieut. Theodore C. Fitch, of Hamilton county and Miss Mary B. Putnam, daughter of David Putnam.


Married: On the 2d [of Feb], by Rev. P. Cook, Joshua P. Smith and Rebecca J. Reeves, both of Marietta township.

Married: On the 4th [of Feb], by John Test, J.P., Mr. Samuel S. Dotson, of Company F, 1st Ohio Cavalry, and Miss Susanna Reeves, of Marietta.

Died: In Danvers, Mass., at the residence of her father, on Jan. 22, 1864, Mrs. Augusta Torr, wife of H.C. Torr, of Marietta, aged 27.

Died: In Harmar, Jan. 26, 1864, of consumption, Mrs. Margaret R. Cowan, wife of the late J.B. Cowan, and daughter of Finley Steen, in her 43d year.

Died: In Philadelphia, Jan. 20, 1864, suddenly, Mrs. Charlotte Rogers, wife of Henry C. Rogers, aged about 70, resided in Marietta about 1840 at the corner of Fifth and Washington streets.

Died: In Adams, Jan. 25, 1864 [might be Jan. 26], after a short illness, Mrs. Weltha P. Dobbin, wife of John Dobbin and daughter of F.C. and Polly Davis, in her 31st year.

Died: In Harmar, Jan. 26th, of apoplexy, Elias Morton, aged 59. He was a native of Freetown, Bristol Co., Mass., descended from one of the most worthy families of the old Pilgrim settlers of the Plymouth colony. He was a near relative of Hon. Mareus Morton, a few years since Governor of Mass. Removed when nine years old to Gallia Co., and afterwards to this county, he was for more than forty years past a citizen of Harmar, esteemed by those who have known him as an honest man.

Marriage License: Jan 23 to James Steen and Sarah E. Moyers, both of Lawrence.

Marriage License: Jan 26 to Wm. A. Snodgrass and Libby Dye, both of Lawrence.

Marriage License: Jan 29 to James A. Burk, of Decatur, and Elizabeth Bowman, of Fairfield.

Marriage License: Jan 30 to David Shockley, of Beverly, and Sophia Amelia Dye, of Marietta.

Marriage License: Feb 1 to Joshua P. Smith and Rebecca J. Reeves, both of Marietta tp.

Marriage License: Feb 1 to John Howell Brown and Laura O. Robinson, both of Fearing.

Marriage License: Feb 2 to David C. Petty, of Monroe Co., and Aurelia J. Ellis, of Grandview.

Marriage License: Feb 2 to Theodore C. Fitch, of Hamilton Co., and Mary B. Putnam, of Harmar.

Marriage License: Feb 2 to Benj. Winans and Sarah J. Stephens, both of Belpre.

Marriage License: Feb 2 to Joseph W. Johnson and Julia A. Stephens, both of Belpre.

Marriage License: Feb 2 to Alfred Stotts and Margaret Hoff, both of Lawrence.

Marriage License: Feb 3 to Wm. Williams, of Kansas, and Matilda Jack, of Aurelius.

Friday, Feb 12, 1864

Died: “Death of Wyllys Hall” - Many of our readers will be surprised, as we were, to hear of the sudden death of Wyllys Hall, one of the oldest citizens and business men of Marietta. He died on this (Thursday) morning, at 2 o’clock, Feb. 11, 1864, after only about an hour’s illness, of spasmodic asthma, in his 74th year. He was about his labors, as usual, yesterday and retired for the night, with everything prepared to go to work at an early hour this morning, but his labor on earth was ended. Mr. Hall had been widely known as a business man of Marietta, for nearly half a century. He came from New London, Conn., in 1817. He was industrious; for a time merchandizing, again running a steamboat, then trading upon the river, and for many years carried on a bakery in which business he was engaged at the time of his death. He was a member of the first Council of Marietta, after its incorporation, in 1826. For many years, he was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The funeral will be in the Centenary M.E. Church, next Sunday, at 2 o’clock P.M. [See also Feb 19, 1864.]

Married: On the 4th day of Feb., 1864, by John Test, J.P., Lieut. Joseph Schlund, of Company H, 16th Illinois Infantry. and Elizabeth Becker, of this city.

Married: In Harmar, Feb. 9th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, William H. Rardin, of Berne township, Athens Co., member of the 2d Virginia Cavalry, to Miss Cynthia Cordry, of Harmar.

Married: On the 10th [of Feb], by John Test, J.P., John Atkinson, of Company B, 39th O.V.I., and Miss Lucy Abbott, of this city.

Married: On the 10th [of Feb], by John Test, J.P., Farnum Abbott, of Company B, 39th O.V.I., and Miss Martha King, of Zanesville.

Married: Jan. 26, 1864, James Gilpen, of this county, and Margaret J. Rutter, of Vinton county.

Married: Jan. 31, 1864, by Rev. W.M. Grimes, John W. Beckett, of this county, and Caroline Roberts, of McConelsville.

Died: In Newport, Feb. 6, 1864, of diphtheria, Martha A. Colman, daughter of C. Colman, aged 16 years and 9 days. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Feb 19 1864

Died: “Obituary” - Wyllys Hall was born in Colchester, Conn., Aug. 29, 1790, moved to Marietta, Ohio, 1817, where he lived, labored, suffered and died. For fifty years he was a faithful member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Forty years of that time he was an efficient officer in the church. He superintended the first Sabbath School organized by the Methodists in Marietta. For some months past his natural strength failed quite rapidly, still he was able to attend to the regular routine of business until the last night of his life. He retired to rest as usual, but about midnight a call was made by the angle of death - the family was alarmed, yet hoped he would soon recover. Bro. Hall felt however that his time had come and said, “My work is done, I will soon be home.” And at two o’clock, Thursday morning, Feb. 11, 1864, he sweetly fell asleep in Jesus. On the following Sabbath, his remains were carried to the church where he had worshiped for about 23 years and a discourse was delivered by the writer of this notice, to one of the largest congregations ever convened on such an occasion in this place. His numerous relatives and friends then followed him to the grave where we laid him down to rest until the resurrection morn. [Memorial poem follows.] Signed: C.D. Battelle [Note: This name is mostly illegible.]

Marriage License: Feb __ to Samuel Harris and Anna Dornan, both of Marietta.

Marriage License: Feb 8 to Henry Kellner and Caroline Gilcher, both of Marietta.

Marriage License: Feb 9 to Ephraim Ackerson and Nancy Stitts.

Marriage License: Feb 11 to Thos. H. Snider and Sarah E. Ridenour, both of Decatur.

Marriage License: Feb 11 to Amos Dye, Jr., and Marinda J. McCowan, both of Lawrence.

Marriage License: Feb 11 to Archibald Malcomson and Marian Shaw, both of Lawrence.

Marriage License: Feb 12 to Adam Hastings, of Morgan Co., and Elizabeth Jackson, of Waterford.

Marriage License: Feb 13 to Jacob Kimmick, of Harmar, and Mary Kimmick, of Fearing.

Marriage License: Feb 13 to T.O. Harlow, of Louisa Co., Va., and Martha J. Kane, of Marietta.

Marriage License: Feb 13 to Daniel ________, of Liberty, and Maria Burford, of Lawrence.

Marriage License: Feb 13 to Ephraim Lasure, of Palmer, and Annie E. Green, of Watertown.

Marriage License: Feb 15 to Thos. Flanders and Emily L. Perkins, both of Salem.

Marriage License: Feb 15 to Samuel A. McLean, of West Alexander, Pa., and Kate L. Dawes, of Warren

Marriage License: Feb 15 to Albert Chute, of Fairfield, and Josephine Rumerfield, of Warren.

Married: In Warren, Feb. 15, 1864, at the residence of Hon. Wm. P. Cutler, by Rev. C.D. Custis, Rev. S.A. McLean, of West Alexander, Pa., to Miss Kate L. Dawes.

Married: Feb. 4, 1864, by Rev. G.V. Fry, Mr. J.Howell Brown and Miss Laura O. Robinson, both of Fearing.

Married: Feb. 11, 1864, by R.T. Miller, J.P., Wm. Harsha, First Ohio Cavalry, and Sarah A. Reeves, all of Marietta township.

Married: Feb. 7, 1864, by Rev. Francis Bartlett, Mr. Richard Brewster and Sarah E. Knowles, all of Troy township.

Married: Feb. 3, 1864, by Rev. Geo. Willis, Stephen Allison, 27th O.V.I., and Miss Lucinda O. Owen, of Noble county.

Married: At the National House, Jan. 16, 1864, by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, Mr. James McAllister and Miss Mary Nofsinger, both of Washington county. [Note: Bride’s name is also spelled “Nossinger.”

Married: Feb. 9, 1864, by Rev. E. W. Kirkham, Mr. T. C. Harlow and Miss Martha J. Kane, both of Parkersburg.

Married: At the National House, Feb 13, 1864, by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, Mr. George W. Jackson of Wheeling, W. Va., and Miss Rebecca Sink, of Harmar.

Married: Feb 17, 1864, by Rev. G. Fry, Mr. Samuel Harris, of 2d Va. Cav., and Miss Ann Dornan, of Marietta township.

Married: In Watertown, Feb. 15, 1864, by Joseph W. Danley, J.P., Ephraim Lasure, of Palmer, 2d Va. Cav., to Miss Annie E. Green, of Watertown.

Married: In this city, Feb. 9, 1864, by Rev. A.H. Seipel, Mr. Henry Kellner, of Pierpoint Battery, and Miss Caroline Gilcher, of Lawrence township.

Died; In Salem, Feb. 5, 1864, Hellen N. Gould, daughter of J.P. and M.J. Gould, aged two years and eight months.

Died: In this city, Feb. 10, 1864, very suddenly, Miss Caroline Goettel, aged 18 years, 10 months and 20 days.

Died: At his home, in Cairo, Ill., Monday morning, Feb. 15, 1864, after a brief illness, Robert McCabe Jennings, in his 36th year, son of Julia Jennings, of Marietta. From the Cairo, Ill. “Daily Democrat” - Mr. Jennings was born in Marietta, Ohio, where his parents and many of his relatives still reside. He located in this cit some seven or eight years ago and appeared before the public in many places as a business man. No one had a more general acquaintance with the public than he. And, thus known, we can pay him a tribute, which but very few men in a lifetime earn - he gave no man just cause for enmity. In his position as deputy Postmaster, during the past five years, a situation very difficult to satisfactorily fill, he won the ardent friendship and kind consideration of every one, male or female, young or old, without an exception worthy of a moment’s thought. Always genial, active and urbane, no one came in contact with him either in a business or social way without feeling his or her heart warm toward him as toward a brother. He was a stranger to other than noble impulses and possessed a heart almost too pliable to the touch of sympathy for his own good. No one claiming to be destitute ever called upon “Bob” and turned away empty handed and more than this, no deserving enterprise failed to find in him an earnest advocate and a liberal friend. He has passed away, however, leaving only o all that was good and loveable, his cold inanimate clay. Over that, his hosts of friends, his stricken wife and Masonic brethren have dropped many, very many bitter tears, feeling almost that their very hearts be encased in the coffin beside him. Poor “Bob” - we all bid you a long and eternal FAREWELL.

Friday, Feb 26, 1864

Born: Saturday, Feb. 21st, a son to W.W. Loomis.

Married: On the 21st [of Feb], by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Mr. George Long, of the 36th O.V.I., and Miss Mary Wilson, both of Adams.

Married: On the 21st day of February, 1864, by John Test, J.P., John Gorley, of the 36th O.V.I., and Miss Elizabeth Campbell, of Marietta.

Married: In Warren, Thursday evening, February 18th, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., Mr. Albert Chute, of Fairfield, and Miss Josephine Rumerfield, of the former place [i.e., Warren].

Married: On the 18th of Feb., 1864, by Rev. L.L. Fay, Thomas Flanders, of Fearing, and Emily L. Perkins, of Salem.

Died: In Belpre, Feb. 17, Wm. W. Loring, in the 25th year of his age. “The dust returns to the dust as it was. The spirit to God who gave it.” William has lain aside his earthly vesture for one that is spiritual and heavenly. He has been quickened into a better and brighter life. God’s angel broke the chain that bound him to mortality and delivered him from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the immortal ones. We would not call him back if we could, for he desired to go , and we know that he is free and walks upon the shining shores of that beautiful land where disease and death are unknown. William was a good young man. Small indeed is the number of men in any community who have as few faults and so many virtues as he. His social, frank and friendly disposition won him many friends. His energy, enterprise and business talent commanded respect; and the constant kindness and consideration with which he trusted every one, especially his mother, spoke volumes for the nobleness of his nature and Christian character. His funeral was held on Sunday, the 21st, in the Universalist Church in Belpre, where an unusually large number of people assembled to show their respect for the departed and sympathy for the afflicted, and where a sermon was preached by the writer. Signed: J.W.M.

Died: In Dunham,, Feb. 15, of typhoid fever, Amos P. Delano, aged 43 years. Mr. Delano was a prominent member of this community, honest, industrious and a true friend to those in want, a man active in all the enterprises of his community, public spirited, taking a liberal view of what constituted good society. He was known as a warm friend of schools and religious meetings, for each Sabbath his influence was felt in every good work, and long will he be remembered and his loss felt. Signed: J.N.

Died: In Dunham, Feb. 17, of typhoid fever, Allin O. Ellinwood, aged 17 years. Mr. Ellinwood was a youth of promise, a favorite among his mates, at school a leader. He bid fair to be a scholar of the first class. His future seemed bright to his friends, but alas how transient all his high hopes and those of his friends. After an illness of eight or nine weeks, when his time had come, he was aware of it, and disposed of his books and keepsakes, calmly talked of his departure to meet his mother, who had gone about a year before, and his younger brother, who had gone a few weeks before. Such is life. Signed: J.N.

Died: In Dunham, Feb. 19, at the residence of his brother, of typhoid fever, Alphonso Smith, aged 24 years. Mr. Smith had finished or nearly finished his education, was a successful teacher - was engaged in his occupation, when this terrible disease that is spreading over this community, seeming to carry all in its course like the Simoon of the desert, marked ___ for one of its victims. His loss is mourned by a large circle of relations and friends. Signed: J.N.

Died: In Dunham, Feb 21, of typhoid fever, Phebe A. Martin, aged 24 years.

The above [Delano, Ellinwood, Smith & Martin] were all within a mile and a half of each other. A large number are still very sick. The disease seems to spread like the smallpox or measles. Signed: J.N.

Died: In Belpre, Feb. 4, of typhoid, Mrs. Caroline M. Dillay, aged 53 years. Mrs. Dillay was born in this vicinity and always lived here except a short residence in Harmar. She was loved by all, had a large circle of acquaintances who now join her husband and children in mourning her loss. She was for many years a member of the Methodist Church and a true Christian, an ornament to her Church and the society in which she moved. Signed: J.N.

Friday, Mar 4, 1864

Married: In Marietta, Feb. 28 [date is difficult to read], by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Hugh H. Means and Mrs. Harriet Huster.

Married: In Norton, Mass., Nov 25, 1863, George H. Hewison (formerly of Harmar), Principal of the Classical and High School, Salem, Mass., and Miss Lois T. Caswell, First Assistant in the School.

Married: In Watertown, Feb. 25, 1864, by J. Haddow, J.P., Mr. Mansley W. Woodruff, of Gallia Co., and Miss Prudentia J. Martin, daughter of Hiram Martin, Esq.

Married: Feb 11, 1864, by Wm. P. Gamble, J.P., Thomas Snider, 73d O.V.I., and Miss Sarah E. Ritenour, all of Decatur.

Died: Feb. 13, 1864, of diphtheria, Ha____, son of Henry and C. Hoblitzell, aged 3 years, 1 month and 13 days.

Died: Dr. Pardon Cooke, Jr., youngest son of Rev. Pardon and Mary Cooke, was born at Parkersburg, Va., on the 10th days of January 1823. In September, 1832, the family moved to Ohio, where the deceased has ever since resided. In March 1852, he graduated as a Physician at the Starling Medical College, Columbus, Ohio. In November, 1852, he was united in marriage with Mary Ellen, eldest daughter of Hon William E. Hunter of Woodsfield, O., soon after which he settled in Marietta and entered upon the practice of his profession. In 1854, his only son was born. On the breaking out of the Rebellion, in 1861, he deemed it proper that the family to which he belonged should have at least one representative in the Union Army, and accordingly applied for and obtained a Commission as Assistant Surgeon in the Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in October, 1861. Shortly after, he was assigned to duty in Gen. Cox’s Division of the Army, in the K___wha Valley in West Virginia, where he remained until February, 1862, when he returned to Ohio and entered upon duty with the 77th Ohio Regiment. He remained with the 77th ever afterward until his death, and was with it at the Battle of Shiloh, or Pittsburg Landing, and during the march of our army from that point to Corinth, Mississippi and Memphis. In August, 1862, the regiment was removed from Memphis and stationed at Alton, Illinois, in charge of several thousand rebel prisoners. In July, 1863, he was ordered into Arkansas and formed a part of the forces under command of Maj. Gen. Steele, sent out from Helena for the purpose of capturing Little Rock. On the march of this expedition through the swampy lands of Arkansas, the deceased was first attacked with chill and fever. Further on in the march, the fever assumed a serious type and he at once tendered his resignation with a view of returning home. But it was now too late. On Sunday, the 30th of August, he was placed upon a steamer at Duvall’s Bluff to be returned to Ohio. At 5 o’clock the next morning, while on the way down White River, his disease terminated fatally. His body was then returned to Duvall’s Bluff where, on the same day, the 31st of August, it was interred by the regiment. Remaining thus interred for 5 and a half months, the remains are now brought home for deposit in their final resting place.

Friday, 11 Mar 1864

Married: In Waterford, Feb. 18, by Rev. F.S. Thurston, Adam Hasting, of Morgan Co., to Miss Elizabeth Jackson.

Married: March 3, 1864, by J.T. Hill, J.P., Mr. George Hazel and Miss Harriet D. Hill, both of Newport.

Married: On the 6th [of Mar] by Rev. E. Adkins, Samuel H. Dornan and Semantha M. Thorniley, both of Marietta township.

Died: In New Orleans,, Feb. 13, 1864, George M., infant son of H.J. and Maria Franks Brinker, aged 3 months and 5 days. [Memorial poem]

Friday, 18 Mar 1864

Married: In Libert, March 8, 1864, by J.A. Hicks, J.P., William Cline and Miss Rebecca Ann Ellis, all of Liberty Tp.

Friday, 1 Apr 1864

Married: On the 25th of March, 1864,, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, R.L. Stealey, of the 6th Va. Cavalry, and Miss E.M. Sandy, both of Harrison county, Va.

Married: March 24, 1864, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Z.J. Nixon, 36th O.V.I., of Marietta, and Miss Nannie J. Wilson, of Pennsylvania. [Note: Civil War unit might be 86th O.V.I.]

Married: At Prospect Hill, March 30, 1864, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Benjamin Bragg and Miss Frances Putnam, daughter of Major L.J.P. Putnam.

Died: In this city, March 28, 1864 [Note: Date might be Mar 23rd], at the residence of A.L. Guitteau, Mrs. Temperance Backus, aged 78. Mrs. Backus was a daughter of Col. Abner Lord, an enterprising merchant of Marietta at the beginning of the century. He subsequently removed to Columbus and became one of the judges of Franklin county. He died, we believe, in 18___. Hon. Abner L. Backus, of Toledo, member of the Board of Public Works from 1858 to 1861 is her son. She was in the truest sense a lady and much beloved.

Friday, 8 Apr 1864

Married: March 22, 1864, at the residence of Rev. J.D. Leonard, Mr. Jesse A. Muse to Miss Matilda Leonard.

Married: Apr 4, at Lowell, by C.A. Boyd, J.P., Allen D. Morris, 36th O.V.I., and Miss Margaret Mason.

Married: Apr 5, in Adams tp., by C.A. Boyd, J.P., Jacob Wooster, 36th O.V.I., and Miss Mary Jane Wolford.

Died: In the hospital at Decatur, Alabama, March 18, 1864, of measles and pneumonia, James Dudley Palmer, son of James M. and Sophia Palmer, of Palmer township. The deceased was a member of the 63rd O.V.I., having enlisted five weeks previous to the time of his death.

Died: In Newport township, April 4th, Mrs. Susan Corner, aged 74 years. The deceased was a native of Mass., a granddaughter of Gen. Rufus Putnam, and when but two weeks old, in June, 1790, she removed to this State, being brought the whole distance in a wagon drawn by oxen. Long a professed friend of Jesus, she illustrated her religion by a consistent life.

Died: In Cincinnati, April 3, 1864, Florence Oliva, only child of John M. and Oliva Perkins Bennett, aged 2 years, 10 months, and 1 day. The body was brought to Bonn and interred, April 6th, in the graveyard near the Universalist Church when a funeral discourse was preached to friends and relatives by J.W.M.

Died: At his residence, in Harmar, March 29, 1864, of consumption, Rollin C. Vincent, formerly of Vincent, Ohio, aged 29 years. Many hearts will be saddened to learn that this quiet, unassuming gentleman is no more. He was a true man. His life was beautiful. Always guided by a high sense of justice and moved by noble impulses, he established a character above reproach; and he drew around him a circle of friends who will mourn his loss and cherish his memory while they live. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In Ironton, April 1, 1864, James M. Amlin, aged 61. Mr. Amlin was a former well known citizen of Washington county. He united with the Presbyterian Church I n the year 1826. The year following he was elected a Ruling Elder and for twenty-three years of his life filled that office in the different churches of which he was a member. As a husband, he was kind and affectionate; as a father, indulgent and ever careful for the welfare and religious training of his children. He had the happiness of seeing all his children, who arrived at maturity, consecrate themselves to God, and united with His visible church. In his family and in his daily walk with the world, he lived the religion which he professed. In him, the poor always found a ready help. The needy he never turned away empty. An unwavering faith in his Heavenly Father characterized every act of his life; and when called upon to pass through afflictions (and few men have been more afflicted), he exhibited the faith exemplified by Job: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.” Until within a few years past, he was so situated that his house was the preacher’s home and its hospitalities were as cordially extended to other denominations as to the society of which he was a member. His liberality to other denominations led them to feel that he was a “companion to all those that feared the Lord.” His thorough knowledge of the Word of God eminently qualified him as a Sabbath School Teacher and as such from his early youth he has ever been engaged. Adhering strictly to principle, he never faltered in the face of all opposition to perform what he considered his duty. The House of God was his delight and his seat was never vacant when in health. Firm in the belief that God never made a tyrant or a slave, he ever sympathized with the oppressed, listened to the voice of woe and passed not by on the other side. Strictly temperate in his habits, he labored diligently and uncompromisingly in the cause of temperance. As a citizen and neighbor, those who knew him best prized him most. His summons, though unexpected to his friends, found him “with his lamp trimmed and burning, waiting for the coming of the Lord.” Though deprived of the power of speech during the latter part of his illness, his friends feel that his “life is hid with Christ.” His prayers and counsels will be missed, but we feel that another link has been added to that chain which binds us to Heaven.

Friday, Apr 15, 1864

Married: Apr 10, 1864, by Rev. J.D. Riley, at the residence of J. McAllister, Mr. Joseph Gracy, of Newport, and Miss Maria L. Wiggins, of Marietta.

Married: On the 5th [of Apr], in Warren township, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Wm. Johnson, J.P., Mr. James M. Malcolm, of the 36th O.V.I., to Miss Ellen Foster, of Warren.

Married: On the 6th [of Apr], by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Mr. Charles L. Griggs, of the 36th O.V.I., and Sarah Rummer, both of Adams.

Married: April 11, 1864, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Lieut. O.J. Wood, 36th Ohio Veterans, and Miss Mary C. Stacy, both of Muskingum township.

Married: On the 10th [of Apr], Elias P. Shinn, of Morgan Co., and Imogene Kinkead, of Washington county.

Married: In Dunham, [Apr] 12th, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., Jas. W. Swords, 36th O.V.I., and Miss Nancy Ritchey.

Died: In Shirley, Mass., April 2, 1864, Mrs. Betsey H. Dodge, aged 67 years, mother of Mrs. James Holden of this place.

Died: In Dunham, April 6, 1864, of typhoid fever, Sylvester Warren Elenwood, in the 22nd year of his age. Warren suffered much and long before deliverance came, being unable to sit in a chair for 105 days. Yet he bore his sufferings with patience, and looked forward with pleasure to the time when he hoped to meet again his mother and brother gone before, in a better land. He was a young man who had an unblemished character and many friends. His funeral was held on the 8th of April, at the residence of his father, when a sermon was preached to relatives and friends by the writer. Signed: J.W. McMaster.

Died: At Marietta, Ohio, on Saturday, P.M., April 9, 1864, Elizabeth Clark Ward, eldest daughter of Wm. S. and Catherine Ward. The death of this estimable young woman was almost as great a surprise to her own family as to the community. Although she had been sick of typhoid fever for several weeks, at times apparently in danger, yet the last week had developed favorable symptoms and those who so long and faithfully had watched her were cheered by an almost an assurance of her recovery. But on Saturday morning it was evident she was sinking and at 4 P.M. she quietly ceased to live. It is always a difficult task to write justly of one like her. Those who knew her best and loved her most would feel any estimate too formal and cold, while it would not be easy to describe her beauty of nature to those who did not know her. Under the veil of an unusually reserved manner for one so young were concealed the elements of the admirable womanhood into which she was just blossoming. In twenty days she would have been eighteen years old. [Rest of obituary illegible.]

Friday, Apr 22, 1864

Married: At Barlow, on the 12th [of Apr], by Rev. D.C. Perry, Mr. John C. Louthan, of Company F., 36th Reg’t, O.V.I., and Miss Jane Haddow, of Barlow.

Married: April 17, 1864, John M. Crawford, of the 36th O.V.I., and Miss Susan A. Blair, both of Liberty.

Married: At Rouse’s Point, N.Y., March 24, 1864, by Rev. Mr. Marvin, James Henton, 1st Lieutenant, 14th U.S. Infantry, of Marietta, O., and Helen August Crook, daughter of Hon. Thos. Crook, of the former place.

Married: On April 16, 1864, Church Murdick and G. Elizabeth Hartwig, both of Liberty township.

Married: April 17, 1864, by Rev. G.V. Fry, Mr. James C. Gray and Miss Mary J. True, both of Salem Township.

Married: On the 16th day of April, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Perley J. Nott, of the 36th O.V.I., and Sarah V. Severance, of Marietta.

Married: April 14, 1864, John N. Miner, of this city, and Miss Margaret Phillips, of Wheeling.

Married: At the house of Mr. Manly Morse, by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, on the 12th day of April, 1864, Mr. Francis Marion Shackel, Captain, 20th O.V.I., to Miss Margaret L. Ogle.

Married: At Lowell, April 18th, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Mr. John F. Atherton and Miss Jane Roff.

Died: In General Hospital No. 4, Knoxville, Tenn., April 7th, 1864, of wounds received on the 10th day of December last, William Augustus Gill, of Company H, 7th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. He was buried with military honors, by Company G of the same Regiment.

Friday, Apr 29, 1864

Born: In Milwaukee, April 15, 1864, a daughter to Gen. T.C.H. Smith.

Married: March 28, at Marietta, by Rev. G. Schulz, Mr. Joseph Good and Miss Agnes Richter, both of Parkersburg, Va.

Married: On the evening of the 20th of April, by Rev. G. Schulz, Mr. John Mahnken and Miss Mary Danker, both of this city.

Married: On the 24th [of Apr], by Rev. Mr. Scipel, Lieut. Andrew Vogt, formerly Quartermaster, 108th O.V.I., and Miss Catharine R. Oesterle, of this city.

Died: In Cincinnati, April 20, Mattie B. Maxwell, youngest daughter of Rev. Geo. M. and M.S. Maxwell, aged 8 years and 5 mos.

Died: Near this city, on Sunday, April 24, 1864, Timothy Cone, aged 87. Mr. Cone was one of the oldest and highly respectable citizens of this county. He was a native of Connecticut. He came to this county in 1802, sixty-two years ago. His father was a naval officer and was lost at sea early in the Revolution. His mother was a daughter of Gen. Spencer of the Revolutionary Army. He had been a member of the Presbyterian Church for over 30 years.

Friday, May 6, 1864

Died: In Windsor township, Morgan county, April 29, 1864, Charles J. Murdough, of the __nd O.V.I.

Died: In Beverly, April 27, 1864, John V. Johnson, aged 48.

Died: In Independence township, April 23, 1864, Samuel Kemper Rea, of Company H, 7th O.V.I., aged 23. He was in the service nearly a year, leaving a widowed mother and a comfortable home. He came from Kentucky last year, with the cavalry in t he long pursuit of Morgan, over three weeks in duration and after the fight at Buffington was permitted to return home, his health being broken down. He never was able to return to his regiment, but sank gradually into the grave. He was a highly respectable young man, a faithful and a brave soldier.

Friday, May 13, 1864

Born: In Canton, Mass., April 27, 1864, a daughter to Rev. E.C. Guild, and granddaughter to Mrs. E.R. Cadwallader of this city.

Married: On the 10th day of May, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Amos Thomas and Miss Louisa Sprague, all of this county.

Friday, May 20, 1864

Married: In Marietta, May 13, 1864, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Jacob Stett and Miss Harriett E. Hines.

Died: Near Williamstown, West Va., May 13, 1864, Miss Betty Kinnard, daughter of Rufus Kinnard, aged about 18.

Friday, May 27, 1864

Married: In this city, May 12, 1864, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Lieut. R.D. Mason, 9th Ohio Cavalry, and Miss L.M. Shepard, both of Lowell. [See issue of Jul 15, 1864 for Lieut. Mason’s death.]

Married: On the 24th [of May], by Rev. A.R. Scipel, Thomas J. Metcalf and Miss Martha A Fought, both of Parkersburg.

Married: In this city, May 20, 1864, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Henry E. Ripley, of Pierpoint Battery, and Sally P. Fuller.

Died: In this city, May 21, 1864, Mrs. Sarah B. Lammott, wife of L.A. Lammott, aged 34.

Died: At Oxford, Ohio, May 20, 1864, Mrs. Lizzie Ballard Walker, of Athens, wife of the late Professor E.P. Walker, of this city.

Died: In Zanesville, [May] 17th, Mrs. Nancy W. Fracker, widow of Johan E. Fracker, aged 78. [Age may be 73.]

Died: In Cincinnati, May 16, 1864, Charles Theodore Wildt, son of Capt. Joseph Wildt, formerly of this city, aged 16 years.

Died: In Windsor Township, Morgan county, April 29, 1865, of chronic diarrhea, Charles J. Murdough, aged 24 years. He was a member of Company G, 92nd O.V.I., having enlisted when the company was first raised and served faithfully until incapacitated by sickness. He was offered an important and responsible position in the regiment,, but chose to serve as a soldier in the ranks and well and faithfully did he perform his part in the battles of Hoover’s Gap, Chickamauga, and Mission Ridge. Over-exertion in the latter brought on the disease of which he died. When he found there were no hopes of his recovery, he applied for and received the first furlough he had asked since he went out and had the satisfaction of dying at home and among his friends.

Died: In Troy Township, Athens county, O., May 11, 1864, Lydia Brewster. The deceased was born October 26, 1793, in Franklin, Delaware county, New York. Her maiden name was Lydia Waterman. She removed, with her parents, in 1817, to Washington county, O., and in 1819 was married to Levi Brewster of the same county. In 1822, with her husband, she removed to Chenango county, New York. Having lost her husband a few years after, she removed again in 1835, with her children, to Ohio. Brought up in the way of morality by her Connecticut parents, in early life she joined the Presbyterians and to their principles adhered. Living with her children, she was to them an affectionate mother. She generally enjoyed good health, and when her last illness came, though death was unexpected by her friends, if not by her and she calmly died as if she was going to sleep. Her only children, Richard and Sherman, survive her.

Friday, Jun 3, 1864

Married: In Barlow, May 28, 1864, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Judge D.S. Gibbs, of Caldwell, Noble county, and Miss Adaline M. Tuttle, daughter of Esq. Tuttle, of Marietta.

Married: In Watertown, May 26, 1864, by Sam’l Wood, J.P., Mr. Thos. Ryan and Miss Diana A. Woodford.

Married: On the 28th day of May, 1864, by E.T. Parsons, J.P., Mr. David M. Scott, and Miss Mary Ann McCuaig, all of Barlow.

Marriage License: May 24 to Thos. Ryan and D.A. Woodford, both of Watertown.

Marriage License: May 24 to John K. Wilder and Carrie P. Griggs.

Marriage License: May 25 to David M. Scott and Mary A. McCuaig, of Barlow.

Marriage License: May 27 to John F. Fleming and Margaret S. Milligan, both of Barlow.

Marriage License: May 30 to Gawen Kirkbride and Rachel Gooseman, both of Grandview.

Marriage License: May 30 to John Power, of Union, and Mary Gates, of Barlow.

Died: In Harmar, May 16, 1864, of consumption, J. Heber Wilson, son of John Wilson, in his 25th year.

Memorial Tribute: From Company A, 36th Ohio Veterans, for Corporal Lyman D. Perrin who was killed near Alderson’s Ferry, Greenbriar County, West Virginia, May 18, 1864.

Died: It pains us to announce the death of Charles Beman Gates, First Lieutenant of company A, 148th Regiment, O.N.G. [Ohio National Guard]. He died after a short illness at Harper’s Ferry, Tuesday of this week - May 31st - only eight days after leaving Marietta, in his usual health. His age was about 20. Lieut. Gates was the only son of Beman Gates, Esq., of this city. He was a young man of a good deal of promise, of fine talents, a pleasant and agreeable associate - and beloved by all who knew him. He was a member of the Junior Class in Marietta College. Mr. and Mrs. Gates left for Harper’s Ferry Tuesday evening, but too late to see their cherished son alive. They are expected to arrive home with his remains this (Thursday) night. And on Jun 10, 1864: “Death of Lieut. Gates” - Only son of Beman Gates, Esq., of this city, he was born October 30, 1844. He died at Harper’s Ferry, May 31, 1864, in the 20th year of his age. Of the many noble young men from this city who have laid down their lives for their country in the present sanguinary struggle, none have died lamented by a wider circle of friends. While yet a lad, he had exhibited in a high degree those qualities which give promise of noble manhood. He was known as a dutiful and affectionate son and brother, unusually free from those irregularities of conduct to which youth brought up in towns are so prone. Having pursued his elementary studies in the public schools of this place, he entered Marietta College at the early age of sixteen. At the time of his death, he was a member of the Junior Class. While in college he gave high promise of excellence as a speaker. During his last year of study, he exhibited a marked mental growth and a rapid development of manly qualities. Of a stalwart manly form, a pleasing address, a frank open countenance, and a generous nature, he was a favorite among his fellow students; and he may be truly said to have won the esteem and love of all with whom he came in contact. Those who knew him best were aware that he was a young man of Christian principle and habitually influenced by strong convictions of duty. Paramount to all other duties, in the present crisis, seemed to him the duty to his country. A brief term of service in a volunteer company during the Morgan raid in 1863 had given him a slight experience as a soldier, enough to prove his soldierly qualities. He was afterwards promoted to the office of First Lieutenant under Capt. Knowles, though himself one of the youngest members of the company. When at the call of Gov. Brough his regiment (the 148th O.N.G.), entered the service of the United States fora hundred days, he went forth with cheerfulness and alacrity. While yet scarcely out of sight of his home, he narrowly escaped from a sad railroad disaster by which two of his fellow students and one member of his company lost their lives. The injury which he then received, though deemed slightly, may possibly have aggravated his final disease. Upon reaching Harper’s Ferry, desiring to set before his company an example of faithfulness, and disdaining to take as an officer any indulgence denied to the men, he submitted to an amount of exposure and fatigue beyond what he was able to bear. He was prostrated by an attack of pneumonia, which soon assumed a serious form. When told that his death was near, he received the news with cheerful resignation, declaring that he was ready to go and that he was not sorry for having obeyed the call of his country. With adieus and kind words for the loved ones whom he could no longer hope to see, he died, expressing his firm hope of salvation through the merits of the Redeemer. His remains were interred in this city June 3, 1864.

Friday, Jun 17, 1864

Married: In Fearing, June 5, 1864, by Rev. G. Schulz, Lieut. August Kropp, late of the 39th O.V.I., of Marietta, and Miss Harriet Pape.

Married: In Marietta, June 9, 1864, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. George Snyder and Miss Elizabeth Davis, both of Lowell.

Died: In this city, Sunday evening, June 12, 1864, Mrs. Rachel Dunn, wife of James Dunn, aged 63.

Died: In Middleport, Meigs county, May 24, 1864, of consumption, Priscilla A. Cunningham, wife of Robert A. Cunningham, and daughter of John A. Allen, in her ___ year [may be 24th].

Died: Near Springville, Linn county, Iowa, May 4, 1864, of measles, Addie Ellis, oldest daughter of Jos. A. and Augusta Ellis, formerly of Plymouth in this county, aged 21.

Died: The death of A.W. Landy, Co. B, 39th Ohio, from this county, occurred recently in the hospital at Nashville. [Date not given.]

Tribute of Respect: From Independent Order of Good Templars at Plymouth, Washington county, Ohio for Nathaniel A. Haynes, 18, a member of Co. D, 148th Regiment, O.N.G. N.A. Haynes drowned in Duck Creek, while at camp in Marietta.

Friday, Jun 24, 1864

Died: Joseph Kelley, one of our oldest and most highly respected citizens, died on Saturday night, June 18, 1864, in the 80th year of his age. Mr. Kelley was born in Plainfield, Mass., and when four years of age came with his father “to the West,” remaining at Pittsburg through the winter of 1788-9. In the spring (1789), James Kelly, the father, removed to Marietta and in December 1789, Mrs. Kelly gave birth to the first male child born in the colony, St. Clair Kelly, a brother of the subject of this notice, and who died about forty years ago. In 1790, the family removed to Belville, Va., about thirty miles below Marietta. April 7, 1791, early in the morning, Indians attacked and killed James Kelly, the father, who was in a field with a hoe, and defended himself vigorously. He was shot down and scalped. Joseph was with him and was taken prisoner by the Indians. He was then in his 7th year. He was taken off by the Shawnees to their towns in northwestern Ohio where he was adopted by an old warrior named Mishalena, who lived at a village on the St. Mary’s river. He remained with the Indians until the winter of 1795-6, nearly five years, when he was released. He had lost the English language and left his Indian parents with regret. He arrived in Marietta in March 1796, and was restored to his mother. Mr. Kelly had lived in Marietta during this long period until last week, universally respected. He was always a temperate and very moral man, industrious and energetic. His early education was deficient and he had no ambition for office, but he lived a useful citizen. He became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, about thirty-seven years since, and lived in that faith until death. [Note: Surname is spelled both Kelley and Kelly in this obituary.]

Married: On the 19th [of Jun], by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Mr. Benj. Wright and Miss Lamantha [ck spelling] V. Wigner, both of Adams.

Died: In Magnolia, Harrison county, Iowa, June 4, 1864, of typhoid fever, Lethe Loring Ford, in the 24th year of her age, a daughter of Judge O.R. Loring, of Belpre. On the 22nd of last March, Lethe’s birthday when we saw her surrounded by a happy, joyous circle, and she was made a wife and bride by the holy rite of wedlock, little did we think we should be so soon called upon to record the fact that she had sundered all earthly ties - left all earthly circles and gone where they neither marry or are given in marriage, but are as the Angels in heaven. But thus suddenly has she departed. Our friend, gentle, sincere and lovely, treads the paths of this world no more. The day after her marriage, she left the home of her father and went with her husband to the West, where they hoped to make them a new and happy home for years, but disease came, hoped were blighted and in one brief week the death Angel finished his work. She was a member of the Universalist Church in Belpre, a thoughtful, prudent and Christian woman. Her memory is blessed. Signed: J.W.M.

Died: In the hospital in Gallipolis, May 20, 1864, ____ B. Wright. [Memorial poem follows.]

Friday, Jul 1, 1864

Died: In Marietta Township, June 24, 1864 [check date], Jane Hadley, daughter of William Hadley, aged 3. [Age might be 2 years.]

Friday, Jul 8, 1864

Married: On the 28th of June, 1864, in Lane Seminary Chapel, at Walnut Hills, by Professor D.H. Allen, D.D., his daughter, Sarah H. Allen to Rev. John Mills Kendrick, formerly of Marietta, and now of Bass Islands, Lake Erie.

Married: In Marietta, July 3, 1864, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Henry Wells and Mrs. Agnes Martin.

Married: June 23, 1864, by Rev. G. Schulz, Wm. L. Theiss, of this city, and Miss Caroline Cook, of Muskingum.

Married: July 4, 1864, J.A. Woods, of Iowa, and Miss E.L. Hill, daughter of Daniel Hill, of Salem.

Died: At Point of Rocks, Va., June 23, 1864, of measles, Charles Humiston, of Watertown, Company I, 148th O.N.G., aged 40. He was buried at Watertown on the 30th.

Died: In this city, July 2, Ryland Waldo Delong, son of Charles and Sarah S. Delong, in his 9th year.

Died: In Fearing, June 29, at the residence of her son, Mrs. Frances Angier, aged 75, a native of Dighton, Massachusetts.

Died: Near Big Shanty Station, Ga., on June 19, 1864, Nathan P. King, son of Abel and Mary King, of Decatur township, aged 17. He was a young man of energy and a true patriot, the youngest of four brothers in the army, joining Company K, 39th Ohio Veterans last winter. He was shot through the head on the evening of the 18th and survived about twelve hours. In his death, we lose a true friend and a noble soldier. Signed: A.H. McT.

Tribute of Respect from Bartlett Lodge, No. 203, F.&A.M., for Samuel Morland, O.S., in the 92nd Regiment, O.V.I.

Friday, Jul 15, 1864

Marriage License: July 6 to Joseph Gracy, of West Va., and Elizabeth Truman, of Marietta.

Marriage License: July 6 to Henry S. Perry and Rebecca Barnhart, both of Union.

Marriage License: July 8 to Isaiah Courcey, of Belmont county, and Emily Smith, of Grandview.

Marriage License: July 11 to Joseph W. Bumgardner, of West Va., and Margaret E. Wallace of Marietta.

Married: [July] 11th, by Rev. P. Cook, Mr. Joseph W. Bumgardner, of Wood county, West Va., and Miss Margaret E. Wallace, of Marietta.

Married: June 30, by Rev. Seth Gates, Mr. Paul Paulk and Pamelia Fairbanks, of Fairfield.

Died: At Beverly, July 10, 1864, Mrs. Rebecca Kehoe, aged 80.

Died: June 24, 1864, at Pulaski, Tenn., of flux, Lieut. Richard D. Mason, son of Adolphus and Betsey Mason, in the 27th year of his age. The deceased was born in the village of Lowell, Washington county, Ohio, where he resided until the year 1862. In October of that year, he enlisted under Capt. John Williamson, as 2nd Lieut., Co. B, 9th O.V.C. His regiment was at the siege of Knoxville and in many other sharply contested engagements and long and weary marches. In the death of the subject of this notice, there is a sadness which casts a gloom over his many friends and associates. Like many of our noble young men, impelled by a sense of duty to his country’s call, he buckled on his armor and marched forth to fight the battles of his country’s liberty. Alas! but to die upon the altar of our country - ‘tis but gain. For many years he has been the idol and pride of a large number of associates who had been drawn around him by the kind and noble spirit which he possessed. But it is for us to write his praise, for it is engraved in letters of golf upon the tables of stone of the hearts of all that knew him. After exposures and fatigue, endured through long marches, he obtained a leave of absence for twenty days, and sought the home of his childhood, where he received the blessings and kind greetings of his grateful people. As an evidence of loyalty and devotion, he took to himself a wife, but only to remain for a brief period when he must turn from his birth place to the seat of his official duties in the army. He was taken ill. Suffering for a short time he calmly bowed to the will of the Universal Master, and when he arrived on the brink of the river of death, he met the terror nobly and cheerfully. And now, as the sad tidings of his death wafts in us, a void is felt which cannot be relieved. Weep not for him, friends, his name is now written in water but on the pages of glory in the history of our country’s redemption. Mourn not for the lost - the blighting hand of time may sever some of the delicate threads, but it cannot divide the silken cords which bind our country to her martyrs. [See issue of May 27, 1864 for marriage on May 12, 1864, of Lieut. Mason and Miss L.M. Shepard.]

Friday, Jul 22, 1864

Married: July 16, 1864, by George M. Woodbridge, Esq., Hiram Beebe and Miss Hannah A. Wallace, both of Watertown.

Died: Killed, June 26, 1864, at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, by a rebel sharp-shooter, Henry M. Smith, Co. D, 63rd Ohio, son of Stephen Smith, of Harmar, aged 21.

Died: In this city, Sunday, July 17, 1864, Lucy A. Medlicott, youngest daughter of Graydon and Hester Medlicott, aged 19. [Memorial thoughts and poem follow.]

Died: At Sweet Sulphur Springs, Va., June 24, 1864, Corporal C.J. Pewthers, Co. F, 2nd Va. Cavalry, aged 34. His life was another sacrifice laid on the altar of his country. In his death, Liberty has lost one of its most faithful defenders, his regiment a brave and daring soldier, his family a kind son and affectionate husband, and the community a good citizen. Modest and retiring, he sought not worldly honors, but strove like a true man to perform every duty. He served his country long and faithfully, and when called upon to lay down his life for the freedom he had striven so earnestly to perpetuate, he yielded it without a murmur, rejoicing that he could die in such a noble cause. Though his friends are drinking the bitter cup of sorrow to the very dregs, they mourn not as those without hope. They know that their loss is his gain, that the patriot soldier died as the Christian dies. Gladly did he obey the summons of his divine Master. He was ready to enter into that “perfect rest,” prepared for the children of God. Though bowed down with sorrow, we look forward in bright anticipation of the resurrection morn when there will be no more parting with loved friends, no tears, no sorrow, but when all will be once more united, an unbroken ______ in Heaven.

Friday, Jul 29, 1864

Born: In Rainbow, July 24, 1864, a daughter to R.N. Cole.

Married: July 6, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Joseph Gracy and Elizabeth Thurman, both of Wood county, West Va.

Married: July 22, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Robert Howard and Rebecca J. Miller, both of this county.

Married: July 27, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Isaac J. Dickerson and Elvira Turner, both of Woods county, West Va.

Died: In a hospital at Nashville, Tenn., July 17, 1864, David Wright, Co. G, 92nd O.V.I. He was in the battles of Chicamauga and Mission Ridge. Near Marietta, Ga., a short time since, while building breast works, he was wounded in the heel by a minie ball. Amputation and death followed. He was a fine young man and much respected. Sergt. R.S. Wright (a brother) died about two months ago.

Friday, Aug 5, 1864

Married: On the 15th of July, at the home of Mr. Fawcett, by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, Mr. Julius E Chamberlain to Miss Josephine Moore, both of Marietta.

Died: Corporal William Henry Cutter, Co. B, 77th Regiment, O.V.I., killed in the battle of Jenkins’ Ferry on the Saline River, Arkansas, April 30, 1864. Corporal Cutter was the son of Lewis J. Cutter, Esq., of Union Township, and was born October 26, 1837. He enlisted in the 77th Ohio, in December 1861, and was with the regiment in all its engagements previous to his death. He was in the battles of Shiloh, Fallen Timbers, Bayou Meteor, Little Rock and in all of the other skirmishes and engagements that the regiment took part in. In the expedition to Holly Springs, Miss., in June 1862, he, accompanied by one of his comrades, was sent in advance to ascertain whether any rebel soldiers were in the town. The streets were lined on both sides by rebel citizens. As the two entered,, the rebels said to them, “You are very weak this morning,” to which Corporal Cutter replied,, “We are stronger in the rear,” of which the rebels were soon convinced. In December 1863, while at Little Rock, Ark, he re-enlisted as a veteran volunteer. On the 3rd of March, 1864, the regiment left Camp Dennison for Little Rock. On the 23rd of the same month, it left Little Rock in Gen. Steele’s expedition to Red River. The expedition reached Camden, Ark., April 15th, but on account of Gen. Banks’ defeat on the Red River, Gen. Steele had to fall back to Little Rock. The rebels pressed him closely on his retreat, and he reached the Saline River on the evening of April 29. He was attacked by the rebels early the next morning, while laying his pontoons across the river, the engagement lasting about seven hours. It was in this battle that Corporal Cutter fell while nobly defending the Flag of his county. In his death, Liberty has lost one of its most faithful defenders, his regiment a brave and daring soldier, his parents a kind son and his brothers and sisters a kind brother. The only object he had in view when he first enlisted and when he re-enlisted as a Veteran was faithfully to serve his country while God gave him health and life to do so.

Friday, Aug 12, 1864

Married: On the 7th [of Aug], Wm. H. Sprague and Sarah M. Sprague, both of Coal Run.

Married: In Lebanon, July 10th, by Rev. Prof. Downer, of Granville, Rev. L.G. Leonard, D.D., formerly of Marietta, to Miss Amanda Dey of Lebanon.

Married: August 3, by Rev. F.S. Thurston, James C. Davis, of Athens, to Miss Maggie Dunham, of Watertown.

Married: July 31st, by John Haddow, J.P., Edwin Crewson and Elizabeth Julien, all of Barlow.

Married: In Racine, Meigs county, July 28, by Rev J.D. Leonard, Jasper Boner, of Noble county, and Miss Mary R. Leonard, of Racine.

Married: July 31st, by J.D. James, J.P., Jacob Unger, of Aurelius, and Jane Montgomery, of Salem.

Died: In this city, August 9, 1864, Julia Harte, daughter of R.E. Harte, aged 9 years.

Died: In Canandaigua, N.Y., Mrs. Mary Frances Mugridge, wife of D.S. Mugridge of Chicago, and daughter of the late J.O. Cram of this city. [See Aug 25, 1864 for obituary.]

Died: In Cincinnati, August 10, 1864, Mrs. Alice E. Wesselman, wife of F.H. Wesselman and daughter of Hugh Brenan of this city.

Died: In Harmar, Sunday, July 25, 1864, Sallie Collier, daughter of Wm. H. and Cornelia M. Crawford, aged seven months and four days.

Thursday, Aug 25, 1864 [Note: With this issue, the Register moved from Friday publication to Thursday.]

Married: On the 11th [of Aug], by Rev. E.W. Kirkham, at the house of Mr. Fawcett, W.W. Discon to Miss Elizabeth P. Wilson, both of Athens county.

Married: On the 23rd [of Aug], by Re. E.W. Kirkham, Marcellus Edlen and Elizabeth E. Smith, both of Parkersburg, West Va.

Married: On the 24th [of Aug], by John Test, J.P., William Seevers and Marietta Carr, both of Newport.

Died: Aug 14, at his residence in Fearing after a long and painful illness, John Collins, aged 63.

Died: In Canandaigua, N.Y., Aug. 11, 1864, Mrs. Mary Frances Mugridge, wife of D.W. Mugridge, of Chicago, and daughter of the late J.O. Cram, of this city. Few have passed away from among us, the circumstances of whose death have aroused more wide-felt sympathy in the community than the deceased. The playmates of her childhood, her schoolmates, her chosen friends of later years, are with us, and while all know her, many esteemed and loved her. It is not a year since she left us, a bride to reside in a northern city. As we thought of her in her new home, it was of one in full health and vigor, with the promise of years of life. Suddenly we were startled by the intelligence that a severe and perhaps fatal illness had seized her, that mother and sisters had been summoned to her bedside; then that they had reached her, but that the physician, fearful of the result of excitement, could not permit them to see her, and that thus excluded, they were to await the crisis of her disease, but as soon as all hope of recovery was abandoned, they should at once be admitted to her room and might remain with her to the last. Another telegram, hope is abandoned and her friends are watching her last moments. Another - Death has conquered and her remains are to be brought at once to be buried here. Soon after her arrival at Chicago, Mrs. Mugridge connected herself with the Church of Christ. A lady of that city, who had learned to love the newcomer, assured her friends that she was much impressed as she listened to the relation of her religious experience which [was] examined before her admission to the church. Her frankness, her earnestness, her evident realization of the solemnity of the occasion, the fact evident to all, that she was telling what indeed had been her heart...[remainder is illegible.]

Thursday, Sep 1, 1864

Born: In this city, August 21, a son to A.R. Darrow. [Poem follows]

Married: In Harmar, August 30, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr.Loyd Boman and Miss Mary Jackson, both of Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Married: August 25, 1864, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., James M. Sayres and Miss Alice Carpenter, all of Dunham.

Married: Aug. 28, 1864, Isaac Newton, of Morgan county, and Mrs. Cemantha Humiston, of Waterford.

Married: August 25, 1864, Geo. W. Marvin and Elizabeth Montgomery, both of Harmar.

Married: Tuesday evening, Aug. 16, 1864, by Rev. John Boyd, Lieut. Theodore G. Field, of the Pierpoint Battery, to Miss Henrietta L. Medlicott, daughter to Graydon Medlicott, Esq., of this city.

Married: In this city, August 30, 1864, Jonas. M. Phillips to Elizabeth H. Vinton, daughter of Thomas A. Vinton.

Died: In Marietta, August 27, 1864, Lindley Vickers, son of Jesse Vickers, aged 17 years and 2 months.

Died: In this city, August 27, 1864, Mrs. Betsey Russell, widow of the late John Russell, Esq., of Union township, aged 92.

Died: At Cutler Station, M.&C.R.R., after a tedious illness of one year of cancer in the left breast, Bridget M. Carroll, wife of John G. Carroll, aged 45 years.

Died: At City Point, Va., Samuel Earl Gorham, Company H, 148th O.N.G., in his 41st year. The death of Mr. Gorham was caused by the explosion of the ordnance boat at that place, August 9, 1864. He was a native and a respected citizen of Dunham township in this county. The owner and occupant of a small farm, his ambition was so to live as to merit and enjoy the confidence of his neighbors and the consciousness of having done his duty to his family, friends, and country. And he did not fail. Both as civilian and soldier, he did his duty. His loss is sincerely deplored by a large circle of friends. Signed: J.J.H.

Died: In this city, August 18, 1864, Gertrude Ione Porter, daughter of George and Anna P. Porter, aged 4 years and 5 months. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: August 10th, at the residence of Nathaniel Hambleton, of typhoid fever, Mary E. Hambleton, aged 17 years, 9 months and 12 days. Mary, naturally amiable and gentle, was beloved by those who knew her. For several months past, she manifested an increased interest in the study of the Bible and attention to religious duties. Early in her painful illness, she was much in prayer and desired the prayers of all Christians. The Monday night before her death she was very happy and sang several hymns, as “Jesus, Lover of my Soul,” and “Give me Jesus.” She had no fear of death, her only regret being that she had not always lived a Christian. She urged her parents to meet her in Heaven and she hoped to die shouting. And when the messenger came, her wish was granted, for with a smile of more than earthly radiance, she exclaimed, “Glory, glory, glory be to God,” and shortly after saying, “My God, how long? For evermore, evermore, evermore.” She passed from earth, as we

trust. to learn more fully in Heaven the lesson of praise begun here.

Thursday, Sep 8, 1864

Born: In this city, August 30, 1864, a daughter to Daniel G. Matthews.

Married: In Circleville, August 9, 1864, Alonzo P. Brigham, of Columbus, formerly of Marietta, to Miss Matilda E. Crouse, of Circleville.

Married: In Fearing, September 4, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. William P. Baker, of Harmar, and Miss Clara T. Dudley, of Fearing.

Died: In Racine, Wis., August 22, 1864, Anna Frances, infant daughter of James D. and Rebecca C. Sturges, of Chicago.

Died: Near Austin, Nevada Territory, June 29, 1864, Rufus S. Barker, of Newport, in this county, aged 46.

Thursday, Sep 15, 1864

Married: In Harmar, [Se[] 14th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. Wallace N. Payne, of the firm of W.F. Curtis & Co., Marietta, and Miss Mary S. Gates, of Harmar.

Married: At the U.S. Legation in Yeddo, Japan, June 9, 1864, by Rev. S.R. Brown, DeWitt Clinton Brower, Esq., of New York (formerly student in Marietta) to Miss Jennie N. Mann, of Ramsgate, England.

Married: In Marietta, September 7, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Samuel H. Pritchett and Miss Nancy Bowia, both of Independence.

Married: In Salem, September 1, 1864, by G.W. St. John, J.P., Henry L. Ward, of Noble county, and Miss Sarah E. Hall, of Salem.

Married: In Marietta, September 10, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Abraham McDonald and Miss Margaret Morse, both of Taylor county, West Va.

Died: In Watertown, [Sep] 12th, James Ross, Esq., aged about 50.

Died: In this city, on Tuesday, the 13th [of Sep], in the 27th year of his age, Capt. Arthur D. Eells, late of Co. H, 7th Ohio Cavalry. His funeral will be attended on Thursday, the 15th [of Sep], at 11 A.M., from the residence of his brother, J.M. Eells, on Putnam Street.

Thursday, Sep 22, 1864

Married: In Rockford, Ill., September 7, 1864, by Rev. Robert Collyer, of Chicago, Rev. F.M. Holland, of Marietta, to Miss Anna Bicknell, of Rockford.

Married: In Barlow, [Sep] 18th, by John Haddon, J.P., B.P. Morris, 92nd O.V.I., and Mary J. Plumley. [Check date, may be 13th.]

Married: On the 8th [of Sep], John Patterson, of Beverly, and Miss Harriet White, of New Lexington, Perry county.

Died: In this city, Tuesday, [Sep] 20th, George Willis Hall, son of T.F. Hall, aged 8 years. Funeral this (Thursday) afternoon at 3 o’clock.

Died: In Beverly, [Sep] 13th, Capt. John Jumper, formerly of Company F, 18th O.V.I., aged 33.

Died: In Waterford, [Sep] 13th, Soloman Gooden, of Company H, 92nd O.V.I., aged 26.

Thursday, Sep 29, 1864

Married: On the 27th [of Sep], by Rev. C.D. Curtis, Lieut. H. Clay Reppert, of Harmar, and Miss Anna Briggs, daughter of Dean Briggs, of Warren.

Married: On [Sep] 12th, by Rev. Francis Hartlett, Mr. Edwin H. Hine and Miss Adaline E. Frame, all of Coolville, Athens county.

Married: August 31, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. John S. Beach and Miss Alma M. Sprague.

Died: In Muskingum Township, September 14th, Mrs. Anne T. Wood, wife of Joseph Wood, formerly of Newburyport, Mass.

Died: In Barlow, O., September 23, 1864, of consumption, John H. Lawton, aged 42.

Thursday, Oct 6, 1864

Born: In jail, in Marietta, Sept. 29, 1864, a son to Mrs. Mary Steed, Mrs. Steed having been imprisoned for the past three months awaiting trial for the murder of the little son of John B. Dutton.

Married: In Harmar, at the parsonage, Sept. 29th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, William Wittekind and Miss Lucinda Thomas, both of Warren.

Married: On the 30th day of September, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Mr. John Watson, of Troy township, Athens county, and Mrs. Lydia Patterson of Decatur township, Washington township [sic].

Married: At Adams, on the 28th of September, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Mr. Robert B. Griggs and Miss Mary J. Smith.

Died: In the hospital, at Nashville, September 29, Benj. F. Snodgrass, of this city, in his 18th year.

Died: In Marietta township, September 29, 1864, John Kitchen, a native of England, and for forty-five years a resident of Ohio, aged 82.

Tribute of Respect: From the members of Company A, 36th Ohio Veterans in memory of Corporal Albert Henton, a member of the company, who was killed in the battle of Berryville, West Virginia, September 3rd, 1864.

Thursday, Oct 20, 1864

Married: At Maple Valley, Adams township, Oct. 12, 1864, by Rev. S. Siegfried, Mr. George T. Hovey, of Marietta, and Miss Julia M. Sprague.

Died: In Marietta, Oct. 11, 1864, of diphtheria, Maggie Belle Posey, youngest daughter of Henry and Susan Posey, aged 9 years, 3 months and 14 days.

Died: In Lawrence township, Sept. 30, 1864, Mrs. Rachel Clark, wife of Alexander Clark, Esq., in her 61st year.

Died: In Gallipolis, Oct. 1st Lilly M. Jackson, second daughter of George W. and Louisa Jackson, aged 21 months and 17 days - the eldest having died previously at Ironton. Also on the 10th, Mrs. Louisa Jackson, wife of Geo. W. Jackson, formerly of Winchester, Va., in her 31st year. Also on the 15th, Mrs. Alicia Jackson, mother of Geo. W. Jackson, formerly of this city, about 72.

Died: In Athens, Sept. 19, 1864, Mrs. Mary Pruden, wife of the late Hon. S.B. Pruden, in her 65th year.

Died: In Rainbow, Oct. 11, Mrs. A.R. Stacy, in the 45th year of her age. She died as she had lived - a Christian, industrious, affectionate, aiming to do all duties belonging to her in life, in death triumphant, rejoicing to go home. We would cheerfully submit to the wise orderings of the good Father knowing that our loss is her gain. Signed: J.W.M.

Thursday, Oct 27, 1864

Born: In this city, Oct. 20, 1864, a son to B.V.A. Miraben, named Leonidas Victor.

Married: On Monday evening, Oct. 24, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. J. Boyd, Mr. Joseph Dyar, of Rainbow, to Miss Fannie M, Kendrick, daughter of Prof. John Kendrick of this city.

Married: In Beverly, Sept. 28, 1864, Enos B. Reed, of Portsmouth, and Miss A.M. Seely, daughter of S.F. Seely, of Beverly.

Married: On the 13th [of Oct], by Rev. J.H. Hopkins, Mr. Edmund Keets, of Washington county, and Miss Martha Peoples, of Marion, Morgan Co.

Married: On the 20th [of Oct], by Rev. J.H. Hopkins, Mr. Hiram Rigg, of Benville, Jennings Co., Ind., and Mrs. Winnefried C. Moreland, of Cutler, this county.

Married: Sunday evening, [Oct] 16th, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Mr. George A. Cheney and Miss Ann Buck, all of this city.

Died: In Columbus, Oct. 17, 1864, Laura B. Greiner, wife of Hon. John Greiner, many years ago a resident of Marietta, aged 55.

Thursday, Nov 3, 1864

Married: On the 1st [of Nov], by Rev. P. Cook, George G. Hall, of Harmar, and Miss Lizzie White, daughter of Rev. J.H. White, of Newport.

Married: In Belpre, October 27, 1864, by Rev. C.D. Curtis, Mr. Asa Brookover and Miss Elizabeth Cram.

Married: November 2, 1864, by John Test, J.P., J.P. Andrew Webster and Rosanna Gossett, both of Watertown.

Died: In this city, October 28, 1864, Mrs. Rose Bruce, wife of Almer Bruce, in her 29th year.

Died: In this city, Friday afternoon, October 28, 1864, very suddenly, Elias Eveleigh, a native of England, but for many years a most worthy resident of Marietta, aged 68.

Died: October __, 1864, John Eddelston, son of Mrs. M. EddeLston, of Harmar, aged about 20. He was a member of the Pierpoint Battery, stationed at Alexandria, Va. His remains were brought home and last Sunday evening he was buried with military honors at the Mound Cemetery in this city. He was a good soldier. [Note: Date not given and surname is spelled both ways.]

Thursday, Nov 10, 1864

Married: Nov, 3rd, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, at Dr. Rucker’s, in Marietta, Rev. I.W. Cornelius, of Washington county, and Miss E.D. Dungan, of Covington, Va.

Married: On Sunday, the 6th day of November, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Barnabas Otis and Mrs. Harriet Snider, both of Marietta.

Married: October 18, 1864, by Rev. O.H. Newton, Mr. Douglas E. Newton, of Harmar, and Miss Jennie Moredock, of Hartford City, West Va. [Date may be Oct 13.]

Died: Memorial poem on the death of Samuel W. Scott, son of Samuel Scott, of Watertown, who died at Little Rock, Arkansas, March 31, 1864.

Thursday, Nov 17, 1864

Married: November 15th, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Edward D. Stone and Miss Elizabeth H. Putnam, youngest daughter of Wm. Pitt Putnam, both of Belpre.

Married: At the National House, November 9, 1864, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Howard Hallett, of Salem, and Miss Bettie Bell, of Lowell.

Married: November 1, 1864, by Rev. G.V. Fry, Daniel Brown and Miss Phebe E. Caywood, daughter of Jonathan Caywood, both of Fearing.

Married: November 8, 1864, in Marietta township, by Wm. Caywood, J.P., Thomas Whitney to Mrs. Rebecca Maxon.

Died: In Newport, November 5, 1864, Mrs. Ann White, wife of James White, aged 49.

Died: In Lowell, October 5, 1864, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Rebecca P. Bartmess, in her 57th year.

Died: In Lowell, September 17, 1864, Franklin Bartmess, youngest son of J.P. and N.J. Bartmess, aged 17 months.

Thursday, Nov 24, 1864

Married: On the 17th day of November, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Samuel Rodgers and Miss Frances Cherry, both of this city.

Married: On the 19th day of November, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Mr. James Davis and Miss Elizabeth Hutchinson, both of Marietta.

Married: At Chattanooga, Tenn., by Rev. R.C. Christy, Chaplain of the 78th Pa. Volunteers, Mr. Geo. C. Smith, of Boston, Mass., and Miss Fannie A. Shepard, of Harmar.

Married: In Reinersville, Morgan Co., at the residence of the bride’s father, Nov. 17, 1864, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Maj. T.S. Matthews, 2d Ohio Heavy Artillery, of Gallia Co., and Miss Fannie A. Chappelle.

Married: At the residence of Mr. John Nesperly, in Harmar, Thursday, Nov. 17th, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Mr. George Dare and Mrs. Annie E. Scott, of Warren.

Died: In Marietta township, Nov. 13, 1864, Charles Stephenson, aged about 25.

Died: In Albion, Marshall Co., Iowa, Nov. ___, 1864, Phinehas C. Keyes, aged 65. Mr. Keyes will be remember by many of the older readers of the Register as he came to Marietta with his parents from New England, and resided here several years. Forty years ago, he settled in Windsor, Morgan Co. Here he remained till the present season when he purchased what he regarded as a beautiful home in town. He had but just taken possession of his new residence when, after a painful sickness of five weeks, he was called away. He was a man of strong and energetic character, unwavering in the support of what he believed to be right. Making a profession of religion in the Congregational Church of Marietta, and after his removal to Morgan Co., uniting with the small Presbyterian Church at Big Bottom, of which he was an officer, he was ever known as a consistent and decided Christian. Though never having but limited pecuniary means, he sought for his children the advantages of education that should fit them for useful positions in society. One of his daughters was, for several years, a Missionary Teacher among the Choctaw Indians. Three of them are now the wives of clergymen. His three sons all living in different states enlisted in the army. One of them was the late Capt. Edwin Keyes, of the 116th Ohio, whose memory will be precious to many as that of a patriot and Christian. Though Mr. K. had so recently found so desirable a home for himself and though he felt that he had much to live for, yet, when the summons came, he felt that he had more to die for. The better land shone so winningly that he longed to depart. Not a cloud obscured his spirit’s vision. To all who saw him, his language was, “I’m almost home.”

Thursday, Dec 1, 1864

Married: On Tuesday, November 29, by Rev. J.F. Dilley, G.W. Chapman and Miss Mollie E. Riggs, all of Independence.

Married: At the American House, Beverly, O., on Sunday evening, November 6, by J.C. Preston, Esq., Mr. Henry A. Bishop, of Co. A, 36th O.V.I., and Miss Harriet E. McAtee.

Died: In South Framingham, Mass., Nov. 18, 1864, at the residence of her father, Martin Fay, Esq., Mrs. Carrie M. Wood, wife of Charles H. Wood, conductor on the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad, aged 27 years and 5 months.

Died: In Marietta township, Nov. 7, 1864, of spinal disease, Louisa J. Riley, daughter of Rev. J.D. Riley, aged 25 years and 6 days. “She sleeps in Jesus.”

Died: In Athens, November 18, 1864, Mrs. Lydia Martin, widow of the late Horace Martin, aged 68.

Thursday, Dec 8, 1864

Married: November 30, 1864, by Rev. Alex. Martin, D.D., Hon. Arthur I. Boreman, Governor of West Virginia, and Mrs. Lawrane Bullock, of Wheeling.

Died: At Cairo, Ill., November 23, 1864, Mary Birdie Robbins, aged 7 years, 1 month and 20 days, daughter of Rufus P. and Jane H. Robbins.

Died: In Fearing, on Saturday, November 26th, Edwin A. Young, youngest son of John and Jane M. Young, aged 5 years and 4 months and 4 days.

Tribute of Respect: From Members of Hall of Bartlett Lodge, No. 293, F.A.M., dated November 19, 1864, in memory of Milton O. Smith, “...who was among the first to fly to the rescue of our beloved country when her liberties were threatened and her flag insulted by traitors in arms; and who, after passing honorably and unscathed through the hardships and perils incident to three years continual warfare, finally yielding up his life at the bloody battle of Kenesaw Mountain, while nobly opposing his breast to the enemies of his country...” Mr. Smith was a member of Co. D, 39th Regiment, O.V.I.

Thursday, Dec 15, 1864

Married: By Rev. I.N. McAbee, December 3, 1864, Mr. S.G. Gould and Miss A.A. Robinson, both of Washington County, Ohio.

Thursday, Dec 22, 1864

Married: On Monday morning, Dec. 19th, by President I.W. Andrews, Mr. D.H. Ziegler, of Columbus, and Miss Gussie E. Hart, of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 20, 1864, by John Test, J.P., Mr. William Barnhart and Miss Felicity Beardsley, both of Muskingum township.

Thursday, Dec 29, 1864

Married: Dec. 20, 1864, by President I.W. Andrews, George H. Lord, Conductor on the M&C Railroad, to Miss Mary F. Newton, both of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 24, 1864, by Rev. J.C. McCoy, David D. Huntsman, of Harmar, and Mary J. Campbell, of Athens Co.

Died: In McConnelsville, Dec. 17, 1864, Mrs. Tompkins, widow of the late Hon. C.R. Tompkins, of that place.

Died: In Union, Nov. 26, 1864, Ida Maria Rhodes, youngest daughter of Joseph and Clarissa Rhodes, in her fourth year.

Thursday, Jan 5, 1865

Married: January 3rd, 1865, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Frederick Libun and Miss Elizabeth Wagner, both of Watertown.

Married: Dec. 29, 1864, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Mr. George Dye and Miss Sarah E. Snyder, both of Marietta.

Died: In Fairfield Township, Dec. 23, 1864, Clarrie Hanes, only child of John and Jane Hanes, aged one year and eight months. “Clarrie was bright as the sun, Now rests in Heaven, rest, dear child.”

Thursday, Jan 12, 1865

Married: Jan. 5, 1865, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Mr. Nestor Logan and Miss Virginia Cook, both of Parkersburg, West Va.

Married: In Salem, January 2, 1865, by Rev. W.F. Vertican, Mr. Cassius S. Haskett, of Noble county, to Miss Lydia A. Anderson, of Salem.

Married: In Adams township, January 5, 1865, by Charles A Boyd, J.P., Amos Wilson and Miss Angeline Owen.

Thursday, Jan 19, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Dec 29, 1864  Geo. W. Creighbaum and Catharine Hutchinson, both of Belpre.

            Dec 30            Wm. Carson and Elizabeth Jolly, both of Grandview.

            Jan 2, 1865     Cassius S. Haskett, of Noble county, and Lydia A. Anderson, of Salem.

            Jan 2               Wm. H. Zearing, of Warren, and Sylvania R. Hall, of Harmar.

            Jan 2               Amos Wilson, of Salem, and Angeline Owen, of Adams.

            Jan 2               Milton Lippincott and Lucinda Pugh, both of Ludlow.

            Jan 3               Frederick Liburn and Elizabeth Wagner, both of Watertown. [Surname of groom spelled both LIBUN and LIBURN in different issues.]

            Jan 3               Robert Cisler and Lizzie Wetz, both of Marietta.

            Jan 3               Samuel Meek, of Decatur, and Harriet Foster, of Belpre.

            Jan 3               John H. Murray and Parmelia D. Roland, both of Aurelius.

            Jan 4               J.J. Barr and Frances A. Henderson, both of Beverly.

            Jan 5               Nestor Logan and Virginia Cook, both of West Va.

            Jan 11             Jacob F. Schoonover and Martha Bellows, both of Belpre.

            Jan 17             Calvin Beaver and Catharine Campbell, both of Grandview.

            Jan 17             Richard J. Beebe, of Watertown, and Christiana Brabham, of Warren.

            Jan 17             Andreas Saleck and Christiana Bart, both of Grandview.

            Jan 17             James W. Wilt and Susan Brown, both of Marietta.

Married: On the 17th day of January, 1865, by John Test, J.P., Mr. James W. Wilt and Miss Susan Brown, both of Marietta.

Died: In Noble county, at the residence of his father, Jan. 10, 1865, Leroy D. Tilton, formerly of Union township, this county, aged 26.

Died: In Aurelius, Jan. 7, 1865, Isaac H. De Long, Sen., for forty-five years a resident of Washington county, aged ___.

Thursday, Jan 26, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Jan 18             Wm. Finley, of East Tennessee, and Catharine Morris, of Marietta.

            Jan 20             Frederick Miller and Sarah J. Buford, both of Lawrence.

            Jan 20             Isaac C. Clayton and Anna J. Graham, both of Wesley.

            Jan 21             Charles Brown and Magdalena Bruny, both of Liberty.

            Jan 21             Charles B. Miller and Charlotte L. Bishop, of Muskingum.

            Jan 24             Wm. Murphy and Sarah Howell, both of Grandview.

Married: On the 22nd, by Rev. F.M. Holland, Mr. Charles B. Miller to Miss Charlotte L. Bishop, daughter of Mrs. L.A.M. Bishop, of Harmar.

Married: On the 24th, by John Test, J.P., Mr. John Roberts and Mrs. Mary Ann Taylor, both of Liberty township.

Married: On the 11th day of January, 1865, by Daniel Campbell, J.P., Mr. George W. Creighbaum and Mrs. Catharine Hutchinson.

Married: On the 15th day of January, 1865, by Daniel Campbell, J.P., Mr. Jacob F. Schoonover and Miss Martha Bellows.

Died: In Decatur, December 26, 1864, P.A. Ballard, son of Z.B. Ballard, of disease contracted in the service, 148th O.N.G.

Thursday, Feb 2, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Jan 25             Wm. B. Montgomery, of Pennsylvania, and Artesia C. Penwell, of this county.

            Jan 26             Jonathan DeKator and Mary Davis, of Marietta.

            Jan 26             John Schilling and Elizabeth Snyder, of Adams.

            Jan 26             Edgar P. Pearce and Mary D. Ewart, of Marietta.

            Jan 28             Christian Boeshar and Catharine Wagner, of Salem.

            Jan 30             Jacob Johns and Emily Schaumm, of Muskingum.

            Jan 30             Henry Brownfield, of Independence, and Catharine Little, of Grandview.

            Jan 30             James West, of Monroe Co., and Anna M. Stoncking, of Lawrence township.


Married: January 26, 1865, by Rev. Wm. Pearce, Edgar P. Pearce, late Q.M. 77th Ohio Veterans, to Miss Mary D. Ewart, daughter of Hon. T.W. Ewart, all of this city.

Married: January 18th, 1865, by Rev. O.P. Stevens, Mr. Wm. H. Sheets, of Newport, to Miss Sallie M. Cartmell, of Catawba, Ohio.

Married: On Dec. 21, 1864, by W.P. Gamble, J.P., Mr. John Tibbles to Miss Caroline Johnson, all of Decatur.

Died: In Zanesville, Jan. 22, 1865, Thomas J. Dare, a native of Marietta, aged 52.

Thursday, Feb 9, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Feb 1               Jacob Placer, of West Va., and Julia A. Salsbury, of Grandview.

            Feb 1               James Fisher, of Wood county, West Va., and Mary J. McCauley.

            Feb 3               John Baldwin, of Newport, and Mary Drucy, of Warren.

            Feb 4               Gamaliel Fairbanks, of Fairfield, and Alvina C. Wright, of Watertown.

            Feb 4               Thomas McCoy, of Newport, and Emma M. Herland, of Monroe county.

            Feb 4               George J. Bartmess, of Marietta, and Marian Young, of Fearing. [See issue of May 6, 1866 for death of a son born to Mr. and Mrs. Bartmess.]

Married: On the 7th day of February, 1865, at the residence of Jesse Vickers, by John Test, J.P., Mr. William Berry and Miss Mary S. Vickers, both of Marietta.

Thursday, Feb 16, 1865

Married: February 2nd, at Woodland Cottage, of the Acme Oil Co., by Rev. F.W. Vertican, Mr. Wm. B. Montgomery and Miss Artitia C. Penwell.

Married: Feb. 9th, by Rev. F.W. Vertican, Lieut. Chas. J. Egler, of Macksburg, Washington Co., O., and Miss Margaret Keller, of Noble Co., O.

Thursday, Feb 23, 1865

Married: February 19th, 1865, by E.T. Parsons, J.P., Mr. Peter Risden and Miss Mary Moore, both of Vincent.

Married: February 19th, 1865, by Rev. Levi L. Fay, Mr. Abijah Moore, of Newport, and Miss Harriet Ann Campbell, of Lawrence.

Died: Near Renrock, Noble County, February 3rd, Mary A. Reed, aged 19 and February 5th, Melissa J. Reed, each of typhus fever, after an illness of only two days, daughters of Thomas B. and Mary Reed.

Died: In Janesville, Wisconsin, February 7, 1865, Mrs. Mary F. Whiton, wife of Henry K. Whiton, Esq., and only daughter of Caleb B. Phinney, Esq., of Lee, Mass., in her 33rd year.

Died: February 14, 1865, of consumption, at the residence of Dr. Branson, in Chesterfield, Morgan Co., Dr. S.C. Vanlaw, formerly of Plymouth, this county, aged about 37.

Died: In Marietta Township, on Wednesday, January 25, 1865, Johnson Bean, Deacon of the Valley Church. His funeral was attended on Thursday, the 26th, by a large number of relatives and friends of the bereaved family. Mr. Bean was born in Lower Canada, on the__ day of August, 1818, but his parents removed while he was an infant, to Vermont, in which State he spent his youth and early manhood. The family then removed to Massachusetts and he was, for some years, Warden of the penitentiary at Boston. While there, his attention became especially engaged in the salvation of the Gospel, and he was made a happy subject of regenerating grace. At first he united with the Methodist denomination. But on a more careful study of God’s word, arriving at a clearer understanding of the teachings and practices of the Gospel, he joined the Baptist Church. By whom he was baptized, or into what Church he was first received on fellowship, is not known to the present writer. About thirteen years ago, he came to Washington county, Ohio, as contractor [sic] on the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad. He, not long after, united with the Baptist Church of Marietta of which Rev. L.G. Leonard was then Pastor. He settled on a farm about six miles up the Ohio from Marietta where, at the time, there was no church and very few religious privileges and often was he heard expressing his solicitude for the religious interests of the community in which his lot was cast. He enlisted the members of the Marietta Church to form a Sabbath School in the neighborhood and that opened the way for the successful labors of Rev. J.S. Dawson, and a revival was enjoyed and a church organized. To that Church he removed his membership and became its principal member, giving it his care and time and means, and ready and solicitous, by every means in his power, to promote its interests and help the cause of Christ through its instrumentality. Not long since, when business in which he had engaged promised success and good profits, he spoke of the facilities which he hoped to possess of helping the cause and sustaining the Gospel in his neighborhood as a chief motive to his efforts. But he has gone at the age of forty-seven, in the vigor of manhood, in the midst of his usefulness and just when his prospects in life were brightening. He left a widow and three children - one of whom, a daughter, will doubtless follow him to the grave before this appears in print.. Another, a son, was some time since taken prisoner while in his country’s service and probably knows nothing of his loss. Mr. Bean will be missed exceedingly in every circle where he moved. He was active, energetic, practical, of sound judgment, kind-hearted, and deservedly esteemed by all who knew him. A breach is made in the Church which seems irreparable. God by his spirit alone can repair it. How mysterious are such providences. His disease was typhoid. He was delirious most of the time after he came to his bed. Once, in a lucid interval, he looked smilingly upward and said, “Home, Sweet Home!” But seeing his wife in tears, he fixed his eyes upon her and gave no further expression to the vision before him. But doubtless his mind was on his home in heaven. And to that heavenly home we are permitted to trust he has gone, to mingle with the blessed family there, in that presence where “there is fullness of joy forevermore,” and to enjoy “the rest which remaineth for the people of God.”

Died: In Marietta Township, on Monday, the 20th, Emma Bean, aged fifteen years and six months, daughter of Johnson Bean, the subject of the preceding obituary. So soon Emma follows her father!

Thursday, Mar 2, 1865

Married: February 23, 1865, by William P. Gamble, J.P., Mr. Amos Johnson and Miss Deleska Ann Tibbles, all of Decatur.

Married. February 23, 1865, by Rev. W.S. Benner, Mr. Edward Anderson and Miss Jane Porter, both of the western part of this county.

Died: In Harmar, February 16, 1865, Mrs. Emma L. Hart, wife of Dr. Seth Hart, and daughter of James Hiett, of Briscoe Run, West Va.

Thursday, Mar 9, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Feb 7               Wm. Berry and Mary S. Vickers, both of Marietta township.

            Feb 8               J.J. Farnsworth, of West Va., and Pamela R. Mass.

            Feb 13             Frederick Lucas and Kate Opp, both of Marietta.

            Feb 14             Peter Risben and Mary Moore, both of Barlow.

            Feb 14             Henry Butter, of Grandview, and Nancy Ellen Donley, of Newport.

            Feb 14             Robert Hawkins and Arabel Perdew, both of Warren.

            Feb 14             Geo. Seber, of Salem, and Charlotte Sayler, of Fearing.

            Feb 17             Abijah Moore, of Newport, and Harriet A. Campbell, of Lawrence.

            Feb 18             Jacob Groskloss, of Aurelius, and Phebe Gearhart of Marietta.

            Feb 18             John Griffith, of Muskingum, and Mary Jane Rumbold, of Harmar.

            Feb 20             Edward Anderson and Jane Porter, of Warren.

            Feb 21             Jacob Miller, of Cincinnati, and Anna C. Wolf, of Marietta.

            Feb 22             Herman Menge and Lucinda Springer, both of Grandview.

            Feb 23             Charles Knogle and Wilhemina Bobmer [ck spelling], both of Grandview.

            Feb 23             Valentine Apple and Selina Miller, both of Warren.

            Feb 23             J.H. Badenschatz, of Liberty, and Sophia Cline, of Marietta.

            Feb 27             Anthony Wildt, of Parkersburg, and Mary Kaller, of Marietta.

            Mar 1              Henry Smith, of Athens, and Catharine S. Pierce, of Marietta.

            Mar 1              Lewis Hays and Irena B. Smith, both of Marietta.

            Mar 1              James Heslop, of Liberty, and Jane Douglas, of Marietta.

            Mar 1              Samuel Putnam and Margaret Hollen, both of Warren.

            Mar 2              James Hadley and Nancy Smith, both of Marietta.

            Mar 2              Wilson Dixon and Nancy Shires, both of Waterford.

            Mar 3              Charles McAllister and Cassandra Burk, both of Newport.

            Mar 6              James E. Ross and Nancy Ann Griffith, both of Warren.

            Mar 7              Delaware McCoy and Martha Butler, both of Barlow.

Married: Mar 1, 1865, by R.T. Miller, Esq., Mr. Lewis Hays and Miss Irene R. Smith, both of Marietta township.

Married: On Tuesday, Feb. 28, in Harmony, Ohio, by Rev. Dr. Howard, Hiram C. Martin, Esq., and Miss Kate, youngest daughter of the late Hon. S.B. Pruden.

Thursday, Mar 23, 1865

Born: March 8, 1865, in Champaign Co., Illinois, a daughter to Mrs. S.F. Hovey, formerly of this county.

Married: On the 21st, at the Marshall House, in this city, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Mr. William Shields and Miss Emma J. Lane, all of this city.

Married: At the Methodist parsonage, in Hagerstown, Md., on the 20th, by the Rev. G.W. Heyde, Mr. W.H.G. Hall, of Marietta, to Miss L.A. Rudy, of Frankstown, Md.

Died: At Newport, on Wednesday, the 8th, of disease contracted in the service of his country, William W. Wood, formerly of the 1st Ohio Cavalry, aged 21 years. He died in the hope of the Gospel.

Died: In Muskingum precinct, March 11th of a lingering illness, Mrs. Marietta Hill, wife of Prescott Hill, aged 21 years, 1 month.

Died: In Kansas City, Mo., March 8th, Emily Belle Case, only remaining child of Theodore S. and Julia M. Case, aged 6 years and 6 months.

Thursday, Mar 30, 1865

Married: On the 16th, by Rev. G. Shulz, Mr. Henry Oesterle and Miss Rebecca Weber, all of this city.

Married: At Lowell, on the 22nd, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Mr. James Hall and Miss Francis [sic] C. Whaiff.

Married: At Marietta House, in this city, on the 17th, by John Test, J.P., Mr. F.H. McClane, 25th O.V.I., and Miss Elizabeth Seevers, of Newport township.

Died: At Greenupsburg, Ky., on Friday, March 17th, of erysipelas, after an illness of 11 days, Louis D. Ross, Esq., of that place, aged 53 years, 10 months and 20 days.

Thursday, April 6, 1865

Married: On the 23rd of March, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, Mr. Benjamin F. Elston, to Miss Mary E. Coomes, both of Marietta.

Married: In Aurelius, at the residence of James Dutton, March 25th, by G.W. St. John, J.P., Mr. E.G. Gilbert, of the State of Massachusetts, and Miss Mary A. Davis, of Aurelius.

Married: In this city, March 30, 1865, by Rev. E. Adkins, Mr. Elijah Locker, of Harmar, and Miss Elizabeth Henton, of Marietta.

Married: In Marietta township, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. E. Adkins, Lieut. Charles P. Wilson, of Indianapolis, late Adjutant, 2nd North Carolina Mounted Infantry, to Miss Almira Hollister, daughter of Sereno Hollister, Esq.

Married: April 3, 1865, by Joseph Palmer, J.P., Mr. E.J. Douglas, of this county, and Miss Eveline Stevens, of Ripley, Ohio.

Died: In Harmar, on the 2nd, of consumption, Miss Rebecca D. Stone, daughter of Col. Augustus Stone.

Died: In Cincinnati, April 3, 1865, Mary P. Rosseter, infant daughter of Rev. W.D. and Mrs. M.L. Rosseter, aged 17 months.

Died: In Champaign Co., Ill., March 13th, an infant daughter of S.P. and O.C. Hovey, aged five days.

Died: On the 7th of March, of lung fever, Willard Grant, second son and fourth child of Jane D. and Charles Rowland, of Newport, Washington county, Ohio, aged 11 months. [Lengthy memorial poem follows.]

Died: At Nashville, last July, of a wound received in the service of his country, at Marietta, Georgia, Mr. David Wright, son of Mr. William Wright, of Tunnel Station, Warren township. The body was brought home for final internment and funeral services were attended by a large number of sympathizing friends of the family being present, on Sunday, March 26, 1865. This is the third son of the family who has fallen in our country’s service.

Thursday, Apr 13, 1865

Married: In this city, on the morning of April 6, by the father of the bride, assisted by Rev. Thomas Wickes, D.D., Capt. William Holden, A.Q.M., of Philadelphia, to Miss Sarah Hyde, eldest daughter of President I.W. Andrews, of Marietta College.

Married: April 8th, in Watertown, by E.T. Parsons, J.P., Charles McAtee and Miss Rosanna Hartshorn, all of this county.

Married: April 2, 1865, by J.T. Hill, J.P., Thomas Broom and Miss Eunice Gatrell, all of Newport.

Died: On the 6th, in Belpre, George Dana, Sen., aged about 75 years. He was, we believe, the oldest surviving native of this county, born within a year or two after the first settlement of Ohio.

Died: In Cincinnati, April 6, 1865, William C. Gray, aged 23, son of William I. Gray, formerly of Marietta. His remains arrived here for burial last Saturday night.

Thursday, Apr 20, 1865

Married: At the residence of the bride’s father, in Abingdon, Ill., March 30, 1865, by Rev. D.R. Thomas, Mr. Paul Fearing, formerly of Harmar, and Miss Lou Bassett, both of Abingdon.

Married: On the 12th, by Rev. P. Cook, Mr. Joseph C. Dotson and Miss Aura E. Smith, both of Marietta township.

Died: April 5, 1865, at the residence of her son, Daniel Oaks, at Newbury, Belpre township, Mrs. Susan Oaks, aged 93 years.

Thursday, Apr 27, 1865

Born: March 14, 1865, to John and Mary Swift, a daughter.

Married: At the residence of the bride’s father, in Upper Alton, Ill., April 10 [date not clear], 1865, by the Rev. D. Read, D.D., Mr. William H. Storrs, of Marietta, Ohio, and Miss Mary A. Stewart.

Married: On the 25th, by Rev. I.N. Carman, Mr. Robert L. Haskell to Mrs. Sarah E. Bruce, all of Marietta.

Died: In this city, April 25, 1865, James D. Curtis. [See issue of May 11, 1865 for fraternal order Tribute of Respect.]

Thursday, May 4, 1965

Marriage Licenses:

            Apr 19            James Sullivan and Mary Cauley, both of Ludlow.

            Apr 24            James M. Ullum, of Independence, and Sarah Ann Reese, of Ludlow.

            Apr 27            James R. Kidd and Mary Foster, both of Salem.

            Apr 28            Francis M. Watkins, of West Virginia, and Mary C. Flinn, of Decatur.

            Apr 29            Andrew Lee and Mary Charleston, both of Independence.

            Apr 29            Martin Wilson, of Warren, and Lucinda Gosset, of Watertown.

            Apr 29            Adam Miller, of Harmar, and Barbara Ann Wells, of Marietta.


Married: On the 30th of April, 1865, by Joseph Palmer, J.P., Mr. James R. Kidd and Mrs. Mary Foster, both of Salem township.

Died: In McConnelsville, April 15, 1865, Mrs. Susan Hanna, wife of Hon. John E. Hanna, in her 62nd year.

Thursday, May 11, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            May 3             E.J. Chrisman, of Pennsylvania, and Rena M. Rummer, of Lowell.

            May 4             Joseph Lawrence and Catherine Rider, both of Marietta.

            May 4             James Coen and Susan Cime, both of Liberty.

            May 6             Hugh O’Neal and Ann E. Crane, both of Marietta.

            May 6             P.B. Cunningham, of Noble county, and Amelia A. Crane, of Harmar.

            May 8             Jason Stubbs and Philia A. Hunter, both of Belpre.

Married: In Harmar, on the 7th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. P.B. Cunningham, of Noble county, and Miss Amelia A. Crane, of Harmar.

Died: In this city, April 27th, 1865, Willie Bion, son of A.D. and Rebecca Payne, aged 3 months.

Tribute of Respect: In memory of P.G. James D. Curtis, signed by the Odd Fellows.

Thursday, May 18, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            May 9             Isaac Hull, of Guernsey county, and Rachel Hanson, of Wesley.

            May 10           George Vanwey and Lucy A. _____ [name illegible], both of Newport.

            May 10           Frank B. Westgate and Anna Liner, both of Marietta.

            May 10           Benjamin Racer and Mary J. Buell, both of Marietta township.

            May 16           James W. Harris and Rutha J. Shears, both of Warren.

            May 17           Warren G. Wilson, of Beverly, and Josephine Powers, of Waterford township.


Married: In Marietta, May 9, 1865, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Benjamin Racer and Miss Mary J. Buell.

Married: On the 18th of April [check date], at the Marshall House, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Mr. J.F. Leap and Miss Sarah P. Hutchinson.

Married: On the 10th, at the residence of Capt. Blasdel, in t his city, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Mr. Frank B. Westgate and Miss Anna Liner.

Died: In Philadelphia, May 11th, Henry Clarke Rogers, many years ago a resident of Marietta, ____ of Fifth and Washington Sts., aged 83 years. [Write-up is barely legible.]

Died: At the residence of his grandfather, Junia Jennings, of this city, April 24th, of inflammation of the brain, ____ Jennings, youngest son of the late Robert M. Jennings of Cairo, Ill., aged 20 months. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, May 25, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            May 17           George Wilcoxen and Eliza Tharp, both of Athens county.

            May 17           John Zumbro and Louisa J. Hass, both of Wesley.

            May 17           Benjamin P. Bailey, of Massachusetts, and Jane E. McElroy, of Marietta.

            May 18           William Jones and Mary E. Drake, both of Independence.

            May 18           Ephraim Cooper and Luar Pitts [check spelling], both of Warren.

Married: In Cincinnati, April 27, 1865, Charles W. Bowen, of Centreville, Iowa, formerly of Waterford, this county, to Miss Annie Boyles, of Cincinnati.

Died: In this city, at the residence of A.T. Nye, May 22nd, 1865, of paralysis, Mr. Joseph Lovell, aged 38, son of the late Joseph Lovell, of Charleston, West Va., and Mrs. ___ W. Lovell.

Died: In this city, May 18, 1865 [check date], Henry Rodick, Sen., in his 73rd year. Mr. Rodick came from Oldenburg, Germany, fourteen years ago. He was a soldier, in his young days, in the army of Napoleon. He was a quiet citizen and a most excellent man.

Thursday, Jun 1, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            May 23           N.D. Hayward, of Waterford, and Eliza Bartlett, of Muskingum

            May 24           S.W. Dicks, of Marietta, and Louisa Rivenburg, of West Virginia

            May 24           William Day, of Noble county, and Margaret Dolman

            May 25           Robert Criswell, of West Virginia, and Eliza A. McKinney, of Ohio.

            May 27           Andrew B. Forrest and Anna M. Athey, both of Lawrence

            May 27           James A. Johnson and Jane Ingraham, both of Salem

            May 30           Thomas J. Conner, of Newport, and Miss Belle M. Dye, of Lawrence

Married: In Waterford, May 31, 1865, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, Mr. Warren G. Wilson, of Beverly, and Miss Josephine Powers, daughter of W.H. Powers.

Married: May 28, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Mr. S.W. Dicks and Miss Louisa Rivenburg.

Married: May 25, by John Test, J.P., Robert Criswell, of Wood Co., West Va., and Miss Eliza Ann McKinney, of Meigs Co., Ohio.

Married: April 30, 1865, at Cape Girardeau, Missouri, by Rev. O. Brien, Chap. 17th Illinois Cavalry, Mr. Charles F. Nellis, U.S. Navy, of Bridgeport, Alabama, to Miss Annie Sophia Kaha, of the former place.

Married: May 18, 1865, by Rev. P. Cooks, Mr. Benj. P. Bailey and Miss Jane McElroy.

Married: In Muskingum Tp., May 24th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. N.D. Hayward, of Waterford, and Miss Eliza Bartlett, of the former place. [See issue of Sep 14, 1865, for death of Mr. Hayward.]

Thursday, Jun 8, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Jun 2               Abijah Joy and Susan Cameron, both of Marietta township

            Jun 3               W.D. Browning, of Knox county, and Miss Hannah J. Love, of Belpre

Married: May 28, 1865, by Rev. L.L. Fay, Mr. Andrew Forrest and Miss Anna Maria Athey, both of Lawrence.

Married: Jun 1, 1865, by Rev. L.L. Fay, Mr. Thomas Conner, of Newport, to Miss Isabel M. Dye, of Lawrence.

Died: From the Rochester (N.Y.) Express - Dr. Ebenezer Bowen, A.M., died at his residence in the town of Brighton, Monroe county, New York, on Monday, May 22, 1865, aged 77 years. Dr. Bowen was one of the pioneers of the West as a practitioner of medicine, having located himself at Pittsford, in this county, in partnership with Dr. John Ray, as early as the year 1814. From then he removed to Waterford, Washington county, Ohio, where he labored successfully in his profession up to 1830, and from thence to his present residence. He has ever sustained the character of an honorable and upright man, often sacrificing his own comfort and health for the benefit of those from whom he expected no reward. Perhaps no man has been more persistent in discharging the various duties of life than has Dr. Bowen. And even at the hour of death, his great care was that his work was done and well done. His last thoughts were for his country, requesting that the Stars and Stripes should float over his head in his expiring moments.

Thursday, Jun 15, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Jun 8               William Friend, of Pennsylvania, and Angeline Kelley, of West Virginia.

            Jun 8               Frank S. Davis, of Athens county, and Mary G. Lawton, of Barlow.

            Jun 12             J.C. Delong, of Grandview, and Lydia B. Reeves, of Marietta.

            Jun 12             William A. Hopkins, of Cincinnati, and Emma Myers, of Salem.

            June 13           Jas. W. Davis and Lucy A. Rightmire, both of Newport.

            June 13           Lewis Pfaff and Lena Baker, both of Fearing.

            June 13           James Wood and Sarah E. Perine, both of New York.

Married: In Amesville, Athens county, June 1, 1865, John Patterson and Sarah E. Glazier, both of that place. [Check spelling of bride’s surname.]

Married: June 8th, by John Test, J.P., Mr. William Friend, of Pennsylvania, and Miss Angeline Kelley, of West Virginia.

Married: June 12th, by John Test, J.P., Mr. J.C. Delong, of Grandview, and Miss Lydia B. Reeves, of Marietta.

Born: Friday, June 9th, a son to J.F. Galtree, of this city.

Died: At his residence, in Addison township, Gallia county, Ohio, May 13, 1865, Mr. John Leonard, in his 75th year. He was once a resident of this county and was a brother of Joseph Leonard, of Palmer township.

Died: At Loveland, Hamilton county, May 30, 1865, Henry Cushing, in his 81st year. Mr. Cushing was born in Boston, Mass., April 18, 1785. He was a son of Col. Nathaniel Cushing, whose family was one of the first that arrived at Marietta, in August, 1788, and who was one of the first settlers of Belpre, in 1789. He lived at Gallipolis many years, but latterly had resided at Loveland and was a consistent and highly respectable member of the Presbyterian Church.

Thursday, Jun 22, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Jun 14             John Schwartz, of Westmoreland Co., Pa., and Marietta Craig, of Marietta Tp.

            Jun 14             Hugh Campbell and Ann B. Cuthbert, both of Lawrence.

            Jun 15             John Scott and Lydia Sheets, both of Harmar.

            Jun 19             Archibald McAfee, of Marietta Township, and Eliza M. St. Clair, of Fearing Township.

            Jun 19             Wm. H. McMahan, of Grandview Township, and Agnes McKeen, of Independence Township.

Married: In Harmar, on the 15th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, James Wood and Sarah E. Perine, both of New York.

Married: In Harmar, June 20th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. Archibald McAfee and Miss Louisa M. St. Clair, both of Marietta. [Note: Bride’s first name varies from “Licenses” above and “Married” here. Typed as printed.]

Married: On the 15th, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Mr. John Scott and Mrs. Lydia Sheets, all of Harmar.

Married: In Belpre, on the 6th, by Rev. C.D. Curtis, Mr. W.D. Browning, of Knox county, and Miss Hannah Love, of the former place.

Married: On the 15th, by Rev. I.M. Shields, Mr. Joseph Barker, of Washington county, and Miss Jennie Thorniley, of Beaver, Pa.

Thursday, Jun 29, 1865

Married: In Belleville, Ill., June 21, by Rev. J.G. Forman, of St. Louis, J.A. Blake, one of the Editors of the Oil News, Pittsburgh, and Miss Anna L. Stoddard, of Belleville.

Married: In Belpre, June 26, 1865, by Rev. C.D. Curtis, Mr. John L. Kyser and Miss Martha Heaton.

Married: In Harmar, June 23rd, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. John Carle and Miss Sarah Meek, both of Cutler’s Station.

Married: In Newport, at the residence of Aaron Edgell, June 29, 1865, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Mr. Wm. Frazier, of Duquoin, Illinois, to Miss Livonia Moore.

Married: At Athens, by Rev. J.B. Safford, C. Peterson to Susie I. Briggs.

Married: On the 23rd day of June, 1865, Mr. George Lyman and Miss Mary Winters, both of Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Married: On the 15th of June, by Rev. J.D. Riley, James W. Davis and Lucy A Rightmire, both of Newport.

Thursday, Jul 6, 1865

Married: On the 5th, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, D.D., Mr. George L. Camp, of the 92nd Ohio Regt, and Mrs. Eunestine N. Deeble, of this city.

Married: In Marietta, July 3rd, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Ansel W. Clogston and Miss Mary F. Dutton, both of Marietta.

Died: In Harmar, on the 28th of June, Josiah Sawyer, in the 35th year o his age, formerly of Decatur, Ohio.

Thursday, Jul 13, 1865

Born: On Friday, June 23, 1865, a daughter to A.B. Regnier, of this city.

Born: On Wednesday, June 28, 1865, a son to Lieut. O.J. Wood. [Poem follows]

Married: In Parkersburg, West Va., July 5th, 1865, by Rev. Mr. Richmond, Capt R. Oehler, 17th O.V.I., to Miss Minnie Frazier, daughter of Rev. John Frazier, D.D., of Marietta.

Died: In this city, July 4th, Alice, infant daughter of F. and C. Pettry. [Poem follows]

Thursday, Jul 20, 1865

Married: July 18, 1865, by Rev. L.N. Carman, Joseph C. Huber and Miss Eunice Cade, all of Marietta.

Married: In Harmar, July 18th [check date], by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. Washington Shearer and Miss Jennie Prince, of Parkersburg, West Va.

Married: On the 12th, by Rev. F.M. Holland, Mr. George W. Beekman, of the “Lewis House,” this city, to Miss Hattie C. Marshall, daughter of John Marshall, of Marietta.

Thursday, July 27, 1865

Married: In Norfolk, Conn., July 13, by Rev. Joseph Eldridge, D.D., John L. Mills, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in Marietta College, to Lizzie H. Lawrence, daughter of E. Grove Lawrence, Esq.

Married: On the 20th, by John Test, J.P., Mr. James L. Mills and Miss Mary E. Rogers, both of this city.

Married: July 20, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, at the Marshall House, in this place, Mr. William H. Sams and Miss Margaret E. Chadock.

Married: In Adams township, July 20, 1865, by C.A. Boyd, J.P., Nathan H. Shockley and Miss Margaret Glover.

Married: In this city, July 17th, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Mr. John W. Masters and Miss Elizabeth Strouse, both of West Virginia.

Married: In this city, on the 3rd, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Mr. J.M. Wright to Miss Virginia McAllister, both of this city.

Died: In Addison township, Gallia county, on the 7th, Augustus S. Guthrie, aged about 69.

Died: On the Sabbath morning, July 23rd, Wilbur Edward Mullenix, son of Rev. W.M. and Fanny T. Mullenix, aged five months and twenty-three days. [Poem follows.]

Died: In this city, on the 21st, after a painful and lingering illness, Mrs. Amy Jones, wife of Charles Jones, in the 39th year of her age. In her removal, a deeply bereaved and stricken family are called to mourn the loss of a tender and affectionate wife, a loving and cherished mother, whose parting prayer and blessing tenderly beckon them to that heavenly rest which Christ has prepared for all who love him.

Thursday Aug 3, 1865

Born: In this city, Aug. 2, 1865, a daughter to Alfred F. and Belle J. Moore.

Married: Near Plymouth, at the residence of the bride’s father, July 23, 1865, by Rev. J.H. Hopkins, Mr. Wilson S. Hart and Miss Lorana Ellis.

Married: Also at the same time and place [as above], by Rev. J.H. Hopkins, Mr. Isaac C. Roman and Margaret E. English.

Married: In Chillicothe, July 27, 1865, by Rev. I.F. King, Oran M. Brown, of Cutler, this county, to Miss Isabelle Chestnut, of the former place.

Married: In Aurelius, July 19, by G.W. St. John, J.P., Eli Hammond, of West Virginia, and Miss Lucy S. Kelley, of Salem.

Married: July 18, 1865, by Rev. D. Ricketts, Lieut. John C. Carter, Co. B, 18th O.V.I., of Washington county, and Miss Caroline Leeper, of Morgan county.

Married: At the National House in this city, July 28, by John Test, J.P., Mr. T.H.B. Maddox, of Wood Co., West Va., and Miss Mattie A. Mitchell, of Marietta.

Married: July 31, 1865, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Sin [sic] Plaugher and Miss Nancy J. Baker, both of Barlow township.

Married: July 28, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Mr. Burris Crewson to Mrs. Henrietta Martin, both of Barlow township.

Married: In this city, July 26, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Mr. W.T. Wilson to Miss Sarah Ann Miner, both of Marietta.

Married: In this city, July 30, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Mr. Jacob Theis, of Matamoras, to Miss Annie Dow, of Marietta.

Married: July 18, Lieut. Alex H. McTaggart, 39th Ohio Veterans, to Miss Margaret Brown, both of Dunham.

Married: July 26, by Rev. John Boyd, Wm. Robinson, of Tyler Co., West Va., and Mary Ann McCullough, of Marietta.

Died: In this city, July 28, 1865, of consumption, Miss Alice Gittings, daughter of Dr. M.D. Gittings.

Died: In Lawrence township, July 28, of bilious fever, Alexander Clark, aged 65 years. He had been a citizen of the place thirty years and his loss will be felt by all who knew him.

Died: In Beverly, July 25, 1865, Dr. Lloyd Reynolds, aged about 60 years, for many years a well known physician in Waterford township.

Died: In Barlow, July 26, 1865, Mrs. Philena Canfield, wife of Ezekiel Canfield, in her 68th year.

Died: In this city, on the morning of July 31st, found dead in his bed, at the residence of Henry McKibben, Mr. John Herschler, a native of Germany, in his 47th year.

Died: In this city, July 30, Elmer Wilson Stanley, infant son of Dr. W. Stanley, aged 15 months.

Died: In this city, July 21st, Mrs. Martha Elston, wife of George Elston, in the 73 year of her age. During a long and painful sickness, she was patient and resigned, and with a perfect trust in her Savior, she passed away from suffering to a “sweet rest in Heaven.”

Died: In Waterford township, July 30th, Charles C. Brigham, a native of Massachusetts, and a brother of Lucius Brigham of this city, aged ___. [Age not given.]

Died: In this city, Aug. 1, of consumption, Joseph Moncy, son of Sinclair Moncy, aged 25.

Died: In this city, Aug. 1st, from a stroke on Saturday previous, Moses Pyles, aged 42.

Died: July 28, Miss Mary Jones, in her 31st year - a member of the colored Baptist Bible Class in this place, she died a Christian, was formerly of Decatur township, and a native of Virginia.

Died: In Parkersburg, July __ [date not legible], 1865, T. Wm. Fitzhugh Gordon, in his 58th year.

Died: On Blennerhassett’s Island, July 21, 1865, of consumption, Mrs. Eletha D. Emerick, wife of Samuel Emerick, in her 54th year.

Died: From comments and resolutions of the county Bar Association - “Judge Arius Nye, July 27th, 1865, at 2 o’clock A.M., aged 72 years and 7 months, the oldest native born citizen of Ohio except one, and perhaps the oldest practicing lawyer of this State, departed this life after extreme suffering for many months.

Thursday, Aug 10, 1865

Born: In this city, Aug. 8, 1865, a son to Rev. J.W. McMaster.

Married: In this city, on the 2nd, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, D.D., Mr. Isaac Carver and Miss Drusilla Vanwey, both of Newport Township.

Married: Aug 2nd, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Mr. James Flanders to Miss Edna Pixley.

Married: Aug. 2nd, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Mr. James Lovell to Miss Rosanna Littlefield.

Married: Aug. 7, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Mr. John Theil to Miss Sarah A. Israel.

Died: At his father’s residence, in Union township, July 18, 1865, Robert F. Power, age 35, a member of Co. C, O.N.G.

Thursday, Aug 17, 1865

Born: In this city, August 6, 1865, a son to George and Ann Jenvey.

Married: In Marietta, Aug. 15, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Almer Bruce and Miss Mary E. Frazier.

Married: In this city, on the 8th, by Rev. G. Schulz, Mr. Albert Thomberg and Miss Annie Tillner, both of Parkersburg.

Married: Aug. 8th, by Rev. G. Schulz, Mr. Henry Efesau and Miss Anna Schwab, both of Muskingum township.

Married: Aug. 13th, by Rev. G. Schulz, Mr. Philip Hanshumaker to Miss Wilhemina Miller, both of Matamoras.

Married: Aug. 15, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Henry Corey of Marietta and Miss Fannie Wright, of Harmar.

Married: At the residence of the bride’s father, in Harmar, Ohio, August 13, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Mr. James L. Cockings and Miss Mary L. Shepard, daughter of Courtland Shepard.

Married: In Marietta, on the 3rd, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. C.M. Schofield, late of the 12thOhio Veterans [check unit], of Salem, and Miss Irene Hill, of Marietta.

Died: In East Toledo, Ohio, Aug. 5, 1865, Mary Barker Dawson, daughter of Rev. S.G. and A.M. Dawson, aged 3 years and nearly 4 months.

Tribute of Respect: From the Mt. Moriah Lodge, No. 57 of Free and Accepted Masons, of Beverly, Ohio, on Saturday, Aug 5, 1865, in memory of Dr. Lloyd Reynolds. [Note: Date of death not provided.]

Thursday, Aug 25, 1865

Married: In Delaware, Ohio, Aug. 2nd, at the residence of the bride’s uncle, Jason Waterman, Mr. J. Murray Case, of Worthington, to H. May, daughter of D.D. Stewart, Esq., of New England, Athens Co.

Married: August 17th, at the parsonage of the Presbyterian Church, Shawneetown, Illinois, by Rev. Benj. C. Swan, Mr. Christopher C. Smith and Miss Jennie Moore, all of Gillatin Co., Illinois.

Married: At the residence of the bride’s mother, in Dunham, Aug. 17, by Hiel Chapman, J.P., Mr. Andrew Greenlees, of Barlow, and Miss Nancy E. Hill.

Married: Aug. 10, 1865, Col. Wilbert B. Teters, late of the 116th O.V.I., and Miss Maggie Young, both of Noble County.

Married: In Marietta, August 19th, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. John Carr and Miss Ellen C. McBride.

Married: Aug. 19, 1865, by J.D. James, J.P., Wm. Sprague and Miss Nancy J. Barnes, all of Aurelius township.

Died: At Amesville, August 6th, of consumption, Andrew Brown, aged 22.

Died: At his residence in Matamoras, this county, on the 14th, James McWilliams, aged almost 60.

Died: On Aug. 22, 1865, in this township, Mrs. Nancy McAllister, aged 95.

Died: At his residence in Round Bottom, Waterford Township, Washington county, Ohio, on the 30th day of July, 1865, after a sickness of about two weeks, Mr. C.C. Brigham. The deceased was born in Princeton, Mass., Nov. 19, 1811, consequently was in his 54th year. He made profession of religion and united with the Church of God in his youth. After coming to the west, he united with the congregation of the C.P. Church in Beverly, Ohio. During the year of 1845, he was elected and ordained Ruling Elder in the congregation, which office he occupied until his death. As a husband and father, he was confiding and affectionate. As a neighbor, he was accommodating and pleasant. As a Christian, he was faithful and constant. As an officer in the congregation, he was very cautious and prudent. He died, as he had lived, expressing strong and abiding confidence in the Saviour. His family and brethren and sisters in the church greatly lament his absence, but “do not weep as those that have no hope.” They believe that he has gone to the “rest that remains for the people of God.” May his death be sanctified to the spiritual benefit of his bereaved family and all his brethren and friends. Signed: Thomas Truman, Pastor, Beverly, O., August 18, 1865.

Thursday, Aug 31, 1865

Married: In this city, Aug. 24, 1865, by Rev. O.H. Newton, of Delaware, Capt. Frederick C. Woodruff, 119th U.S. Colored Infantry, to Miss Mary H. Newton, daughter of Stephen Newton.

Married: On the 28th day of August, 1865, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Henry Guckert and Miss Adaline Rinehart, both of Marietta.

Married: On the 29th day of August, 1865, by John Test, J.P., Mr. John Lyons and Miss Carrie Logan, both of Wood county, West Va.

Married: Aug. 27th, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Mr. James M. Johnson, of Marietta, and Eveline Moore, of Harmar.

Married: On the 20th, by Rev. Mr. Ryan, Thomas McGrath and Miss Mary J. Malloy, daughter of B. Malloy, all of this city.

Married: Aug. __ [ date illegible], by Rev. J.W. Fouts, Mr. Samuel B. Newton, late of Co. A, 86th Ohio, and Miss Emma J. Aiken, of Beverly. [Check military unit number.]

Married: At Barlow, Aug. 23, 1865, by John Haddow, J.P., Mr. William Burchett and Miss Henrietta Harry.

Died: In Newport, of consumption, Lieut. John C. Wood, of Co. G., 148th, O.N.G., in his 24th year. He died a Christian and a patriot.

Died: In Matamoras, this county, Aug. 21st, Martha Shannon, daughter of Samuel Shannon.

Died: In Matamoras, Aug 22nd, Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, wife of J.H. Wright.

Thursday, Sep 7, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Aug 28            Wm. Richer and Margaret A. Butler, both of Independence.

            Aug 28            John Lyons, of West Va., and Carrie Logan.

            Aug 30            T.J. Cross, of Gallipolis, and Bessie G. Devol, of Muskingum.

            Aug 30            D.J. Hussey and Mary E. Mackey, both of Adams.

            Aug 31            Wm. M. Moore and Sarah J. Lunday, both of Independence.

            Aug 31            Dudley Evans, of Noble Co,, and Martha A. Hendershott, of Liberty.

            Sep 1               Benj. Miller, of Tennessee, and Louisa Pfeiffer, of Marietta.

            Sep 1               Chas. H. Rose, of Hartford, Conn., and August Butler, of Newport.

            Sep 1               Asa Taylor, of Belmont Co., and Sarah A. Edgell, of Independence.

            Sep 1               Milton Beagle and Ruth Rea, both of Independence.

            Sep 2               John Moore and Sarah Talbott, both of Newport.

            Sep 2               Alfred D. Ackerson and Sarah J. Wood, both of Marietta.

            Sep 4               Joseph Aplin, of Marietta, and Elizabeth Ann Bell, of Fearing.

            Sep 4               Christopher J. Pfaff and Caroline Motz, both of Salem.

            Sep 5               John Myers and Lucy Dorff, both of Grandview.

            Sep 5               Geo. G. Hartwell and Eliza J. Davis, both of Newport.

            Sep 5               Elijah Mains, of Wesley, and Mary Shields, of Watertown.

            Sep 5               R.A. Fowler and Mary J. White, both of Beverly.

            Sep 5               A.P. Cree, of Newport, and Mattie Davenport, of Salem.

            Sep 5               A.O. Mauck, of Gallia Co., and Jennie H. Buck, of Marietta.

Married: Aug. 21, 1865, Wm. T. Snider, of this city, and Miss Cornelia Webb, of Wood Co., West Va.

Married: Aug. 30, 1865, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Capt. David J. Hussey, 175th O.V.I., and Miss Mary E. Mackey, both of Adams tp.

Married: Aug. 31, 1865, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Mr. Wm. H. Hill, of Harmar, and Miss Nancy L. Hill, of Marietta.

Married: Sept. 4, 1865, by John Test, J.P., Joseph Aplin, of Marietta, and Miss Elizabeth A. Bell, of Fearing.

Married: On Sunday, Sept 3, 1865, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Alfred D. Ackerson and Miss Sarah J. Wood, both of this city.

Married: Sept. 6, 1865, b Rev. Thomas Wickes, D.D., Mr. A.O. Mauck, of Gallia county, and Miss Jennie H. Buck, of this city.

Married: Sept. 5, 1865, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Benj. Miller, late of the 2nd West Va. Cavalry, and Miss Louisa Pfeiffer.

Died: In Muskingum township,, Aug. 30, 1865, of consumption, Mrs. Elizabeth W. Putnam, wife of Henry C. Putnam, aged 25 years.

Died: At Newbury, this county, Aug. 29, 1865, Mrs. Charlotte B. Guthrie, wife of Edwin Guthrie, aged 43 years.

Died: At her residence, in Ludlow township, Aug. 25, 1865, after a long and severe illness, Mrs. Henrietta Tice, wife of Soloman Tice, aged 54.

Died: In Marietta, Aug. 23rd, 1865, Mrs. Nancy McAllister, in the 94th year of her age. Thus has passed away one of our oldest persons of our county, and one of the most respected residents. She had lived here just 50 years, moving to Marietta in 1815. Her husband died in 1818, leaving her with twelve children, yet she was able with her energy and intelligence to keep her family together, give them all a fair education, and fit them for usefulness and respectability. Eight of those children now survive her and were at her funeral, all of them are over ___ [illegible] years old, and three are more than 70. She was a woman of great industry and energy of character. She possessed a kind and generous heart. No one was ever sent hungry from her door. She lived and died in faith and feeling, a Christian. Her memory is blessed. Her funeral took place on the 23rd. The sermon was preached to a large number of relatives and friends by J.W. McMaster.

Thursday, Sep 14, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Sep 7               Wm. M. Covey, of Marietta, and Jane Templeton, of Lawrence.

            Sep 7               James M. Chapman, of West Va., and Columbia A. Thrash, of Marietta

            Sep 8               Soloman Tice and Mrs. Nancy Adams, both of Ludlow.

            Sep 9               Wm. G. Lowry, of Pomeroy, and Elizabeth Hern, of Newport.

            Sep 11             Daniel W. Robinson, of Parkersburg, and Mattie F. Buckner, of West Va.

            Sep 11             Alex. W. Barnes and Margaret G. Timms, both of West Va.

            Sep 11             Patrick Monhan and Sibbia Jennings, both of Warren.

            Sep 11             Seneca A. Cowee and Susan Bucey, both of Wesley.

            Sep 11             Lewis Noe and Elizabeth Wilking, both of Marietta.

            Sep 11             Martin V. Taylor, of West Va., and Sarah Meserva, of Marietta.

            Sep 12             Robert Myers, of Morgan Co., and Cornelia Jones, of Decatur.

            Sep 12             James Dunn and Rhoda Jaynes, both of Marietta.

Married: Sept. 12, 1865, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, James Dunn and Miss Rhoda Jaynes, all of this city.

Married: In Beverly, on the 6th, by Rev. J.W. Fouts assisted by Rev. S. Siegfried, R.A. Fowler, of Cincinnati, and Miss Mary J. White, of Beverly.

Married: On board the steamer Viola at this city, Aug. 31st, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Mr. N.W. Magruder to Miss Mary E. Young, both of Matamoras.

Married: Near Devol’s Dam, Sept. 10, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Mr. W.G. Lowry to Miss Elizabeth Hern.

Married: At National House, in this city, Sept. 11, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, David Robinson to Miss Martha F. Buckner, both of Parkersburg.

Married: At National House, in this city, Sept. 11, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Mr. Alexander W. Barnes to Miss Margaret G. Timms, both of Wood Co., West Va.

Married: Sept. 8, 1865, by John Test, J.P., George G. Hartwell and Miss Eliza J. Davis, both of Newport.

Married: Sept. 11, by Rev. G. Schulz, Lewis Noe and Miss Elizabeth Wilking, both of this city.

Married: At National House, Marietta, Sept. 7, 1865, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., James M. Chapman and Miss Columbia A. Thrash, of Barbour County, West Va.

Married: By F.A. Wheeler, J.P., at the Harmar House, Sept. 11, 1865, Martin V. Taylor and Miss Sarah Meserva, of Ritche County, West Va.

Married: On Sept. 12, 1865, at the Bissantz House, in this city, by John Test, J.P., George W. Sleigh, of Beverly, late of Company A, 92nd O.V.I., and Miss Ann Copeland, of New England, Athens county.

Died: In Cincinnati, the 10th, Mr. Hobart VanZandt, aged 34, a brother of Mrs. C.B. Wells, of this city.

Died: In Waterford, the 8th, of typhoid fever, Newell D. Hayward, in his 24th year. A highly respectable young man, just beginning active life with the fine promise of usefulness. He was married only fifteen weeks ago. [See issue of Jun 1, 1865 for marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hayward.]

Died: In this city, the 11th, at the residence of J.W. Baldwin, his brother, Charles F. Baldwin. He had just returned from California, with his family, and was making a brief visit here, previous to going West, when he was suddenly ill of congestion of the brain. His remains were taken to McConnelsville for burial.

Died: In Lowell, Sept. 5, John Judd, youngest child of A. and M. Judd, aged 1 year and 10 months. [Memorial poem follows.] This is the third child taken from this family. Their affliction is hard to be borne. May the gracy mercy of the great Father sustain and comfort them. Signed: J.W.M.

Thursday, Sep 21, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Sep 13             Enos Burton, of Monroe county, and Sarah J. Sellers, of Grandview.

            Sep 14             M.S. Roach and Carrie E. Arnold, both of Waterford.

            Sep 15             Joseph Steen and Harriet Treadaway, both of Lawrence.

            Sep 16             John Newton, of Marietta, and Helen L. Walker, of Harmar.

            Sep 18             William Welch, of Marshall Co., West Va., and Emily Hall, of Dunham.

Married: In Harmar, September 18, 1865, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. John Newton of this city and Mrs. Helen L. Walker, of Harmer.

Married: In this city, the 14th, by President I.W. Andrews of Marietta College, Jerome A. Stebbins, of East Cleveland, and Miss Eliza H. Skinner, daughter of David C. Skinner, of this place.

Married: In the M.E. Church, at Putnam, Ohio, Sunday evening, the 10th, by Rev. J.H. Gardner, Rev. John E. Sowers, of Ohio M.E. Conference, now stationed at Harmar, to Miss Lucy Israel, of Putnam.

Married: On the ___ [date illegible], in Rome, Athens county, Wm. J. O’Neal, of this county, to Miss Ruth E. Root, of the former place.

Married: September 3rd, in Noble county, Benjamin F. Atkinson, of this county, and Miss Lydia M. Eagler, of Noble Co.

Thursday, Sep 28, 1865

Marriage Licenses:

            Sep 19             Edwin Lee, of Wesley, and Martha R. Gearhart, of Decatur.

            Sep 20             Emlen G. Bundy and Semantha A. Campbell, both of Wesley.

            Sep 20             Allen D. Whiston and Mary L. Smith, both of Newport.

            Sep 20             John F. McHugh, of Adams, and Maria Montgomery, of Aurelius.

            Sep 21             Caleb S. Thorniley and Bettie Sheldon, both of Marietta township.

            Sep 21             Frederick Schneider and Amanda A. Wright, both of Liberty.

            Sep 22             Wm. H. Lewis and Elizabeth Dixon, both of Barlow.

            Sep 23             James W. Shreeves and Lucy Hammond, of Newport.


            Aug 21            A son to Thomas Davis.

            Aug 25            A daughter to Col. T.J. Pattin.

            Aug 27            A daughter to Wm. Locker.

            Aug 28            A son to Hubbell Smith.

            Aug 31            A son to A.W. Reckard.

            Sep 8               A son to Wm. Turner

            Sep 13             A son to Kingsbury Hoff.

            Sep 13             A son to Jacob Barnhart.

            Sep 17             A son to E.P. Davis.

            Sep 17             A son to James Swords.

            Sep 21             A son to Hermon Neece.

            Sep 23             A son to O.W. Weaver.

Married: On the 21st, at his residence, by Rev. I.N. Carman, Mr. Caleb S. Thorniley and Miss Bettie Sheldon, both of Marietta township.

Married: In Marietta, Sep 21st, at the residence of Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. Allen D. Whiston and Mary L. Smith, both of Newport.

Married: At Oakland, Md., Aug. 22, 1865, Maj. Gen. George Crook, U.S.A., to Miss Mary Dailey, of Oakland.

Married: In Ripley, the 11th, by Rev. Mr. Gould, David Nixon, of Ironton, and Miss Frankie Rankin, of the former place. - “Better late than never!”

Married: In Gallipolis, the 18th, Rev. Wm. Thompson, Episcopal minister in that place, to Miss Gertrude A. Menager, daughter of Roman Menager.

Died: In this city, the 25th, Catherine Lucinda Theis, infant daughter of John Theis, aged about 13 months.

Died: In this township, the 22nd, Harris Root, aged 75.

Died: In Harmar, the 22nd, Estella Miller, infant daughter of Columbus Miller, aged one year and one month.

Died: In this city, the 24th, Miss Elizabeth Wells.

Died: In Newport, Sept. 18, 1865, Robert P. Reynolds, in the 17th year of his age.

Died: On the 24th, in Newport, Ada Casady, infant daughter of George and Sophia Casady, aged 10 months and six days.

Died: In Fearing, Sept. 2, 1865, Mrs. Clara Athey, aged 78.

Died: In this city, the 17th, Clara Olive Pettry, daughter of F. and C. Pettry, aged 7 years, 2 months and 11 days. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Oct 5 1865

Marriage Licenses from Sep 23 to Oct 3 inclusive [specific individual dates not given]:

            Chester Hagan, of Waterford, and Mary Brown, of Aurelius.

            John D. Otterbein and Mary Melster, both of Marietta.

            Wm. H. McAtee, of Waterford, and Rebecca Pyle, of Marietta.

            James Hewston and Elizabeth Thetwester [check spelling], both of Liberty.

            Gabriel Newby, of Harmar, and Carrie Mancy, of Marietta.

            Philip Kountz, of Fearing, and Catharine Reider, of Salem.

            Geo. Holt, of West Va., and Frances Miller, of Marietta.

            Juntus Mendenhall and Hannah M. Ross, both of Newport.

            Jacob Decker and Caroline Gaddie, both of Marietta.

            D.M. Shakely and Rosalie L. Springer, both of Marietta.

            John W. Ashford, of West Va., and Ellie Leefer, of Marietta.

            Wm. B. Ford and Maria Deming, both of Watertown.

            George W. Riley and Harriet Ferguson, both of Watertown.

            Lewis Pfaff, of Marietta, and Hattie Kraft, of Harmar.

            Wm. S. Doggett and Rachel Wise, both of Marietta.

            Noah Tice, of Independence, and Mary J. Wells, of Newport.

            John W. Chase, of Marietta, and Elizabeth Harding, of Jackson.

            George J. Spring and Sophia K. Echoltz, both of Salem.

            John M. Jacobs, of Belmont Co., and Margaret W. Parr, of Grandview.

            Oscar J. Owen, of Adams, and Mary Wickens, of Aurelius.

            Joseph Enochs, of Noble Co., and Sarah J. Tice, of Ludlow.

            Wm. Hoff, of Muskingum, and Nancy J. Scott, of Warren.

            James H. Harris and Mary M. Johnson, both of Marietta.

            Bradley B. Stone and Charlotte M. Ames, both of Belpre.

            Charles D. Rathbone, of Tennessee, and Maria Ames, of Belpre.

            Milton Lemington and Martha Hardy, both of Lawrence.

            Andrew Cameron and Sarah C. Barrett, both of Ludlow.

            Wm. Jordan and Rebecca Buford, of Liberty.

            F.R. Baldwin and Mary E. Pluck, both of Adams.

            F.W. Stewart, of Marietta, and Maria Devol, of Muskingum.

Born: On Sept. 20, a daughter to J. McCoy.

Born: On Sept 30, a son to I.R. Waters.

Married: Oct. 1st, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Wm. B. Ford and Miss Maria Deming, both of Watertown.

Married: Oct. 3rd, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Charles D. Rathbone, of Tennessee, and Miss Maria Ames, daughter of Charles Ames, of Belpre.

Married: Oct. 3rd, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Capt. Bradley B. Stone, ___ O.V.I., and Miss Charlotte M. Ames, daughter of Charles Ames, of Belpre.

Married: On Sept 25, 1865, in Granville, Licking Co., Ohio, by Rev. David E. Beach, Lieutenant Samuel W. Harvey, 36th O.V.I., of Barlow, to Miss Amanda Wolcott, of Watertown.

Married: On the 2nd, by Rev. A.H. Selpel, John D. Otterbeing to Miss Mary Meister, both of this city.

Married: In this city, Sept. 30th, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, John W. Chase, of Marietta, and Miss Elizabeth Harding, of Jackson.

Married: In Harmar, Sept. 27th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. Gabriel Newby, of Harmar, and Miss Carrie Muncey, of Marietta.

Married: Also in Harmar, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Sept. 28th, Mr. George Holt and Miss Frances Miller, both of Parkersburg, W. Va.

Married: At Lowell, Sept. 29th, 1865, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Chester Hagan, of Waterford, and Miss Mary Brown, of Adams.

Married: In Aurelius, Sept. 21st, by G.W. St. John, J.P., John F. McHugh, of Adams, and Miss Maria Montgomery, of Salem.

Married: In this city, Sept. 24th, by Rev. A.H. Selpel, Henry Sener and Caroline Vogelsang.

Married: Sept. 28th, by Rev. A.H. Selpel, Jacob Decker and Mrs. Caroline Gaddel.

Married: Oct 2nd, by Rev. A.H. Selpel, Lewis Pfaff and Miss Catharine Kraft.

Married: On the 3rd, by Rev. W. Wakefield, William Hoff and Nancy J. Scott, daughter of Isaiah Scott, of Warren.

Married: On the 3rd day of October, 1865, by John Test, J.P., William Jordan and Miss Rebecca Buford, of Liberty.

Died: In Dunham, Aug. 15, 1865, Mrs. Betsey Tilton, aged 54.

Died: In this city, Sept. 27th, Wm. T. Kexel, son of Wm. and Philipina Kexel, aged 6 years, 11 months and 14 days.

Died: In this city, the 3rd, Catharine Beck, infant daughter of Daniel Beck, aged 11 months.

Thursday, Oct 12, 1865

Married: On the 5th, by Rev. P. Cook, Mr. P.W. Stewart, of this city, and Miss Maria Devol, of Muskingum Tp.

Married: In St. Paul, Minnesota, Sept. 27, 1865, at the International Hotel, Lieut. S.G. Paxton, of Harmar, late of the 2nd Va. Cavalry, to Miss Augusta M. Stewart, of this city.

Married: In Athens county, by Prof. J.P. Wethee, Laurentius Wethee, of that county, and Miss Nancy Johnson, of Jacksonville, Pa.

Married: Sept. 28, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, D.M. Shakely and Miss Rosalie L. Springer.

Married: Oct. 4, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, James H. Harris and Miss Mary M. Johnson.

Married: In Belpre, Oct. 8, 1865, by Rev. C.D. Curtiss, J.P. Ford and Miss Sue E. Dunlevy.

Born: In Fearing, Thursday, October 5, 1865, two sons and a daughter to William Spees, the three weighing 19 pounds. One of the boys subsequently died.

Born: Friday, the 6th, a son to Jonas M. Phillips.

Died: In Chillicothe, the 5th, Mrs. Eliza Vanmeter, wife of John M. Vanmeter, formerly Miss Eliza Sisson, of this city, and a niece of I.R. Waters.

Died: In this city, on the 10th, Wm. Shaw, in his 50th year. His funeral will be today, the 12th, from the residence of S. Maxwell, at 2 P.M.

Died: In this city, Oct. 4, Rebecca Theis, aged 6 years and 8 months and on Oct. 10, Elizabeth Theis, aged about 2 years.

Died: On Saturday night, September 30th, 1865, Herbert Alfred and Herman Albert, sons of S.G. and A.A. Gould, aged 22 days and eight hours.

Died: In Portsmouth, Sept. 24, 1865, Alleniah [check spelling] Cole, Esq., father of Mrs. W.B. Thomas, of this city, aged 66. He was one of the pioneer iron men in Scioto county being for many years a leading partner in Bloom Furnace, and also an owner in other furnaces.

Died: In Centre township, Morgan Co., Sept. 21st, Charles Glines, aged about 2 years and on Oct. 9th, George L. Glines, in his 17th year, sons of Joseph F. Glines and grandsons of Wm. Glines, Esq., of this city.

Thursday, Oct 19, 1865

Born: In Harmar, the 15th, a daughter to Charles H. Judd.

Born: On the 17th, a daughter to Wm. Whitman, of Marietta township.

Born: Sept. 6th, a son to Chas. B. Way.

Married: In Lowell, the 13th, by C.A. Boyd, J.P., Seth D. Pratt and Miss Sarah Ann Nott.

Married: In Aurelius, Oct. 8, by G.W. St. John, J.P., Alfred Wolford, of Adams, and Miss Elizabeth E. Waller, of Aurelius.

Married: In Harmar, Oct. 9th, by Rev. Charles Witner, John Paxton, of Williams Co., and Mary J. Marshall.

Married: On the 17th, by Rev. P. Cook, John C. Farnsworth and Miss Lucy J. Lundy.

Died: In Ironton, on the 6th, Willie, only child of Judge W.W. and Ella B. Johnston, aged 7 months and 2 days.

Died: In this city, on the 13th, Jane M. Schminke, aged 4 years, 5 months and 17 days.

Died: In Harmar, on the 16th, John E. Nesperly, aged 1 year, 4 months and 25 days.

Thursday, Oct 26, 1865

Born: In Marietta township, Oct. 21st, a daughter to Wm. H. Cole.

Born: In Harmar, Oct. 22nd, a son to Eli Steen, an 11-pounder.

Born: In this city, Oct. 12, a daughter to Fred Weiss.

Married: On the 24th, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Kinnaird Snodgrass, of Williamstown, West Va., and Miss Sarah H. Bukey, of this city.

Married: In Lowell, Oct. 21st, by C.A. Boyd, J.P., James M. Steed and Miss Sophia J. Butts.

Married: Oct. 24, 1865, by Rev. S.G. Dawson, David C. Smith and Miss Hattie Hollister, daughter of Senero Hollister, both of Marietta township.

Married: In Cincinnati, Oct. 17, at the residence of Geo. W. Maxon, by Rev. J. E. Homans, W.H. Barton, of Philadelphia, and Miss Anna Dutton, oldest daughter of F.H. Dutton, of this city.

Married: In North Wilna, N.Y., at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. Jacob Gardner, Rev. John Williams, of Agency City, Iowa, formerly of Marietta, and Miss Isabel E. Hull.

Married: In Harmar, Oct. 22nd, by Rev. W. Wakefield, McHenry Chambers, of the 8th Iowa Infantry, of Benton Co., Iowa, and Miss Mary C. Nelson, of Marietta township.

Married: In Watertown, Oct. 18, by E. Bingham, J.P., George Brubaker, of Lawrence Co., and Miss Salome Walcott, of Watertown.

Married: Oct. 15, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Lewis P. Judd and Angenora Clay, both of Adams.

Married: In Watertown, Oct. 1st, by E. Bingham, J.P., George W. Riley and Harriet Ferguson, of Coolville.

Married: Near Amesville, Athens Co., Oct. 17th, by Rev. J.H. Pratt, R.B. Henry and Miss Ida E. Curtis.

Married: Oct. 7, by W.P. Gamble, J.P., Zebulon Collins, of Belpre, and Mrs. Mary Newell, of Decatur.

Married: Oct. 12, by W.P. Gamble, J.P., Wm. H. Johnson and Miss Ann Romines, both of Decatur.

Married: Oct. ___ [date not given], William H. Thomas, of Parkersburg, and Miss Emma J. Forsythe, of Dunham.

Married: Oct. 18, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, Michael Tullius, of Adams, and Mary Weser, of Marietta.

Married: Oct. 8, by A.W. Goddard, J.P., A.J. Crewson, of Barlow, and Eliza J. Hart, of Fairfield.

Married: In Grandview, Oct. 7, by Russell Dorff, J.P., David Phillips, of Pennsylvania, and Rebecca Helmick.

Died: Near Keossuqua, Iowa, Oct. 2, 1865, Mrs. Lucy A. Kingsbury, wife of Cyrus Kingsbury, Jr., and daughter of the late David Deming, of Watertown, this county.

Died: In Philadelphia, Oct. 19, 1865, Mrs. Matilda A. Brenan, wife of Joseph J. Brenan, of this city, aged 30 years. Mrs. Brenan was a quiet, amiable and pleasant lady, greatly beloved by all acquainted with her and her death is sincerely mourned by many outside of her family circle. Her funeral took place from the Unitarian Church in this city, Tuesday afternoon.

Died: At her father’s residence in Salem, Washington county, Ohio, September 22, 1865, Esther C. Hovey, daughter of Harvey C. and Clara Hovey, aged 23 years. She was converted at the age of 12 years and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which she lived a consistent member until the time of her death. She had been afflicted about two years with that formidable enemy to the human race, consumption, and during all this time she manifested a calm and steady reliance on her Saviour. During the latter part of her illness, the writer was permitted to visit her a few times and he always found her calmly waiting the coming of the messenger which was to call her from a world of suffering to a world of bliss. It is impossible to gaze upon one so young and lovely in the morning of her days, with prospects of life and all its enjoyments before her, suddenly cut down without feeling the truth of the expression, “Death loves a shining mark,” but when we see that youthful countenance radiant with heavenly light, as she gazes around upon one and another of her friends and with calm composure take them by the hand and bid them an affectionate farewell, we are constrained to say, “For her to die was gain.” [Memorial poem and personal remarks from T.C. Hatfield follow.]

Thursday, Nov 2, 1865

Born: In this city, Oct. 27, 1865, a daughter to Edgar P. Pearce.

Born: October 18, a daughter to Joseph Adams.

Born: October 23, a daughter to Charles Brickwady.

Married: In Belpre, Oct. 24, by Rev. C.D. Curtiss, Wm. H. Brill and Miss Dorothy G. Watson.

Married: In Ames, Athens Co., Oct. 26, by Rev. C.D. Curtiss, George A. Howe, of Belpre, and Miss Charlotte A. Wyatt, of the former place.

Married: In Zanesville, Oct. 26, David A. Chambers and Miss Lillie Fracker.

Married: Oct. 23, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, David Matthews and Miss Catharine Maxwell, both of Newport.

Married: Oct. 16, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Robert Bunch, of West Va., and Miss Mary O. Wood, of Marietta.

Married: Oct. 28, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Solon Matthews, of Harmar, and Miss Mary Blair, of Decatur.

Married: At the bride’s residence in Morgan Co., Judge John E. Hanna, of McConnelsville, and Mrs. Sarah S. Hiett.

Married: Oct. 25th, by John Test, J.P., James Bartlett and Miss Sarah Smith, both of West Va.

Married: Oct. 24, John Alden and Sarah J. Bay, of Adams.

Married: Oct. 29, Jesse M. Kidd, of Fearing, and Vesta Hill, of Marietta.

Married: Oct. 26, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Josiah Evilsizer and Margaret E. Templeton, both of Lawrence.

Married: In Barlow, Oct. 10, by Rev. Mr. Forsythe, Hugh McGill, of Dunham, and Miss Annie Harvey, of Barlow.

Married: In this city, Sept. 29th, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, W.H. McAtee to Miss Rebecca Pyle.

Married: In Harmar, Oct 26, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Sellice Seely, of Stamford, Conn., to Miss Anna LeBaron, of Clarington, Monroe Co.

Married: By Rev. C.D. Battelle, Oct. 30th, at National House, in this city, Singleton J. Willhide and Miss Prudence Curry, both of West Va.

Married: At Chillicothe, Oct 29th [check date], by Rev. J. Stamper, George W. Cutter, of Washington Co., and Miss Susan Rudolph, of the former place.

Married: In Matamoras, Oct. 29, by Rev. G. Schulz, Henry Wendelken, of Marietta, and Miss Elizabeth Andreae.

Married: Sept. 28, by Rev. G. Schulz, Conrad Lohrey and Miss Catharine Muth, both of Jackson township, Monroe Co.

Married: Oct. 1, by Rev. G. Schulz, Charles Ficke and Miss Catharina Dadt, both of Trail Run, near Barbersville, O.

Married: Oct. ___ [date not legible], by Rev. G. Schulz, _____ [name not legible] Merkle and Miss Elizabeth Hollsworth, both of Jackson township, Monroe, O.

Died: In Zanesville, Oct. 19th, Lora M. Linn, of malignant bilious fever, daughter of D.B. and Mary W. Linn, aged seven years and one month.

Died: [Text is difficult to read, but Mary Deibel, only child of Francis Deibel and wife, died at three years and two days.]

Thursday, Nov 9, 1865

Born: Nov. 5, 1865, a son to U.A. and Maria Daniels. [See issue of Mar 1, 1866 for death of this infant.]

Born: In this city, Oct. 30, a daughter to Smith J. Dutton.

Born: In Harmar, Nov. 7th, a daughter to T.C. Fitch, and granddaughter to David Putnam.

Married: In Lower Newport, at the house of Mrs. Barker, Nov. 6, 1865, by Rev. E. Adkins, Charles H. Newton, of Marietta, and Miss Mary E. Dana.

Married: At St. Luke’s Church, in this city, Tuesday evening, Nov. 7, 1865, by Rev. John Boyd, Alpheus B. Quackenbush and Miss Augusta Cadwallader.

Married: In t his city, on the 6th, by Rev. I.N. Carman, Abner Tucker and Miss Sarah Cherry, all of Marietta.

Married: Nov. 1, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Capt. Wallace S. Stanley, late of the 96th Ohio Veterans, and Miss Ruth C. Shaw, of Waterford.

Married: Nov. 7, at the residence of Boylston Shaw, in Waterford, by Rev. Mr. Thomas, Lieut. Col. W.H.G. Adney, late of the 36th Ohio Veterans, and Miss Jane Thomas, both of Salem.

Married: Sunday night, Nov. 5, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Henson Scott and Miss Alice E. Thorniley, daughter of Wm. Thorniley, both of Marietta township.

Married: In Adams, Oct. 26, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Herman E. Davis, of Muskingum, and Miss Hattie Brown, of Adams.

Married: In Delaware, Oct. 31, by Rev. John Ufford, Clark H. Barker, of Buenos Aires, South America, to Miss Mary P. Rhodes, daughter of Maj. D.W. Rhodes, of Delaware.

Married: Oct. 24, by Elder J.M. Nugent, Wm. R. Gilpin, of Warren, and Miss Maria Smith, of Marietta.

Married: Oct. 19, in Taylor Co., West Va., by Rev. F.J. Cather, Josiah Morgan, Esq., of Salem, this county, and Miss Virginia D. Coplin, of the former place.

Married: Oct. 26, near Salem, by Rev. Wm. A. Blake, Andrew Twiggs and Miss Rosanna Dillon, both of Salem.

Married: Nov. 7, by Rev. J.M. Poulton, at the residence of the bride’s father, Michael Gettle to Miss Bettie Goldsmith, both of Marietta.

Married: Oct. 8th, by Richard Trotter, J.P., Francis Berfield and Miss Isabella Campbell, both of Palmer.

Died: In New York City, Oct. 21st, Rev. Edward Winthrop, Rector of St. John’s Church, Highgate, Vt., in his 54th year, from 1842 to 1848 Rector of St. Luke’s Church in Marietta.

Died: In Meigsville, Morgan Co., Oct. 21st, J.T. Searight, Esq., aged about 35.

Died: In this city, Oct. 25, Catharine Agnes Burk, daughter to Mrs. Margaret Burk, in her 13th year.

Died: In Portsmouth, Oct. 30th, Mrs. Sally Miles, formerly of this county, aged 67 years.

Died: In Iowa, October 23, Mrs. Virginia S. Ford, wife of Henry Ford, Esq., of _____, Iowa, and daughter of the late Judge Nye, of this city, aged about 28.

Died: Nov. ___ [date not given], Andrew Fisher, of Athens Co., formerly of Marietta, aged about 50.

Thursday, Nov 16, 1865

Born: In this city, Nov. 10, a son to Geo. J. Bartmess.

Born: In Harmar, Nov. 15th, a daughter to Conrad Creighbaum - Mrs. Creighbaum’s 12th child, at the age of 34.

Born: In Harmar, Nov. 9, a daughter to N.G. Knox.

Married: In Harmar, Nov. 14, 1865, by Rev. Wm. Wakefield, David E. Putnam, of Columbus, son of Rev. Charles M. Putnam, of Licking Co., and Miss Addie E. Wheeler, daughter of Lemuel Wheeler, of Harmar.

Married: Nov. 14, in Newport, Albert Kraft, of Wheeling, and Miss Pamelia L. Dana, daughter of Stephen Dana, of Newport.

Married: In Lebanon, Nov. 2, by Rev. L.G. Leonard, D.D., J.L. Hizar, of Fort Ancient, Warren Co., and Miss Anna C. Sprague, formerly of this county.

Married: Nov. 7, in Aurelius, by G.W. St. John, J.P., John L. Berkley, of Champaign Co., Illinois, and Miss Mary J. Brown.

Married: Nov. 2, by Rev. S. Lewis, Fred C. Deitz, of Zanesville, and Miss Mary Celina Mason, of Lowell, Washington Co., Ohio.

Married: Oct. 15, by Geo. Wilson, J.P., Wm. J. King, of Morgan Co., and Miss Beulah M. Hall, of Waterford.

Married: Oct. 18, by Wm. Caywood, J.P., Fred Wm. Abicht, of Liberty, and Miss Elizabeth C. Foster, of Lawrence.

Married: Oct. 19 by Rev. A. Zumbro, Abram Maines and Emily Gadd, both of Wesley.

Married: Oct. 22, by Geo. Wilson, J.P., Eli V. Zollars, of Waterford, and Miss Huldah McAtee, of Adams.

Married: Oct. 25, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., A.D. Wynn and Miss Margaret Morgan, both of Warren.

Married: Oct. 25, by Rev. J.C. Ogle, Jackson L. Pierrot, of Morgan Co., and Miss Margaret Fleming, of Barlow.

Married: Nov. 5, by E. McLarty, J.P., Benj. F. Fortney, of West Va., and Miss Lucy A. Hutchinson, of Belpre.

Married: Nov. 5, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, Alvin F. Nesselroad and Miss Melissa Dempster, of Independence.

Married: Nov. 5, by B.M. Stout, Samuel D. Carpenter, of Newport, and Miss Drusilla Haught, of Independence.

Married: Nov. 5, by J.D. James, J.P., Job Yoho and Miss Nancy M. Spencer, both of Aurelius.

Married: Nov. 12, by Rev. I.N. Carman, Robert Shiers, of Harmar, and Miss Anna Roney, of Marietta.

Married: Nov. 9, by John Test, J.P., Calvin Stufflebeem, of Marietta, and Miss Melissa Miller, of Union.

Married: Nov. 1, by Wm. P. Gamble, J.P., George Townsend and Miss Emily A. Miller, both of Decatur.

Died: In Watertown, Monday night, Oct. 30, 1865, Joel Adams, brother of Dea. Dennis Adams, of this city, aged about 65. He had been in bed, in his usual health, and arose to wind the clock. He lay down again and immediately became still. His daughter asked, “Pa, are you asleep so quick?” Going to the bed at once and touching his shoulder, he was indeed asleep, “the sleep which knows no waking.”

Died: In DesMoines, Iowa, Oct. 21st, of typhoid fever, John Franklin Seely, son of Mrs. Louisiana Seely, of Beverly, this county, and of the late John H. Seely, of Morgan county, aged about 26. He was a graduate of Yale College and a young lawyer of much promise. His remains were taken to New Haven for burial, where he married a daughter of Professor Blake about two years ago.

Thursday, Nov 23, 1865

Born: Nov. ___ [date not given], a son to Frank F. and Jennie M. Watson, and grandson to Graydon Medlicott, Esq., of this city - named Frank Graydon.

Born: Nov. 18, a son to Thomas Harlow.

Married: Nov. 16th, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Henry Clay West and Miss Phebe A. McKibben, daughter of Henry, of this city. With this came six different kinds of cake, very beautiful and of the most superb quality, home-made, too, none of the kind that is bought. If the happiness of the couple equals the nicety of the cake and continues, it will be all that the most ardent heart could desire.

Married: Nov. 10, by Israel Underwood, J.P., Abner L. Monroe and Miss Nancy J. Wilson, both of Wesley.

Married: Nov. 12, by R.P. Pinkerton, J.P. Geo. K. Cecil and Miss Jemima Stage, both of Warren.

Married: Nov. 15, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, D.D., Geo. W. Wiley ad Miss Mary E. Davis, both of this city.

Married: Nov. 17, by John Test, J.P., Frederick Newberger, of Marietta, and Miss Charlotte Theiss, of Fearing.

Married: Nov. 16, by E. Bingham, J.P., Harrison Burchett, of Watertown, and Miss Phebe E. Affleck, of Barlow.

Married: Nov. 14, by John Test, J.P., Benjamin F. Ollom, late of the 56th O.V.I., and Miss Nancy J. Star, both of Belpre.

Married: On the 7th of Nov., 1865, by Rev. Francis Bartlett, Lieut. Horace Knowles and Miss Sophia A. Huntington, of Hockingport.

Died: In Newport, Nov. 1st, James Cady, Sr., aged about 83.

Died: In Dunkirk, N.Y., Nov. 3, of bilious fever, Lizzie Amalie Sidonis Seipel, second daughter of Rev. A.H. and Mary W. Seipel, late of Marietta, aged 4 years, 5 months and 28 days. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: New Appomattox Station, South Side Railroad, Virginia, April 8th, 1865, George D. Pyle, of Company F, 2d West Virginia Cavalry, in the 20th year of his age. He was killed instantly, on the eve of the surrender of the rebel army. The deceased was a young man of fine promise. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Nov 30, 1865

Born: In this city, Nov. 25, a son to Col. Van H. Bukey.

Born: In this city, Nov. 26, a son to Ellis Cammel.

Born: Nov. 21, a son to S.M. Devol.

Born: Nov. 28, a son to John Hill.

Married: Nov. 28, in Waterford, by Rev. Wm. F. King, President of Cornell College, Iowa, Rev. Isaac F. King, of Columbus, and Miss Ella Bowen, daughter of Charles L. Bowen, Esq.

Married: In Wesley, Nov. 28, by Rev. J.D. Hathaway, Frank M. Payne and Miss Annie L. Smith.

Married: Nov. 20, in Cincinnati, by M.P. Gaddis, F. Wesley Ranger, of this city, and Miss Hattie Crane, of Cincinnati.

Married: Nov. 27, by John Test, J.P., J.S. Harper and Miss Caroline Smitherman, both of Adams.

Married: Nov. 16, in Matamoras, by Rev. Mr. Tannahill, Capt. A.E. Holland and Miss Ellen Burris.

Married: Nov. 16, in Coolville, by W.F. Pilcher, J.P., Morrison Johnston, of this county, and Miss Louisa Frost, of Athens county.

Married: Nov. 19, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Jeremiah Unger and Miss Mary A. Hill, both of Muskingum.

Married: Nov. 19, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., George H. Todd and Miss Mary M. Burnfield, both of Dunham.

Married: Nov. 19, by Samuel Amlin, J.P., Joseph Hines and Miss Hannah M. Calvert, both of Newport.

Married: Nov. 28, by John Test, J.P., Washington Bartmess and Miss Margaret McFadden, both of Lawrence.

Died: Nov 8 [check date], at his residence In Newport, after a painful illness of about six months, Charles Dana, aged 80 years. [This text was difficult to read so please verify the details.]

Died: Nov 13, Lewis Lehnhart, infant son of John Lehnhart, aged 1 year, 11 months and 19 days.

Died: Nov ___ [date illegible], of diptheria, Charles W. Pattin, son of Richard Pattin, aged 3 years, 5 months and 5 days.

Died: In Barlow, Nov ___ [date illegible], Ezekiel Canfield, aged 71 years.

Thursday, Dec 7, 1865

Born: Nov. 29, in Harmar, a daughter to D.W. Sharp.

Born: Dec. 3, in this city, a son to S.W. Stone.

Born: Dec. 4, in this city, a daughter to John Willoughby.

Married: On the 5th day of December, 1865, by John Test, J.P., Eugene Timms and Miss Louisa Grant, both of Aurelius.

Married: Dec. 3, by Rev. P. Cook, Wm. Justice and Miss Sarah Adams, both of Beverly.

Married: In Wheeling, Nov. 23, by Rev. Mr. Frederick, John G. Theis, of this city, and Miss Mary A. Lewis, of Wheeling.

Married: In Marietta, Nov. 29, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, J. Benton Coulter and Miss Esther C. Goddard, both of Fairfield.

Married: Nov. 25, by Rev. C.D. Curtiss, Jackson Ford and Miss Jennie Parks, both of Belpre.

Married: Nov. 30, by Elder N.W. Moody, Alfred B. Simon, of Noble county, and Miss Eva B. Smith, of Salem.

Married: Nov. 9, by Dr. Anthony Rudolph, Henry Wendelken and Miss Caroline Fisher, both of Marietta.

Married: Nov. 30, by Rev. C.D. Curtiss, Daniel Gilmore and Miss Isabella Wilkerson, both of Warren.

Married: Nov. 23, by J.T. Hill, J.P., Henry S. Peckens and Miss Eunice Osborn, both of Newport.

Died: Nov. 30, in this city, Frederick Buck, a well known citizens, in his 65th year. He was a native of Marietta, born Jan. 7, 1801.

Died: Nov. 1, in Marietta township, Otis Reckard, aged about 73. He was a well known and estimable citizen - had resided in Marietta fifty-nine years, coming here with his father, from Ashfield, Mass., in 1806.

Died: In Palmer, Nov. 19, of diphtheria, Henry G. Murdough, son of James M. and Nancy Murdough, in his 7th year.

Died: In Watertown, Nov. 27, Maggie Power, infant daughter of Robert F. and Ellen T. Power, aged two years. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Dec 14, 1865

Born: Dec. 4, in this city, a son to Wm. Fischer.

Born: Dec. 7, in this city, a daughter to Fred Wehrs.

Born: Dec. 7, a daughter to Fred Maxon.

Married: Dec. 10, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, Jeremiah Laughlin and Miss Nancy Carlin, both of Warren.

Married: Dec. 7, in Warren, by Rev. Dyar Burgess, John Kunz, of Warren, and Miss Nancy M. Carlin, of Barlow. [Note that although these two brides share a first and last name, they live in different townships of the county.]

Married: Dec. 7, Madison R. Morse, of Salem, and Mrs. Rosanna Mason, of Coal Run.

Married: Nov. 15, by Wm. Caywood, J.P., Alexander Berry and Miss Sarah A. Harsha, both of Lawrence.

Married: In Marietta, Dec. 12, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Frank Sprague, of Lowell, and Miss Emma Corey, of this city.

Died: Dec. 6, in Harmar, Mrs. Nancy E. Devol, wife of S.M. Devol, aged 21.[Note above that on Nov 21, 1865, a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Devol.]

Died: Dec. 11, in Marietta, Mrs. Rosanna Lovell, aged 38.

Died: Dec. 11, in Pittsburgh, Mrs. Elizabeth Bell, wife of David E. Bell, and daughter of Charles Yen, aged 30 - buried in Marietta.

Died: Dec. 8, near Ashley, Pike Co., Missouri, of cancer, Mrs. E.J. Wells, wife of L.M. Wells, and daughter of the late Col. John Thorniley, of Marietta township.

Thursday, Dec 21, 1865

Born: Dec. 13, in this city, a daughter to C.C. Ketter.

Born: Dec. 13, a daughter to Valentine Apples.

Born: Dec. 12, at Tunnel, a son to Wm. Zearing.

Born: In this city, Dec. 16th, a daughter to Hamilton Bomer.

Married: Dec. 20, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, F. Vanden, of Gallipolis, and Miss Mary E. Pattin, of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 19, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Henry Duden and Miss Achsah Dailey, both of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 13, by Jas. Pinkerton, J.P., John Knox and Miss Julie E. Vangilder, both of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 18, by Rev. I.N. Carman, Lieut. Frank B. Reckard, of Marietta, and Miss Alice J. Nugent, of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 9, by Rev. A. McMaster, J.P., Joseph J. Powell and Miss Sarah J. Moore, both of Independence.

Married: Dec. 14, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Henry Barnhart and Miss Jane Williamson, both of Independence.

Married: Nov. 22nd, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, John V. Stewart, of Adams, and Miss Sarah A. Brabham, of Watertown.

Married: Nov. 23, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, G.M. Yarnall, of Beverly, and Miss Lizzie Arnold, of Watertown.

Married: Nov. 30, by Rev. Thos. Thomas, Samuel Fitch, of Morgan Co., and Miss Losana Lawrence, of Beverly.

Married: Nov. 26, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, Wm. McFarland and Miss Luserva Nesselroad, both of Waterford.

Married: Dec. 14, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, Benoni W. Hurlburt and Miss Ella Gray, both of Waterford.

Thursday, Dec 28, 1865

Born: In this city, Sunday night, Dec. 24, a son to Lieut. H.L. Sibley.

Married: Dec. 24, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Robert Allison and Miss Sibyl Brooker, both of Adams.

Married: Dec. 21, by Rev. J.D. Hathaway, Jacob Sibert and Miss Mary Bucey, of Wesley.

Married: Christmas night, in St. Luke’s Church, this city, by Rev. John Boyd, L. Frank Gilbert, of Portsmouth, and Miss Sarah A. Cram, of Marietta.

Married: Dec. 23rd, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Capt. David W. Hart, 1st O.V.C., and Miss Marian A. Cox, daughter of S.N. Cox, all of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 24, by J.M. Truesdell, J.P., Nicholas Dixon and Miss Mary A. Null, all of Beverly.

Married: Dec. 19, by James M. Groves, J.P., John McBeth, of Lawrence, and Miss Amanda McIntire, of Ludlow.

Married: Nov. 30, by Dr. A. Rudolph, Wm. R. Armstrong and Mrs. Margaret Wellbrook, both of this city.

Married: Nov. 23, by R. Dorff, J.P., John Sullivan and Mrs. Catherine Jewell, both of Grandview.

Married: Nov. 19, by Rev. T.C. Hatfield, Charles W. Stanley and Miss Lydia Kiggins, both of Salem.

Married: Dec. 27, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Isaiah Rumbold and Mary Ann Hoff.

Died: At Chillicothe, Mrs. Martha Doan, wife of Elbridge Doan, formerly of Salem, this county.

Died: In Harmar, Dec. 20th, John Andrews, son of James Andrews, in his 22nd year.

Died: Dec. 1, in McConnelsville, Miss Lizzie Dye, in 31st year - for eleven years a teacher in the Union schools at that place.

Thursday, Jan 4, 1866

Born: On Christmas, near Red Bud, Ill., a son to Harley E. Danley, formerly of Palmer township, this county.

Born: Nov. 15, 1865, at Dresden, Germany, Major General George B. McClellan, Jr... [Note: There is no further information, obviously an error in printing.]

Born: In this city, Dec. 30, a daughter to Peter Beach.

Born: In this city, Dec. 21, a daughter to Wm. Snodgrass.

Born: Dec. 31, a daughter to John Smithson, Jr.

Married: Dec. 30th, by John Test, J.P., William Greenhill and Miss Margaret E. McAllister, daughter of Madison McAllister, all of this city.

Married: By Rev. C.D. Battelle, Jan. 1st, at Union House, James L. Cooney, of District of Columbia, and Miss Matilda H. Moore, of Marietta.

Married: Dec. 25, 1865, by John Dowling, J.P., Joseph Kenney, of West Va., and Miss Mary C. Wright, of Meigs Co.

Married: Dec. 28, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Milton F. Stoddard and Miss Matilda Williams, both of Marietta.

Married: Dec. 25, by S. Heald, J.P., Simeon Johnson, of Morgan Co., and Miss Elizabeth Bachelor, of Wesley.

Married: In San Francisco, Cal, Nov. 8, 1865, by Rev. H.A. Sawtelle, Dr. Samuel W. Dennis, from South Litchfield, Me., and Miss Mary E. Reed, daughter of Parkinson Reed, of Williamstown, West Va.

Married: At the “Reed House,” West Point, Cal., July 3, 1865, by Rev. Mr. Leach, Ira H. Reed, from Williamstown, West Va., and Miss Sarah Bryant, from Watertown, N.Y.

Married: Dec. 24, 1865, at the residence of the bride’s father, Henry VanBergen, by Rev. F. Fleischer, Philip Hinkel, of Philadelphia, late of Marietta, to Miss Mary Jane VanBergen, of Marietta.

Died: In San Francisco, California, Dec. 26, 1865, Capt. James Whitney, Jr., President of the California Steam Navigation Company, and formerly of Harmar.

Died: At Little Hocking, Dec. 28, Edward Woster, aged 1 year and 7 months and Dec. 29, Mary Woster, aged 4 years, both of diphtheria, and children of Jefferson Woster.

Died: Jan 1, 1866, in this city, of consumption, Sinclair Moncy, aged 55 years.

Thursday, Jan 11, 1866

Married: Dec. 28, 1865, in Ludlow township, by James M. Groves, J.P., Isaac Pugh and Mrs. Martha A. Watson and also Geo. Pugh and Miss Mary E. Watson - Father and son married to mother and daughter.

Married: Jan. 4, 1866, in Lewis Co., Ky., by Rev. Eli P. Adams, assisted by Rev. Wm. Morris, Lieut. Thomas Corwin Adams, late of the 91st O.V.I., and Miss Eliza D. Adams, daughter of Lorey F. Adams, Esq., late of this county.

Married: Jan. 1, 1866, by Rev. Levi L. Fay, James Dell and Miss Letitia Buckner.

Married: Jan. 4, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., Neil McKay and Miss Anabella Smith, both of Dunham.

Married: Dec. 29, 1865, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, John Frain, of Parkersburg, and Miss Mary Costello, of Barlow.

Married: Dec. 28, by Rev. C. Vogel, Jacob Bauer and Miss R.R. Boger, both of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 28, by Rev. Levi L. Fay, John S. Chapman, of Fearing, and Miss Sarah M. Flanders, of Salem.

Thursday, Jan 18, 1866

Married: Jan. 11, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., John W. Hufford and Miss Harriet Vaughan, both of Warren.

Married: Jan. 10, by J.T. Hill, J.P., Alexander Mathers and Miss Margaret Scott, both of Newport.

Married: In ____, Jan. 7th, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Geo. A. Smith, of Liberty, and Miss Adaline Twiggs, both of Salem.

Married: At Vincent’s Station, Jan. 10th, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, G.L. Chapman, of Michigan, and _____ [illegible] C. Vincent, of Barlow.

Married: In Marietta Tp., Jan. 11th, by J.W. McMaster, J.P., Matthias W. Altman, of Pa., and Miss Mary F. Beach, of Marietta.

Married: Dec. 14th, 1865, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J.W. _____ [illegible], Benjamin W. Knox, of Morgan Co., and Miss Hattie Brown, of Washington county.

Married: Jan 16, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, D.D., David H. Camp, of Palmer, and Miss ___ Adams, of Watertown.

Thursday, Jan 25 1866

Born: In Muskingum township, Jan 20, a son to F.W. Rayley.

Married: In this city, Jan. 18, 1866, by Rev. Addison Kingsbury, D.D., of Putnam, James Addison Kingsbury, of Cairo, Ill, son of the officiating minister, to Miss Sarah E. Shipman, daughter of Samuel Shipman, of Marietta.

Married: Jan. 20, by Rev. J.W. Fouts, Capt. George B. Bartlett, of the late 63rd Ohio Veterans, and Miss Vesta Wolcott, both of Watertown.

Married: Sunday, Jan. 21, by John Test, J.P., Vachel H. Kaneff and Miss Julia M. Hobby, daughter of Silas Hobby, Esq., both of Fearing.

Married: Jan. 11, in Columbus, McCormick Pollard, of the “Valley House,” Chillicothe, to Miss Julia Femee, of Columbus.

Married: Jan. 10, in Chattanooga, Tenn., by Rev. T.S. Stivers, Edgar W. Steele, of California, and Miss Julia P. Stanley, daughter of Col. Timothy R. Stanley of the late 18th O.V.I., and formerly of Vinton county.

Married: Jan. 19, at the “Henrie House,” Cincinnati, by Rev. Dr. Weakley, R.A. Cameron and Miss Fran M. Welch, daughter of Hon. John Welch, of Athens. [Note: Bride’s first name is difficult to read.]

Married: In Marietta, Jan. 18th, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Philip B. Peters and Miss Julia Koenig, both of Marietta.

Married: In Marietta, Jan. 23rd, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Rees Thomas and Miss Ansenora D. Babson, both of Salem. [Note: Bride’s first name is difficult to read.]

Died: In this city, the 19th, of apoplexy, Mrs. Frederika Kahleyss, aged 53.

Died: Jan. 20, at his residence in Barlow, on consumption, Marcus Green, aged 45 years, 10 months, 17 days - leaving a wife and three children to mourn his loss.

Died: In this city, Jan. 18, 1866, Bernard Malloy, aged 65. Mr. Malloy was born near Londonderry, Ireland, and served his time as a linen weaver. For a year or two, after learning his trade, he was in manufactories at Manchester, England, then seven years in Glasgow, Scotland. He came to this country in 1832, and for a time was engaged as a warper in cotton factories in New Jersey and at Ellicot’s Mills, Maryland. He located in Marietta nearly thirty years ago. Here he was a laborer and soon owned his own teams. He was Street Commissioner in Marietta for seventeen years. By industry and prudence he acquired some property and for his station, independence. He was an efficient worker, an honest man, a quiet and excellent citizen and lived and died with the respect of all who knew him. His funeral was attended by a large number of people last Sunday at St. Mary’s (Catholic) Church.

Died: Jan. 20, in Watertown, of dropsy, after an illness of two weeks, John M. Green. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Feb 1, 1866

Married: Jan. 18, by Rev. F. Juergens, Christian Cramer and Miss Caroline Koehler, both of Adams.

Married: Jan. 24, by E. McLarty, J.P., Alexander Mendenhall and Miss Elizabeth Leonard, both of Belpre.

Married: Jan. 25, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., John Fisher and Mrs. Viola Dakin, both of Belpre.

Married: In Marietta township, at the residence of Granville Harness, Esq., Jan. 30th, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Mr. Theodore Kraft, of Wheeling, to Miss Kate Harness.

Married: In Harmar, Jan. 30th, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Mr. Will S. Judd to Miss Minerva C. Cordry.

Died: At the residence of her son-in-law, Dr. Tenney, near this city, on the evening of Jan. 20, Mrs. Elizabeth Crane Lankton, consort of Wm. Fay, Esq., in the 76th year of her age.

Died: In Belpre, Jan. 28, 1866, of congestion of the brain, Florence Pinnell, second daughter of Dr. N.W. and Addie Pinnell, aged 2 years, 3 months and 21 days.

Died: Jan. 13, in Adams, Robert Allison, aged 82.

Died: In this city, Jan. 28, 1866, James M. Booth, Esq., in his 78th year.

Thursday, Feb 8, 1866

Married: Jan. 25, by Joseph Palmer, Esq., Nathan Kemp to Miss Annie M. Doan, both of Fearing.

Married: Feb. 6, by Rev. E. Adkins, Capt. H.F. Middleswart and Miss Libby R. Hollister, daughter of Sereno Hollister, both of Marietta.

Married: Jan 18, by L.M. Burt, J.P., at the residence of the bride’s father, C.H. Stanley, of Fearing, this county, to Miss Eliza L. Smith, of Excelsior, Sauk Co., Wisconsin. [Please check date of marriage.]

Married: Feb. 1, by Rev. G. Schulz, Jacob Boeshar, of Marietta, and Mary Nye, of Union.

Married: Jan. 17, by John Congleton, J.P., Nicholas King, of Liberty, and Miss Hester Miracle, of Lawrence.

Married: Jan. 17, by Chas. Monahan, J.P., Thos. Boston and Miss Lucinda Parr, both of Liberty.

Died: Jan 2, 1866, in Great Neaton, near Liverpool, England, aged 84 years, Catherine Orton, relict [widow] of John Henton, late of Oldhall street, Liverpool, England.

Died: At Mount DeChantal, near Wheeling, on the morning of the 28th [of January], Miss Irene Oldham, aged 19 years, eldest daughter of W.H. Oldham, of this city. The deceased having been in our midst only a few months and being of a retiring nature was known to but few, yet to those few she endeared herself in a special degree. Serene and even in temperament, sensitive, refined, highly cultivated, she reserved her sweetest attractions for her home, giving her presence and ministry to her afflicted brother. She had the faith and experience of a Christian and while she waited the visitation of the Bishop publicly to satisfy her vows, the Great Bishop of our souls received her into the church triumphant. Her startling summons amid youth and health admonishes: “Be ye also ready.”

Thursday, Feb 15, 1866

Married: On New Year’s, at San Francisco, Henry M. Bosworth, son of D.P., Bosworth, of this city, and Miss Virginia Wise, both of San Francisco.

Married: Feb. 8th, by M. Watson, J.P., Eli H. Thompson and Hannah Schoonover, both of Belpre.

Married: Jan. 30, by J.G. Thomas, J.P., John W. Dolman, of Liberty, and Miss Catherine Day, of Newport.

Married: Feb. 1, by Rev. R. Tannebill, Simeon Webber, of Grandview, and Miss Isabel Taylor, of Independence.

Married: Feb. 6, by Geo. Wilson, J.P., Wm. J. Lang, of Waterford, and Miss Lucetta Rouch, of Adams.

Married: Feb. 8, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., Henry L. Terrill and Miss Sarah B. Richardson, both of Warren.

Thursday, Feb 22, 1866

Born: In Belpre, Feb. 13, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Tiffany.

Born: Feb. 3, in Oskaloosa, Iowa, a son to Henry J. Booth, formerly of this city.

Born: Feb 15, 1866, in this city, a son to Capt. Wm. Holden.

Born: Feb. ___ [date not given], in Muskingum township, a son to Joseph Dyar.

Married: Feb. 14, by Elder J.G. Bartlett, James A. Bridges, of Iowa, and Miss Elizabeth Vincent, of Barlow.

Married: Feb. 12, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, John Ferguson, of Parkersburg, and Miss Biddy C. Costello, of Vincent Station.

Married: Feb. 9, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, Patrick S. O’Connor, of Belpre, and Miss Elizabeth A. Devine, of Fairfield.

Married: Feb. 10, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, John Ballway and Mrs. Sarah E. Tallman, both of Warren.

Married: Feb. 8, by Elder J.G. Bartlett, Obed Lowry and Mrs. Catharine Butler, both of Barlow.

Married: Jan. 23, by Chas. Cone, J.P., Joseph Sharp, of Barlow, and Miss Emeline Reed, of Warren.

Married: Feb ___ [check date], by Rev. J.M. Poulton, George Coon and Miss Phebe Appleton, both of Marietta.

Married: Jan. 2__ [check date], by Daniel Newell, J.P., Daniel N. Place and Miss Sarah Hall, both of Decatur.

Married: Feb. 18, by Rev. F. Fleischer, Martin Schwartz, of Muskingum Tp., and Miss Caroline Schwartz, of this city.

Married: Feb. 15, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, D.D., E.D. Stagg and Mrs. Sarah E. Soule, both of Belpre.

Died: In Muskingum township, February 15th [might be Feb 13th], Wing Devol, in the 92nd year of his age. Mr Devol was born in Tiverton, Rhode Island, in 1775. He came to Marietta when he was but 26 years old. He worked at his trade here for a while as a tailor. He employed Joseph Holden to build the first hotel erected on Front street. He lived on the farm where he died over 59 years. Truly, he inherited the blessing promised the good - “length of days.” He was a child of that Revolution which gave independence to our country. He had been a witness of her rise and progress...[The rest of this obituary is illegible from this particular transcript.]

Thursday, Mar 1, 1866

Married: Feb. 25, by Joseph Palmer, J.P., Jacob Hockinberry and Miss Melissa J. Bloomingdale, both of Salem.

Married: Feb. 26, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, J.S. Weible, of Pittsburg, and Miss Mary A. Sniffen, daughter of Dan’l R. Sniffen, of this city.

Married: Feb. 25, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, D.D., Thornton Owens, of Warren, and Miss Nancy Simpson, of Harmar.

Married: Feb. 23, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Daniel Wilson and Miss Mary Shamley, both of West Va.

Married: Feb 28, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., James Baxter and Miss Mary Dye, both of West Va.

Married: Feb. 28, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Joseph C. Scott, of Warren, and Miss Emma M. Hutchinson, daughter of W.W. Hutchinson, of Harmar.

Married: Feb. 21, in Chillicothe, Henry Crowther, of Leeds, England, to Miss Cornelia A. Sisson, niece of I.R. Waters, of this city.

Died: In Belpre, Sunday morning, Feb. 25, Ebenezer Benedict, aged 86. Mrs. Benedict, to whom he was married sixty-four years ago, on Feb. 22nd, still survives.

Died: Feb. 18, Mrs. Margaret Sollar, wife of Simon B. Sollar.

Died: Feb. 24, infant child of Underwood Daniels, aged three months. [See issue of Nov 9, 1865 for birth of this infant.]

Died: Jan. 18, in San Francisco, Cal., Leroy S., infant son of L.W.W. and Bessie C. Brown, and grandson of J.W.L. Brown, of this city, aged 7 months and 3 days.

Thursday, Mar 8, 1866

Married: In this city, March 7, by ______________ [illegible], Charles K. Leonard, ______ of W.D. Thomas & Co., and Miss Anna C. Skinner, daughter of David C. Skinner.

Married: Feb. 21st, by J.M. Groves, J.P., John Weddell and Miss ____ [name illegible] McVay, both of Ludlow.

Married: March 1, by John Test, J.P., Wm. McGachey and Miss Mary M. Stoup, both of Barlow.

Married: March ____ [date not given], Ira Hill, of Fearing, and Miss Eunice L. Shaw, of Marietta.

Married: March 4, by Rev. J.D. Riley, George P. Sandford and Miss Anna M. Reece, both of Marietta township. [This information is corrected on Thursday, Mar 15, as follows: March 4, by Rev. J.D. Riley, George P. Sandford and Miss Anna M. Racer, both of Marietta township.]

Married: Jan. 31, at Dunham ____, by Rev. Chauncey Loomis, at the residence of the bride’s father, Miss Ellen A. Butler and John E. Vandervoort, Esq.

Married: Feb. 28, by Samuel Amlin, J.P., Samuel Hardin and Miss Nancy E. Tice, both of Newport.

Married: Feb. 25, by M. Watson, J.P., Vestos Allen, of Athens, and Miss Sarah Weaver, of Belpre.

Died: At Racine, Meigs county, Ohio, Feb. ___ [date illegible], Mrs. Susan Middleswart, consort of Tunis Middleswart, Esq., and only sister of Col. Wm. West, of this county, in the 56th year of her age. [This obituary is difficult to read. Please verify the information from other sources.]

Died: Feb. 23, in Parkersburg, Littleton G. Smith, son of Rev. Thomas Smith, and nephew of Gov. Wm. Smith, of Virginia, in his 35th year.

Thursday, Mar 15, 1866

Born: March 13, in this city, a son to James Fletcher. [See issue of Mar 22nd for death of this infant.]

Born: In this city, March 8, a son to Capt. W.D. DeBeck and grandson to L. Soyez.

Married: March 6, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, Henry C. Baldwin and Miss Mary L. Scott, both of Waterford.

Married: March 9, by Daniel Newell, J.P., John H. Dexter, of Belpre, and Mrs. Rosanna J. Beebe, of Decatur.

Married: March 10, by Samuel Heald, J.P., Harpley McGirr, of Wesley, and Miss Sarah J. Corner, of Watertown.

Married: March 5, by Elder J.M. Nugent, at his residence in Warren, Wilson S. Nugent, of Matamoras, and Miss Harriet E. Cline, of Independence township.

Married: Feb. 15, by Rev. M.B. Edmondson, at the residence of the bride’s father, Stowell S. Hazen, of Salem, and Miss Juliett E. Romine, of Wood Co., West Va.

Died: At Hanging Rock, March 6th, Mrs. Mary F. Rodgers, wife of Henry C. Rodgers, and daughter of the late Rev. John Crawford, of Harmar, in her 34th year.

Died: March 1, in this city, of consumption, Miss Mary Hays, daughter of Aaron Hays, aged 20.

Died: In Harmar, March 7th, Sally James, a colored woman, aged 88.

Thursday, Mar 22, 1866

Married: In this city, March 15, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Lieut. W.W. Wilson and Miss Sarah E. Fall, both of Marietta.

Married: In Harmar, March 19th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, E.J. Taylor, M.D., of Munroe, La., and Miss Julia A. Dunbar, of Wheeling, West Va.

Married: On the 14th, by Rev. I.N. Carman, at his residence, H.R. Craven and Miss Angelina Pribble, both of Newark, Wirt Co., West Va.

Died: In this city, March 17th, Cornelius Tinkham, in his 81st year.

Died: In this city, March 14th, of dropsy, William Clark, in his 76th year.

Died: In this city, March 20th, an infant son of James Fletcher, aged one week.

Died: In Decatur township, March ___ [date illegible], of consumption, Wm. P. Gamble, Esq., aged 40 - leaving a wife and eight children, all boys.

Died: March 6th, in Harmar, of chronic diarrhea, contracted in Andersonville Prison, Georgia, Francis Pryor, of Co. F, ___ O.V.I., aged 27. [Note: Unit is illegible in this copy.]

Died: In Tiensin, China, June 24, 1864 [sic], Abby G. Stanley, aged 7 months, infant daughter of Rev. Charles A. Stanley, missionary, formerly of this county, and a graduate of Marietta College, Class of 1858.

Died: In Fearing,, March 18th, Thomas F. Stanley, in the 80th year of his age. Mr. Stanley was born in Connecticut, Jan. 16, 1787, and came to Marietta with his parents in 1790 and during the Indian War was in the Fort. His father settled in Fearing where the deceased spent a long and useful life. He united with the Congregational Church in Marietta in 1817 - almost fifty years ago.

Tribute of Respect from Beverly Lodge, I.O.O.F, dated March 15, 1866 in honor of Oscar F. White.

Thursday, Mar 29, 1866

Married: [Information is mostly illegible.] ...March ___, by ____ Newell, J.P., George P. Jarvis and Miss Amanda Conant, both of Decatur.

Married: March 22, by Rev. J.D. Hathaway, _______ Kirby and Miss Phebe L. Holloway, both of Wesley.

Married: March 22, by John G. Thomas, J.P., Daniel M. Beagle, of Independence, and Miss Elizabeth Bradfield, of Grandview.

Married: March 20th, 1866, by Rev. Charles Buckman, John B. Smith and Miss Maria J. O’Bleness, of Mill Town, Newport Township.

Married: March 16, by Henry Schofield, J.P., Henry Feldner and Miss Eunice P. Walters, both of Salem.

Married: March 18, in Columbus, by Rev. ______ [ illegible], ____ Dye, Lawrence township, this county, and Miss Delilah Statts, of Columbus.

Married: March ____, by ____ Watson, J.P., George McIntyre and Mrs. Sarah E. Woodruff, both of Dunham. [Very difficult to read.]

Married: March 22, by D. Barber, J.P., Albert Burries and Miss Ellen Gossett, both of Watertown.

Married: At Great Bend, Meigs Co., by Rev. J.D. Leonard, James F. Daniels, of Marietta, and Miss Harriet E. Smith of Meigs Co.

Died: March 11 [check date], at Chambersburg, Gallia Co., Abraham Middleswart, aged 78 years.

Died: March 24, in Columbus, at the Insane Asylum, Timothy Richards, of this city.

Died: In Marietta township, Feb. 14, 1866, Ford Combs, aged 17 years, son of Wesley and Mary Combs, of Madison, Indiana, formerly of Muskingum township, this county. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Apr 5, 1866

Born: In this city, April 1st, a son to A.B. Battelle.

Born: April 4, a daughter to Amos Wilson.

Married: March 28, in this city, by Rev. H.W. Ballantine, John R.M. Agnew and Miss Lida Cohagan, both of West Va.

Married: March 28, by John Test, J.P., James Landy and Miss Rosanna Matheny, both of Independence.

Married: March 22, in Athens, by Rev. J.H. Pratt, Hon. A.G. Brown and Mrs. Harriet B. Stewart, all of Athens.

Married: March 20, Wallace Morse, of Albany, Athens Co., formerly of Co. C, 36th Ohio, and Miss Nancy M. Jones.

Married: In Zanesville, by Rev. D. Harlocker, Charles W. Hall and Miss Belle Gittings, both of Beverly.

Married: March 29, by Rev. F. Bartlett, E.O. McPherson and Miss F.V. Allen, both of Belpre.

Married: March 6, by James McCune, J.P., Thomas G. Riley, of Philadelphia, and Miss Mary E. Hibbs, of Aurelius.

Married: March 8, by John G. Thomas, J.P., James H. Miller and Miss Nancy A. Barnhart, both of Grandview.

Married: April 1, by Rev. C.N. Ransom, James A. Lawrence and Miss Mary Marshall, both of Lowell.

Died: In Cincinnati, Monday night last [presumably Apr 26], Madeline Leonard, daughter of E.G. and Henrietta D. Leonard, aged 2 ½ years. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Apr 12, 1866

Born: In this city, on Sunday, April 8th, a daughter to W.B. Thomas.

Married: In Harmar, April 9, 1866 [date is difficult to read], by Rev. W. Wakefield, Mr. Wilson S. Lewis, of Hagerstown, Indiana, late of this city, and Miss Mattie C. Berry, of Harmar.

Married: At Adams, on the 8th, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., William H. Field, of Cincinnati, and Miss Lizzie Long, of Lowell.

Married: April 1, by Rev. W.M. Wells, Wm. J. Barrows, of Athens county, and Miss Charlotte McDaniel, of Decatur.

Married: April 8, by Israel Underwood, J.P., Silas S. Morris and Miss Roberta Newlan, all of Newport.

Married: April 6, by Samuel Amlin, J.P., David J. Malley and Miss Sarah J. Newlan, all of Newport.

Married: April 8, ‘66, Jacob Abendschoen and Miss Catharine Suder, both of Marietta.

Married: March 23, by Rev. J.M. Pratt, Maj. Augustus Norton and Miss Sarah M. Putnam, daughter of George Putnam.

Died: At the residence of J.H. Flagg, in Marietta, March 27, 1866, Mrs. Diantha M. Thurlow, in her 49th year.

Thursday, Apr 19, 1866

Married: April 12, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Capt. Joseph S. Strahl to Miss Helen E. Putnam, daughter of Maj. Lewis J.P. Putnam, both of Muskingum township.

Married: April 5 by Eli Bingham, J.P., Isaac Woodruff and Mrs. America Gillmore, both of Watertown.

Married: April 15, by John Test, J.P., Thomas Dolan and Mrs. Lydia Chadwick, both of Union.

Married: April 4, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, Thomas Rowland, of Harmar and Miss Bridget Murphy, of Fairfield township.

Married: April 12, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, John Lynch and Miss Mary Kelly, both of Fairfield township.

Married: April 12, by Rev. W.S. Benner, Ephraim Frazier and Miss Catharine Marsh, both of Fairfield.

Married: April 14, by Rev. Charles Ruckman, Elijah Kiggins and Miss Ellen Rea, both of Independence.

Married: April 15, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, August Weber and Miss Mary Holly, both of Marietta.

Married: April 14, by Rev. Wm. Fromm, Henry Essman and Miss Caroline Schwartz, both of Marietta.

Married: April 1, by Rev. Wm. A. Blake, Rector Chapman and Miss Susan Barnes, both of Lowell.

Married: April 1, by Rev. Wm. A. Blake, Thomas B. Parke, of Union, and Miss Louisa J. Owen, of Adams.

Married: March 29, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, at the Nation House, in this city, Dr. S.M. Richardson and Miss Sibal E. Ellis, both of Matamoras.

Died: April 13, Mrs. Adaline Otten, aged 84 years.

Died: April 13, Mrs. Lydia Gibbens, aged 83 years. [Age is difficult to read.]

Died: April 13, of lung fever, Mrs. Margaret Miller, wife of Jacob Miller, aged 31.

Died: April 11, Kate, infant daughter of Henry Claus, aged one month and eleven days.

Died: April 2, in Athens, Mrs. Semantha S. Grosvenor, wife of Gen. Chas. H. Grosvenor, and daughter of Daniel B. Stewart, Esq.

Died: March 23, 1866, in West Columbia, West Va., Mrs. Achsah Guthrie, widow of the late Hon. Erastus Guthrie, of Morgan county.

Died: In Muskingum township,, April 2, 1866, of fever Perren H. Davis, son of Hiram and Sarah Davis, aged 3 years lacing 12 days. Little Perren was the only son of his mother and she, a widow, her husband having been called from earth just one year from the very day on which her dear boy was taken from her. He was a child of great promise, being possessed of unusual sweetness of disposition and an intelligence far beyond his years. He was the pride and joy of his grandparents, with whom he lived after his father’s death and who bestowed the tenderest care upon the little orphan. The sunshine is gone from their home forever, and the grief stricken mother can find comfort only in the thought that the dear Saviour, who took little children in his arms and blessed them, loved her darling little one and has taken him to Himself. Signed: Nanny.

Thursday, Apr 26, 1866

Note: This issue is virtually illegible.

            Marriages include the following:

            Wm. Breckenridge and Emmina L. Deming, daughter of Daniel Deming of Watertown.

            John Drehr, of Lawrence, and Anna Gartner, of Union.

            George W. Early, of Independence, and Sarah C. Rogers, of Newport.

            Simon Davidson and Mrs. ___ Wade.

            April 17, Jackson Norris and Mrs. Rhoda Norris, all of Wesley.

            April 17, Philip Emrich and Mary Englehart, all of Grandview.

            April 17, ____ Balintine and _____ Thompson, of Grandview.

            Wm. Whiteman, of Mount Vernon, and ____ Shepard, daughter of ___, of Gallipolis.


            Deaths include the following:




            Moore, Capt. James, son of John Moore.

Thursday, May 3, 1866

Born: April 27, in this city, a son to Patrick McFarland.

Married: April 15 [check date], by Rev. F. Juergens, Jacob Frederick Bay, of Salem, and Miss Elizabeth Spies, of Fearing.

Married: April 22, by Rev. F. Juergens, Charles Boeshar, of Aurelius, and Miss Kate Wetz, of Salem,

Married: May 1, in Harmar, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, George C. Racer, of Marietta, and Miss Lucy M. Judd, daughter of the late Chauncey Judd, of Harmar.

Married: May 1, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, L.J. Finch, of Warren, and Miss Lucy Skipton, of Harmar.

Married: April 25, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, Edward S. Mitchell, of Zanesville, and Miss Ada L. Sheldon, of Beverly.

Married: April 26, by Eli Bingham, J.P., Thomas J. Miller, of Harmar, and Miss Sarah E. Fisher, of Barlow.

Married: April 26, in Marietta, by Rev. John Boyd, William Roberts and Miss Mary E. Smith, both of Liberty.

Married: April 28, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, Peter Smith, of Muskingum, and Miss Rosanna O’Linn, of Union.

Married: April 29, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, Samuel Hill and Miss Melvina Ross, both of Waterford.

Married: April 29, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Thomas Fisher, of Salem, and Miss Olodine Unger, of Marietta.

Married: At Lowell, April 26, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Brainard Brooker and Miss Melinda Williams, both of Adams.

Married: In Newbury, April 22, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, W.R. Baker and Miss Lydia R. Cole, both of Newbury.

Died: In this city, April 27, of diptheria, Emma L. Weber, daughter of H. Weber, aged 2 years, 11 months and 1 day.

Died: In this city, April 28, of consumption, Charles F. Buck, son of the late Frederick Buck, aged 34.

Died: In this city, April 25, of consumption, Philip Koontz, aged 45.

Died: In this city, April 28, of consumption, Miss Catharine Bartmess, aged 35. [Issue of May 7 corrects this obituary to Miss Martha A. Bartmess instead of Miss Catharine Bartmess.]

Died: April 22, of consumption, Andrew Seaton, colored, aged 19.

Died: In Harmar, April 20, infant child of Samuel Harris.

Thursday, May 7, 1866

Born: On Saturday, 5th May, in this city, a son to R. Field.

Married: May 6, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Samuel C. Kile and Miss Esther Ann Fleck, all of Adams township.

Married: April 19 by Rev. G. Schulz, Peter Scherer and Miss Caroline Baker, both of Marietta.

Married: April 24, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Edward D. Vandall and Miss Mary C. Hill, both of Newport.

Married: April 30, by John Henry, J.P., George Angle and Miss Susan Hoover, both of Watertown.

Married: May 1, by James Pinkerton, J.P., Franklin Burries, of Waterford, and Miss Sarah Skipton, of Union.

Married: May 1, by Rev. T.C. Hatfield, Wm. Marsh and Miss Jennie Hallett, both of Salem.

Married: May 4, by Rev. J.D. Riley, John T. Hill, Esq., and Miss Cynthia K. Carver, both of Newport.

Died: May 2, in Shawneetown, Ill., Hilbert Hannold, aged 34.

Died: May 2, in this city, of typhoid fever, George Creel (colored), aged 28.

Died: March 11th, Edwin Seward Bartmess, son of Geo. J. and Marian P. Bartmess, aged four months. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, May 24, 1866

Married: On the 12th, by John Dowling, J.P., Mr. Loyan Price to Miss Mary Jane McCurdy both of Fearing township.

Married: On the 16th, by Rev. Wm. Wakefield, Mr. Franklin C. Manly, of Iowa, to Miss Mary A. Lyttle, of Hockingport.

Married: On the 18th, by F.A. Wheeler, Esq., Mr. Calvin D. Fetty and Miss Elizabeth Yeager, both of West Virginia.

Died: In Fearing, May 18th, after a short illness, Thomas O. Lankford, aged 15 years.

Died: In Harmar, May 18th, 1866, Mrs. Betsy Putnam, widow of the late David Putnam, Esq. She was born in Plainfield, Connecticut, but removed, immediately after her marriage, in September, 1796, to this State and in this community her whole subsequent life was passed. She had lived more than sixty years in the house in which she died. She was one of the original members of the Congregational Church in Harmar, at its formation, January 1st, 1840. Throughout her long life she was honored and respected by all who knew her for her domestic virtues and a neighborly spirit of friendly kindness. Her love to the cause and church of Christ was strong and enduring. She was thoughtful in devising something to do for the prosperity of the church of which she was a member, as long as she lived and perpetuated her interest in it by a bequest of one thousand Dollars in her will. The close of her life was calm and tranquil. She desired to depart, and was ready for the coming of death as a friendly messenger from her Redeemer to usher her into his joyous presence.

Thursday, May 31, 1866

Married: In Harmar, May 27th, by Rev. W. Wakefield, John D. Muncey and Susan Jones, both of Harmar.

Married: May 29, by Rev. I.N. Carman, assisted by Prof. Adkins, Rev. Walter F. Wyeth, of McConnelsville, and Miss Climena Munson, of Harmar.

Married: May 24, by Rich’d Scott, J.P., John Miller and Miss Mary E. Burford, both of Liberty.

Married: May 22, by John Test, J.P., Clinton Depuy and Miss Celina Patterson, both of Lawrence.

Died: In Watertown, April 27, of consumption, Martha J. Proctor, in the 24th year of her age. Hers was a bright and happy life, crowned by a death equally beautiful. Patiently she bore her sickness and as she neared the valley expressed her willingness to go to her Saviour. We loved our gentle sister and mourn that her smiles will gladden our hearts no more. Yet we know that our loss is her gain.

Died: Col. William West, born in Fairfax county, Virginia, February 26, 1796, died near Marietta, Ohio, May 10, 1866, aged 70 years. Col West settled on the banks of the Ohio, in Wood county, Virginia, in 1805, and removed to the farm where he died in Washington county, Ohio, in April, 1828. He served in the United States Army in the war with Great Britain, in 1813, and was in the service at Norfolk, Virginia when peace was made. He was elected Colonel of Virginia militia, commissioned by the Governor and served five years. He was one of the Commissioners of Washington county and held other responsible positions, and always discharged these public trusts with fidelity and satisfaction to the people. Col. West was a true patriot and did much to fill up the Union army during the late rebellion, having made effective war speeches at many places. He was a just and upright man, much esteemed by those who knew him best, and universally respected by the community in which he lived. He was a devoted member of the Masonic fraternity, and was buried with the beautiful rites of the order, by American Union Lodge No. 1, to which he belonged. His views of the future may be learned from the following, which he wrote a few weeks before his death, with a request that it be inscribed on his tombstone: “The idea of inspiration, revelation and special providences are all fallacious. The laws of nature are wise, just, impartial, beautiful, unchangeable, eternal and immutable. Matter changes its form, but cannot perish or become non-existent. These are my words - so may it be.” His death is lamented by the entire community, as well as by the Lodge, and his family, by whom he was so much beloved. Peace to his ____ [illegible word].

Thursday, Jun 7, 1866

Born: In this city, May 30, 1866, a daughter to M.H. Needham.

Born: In Watertown, June 2nd, twins, a son and a daughter, to David Hoffman. Parents both doing well.

Born: Near Atchinson [probably Atchison], Kansas, May ___ [date not given], 1866, triplets - a boy and two girls - to Lieut. W.L. Woodford, formerly of Watertown.

Born: In this city, May 18, 1866, a son to William Wilson.

Married: May 29, in McConnelsville, by Rev. Mr. Moody, H.B. Mason, of Coal Run, and Miss M.E. Brokaw, of McConnelsville.

Married: In Litchfield, Ill., May 17, by Rev. I.W. Thomas, of Brighton, Ill, Dr. E.S. McCarty, formerly of Marietta, to Miss Mollie H. Blackburn, only daughter of R. Blackburn, Esq., of Litchfield.

Married: May 29, by Rev. D. Burgess, Hiram Skipton and Miss Edith H. Neiswanger, of Warren.

Married: May 20, by John G. Thomas, J.P., Geo. W. Belville and Sarah E. Widger, both of Independence.

Married: In Newark, May 22, by Rev. R.A. Sawyer, of Dayton, R.W. Blandy, of Zanesville, and Miss Nettie L. Marsh, of Newark.

Married: May 27, by Rev. Wm. A. Blake, Lucien Q.C. McCurdy, of Adams, and Miss Margaret A. Hall, of Aurelius.

Married: In Newport, May 29, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Abram G. Obleness and Miss Julia S. Kerr, both of Newport.

Married: June 1st, at Harmar House, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, David Shearer, of Coolville, Athens county, to Miss Hattie Lincoln, of McConnelsville, Morgan county, Ohio.

Married: May 17, in Pittsburgh, Edmonds J. Sugden and Kate D.C. Stewart.

Married: May 24, by Rev. H.W. Ballantine, S.A. Shaffer, of Lawrence county, Pa., and Miss Serena S. Johnson, of West Virginia.

Married: May 31, by G.W. St.John, J.P., William Willoughby and Miss Alice Gelsthorpe, all of Aurelius.

Died: May 22, of consumption, Christian Shemmel, in his 60th year.

Died: May 31, infant child of Conrad Fisher, aged one day.

Died: At Homer, N.Y., May 19, 1866, Gideon C. Babcock, father-in-law of I.E. Thurber of this city, aged 62.

Died: In Chicago, Illinois, June 1st, at the residence of Major Shelton Sturges, Mrs. Frances Eudora Nye, aged 35 years. Mrs. Nye was born at Key West, Florida, May 6th, 1831. She came to Marietta about 18 years ago and was a pupil in the school of Rev. Mr. Tolford. In 1851, she married William S. Nye, Esq., who died nearly four years ago, deeply mourned by a large circle of friends and possessed of the esteem of all who knew him. At school and in the wider circle of friends which she entered after her marriage, she won the love of all and retained it with increasing affection till the last. She was a woman of fine intellect and unusual culture, gentle, unassuming, energetic and yet so delicate that no one felt that a rough breath should be permitted to blow upon her. From the shock occasioned by her husband’s death, she never recovered and from his loss she may be said perhaps to have pined herself away, into the grave. Her funeral was attended by a large circle of friends at St. Luke’s Church, in this city, last Sunday afternoon and she was interred in Oak Grove Cemetery, beside the remains of her husband, which had been removed from the Mound Cemetery on the day before her death. A handsome marble _____ [illegible], an obelisk, marks their resting place. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Jun 14, 1866

Married: In Watertown, June 6th, by E. Bingham, J.P., Henry C. Ferguson and Miss Eunice Ross, all of Watertown.

Married: In Ironton, June 7th, by Rev. J.H. Young, Thomas M. Sechler, of Cincinnati, of the Class of 1863, Marietta, to Miss Juliet A. McCullough, of Ironton.

Married: At Lowell, on Jun 7th, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Emery Morris and Miss Sarah Coffee, all of Adams.

Married: June 11, by Rev. F. Fleischer, Louis Huth, of Marietta, and Miss Elizabeth Jenny, of Parkersburg.

Married: June 7, by Charles Cone, J.P., Thomas Pattin, of Warren, and Miss Mary Corns, of Watertown.

Married: On June 5th, by Rev. W.C.P. Hamilton, Clinton Wells and Miss Harriet McCracken.

Married: On Thursday evening, June 7, by Rev. E. Adkins, Mr. Frank Adkins, of the Rochester Theological Class of 1866, to Miss Alice D. Ewart, daughter of Hon. Thomas W. Ewart, all of Marietta. [Poem follows.]

Died: On the 24th day of May 1866, at New Castle, Morgan county, Ohio, Dr. M.L. St.John, of consumption, in his 35th year. The deceased, a son of Russel St.John, was born July 15, 1831, in Aurelius township, Washington county, Ohio. He possessed not more than the ordinary means of education except what he acquired by his own unaided exertions. In the spring of 1850, he entered the Western Liberal Institute, at Marietta, where he attended that and three or four subsequent terms. At about this time, he commenced the study of medicine under Dr. F. Regnier, of Harmar, which he continued at intervals until 1854, when - on becoming a member of the Presbyterian Church - he turned his attention from the study of medicine to that of theology. He attended two terms at Lane Seminary, the term beginning in the autumn of 1856 and again in 1857. He was married, June 1858, to Miss Sarah A. Gatwood, of Aurelius. In the spring of 1859, he attended medical lectures at Cincinnati under the auspices of the American Board of Foreign Missions, his purpose being at that time to go as a missionary to a foreign country, that a part of his duties at the mission might be in giving medical assistance when required. In September, 1859, he, with his wife, embarked at New York for the Gabon Mission, West Africa, where after a voyage of four months, they arrived in safety. After remaining at the mission about one year, his health having become much impaired, and there being at the mission a larger number of persons than was required, he returned to this country, expecting an appointment to South Africa, where he hoped to enjoy better health. But, on his arrival just at the opening of the war, the Board decided in consequence of the disturbed condition of the country not to send any missionaries at that time, and advised him to engage temporarily in some other vocation. He entered into the practice of medicine, in which profession he continued until the time of his death. He took a deep interest in religious matters, frequently filling the pulpit of the denomination to which he belonged and occasionally that of other denominations. He lived an upright Christian life and died lamented by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Thursday, Jun 21, 1866

Married: In this city, at St. Luke’s Church, on the evening of the 20th, by Rev. John Boyd, D.P. Bosworth, Jr., and Miss Clara VanZandt, all of Marietta. [Poem follows.]

Married: June 20, at the residence of the bride’s father, in Marietta, by Rev. W.H. Ballantine, Maj. E.C. Dawes and Miss Fannie Bosworth, daughter of ____ [illegible] Bosworth, Esq.

Married: At the National House, Marietta, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, A.S. Doan, of Salem, to Miss Martha H. Rightmire, of Newport.

Married: June 12, by Rev. C. Ruckman, Thos. J. Whitmore and Miss Martha A. Noland, of Newport.

Married: On June 14th, by J.M. Truesdell, J.P., Samuel C. Null, late of the 63rd O.V.V.I., and Mrs Sarah Perrie, all of Waterford township.

Married: At the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Mr. W.R. Baker, of Athens county, formerly of Co. D, 75th Regiment, O.V., and Miss L.R. Cole, of Newbury, Washington county, Ohio.

Married: June 15, by E. Bingham, J.P., A.R. Stacy, of Rainbow, and Miss Diana Breckenridge, of Palmer. [Check date]

Died: June 14, at Vincennes, Ind., Frank Graydon, only child of __ and G. Watson, and grandson of G. Medlicott, of this place, aged ___ months.

Died: June 13, infant child of A.S. Perkins, aged 1 day.

Died: June 12, of whooping cough, infant daughter of Benjamin and Jane Hayley, aged 1 month.

Died: June ___ [illegible], in Marietta township, of scarlet fever, Edda, daughter of Alfred Huff, aged 13 years.

Thursday, Jul 5 1866

Married: In Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, June 14, by Rev. J.H. White, Wm. H. Taylor, Jr., formerly of Marietta, and Miss Emma Potter, all of Mt. Pleasant.

Married: In Dayton, June 21, by Rev. W. Herr, assisted by Rev. Dr. Marlay, David W. Engle and Miss Mary W. Herr, daughter of the first officiating clergyman, and granddaughter of the late Capt. James Whitney, of Harmar, all of Dayton.

Died: In this city, July 2, at the residence of John Hall, Mrs. Betty Washington Lovell, in her 70th year, formerly of Charleston, Kanawha, Virginia - granddaughter of Mrs. Betty (Washington) Lewis, sister of General Washington. Funeral at St. Luke’s Church, 5 P.M., July 4. [Note: Betty Lewis was the sister of President George Washington; she had three other brothers, Samuel, John & Charles and two half-brothers, Lawrence & Augustine. Betty Washington married American Rev. Gen. Fielding Lewis after death of his first wife, Mildred.]

Died: In Toledo, June 24, of neuralgia, at the residence of her son-in-law, Rev. S.G. Dawson, Mrs. Maria Barker, widow of the late Luther D. Barker, of McConnelsville, where her remains were buried on the 26th, in her 67th year.

Died: In this city, June 29, Mrs. Jane Green, wife of the late Samuel Green, aged 75. [Check date.]

Thursday, Jul 12, 1866

Married: June 26, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Amos Crum, of Pennsylvania, and Miss Mary Whitney, of Marietta township.

Married: July 1, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Wm. D. Root, of Fearing, and Miss Elizabeth J. Gracy, of Newport.

Married: July 2, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Robert Harsha and Miss Sarah C. Smith, both of Marietta township.

Married: July 3, by Rev. W.S. Benner, John C. Vincent and Miss Rosa Bartlett, both of Harlow.

Married: July 5, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Thomas Ward, of Aurelius, and Miss Ann Jane Johnson, of Salem.

Married: June 30, by Michael Watson, J.P., John Wayson, of Harmar, and Mrs. Mary McCoy, of Belpre.

Married: July 8, by George Wilson, J.P., John B. Devol, of Coal Run, and Miss Louisa J. Angle, of Watertown.

Died: In this city, July 6th, Mrs. Catharine Fisher, wife of Conrad Fisher, aged 25.

Died: In this city, July 8th, Mrs. Catharine Theis, wife of Jacob Theis, aged 55.

Died: June 13, 1866, Mrs. Mary E. Bosworth, consort of Wm. A. Bosworth, of Newport, in the fiftieth year of her age. She was born near Wheeling, Va., March 1, 1817. Her maiden name was Edgell. In 1862 [date is difficult to read], she became hopefully a subject of regenerating grace and joined the M.E. Church. Till her death, she continued a consistent, decided, active member. The influence of religion was manifest to all her character and conduct. She sustained, with an amiable Christian spirit, all her relations in life. As a daughter, a wife, a mother, she exemplified the affections of a kindly nature chastened and refined by the religion which she professed. As a friend, she was ardent and sincere, interesting herself with a heart of sympathy, and a ready word of encouragement and comfort, in whatever concerned her friends. Her quiet Christian influence and example was seen and felt through the community in which she lived; and she will be greatly missed in every relation she sustained. She suffered much during her last illness, yet retained her reason, had no fear of death, and expressed her readiness to depart and a full assurance of being soon with the Saviour she loved. When asked, just before she expired if she had any doubts, she replied, “Not a doubt,” and thus she passed away in full confidence of a blessed immortality.

Thursday, Jul 19, 1866

Born: In Lower Newport, July 15th, a son to Joseph Barker.

Married: July 12, by M. Watson, J.P., S.H. Rodgers and Miss Joanna Collins, both of Dunham.

Married: July 11, by Rev. Wm. Fromm, Wilhelm Loff and Miss Ernestine Lisne, both of Marietta.

Married: July 12, by John Test, J.P., Samuel Alexander and Mrs. Martha Strickle, both of Lawrence.

Married: July 4, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, George Magee and Miss Angeline Jane Hoff, both of Marietta.

Married: July 12, Hon. John F. Follett, of Newark, a graduate of Marietta College, Class of 1865, and Miss Frances Dawson, of Columbus.

Married: On the 17th, by Rev. I.N. Carman, Mr. John T. Mathews and Miss Sallie Collins [check name: difficult to read].

Died: At the residence of Alfred Marshall, in Muskingum township, July 14, 1866, Charles R. Stow, son of James S. and Elva Stow, of Rainbow, aged 22 years and 2 months. At the commencement of the late war, though but seventeen years of age, he was filled with a desire to be a soldier. In February, 1862, he lft home and traveled to Cross Lanes, West Va., where Company A of the 36th O.V.I. was then stationed, and in which he had two brothers, where he enlisted on the 17th of that month. Having served faithfully with his company until the campaign of Rosecrans to Chattanooga, he, by his conduct at the Battle of Chickamauga and Brown’s Ferry, Tenn., attracted the attention of Brig. Gen. Torchin, who detailed him as Orderly on his staff, a position requiring intelligence, promptness and courage. He filled his new position with honor to himself an to the full satisfaction of the General, until about the 1st of May, 1864, distinguishing himself by his bravery at Mission Ridge, and more especially at Rocky Face Mountain, for which he was strongly recommended to Gov. Brough for a commission as Second Lieutenant, by Generals Thomas, Palmer, Baird and Torchin, and was only prevented from receiving the commission by an order of the Governor requiring all promotions to be made by seniority, an order which might have been very properly violated in this instance. Corporal Stow was relieved from duty on Torchin’s staff and reported to his company in West Va. He was soon again in the saddle, having been detailed by Col. R.N. Hayes as his Orderly, with whom he served until his discharge, February 24, 1865. His last illness was very brief, having taken sick at Marietta on the evening of July 3rd. Continuing to grow worse until the afternoon of the 4th, he was removed to the residence of Mr. Alfred Marshall, his brother-in-law, not being well enough to be taken to his father’s near Lowell. He sank rapidly until the 14th, when, at half-past one o’clock A.M., he died, surrounded by his grief-stricken family. He retained full possession of his mind to the last, bade an affectionate adieu to his family, and departed to that course from which no traveler returns. The funeral services were held at the residence of his father, at 10 A.M., on the 15th, Rev. F. Cook, of Marietta, officiating in a religious capacity, choosing for his text II Samuel, 14:14. A large number of his old comrades of the 36th were present, testifying to their respect for the dead by the military badge of mourning on the left arm. Thus died a youth respected and beloved by all, one whose place can never be filled.

Thursday, Jul 26, 1866

Born: In this city, July 20, 1866, a son to George L. and Mrs. E.M. Camp.

Married: In Lawrence, July 15, 1866, by Rev. Levi E. Fay, Minor W. Dye and Miss Nancy McCowan, daughter of Dr. W.L. McCowan, all of Lawrence.

Married: In Marietta, July 20, by John Test, J.P., Andrew J. Blakely and Miss Sarah J. Byers, both of Lawrence.

Married: At Lowell, July 22nd, by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Davis Pratt and Miss Christiana Nott, all of Adams township.

Died: In Belpre, July 19, 1866, Henry Marsh, aged about 65.

Died: In Barlow, July 10, 1866, Mrs. Edna A. Ford, wife of C.D. Ford, aged 43. [Age is difficult to read.]

Died: In Watertown, July 11, Dr. B. Curtis, aged 91 years. For forty years he resided in Watertown, a quiet, good citizen, and at the time of his decease was the oldest man in Watertown. He came from the State of New York. (This should have appeared last week but it was overlooked. Editor.)

Thursday, Aug 2, 1866

Born: In this city, July 30, 1866, a son to D.G. Mathews.

Married: In Waterford, July 24, 1866, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, William H. Bishop and Miss Margaret Sallyards, both of Waterford.

Married: July 25, F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Alexander J. Ritchey, of Warren, and Miss Diantha Flowers, of Barlow.

Married: In Marietta, at the Marshall House, July 26, by Rev. P. Cook, George W. Sims and Miss Cassia Collins, both of Parkersburg, West Va.

Married: July 23, by Rev. M.J. Ryan, Thomas Fox, of Ludlow, and Miss Mary Jane Barnhart, of Independence.

Died: At Memphis, July 21, 1866, Mrs. Mary Jones, aged 68. She was the widow of Thomas Jones who died in Marietta in 1849. Her remains were brought to this city for burial.

Died: July 30, in Harmar, Henry, son of W.A. and Rebecca E. Richards, aged 16 months.

Died: In this city, July 21, an infant of Wm. Moore.

Died: In this city, July 24, of inflammation of the brain, a child of Henry Wendelken, aged two months.

Died: In Williamstown, West Va., July 28, of typhoid fever, Henry Deterly, aged 45.

Died: In this city, July 29, of pox, Maria Christina Dalor, in her 63rd year.

Died: In this city, July 30, of cholera morbus, William, son of Henry and Catherine Smith, aged one year.

Died: In Dunham, July ___ [date not given], Alexander Dunlap.

Died: In Belpre, July ___ [date not given], R.W. Howe. [Note: Initials might be “B.W.”]

Thursday, Aug 9, 1866

Married: In this city, Aug. 7, by Rev. H.W. Ballantine, Henry Lord and Miss Mary P. Slocomb, eldest daughter of John M. Slocomb, all of Marietta.

Married: In this city, Aug. 1, b John Test, J.P., Roswell A. Shepherdson and Miss Lettie C. Morris, both of West Va.

Married: July 26, by Rev. C.F. Fleiner, Frederick Damm, of Pittsburgh, and Miss Catharina Neuhart, of Salem.

Died: In this city, Saturday morning, Aug. 4, 1866, of dysentery, Grace Follett, daughter of M.D. and Harriet Follett, and grandchild of Samuel Shipmen, aged two years and two days. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In this city, Aug. 7th, Rev. Roswell Tenney, in his 70th year. Mr. Tenney was born in Hanover, N.H., Nov. 6, 1796. He graduated at Dartmouth College, in 1822;p entered the ministry about 1828; removed to Ohio in 1832; labored as a minister of the Gospel till 1856, when his health compelled him to relinquish the ministry. He had been a citizen of Marietta ten years.

Died: In Marietta township, Aug. 6, William Fay, aged 81. Mr. Fay came to Marietta from Westboro, Mass., in November, 1835, nearly thirty-one years ago. He was a very worthy citizen, highly respected, a consistent Christian, and had been a member of the church for sixty-five years. He lived to see his children settled in useful lives, and departed in peace. His remains were followed to the grave by an unusually large number of friends.

Died: At Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 5th, Harriet Starrett, wife of Geo. Starrett, recently of Marietta.

Died: At Charleston, Kanawha, West Va., July 26, Miss Ceres Brown, a lady who received her education at Marietta, in her 46th year.

Died: In Harmar, July 31, of diptheria, John R. Richards, infant son of W.A. and RE. Richards, aged one year and four months.

Died: In this city, August ___ [date illegible], of consumption, Miss Mary Wells.

Died: At his residence in Belpre, Washington County, Ohio, Tuesday evening, July 2nd, 1866, Mr. Rufus William Howe. Mr. H. was born in Belpre, June 17, 1807, and was consequently about fifty-nine. His mother was a daughter of Gen. Rufus Putnam, who led the company that settled at Marietta in 1732. His father, Deacon Perley Howe, was among the pioneer settlers of Belpre. The deceased, therefore, was one of the few who remain of the earlier citizens of the place. He was also the last survivor of a family of seven. He was long a member of the Congregational church. As a chorister, as an organizer, and a superintendent of Sabbath school, as a faithful attendant at prayer meetings, beside the more ordinary religious services, he appeared truly zealous in the name of Christ. But the progress of a painful affliction which gradually impaired his general health seems at length to have interfered with his active discharge of Christian duty. On the 17th of July, he experienced a severe chill. Shortly after, his illness assume an alarming character; and during the brief interval that remained till his death, he sank with fearful rapidity. As a judicious arrangement of his affairs had given him promise of an unusually tranquil and happy old age, it might have been feared a promise so cheering would scarcely be relinquished even by a Christian without deep regret. But when asked in view of his approaching desolation, if he was happy, [he said] “happy, yes very happy.” If thus happy while passing, racked with pain, through the dark valley of the shadow of death, while as yet he could not have forgotten the blessings of this life, nor adequately have foreseen the blessedness to come, how ___ [illegible] must be his joys, how glorious his triumphs now! [See issue of Aug. 16th for death of Mrs. Howe.]

Thursday, Aug 16, 1866

Married: Aug. 9, 1866, by Rev. T.C. Hatfield, A.S.D. Ewing, of Salem, and Miss Catharine A. Fay, of the “Children’s Home.”

Married: Aug. 9, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, Wm. S. Morse and Miss Lucy M. Armstrong, daughter of Henry Armstrong, all of Marietta.

Married: In Decatur, Aug. 12, by Rev. A.C. Kelly, Capt. Hiram F. Tobey, of Holmes Hole, Mass., and Miss Nealie Ballard, of Decatur.

Married: Aug. 5, by Rev. Const. Arnold, Jacob Conrath and Miss Catharine Smith, all of Marietta.

Married: Aug. 1, by John G. Thomas, J.P., Joseph B. Gully and Miss Catharine Carson, all of Independence.

Married: Aug. 11, by Rev. H.W. Ballantine, Michael C. Lynn and Miss Ann Lalley, of Belpre.

Died: Near Gaines’ Landing, Mississippi, Aug. 9th, of congestive chills, Mrs. Huldah T. Cook, wife of Maj. L.N. Cook, and daughter of Wm. Pitt Putnam, of Belpre.

Died: Aug. 9, 1866, at her residence, in Belpre, Mrs. Mary P. Howe, widow of the late R.W. Howe, in her 60th year. The deceased united with the Presbyterian church at Watertown in her sixteenth year. Thus for nearly fifty-four years she was an humble devoted follower of Jesus. Her religion was an influential principle permeating thought and word and deed. Those best acquainted had the strongest confidence in her piety. Though in a degree disqualified by a feeble constitution for the active duties of the Christian life, yet there was no lack of feeling or firmness as an advocate of religion. Her Christian simplicity and unaffected kindness secured the friendship of all who knew her. Those only who have long enjoyed her acquaintance can realize how deeply her departure will be felt. She will be missed at that home made desolate by the almost simultaneous death of two dear parents, and by that friendly group of which she has so long been a member and by a large circle of friends. But side by side in that beautiful burial place in Belpre, they who were but a few days since engaged in the active duties of life now repose. Many believers sleep there. “Sweet be their rest till He bid them arise, And hail him in triumph descending the skies.”

Thursday, Aug 23, 1866

Married: Aug. 15, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, James R. Shafer, of Aurelius, and Miss Marinda Combs, of Adams.

Married: July 30, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Samuel Swayne, of Morgan Co., and Miss Angeline McPherson, of Harmar.

Married: Aug. 2nd, by Wm. Caywood, J.P., Enock Brown, of Monroe Co., and Mrs. Rachel Robinson, of Newport.

Married: In Adams Township, Aug. 16 [check date], by Charles A. Boyd, J.P., Robert Jackson, of Salem, and Miss Hannah Fall, of Adams.

Married: Aug. 19, by John Test, J.P., James Lightfrits, of Warren, and Miss Caroline Wilgus, of Fearing.

Died: In Belmont Co., Aug. 4, Dr. David Welsh, for many years a resident of Sarahsville, Noble Co., in his 50th year.

Died: At Hanging Rock, Lawrence Co., Aug. 12th, of cholera, Jesse Hill, recently of Illinois and formerly of this county.

Died: In Cincinnati, Aug. 9, of cholera, Mrs. Eunice Foss, wife of Henry Foss, and daughter of Wm. Hill, of Muskingum township.

Died: In this city, August 18, Mary Protsman, in her 75th year.

Died: In this city, Aug. 16, Jane Phillips, daughter of Chad. A. Phillips, aged 18.

Died: Aug. 11, Mary Ann Malloy, daughter of Thomas Malloy, in her 15th year.

Thursday, Aug 30, 1866

Married: In Marietta, Aug. 28, by Rev. W. Wakefield, E.D. Gates of the firm of William F. Curtis & Co., and Miss Margaret I. Arnold, of Marietta. [Check date.]

Married: In this city, Aug. 22nd, by John Test, J.P., Luther M. Ingraham and Miss Catharine [Kahn?], both of Marietta tp.

Married: At Lowell, August 23rd, by Charles Boyd, J.P., Herman [Henniger?], of Adams, and Miss Mary Vaughan, of Aurelius.

Married: At Whitney Chapel, on the evening of Aug. 15th, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, James Steel, Esq., of Clarksburg, West Va., and Miss Nannie M. Chambers, of Marietta.

Married: Aug. 19, by Rev. N.W. Moody, John Shockley and Mrs. Beulah Morris, both of Adams township.

Married: August 15, by Charles Cone, J.P., John F. McKay and Miss Anmarie [check name] Hawkins, both of Warren.

Died: In this city, Aug. 25, 1866, of consumption, Miss Mary Ann Anderson, daughter of Lewis Anderson. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In this city, Aug. 25th, Fannie, infant daughter of Wm. B. and Fannie Loomis, aged two weeks and four days. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In this city, Aug. 28th, Carrie Needham, infant daughter of M.H. and Amelia Needham, aged three months. [Memorial poem follows.]

Died: In McConnelsville, Aug. 22, 1866, of chronic diarrhoea contracted in the U.S. service, Augustus McCarty.

Died: In Memphis, August 21, of fever, Charles Pixley, in his 22nd year. In Cincinnati, Aug. 24, of cholera, Austin Pixley, in his 28th year. These were sons of Mrs. Fidelia Pixley. Charles had been at Memphis about five months, was sick and telegraphed to Austin, who left here on the 16th, went to Memphis, stayed with Charles till he died and was buried. Returning, he arrived at Cincinnati sick, and died there within a few hours. His funeral was attended in Marietta, Saturday _______ and was attended by a large concourse of friends... [illegible].

Thursday, Sep 6, 1866 [This issue is very difficult to read.]

Married: Aug. 31, 1866, by John Test, J.P., Basil G. Smith, of Morgan Co., West Va., and Miss Nancy E. Pickens, of Meigs county, O.

Died: In Barlow, Aug 31st, Luella May, daughter of Capt. James and Lucy J. Haddow, aged fifteen months.

Died: In _____, Morgan co., Aug. 31, 1866, Mrs. Ara A. Smithson, wife of Maj. R.K. Smithson, formerly of Aurelius in this county.

Died: In this city, Aug. 31, of paralysis, Mrs. Jane Fuller, wife of Samuel H. Fuller, aged 49.

Died: Aug. 28, of scarlet fever, Kate Mahnken, daughter of Frederick Mahnken, aged two years.

Died: In Marietta township, Sept. 1, of pox [?], Ira Allen, aged 44.

Died: In this city, Sept. 4th, of heart disease, Bethemus [sp?] Cade, son of ___ and the late John Cade, aged 26 years and 1 month.

Died: At Vincent, Ohio, August 27th, 1866, Mrs. Eliza Amlin, aged 63 years. Mrs. Amlin’s sickness was of short duration, but attended with intense suffering at times. During all her suffering, no word of complaint was uttered, but she expressed herself as willing to suffer and to depart if God saw fit to call her home. At the age of 23 years she made a profession of religion and has ever manifested an interest in matters pertaining to the welfare of the cause of her Master. Always when circumstances would permit, she was at her post in the Sabbath School. There she delighted to be. For a few months previous to her death, she taught regularly a class of small boys to whom she became very much attached and she often during her sickness spoke of them and the school with which they were connected. During Saturday and Sunday, her mind wandered considerably and she imagined herself preparing for school. And once when she thought her class before her, was admonishing them to be good boys and love that Saviour who had taken little children in his arms and blessed them, saying “Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Her heart was full of sympathy for the distressed and bereaved. Her faith in Christ remained unshaken to the last. She was repeatedly heard to say, I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.” [Bible reading follows.] Once when just aroused from slumber, she was heard faintly saying, “On Jordan’s banks.” One standing by said, “You will very soon cross the stream, Christ is waiting to convey you over, He will convey you safely.” She replied, “Yes, very soon, He will convey me safely, I know he will for he said he would.” On Sabbath evening, she was in her right mind and though very weak, attempted to sing [a hymn.] [Biblical reading follows.] She was an affectionate and kind mother, ever solicitous for the welfare and comfort of her children. As we stood with her by the river of death, we felt that there was a “bow in the cloud of grief.” Our loss is her gain. She hath done what she could and now doth rest from her labors in peace.

Thursday, Sep 13, 1866

Born: In Muskingum township, Sept. 5th, a daughter to Wm. Thrall.

Born: In this city, Sept. 6th, a daughter to R.M. Stimson.

Born: In Harmar, Sept 10, a son to Charles H. Newton.

Born: On Cow Run [?], Sept. 9th, a daughter to Frederick Morris.

Married: In Cincinnati, Wednesday morning, Sept. 5th, at Morris Chapel, by Rev. W.X. Niads, D.W. Morton, formerly of Harmar, and Miss Achsa Warfield, both of Cincinnati.

Married: In McConnelsville, Sept. 5, by Rev. W.N Wyeth, Cyril Hawkins, Esq., and Miss Sarah M. Pinkerton.

Married: In Marietta, Sept. 4th, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, John Kunz and Miss Hattie Bruner, all of Marietta.

Married: Sept. 6, by Chas. Cone, J.P., Walter Tratchel and Miss Sarah Ann Stumpf, all of Warren.

Died: In Harmar, Monday night, Sept. 10th, Mrs. Rebecca Whitney, wife of the late James Whitney, aged 79.

Died: In Dunham, Sept. 8th, Daniel McArthur, aged about 64. [Check date]

Died: In Harmar, July 31st, of consumption, Etta W. Peterson, daughter of John and Mary C. Peterson, aged 13 years, 10 months. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Sep 20, 1866

Born: In Harmar, September 11, a son to Robert Shiers.

Married: Sept. 12, by Rev. Thomas Thomas, Dr. Lucius P. Culver, of Morgan county, to Miss Julia E. Tucker, of Beverly.

Married: Sept. 17, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P. Granville Hawkins to Miss Mary A. Pierce, both of Warren.

Married: Sept. 8, by Erastine Eddy, J.P., Thornton Laughery to Lucena McIntyre, both of Waterford.

Married: In Parkersburg, Sept. 1, by Rev. ______ [illegible], Adam Smith, of Pittsburgh, to Miss Mary Baker, of Marietta.

Married: At the Marshall House, Sept 5, by Rev. E. Atkins, Thomas Campbell to Miss Lucinda Cross, of _____ county, West Virginia. [This item is very difficult to read.]

Married: At Lowell House in Lowell, Sept. 1st, by ___ Boyd, J.P., _____ Kirkpatrick to Miss Jennie A. Wilson.

Married: Sept. 9, by J.D. James, J.P., Geo. W. Hutchins to Sarah E. Kiles, both of Aurelius.

Married: Sept. 1st, by J.T. Hill, J.P., John Baldwin to Mrs. Little, both of Newport.

Married: Sept. 12th, by Geo. Wilson, J.P., Andrew Smith, of Beverly, to Miss Louisa Henry, of Waterford.

Married: Sept. 15th, at the _____ House in this city, by John Test, J.P., Francis W. Craig, of Noble Co., to Miss Margaret Smith, of Lawrence township.

Died: In this city, Sunday morning, Sept. 16th, after a lingering illness of heart disease, Miss Alice Boyd, daughter of Rev. John Boyd, D.D., in her 14th year.

Died: In this city, Sept. 12th, Grace Elizabeth, infant daughter of E.P. and Mary D. Pearce, aged 10 and a half months.

Died. In this city, Sept. 11th, Emelie C. Wendelken, infant daughter of George Wendelken, aged one year and one month.

Died: Henry Kunz, son of Philip Kunz, aged ___ [illegible].

Died: Sept. ___ [may be Sept. 11th], infant child of Jeremiah Unger.

Died: _______ at the residence of H.D. Hollister, Esq., ________ Sutliff, daughter of John and Augusta A. Sutliff, of Lawrence ______________. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Oct 3 1866

Born: In this city, Sept. 27, 1866, a daughter to Capt. Frederick C. Woodruff - granddaughter to Stephen Newton.

Born: In this city, Sept. 25, a son to Samuel Moore.

Born: In Muskingum Tp., Sept. 24, a daughter to Daniel Ross.

Married: [mostly illegible] Samuel G. Taylor, of Chicago, to Marian J. Winthrop ________ St. Luke’s Church, Marietta.

Married: In Barlow, Oct 3, 1866 [check date], Charles E. Green, of Watertown, and Miss Sallie J. Turner, daughter of George Turner, of the former place.

Married: In Harmar, Monday morning, Oct. 1st, 1866, by Rev. W. Wakefield, William Smith and Miss Esther A. Daniels, both of Harmar.

Married: Sept. 27th, by Rev. P. Cook, Daniel E. May and Miss Sarah M. Nesperly, both of Be__ville, Morgan Co., Ohio.

Married: Sept. 6, in Wesley Tp., by Rev. J.D. Hathaway, James M. Porter, of Marion Tp., Morgan Co., and Miss Deborah Jane Peebles, of Wesley.

Married: Sept 29, by Rev. J.D. Hathaway, Lewis M. Painter, of Iowa, and Miss Rebecca A. Wood, of Chesterfield, Morgan Co.

Married: Sept. 20, by Rev. J.D. Hathaway, John G. Sibert, of Pleasanton, Washington Co., and Miss ______ Dunsmore, of Palmer Tp.

Married: Sept. 20, by E. Bingham, J.P., Miles Humiston and Miss Emeline Beebe, all of Watertown.

Thursday, Oct 11. 1866

Married: In Marietta, Oct 4, by Rev. John Boyd, Boyd Kennedy, of Pittsburgh, and Miss Ellen D. Prince, of Marietta.

Married: In Marietta, Oct. 2rd, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., John H. Pool and Miss Mahala F. Pool, both of West Va.

Married: Sept. 27th, by Rev. David P. Jones, Strauder Thomas and Miss Hannah Jackson, both of Belpre.

Married: Sept. 23rd, Rev. Eli Parker, Geo. Adams and Mrs. Nancy Sample, both of Ludlow.

Married: On Sunday, October 7, 1866, in the Methodist Episcopal Church, in Barlow, Ohio, by Rev. W.S. Benner, James P. Carlin, of Barlow, to Miss Elizabeth Pumphry, of Hebron, Licking Co., Ohio.

Married: Oct. 3rd, by Rev. E. Adkins, Albert Oliver and Cynthia W.W. Barstow, both of Marietta township.

Died: Oct. 1st, Proctorsville, Ohio, of typhoid fever, Mrs. Fanny Reckard, wife of Judge Salmon Reckard, and daughter of Jacob Proctor, formerly of Watertown, in this county.

Thursday, Oct 18, 1866

Born: Oct. 9, 1866, a daughter to C.S. Thorniley, in this township.

Married: In Harmar, on Thursday evening, Oct. 11, 1866, in the residence of Elijah Locker, by Rev. L.N. Carman, James Sinclair, of Marietta, and Miss _____ [illegible] Henton, of Harmar.

Married: At Bellair, Oct. 11th [check date], by Rev. Wm. Gaston, James McGregor to Miss Lucretia W. Sheets, daughter of Anthony Sheets, Esq., formerly of Grandview, this county.

Married: On Sunday, October 14, 1866, at the residence of the bride’s father, William C. Rayley, by Chas. A. Boyd, J.P., John Harvey to Mrs. Sophronia A. Davis, of Muskingum township.

Married: Sept. 16, by John Congleton [sp?], J.P., Silas Cunningham and Mrs. Margaret E. Covey, all of Liberty.

Married: Oct. 6, by Rev. R.C. Stewart, Hugh Reed, of Fairfield, and Miss Matilda Burfield, of Palmer.

Married: Oct. 4, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., R____ [illegible] Welch, of Belpre, and Miss Anna Rawson, of ______.

Married: Oct. 16, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., John W. Beebe, of Watertown, and Miss Comfort Ann Parke, of Union.

Died: Oct. 8, 1866, Mrs. ____ [might be Sarah] Kidwell, aged 83 years. Mrs. Kidwell had been residing near Coal Run, but according to her request, had _______ conveyed to the residence of Maj. L.J.P. Putnam, in Muskingum township, where her burial was attended on the 9th, by many friends and ____ and a sermon was preached by Rev. J.W. McMaster. She was a woman not only venerable for her great age and grey hairs, but for her real goodness and Christian character. She had been for many years a member of the Methodist church __________ [remaining text illegible].

Died: Willard Davis [entire obituary is illegible in this film].

Thursday, Oct 25, 1866

Married: In Wesley, Oct. 21, by Samuel Heald, J.P., Solomon Male and Miss Sarah Davis, all of Wesley.

Married: In Perry Co., Oct. 17, by Rev. A. Carroll, Reuben E. Hull, of Plymouth, Washington Co., to Miss Ellen E. Griffith, of Clayton Tp., Perry Co.

Married: In Clay Tp., Gallia Co., Oct. 11th, by Rev. W. Thompson, Elza Smith to Miss Mary Flack.

Married: Oct. 17, by Rev. I.N. Carman, Thomas Painter and Miss ____ [illegible] Hays.

Married: In Little Muskingum Baptist Church, Marietta township, Oct. 17, by Rev. J.D. Riley, J. Beswick Beach and Miss Ca___ [illegible] H. Riley, fourth daughter of the officiating clergyman. [Poem follows.]

Died: In Marietta, on Oct. 14th, at 4 o’clock, Ida, infant daughter of Henry C. and Phoebe West, aged 2 weeks.

Note: There are five additional death notices which are illegible.

Thursday, Nov 1, 1866

Married: October 31, 1866, at the residence of ______ in Harmar, by Rev. W. Wakefield, Dr. John D. Porterfield, of Commerce, Missouri, formerly of Marietta, and Miss Sarah A. Hall.

Married: At the residence of the bride’s parents, in Newport, October 30, 1866, by Rev. Wm. Pierce, Dr. James McClure, of Athens, and Miss Sarah Jane Greene, of Newport.

Married: Oct. 24, 1866, by John Test, J.P., Mr. Isaac Cale and Mrs. Lucy A. Taliaferro, both of Wood county, West Va.

Married: Oct. 25, 1866, by John Test, J.P., Mr. John W. Casteel and Miss Barbara Ann Eslin [sp?], both of Wood county, West Va.

Married: In Logan, Ohio, Sunday, Oct 20, by Rev. S.S. Bright, J.O.A. McArthur, of St. Joseph, Missouri, to Miss Lizzie Jennings, of Logan.

Married: Sept. 13, by G.W. St.John, J.P., Wm. N. Holland to Miss Lucinda Ward, all of Aurelius.

Married: Sept. 29, by John Henry, J.P., Joseph Angle to Miss Lavina Burries, all of Watertown.

Married: In Belpre, Oct. 26th, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Rev. Edward Morris, of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and Miss Delia M. Loring, daughter of Judge O.R. Loring.

Died: At Vincent, Oct. 11th, Nelly Phillips, infant daughter of G.W. and S.A. Phillips, aged nine months and five days.

Resolution of Respect from Phi Gamma Society for brother George H. Pond, of the Class of 1866

Thursday, Nov 15, 1866

Married: On the 7th, by Rev. Thos. Wickes, D.D., Thomas Ridgway, of Rainbow, to Mrs. Caroline Johnson, of this city.

Married: In Rensselaer, Indiana, Oct. 15 [check date], at the residence of Alvernice Shepard, the bride’s brother, by Rev. D.T. Halstead, R.B. Wilson, of Francisville, Indiana, to Miss Cyndia Shepard, daughter of Courtland Shepard, of Harmar.

Married: Oct. 30th, by Rev. D.Hirsch, John T. Lehnhard, of Marietta, and Miss Anabella Blohm, of Fearing.

Married: In Jackson Tp., Noble Co., Nov. 1st, by Elder N.W. Moody, James M. Bell and Miss Abigail C. Simons.

Married: In this city, Sabbath evening, Nov. 11th, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Allen Close, of Salem, to Miss Arvilla Wellen, of Clarksburg, West Va.

Married: Oct. 1st, by Smith Bartlett, J.P., Hayes [?] Devol and Miss Eunice Gilpin.

Married: Nov. 13th, by F.A. Wheeler, J.P., Lysander Wood, of Watertown, and Miss Katie Stollar, of Palmer.

Married: Nov. 4th, by J.T. Hill, J.P., Wm. Hemmeger to Miss Susannah Dawson, both of Marietta township.

Married: Nov. 8th, by Rev. T.S. Silvers, Daily Watson and Miss Martha Clark, both of Belpre.

Married: In Zanesville, Nov. 8th, by Rev. C.D. Battelle, W.S. Holder, of Covington, Ky., to Miss Lizzie Battelle, daughter of the officiating clergyman, lately of Marietta.

Married: In Pomeroy, Oct. ___ [date not given], John E. May, of Yonkers, N.Y., and Miss Katherine P. Horton, daughter of Hon. V.B. Horton.

Died: In Palmer, Nov. 10th, of consumption, H.R. Brown, in his 40th year. Mr. Brown was a son of Benjamin M. Brown, formerly Sheriff of this county. He attended the school of Theodore Scott, of Marietta, where he received most of his education. He began teaching in the winter of 1846-47 and ever after ___ a winter term, until a year ago. Also he taught one or two select schools. Since December, 1865, he was confined to his bed most of the time. He leaves a wife - the daughter of John Breckenridge - and one son. His loss is deeply felt by all who knew him.

Died: In Beverly, Oct. 25th, Mrs. Emeline W. Hurlbut, wife of Benoni Hurlbut, aged 52 [check age].

Thursday, Nov 29, 1866

Married: In this city, Monday evening, Nov. 26, 1866, at the residence of Matthew Hodkinson, Esq., the bride’s father, by Rev. John Boyd, D.D., John M’Gee to Miss Sadie Hodkinson, all of Marietta.

Married: In Beverly, Nov. 20th, by Rev. D.M. Hollister, C.W. Reynolds and Miss Eva Clark, both of Beverly.

Married: In Newport, Nov. 20th, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Arthur B. Lyttle to Miss Lucretia Davenport.

Married: In Fearing, Oct. 28th, by Joseph Palmer, J.P., Wm. B. Nole, of Pennsylvania, and Miss Mary E. Page, daughter to Henry E. Page of Fearing.

Married: In Fearing, Nov. 22nd, by Joseph Palmer, J.P., Douglas Young to Miss Anna Price, both of Fearing.

Married: Nov. 21st, by John Test, J.P., Joseph Dye and Miss Catharine E. Rodgers, both of Lawrence.

Married: Nov. 21st, by John Test, J.P., Merritt Driskill and Miss Margaret Owen, both of Adams.

Married: Nov. 20, Solomon M. Chambers, of Harmar, to Miss Catharine Gothion, of Belpre.

Married: Nov. 22nd, by Charles Cone, J.P., Joseph Wilson, of Warren, and Miss Marietta M. Davis, of Adams.

Married: Nov. 23rd, by Loring M. Stone, J.P., Allen Bolden and Miss Emma Atkins, both of Belpre.

Married: Oct. 20th, by Rev. F. Juergens, Charles Peiker and Eunice Morse, both of Salem.

Married: Oct. 21st, by Rev. T.C. Hatfield, Robert Fulton, of Salem, and Miss Mary Ellen Hayne, of Liberty.

Married: Oct. 24th, by Rev. C. Ar_______, _____ [illegible] Ollar and Mrs. Caroline Young, both of Marietta.

Died: [mostly illegible]: Mrs. Sarah Darrow

Died: [mostly illegible]: In Lower Newport, _______ Hill.

Died: [mostly illegible]: In St. Louis_______ Charles Lehnhard.

Thursday, Dec 13, 1866

Married: Dec. 6th, by Michael Watson, J.P., Francis M. Swesey and Miss ______ Williams, all of Belpre.

Married: Dec. 6th, by Michael Watson, J.P., Wm. Clarke and Miss Charlotte Williams, all of Belpre.

Married: On the 9th of Dec., 1866, by Rev. J.M. Poulton, _____ Fuller to Miss Betty Mathews.

Married: [mostly illegible] Nesselroad to Ward, Nov. 15th, by G.W. St.John, J.P.

Married: [mostly illegible] By Rev. D. Ranes, at Christian Church, _____ Miller to ____ Jones, formerly of this city.

Married: Nov. 27th, at the residence of the bride’s father, near Coalville, by Rev. _____, _____ Hewitt and Miss Elaine A. Lottridge, all of Athens county.

Married: Also at the residence of the bride’s father at the same time, _______ Kalor and Miss Geraldine Lottridge, both of Athens county.

Died: In this city, Dec. 10th, of consumption, Joseph C. Huber, in his 21st year.

Thursday, Dec 20, 1866

Married: In Beverly, Dec. 10th, by Elder N.W. Moody, George E. Nixon, Waterford township, to Miss Agnes Scroggins, of Beverly.

Married: Dec. 13th, by Samuel Heald, J.P., George H. Remely and Mrs. Mary Ann Wible, both of Fairfield.

Married: Dec. 8th, by J.T. Hill, J.P., _______ [illegible] Herland and Miss Sarah McCoy, all of Newport.

Married: Dec. 13th [check date], by A.G. Hollister, J.P., Benjamin Sayers and Mrs. Alice F. Sayers, all of Dunham.

Married: Nov. 27th, by John Henry, J.P., Elmore Pierce, of Pomeroy, and Mrs. Frances D. Sampson, of Watertown.

Married: [mostly illegible] John L. Boston to Miss Mary Miracle, Nov. 15th.

Married: [mostly illegible] Wm. Hart to Charlotte A. Moore, both of Fairfield.

Married: [mostly illegible] Graham to Abramson.

Married: [mostly illegible] James Rea, of Newport, to Fannie A. Collins, of Fearing.

Died: In Harmar, December 8, 1866, Mrs. Sarah M. Knox, wife of Capt. William Knox, aged 59 years [check age].

Died: In McConnelsville, Dec. 13th [check date], of lung fever, Mary, daughter of Robert C. Brown (editor of the Morgan County Herald) and Sarah E. Brown, aged one year, eight months and twenty days.

Died: [mostly illegible] At Fort Weiner, Oregon, Nov. 1, _______, only son of Capt. James and ____ Henton, aged one year and five months.

Died: [mostly illegible] At Rome, ____, on the 3rd of Oct., ______ Alexander....His name is familiar to citizens of this county...He leaves a wife and two children still residing in this place, who through all their troubles and afflictions have the sympathy of this entire community. His parents, now residing in Washington county, Ohio, where the subject of this notice was born, will hear of their son’s untimely death by this day’s mail. May....sustain that aged mother, in this her sore affliction. (Sigourney, Iowa News)

Thursday, Dec 27, 1866

Married: In Barlow, on the 25th [check date], by Rev. D.C. Perry, Isaiah F. Palmer and Miss Adaline Pugh, all of Barlow.

Married: Dec. 25th, by Rev. H.W. Ballantine, Wm. Conkle and Miss Margaret Oliver, all of Marietta.

Married: Dec. 11th by Rev. ________ [may be Jodes], Charles G. Knowles, of Hockingport, and Miss Mary A. Middleswart, of Sterling Bottom, Meigs county.

Married: Dec. 16th, by Israel Underwood, J.P., James L. Goings and Miss Elizabeth Cousins, both of Decatur.

Married: Dec. 20th, by Daniel Newell, J.P., Thomas S. Godfrey, of West Virginia, and Miss Sylvia Lordell, of Decatur.

Married: Dec. 20th, by Rev. T.S. Stivers, John McMorris to Miss Bathsheba Stone, both of Belpre.

Married: Dec. 19th, by Rev. J.D. Riley, Mr. James Brown and Miss Emma Bell, both of Fearing.

Married: In this city, Dec. 20th, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Lon R. _____, of Marietta, and Miss Susie R. Murdough, of Williamstown, West Va.

Married: Dec. 15th, by G.W. St.John, ______ Luke, of Noble county, and Miss ____ , of Aurelius.

Married: Dec. 15th [check date], near Sand _______, by Rev. W.S. Benner, Wellington ______ to Miss Ellen Roberts.

Died: Note - There is an obituary, almost entirely illegible, for a gentleman, possibly with the surname Hill, who died in November at the age of 79, was originally from Vermont, removed to Marietta with his parents and then to Lower Salem at a time when it was “almost unbroken wilderness.” He was baptized on Oct 19, 1822, into the Marietta Baptist Church. These are the only facts which can be identified in this particular microfilm.

Thursday, Jan 1, 1867

Married: At Mt. Washington, Ohio, Dec 12th, by Rev. J.W. Fowler, Thos. Murdock, of Kansas, and Miss ______ Crawford, daughter of the late Rev. John Crawford, of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 27th, by Rev. N. Westerman, Wm. M. Morris and Miss Clara Beach, both of Barlow.

Married: Dec. 25th, by John Test, J.P., Wm. H. Sprague and Miss Susan Rumbold, both of Warren.

Married: Dec. 25th, by Chas. A. Boyd, J.P., George S. Davis and Miss Delia Rummer, all of Lowell.

Married: Dec. 25th, by Chas. A. Boyd, J.P., David W. Bell, of Noble Co., and Miss Clarissa B. Dobbins, of Adams township.

Married: Dec. 25th, by Rev. Wm. H. Brown, Wm. Cross, of Warren, and Mrs. Anna Dickinson, of Decatur.

Married: Dec. 23rd, by M. Watson, J.P., James Dalzell and Miss Ann Bartlett, both of Belpre.

Married: Dec. 18th, by Rev. D.T. Kinber, Priest, John Bennett and Miss Sarah J. Weber, both of Grandview.

Married: Dec. 22nd, by Rev. A.R. Brice, Josephus Harris, of Waterford, and Miss Joanna Leet, of Beverly.

Married: Dec. 20th, by Rev. A. H. Brice, Wm. C. Townsend, of Beverly, and Miss Caroline Tucker, of Waterford.

Married: Dec. ___ [illegible], by ____ Dorff, J.P., Wm. Eaton and Mrs. Rebecca Jane Wheeler, both of Grandview.

Married: Dec. 20th, by John G. Thomas, J.P., Wm. Huntsman and Mary Jane Dornan, both of Lawrence.

Married: Dec. ___ [illegible] by _____ [illegible], _______ Crail and Miss Sarah A. Henderson, both of Warren.

Married: Dec. 27th, by A.G. Hollister, J.P., Pierson Farley, of Newport, and Mrs. Anna Uppole [?], both of Dunham.

Married: Dec. 17th, by Rev. J.E. Sowers, James S. Northrop, of Marietta, and Mary Claspill, of Muskingum.

Married: Dec. 24th, by Rev. W.S. ____, _____ Devore and Miss Helen Wedge, all of Coolville, Athens Co.

Married: In Dunham, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Henry Lucas, of Harmar [?], and Miss ______ M. Clark, daughter of John Clark, Esq.

Died: In McConnelsville, ____ Peter Stahl, a native of Virginia and an old resident of McConnelsville, aged about ___ [might be 90].

Died: At her father’s residence, Rufus R. Adams, Columbus, Dec. 21st, Miss Catharine Adams, aged 27.

Thursday, Jan 10, 1867

Married: In Dixon, Ill., Dec. 26, by Rev. Mr. _______, Leander A. DeVine, formerly of Marietta, and Miss Emily Welty, daughter of Judge Welty, of that place.

Married: Jan. 1st, by Richard Trotter, J.P., Christian Bowman, of Fairfield, and Miss Eliza Jane Moore, of Dunham.

Married: On the 26th of December [check date], by Rev. J.M. Poulton, assisted by Rev. J.E. Sowers, Albert King, of Wood Co., West Va., to Miss Louisa Griffith, of Harmar.

Married: Dec. 30th, by G.W. St.John, J.P., John Wesley Delong, of Noble county, to Miss Sarah Jane Waller, of Aurelius.

Married: Dec. 20th, by Rev. Geo. Carpenter, Maj. Dan. W. Hoffman (formerly a student in Marietta College) and Miss Lucy C. Gillett, both of Circleville.

Married: Dec. 23rd, by Rev. Wm. A. Bikke, Charles Hennegar and Cynthia R. Jackson, both of Salem.

Died: In Putnam, Dec. 30th, at the residence of S. Baird, her son-in-law, Mrs. Mary Steece, relict of the late George Steece, Mt. Vernon _____, Lawrence county, and mother of Mrs. J.D. Cotton, of this city, in her 66th year [check age].

Died: In Newport, Jan. 3rd, Mrs. Barbara Britton, wife of Joshua Britton.

Died: In this city, Jan. 3rd, of dropsy, Dr. Frederick William Neuberger, aged 57.

Died: In Salem, Jan. 3, 1867, Lot H. Kelly, son of Wm. and Charlotte Kelly, aged about 23 years.

Died: At Vincent, Dec. 29th, Mrs. Lucy Moore, relict of the late Capt. Jos. B. Moore and daughter of Rufus and Rhoda Parsons, in her 29th year. [See also below for death of Rufus Parsons.]

Died: At Vincent, Jan. 5th, of heart disease, Rufus Parsons, a native of Northampton, Massachusetts, and a resident of Barlow for about thirty-five years, in his 73rd year.

Died: In San Francisco, Dec. 4th, Elvira C., daughter of I.W.W. and ____ Brown, and granddaughter of J.W.L. Brown, of Marietta, aged 2 years and 9 months.

Died: In this city, Jan. 4th, Sidney Fuller, son of Sidney B. and Mary Alice Fuller, aged 14 years, 7 months and 7 days. Sidney was a good, kind-hearted and affectionate boy. Early in life he began to pray and love Jesus. It is said that he never retired to his bed at night without first committing himself to the care of Providence. He was a regular attendant at Sabbath School and church. During his illness, which lasted but a few days, he prayed much; he expressed no ____ a willingness to die, and said he was going to Heaven. He then called his Father, Mother, Brother and Sisters to his bedside, clasping each one in his arms, and _______ love’s sign on each lip, he bade them farwell until they should meet in Heaven. [Remaining paragraph is illegible.][Memorial poem follows.] Signed: Rev. J.M. Poulton.

Died: At Eastman’s National Business College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Dec. 23rd, Isaac Edgar Vickers, son of Amos H. Vickers, of Big Run, in his 19th year. [Followed by Memorial Resolution from the Commercial Council.]

Thursday, Jan 31, 1867

Born: In Belpre, Jan. 24, 1867, a son to Capt. Bradley B. Stone, formerly of the 92nd Ohio.

Married: At Cedar Falls, Iowa, Jan. 15th, by Rev. Mr. True, Silas Slocomb, of this city, and Mrs. Amy B. Kendall, formerly of Worcester county, Massachusetts.

Married: In this city, Jan. 24, by Rev. H.W. Ballantine, Josiah M. Doan and Miss Melissa Feldner, both of Salem.

Married: Jan. 1st, Augustin Adams, of Watertown, and Miss Emma Hurlburt, of Beverly.

Married: Jan. 22, by Rev. W. Benner, N.C. Core, of West Va., and Miss Samantha Snider, of Troy township, Athens Co.

Died: In Marietta, Jan ___, of dropsy, Mary Williams (colored), aged 25.

Died: At Big Run, Jan 22, Bertha Plumly. [Other details illegible, but see Feb 21 for additional death notice.]

Died: In Marietta township, Jan. 9, 1867, Mrs. Elizabeth West, widow of the late Co. Wm. West, aged 72. She was a native of the Valley of Virginia.

Thursday, Feb 14, 1867

Married: Feb. 7, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Wm. M. Morse and Miss Lottie A. Palmer, both of Marietta.

Married: In Wesley, Jan. 24th, by Rev. J.D. Hathaway, John J. Mahaffay, of Illinois, and Mrs. Louisa J. Milligan.

Married: In Plymouth, on Jan. 27th, Clark Burgess and Miss Harriet Green, of Marion, Morgan Co.

Married: In Marietta, Jan. 29, by John Test, J.P., James W. Goddard, of Newport, and Mrs, Maria S. Oldfield, of Independence.

Married: In Newport Village, Jan. 30, Joseph B. Crocker and Mrs. L__ Ann Barkwell, all of that place.

Married: Jan. 29, by Rev. M.J.D. Ryan, Wm. Henry Roush, of Harmar, and Miss Pamelia Schillscott, of _____.

Married: Jan. 30, by Rev. W.S. Benner, George M. Ballard and Miss Ellen Barnes, both of Decatur.

Married: February 4th, 1867, by Rev. J.S. Miller, Wm. R. Richardson and Miss Abigail A. Baker, all of Marietta.

Married: On the 7th day of February, 1867, by John Test, J.P., William P. Mitchell, of Wirt Co., W. Va., and Louisa Garrison, of Marietta.

Married: On the 1st day of January, by Rev. J.T. Miller, Adam Gassleim, of Philadelphia, Pa., and Miss Adda Riley, of this city. [Also Feb 21, 1867. Groom’s surname is spelled “Gasslein” and bride’s name is spelled “Addie.”]

Died: In Coolsville, February 7th, Miss Flavia M. Bartlett, daughter of Rev. Francis Bartlett, happy in the ________ that she would be forever with the Lord.

Thursday, Feb 21, 1867

Married: In Lawrence, Feb. 14th, by Rev. L.L. Fay, Henry Groff and Miss Charlotte Dye, all of Lawrence.

Married: Feb. 6th, by Rev. N. Westerman, Luman D. Richards, of Barlow, to Miss Anna E. McGrew, of Watertown.

Died: At Big Run, Athens county, Ohio, Jan. 22, 1867, of whooping cough, Bertha Howe Plumly, daughter of B.S. and Lucy F. Plumly, aged three years and five months. [Memorial poem follows.]

Thursday, Feb 28, 1867

Born: In this city, Feb. 22nd, a son to D. Patterson Adams.

Born: In Marietta, Feb. 24th, a son to B.V.A. Miraben.

Died: In Marietta, Feb. 21st, of paralysis, David B. Evans, aged 76. [See Mar 21, 1867 for Memorial Resolution.]

Died: In this city, Feb. 18th, of paralysis, Mrs. Rachel Shaw, widow of Lincoln C. Shaw, and sister of the late Daniel Protsman, aged 76.

Died: In this city, Feb. 13th, Mrs. Anna Cromm, wife of F.C. Cromm, aged 22.

Died: In Parkersburg, West Va., Jan. 28th, Nettie, only daughter of Douglas A. and Lizzie N. Gilbert, aged 6 years, 2 months and 14 days.

Died: In Port Jervis, N.Y., Feb. 6th, Sarah W. Spofford, formerly of Roxford, Mass., and sister of Mrs. Horace Tibbets, of Marietta, in her 31st year.

Thursday, Mar 7, 1867

Married: March 1, by Rev. J.G. Reiber, John Meyer, of Lawrence, and Miss Catharine Bohl, of Warren.

Married: Feb. 26, by Elder N.W. Moody, Frederick Lieving and Miss Mary M. Yonker, both of Muskingum.

Married: Feb. 24, by John G. Thomas, J.P., Peter Lee and Miss Mary Carson, both of Independence.

Married: In Barlow, Feb. 28, by Rev. N. Westerman, Chauncey D. Ford to Mrs. Maria A. Lasure, all of Barlow.

Married: In Chillicothe, O., at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. H.W. Biggs, Benj. F. Stone, Jr., formerly of this place, to Miss Olivia Allston.

Thursday, Mar 14, 1867

Married: In Dunham, March 11th, by Rev. J.W. McMaster, Dr. Geo W. Woods, Assistant Surgeon, 19th Ind. Vol. Infantry, of Parkersburg, and Miss Mary A. Hollister, daughter of J.J. Hollister, Esq.

Married: In this city, March 8th, by Rev. John Boyd, John B. Triplett and Miss Susan V. Cox, both of West Va.

Married: In this city, March 6th, by John Test, J.P., John W. Jenkins and Mrs. Deborah Jaynes, both of Wood Co., West Va.

Married: In Newport, Feb. 14th, by Samuel Amlin, J.P., John B. Oldfield and Miss Ellen Jane Smith, all of Newport.

Died: In this township, March 7, 1867, Mrs. Betsey Jennings, wife of Capt. Zebulon Jennings, in her 77th year. Mrs. Jennings was born in Campus Martius, Marietta, June 9, 1790, and was one of the oldest surviving natives of Ohio. She was the daughter of Richard Maxon and was married to Mr. Jennings Nov. 21, 1816, their golden wedding occurring last November. Her aged partner, who is left, has the heartfelt sympathies of many friends.

Died: In Gallipolis, March 2nd, Gen. George House, for fifty-three years a prominent citizen of Gallia County, in his 87th year.

Thursday, Mar 21, 1867


Born:  Feb. 1              A son to S.A. Cooper.

            Feb. 4              A son to Ernst Roper

            Feb. 4              A son to Wm. Snider (Harmar)

            Feb. 9              A son to Albert Arnold.

            Feb. 9              A son to Henry Wendelkin

            Feb. 10            A daughter to Capt. H.F. Middleswart

            Feb. 10            A son to Geo. Roberts

            Feb. 13            A son to F.C. Cromm

            Feb. 15            A son to John Cripps

            Feb. 17            A son to Jacob Bauer

            Feb. 22            A daughter to Wm. Armstrong

            Mar. 5             A daughter to Amos Wilson 

            Mar. 10           A son to John Griffeth

            Mar. 10           A daughter to Thos. Wiseman 

Married: In this city, Mar. 14th, by Rev. W.M. Mullenix, Robert Bruce and Miss Cornelia F. Hamilton, daughter of Dr. Hamilton, all of Marietta.

Married: Feb. 5th, by Rev. D. Gordon, John W. Broadhurst, of Marietta, to Miss Catharine A. Brown, of Fearing.

Married: March 7th, by Andrew McMorton, J.P., Greenbury Miller, of Ludlow, and Miss Nancy Jane Hanlon, of Independence.

Married: March 7th, by Richard Trotter, J.P., John A. Brown, of Belpre, and Miss Henrietta Stacy, of Palmer.

Married: March 13th, by E. Bingham, J.P., Lewis W. Forrest and Miss Amanda E. Seely, both of Watertown.

Married: March 12th, by Rev. T.S. Silvers, Wm. Kyle, of Athens Co., and Miss Elmira Starr, of Belpre.

Died: In this city, March 1st, Daniel, son of John W. Neubeck, aged eight days.

Died: In this city, March 8th, of consumption, Mrs. Harriet Quin, wife of John Quin, aged 50 years.

Died: In Harmar, March 13th, infant son of George Lara, aged six days.

Died: In this city, March 14th, infant son of Frederick Mahnken, aged 21 days.

Died: In Harmar, March 17th, Sarah Ann Lafold, colored, aged 23 years.

Died: Near Harmar, March 16th, Dora Emma, daughter of Geo. W. and Laura Buchanan, aged 8 months and 27 days.

Tribute of Respect in honor of David Brown Evans, in the 78th year of his age, departed this life in Marietta, Ohio, Feb. 21, 1867, from American Union Lodge No. 1, F.&A.M.

Thursday, Mar 28, 1867 [Last issue on reel]

Born: In this city, March 28 [check date], 1867, a son to Simeon W. and Sarah P. Glines.

Married: In this city, Wednesday morning, March 27, 1867, by Rev. Thomas Wickes, D.D., Edward G. Brigham and Miss Sarah E. Eells, daughter of John M. Eells, all of Marietta.

Married: Wednesday evening, March 27, 1867, by Rev. Dr. Wickes, Peter McLaren and Miss Maria Hadley, daughter of Wm. Hadley, all of Marietta.

Married: On Mar. 24th, by Rev. D. Rickets, Mr. Lyman O. Tulloss and Miss ___ A. Shinn, both of Wesley.

Married: March 20, by John Test, J.P., John R. Wilson and Miss Phebe A. Wood.

Married: March 10, by C.A. Boyd, J.P., Darius Brooker and Miss Sarah Elizabeth Cowl, both of Adams.

Married: March 14, by S.T. Smith, J.P., John Ritchey, of Newport, and Miss Sarah Ann Stonestreet, of Harmar.

Married: March 18, by C.A. Boyd, J.P., Jerard Rife and Miss Elizabeth Ann Barnhart, both of Adams.

Married: On Mar. 13th, at McConnelsville, O., by Rev. John Kelly, assisted by Rev. T.M. Stevenson, Capt. Addison A. Adair, of the 78th O.V.V.I., and Miss Jennie McConnel, both of McConnelsville.

Died: In this city, Mar. 20th, Abby Bertha, infant daughter of J.Z. and Rachel McCormick, aged 4 months and 15 days.

Died: In this city, Mar. 21st, Emma, daughter of Hamilton and Emma Boomer, aged 1 year and 4 months.

[End of Reel]

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