In the name of the Belovident Father of all. I, Elisha Parke of Union Washington County, Ohio do make and publish this my last will and testament.

Item first. I give and dimise to my beloved wife, all my household goods, and furniture and all my personal property of my description whatever including moneys and items at her disposal during her natural life.

Item 2nd, I give and dense to my son, Robert B. Parke one hundred dollars.

Item 3rd, I give and dense to my son, Salmon Parke, one hundred dollars, bring a promissory note which I hold against him calling for that amount.

Item 4th, to my son Ruel Parke, I give and dense one hundred dollars.

Item 5th, to my son John Parke, I give and dense one hundred dollars, bring moneys from him to one which I specify thus, sixty four dollars due for land, and twenty three dollars on a promissory note which I hold against him with interest.

Item 6th, to my daughter, Mary Henry, I give and dense one hundred dollars.

Item 7th, to my daughter Hannah, I give and dense one hundred dollars.

Item 8th, to my daughter Sarah Stump, I give and dense one hundred dollars, bring moneys due from her husband, Jacob Stump, for which I hold his [___].

Item 9th, to my daughter Susan Greene, I give and dense one hundred dollars.

Item 10th, to my daughter Hariette Quimby, one hundred dollars, being the amount due from William Quimby to me in part consideration of 100 acre Lot No. 35 in Union, Washington County, Ohio, which was commyed to him by me this day.

Item 11th. I do here by nominate and appoint my son, Robert B. Parke executor of this my last will and testament bring authorizing and empowering him to compromise, adverts [___] and discharge in such manner as he may deem proper to debts and claims due one. I do hereby revoke all former wills make by me.

In testimony whereof I have herein set my hand and seal this 2nd day of December in the year 1851.

Elisha Parke

Signed and acknowledged by said Elisha Parke as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence at his express request.

John Henry
Richard Beebe

At a Court of Probate holdin in and for the County of Washington and state of Ohio at the Probate Office in Marietta in said [___] before Chas. R. Rhodes, sole judge of said Court the 24th day of March 1808. An instrument of writing pertaining to be the last will and testament of Elisha Parke. late of Union township, Washington County, Ohio, desceased was this day [___] in open Court, and John Henry and Richard Beebe, the subscribing witnesses thereto append in open Court, and upon oath testified to the due execution of said will,----which testimony was ordered to writing and respectively subscribed by them and filed with sad will which testimony was in the words and figures following to wit.

The State of Ohio, Washington County es. Probate Court.

We John Henry and Richard Beebe of lawful age bring first duly swear according to law depose and say that the instrument in writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Elisha Parke, late of Union township in said county of Washington, deceased, was subscribed by the said Elisha Parke in our presence, that in saw the said testimony subscribe the same, and heard him acknowledge the same to be his last will and testament, that in subscribed the same as intrucses at his request in the presence of said testation, and in the presence of each other, that the said testerator, at the time of subscribing said Will was of full age, and sound mind and memory, and under no restrainant, that he is since deceased.

Sworn to and subscribed before we this 24th day of March A.D. 1858.

John Henry
Richard Beebe

Chas. R Rhodes, Probate Judge W. C.

Ant it appearing to said Court for said testimony, what the said will was duly attested and executor, and that said restate at the time of executing the same and of full age, and of sound mind and [___], and under no restraint, It is ordered that the said will be admitted to probate, and that the said will together with the probate there of be recorded.

Attorney; Chas. R. Rhodes, Probate Judge

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