Located CR 206, Wesley Township

Brown Catharine C--d/o Silas L & Sarah Brown--died 12 Jan 1846--aged 29y
Barnes Otho--died 7 Jan 1855--aged 33y 11m 27d
Barnes Rachel--w/o Otho Barnes--died 19 Dec 1856--aged 30y 17d
Barnes Annie Eliza--d/o J W & F T Barnes--died 29 Aug 1865--aged 11y 28d
Barnes Charlie Alphonso--s/o J W & F T Barnes--died 5 Sept 1865--aged 1y10m10d
Bachelor William--s/o I & N Bachelor--died 17 May 1853--aged 22y 21d
Bell Albert--s/o W & I Bell--died 24 Oct 1854--aged 11y3m
Boord Ella Beatrice--d/o A A & Anna Boord--b 26 Sept 1898--d 29 July 1900
Boord Sarah J--w/o G Boord--b 5 May 1844--d 11 April 1899
Boord Johnnie Clyde--infant s/o Thomas & Addie Boord--b 1 Dec 1898--d 22 Jan 1899--aged 52d
Boord Chester B--s/o W T & A M Boord--b 5 March 1900--d 26 Aug 1914
Bailey Washington--s/o ??? & Mary Bailey--died 20 Oct 1837
Crow William A--s/o William & Ellen Crow--died 9 Sept 1858--aged 21y 1d
Clayton Alexander--b 17 June 1802--d 12 April 1879
Clayton Hannah--w/o Alexander Clayton--b 6 Aug 1802--d 17 June 1883
Clayton Joseph--died 7 May 1829--aged 5?y 2m
Clayton Mary--w/o Joseph Clayton--died 11 May 1840--aged 60y 1m
Clayton Elizabeth--d/o A & H Clayton--died 7 June 18 33 --aged 18y 2d
Cowee John--died 17 July 1832-- aged 75y
Cowee Jacob--died 20 Oct 1854-- aged 48y 6m
Cheadle Cyrus-- died 27 mar 1850--aged 63y ad--flag
Cheadle Jane--d/o C C & M A Cheadle--died 16 Aug 1851--aged 1y 7m 18d
Denny George T--died 29 Aug 1855--aged 34y 4m 21d
Dickson Thomas--died 13 May 1883--aged 67y 4m 9d
Dickson James H-- s/o Thomas & E J Dickson--died 20 June 1871--aged 25y 7m 4d
Dickson Sardine S--s/o T & E J Dickson--died 12 Jan 1857-- aged 5m 28d
Dickson John M--s/o T & E J Dickson--died 1 April 1853--aged 5y 3m 20d
Emmons Isaac--b 20 Nov 1824--d 8 March 1902
Emmons Mary L--w/o Isaac Emmons --died 6 April 1888--aged 59y 5m 8d
Emmoms Lulu L --b 6 Feb 1864--d 19 July 1864
Emmons Iscca C-- s/o Isaac & Mary Emmons--died 20 May 1884--aged 11y10m
Ellis Daniel G--died 7 Nov 1870--aged 65y 3m 12d
Ellis Absolan J--s/o D G & L Ellis--died 15 May 1856--aged 4y 8m 14d
Ellis  Ira--died 26 Aug 1842-- aged 49y 8m 14d
Ellis Philena T --d/o Wesley R & Drusilla Ellis--died 6 Jan 1848--aged 4y 11m 13d
Ellis Wesley K--died 5 Aug 1842--aged 29y
Ellis James F--died 12 Jan 1844--aged 25y 26d
Ellis William--died 29 Oct 1871--aged 83y 9m
Ellis Matilda--died 26 Dec 1876--aged 86y 9m
English Gidion V--s/o W & R English--Co F 36th Regt O V I--died 2 Oct 1864--aged 25y
Faires Sarah--w/o David Faires--died 13 Sept 1856--aged 61y 7m 3d
Faires Cyrenius B-- s/o John V & Sarah L Faires--died at Camp Piatt--6 April 1863
Funk Christena--w/o Jacob Funk--died 24 Nov 1864--aged 68y 5m 24d
Funk Mary--died 25 March 1874--aged 27y 5m 5d
Goddard William P P _-b 24 Dec 1814--d 28 April 1890--aged 75y 4m 4d
Goddard Jane--w/o William PP Goddard--died 7 March 1883--aged 64y 8m 29d
Goddard Hapgood--s/o William PP & J Goddard--died 8 June 1846--aged 5m 21d
Goddard Sarah R--d/o William PP & J Goddard--died 21 March 1850--aged 1y 1m 24d
Goddard Peter F--s/o William PP & J Goddard--died at Gallipolis Ohio 1 Oct 1862--aged 18y 8m 12d
Goddard Harvey H--s/o William PP & J Goddard--died at Nashville Tenn--6 March 1863--aged 20y 1, 12d
Goddard Herbert--s/o G or C R & M L Goddard--died 25 Sept 1866--aged 2y 5m 12d
Gibson Thomas Co G 5th U S C Inf--no dates
Gibson Killis W--b 1868--d 1956
Gibson Tabitha--w/o Thomas Gibson--b 1839--d 1909
Goins Lucy--w/o S Goins--b 1870--d 1906
Goins Charles R--b 1904--d 1955
Green Jane-- w/o John Green--died 5 May 1852--aged 43y 2m 3d
Gilchrist William P--s/o D & R Gilchrist--died 14 April 1853--aged 7y 3m 5d
Glendenning J Duer-- s/o S & K Glendenning--died 2 April 1857--aged 4y 6m 26d
Glendenning William-- b 1822--d 1909
Glendenning Sarah K-- b 1814--d 1894
Hull Daniel --died 26 Oct 1864--aged 31y--s/o Theodore & Elizabeth Ellis Hull
Hull Hulda C--w/o Daniel Hull--died 17 Oct 1867--aged 31y 7m 29d
Hull Sarg Samuel--Co G 92 Reg OVI--died at Nashville Tenn. 12 March 1863--aged 28y 2m 27d
Hance Charlotte--w/o Kinsey Hance --died 11 April 1852--aged 27y 9m 1d
Hill Mary C--d/o C & J A Hill died 16 March 1864-- aged 1y 4m 6d
Hepler Amanda Ann--w/o John Hepler--died 14 July 1855--aged 27y 6m 28d
Hecker Catharine-w/o William Hecker--died 18 Oct 1860-- aged 25y 5m 10d
Hecker John A-- s/o William & C Hecker died 16 April 1859--aged 9m 3d
Jones Hannah H--w/o Wilders Jones--died 8 Sept 1869--aged 23y 6m 1d
Jones Hannah F-- w/o H Jones& d/o J & H F Hull--died 14 July 1857--aged 26y 10m 3d
Jones Phinley--s/o H & H Jones--died 17 Sept 1854--aged 9m 15d
Johnson Georgette--d/o Dr W S & A T Johnson--died 10 March 1853--aged 2y 5m 22d
Keets John T-- s/o F & E A Keets--died 11 Feb 1872--aged 12y 9m 22d
Kester Aaron M--Co F 36 Reg O V I --died 7 Dec 1863--aged 28y
Kester William--died 30 Aug 1861--aged 59y 11d
King George F --s/o S & Elizabeth King-- died 12 Dec 1840--aged 11m 5d
King Margaret--d/o Job S & Elizabeth King--died 2 Sept 1939--aged 1y _m 14d
King John--s/o Job S & Elizabeth King died ????
Lindley Harriet--died 1840
McGrew James E-- b 20 March 1855--d 23 Feb 1904
McGrew Mary E-- w/o James E--b 23 Sept 1857--d no date
McGrew Anna M--w/o Nathan McGrew--b 16 Oct 1814--d 17 June 1885--aged 70y 8m 1d
McGrew Lemuel E--s/o N E & A M McGrew--died 4 Sept 1859--aged 2y 4m 30d
McGrew William W-- s/o N & A M McGrew--died 20 Dec 1861--aged 9y 1m 22d
McGrew William A--s/o J C & Ruby McGrew--b 1904-d 1907
McCall John H--s/o J & M A McCall--died 25 March 1862--aged 9m10d
McCall Samuel A--s/o J & M A McCall--died 16 March 1860-- aged5y 8m 26d
Martin John--died 28 June 1855--aged 75y
Martin LaFayette-- died 28 July 1853--aged 22y 6m 16d
Martin Phebe--w/o John Martin--died 18Feb 1843--aged 61y
Martin Ansel--s/o John & Ansina Martin--died 5 March 1870--aged22y 6m 22d
Morrow John--Co D 148 Reg O V I--died 16 Aug 1890--aged 68y 11m 16d
Morrow James H-- s/o John & Mary Morrow --Co G 63 Reg OVI--died 21 Sept 1862--Died and Buried at Luka Miss.--aged 17y 2m 3d
Morrow Mary J--w/o John Morrow--died 13 March 1903--aged 80y 1m 12d
Morrow Nancy Jane--d/o J & M J Morrow--died 15 June 1855--aged 4m 2d
Morrow John H--s/o J & J M Morrow--died 6July 1851--aged 5m 20d
Morrow Martha J--d/o J & M J Morrow-- died 13 Sept 1852--aged 4m 2d
Morrow Sintha K--d/o J & M J Morrow--died 25 Aug 1856--aged 1m 7d
Morrow James--b 15 July 1796--d 11 Dec 1882--aged 86y 5m 10d
Morrow Sarah --w/o James Morrow--died 1 Jan 1869--aged 72y
Morrow Rebecca --d/o James & Sarah Morrow--died 26 Jan 1870--aged 50y 7m 18d
Morrow Flora B--d/o John & M J Morrow--died 7 Oct 1864--aged 1y 1m 10d
Morrow Mary A--w/o Jesse Morrow--died 8 July 1861--aged 26y 9m 21d
Morrow Charles Quincy--s/o C & C C Morrow--died 24 Jan 1860--aged 5y 4m
Mains Margaret--d/o J & E Mains--died 30 May 1857--aged 11y 3m 26d
Mains Abram Z--s/o J & E Mains--died 15 Jan 1863--aged 10y 8m 6d
Mills Eli--died 9 June 1855--aged 46y 9d
Mills Lydia --b 3 July 1811--d 10 March 1895
Mills Hugh J--died 15 Aug 1846--aged 28y 2m 13d
Mills Elizabeth A--d/o L & S Mills--died 6 March 1853--aged 13y 11d
Mills Emma A--d/o Lewis & Ann Mills--died 15 Oct 1869--aged 5y 11d
Mills Lewis--died 15 Dec 1880--aged 66y 4m 17d
Matthews Mary--died 2 May 1846--aged 83y
Matthews Philo--died 22 Dec 1853--aged 61y
Newman Allen--b 20 Aug 1862--d 6 April 1931
Norris Isaac b 1855--d 4 June 1925
Norris Bety Ann--b 1859--d 7 July 1900
Norman Thomas-- Ohio Pvt 813 Pioneer Inf--9 April 1954
Pewthers Mary A-- died 3 June 1855--aged 24y
Patton Jane-- w/o smith Patton--died 26 Aug 1866--aged 56y 7m 1d
Price Jesse--died 13 Oct 1857--aged 39y 8m 25d
Price Isabella--died 7 Oct 1857--aged 11m 17d
Phipps Samuel W--s/o S W & E Phipps--died 21 Oct 1850--aged 8y 3m 17d
Phipps Isaac D--d/o S W & E Phipps--died 10 Aug 1856--aged 5y 22d
Phipps Charles D--s/o S W & E Phipps--died 17 Aug 1856--aged 3y 17d
Randolph James F--died 1 Aug 1862--aged 61y 3m 14d
Randolph Margery--died 16 April 1881--aged 76y 11m 4d
Randolph Adaliza R--d/o I M & E R Randolph--died 18 May 1861--aged 2y 9m 28d
Randolph Lillian--d/o I M & E R Randolph--died 26 April 1861--aged 1y 5m 26d
Randolph Sarah M--w/o Stephen M Randolph--died 27 June 1854--aged 21y 8m 7d
Rardin Calista--w/o Moses Rardin--died 1 July 1840--aged 36y
Rardin Diantha--died 7 April 1854
Rardin Romulous--d/o Mosses & Calista Rardin--died 23 Nov 1838--aged 1y 1m
Rardin Almira--s/o H & C Rardin--died 4 Jan 1844--aged 14y
Rardin Olive--d/o Henry & Catherine Rardin--died 6 Feb 1839--aged 13y
Rardin Sardine--s/o Henry & Catharine Rardin--died 25 June 1838
Rardin Henry-- died 17 Jan 1851--aged 49y
Rardin Henry died 17 Oct 1855-aged 98y 11m
Rardin Catharine--w/o Henry Rardin Jr--died 6 Aug 1842--aged 36y
Rardin Elizabeth--w/io Henry Rardin--died 18 Feb 1836-- aged 74y
Rardin Quincy J-- died 7 Dec 1853--aged 25y 2m 14d
Rardin Samuel--died 28 March 1858--aged 53y 6m 7d
Rardin Ruth E--d/o James & Sarah Rardin--died 3 July 1850--aged 22y 6m 3d
Rardin Linnie R--d/o D & Z Rardin--died 5 May 1863--aged 2y 1m 17d
Rardin James--b 3 July 1800--d 27 Aug 1889--aged
Rardin Sarah Lewis--w/o James Rardin--b 15 April 1809--d 21 July 1890
Ray Henry A--s/o Robert L & Mariah Ray--died 5 Oct 1860--aged 10y 5m
Ray George --died 22 Dec 1860--aged 66y
Ruble Owen--died 15 Jan 1854--aged 67y
Ruble Susanna--w/o Owen Ruble --died 17 Jan 1872--aged 81y 5m 7d
Shrader Unknown--d/o J & E A Shrader--died 26 Sept 1861--aged 6y 10m 24d
Sibert John W--s/o david R & Leoline Sibert--died 11 Sept 1872--aged 1y 2m
Sibert Julia A (Miller) w/o Silas Sibert--died 9 May 1881--aged 59y 1m 17d
[NB: In addition to the Sibert son there is a daughter probably buried here. 
Flora A Sibert b Sep 11, 1869 , d oct 18, 1872, Bartlett.  Information from George Sibert.]
Smith Samuel --died 5 Feb 1855--aged 89y 4m 5d
Smith Samuel M--died 29 June 1876--aged 36y 7m 5d
Smith Margaret (McCall) --w/o Renear Smith--died 2 Jan 1871--aged 59y 7m 24d
Smith Margaret A--d/o M & S Smith--died 29 March 1850--aged 20y
Smith George p--s/o M & S Smith--died 1 Nov 1851--aged 5y 9m 23d
Smith Catharine Morton--w/o William Smith--died 20 April 1871--aged 59y 7m 4d
Smith Alphonso W--s/o James & Eliza A Smith--died 20 Feb 1864--aged 23y 9m 19d
Smith Sarah A--d/o James & Eliza A Smith-- died 27 Aug 1843--aged 1y 8d
Smith Aves E--d/o R & M Smith--died 24 Nov 1854--aged 17y 9m 13d
Slotterback Margaret--d/o Andrew & Mary Slotterback--died Oct 1853--aged 1m 10d
Slotterback Johnny--d/o Andrew & Mary Slotterback--died 2 July 1849--aged 10m 19d
Swayne Thomas--b 15 July 1815--d 13 Dec 1893
Swayne Abby F--w/o Thomas Swayne--b 10 Feb 1822--d no date
Talbott Edward--died 30 July 1852--aged 55y 3m 11d

Tasker George W-- b 2 May 1842--d 11 Sept 1918  Flag
Tasker Ruth T--b 4 Sept 1846--d 21 July 1909
Thompson Joseph--b 14 Feb 1818--d 22 July 1893--aged 75y 5m 8d
Tuttle Satah--w/o Melvin E Tuttle--b 1856--d 1912
Underwood Israel--died 9 Aug 1881--aged 66y 11m 25d
VanValey Joseph Edwin--d/o Solomon & Katharine VanValey--died 6 Sept 1839--aged 6y
VanValey Katharine--w/o Solomon VanValey--died 2 Sept 1839--aged 30y 5m 13d
VanValey John W--s/o Solomon & Katharine VanValey--rest gone
Ward Orville--b 1875--d 1969
Ward Cora--b 1882--d 1933
Ward Harold K--b 1905--d 1952
Ward Lou E-- b 1879--d 1919
Ward John--b 1837--d 1901
Ward Elvina--w/o John Ward--b 1844--d 1933
Ward Sarah M--no dates
Ward Lucy E--w/o Squire Ward--died April 1864--aged 21y 9m 27d
Ward Squire--s/o S & L E Ward--died 7 April 1864--aged 10d
Ward James --s/o S & L E Ward--died 16 March 1863
Ward Henry--s/o S & L E Ward--died 15 Dec 1862
Ward William--b 1829--d 1886
Ward Elizabeth--b 1840--d 1898
Ward Sarah C--b 1860--d 1884
Ward Matilda F--b 1871--d 1892
Ward Margaret--b 1856--d 1862
Ward Mary E--b 1858--d 1862
Ward George --b 30 July 1830--d 25 Nov 1866--aged 35y 3m 25d
Ward Mary A--w/o J Ward--died 27 May 1871--aged 59y 27d
Warren Walton M--b 1920--d 1927
Warren Infant--s/o Floyd & Grace Warren--b 1918--d 1918
Warren Erwin C-- b 1851--d 1899
Warren Emma J--b 1855-d 1929
Warren Alden T--b 8 Feb 1828--d 26 May 1900
Warren Mary A-- b 18 March 1830--d 16 April 1905
Warren T Lewis--b 1853--d 1936
Warren E Dilla--b 1857--d 1938
Warren Nelson D--s/o T L & E C Warren--b 22 Jan 1877--died 16 March 1905
Waller Lewis D-- Ohio Tec 5 3053 Engr Combat Bn W W II-b 25 Jan 1913--d 13 July 1960
Waller Robert Frank--s/o F R & I O Waller--b 30 Oct 1914--d 18 March 1917
Waller Lewis --b 1845--d 1922--Flag
Waller Amelia J--b 1844--d 1918
Waller Harry W--s/o Lewis & A J Waller--b 8 Aug 1873--d 8 Dec 1898
Waller Howard W--s/o Lewis & A J Waller--d 26 Aug 1906
Weiss Georgyne E (Johnson)--b 7 Feb 1895--d 7 Nov 1957
Weppler Infant--s/o H & K Weppler--28 April 1898
Wharton James--b 15 July 1840--d 11 May 1926
Wharton Amanda J-- b 2 May 1845--d 23 May 1924
Willison Catharine --w/o ???? Willison--died 22 Aug 1871--aged 18y 6m 10d
Willison Emma May--d/o M Willison--died 1877
Wilson George--Ohio Pvt Co F 134 Reg O I Civil War-- b 26 Dec 1842--d 3 June 1882
Wilson Mary Ann (Mills)--b 1 April 1843--d 11 Sept 1878
Wilson James C--b 1825--d 1904
Wilson Sarah A--b 1827--d 1899
Wilson Martha--d/o J C & S A Wilson--died 17 Feb 1853--aged 2y 10m 23d
Wilson Finley-- s/o J C & S A Wilson--died 30 Jan 1853-- aged 4y4m
Wilson William W--s/o F M & N Wilson--died 20 Aug 1853--aged 20y 15d
Wilson Margaret C--d/o A T & S A Wilson--died 31 Dec 1862--aged 1y 8m 21d
Williamson Mary --w/o Thomas Williamson --died 22 Dec 1855--aged 32y 11m 25d
Williamson Johnston--s/o T & M Williamson--died 15 Feb 1853--aged 2y 2m 17d
Witham Nathan B-- died 5 March 1866--aged 42y flag
Witham Alma Lucena--d/o A & H A Witham--died 2 June 1856--aged 3y 9m 22d
Wolford John H--b 11 Dec 1870--d 2 Nov 1952
Wolford Flora E--b 25 Nov 1865--d 14 March 1934

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